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Feature Summary

Epicor Service Connect 10.0.700

Global business solutions for your expanding enterprise.

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Distribution: June 2014

Epicor Service Connect Feature Summary
Workflow Designer

Release 10.0.700 - Workflow Designer 4

System Administration

Release 10.0.700 - System Administration 6


Release 10.0.700 - Compatibility 8

Feature Summary Epicor Service Connect 10.0.700




Feature Summary

Epicor Service Connect Feature Summary

Welcome to the Epicor Service Connect Feature Summary - an overview of new Epicor Service Connect
Epicor Service Connect is built to support specific collaborative processes, connecting different business entities,
applications or users. Service Connect uses open, industry-wide standards and technologies, enabling businesses
to deploy solutions now and to be confident that their investment will remain mainstream for the foreseeable
future. Epicor Service Connect harnesses the power of XML, electronic message transfer and processing
environments to deliver reliability combined with ease of use.
This document contains a high-level overview of the major new capabilities contained in release 10.0.700. It is
oriented towards anyone who wants a general understanding of the enhancements to Epicor Service Connect.
It assumes that the reader has no detailed knowledge of Epicor Service Connect functionality, but has general
knowledge relative to the application being discussed. This document concentrates on the value of the
enhancements or additions to the business.

Feature Summary Epicor Service Connect 10.0.700

Feature Summary

Workflow Designer
Workflow Designer is an integrated environment for creating new workflows or configuring them to tailor them
to customer needs. In Workflow Designer, the user can customize a workflow and its elements graphically with
drag-and-drop functionality or point-and-click technology.
Workflows in Workflow Designer are introduced as diagrams with nodes representing individual workflow
elements (such as Web Methods, Tasks, or Posters).

Feature Summary Epicor Service Connect 10.0.700

Workflow Designer

Release 10.0.700 - Workflow Designer

Delete descendant fake nodes functionality in XML Mapper
You can now delete descendant fake nodes of any node in the target document in XML Mapper.

XML Mapper View Modes Refactoring

You can use the following XML Mapper view modes to easily find particular nodes within the conversion:

Show All Nodes

Show Mapped Nodes Only
Show Issues Only
XML Mapper preserves your view mode selection when you move forward and backward through different

'Show only fake nodes' View Mode Refactoring

In XML Mapper, the "Show only fake nodes" view mode is enhanced to display not only fake nodes, but broken
links and links with incorrect conditions as well. The view mode is renamed to "Show Issues Only".

Workflow Converter Enhancement

You no longer have to run the Workflow Converter separately for each reference type used in your workflows.
When converting workflows to use Epicor 10 references, the tool now provides conversion for all reference types
within workflows in one run.

Workflow Converter Support for BPM Workflows

Workflow Converter is enhanced to transform BPM workflows making them compatible with Epicor 10.

Feature Summary

System Administration
Epicor Service Connect system administration is performed in the Epicor Service Connect Administration
Console. Administration Console is a set of tools - Microsoft Management Console snap-ins - that can be used
to configure and administer Service Connect installations.

Feature Summary Epicor Service Connect 10.0.700

System Administration

Release 10.0.700 - System Administration

Folder Change during Mass .NET Reference Re-import
When you re-import .NET references in ESC Administration Console, you can now change the folder for the
imported assembly. This feature is convenient when you install each new E10 SP in a new version-dependent
folder, if ESC is being run on the same box as E10.

DB Operation Workflow Element Tracking

DB Operation workflow element is displayed in Document Tracking Activity if error occurs during SQL script
execution. DB Operation workflow element is tracked in Document Tracking as two steps: the first one before
execution with incoming xml data, and the second one after execution with DB response.

Feature Summary

Epicor Service Connect compatibility with several products was successfully tested.

Feature Summary Epicor Service Connect 10.0.700


Release 10.0.700 - Compatibility

SQL 2014 Compatibility
Service Connect is verified to be compatible with Microsoft SQL 2014.

Feature Summary