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FR: Lire attentivement les instructions avant d’utiliser la sonde sur
DE: Bitte lesen Sie vor der Benutzung die Gebrauchsanweisung unter
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About 3 High performance exercise equipment for
Precautions and contraindications 5 training pelvic floor muscles.
General precautions 6
Controls on ALVA® 7 ALVA® is a personal exerciser device that guides
Symbols while training 10 you through effective pelvic muscle training. As you
Check the following contents 11 contract your pelvic floor, the ALVA® probe will start
The assembly stage 12 vibrating. This vibration produces a higher activity
Training the pelvic floor 14 in the neuromuscular system, thus recruiting more
When to use ALVA® 16 muscles to take part in each contraction. This
Using ALVA® for training pelvic floor muscles 18 makes every contraction more efficient than in
FAQ 24 traditional pelvic floor training.
Troubleshooting Questions 25
Technical Data 26 The medical silicon probe detects your contraction
VibraSense AS 27 force as your muscles flex, and displays the applied
Operating Instructions 28 force on the control unit.
Training Log 36
ALVA® is designed for all women, and can be used
in every stage of their life.

2 3
Using ALVA® makes it easy to perform pelvic floor
muscle contraction and it is an easy way to localize
* Do not use if you have a pacemaker.
your pelvic floor muscles. It can even be used by
* Check with your medical adviser before using if
women who have no, or very small, pelvic floor
you suffer from heart conditions, epilepsy,
muscle strength.
undiagnosed pain or have any doubts whatsoever.
* Do not use if you are pregnant, and not until
ALVA® is developed in close cooperation with
6 weeks after childbirth.
health care professionals.
* Do not use if you suffer from any urinary or
vaginal infection.
ALVA® is battery operated (4 AAA batteries) and
* If you have any concerns regarding use of
intended for personal use only.
ALVA® please do not hesitate to contact
VibraSense by phone: (+47) 73 83 71 79
Before use of ALVA®, it is important that you read
or by e-mail:
this manual carefully. It contains all the information
you need to ensure safe and correct use of the unit.

4 5
* Do not use without first reading these Switches:
instructions. ON/OFF
* Do not immerse this unit in any liquid. SOUND on/off.
* Do not attempt to open the unit.
* Only use with specified batteries (AAA). LCD-screen:
* Do not operate this unit in presence of fire. Works both as training monitor and
* If damaged as in precautions above, do not use. program selector.
Return to supplier.
* Do not use at the same time as use of other The screen contains:
pelvic support devices. 6 touch buttons (areas with outline):
* ALVA® is for individual use only and is not to be ON/OFF for screen.
shared with other users because of the possibility Program selectors: 1 and 2.
of infections Intensity selectors: LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH.

The touch buttons are used while choosing

program, and your choice will stay lit to display
what selections you have made.

6 7
8 9

While training the display will alternate between * 1 X ALVA control unit
CONTRACT and RELAX. * 1 X ALVA vaginal probe
This is your training guide, telling when to contract * 4 X AAA battery
and when to relax. * 1 X Instructions for use
* 1 X carrying pouch

Your contraction force will be displayed at the

FORCE bar, and number of REPS are counted.
Maximum force result is 5 lit symbols.

During RELAX, the FORCE bar works as a counter,

counting time (10 sec) to get ready for next

At the end of the workout session,


10 11
Slide open the battery cover and insert batteries.
Ensure that the positive (+) side is correctly
aligned. Replace the cover.

Connect the vaginal probe by inserting the cable/

plug into the lower side of the control unit.

12 13
Pelvic floor training helps to strengthen the pelvic ALVA® is designed to help you strengthen your
floor muscles. Like all other muscles in your body, pelvic floor muscles more efficiently by applying
they become stronger the more you stimulate vibration while contracting the pelvic floor. It has
them. Women with strong pelvic floor muscles two programs; each with three intensity levels.
enjoy greater control over their bladder, increased
vaginal tone and greater sensation during The ALVA® probe works like an internal muscle
intercourse. strengthener, applying vibration to the pelvic floor
muscles while training.
One out of three women suffers from some sort of
incontinence during their lives. It can occur at any A lot of women have problems to localize their
time, but most commonly when you elder, after pelvic floor muscles, or have no or little force in
childbirth, during menopause, etc. The severity of their pelvic floor. By using vibration in combination
incontinence can vary a lot. with traditional pelvic floor muscle contraction, you
can more easily find and feel your pelvic floor.
There are several types of incontinence. Most
common is stress incontinence, urge incontinence
and mixed incontinence.

ALVA® primarily treats stress incontinence.

Stress incontinence is characterized by a small
amount of urine leakage when sneezing, coughing,
laughing, heavy lifting or during exercising.

14 15
* Severe problems: ALVA® should NOT be used:
Daily 8-12 weeks, 2 times a day * During the menstrual period
* If you suffer from a urinary or vaginal infection
* Moderate problems: * If pregnant
Once a day * If using a pacemaker
* If you suffer from any heart disease, contact your
* Slightly problems/ preventive: medical carer before use.
Once a day, 2-3 days a week

To enhance strength it is important that the mus-

cles rest after exercise. If you do more than one
session a day, wait a couple of hours to do the next.

Before first use of ALVA®, please be familiar with

the precautions and contraindications. If you have
any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the supplier.

16 17

Insert the probe

Insert the vaginal probe as illustrated.

18 Section drawing 19
Switch the unit on Select program
Use the ON/OFF switch to turn the control unit PROGRAM 1:
on. The sound can be turned ON/OFF with the If you have a weak pelvic floor, i.e. have no or little
sound switch. force in the pelvic floor muscles.

Automatic vibration 5 sec and relax 10 sec.

Repeated 20 times.

If you are able to contract your
pelvic floor muscles.

An initial contraction force is measured, and is

used to control/calibrate the program. For the next
contractions you will have to exceed 50 % of your
initial/calibration contraction to start the vibration.
If you fall below this level during contraction,
vibration will stop and the program switches to
RELAX. The maximum vibration time is 5 sec.
When you fail to reach the 50 % level at the start of
the contraction, or when you have finished 20 reps,
program will end and WORKOUT COMPLETED is lit.

20 21
Select intensity Cleaning
Higher intensity means stronger vibrations. After ended workout, remove and thoroughly clean
Start low and find your preferred settings. the vaginal probe.

Wash the probe with warm soapy water,

At the end of the program, ALVA® will automatically Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth.
switch off screen. To turn completely off, use the Do not immerse completely into liquid.
ON/OFF switch. Do not remove any parts.

You can always restart or turn the equipment Wipe the control unit with a damp cloth if needed.
off during training. For a restart, double tap the Never immerse control unit into liquid.
ON/OF button on the screen. To turn completely
off, use the ON/OFF switch.
Keep ALVA®, your personal trainer, in the carrying

22 23
Is it safe?
Yes, it is completely safe. The probe applies Why does the vibration feel strong
mechanical forces at low frequencies and will not but ineffective?
harm your body in any way. We still recommend You may need to reposition the probe.
you to read precautions before use.
Why does the vibration not feel sufficiently
What conditions can ALVA® be used to treat? strong even on a high intensity?
ALVA® should primarily be used to treat stress You may have to replace the batteries.
incontinence, but other conditions of urinary
incontinence can also be treated. I’m feeling fully trained, what do I do now?
That’s great! Maintain your strength by training
I’ve been training for several weeks. once a day, 2-3 days a week.
How should my progress be?
The development of pelvic floor muscle strength One should maintain pelvic floor training
varies from individual to individual, so there throughout the life!
would be no “normal” progress. Follow our
recommendations and be patient. If you still For more troubleshooting questions, information
feel that you lack progress, contact your medical and tips, check:

24 25
Equipment type: VibraSense develops and manufactures ALVA®,
Display: LCD touch screen a product to treat women suffering from stress
Power supply voltage: DC 6V incontinence. ALVA® is developed in close
Power consumption: Stand-by 36 mA, Max 300 mA cooperation with medical and technical expertise.
The result is a highly effective and easy to use
Program specification: device. It combines traditional strength training
Program 1 with vibration, thereby increasing the activity in the
Program 2 neuromuscular system of the pelvic floor.

Intensity specification:
Low Freq. 30 Hz
Medium Freq. 40 Hz
High Freq. 50 Hz
VibraSense AS
Program duration: LIV-bygget,
Program 1: Program 2: N-7125 Vanvikan
Contract: 5 sec Contract: 5 sec or less, NORWAY
Relax: 10 sec depending on your stamina
Repetitions: 20 Relax: 10 sec Phone: (+47) 73 83 71 79
Total time: 5 min Repetitions: 1-20, depending Fax: (+47) 74 83 71 80
on your strength and stamina E-mail:
Maximum total time: 5 min Web: 993 939 935

26 27

Program 1 (P1) is independent on any Program 2 (P2) is dependent on contraction force
contraction force from the user. from the user.

Contract (5 sec) and relax (10 sec) interval are P2 starts with an initial contraction, measuring
pre-programmed and the probe automatically max-force and calibrating the program. If the
vibrates during contraction period. probe doesn’t register enough force, ALVA® will
automatically switch to program 1.

During workout you will have to exceed 50% of your

initial/calibration contraction to start the vibration.

Contraction period will last as long as your applied

force is more than 50% of initial force, but not
longer than 5 sec.

When your contraction falls below 50%, the vibra-

tion will stop and you will get 10 sec to relax.

When you are not able to exceed 50% at the start

of your contractions, the program will end,

28 29
1. Turn on 2. Choose program

Control unit turned on Push ON/OFF Next options, Choose program by

by ON/OFF switch on screen. program 1 and pushing 1 or 2 on
on the left side of the program 2, are lit. screen.
control unit.

30 31
3. Choose intensity 4. Program starts

Ex - program 1 Ex - program 1 and intensity low

Next options, Choose desired Program is ready to P1: Contract is lit and
low, medium and intensity by pushing start. Force and reps reps change to 1.
high, are lit. low, medium or high are lit. The program Contract for as long
on screen. starts shortly. as the probe vibrates
(5 sec). Force will be
measured and displayed

P2: Contract is
flashing and reps stay
at 0. This contraction
is for calibration,
measuring your max-
force. Contraction is
followed by 10 sec relax
before the first counted
32 33
5. Relax 6. Workout completed

Ex - program 1 and intensity low Ex - program 1 and intensity low Ex - program 2 and intensity high

Contraction is followed During relax the force P1: 20 reps completed. P2: When you are
by 10 sec of relax bar will work as a coun- Reps have gone 1 exhausted and can
displayed. ter - counting for 10 sec through 20, and your not generate enough
to get ready for next workout is completed. force, or when you have
P2: As in program 1, contraction. completed 20 reps, the
the contraction period program ends and your
is 5 sec. But if you, workout is completed.
during your 5 sec of
contraction, fall below
50% of your calibration
force, vibration will
stop and be followed
by relax - even if your
contraction haven’t
lasted for 5 sec.

34 35
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