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Omar Ay

my guideline for plab one :

this may be slightly different from the other guidelines and not everyone has to follow
it. as a colleague, it's my duty to post my study experience and its details here.
first of all here's a brief history of my academics:
2012- graduated
2012-3 : house job
feb 2014 passed FCPS part one (A paksitani post grad exam which has basic
sept. 2014- passed MRCP one.
I started studying for plab one as soon as my MRCP one result came out on the 5th of
october (plab one was on the 26th of november). As i was very excited it was hard for
me to sit down- I used to browse this group to get a guideline of how to start. A
member on this group then posted an idea here of making a group on WhatsApp to
discuss the 1700 mcqs and mocks. We were around 20 members in that group and we
started doing the 1700 MCQs- about 100-150 everyday and used dissect each
question in detail and research on the ones we didn't understand. As there were alot
of international candidates , we started at GMT+ 4 hours and used to study for 6
hours (9PM - 3 AM Pakistan time). I started studying oxford handbook of clinical
sciences 9 the edition during the day, used to go through random sections of OHCM
9th edition in the evening and do questions with the group at night. we managed to
complete all the 1700 mcqs in 2 n a half weeks. By then i had studied the whole of
OHCS (EXCEPT ortho) and did random sections from OHCM. After that we started
doing the mocks- we used to discuss only the heard questions on WhatsApp at night,
so i had plenty of time to go through samson notes.
i found samson notes slightly deficient- But my MRCP one knowledge helped me
understand what the confusing stuff in it was about. Some sections like CNS don't
mention any lesions, so you've to add stuff to the notes.
I did the mocks in 7 days and then shifted to this group. Here, I shared all the
knowledge I had with the people here- I used to give explanations for every question
possible - this helped alot because sometimes I had crazy irrational reasoning which
others helped me to understand. in the last 2 weeks i went through samson notes and
also went through OHCM (CVS, respiratory, CNS, blood, emergency flowsheets
mentioned at the end) plus i used to actively participate in questions posted here- i
learnt alot from this group despite doing so many questions and clearing MRCP one
and to be very honest, if i pass - i owe my success to this group.
MUST DO - emergency flowsheets mentioend at the end, CVS topic
MUST DO- gynae/obs, psychiatry
3. PRINTED NOTES OF SAMSON- memorize them
4. PRINTED 1700 MCQS - print them so that you can write explanations on them
so here's a summary for a future plab candidate:
1. during your house job go through OHCM and OHCS- these books help as they build
your base (these help during house job as well to manage patients,etc)
2. you need around 2 months maximum for this exam.
3. start doing samson notes 2 months before your exam- its better to have a base

knowledge having gone through OHCM and OHCS(takes max. 2 weeks for OHCS and 2
weeks for OHCM).
4. start doing 100 MCQ's of the 1700 MCQ's daily - group study (like on whatsapp)
helps- but no socializing there, keep it strictly professional.
DISCUSS EACH AND EVERY MCQ in detail!!!! mark the questions you don't understand
or if you're unable to answer them correctly
5. after two and a half weeks, you should've covered the 1700 mcq's and gone
through Samsons Notes. mention the extra stuff you learn from the MCQs in the notes
(THESE NOTES ARE YOUR REFERENCE BOOKS- mention everything extra you learn on
6. then start doing the 7 mocks- each mock everyday - this will enable you to time
yourself. mark the questions you don't understand and discuss them on your
whatsapp / this facebook group.
7. by the end of the first month you would have - gone through the 1700 mcqs, the 7
mocks and Samsons notes. the key was right 90% of the time in the 1700 mcqs and
70- 80% of the time in the 7 mocks- you have to be very sure to negate a key (so
confirm the answer from and NICE guidelines)
8. now you have one month left- go through all the MCQ's you weren't able to get the
first time or weren't clear to you- this shouldn't take more than a week.
9. You will now have an idea what Samson notes are deficient in- like CNS lesions,
congenital heart diseases, etc. so read that particular section from OHCM/OHCS and
also and NICE guidelines and write whatever you feel is important in the
notes. and revise the notes again
10. you have 3 weeks left- by now you will be an expert in answering questions and
explaining yourself - become a teacher on this plab group. answer whatever questions
are posted here EXPLAINING yourself.
11. revise the notes again and keep participating here- you will make good friends
who will tag you in questions which they find difficult and you will feel confident.
recheck whatever you are still in doubt from or NICE guidelines
12. close your books a day before the exam, sleep 12 hours before the exam (a 10 mg
tablet of zolpidem does the trick for me) and go to sleep.
13. wake up fresh the next morning, and go to the exam hall WITHOUT any books.
I was able to do the 200 MCQS in 2 hours and was able to attempt 190 MCQs in the
first go , this gave me an hour to recheck. and i was able to recheck my paper twice.
when i came out of the exam hall, i knew i had nailed it. I did the best I could-I tried
not to miss out on anything in my preparation and helped whoever asked me any
question. This is how it should be.
All the best

Naseer Zafar Khan

A lot of people seem to be asking questions about prep for PLAB. I'm no authority on
the subject. A lot of others can guide you here on the forum better than I can. But I'll
share what I can.
The main aim should be to practice as many questions as you can and to familiarize
yourself with as many questions and as many scenarios as you can. Around 100-150
questions are repeated in the exam and there are around 50-100 new questions in the

I know about the following three sources of questions and I covered all of them:
1. Swamy's 1700 - random questions arranged from Swamy's past mocks by a senior
PLABBER on this forum.
2. Samson's 7 mocks from June 2013 (1400 questions)
3. Samson's online Q bank - questions are arranged according to units (2782
The first two sources are available for free and you can find them here on this forum.
However, you'll have to buy Samson's questions from their official website (price
varies between 15-30 pounds depending on how far the exam is). These three sources
cover nearly 6000 questions and they are more than enough to pass PLAB 1.
If you start practicing questions without reading any theory, you might not be able to
understand answers to all the questions. So it might be better to start your prep with
Samson's notes. These notes are exam-oriented, unlike OHCM and OHCS. Read each
unit's notes and then go through Samson's questions for that unit from the online Q
bank. After reading the notes, you'll find it easier to answer questions. Samson's Q
bank has answers with explanations for most of the questions. So it's helpful. Do not
waste your time in studying OHCM and OHCS. Check OHCM and OHCS only for
reference, no need to read them cover to cover. Also check for
reference, this should be your first source of information whenever there is any doubt
about any answer.
I wasted a couple of months on reading Oxford. When I started solving the questions, I
realized that reading Oxford was a waste of time. It did not help me in solving
questions. I did not have time to go through the notes, so I just went through these
6000 questions twice or thrice. That helped me a lot. Since I had gone through a lot of
questions, I was familiar with most of the questions that I saw today in the exam. Most
of them had the exact same scenario and the exact same options. I did not take more
than 15-20 seconds on these questions. So I would advise all of you to go through as
many questions as you can.
How long will it take to prepare for PLAB? That depends on you. I took 8 months. Most
people take 6 to 12 weeks.
There's another source of questions at But the questions there are
too hard. Questions in PLAB are usually a lot more easier so I would not recommend
passmedicine to anyone for PLAB. Some people also subscribed to on-examination's
questions. I don't know anything about that though.
I know people that have passed PLAB 1 just by doing 1700 Swamy questions and
questions on Facebook. I also know people that passed just by doing Samson's 7
That 1700 file is very important. A lot of questions were repeated from there today.
But that 1700 file alone is not everything. I'll say it again, do as many questions as
you can. You guys should try to solve questions (after reading notes if possible) and
when you get stuck at a question, read about it from Oxford or or post it
on Facebook and someone else will guide you about it. This is a really nice group and
people are very helpful. Keep it nice like this, keep sharing knowledge and keep
helping each other.
If you still have any questions, you can post them here and if I miss your post here,
you can always inbox me.
Best of luck!


Amna Arshad PLAB

1 hr Edited
Hello everyone..i hv been receiving messages regarding ielts n plab 1 prep..thought of
sharing my experience..i hope this would help those planning to attempt for exam..
Firstly,for ielts..i cleared ielts on third attempt as i was constantly scoring less in
writing..the sources that helped me was
1.ielts cambridge books( especially the last books as they are more exam oriented)
2.useful websites that give great writing, and ryan ielts
3.for speaking-searched for a skype partner with whom i used to communicate fir
around 1-2 hrs..
4..learn to MANAGE TIME..thats most important..
I m sure that will help you get your required bands
For plab 1 ,i had only two months for prep..i did oxford (ohcm n ohcs ) important
Samson notes(few topics as i was short of time)
1700 mcqs( highly recommended)
Samson mock( v important) (visited this site oftenly to get hold of latest guidelines
BMJonexam(they have really good explanations )
Learn important pnemonics
I hope that would help..remember me in yr prayers..
Mohsin KhanPLAB
2 hrs
Alhamdulillah passed PLAB 1 exam
Now in a position to recommend sumthing..
1- GO thru samson mocks nd emergency section of OHCM only !
2 - revise topic wise using samson/ onexamination website, max 1 month subscription
vud suffice, IA.
3 - Do , 1700 mcq file > ideally 200 mcq 's in one go and try to do it in 2.30 max
4 - Do , max amount of PLAB trainer ( swammy mocks )..2013-14 keeping time in
Try to consult as required and stick to dis group.
Pray to ALMIGHTY ALLAH : INSHAHALLAH u vud nail it.
5 - consult and stick to dis gr

feeling happy.

Omar Ay Akinleye Akintayo - here's my guideline for mrcp one medicine (ignore the
parts mentioned here which are specific for pakistan)
How to apply :

This is the website of MRCP :

This page has the syllabus (PDF file on this page) and the outline of questions asked.
These are the exam dates for 2014 (click on
pakistan) :
This is the basic application procedure:
I am going to explain what you should do step by step:
1. make an account on this website: will email you a
unique RCP number for your mymrcp account.
2. apply for the part one exam by clicking on apply from
3. Follow the steps.
4. pay via credit card (easiest way)
5. you will receive an email that the MRCP office has received your online payment
BUT needs a attested copy (attested by an FRCP along with a copy of his FRCP
membership card )... Other people can attest your documents too... The list is on the
mrcp website (click on 5.5 Submission of documentary evidence of primary medical
qualification here
6. once the MBBS degree has been attested, you have to mail it to
Exams Candidate Office
Central Office
11 St. Andrews Place
Regents Park
United Kingdom
along with a signed application stating your purpose of sending the documents and a
copy of the FRCP card of the attesting person.
I have heard that now you can also scan your documents and just email them to the
mrcp office.
7. You shall receive an email from the MRCP office in 6-7 days confirming that they
have received your documents and have reserved a seat for you in the examination
8. The british council arranges exams in pakistan. If you have any queries , you have
to contact the MRCP center via : or email them at or
9. check regularly to
ensure that they have accepted your application.
this is what the Application Status should state: Application Accepted
Guideline for MRCP( given on 9/9/2014)
I have passed my MRCP one in the first attempt. Here's a detailed method of how I
studied and which books I studied from.
I started studying 2 and a half months before my exam. I didn't have a job nor any
other commitment.
1. The only notes you will ever need for Mrcp one.
2. Kalra revison notes for Mrcp.
3. Pass medicine mcq books edition 2013-2014 AND edition 2012-2013 (the new edion
doesn't have 5 chapter which the previous edition has)
4. On examination mcq books

5. Helen fellows best of five mcq book.

These books were bought from Lahore,Pakistan from these guys:
First reading :
I used to study a chapter from "the only notes you will ever need for Mrcp one" book
and then used to do the same chapter from kalra. This way, I was able to go through
the same topic again without getting bored. Plus kalra has very useful tables. I also
wrote all the extra stuff from kalra on my only notes book. This took around 2-3 days
per chapter.
I then did the same chapters questions from pass medicine. And highlighted the
statements asked frequently - this helped a lot later on as I knew what topics to
concentrate more on in subsequent revisions.
In one month I had covered the only notes book, kalra and pass medicine questions
(took about a month), I then moved on to my first revision.
First Revision.
I used to write the mcq statements I had highlighted in my only notes book and
throughly read through the whole chapter. I then did the relevant questions from on
examination mcqs books. I found some of the questions to be quite tough and some
topics weren't even mentioned in the only notes book. I wrote those statements in
detail in my only notes book. During this revision, I didn't open kalra at all.
Second revision
I again read through the whole of the only notes book and did random questions from
free online Mrcp websites (like and free demo questions on the pass
medicine website . I also did questions from Helen fellows best of five book - the
explanations here are very useful. It's a must read.
Third revision
Now I was able to skim through the only notes, I knew most of the stuff especially the
questions asked in pass medicine and on examination as I had highlighted them and
written the statements in my only notes book.
I kept memorising the important stuff that I kept forgetting (like autosomal dominant
and recessive diseases, pharmacology etc). This time I decided to revise pass
medicine mcq books again . It took me just five days to go through the whole series.
Subsequent revisions.
I kept going through the only notes book. I had downloaded the most recent past
papers and went through them - which was quite difficult as the question statements
weren't that clear.
Two days before the exam, I didn't have anything to do so I just kept skimming
through the only notes book and kept reviewing the hard stuff. I had made notes of
stuff like statistics formulae and all the figures asked in pass medicine and on
examination and kept revising those.
I popped a 10 mg xolnox (aplrazolam tablet) the night before the exam and slept
peacefully. The following day I woke up fresh, had a heavy breakfast, revised my notes
which had all the incidences, percentages and other figures and went for my exam.
During the exam
My exam was at royal Palm club golf and country club,lahore . The British council
(which supervises the exam) doesn't provide any refreshments. The caf there does
provide snacks but because you have a time of just an hour between the two papers,
it's advisable to ask your family members to come and bring a snack for you so that
you can sit in your car and eat peacefully without looking at the worried faces of other
candidates and even have a 20 minute nap.
Paper one

I was able to complete paper one in one and a half hour. I was able to attempt 80% of
the questions in the first go - I kept writing all the explanations in detail on the
question paper of why I chose a particular option. I had one and a half hour to recheck
my stuff - so I kept rechecking my paper again and again. I was able to correct alot of
questions I had attempted in the first go. And I was able to answer the questions I had
missed. I kept re checking the paper until I was sure I had got every question correct.
When only ten minutes were left, I didn't know one question.
In paper two I did paper two in 2 hours, and i used the same method in paper one. At the end, I
didn't know 1 question and I was sure about the rest.
Those who thought they wouldn't get through were no doubt excellent academically
but they had been working. My two and a half study plan employed a ' a sit at home
with no disturbance technique' as I can't work and study at the same time.
However, every person is different. Some can work and study at the same time.
Here's my academic history so that I can remove all notions that I'm a genius :
1. 4 supplys in mbbs
2. DC in final year
3. Worked really hard during my house job in a very busy hospital till August 2013
4. Passed FCPS one (pakistani post grad exam - mostly basics )in the first attempt in
February 2014
5. Did an observership at a hospital in UK for two weeks
6. Studied for Mrcp from 23rd of June to 8th of spetember.
If a person like me can do it, so can you. Stay positive. And if possible, take some time
off for these post graduate exams. Work and study together can be hard.
Stay relaxed. It's a very easy exam provided you study properly and have a proper
direction. You don't need big books like kumar or Davidson to pass this exam.
Best of luck

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