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Masters Course - Bibliography

News & Events

Theoretical Approaches

Masters Programme

Introductions to the disciplines of Anthropology, Archaeology & Art History

Course Structure

Social and Cultural Anthropology

Study Collections
Resources & Student Life
Grants & Funding
Application Procedure

Doctoral Research
Scholarships & Funding

Barnard, A. (2000) History and Theory in Anthropology: Changing Perspectives. Cambridge,

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Visiting Fellowships

Sykes, K. (2005) Arguing with Anthropology: An Introduction to Critical Theories of the Gift.
London: Routledge.

Graduate Careers



Cunliffe, B., C. Gosden, and R. A. Joyce (eds.) (2009) The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology.

Faculty & Staff

Research Activities

Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Art History
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Anthropology of Art & the Material World

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Museums, source communities and the politics of display

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