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Microsoft Software Assurance

The goal of this document is to collect information to assist the engagement consultant in
better understanding your environment. Please review the table below and answer the
questions as completely as possible to ensure the scope is properly identified. Many of the
answers might not be known at this time. Answers that are not known at this time can be
either answered by using the expected outcomes or marked as to be determined (TBD) or
not applicable (N/A).
Customer Information


Customer Name
Customer Address
Project Date
Customer E-mail
Customer Phone
Customer Fax
DPS Lead Consultant Name
Microsoft Account Manager Name
List Microsoft Agreements in Place (Enterprise
Agreement, NDA, etc.)
General Information


What are your top challenges or pains for business and

Please describe your main goals and objectives for this
Questions to consider:

Is there a specific capability area you would like

to focus on? (Platform Migration, Cloud Hybrid
Extension, Platform Upgrade)

Is the focus of this engagement related to a

particular project or initiative within your
organization? If so, please give details, key
stakeholders and any other departments or
initiatives this project touches or influences.

What is the Business Unit you are focusing on?

What are the 3-5 Strategic Goals of this Unit?

What are the major issues/problems blocking the

attainment of these goals?

Are the stakeholders for this project identified

and onboard?
Current Environment


Please describe you current environment.

Which aspects of your current environment are you
satisfied with?
What is missing today from your current environment?
Engagement Details
If you are planning an upgrade or migration
engagement, please list the current product(s) that you


Microsoft Software Assurance

are using.
Please list any products that you are interested in
learning more about.
If you are planning a cloud based engagement, which
workloads make the most sense for your organization at
this time?
Questions to consider:

How will the current on premise infrastructure

be extended into the cloud?

Which workloads are currently targeted for

hybrid or cloud expansion?

Extended Engagements (POC or Limited Online

The following questions may be reserved for Proof of Concept or Limited Online Pilot
engagements, depending on your knowledge of the client.
Technology Infrastructure
Server Platforms
What server architecture is currently
supported in your organization? (i.e., 32-bit,
64-bit, other)
What server operating systems are used in
your organization?
(i.e. Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server
2005, Windows Server 2008, Windows
Server 2012. Include service pack levels)
What databases are used in your
(i.e. Microsoft SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008,
2012, other database engine. Include
service pack levels)
Network Infrastructure
Which of the following network architectures
most close reflects your environment?

Number of geographic sites:

Number of geographic sites with more than
{xx} users:
(e.g. xx should be specified according to
what constitutes a large site for this


Microsoft Software Assurance

Link speeds / utilization between central and
remote sites (if applicable):
(this will require additional organization
specific site breakdown details)
Directory and Security
Which directory services are used in your
(i.e. Active Directory, Novell, LDAP, etc.)
Do you have any specific security
requirements in your organization?
(i.e. NTLM, Claims, Kerberos, Forms-based