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National Foods Pakistan Limited (NFL), founded in 1970, is today Pakistans leading multi-category
Food Company with over 250 different products in 12 categories. It is the only food company in
Pakistan to have ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications along with SAP business technology to drive the
Companys strong commitment to quality and management excellence. NFL is an international brand
sold in over 35 countries. It started out as a Spice company. 3 decades later it has diversified into a
versatile Food Company with over 110 products and 165 and above SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit) for the
domestic market and over 100 different products for the international markets.

The vision to see National Foods as a professionally managed Human Resource company, set more
than 7 years ago, was realized by transforming a local company into a very dynamic and progressive
management structure in line with industry practices.
The company has more than 1500 employees and operates 6 manufacturing units and 4 warehouses
across Pakistan. The product line has now grown to over 300 SKUs in 12 different categories. These
are distributed by over 350 distributors in Pakistan and to over 30 distributors across countries
Competent Human Resources from within the company have fuelled tremendous growth by excelling
in Functional Management. Even after 3 decades the company's focal point still remains on
Customer's needs through Product development in line with the changing market trends.
In this innovative age of ever changing lifestyles, fuelled by the rampant development of technology;
consumers have been compelled to change their eating habits. National Foods responds to this
challenge of developing innovative food products based on convenience and fast preparation in line
with modern lifestyles and yet retains traditional values through its impressive collection of food
The brand delivers its ultimate promise by consistently delivering value to its consumers. National

Foods enriches family relationships by bringing people together for family traditions, feasts, seasonal
holidays and of course - everyday life.ective direct communication, the HODs conduct a meeting
before each month to discuss budgeting, allocation of resources, provision of personnel,
implementation of plans etc. Any errors the departments anticipate are brought up at this stage which
reduces future allegation and blame placement.

National Foods follows a low cost strategy whereby the firm strives to lower its cost of production
which leads to lower market price and a therefore a higher market share.
National Foods adopts push tactics. The product is PUSHED towards the retailer. It aims at
ornamenting the retail stores with its products in accordance with the Pakistan consumer psyche. The
Pakistani market prefers to purchase a product from stores which seem abundant in product variety.
However, recently it has also focused on attaining prospective customers by creating a PULL.
Advertising through electronic and print media has been adopted.

In National foods, with the intention of implementing the sales plan sales meeting is setup where the
plan is disclosed to all the staff. Then everyone is taken into confidence and subsequently the plan is
communicated to the sales force. Sales people are then informed about the goals, strategies and tactics
to be used. For that matter the sales people are constantly motivated and instructed so that they are able
to achieve the tasks proficiently, skillfully and expertly. The sales plan is evaluated by comparing the
forecasted with the actual results. Over the past few years the forecasted error has been 10% showing
how efficiently the plan is usually build up. To overcome the error timely corrective actions are taken in
order to achieve the desired profits.