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To whom it may concern;

I have the honor to apply for the position of Nurse Medical Coder in your
organization. Based on my considerable experience in the field of nursing, I am
positive that I will be a good addition to your team.
While I don't have any prior work experience as a medical coder, I believe that I
have the skills and the ability to be an equally matched, if not a better candidate
than one with work experience.
I believe that I am a good candidate for this post since I could bring to the table
newer ideas that could help your company grow. As full of ideas and creativity as
I am, I am also equally eager to learn, understand the practices and principles of
your company and apply them to my job. I was trained in providing care,
treatment and clinical documentation, and have highly contributed in the
development and implementation of individual care plans for patients with wide
range of health concerns. My eagerness to learn and work has practically no
bounds and am willing to go the extra mile on the job. My skills which I acquired
during my education and hospital work no doubt are more contemporary and new
and I can certainly apply those at work.
I would welcome the chance of starting a new career at your company and would
like you to consider me for the post.
I have enclosed my resume and pertinent documents with this letter for your ready
reference. Thank you in advance for taking time to review it.
Jericho S. Javier, RN