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Compiled by T. Loder (Dec. 4, 1998) and updated May 11, 1999
with help from L. Willitts, T. Guyker, T. Craddock, D. Foch and others

When observing in the field, it is important for a CSETI field team to be alert for a significant
variety of phenomena that are associated with ET activity. These include phenomena that impact
on the full range of senses including visual, remote viewing, hearing, touch, smell, and
emotional. It is sometimes possible to determine the efficacy of a suspected craft by using CE-5
protocols including light/laser signals or thought/mind requests for a response signal indicative
of a true ET craft. The following list includes phenomena and responses that have been observed
by many CSETI working groups in the field at many locations throughout the world. Any
additional information on phenomena would be welcome and will be added to the list.

Visual - Sky - Night time sightings

Alleged meteorites
Incoming ET craft can often appear to look like a meteor, however, sometimes they act very
different then a normal meteor.

They may move more slowly than a normal meteor.

A second meteor follows the same path through the sky within seconds.
They move across the sky in a horizontal manner.
Their flight path changes directions sometimes by as much as 90 degrees or
they zigzag in flight.
A number of meteors fall along the same path during the evening.
They respond to thought command to change direction
They just feel different (hard to really describe or nail down)
They are larger, brighter, and more spherical.
They don't have a tail.
They flash bright or get dimmer on their own or in response to being signaled at with
a spot light or laser light.
They may enter a building through a window. This phenomenon was seen by a
CSETI team in England in July 1997. A distinct blue-white sphere moved through
the sky in an arc from behind a large tree and entered the window of the house
where Dr. Greer and Shari Adamiak, inside, saw it appear as a small, shimmering

They may be huge, brightly colored, and streak directly down from the apex of the
sky and go into the ground with no explosion, disturbance of the ground, etc. A
CSETI team witnessed a bright teal object do exactly this in Joshua Tree National
Park in November 1996.

Alleged satellites
Satellites move at a constant speed across the sky and are usually seen during the first few hours
after sunset. They may appear with a constant brightness or may pulse in a regular fashion as the
satellite rotates reflecting sunlight. Some satellites (i.e. Iridium types) may flash very brightly as
the sun glint from their solar panels reflects to the ground. Constant speed and course
characterize real satellites. Low level satellites usually traverse the sky from zenith to horizon in
2-4 (?) minutes. ET craft or ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles - made on Earth) can travel at
speeds ranging from virtually standing still (hovering) to speeds allowing them to traverse the
width of the sky in a fraction of a second to several seconds. They also can change speed and
direction more rapidly than conventional aircraft.

Satellites are visible until they gradually fade from view. Anomalous "satellites"
suddenly disappear, or if viewed through powerful night-vision binoculars, can be seen
to dart swiftly into space at an angle perpendicular to their earlier trajectory.
ET craft may change direction or speed or may change brightness sometimes in response
to a directed thought or signal such as a powerful flashlight or laser.
ET craft may also appear at any time of the night unlike normal satellites.

Star-like UFOs
Here we refer to objects that appear to be stars at first observation, but act differently in the
following manners.

They blink off and on, sometimes randomly, sometimes moving slightly between the
blinks. We observed a whole "squadron" of craft one evening in Sedona that blinked off
and on for 10-15 minutes in one area of the sky. When a laser was pointed at one of the
craft it glinted off the craft. Night vision scopes can be useful in determining the number
of craft if they are far away.
A star-like object appears on or near the horizon (most common though they can be most
anywhere) and remains there motionless for a long period of time (minutes to hours).
These are often dismissed as a star until it suddenly flies off, changes brightness, or fades
out in a cloudless sky. It may also change its appearance in response to signals.
Some stars twinkle actively and change colors, twinkling white, green, and red,
especially when they are near the horizon. So do some UFOs. A star-like object may be
seen in the sky, and over a period of a few hours, may be observed to move east while all
the other stars in the sky move west. This phenomenon was observed by a CSETI team in
England in 1997. A large, twinkling star was seen to move from behind one large tree
and travel 30 degrees across the sky and disappear behind another tree, while all the
other stars moved in the opposite direction.

(Air) Plane-like UFOs

Here we refer to airplane-like objects that are lighted and fly like planes, but are not planes.
They may be either ET craft or ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles - made on Earth).

Although all planes are required by the FAA to flash or strobe lights at night, some
planes and some UFOs do not. (Is this true?) In Sedona, AZ, a CSETI team watched a
probable ARV fly by silently, with no flashing lights in the company of military
reconnaissance jets. Its speed, odd lighting and silent behavior made it appear very
anomalous, although at first glance it looked like another plane in the night sky.

Usually flashing or strobing planes that sound like jet or prop engines are normal planes,
however totally silent planes may be UFOs (or ARVs), note the sound of other "planes"
in the same area of the sky.

Any plane that appears to be silent should be watched very carefully even though it may
appear to be a perfectly normal plane. ET craft can be cloaked to appear perfectly
normal. In Crestone, CO, several years ago, a group of CSETI workers observed a small
private plane fly very low right over the group in total silence, and then proceed into a
mountain canyon and just disappear. Many of the witnesses later reported seeing the
plane in different colors.

Orbs and Lights

Distant orbs.

Depending on their size and proximity to the observer, these objects may appear as single
star-like objects up to round glowing objects of varying sizes. They are often a uniform
amber or gold in color though they can appear in various colors. Airplane landing lights
are often mistaken for orbs, but can usually be differentiated by noting the lights
location (such as proximity to an airport), strobing lights and/or associated red and green
navigation lights.
Orbs often will remain stationary for a period of time though they do move about as well.
Lights may be any color and can appear singly or in groups. Group lights may be either
individual craft flying together or a single large craft with lights on the outer edges such
as observed over the Santa Barbara channel or Phoenix, AZ. Flares, often dropped by
the military to confuse observers after a genuine sighting has occurred, float downwards
at different rates and give off smoke seen above the floating lights. Since they fall at
different rates, a line of flares will often have a jagged appearance after several minutes.

Close orbs.

These often appear as small spots of light (like a laser spot) or small globes that may
appear within several 100 meters or as close as touching a working group member.
These are often considered to be probes and either contain intelligence or are under
intelligent control (the difference may be academic). They can move about, change
intensity and just appear and disappear.
They can also appear as amber-colored "street lights", and may even be mistaken for
street lights until they suddenly disappear, or are seen in rural fields where there are no
street lights (e.g. the "golden orbs" often seen in Wiltshire, England).
Close orbs can also be very misleading when they are initially observed and mistaken for
people with flashlights or other simple explanations. For example a small group of very
experienced CSETI team members described the following observations in Sedona one
night in November, 1998. ..I saw four lights behind J. which I thought at the time
were shining from the road. There were three lights, light amber in color, roughly the
size of an average flashlight, in an uneven row. To the right of the 3 amber lights was a
dull red light at least twice the size of the others. In the red light there seemed to be a
small grid-like pattern. There were no beams coming from the lights. The four lights
then moved rather irregularly to the right and out of my sight. I then commented to the
others that I had seen some lights and perhaps there were people on the road. Every one
commented that they hadnt heard anything and there certainly was dead silence on the
site. I kept thinking about the lights that I had seen and finally asked D. to shine the
big light in the direction I had seen the lights. When she shined the light it did not
illuminate the road - the road was too far down the ramp to be seen - it illuminated the
edge of the mesa at least 20 feet behind the truck. Thats where I had seen the lights, no
more than 40 feet (roughly) from where we were sitting! The lights had moved to the
right behind the truck out of sight and had not reappeared.

Very Large Orbs.

Observers (CSETI and others) in England in 1998 twice saw a very large (3X full moon)
orange globe rise above the horizon, then dip back below, then rise again before it
suddenly disappeared. This object was observed on two nights, in different directions
each night. The second night, after it rose above the horizon for the second time, it
"dissolved" as it disappeared, and several British military jets and helicopters appeared in
the area within 30 seconds, even dropping a flare in the vicinity of where the object had
been seen.
Although orb appearances may be for extended time periods (minutes to hours)
sometimes they appear so quickly, one has to be looking in just the right direction to see
one. In Joshua Tree in 1997, 5 to 6 CSETI team members observed a globe-like object
1/4 to 1/3 the diameter of the nearly full moon appear to the left and below the moon and
travel to the right and below the moon and then just vanish all in just a few seconds.

Dark objects
These objects (craft) are often observed under starlit skies with minimum moonlight and may be
moving or still. They may appear as rapidly moving black objects (unlit) that stand out against
the star field and can range in size from small to apparently huge.

For example, in 1997, a group on Mount Blanca, CO watched a rectangular cloud form
over the top of the mountain on a cloudless night. A few minutes later a black object was
seen to fly up, out of the cloud, which then disappeared.

More examples of these darting black objects were seen by a CSETI team in Hawaii in
1998 through a foggy mist.

Distorted Sky
There are times when a craft hovering just beyond the crossing point of light will cause a
distortion in the star field. It will appear as though there are heat waves or shimmering even
though no object can be seen. There are other times when a small portion of the sky may appear
darker than the surrounding sky. This may be indicative of a hovering cloaked craft. These
distortions have been observed both at a distance and close to an observing group when a craft
was either just above a group or surrounding a group.

In England in 1998, the beam of a powerful laser directed at an area approximately 25

feet from the group was distorted/bent when it hit the edges of a cloaked object on the
ground (and partly on a river).

Grids and energy fields

Some observers have reported seeing a manifestation of energy grids in the sky which appear as
lines of light which may sparkle or fade in and out. These can often be very subtle and therefore
not seen by every member of the team. However, on Mt. Blanca several years ago nearly
everyone in the group was able to see energy sparkles all over the mountain, appearing like
lightening bugs from a distance.

Flashlight or Camera-like Flashes

Flashes of light have appeared in mid-air, with no apparent source.

In England in 1997, two flashlight-like streams of light burst horizontally amid a group
of people, but others surrounding the group were not using their flashlights.
In Hawaii in 1998, four CSETI observers witnessed two flashes within a few feet of the
group, as though flash photos had been taken, but there were no cameras nearby.

Close proximity events with a craft beyond the crossing point of light
There are a number of signs to look for in the event that a craft has approached a group in the
field and is just beyond the crossing point of light. We will assume that there may also be ETs on
the ground nearby or among the observing group. Although a craft or ETs may be observed at
any time by someone skilled at remote viewing techniques, we will deal here with phenomena
observed more typically with the "usual" senses. The use of slightly out-of-focus or "soft eyes"
will often aid in seeing. Different observers will observe some, none, or all of the following.
Seeing with both your physical eyes and the mind requires practice.
If the craft is close to the crossing point of light there may be "bleed through" and the craft may
be partially visible, or perhaps just a sparkling is apparent to some. This sometimes appears as a
faint glow or even a scintillating full form of a ship. Craft may appear either whitish or in soft
colors. Keep in mind that craft may also become totally visible to everyone on the team. Both
types of phenomena have been observed numerous times by CSETI field teams.
During an event, members of the group may sense or observe some, none, or all of the following:

A sense of body warming.

A sense there is an increase in the surrounding temperature.
An apparent change in atmospheric pressure, which can be felt in observers' ears.
A decrease in wind - a stillness or quietness feeling perhaps leading to the feeling
of warming mentioned above.
Body vibrations from barely detectable to full-out shaking.
Hair on head, arms or legs stands up (pilo erection)
Sounds including: buzzing, humming, clicking, or strange, otherworldly
screeching (sometimes heard by only some of the observers).
Radar detectors setting off for no obvious reasons.
Animals in the area will respond with howling, barking, etc. Animals will often
respond to ET presence before humans are aware of it.
Scents or smells including ozone and flowers scents such as violets, roses,
carnations, sage, etc.
Emotional feelings especially that of warmth and love, sometimes so strong that
people are moved to tears.

If ETs are on the ground nearby or among the CSETI team, which has happened many times, the
following additional phenomena have been observed:

Shuffling sounds on gravel or rustling branches, leaves, or grasses.

Strange breathing or coughing sounds.
Soft and gentle touches.
Sparkling lights moving around and within the group. The lights can appear as small
probes or as vertical forms or shapes of light often greenish or white.

When a bare hand is moved though the light forms the hand will sparkle as though there
was an electrical discharge
The appearance of the ETs may range from just areas of faint sparkly light to indistinct
shapes to fully visible entities with clothing, facial features, and hands, etc. all fully
distinguishable. It should be noted that different people will see the ETs very differently,
even when the people are standing beside each other, so that some report seeing nothing,
others a slight shimmering or shadows, and others can describe the ET in detail. Often
however, what is observed is just dark or fuzzy forms near the group as described by this
team member observing in a small group in Sedona. We had been visiting for about an
hour when I noticed a fairly tall form to the right of the tree . It was upright and the same
shade as the tree. I kept having a running conversation with myself that went, Is that
part of the tree or is that a life form and It really looks familiar but it cant be a life
form, so it must be part of the tree. It didnt move, but I kept an eye on it. I have no
idea why I didnt tell the others what I was seeing. She later described: We decided to
call it a night and started to pack up at which point I looked to see if the form by the tree
was still there - it was gone. I stood in the spot where I had seen the form and estimated
that it must have been at least six to seven feet tall. She added that she has seen this
type of very tall form at least four other times.
If the ETs are being "projected" into the area and a person walks into the projection area
or "energy field", there is a distinct feeling of soft pleasant warmth as one passes into the
Interactions between ETs and individual group members range from just a sense of
presence to loving personal acknowledgement to full telepathic conversations. The sense
of love is almost always present, no matter the level of the interaction, and is truly
wonderful and unforgettable. The conversations are typically non-verbal. Field
observers have reported shimmering-light ETs that have stood in front of them or sat at
(on) their feet for prolonged times.
The ground around the group may appear colored such as emerald green or red. Some
observers have noted complex geometric shapes and forms or beautiful unusual pictures
while interacting with the ETs. These colors, forms, pictures may occur with the
observers eyes both open in the "soft eyes" mode or closed. One observer described the
experience as though the ETs were sharing beautiful art with him.
If the field team has been surrounded by a craft, partially in the ground and partially
above, members can sometimes see structural parts of the interior of the ship depending
on how visible the ETs make it and the persons ability to see. This is when there is a
feeling of quiet, warmth, the star fields may appear to distort and there is often a strange
sense of time distortion. Often when the craft leaves there is a distinct brightening
around the group.
Some or all the above interactions may also occur in this situation and when they do, it is
truly a wonderful "out of this world" experience.

Group members may bi-locate.

In England in 1998, seven people sitting in a circle in a pasture were engulfed by a craft.
The air became still, as though the wind were blocked, the temperature rose 10-15
degrees, and many ETs were perceived among the group of people. While remaining

ever conscious of sitting in the pasture, the group was also conscious of looking down at
Earth from space (through a window in the bottom of the craft) and joining the ETs in a
meditation for the healing of the planet.
Other Strangeness Happenings added by our Webmaster
These happenings by themselves appear as isolated funny things that happened to me the other
day while out observing or at home yet taken as a group they may indicate some sort of
interaction or communication by someone with perhaps a sense of humor. This is just a sample
of some of the types of things that have happened.

Randys flashlight being disassembled in his lap during CTS and the pieces scattered round
him and his sleeping bag.
The ETs insistence in locking Pats door on my car. Being a Metro, it is 100% mechanical.
We were at the jobsite a couple of weeks ago, and she heard a click as it was locked once
again while she was standing next to it. Doors were locked and interior lights were turned on
SGs car while we were in Hawaii.
Smells. After the last night at Sedona had an overpowering smell of sage in my room all
night (no, it was not toilet freshener!).
C. being on-line the day after a fieldtrip, her phone rings, and she carries on a conversation
while still logged on to the Internet.....she only has one phone line, and it is not dedicated.
Washing machines, dryers turning themselves on, and their doors being left open (C.)
Microwaves turning on. VCRs turning on and off and locking up. Squawking noises being
broadcast thru pocket dictaphone, and machine locking up.
Logged on to Internet, and while in Quicken, program skips to an entry two years back and
highlights a check written to someone whose name Pat was trying to remember....of course
this could also have been a mental feat.
Pieces of toilet paper appearing to flutter around the sky in the dark of night (of course this
could have been toilet paper if the night was windy!)
Being touched onsite or having a sleeve tugged.
Having pictograms beamed into your head - half inside, half outside, the bedroom pulsating
with light visible with eyes open and closed........AJC
SG sees UFO while we are chatting on the phone.
And many many more.