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Children and Parents want

Schools to Reopen, Downplay Anti
School rhetoric












These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of

the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.

Research, Policy and Planning Department,
Central Bank Liberia,
Monrovia, Liberia



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Mr. Leumuel Reeves, Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration

and Naturalization confirmed to FrontPageAfrica Sunday that Mr.
Fawaz arrived Sunday morning at the Roberts International Airport
via Royal Air Maroc using his Lebanese passport.

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Actually when it started, we had the fear that it was Redemption

Hospital. We felt that Redemption Hospital was not treating correctly
and they were killing, so we sat in the house with the virus for one week
and everything broke loose. We were waiting for Island clinic to open. So
we in the house said that we will not go to Redemption until Island clinic
can open, Josephine Dolley, Ebola survivor

He took off my trouser, laid me on my stomach and began

doing something to me, it was painful and I started crying
but he was holding my mouth 8 year old rape victim

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Monday, January 12, 2015

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innette Doe has lived in the Swankamore Community
at the SKD Boulevard for fifteen years, but nothing
prepared her for last Friday, January 9, 2014 when an
armed robber with two single-barrel guns made his
way into her house and terrorized the household of seven family
The robber entered the house by 4am while we were asleep, Vinette
recalled. We assumed that he was in the yard by 2am. He broke
through the kitchen window without a sound. Our neighbor has a
big generator so once it is on it is difficult to hear anything. I guess
that is how the robber made his way into our home.
Vinette says all the doors in the house were locked from inside with
the exception of her room door. He entered my room and knocked
my head with a single barrel gun. I really thought I was dreaming
because for fifteen years I have been here, we never experienced
armed robbery of this nature.
The robber Vinette says was particular about material possessions
and demanded gold and computers from her after entering her room.
Your think we will not enter the house, where is the money, where
is the gold, she recalled.
Vinette says the robber made her to empty her handbag so that he
could place the items he had assembled from the house in the bag.
He asked for computers, for gold and for money.
Vinette recalls that the robber also asked her how many occupants
were in the house to which she says she replied, seven. He choked
me with the single-barrel gun and lined up father and others in the
As the robber threw around orders, Vinnette says her father saw an
opening from the back of the robber and grabbed his neck and urged
everyone in the house to jump on the robber and subdue him.
Vinette says the neighbors soon came in the help and took the robber
on the SKD boulevard road where a mob stoned and beat the robber
to death.
Vinette says the incident left everyone in her household injured.
We are still feeling the pain. He bit me on my arm, and broke the
wedding finger of my father. Everybody got wounded. Police did
not even investigate or try to see how they could counsel us.
For many residents in the area Police came after the fact and were
not interested in anything but the guns on the scene which the
packed up as they left the scene.
Residents were forced into action after armed men attacked the
home of a female resident and attempted to rob and rape her.
The community in which the incident took place is located within

the vicinity of the Liberian National Police Training Academy

which has been taken over by the United States navy, currently on
humanitarian mission in Liberia to help the country battle Ebola.
People from several communities in Monrovia and other parts of
the country have persistently complained that the police is not doing
enough to protect them against armed robbers and other criminals.
In August when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf imposed a
nationwide curfew, armed robbery was on the increase with robbers
rampaging communities prompting the setting up of community
watch teams and communities taking matter in their hands to protect
themselves against robbers and other criminals.
Mob violence is common in Liberia as in some instances innocent
people are mistaken to be criminals and hacked to death while
criminals who escape police arrest for long period find themselves
nabbed by community dwellers.
The United States Department of State Country Report on Liberia
for 2013 states that mob violence in Liberia is high, mentioning an
incident in the Gardnesville area where mob set a bus ablaze for
hitting a motorcyclist.
Mob violence and vigilantism, which resulted in part from the
publics lack of confidence in the police and judicial system, resulted
in deaths and injuries. For example, in October a motorcyclist was
hit by a bus, and a mob formed immediately. The mob then set the
bus on fire, resulting in injuries, stated the report.
In September 2014, two notorious armed robbers who have been on
police red alert were killed by community watch team in Buchanan,
Grand Bassa County.
Lewis Kennedy along another suspected armed robber were killed
after several minutes of fierce tension between members of the
community watch team and the robbers.
Liberian National Police Commissioner for Operations, Gregory
Coleman who arrived on the scene after the watch team had already
killed the two robbers described Kennedy as one of the most
notorious armed robbers who is a convicted felon and has been on
the run for a while.
Commissioner Coleman, known by his code name 104 said Kennedy
was finally tracked down in Buchanan after exchanging fire with the
Police. He (Kennedy) is a notorious criminal; we have an Interpol
red alert notice on this particular felon, 104 said.
Lack of public confidence in the police and judicial system has been
blamed for the perpetual culture of impunity and the continuous
mob attacks on alleged criminals.
Amnesty International reported in 2010 that mob justice prevailed

on several occasions because of the publics lack of confidence in

the administration of justice.
Other international organizations report that incidents of mob justice
are a direct result of lack of faith in the police, corrections systems,
criminal investigations and the justice system as a whole.

Monday, January 12, 2015

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COMMUNITIES ACROSS Liberia are being forced to take

matters into their own hands because the Liberia National Police
is never around to help communities deal with rising cases of
armed robberies around the country.
RECENTLY, RESIDENTS in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County
were forced to become law enforcers when they rallied to slay
two suspected armed robbers, one of them, a notorious Lewis
Kennedy, with one of his accomplices in crime, only identified as
Daniel, otherwise known as Baby D.
THEN LAST FRIDAY, just around 4am, the Swankamore
Community at the SKD Boulevard came to the aid of one of
their residents whose household were held at gunpoint before the
household managed to jump on the gunman and throwing him to
the residents who stoned and beat him to death.
VINNETTE DOE who has lived in the Swankamore Community
for fifteen years, says she was awaken when an unknown intruder
knocked a single-barrel gun on her head after entering her
household of seven last Friday, January 9, 2014.
THE ASSAILANT WENT on to terrorize the family before they
were able to subdue him. The robber entered the house by 4am
while we were asleep, Vinette recalled. We assumed that he
was in the yard by 2am. He broke through the kitchen window
without a sound. Our neighbor has a big generator so once it is on
it is difficult to hear anything. I guess that is how the robber made
his way into our home.
THE POLICE WOULD ARRIVE hours late, long after residents
had sent the armed robber to his maker. All the police did when
they came by around daybreak was to ask for the weapons and
leave the scene and the body on the SKD boulevard.
THE TRAUMATIZED FAMILY were never comforted or told
what do to prepare themselves the next time as the police departed
the scene of the crime.
LUCKILY FOR VINETTE DOE and her household, no one was
seriously injured or killed but the trauma of that fateful night will
no doubt linger for a long time coming.
IN OTHER PARTS OF the country some armed robbers are getting
lucky. In Kakata, Margibi County last week, police arrested four
accused armed robbers, a 45-year-old man identified as Moses
Blama; his alleged accomplices, Ansu Kromah, Jardee Adiou and
Bleeme Johnson, are all said to be at-large.
ACCORDING TO THE Liberia News Agency(LINA) quoting
a police charge sheet issued December 24, Blama, a resident of
the Bernard Farm Community on the Kakata highway, was on
December 22 arrested by police in the Boys Town Community in
Lower Margibi County for armed robbing a Fula businesswoman,
Fatumata Jaloh, in the Rock Hill Community. Ms Jaloh was
robbed of US$4,500 and L$60,000 cash, along with two pieces of
LG cell phones valued at US$300.
SADLY, many of these communities are being hit in the wake of a
12am to 6am curfew imposed by the government.
SOME COMMUNITIES LIKE the Tusa Field area in
Gardnersville which took a hit recently, have attributed the rise
in crimes, particularly armed robbery to the curfew. Robbers
cutlasses, knives and guns took residents by surprise in the middle
of the night.
SOME COMMUNITIES have had to suspend their watch teams
because of the curfew and many attribute the lack of patrol by
police officers as a key reason why the armed robbers are having
a field day.
THIS IS WHY it is becoming necessary for the LNP authorities
to redouble their efforts and beef up security and patrol of
communities in and around the country.
THE INCIDENT in the Swankamore community occurred only
a few meters from the Police Academy, a testament to the lack
of respect robbers have for those tasked with ensuring safety for
residents in communities across the country.
THE POLICE MUST ensure that communities are safe and that
residents can go to sleep at night knowing that robbers will that
prowl the night in search of vulnerable neighborhoods lacking
protection from the men and women in blue.


Korva M. Jorgbor, Contributing Writer

narguably, the Liberian Senate is the upper house of the

bicameral legislative branch of the Government of Liberia,
and together with the House of Representatives, comprises
the Legislature. Each of the fifteen counties is equally
represented by two Senators; each elected to serve a staggered nine-year
The 1986 Constitution vests the legislative power of Liberia in both the
Liberian Senate and the House of Representative, both of which must
concur on any bill before passage into law, save for the Presidents
attestation signature. Additionally, the Senate possesses several
exclusive powers under the Constitution, including the power to advise
on and confirm presidential appointments to both the Executive and the
Judiciary branches.
In view of the foregoing, and considering the importance attached
to both the Liberian Senate and its leadership, the Patriotic Alliance
of Liberia (PAL) has made some observations, and is poised to make
certain recommendations to affect the pending elections for the position
of President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate.
The Executive Director of the PAL, Mr. Korva M. Jorgbor, is of the
conviction that in order to maintain the dignity, sanctity and respectability
of the house of elders, it behooves members of the Liberian Senate
to come in adherence to the suggestion contained in this dispatch. He,
therefore, appeals to members of the Liberian Senate to vote distinct and
qualify individual with the attractive recognizable personality to serve as
President Pro-Tempore.
PAL believes that the election is not only needed as a constitutional
imperative, but is also crucial, especially with respect to ensuring
geopolitical balance in national governance as well as the avoidance of
the apparent creation of a one-party state.
PAL is also of the quest in ensuring that only an individual with impeccable
intellectual prowess to ably articulate the views and aspirations of his
colleagues as well as aid the President of the Liberian Senate which is
the Vice President of the Republic - provide guidance for the day-to-day
functioning of the upper house. We see these characteristics as useful
credentials to preserve the dignity and integrity of the house of elders.
The Executive Committee of the Patriotic Alliance of Liberia appeals
to the consciences of Senators to consider one who understands the
dialectics of legislative politics and is versed with constitutional matters
as well as the Senate Standing Rules before casting a ballot for who
becomes Liberias next President Pro-Tempore.
In view of the aforementioned, the Executive Director of the Patriotic
Alliance of Liberia, Mr. Korva M. Jorgbor, hereby sounds a cogent
caveat against electing any one of the below listed individuals in the
Liberian Senate each of whom, one way or the other, might not satisfy
the preconditions set forth in this release and may pose clear and present
danger in providing leadership for that august body, yea the image of the
It can be recalled that since the ascendency of the ruling Unity Party
(UP) to authority, the President Pro-Tempore always comes from the
south- eastern part of Liberia. PAL agrees that the issues of the President,
the Speaker, and President Pro-Tempore coming from the same political
party or the same county have no constitution backing. Also, the issue of
geographical representation is unconstitutional. But for expediency we
much accept these conditions for the purpose of geopolitical balance and
avoidance of a one party state.
According to our research conducted, the first President Pro-Tempore
since 2006 was Senator Isaac W. Nyenabo who hails from Grand Gedeh
County; the second President Pro-Tempore was Cletus S. Wotorson, he
hails from Grand Kru County.
The third President Pro-Tempore is the outgoing Senator Gbehzohngar
M. Findley from Grand Bassa County. Cllr. Charles W. Brunskine who
once served as President Pro-Tempore during the former President
Charles Taylor administration, he also hails from Grand Bassa County.
Cllr. Varney Sherman and Morris Saytumah
The Executive Director referenced that Mr. Morris Saytumah and Cllr.
Varney Sherman are not the best candidates to serve as President ProTempore, because, both men belong to the ruling Unity Party of President
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. To that end, it is noteworthy that the President of
the Liberian Senate, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai and the Speaker of
the House of Representatives, J. Alex Tyler are all bona fide stalwarts of
that ruling political establishment. Hence, empowering any of them at
the level of leadership of the Senate is tantamount to the creation of a de
facto one-party state. Moreover, Mr. Morris Saytumah hails from Bomi
County just as President Sirleaf and Speaker Tyler, hence, his election
as President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate who not represents a
geopolitical balance in the governance of the state. Cllr. Sherman, too,
hails from the western regions Gran Cape Mount County which is next
door to Bomi from whence cometh the President, Vice President (he hails
from the north-west), and the Speaker
Prince Y. Johnson
PAL is of the opinion that Senator Prince Y. Johnson is not the
rightful personality to serve the Liberian Senate as Senate Pro-tempt.
It can be recalled that Senator Johnson was indicted by the Truth and
Reconciliation Commissions (TRC) for gross violation of war crimes.
His ascendency to authority as Senate Pro-tempt will reflect bad image
for our beloved country, Liberia. Therefore, we warn against his election
as President Pro-Tempore.
Dan H. Morias
Senator Dan H. Morias would be a better character to serve the President

Pro-Tempore at the Liberian Senate. Senator Morias understands both

local and international policies because of the opportunity of serving
as superintendent and ambassador. He understands the Senate Standing
Rules but what would hinder his quest is the issue of geographical balance
that is he hails from Maryland County which is part of the Southeastern
region. The Executive may have serious problem with him on grounds
that he was a close associate to former President Taylor. Senator Morias
also hails from the south- eastern part of Liberia too.
Joseph N. Nagbe
Senator Joseph N. Nagba is not a best character/personality to serve
as President Pro-Tempore for the Liberian Senate; he is a confidant of
the President, he does not understand the Senate Standing Rule to his
fingertips; he does not have the leadership ability evident by which he
chaired and conduct session on four (4) different occasions while chairing
session. Besides, he is in the culture of the geographic balance because
he hails from Sinoe County. It can be recalled that Senator Nagbe was
supported by President Sirleaf during the 2011 General and Presidential
Elections, which she told the people of Sinoe County to vote for him.
PAL fear is when Senator Nagbe is elected to serve as the President ProTempore; he will gamble the senate for the interest of President Sirleaf.
Now she is doing everything possible for him to win the President ProTempore election.
George Weah
PAL is calling on members of the Liberian Senate not to elect Ambassador
George Weah to authority as President Pro-Tempore. PAL believes that
Amb. Weah is not the right personality to serve as President Pro-Tempore,
because, he does not understand legislative procedures; he does not know
the Senate Standing Rules and lacks the intellectual prowess to articulate
the views of his colleagues.
Senator Oscar Cooper
For Senator Oscar cooper, the issue of geographic balance will not hinders
his quest for the position as President Pro-tempore for the Liberian
Senate. He would become a better pro-tempore but he is a partisan of
the ruling Unity Party. The issue of the Speaker, the President, the Vice
President and the President Pro- Tempore been from the same party does
not have constitutional backing but for expediency Liberian must accept
those conditions in order not to have one party-state.
Senator Cooper is a confidant of President Sirleaf, in so doing he can
easly be driven by the president. As the result he will gamble the Upper
House for the interest of President Sirleaf. Based on these reasons, PAL
believes that Senator Oscar Cooper is not the best character to serve the
position as President Pro-Tempore for the Liberian Senate.
Jewel Howard Taylor
According to the PAL Executive Director, Mr. Jorgbor, Senator Jewel
Howard Taylor of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) would be a suitable
personality to serve the position as President Pro-Tempore of the
Liberian Senate. Serving a second nine-year term, she knows understands
legislative politics as well as the standing rules of the Liberian Senate.
She has legislative experience as compared to Mr. Saytumah, Cllr.
Sherman, Mr. Weah and others. Senator Taylor, from all indications,
might be rightly suited for the post because of her unflinching will to
stand by principles. Although the executive may have serious problem
with Senator Taylor because she is the former wife of the former President
Taylor and may consider her as a direct replica of her former husband Mr.
Taylor, which is the basis for our flourishing democracy - healthy.
Daniel Naathen
The Executive Director also pointed out that Senator Daniel Naathen
would be another best personality to serve the position as President
Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate because, he understands the Senate
Standing Rules to the best of his ability; he understands legislative
procedure and he is a veteran politician and a lawmaker; he understands
both local and international politics. Senator Naathen contested on the
ticket of the Alternative National Congress (ANC); he from the western
region. Hon. Naathen will not be remote or dance by the whelms and
caprices of President Sirleaf; he is not a confidante of the president and
he has leadership ability.
Armah Jallah
Senator Armah Z. Jallah would be the best personality to serve as the
President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate. He knows the Liberian
politic; he understands the Senate Standing Rule to his fingertip and
he has leadership ability. Senator Jallah is a veteran politician and a
lawmaker. He contested on the ticket of the National Patriotic Party
To conclude, any of the three (3) senators named below can be the best to
serve the position as the President Pro-Tempore for the Liberian Senate.
From our investigation conducted, PAL observed that if Jewel Howard
Taylor, Mr. Daniel Naathen or Amrah Z. Jallah is elected to serve as
Senate Pro-tempt, the Liberian Senate will deliver the goods and services
through transparency, accountability, effectiveness and respect for the
rule of law among others.
PAL believed that those personalities will not follow the footprints
of outgoing President Pro-Tempore and Senator Gbehzohngar
MiltonFindley, who became inextricably linked and was dining and
wining with the Executive during his tenure. With our understanding any
of the three (3)senators- elect cam make a better leadership and they will
not be driven by the executivebut rather be in the interest of the Liberian

please read full commentary online:

Monday, January 12, 2015

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Benjamin Art Top Commenter
It is backward politics to drive one's self-political interest by inciting
divisive politics. Yes, it is backward to pursue politics on the primitive
basis of tribal, religious or regional factors. It is not a constitutional
requirement that is breached by the Pro-Temp hailing from Gbarpolu
County. This is the same kind of dirty politics that was used to undermine
the Liberian National Census, when the time came to draw the electoral
districts of the country. As a result, the Liberian constitution was violated,
where some electoral districts have only about 20% of the population of
other electoral districts. But this is in violation of the constitution which
calls for equal population for all electoral districts. I know Cllr. Nagbe
but do not know Sen. Jallah. However, I would be glad to see the winner
emerging out of a process that is based of factors other than tribe, religion
or region.
E Herodotus Payne Jr. Media Relations Consultant at RESH
The argument of geographic imbalance in the search of a new Pro Temp
is interesting. Since, 1997, with the exception of Kekura B. Kpoto every
Pro Temp has come from either Montserrado or south-eastern counties of
Grand Bassa, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh. No Pro Temp has ever come
from the Western region of the country. Isn't there an imbalance here? But
in the first place, why has there not been emphasis on the issue of political
imbalance instead of the emphasis on regional imbalance? In the first nine
years Unity Party controlled the both houses and the executive. No one
needs to tell us that Gbehzongar was a de facto Unity Party man? Don't
we see how he became subservient and was so easily manipulated by the
executive? Do we need to heed to the argument of so called geographic
imbalance to allow another Gbezongar to become Pro Temp? Time for a
coalition of like minds to rise above the pettiness of regional and tribal
boundaries and support a critical and independent mind like Armah Zolu
Jallah who can not be remote controlled or arm-twisted by a powerful
Montgomery Tamba Saah Top Commenter Darby, Pennsylvania
Wow! Payne, Jr., how well do you know Senator Jallah, to suggest that
he is an independent mind? Well, make more research! I wished you had
ended your argument on the note of "Independent Like Minds" without
naming a particular contender, which becomes "Confirmation Bias"
on your part. This puts you in a situation of being a direct supporter of
Senator Armah Jallah, rather than an analyst of the issue. Thanks.
Harry Papa Mason Metropolitan State University
What's is the motivation of the stay order on the certification of Cllr.
Varney Sherman? It is discovered that the Office of the President is
involved, it will definitely be a big boost for Cllr. Sherman's political
sojourn. It means that he distance himself from the acts and failures of
President Sirleaf, whose vindictiveness will endanger her peaceful exit
as President.
Eworyonwon Harris Top Commenter University of Liberia
According to the article the senator speaking on condition of anonymity
states "we do not remove Findley to be replace by another yes sir" This
senator is not speaking the true,It was the gallant people of Bassa that
remove Findely not the senate
Blojay Nation Top Commenter Janitorial School of Good
These are some of the worst political analysis and commentary that keeps
our nation bakwards. Why should a democratic leadership be based on
a tribal formula about which region a person comes from? This is pure
insanity on steroids for socalled educated Liberians to continue this line
of divisive politics. Democratic leadership is foremost about likability
and popularity, based on competence, capability and dedication to the
public good , not which tribe or which region you come from. Any senator
making such bigotry argument about tribalism and regionalism should be
out-rightly rejected.
Sylvester Moses Top Commenter Works at Self-Employed
Allegedly all the maneuverings by Mrs. Sirleaf is supposedly to keep the
chair of her party from potentially becoming a Senate Pro Temp, because
Counselor Varney Sherman knows that she cant be trusted. But if she has
to use Dr Foday Koroma and the Supreme Court for that purpose, Liberia
has, without an iota of doubt, politically descended into an abyss of the
worst rot and filth.
Raymond Sumo Top Commenter Cuttington University, Liberia
My only concern is that whether these new bunch of senators are prepare
to receive brown envelopes instead of putting Liberia and the interest of
the people first? This new senate must deliver for the Liberian people and
not for themselves. If they don't 2023 is right around the corner for some
of them.
jsphdiggs (signed in using yahoo)
This is a senate activity. Tell the people of Liberia who wins the Temp
after your in-house election. The Executive and Judiciary branches are
isolated from this legislative funding.


The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and
bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

The Reader's Page

Send your letters and comments to:


The Editor,

s Justice Phillip Napoleon Bonaparte Banks trying to

thwart the will of the people?? If not, then why does
he keep issuing those pesky Writ of Prohibition to
postpone the special senatorial election, postpone the
certification of 3 senators, and piss on our Constitution??
As far as I'm concern, Bonaparte Banks can kiss my butt!!
(Re "...Supreme Court Issues (another) Writ Against
Look. This is the same jerk, oops, I mean, Supreme
Court Justice (Banks) who delayed the special senatorial
elections because he says that the "Election Commission
demonstrated callous disregard for the health and welfare
of the Liberian people"....(Re "Liberian Court Rejects
Petition to Delay Elections Over Ebola", New York Times
Hey Justice Banks, is it your duty, as a supreme court
justice, to tell us whether the "Election Commission
demonstrated callous disregard for the health and welfare
of the Liberian people"?
Or is it your duty to tell us whether the Election Commission
demonstrated callous disregard for the LAW?? In other
words, isn't your job, as a Supreme Court Justice, to settle
legal disputes, instead of public health issues?? You sir,
have no fish to fry in public policy issues! Do you hear
As a Supreme Court Justice, your first and foremost duty,
is to interpret the Constitution and apply the laws (as it
is written!)) to settle legal disputes!! And NOT imposed
your own damn notions disguised as the law!
Exhibit A) If the Liberian Constitution (Article 83(c)) says
that "...Any party or candidate who complains about the...
election or challenges the results of thereof shall have the
right to file a complaint with the Elections Commission
In plain English, it means that any candidate who wants to
challenge the legality of the election result, he or she must
file a complaint with the Elections Commission!
Exhibit B) If the Constitution (Article 83 (c)) says that
"The Elections Commission shall within thirty days of
receipt of complaint, conduct an impartial investigation
and render a decision which may involved a dismissal
of the complaint or nullification of the election of a
candidate..Any political party or candidate affected by
such decision shall not no later than seven day appeal
against it to the Supreme Court."
In plain English, it means that if anyone who wants to

challenge or protest the legality of election results, he or

she must FIRST file his/her complaint with the Election
Commission! BEFORE running to the supreme court to
appeal the election results! You CANNOT take your case
straight to the Supreme Court! I repeat, you cannot take
your case straight to the Supreme Court!!
Exhibit C) So any protesting candidate who bypasses
the Election Commission and goes to the Supreme
Court MUST be sent back to the Election Commission.
According to the Constitution (Article 83(c)), that's the
ONLY decision one can make when a protesting candidate
bypasses the Election Commission-- but yet you have
Bonaparte Banks doing something different-- issuing
Writ of Prohibition, left and right, against the Election
Exhibit D) If Justice Banks refuses to follow the law as
it written in the Constitution (see Article 83c), then the
Election Commission should refuse to honor his Writ of
Prohibition and lawmakers should begin impeachment
proceedings to remove Banks from the Bench!
Martin Scott
Atlanta, Georgia

The Editor,

hen I got to your website, and saw

pictures of our ex-senators moving
stuff from the People's House (Capitol
Building), my blood pressure spiked to
dangerous levels!!!...
"Look at these old rogues", I said to myself ! (Re "Bye
Bye Senators..)
Hey, I'm glad they're leaving, but whose stuff (furniture,
refrigerators, computers, etc) were those ex-senators
were moving?
Was it their personal belongings ? Or was it the people's
Look. If they were moving their personal belongings,
that's fine.. But if they were moving other people's stuff,
that's stealing!
I want them (ex-lawmakers) arrested for grand larceny!
But where the hell is that "woman lappa", oops, I mean
police chief when you need him?
Oh, wait, I forgot: He's busy making booty calls!!
Martin Scott
Former West Resident
Atlanta, Georgia


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

Wade C. L. Williams, News Desk Chief, wade.; 0880664793
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Monday, January 12, 2015



Deported Lebanese Resurfaces in Liberia


r. Sam Fawaz, who

was the subject
of a lengthy but
controversiallyalleged deportation proceeding
from Liberia is back in the
Commissioner of the Bureau of
Immigration and Naturalization
confirmed to FrontPageAfrica
Sunday that Mr. Fawaz arrived
Sunday morning at the Roberts
International Airport via Royal
Air Maroc using his Lebanese
Mr. Sam Fawaz who had earlier
claimed that he was a Liberian,
reportedly arrived in Liberia
using a Lebanese passport with
a Liberian visa reportedly issued
in Morrocco. He had reportedly
used the same passport to depart
Liberia last June.
Mr. Reeves, who said he felt
relieved and vindicated after
numerous reports had suggested
that the BIN had kidnapped and
deported Mr. Fawaz from Liberia
said Mr. Fawazs return means
that the investigation can now
continue. We will continue
with our investigation but this
will clear my name. It is now
clear that I did not deport Mr.
Fawaz as was reported. The fact
that they said he was deported
and even died in Lebanon speaks
volume. So I am glad that he is
alive and we can continue with
our investigation and all the facts
and allegations surrounding his
case can be laid to rest.
Sam Fawaz had alleged that BIN
officers handcuffed him and
took all his money away while
en route to the airport. When

I got to the airport in Lebanon

and they have written a paper in
Arabic that I was deported from
Liberia. I am scare of my safety
here; I feel they could jail me
at any time for whatever reason
that my uncle could make up to

keep me away from Liberia and

Mr. Henry Costa, host of the
Henry Costa Morning Show on
Voice FM 102.7 also said he felt
a sense of relieve after numerous
reports linked him to aiding and

abetting Mr. Fawazs alleged

deportation from Liberia.
Even though he (Mr. Fawaz)
and some envious and reckless
journalists claimed that he is
a Liberian citizen. Sam was
accompanied to Lebanon by his

mother Albertha Fawaz back in

June of 2014. God never sleeps.
The truth when crushed to the
ground shall rise!
Costa posted on his Facebook
page Sunday that Mr. Fawaz had
been calling several journalists
in Monrovia claiming that
he was illegally deported to
Lebanon by the Bureau of
Immigration and Naturalization,
and accusing Costa of being the
facilitator. For many months,
these journalists ran series of
radio talk shows and newspaper
stories maligning my reputation,
calling me diabolical names,
alleging without any proof that
Sam's uncle, Mr. Shawki Fawaz,
had paid me to help illegally
deport his nephew because of the
feud between the two of them.
Costa said some local journalists
went as far as claiming that
Mr. Shawki and him had hired
hit men in Lebanon to murder
Sam Fawaz in order to cover
up the wicked deed. They
were venomous and vigorous
in their sustained war against
me. They never even cared to
allow me defend myself. So,
Sam Fawaz is the second Jesus
Christ, for he has resurrected.
He was deported, but he got a
Liberian visa to fly to Liberia and
permitted entry into the country
by the same Immigration that
deported him. He is a Liberian,
but he travelled on a Lebanese
passport. Folks, there it is! Thank
God Almighty.
Mr. Costa has threatened to file
a lawsuit against the journalists
who he says tarnished his
reputation. I am going to sue
them for lying on me that I
helped to deport Sam Fawaz.
Fawazs departure from Liberia
last June set off a firestorm


Page 5

in Monrovia with two media

groups, The Liberia Media
Watch (LMW) and The National
Publishers and Broadcasters
(NAPBAL), calling on the
Ministry of Justice to speedily
launch an investigation into what
they described as the overnight
illegal deportation.
Sam Fawaz claimed that his
uncle Shawki Fawaz of SSF had
denied him (Sam Fawaz) his
legitimate share of the company.
He said the company (SSF) was
registered in his name because
his uncle wanted the company to
be a Liberian-owned. Sam said
he is a Liberian by birth, because
his mother is a Liberian and
his father who is now deceased
was a Lebanese and the senior
brother to Shawki Fawaz.
Sam had complained that his
Uncle Shawki Fawaz robbed him
of carrying his biological father
name when he was a child. "My
uncle got me a Liberian passport
when I was under aged following
the death of my father. He gave
me his full names, making me to
be his son and his junior boy. My
biological name was changed,
I did not carry my dad name, I
was compared to carry Shawki
Fawaz full name because he
wanted to benefit from my God's
given birth rights as a Liberian".
Sam said when he reached the
age of maturity and decided to
engage his uncle on the matter
and demanded that he be given
his share of the company, his
uncle refused and threatened
to use his money and contact
in Liberia to deport him. "My
uncle Shawki and his media
agent Costa arranged for my
deportation; they bribe the
my poor Liberian mother and
deported me mid night on Air
Maroc. The BIN officers used
weapon to threaten me while
they were taking me to the
airport." he claimed.


The Liberian government is fully committed to work with and support the Ivorian authorities
and international partners in strengthening border security, regional peace and stability, as well
as raid our countries of the mutually destabilizing activities of non-state actors.
- Lewis Brown, Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast

it is investigating
fighting near its border with
neighboring Ivory Coast
which reportedly led to the
killing of two Ivorian soldiers.
Ivorian State media reported
Saturday that two soldiers
have been killed in a raid on
military posts in the southwest
of the country. The Ivorian
Press Agency said the attack
began early Saturday morning
in the town of Grabo, near
the border with Liberia.
The soldiers were killed in
the village of Dahioke, 20
kilometers (12 miles) outside
the town.
On Sunday, the Liberian
Minister Lewis Brown said the
reports have drawn Liberias

concern: The Government

of Liberia is concerned
about news reports of recent
attacks in border towns and
villages of Cote DIvoire.
Consistent with the policies
of good neighborliness and a
commitment to regional peace
and security, the relevant
Liberian security agencies are
seriously investigating these
reports as well as engaging
their counterparts in Abidjan,
Brown said in a statement
The Minister added that the
Liberian government is fully
committed to work with and
support the Ivorian authorities
and international partners in
strengthening border security,
regional peace and stability,
as well as raid our countries
of the mutually destabilizing
activities of non-state actors.
Western Ivory Coast was hit
hard during Ivory Coast's

2010-11 postelection violence,

which erupted after former
President Laurent Gbagbo
refused to concede defeat
to his successor, Alassane
Pro-Gbagbo fighters fled along
with civilians into neighboring
Liberia, and raids targeting
the new army have occurred
sporadically ever since. One
raid in June 2012 killed seven
U.N. peacekeepers and at least
10 civilians.
Last February, just a year
after the two countries agree
to reopen their respective
borders, a similar attack
killed four Ivorian soldiers
and several attackers were
after suspected gunmen from
Liberia raided a border town
in Liberia.
Gunmen from Liberia have
carried out several assaults on
towns near the border in recent
years, which the government
and the United Nations have
blamed on allies of former
President Laurent Gbagbo.
The border was shut down in
2012 for several months due to
an attack in June 2012 but was
partially reopened, but only
in Maryland County in the far
southeast, making it possible
to cross into the Ivory Coast
between Sanniquellie (past
Ganta) and Man.

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Monday, January 12, 2015






fter serving the Broker Washington Institute- BWI

in Margibi County for more than five years several
teachers have been laid off by the institution.
BWI since its establishment by the Liberian
Government has been training the countrys work force in several
disciplines some of whom have contributed to the growth and
development of Liberia.
The teachers were laid off due to reform activities said to be
taking place at the institution.
According to the Acting Principal of the BWI Alexander Massey
the teachers were laid off due to long service something that has
sparked out serious tension on the schools campus.
Acting Principal Massey in a harsh tune was quick to describe
the laid off teachers who have brought the school to where it is
today as disgruntle noisemakers.
He has maintained that those lay off will not be reinstated no
matter whose intervention.
It is not clear as to who initiated the reform process on the Broker
Washington Institute campus in Kakata, Margibi County which
has been a center of attraction for many students especially in the
vocational and technical areas.
The aggrieved teachers noted that the statement by the principal
is more than an insult describing his claims as false and a
mistreatment of all the teachers laid off
According to the teachers their letters were presented to them by
security officers instead of the acting principal whom they said
has initiated his own reform process at the school.
They added that their benefits and other incentives are yet to be
given them.
Speaking further the teachers noted that if their profession is
not respected by Mr. Alexander Massey they will continue to go
to work as the ministry of Education is the body responsible to
relief them of their post and not an acting principal who has not
been confirmed.
But Margibi County District #4 Lawmaker Ben Fofana in whose
constituent the school is located has been able to restore calm
promising that the concerns of the teachers will be addressed.
Representative Fofana added that while it is true that the
administration has embarked on a reform process it is necessary
to treat those laid off with due respect.
According to him the teachers have impacted many to a bigger
extend and it is necessary to maintain the work force ahead of
the reopening of school.
He noted that measures aimed at addressing the matter are
paramount to his office as the peoples representative to the
national legislature.
According to him based on a communication received from the
aggrieved teachers he will communicate to the legislature to
restore sanity to the institution.
The District #4 Lawmaker has urged those laid off including the
schools administration to avoid acts that could endanger the
facilities of the BWI.
Representative Fofana added that the true meaning of
transforming tomorrows generation should be paramount
instead of conflict.
The Lawmaker maintained that gone are the days when
individuals took issues into their own hands without the due
process of law.
Meanwhile Representative Fofana has pledged the government
support to improving the educational sector of the country.

race Travers, is a
mother of three and
had been wishing to
register her Threeyear-old daughter in school
last September but due to the
deadly Ebola epidemic schools
in Liberia remains closed and
students have lost almost a whole
semester of schooling.
Travers daughter will no longer
start school at three because
of the delay, but she tells
FrontPageAfrica that she cannot
bear the thought of the older
children missing a whole year of
school and wants the government
to keep its promise of reopening
school in February.
I want schools to reopen
because the children are playing
all day. For me as a parent, I
want school to reopen because
our children have been sitting
home for so long due to Ebola,
she says.
Travers says her children are
home all day though she has to
work and it is difficult keeping
them under proper control
without school. She says it is
important that the government
reopen school soon, because
they longer children stay without
school the more difficult it will
be for families to keep them out
of trouble. She said school is a
very important part of a childs
upbringing and missing it has
many consequences.
The more they sit home they
will be idle and if they are idle,
they get do bad things, says
If they have a lot of things to do
in January, we can give them up

to February to open school. We

can use the old school calendar
until they come back to the
regular one.
She says it is foolhardy for people
to keep pinning the reopening of
school on Liberia being Ebola
free, when adults have been
going to work including parents
who sell in the local markets.
She says if parents can continue
doing things that they usually
do without ear, she questions
those who constantly say it is
dangerous for school to reopen.
They complain that Ebola is
in the country, but they had
elections here, then why cant
school open? If election and
campaign can go on, then school
can open too, says Travers.
We want them to open school,
there is no excuse this time for
them not opening school. We are
appealing to the government to
let school open so our children
can go to school.
Travers says children can go to
school due to the huge drop in
the Ebola cases, while observing

the safety measures that are

being put in place at home to
keep them safe from Ebola.
They can wash their hands
before going to class and recess
time no too much getting close,
she says.
The best thing we think that
they can do when school open
is for them to have security on
the campus to be able to restrict
the children; during recess, they
can have people to monitor them
how to play.
Victor Roberts, is a student of
the John Christian Elementary
School in Brewerville, he says he
wants schools to reopen because
he is bored staying home all day.
He says since the Ebola he has
been restricted from regular play
and only eats and stay at home
all day.
I want school to open because
we are just sitting home with
nothing to do. Let them try to
open school. We are tired sitting
home doing nothing and playing.
Staying out of school making me
idle, he says.

P. O. BOX 10-9021 - CAPITOL HILL
January 9, 2015

Eileen Flama attends the J.

J. Roberts United Methodist
School; she says since Ebola,
she has not seen many of her
friends from the same school
after closure of schools in June.
She says she misses school
because sitting at home all day
is not beneficial at all. She wants
the government to prioritize the
opening of schools.
I want for school to reopen
because all day we are sitting
home with nothing to do. Our
minds are getting idle and we
really want for school to reopen,
she says.
government is using the
money for other projects and
not thinking about reopening
schools. If school reopens,
when we go to school, we will
wash our hands and check our
temperatures to see who has high
fever and we will be careful.
So, there is no reason why they
shouldnt open school.
Schools were set to reopen in
September, but the government
mandated schools to remain
closed under the Presidents
government set the reopening
2015 following a previous
announcement in December by
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
for the process to begin the
cleaning up schools to prepare
for reopening. Some people with
lots of resources have flown their
children out of Liberia to schools
in neighboring Ghana, but
parents like Travers who cannot
afford such luxury are waiting
patiently for schools to reopen.


The Department of Public Affairs wishes to announce that Hon. Lewis G. Brown, II Minister of Information,
Cultural Affairs and Tourism, has scheduled a meeting with all Communication Officers, including Public Relation
Officers, Directors of Communication, Assistant Ministers of Public Affairs, Consultants of various Ministries
and Agencies, Public Corporations and Commissions on Monday, January 12, 2015 at MICAT in the Charles
Gbenyon Conference Hall at 2:00PM.
The meeting is gear towards further explaining the new policy pronouncement endorsed by President Ellen
Johnson Sirleaf, that The Information Ministry will coordinate and approve all Advertisement and Special News
Coverage emanating from the government.
We anticipate your timely appearance at the meeting.
Signed: ___________________

Monday, January 12, 2015

Monroviaawyers for the parties

in a US$ 3M damages
case at the Civil Law
Court at the Temple of
Justice were engaged in heated
exchanges after the court ruled
to disband nine jurors chosen to
hear and bring down verdict due
to suspicion of juror tampering.
The Embassy Suite against
Ecobank filed the US$3M
damages lawsuit over the banks
closure of the Lebanese owned
business, due to overdue of
loan put at over US$200,000
allegedly owned by the bank for
over a period of two years.
Effort to have the Civil Law
Court hear the case and make
determination was thwarted last
week after Ecobanks lawyers
accused one of the jurors
Elizabeth Belleh of allegedly
exchanging phone numbers with
Embassy Suites lawyer, though
she denied the accusation during
following investigation for what
he said was in the interest of
transparency and justice, later
removed juror Belleh from the
panel. He warned her not to
interact with any of the jurors
while she is away.
Just last week, Ecobank lawyer
Abraham Sillah returned to the
court with another revelation
that the removed juror (Belleh)
was allegedly spotted by two of
Ecobanks lawyers, in person
of Attys. Arthur Johnson and
SwahiloSesay, coming out of the
Henries Law Firm of Cllr. Cooper
Kruah, a lawyer representing the




Page 7


Kennedy L. Yangian 0777296781

Embassy Suite Lawyer Cllr. Cooper Kruah

legal interest of Embassy Suite.
The Ecobank Banks lawyers
had told the court that the action
of the removed juror to remain in
contact with the same group that
she is accused of having a link
with, could have an influence on
the remaining jurors.
Following the assertion by the
Ecobank legal counsel, the
Judge of the court was left with
no alternative but to rule and
disband the entire panel for what

he termed as being in the interest

of transparent Justice.
We will not allow these present
jurors to remain here and make
determination in this case,
because either way the case goes
there will be doubt, said Judge
A day after the jurors were
disbanded Atty. Arthur Johnson
representing the legal interest
of Ecobank told frontPagefrrica
that on Thursday January 6,

Ecobanks Lawyer Atty. Johnson

2015, they received a tip-off that

the removed juror,Belleh was in
the office of Cllr. Kruahat the
Henries and Henries law Firm.
Atty. Johnson said that after the
tip-off he and another colleague
Atty. Swahilo Sesay went on the
scene and kept surveillance, only
to see the removed juror coming
out of the Henries&Henries
Law Firm. He alleged that
Cllr. Cooper Kruah allegedly
escorted Belleh, but later fled

the scene. He said Cllr. Kruah

was photographed as he fled and
was later arrested by some plain
clothes police officers and taken
to the police headquarter for
further investigation.
We will pursue this case at all
cause to ensure that this lady
and all those connected with this
ugly act that tend to undermine
the judiciary, are prosecuted to
serve as a deterrence, said Atty.

Cllr. Cooper Kruah the lawyer

in the center of the allegation
also told FrontPageAfrica that
the allegation by Johnson that
the juror in question was caught
in his office was untrue and
termed it as tactics employed to
baffle the trial. He said a lot of
legal technicalities have been
employed to baffle the trial.
Cllr. Kruah said the removed
juror was walking on Benson
Street when the two counsels
chased her and arrested her,
claiming that she was coming
from the Henries Law Firm.
He stated that the juror in
question was of no significance
to the trial, because she was
removed and had nothing to do
with the determination of the
This case is all about producing
evidence to convince the court
and not about going after
someone who has nothing to do
with this case, said Cllr. Kruah.
In the face of the claims and
counter claims among the
lawyers about the suspicion of
jurors, the judge had ruled to
continue with the case, but with
a new batch of selected jurors.




He took off my trouser, laid me on my stomach and began doing something to me, it
was painful and I started crying but he was holding my mouth 8 year old rape victim


Bettie Johnson/

22 year old man

has been arrested
to the Monrovia
Central Prison for allegedly
sodomizing an 8year old boy
in the Old Road community in
The arrest of defendant
Christian Hoff followed a
complaint filed by the victim
Mother at the Women and
Children Section of the
Liberian National Police.
In her complaint, the victim
mother (name withheld) said
on January 1, 2015 while she
and her friend were sitting
in her shop in Gaye Town,
Old Road lecturing, witness
Darious Sippy informed them
that the defendant was having
sexual intercourse with the
victim in the banana bush.
I and Darious went on the
scene but the defendant began
running and was later arrested
by community dwellers and
turned over to the police, she

told investigators.
charge sheet, the victim told
investigators that on Thursday
January 1, 2015 at night time,
he came from witnessing video
at one Pa Debahs house in
Gaye Town and he met the
defendant on his way home
and the defendant lifted him
and took him into a banana
He took off my trouser, laid
me on my stomach and began
doing something to me, it was
painful and I started crying but
he was holding my mouth, the
victim narrated.
The victim further told
investigators that while suspect
Hoff was having sex with him,
witness Darious Sippy and
Daniel Kanneh met them in the
banana bush.
The police charge sheet added
that the suspect rights were
read to him and he waived all
and also denied all allegations
made against him.
The suspect said he came from

parking his motorbike and

while looking for his friend, he
heard the victim crying in the
banana bush.
I went to the victim in the
banana bush and lifted him up
and in the process, some people
came and started beating on
me, and I did not have sex
with the victim, Suspect Hoff
During police investigation
and interviews conducted
by the Women and Children
Protection section of the LNP,
it was established that the
victim is eight years old and
is a male. Investigation also
established that the victim
toileted on the defendant after
he took his penis from the
victims anus as was testified
by witness Darious and Daniel.
It was also established that
the suspect begged witness
Darious not to inform anyone,
that he saw him having sex
with the victim.
Investigation also found out
that the suspect T. shirt was

seen with toilet; that medical

report from Hope of Women
International showed that
swollen and blood from
victims rectum; and medical
report evidence showed that
there was forceful penetration
to the victims anus.
In view of the above
evidence gathered coupled
with direct allegation levied
against suspect Hoff by the
victim evidence of written
statement obtained from the
witnesses and complainant, the
admittance of the defendant
that he and the victim were
seen in the banana bush, the
women and children protection
section of the LNP has
resolved to charge suspect Hoff
with the crimes of involuntary
sodomy and statutory rape
which violates section 14.73
and 14.70a (I)&(b) of the penal
law of the Liberia, stated the
police charge sheet.

Monday, January 12, 2015


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Monroviaitting in a white
duraplast chair in
front of her mothers
residence, wearing a
sky blue blouse and a moron
trouser, Josephine Dolley, 31,
recalls that she never imagined
that her visit to Monrovia in
2013 would mark the beginning
of a life-time trauma, that has
now become difficult to forget.
Mrs. Dolley is the lone survivor
from the deadly Ebola virus
which struck thirty persons
including her family friends,
relatives and loved ones in the
slum community of New Kru
town, Montserrado County that
subsequently led to the death
of 29 persons who all resided
in an eight-bed room house.
Prior to the Ebola outbreak,
Dolley was working in Nimba
County with the Nimba
Community College and the
Radio station. At the college,
she was teaching music while
at the same time serving as a
producer at Radio Nimba.
In November 2013, she came
to New Kru town for a visit,
hoping to return but few
months later Ebola hit the postwar nation in March 2014.
The nightmare for Dolley and
the twenty nine others who
succumbed to Ebola began in
August 2014, when her aunt
went for a burial in Caldwell,
returned few days later and
started to get sick in their
house but no one thought it was
In an exclusive interview
with FrontPageAfrica, Dolley
explained that her Aunt Tete
Deasiyou, believed to be
in her late 50s denied ever
participating in a funeral
service or burial when she
was asked repeatedly by other
members of the house.
Says Mrs. Dolley: She came
from the burial but when we
asked her she denied. She said
she never touch or play with
dead body but she was the
first person that got sick. And
the first man that died she was
taking care of him. The man
was sick for about four years
but when she got in contact
with him, his sickness got
worse and he died.
Household falls ill

When the late Deasiyou fell

sick four days after returning
from Caldwell, Dolley and her
housemates did not believe it
was Ebola but felt instead it
was malaria even though she
was showing all the signs and
symptoms of the virus.
One week later, Dolley said,
everyone in the house got sick.
They started vomiting and
toileting persistently and few
hours later, two out of the thirty
persons died in the house.
Continued Dolley: Actually
when it started, we had the
fear that it was Redemption

Actually when it started, we had the fear that it was Redemption Hospital. We felt that Redemption Hospital was not treating correctly
and they were killing, so we sat in the house with the virus for one week and everything broke loose. We were waiting for Island clinic
to open. So we in the house said that we will not go to Redemption until Island clinic can open, Josephine Dolley, Ebola survivor

Stephen D. Kollie, FPA staff writer/ 0776329124

Redemption Hospital was not
treating correctly and they
were killing, so we sat in the
house with the virus for one
week and everything broke
loose. We were waiting for
Island clinic to open. So we in
the house said that we will not
go to Redemption until Island
clinic can open.
Tommy Batu, a new tenant in
the house where Dolley and the
twenty nine others got infected
was instrumental in getting the
ambulance team to transport
Dolley and the rest of the sick
people to the Island Clinic
Ebola Treatment Unit.
Batu worked at the Island
Clinic Ebola Treatment Unit
as member of the dead body
management team but was
laid off recently when the ETU
decided to reduce staff due to a
decline in the number of Ebola
He told FrontPageAfrica that it
was not an easy task to get the
sick at the hospital at the time
as many including Josephine
Dolley resisted to enter the
ambulance but were forced
by community members and
health workers.
Criminals Hit Home after
household Fell Ill
At least she (Dolley) was
much stronger that day but
for others we had to pull them
out of the house to carry them
to the treatment center. She
was running away but I think
she has a strong blood. I was
here almost every day and I
even called the ambulance to
start hauling people from this
house, he told FPA.
When Dolley and others were

taken at the ETU few days

later, criminals burglarized
their rooms, making away with
all the items they left behind
and scattering few in the
hallway, perhaps not having
fear of contracting Ebola virus.
Doelly was admitted at the
Island Clinic ETU along with
her three children, all boysExodus 11, Augustine, 14,
and Emmanuel 19 years old
and several other housemates.
Her husband was taken at the
Dolley sees her stay inside
the ETU as the most terrible
moment in her life as she
watched her three boys die one
after another.
When Emanuel died followed
by Augustine, Dolley still had
hope that her youngest son,
Exodus would survive because

it was just three days left for

them to be discharged. But that
hope eventfully vanished when
Exodus finally surrendered to
Said Dolley: I can remember
when Augustine died that
night we were lying down
together then EXODUS said
mummy, Augustine gave it
oh. Which mean Augustine
had died. Three days when
they announced that we were
going to be discharged, when
I finished eating one evening
and I told him that I was going
to throw the dirt outside; as
soon as I turned my back, he
dropped on the ground. Even
though he had the running
stomach but he was not weak.
He was strong and was talking
to me normally.
When Dolley lost her entire

family including her three

sons, she became seriously
traumatized at the ETU but
was however surrounded by
six other kids, some from
the house she contracted the
virus and others from various
Ebola unites victims
Even though she lost all her
children, she became so kind
to the six other kids which led
her to stay in the ETU for about
two additional months after her
discharge just to look after
completed their twenty one
days observatory period, they
insisted that they wanted to go
with Josephine and the hospital
authorities allowed them to

leave together.
Now, Josephine is caring for
all six of the children she met
at the Ebola Treatment Unit
and in fact has plans to send all
of them to school this academic
When they discharged me all
of them started to cry and they
said they wanted to come with
me. So the hospital allowed me
to bring them with me, she
told FPA.
When she was discharged from
the ETU on October 2, 2014,
returning back home meant
starting life afresh. I never
even knew that I was back
because my mind was not set.
I started to lose memory and
it took time before I started to
recall some things because the
trauma was too much for me,
she said.
Mrs. Dolley says if Ebola was
like a real human, she could
combat with the virus face to
face one day for destroying
her family. Even in my grave
I will never forget Ebola. I
promise myself if I can see
Ebola face to face I will be one
of those who will fight and kill
it. Because Ebola has brought
me back to where I felt I have
graduated from, she lamented.
Despite the tragedy Ebola has
brought on the 31 year-old and
her entire household, Dolley
is relishing a singing career
and producing a special album
titled No Harm, consisting
of six tracks which will detail
from start to end her experience
with Ebola.
When I was at the ETU, I
wrote one song that is called
No Harm; the devil can do
me no harm. That is the song
I want to use for the title of my
album when I have the money
to launch it.

Monday, January 12, 2015






Page 9


Mae Azango

Monrovia -

edecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) which has been

running the ELWA 3, Ebola Management Centre
in Paynesville, Monrovia since August, discharged
the 500threcovered patient, on Sunday the 4th of
January, his 33rd birthday. The recovered patient, John Mulbah,
from Soul Clinic Community was admitted to ELWA 3 on
Christmas Eve after contracting the virus from his wife, who he
cared for whilst she was ill.
When Keita, my wife fell sick I was even going as far as to bathe
her. I brought her ORS at the medicine store but her condition did
not improve so I called the ambulance and they brought her here
to ELWA 3 says John. Soon after I began to feel weak and the
ambulance came for me.
There is currently no treatment or cure for Ebola but patients
benefit from a variety of standard supportive therapies at ELWA
3 including oral and IV rehydration treatment, anti-malarial
medication, antibiotics, multivitamins and individualized
treatment for the symptoms of Ebola like fever, diarrhea vomiting
and body pains. Patients also benefit from the emotional support
of family visits. Both family and friends are able to come and
visit their loved ones in a specially designed visitors area and are
supported by the psycho-social team whilst they do so.
Before I came here I heard a lot of bad things about ELWA but
once I got here, they took really good care of me. Some of the
people here are very sick but the MSF staff give them medicine,
feed them, bathe them and even change their diaper says John.
An important part of treatment for Ebola is proper nutrition, which
helps put a patients body in the best condition to fight the virus.
All patients at ELWA 3 receive a proper meal, three times a day,
as well as juice and biscuits.
I was eating, on time, three times a day and I was taking lots
of medicine, says John. Some people outside are scared of the
medicine but that medicine is the reason why today I am going
home today.
Its wonderful to be able to celebrate the 500th survivor here at
ELWA 3 said Kassia Echavarri Queen, Field Coordinator for
ELWA 3. Our teams work very hard to make sure that every
person admitted gets the best support possible. It is very fulfilling
to see our patients return home to their families.
After discharge, John was taken home by two MSF health
promoters, who serve a vital role in informing the community
about the virus and helping survivors reintegrate into their
community. They reminded his neighbors that he and his wife,
who also survived Ebola and was discharged a few days before
John, pose absolutely no risk to the community. Like all survivors
of Ebola John and Keita are not contagious and should return to
their normal lives, now free of Ebola. The MSF staff also reminded
the community to keep washing their hands and call for help when
someone in their family becomes sick or dies.
As a final word, John had some advice for others who may
contract the virus For people who are scared to come to the ETU,
my advice is that the more care you get the more chance you have
to overcome the virus. You do not have to bring anything with
you, they give you clothes, they give you soap, they give you a
toothbrush, they give you everything you need. If you come late
you will have a hard time to survive. You must always report
yourself on time so that you can one day go home.
MSF has been running ELWA 3, Ebola Treatment Centre in
Monrovia since August and a 10 bed transit unit, for suspected
Ebola patients at Redemption Hospital since October. Late in
2014, MSF distributed malaria treatment to over 350,000 Monrovia
residents and 50,000 home disinfection kits to households across
the capital
Before the 2014 Ebola outbreak, MSF ran emergency operations
in response to the 14 years of civil conflict that raged in Liberia
until 2004 and in the post war period. Teams also provided
emergency health care for refugees from conflicts in neighboring
countries and improved access to health services more generally
through the set-up and management of hospital projects in the
capital Monrovia, as well as in remote areas.

Tubmanburg, Bomi Countyction Aid Liberia has

made donations to
midwives and other
women in Bomi
County as the county recovers
from the impact of the deadly
Ebola virus.
disinfecting the Bomi hospital
on August 18, the Midwives
have been working day and night
but we are left out whenever it
comes to receiving donations.
This is the very first group to
come and identify with us,
Janet Paye, a midwife at the
Tubmanburg Hospital in Bomi
County expressed upon receiving
the Action Aid donation.
The donation by Action Aid
supplies to the Midwives
Association in Bomi County and
food supplies to the rural women.
Midwife Paye disclosed that
they are over 35 midwives in
the county but they are not

normally recognized for their

According to her when the Ebola
center was opened, midwives
were told that they were
important and should work in the
Ebola Treatment Unit, (ETU).
The midwife said what puzzles
her is how are midwives
important when they are usually
left out.
Frustrated at Government lack of
frustration at what she termed the
lack of support from government
for midwives.
The Government cannot attach
importance to a certain group of
people and plays dont care. I
sometimes feel so frustrated that
I want government to close down
midwifery schools because
the government is not paying
attention to us, with all the risk
we are taking to save lives, she

encountered during the Ebola

outbreak, she said, Yes we had
patients who came in and put us
under the impression that they
were bleeding due to abortion
but when tested, they were Ebola
positive. We had the knowledge,
and we were very careful about
the signs and symptoms, or many
of us would have died. Therefore,
we want the government to pay
more attention to midwives.
Making the donation on behalf
of Action Aid Liberia, Leona
Gono, pointed out that because
Bomi was highly affected by
Ebola in the past, Action Aid
Liberia, was showing a little sign
of appreciation to the Hospital
for the midwives who are doing
regular deliveries and, could not
work without the medical items.
So on behalf of Action Aid
Liberia, we donate these items
to the Midwives and we want
it to be used to for the intended
purposes, she said.
For her part, Medical Director,

Williamatta S. Williams-Gibson,
said since the Ebola crisis
the hospital has been doing
deliveries and surgeries and
they are grateful that Action Aid
could think of their hard work
and identify with them.
The items included cartoons of
bleaches, surgical gloves, wipes,
sanitizers, Adult diapers, sanitary
napkins, Tide soap and laundry
soap and other medical supplies.
Also receiving the food items on
behalf of the women was Mary
Gbeley Varney, head of rural
women in Bomi who added that
women suffered greatly during
the entire Ebola crisis because
they were the ones caring for the
She further said that one of
her organizations duties was
working with Ebola survivors in
the County; something she said
has not been easy.
What I want to tell people who
are rejecting survivors is that
they should stop because they
are humans like us and what
they are facing could happen
to anybody including me. I
always tell people in various
communities who are in the
habit of mocking survivors not to
mock at survivors but encourage
them, Madam Varney furthered.
Some survivors who are working
in the Bomi County ETU,
and present at the donation
ceremony, said they were happy
for the gifts and thanked Action
Aid for thinking about them.



Monroviahe acting head of

the Liberian Senate,
Senator Dan Morias of
Maryland County one
of the few who expressed interest
in contesting for the Pro-Temp
position has withdrawn from
participating in the upcoming
At a News Conference in
Monrovia the acting Presiding
officer said, his decision to
withdraw from the race is due to
what he said is a serious violation
of the Liberian constitution
Article 34 and rule 14, 15 and 19
of the senate standing rules.
I called you here because we
have made a decision and that
decision is to withdraw from the
process because of problem and
the most significant is that we
feel that the rules of the Liberian
senate and the constitution is not
being adhered to so definitely
those of us who are critical
minded feel that it is important
to not participate in the process,
said Senator Morias.
Article 47 of the Liberian
constitution which Senator
Morais is using as the basis for
his withdrawal states that the
senate shall elect once every six
year a president Pro-Tempore
who shall preside in the absence
of the President of the Senate,

Henry Karmo (0886522495)

and such other officers as shall

ensure the proper functioning of
the Senate. The President ProTempore and other officers so
elected may be removed from
office for cause by resolution
of two- thirds majority of the
members of the senate.
Senator Morias also said his
decision to withdraw from
the race is based on interest
expressed by other senators from
the South eastern region to also
contest for the position.
I am from the south eastern
region and we are many from
that region where many of
my colleagues are expressing

interest for the same post. So I

think it is necessary in this kind
of process to step aside and give
others the opportunity especially
if we have the same credential,
he indicated.
Senator Morias failed to
disclose who he is supporting as
presiding officer since he is no
longer in the race, contending
that any disclosure of name
will undermine his position as
presiding officer in the event
where he is required to break the
Since the defeat of former ProTemp Gbenzhongar Findley of
Grand Bassa County, Senator

Morias has been vocal on his

advocacy to ascend to the
position judging by his position
as the most senior member of the
senate Leadership in the absence
of the senate chair on Executive,
Senator Clarice Jah of Margibi
County who was also defeated.
Prior to withdrawing from the
race he argued that the senate
rules call for ascendency in
leadership in the event of
removal but his colleagues
counter argued that the law
backs removal by resolution
or inappropriate behavior of a
seating senator and not election.
Findley was elected for a
six year term of office according
to the constitution even though
he only served three years in
office before he was defeated
during the December 20 special
senatorial election.
The latest news of withdrawal
by Senator Morias could create
more chances for three other
senators who are contesting for
the position including; Senator
Joseph Nagbe of Sinoe, Armah
Jallah of Gbarpolu and Oscar
Cooper of Margibi Counties but
unconfirmed reports have it that
Senator Cooper is anticipating
pledging support to his colleague
Senator Jallah.

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Monday, January 12, 2015


January 8, 2015
Republic of Liberia
Ministry of Transport
Broad Street
Monrovia, Liberia
Assignment Title: Feasibility Studies for the Automation of Motor Vehicle Registration and Drivers License
The Ministry of Transport (MOT), Republic of Liberia, intends to apply part of its budgetary allocation to a consultant for feasibility
studies for the automation of its current operational and administrative processes of Motor Vehicle Registration and Drivers Licensing.
The automation process will involve the introduction of computerized information system in the entire motor vehicle and driver s
license registration life cycle. This will ensure recording, processing, approvals, printing of motor vehicle certificates, and printing
of driver s licenses to be automated at every stage in the administrative, transactional, and operational processes.
The vehicle registration and driver licensing processes will further strengthen our record keeping and avoid revenue losses due to
illegal duplication of vehicle registration documents. The new computerized system will link the various ports of entries in Liberia
through the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) to the central database and make the tracing of vehicles in Liberia easier to implement.
This national database will also be available to law enforcement arm of Government (LNP) to effectively monitor vehicle activities
in Liberia.
The present business operations of motor vehicle and drivers licensing are presently done manually. The manual processing of data
poses room for error and untimely completion of tasks and reduces productivity. This causes lack of effective data and information
In a bid to improve organizational performance and effectiveness in the administrative and operational processes of motor vehicle
and driver s license registration, the Ministry of Transport now intends to conduct a feasibility study on a computerized information
system with the expected solution of automating manual processes.
The scope of work covers:
Review and document existing processes of motor vehicle and driver s licensing registration.
Provide options on how the automation objective can be accomplished.
Provide procedures of scenarios that may require business process re-engineering/ re-alignment to accommodate a computerized
information system workflow.
Provide information on applicable budgets/ estimates for the implementation of the automated system.
Determine strategy, challenges, costs benefits, and similar considerations, in the event the Ministry of Transport would opt to
undertake the automation investment in a Public Private Partnership (PPP).
Determine implementation milestone and expected results against each input task in the automation process.
Provide information on hardware, software, services, and related costs associated, if the Ministry of Transport is to implement
a turn-key solution.
Determine gains to be achieved in terms of benefits to the Ministry of Transport once the automation process is completed. A
trend analysis of costs recovery shall be helpful.
Develop methodology/ guides on how the computerized information system can be acquired.
Develop sustainability strategy (personnel, costs, etc.) on how the automation process can be sustained pre and post
11. Provide any other relevant information on best practices, and information on how the automation can be a successful venture
by the Ministry of Transport.
Note: In addition to our central office in Monrovia, the automation process will also include our regional offices located in Zwedru,
Gbanga, Ganta, Greenville and Harper.
The Ministry of Transport now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consultants
must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments,
experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Consultants must also provide documentary
evidence that they are duly registered under the laws of the Republic of Liberia and are current tax payers.
Consultants will be selected using procedures set out in the 2010 Public Procurement and Concessions Commission Act, of the
Republic of Liberia.
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during the office hours 09:00 to 16:00 hours GMT,
Mondays through Fridays.
Expression of Interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person) by 16:00 hours GMT on or before January
29, 2015.
Mr. Archibald S. Abban
Procurement Director
Ministry of Transport
Parker Building
Broad and Mechlin Streets
Monrovia, Liberia

Monday, January 12, 2015




The National Association of Members of

the Unity Party in the Americas / Diaspora
January 9, 2015
The National Leadership of the National Association of Members of the Unity Party in the
Americas (UP-USA), under the dynamic and capable leadership of the National Executive
Committee and the National Board of Directors, has learned with indignation and disdain
the needless act of judicial interference by the Supreme Court of Liberia in the 2014
Senatorial Election in Liberia. Liberias highest court has done this by the issuance of a
Writ of Prohibition instructing the National Election Commission (NEC) to place a stay
on further participation in the official certification exercise as conducted by the commission
on Cllr. Varney G. Sherman, Senator- Elect of Grand Cape Mount County, Hon. Morris G.
Saytumah, Senator-Elect of Bomi County, and Dr. Jim Womba Tornonlah, Senator-Elect
of Margibi County. The Supreme Courts interference in the electoral process, which is
tantamount to an attempt to thwart the democratic will of the people of Bomi, Grand Cape
Mount and Margibi Counties, is based on protests filed by some of the candidates that lost
the senatorial elections in the aforementioned counties.
Clearly, while we respect the right of candidates to protest perceived voting irregularities,
the fact is that the representatives of the candidates that protested, who were posted at the
various polling stations in these three counties, did certify that the elections were free and
fair. And this was evidenced by them affixing their signatures to the various tally sheets
that constituted the basis for the declaration of the final results. So, the question is how can
these candidates, who lost alleged voting irregularities, after their own representatives have
attested to the fairness of the voting process? Clearly, the Supreme Count of Liberia has a
very tenuous basis for interfering in the electoral process.
The National Leadership wishes to state without equivocation that the interference of the
Supreme Court of Liberia into election matters without the appropriate course of the law
does not just only remove scar from a healing wound, but represents a total disregard for the
national election laws of Liberia. In turn, this has several resulting negative effects. First, it
sets a bad precedent by undermining the credibility and integrity of the National Elections
Commission of Liberia. Second, it will serve as a fresh reminder to the common people
about the carnage and mayhem that they suffered from the countrys two brutal civil wars, as
the result of undemocratic governance perpetrated by the hegemony of the True Whig Party,
the dictatorial junta of Samuel Doe, including the hijacking of the 1985 Presidential and
Legislative Elections masterminded by Emmett Harmon, the fix-it-man, and the garrison
regime of Charles Taylor.
Undoubtedly, any attempt to deny the people of these counties participatory democracy
vis a vis their popular, as was done in the past, is an affront to equity, is counter-productive
to the peacebuilding process, and has the propensity to undermine and derail the peace
process. Against this backdrop, surely history will prove that the Supreme Court of Liberia
is on the wrong side, since the essence of democracy is the unfettered exercise of the free
will of the people, as expressed through their own volition to freely elect leaders, who will
be accountable to them.
In view of the foregoing, we sincerely call on the Supreme Court of Liberia to
unconditionally vacate the Writ of Prohibition, and to instruct the National Election
Commission to proceed with the certification of the Senators-Elect. Similarly, in the spirit of
nationalism, we are also calling on all Senators in Chamber to delay election of the President
Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, until the High Court can make good on its commitment
to uphold the election laws of Liberia, by referring complaints emanating from the 2014
Senatorial Election to its proper county jurisdictions, in the interest of transparency.
We strongly believe that the Supreme Court of Liberia has Justices with impeccable
character and credibility, who have served our dear country well. Therefore, we must
quickly remind those who are seeking the opportunity to undermine the democratic gains
that have been made in the past decade that our dear country will not return to its unsavory
past of ignoring the democratic will of the people of Liberia. In this light, the Supreme Court
of Liberia, our countrys highest court, can help send a clear message that we are building
a new country on the basis of the respect for the will of the people, the rule of law, fairness
and equity. If the Supreme Court takes this course of action, it will reverberate throughout
Liberia and the entire world. Ultimately, it will give Liberians a sense of renewed hope, and
encourage foreign investors, and others who are interested in assisting our dear country in
its arduous quest to build a just and durable peace that Liberia has bid farewell to the era of
undemocratic governance!
Writing on behalf of the National Board of Directors, I remain
Mr. Leo Mulbah
Secretary General
National Board of Directors

Page 11

happiness in honoring
great statesmen and
women who have
gone beyond the call of duty to
impact society in a positive way.
It pays to always remember a
very great hero whose existence
on earth brought special pride
and recognition to Liberia.
It is unfortunate today that
most Liberians careless about
celebrating past patriots and
nationalists who made vast
contributions in different areas
of life to ensure our sweet Land
of Liberty remains a shining
image among comity of nations
in Africa and beyond.
If no one will remember Bai T.
Moore today, I will! His legacy
is replete with amazing lessons
and rich thoughts. I began
reading about him when I was in
secondary school and most of his
books have been very useful to
my educational sojourn. As one
of Liberias greatest writers ever,
he remains a beacon of hope,
inspiration and encouragement to
most of us who believe in a new
Liberia of modern Literature.
Even though he is dead and
gone, but his lifetimes journey
is a light to our path and we shall
forever march in his footprints
Father Moore taught us how
to live a life of hard work and
humility. Through his words
and deeds, we are able today to
dig out and interpret real facts
about mankind. It would just
be an affront to patriotism and
disservice to nationhood if no
one recognizes this day of his
Bai T. Moore was not just
a well-known writer, but a
civil servant with an excellent
record of discipline, integrity,
accountability, and modesty.
His vision was to live in a
country of justice and equality
for all, regardless of status,
creed, background, or political
affiliation. His ambitious plan to
promote Liberias heritage was
beyond imagination as he did
everything he could to ensure
cultural preservation. As a result
of his endless commitment to his
homeland, the Liberia National
Cultural Center became a reality.
Bai Tamia Johnson Moore
commonly known by his penname, Bai T. Moore, was truly a
rising star during his generation.
This Liberian poet, novelist,
folklorist and essayist used
his gift of writing to transform
those around him and society in
general. He was never too big or
pompous to work for his people.
His selfless and self-sacrificing
lifestyle was a testimony of his
unflinching dedication to nationbuilding.

It was on January 10, 1988

when Liberia lost this great son.
The nation is still mourning his
death, because it seems almost

difficult up to now to replace
this illustrious champion. His
death remains a serious blow to
our nation even after more than
two decades. Twenty-seven (27)
years ago, he was with us, playing
an active role in pushing public
interest, but today, his voice is
passive. We no longer have an
opportunity as Liberians to drink
from his fountain of wisdom
and kingdom of knowledge. His
home-going has left deep pain
and sorrow in our hearts.
In spite of all those challenges he
underwent during his existence,
he kept pressing forward to
achieve his ultimate goal as an
innovator. He was a true symbol
of change and an emblem of
inspiration. I, in particular have
learnt a lot from him, and hope
he could be around to give me
more insight as a young writer.
Unfortunately, I have no choice
right now, but to make maximum
use of what he left behind.
Surely, I am proud of him and
will forever remain an admirer of
his good works. His devotion to
service has given me a renewed
vigor to expose societal ills
without fear or favor.
Bai T. Moore who was born in
Dimeh, a traditional Gola village
on the Monrovia-Tubmanburg
highway on October 12, 1916,
was an expert in agriculture.
He was trained abroad as an
agriculturist at Virginia Union
University before returning to
Liberia in 1941 to occupy a post
as a civil servant. He did not
only work for his government,
but also held various cultural,
positions for UNESCO.
In 1957, he headed the
Education project designed to
bring education and information
to rural Liberia. He was
appointed by President William
V.S. Tubman as Under-Secretary
of State for Cultural Affairs and
later Minister for Cultural Affairs
and Tourism under President
Samuel K. Doe, a position he
held until his sudden death at age
71. In 1962, Bai T. Moore was
part of a team of Vai scholars
who took part in a conference
at the University of Liberia to

standardize the Vai script for

modern usage.
I guess most of us can still
remember his favorite novella,
Murder in the Cassava Patch
(1968). This book is indeed
a masterpiece. As a result
of his outstanding literary
performance, Bai T. Moore is
well-known as Liberias best
writer. He was a contributor to
a collection of Liberian folktales
entitled Chips from the African
Story Tree. Furthermore, he has
written several other wonderful
books, novels, and poems some
of which include:
Echoes from the Valley 1947
Ebony Dust 1962, reprinted
The Money Doubler - 1976
It is indeed sad to note that this
loyal patriot is no more with us,
especially at a time when Liberia
needs great minds to unleash
inclusive reform. Weve got to
miss him, because his presence
today would have meant a lot to
us. It is not easy to accept this
matchless loss. It is no doubt that
the cemetery currently stores one
of our best brains!
As I sat and stood at his tomb,
tears of regret came rolling down
my eyes, as I reflect on his golden
days on earth, specifically in
Liberia. Nothing could comfort
me easily as I quietly read his
favorite quotation on his grave
which says It is not the dress we
wear that counts, but what we are
and what we mean. For men will
soon or later change, but what we
do will here remain. The spirit
of Bai T. Moore will forever
live on as our nation strives to
rise above those enemies of
yesterday. We must evoke the
undying courage of Pa Moore to
triumph over poverty, ignorance,
and disease. We can surely get
there if we begin to walk like Bai
T. walked!
I am mourning his death
today, because in him I gain
uncompromising strength to
advance a relentless advocacy.
I am observing his 27th death
anniversary, because his life
was different from most of his
peers. Bless our pens Bai T.
Moore as we continue to write
in defense of social justice and
academic freedom. Bless our
thoughts as we promote those
unique cultural, social, religious,
economic, and political values of
our glorious territory.
Rest in peace our leader, rest
in peace our poet, rest in peace
our novelist, rest in peace our
essayist, until we meet again,
rest in perpetual peace our noble
About The Author: Martin K. N.
Kollie is a Liberian youth activist,
student leader, an emerging
economist, and a young writer.
He is a former staff of UNHCR,
is the founder and current ED of
Masses Against Poverty (MAP).
Furthermore, he is currently
a student at the University of
Liberia and a member of the
Student Unification Party.

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Business here,
US $ 15
Per day



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US $ 15
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Per day
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US $ 15
Per day

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Page 13



P.O. Box 10-0090

1000 Monrovia 10
Liberia, West Africa
Tel: 077-859-002

Print Rate Sheet

Commission on Higher Education Director

General long Corruption tale
FrontpageAfrica Newspaper Advertisement Rates

(IFB No. LPRC/ICB/001/2015)

The Government of Liberia through the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) intends to
apply funds allocated in its 2015 Fiscal Budget to finance the Expansion of the Product Storage
Terminal Project.
LPRC intends to prequalify interested Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management
(EPCM) companies that will participate in the subsequent bidding process for the execution of all
work components outlined in the Scope of Works.
LPRC now invites interested companies to participate in the prequalification proceeding, for the
short listing of competent firms that will be issued the bidding document for the actual procurement.
Bidding will be conducted through the prequalification procedures enshrined in the Public
Procurement and Concessions Act (PPCA) of the Republic of Liberia.
The contractor will among other requirements be responsible to implement the following in line with
project Scope of Work (SOW):

Install new Supply Pipeline from the main Oil Jetty to the existing Tank Farms





Center Spread

Center Pages



Full Page




Half Page




Quarter Page




One Eighth Page




Front page Special Position


By Contract

By Contract

Front page Earpiece




Back Page Special


By Contract

By Contract

Back Page Earpiece




Construct new Storage Tanks in the existing Tanks farm

Install all new Piping Network within the Tanks Farm

Construct new Tank Truck Loading Racks and Pumping facilities


Per Thousand



Construct Environmental Protection Facilities for the Tanks farm



By Contract

By Contract

Install all new Fire Protection System

Install new Power Generation System and lighting facilities

Install new Security System

Complete construction of newly installed Tanks

Completion of the Tank farms Dikes

In addition to other requirements, interested companies must show proof of the following in order
to be considered:

Past Performance Records of implementing similar projects for atleast 10 years

Listing of key personnel and their qualification in Project Manager/Supervisor & Project
Engineers with Minimum Masters Degree in Mechanical or Civil Engineering

Legal Capacity including article of incorporation

Financial Capacity to implement the project including audited financial statements for the
last two years & indicate minimum annual turnover for the last five year

Provide proof of engineering and professional standards association certification and

Current history of litigation

Current work commitments
Companies that meet the prequalification requirements will be shortlisted to participate in the bidding
process for the project.
Interested companies are requested to submit their prequalification information in a sealed envelope
in the prescribed format to the address below no later than February 20, 2015 at 12:00 noon GMT.
Prequalification envelopes will be opened in the presence of companies representatives who choose
to attend on February 20, 2015 at 12:00 noon in the LPRC Training Hall located at the Product
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Khartoum (AFP) udan's President Omar

his bid for re-election
Sunday, facing little
threat to his quarter century
in power despite an ailing
economy, multiple insurgencies
and allegations of war crimes.
Bashir's supporters view him as
a strong hand capable of holding
the chaotic country together,
while his opponents are
hounded by the security forces,
marginalised inside Sudan and
riven by personal rivalries.
It is unclear whether anyone
will challenge Bashir to lead
the country of nearly 39 million
people that covers an area
almost one-fifth the size of the
United States.
Formal applications to register
for the April 13 vote opened
Sunday, and the electoral
commission said it had received
Bashir's nomination.


GANDHINAGAR, India (Reuters) ndian

Narendra Modi promised on
Sunday to pursue predictable
policies and ensure stable
taxes, in a speech that sought
to address concerns for foreign
investors in Asia's third-largest
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
led a roll call of leaders, including
U.N. Secretary General Ban Kimoon and World Bank head Jim
Yong Kim, converging on Modi's
home town of Gandhinagar for the
Vibrant Gujarat business summit.
U.S. President Barack Obama
visits India later this month.


After attacks world leaders join mass Paris march

U.S. targets by al Qaeda.

"Paris is today the capital of the
world. Our entire country will
rise up and show its best side,"
said Hollande.
"Fantastic France! I am told there
could be as many as 1.3 million
to 1.5 million of us in Paris,"
Francois Lamy, the lawmaker
charged by the ruling Socialist
Party with organising the rally,
tweeted. At least 700,000 more
joined vigils in other cities
across France.
In London, several landmarks
including Tower Bridge were
due to be lit up in the red white
and blue colours of the French
national flag in a show of support
for the event in Paris. Fifty-seven
people were killed in an Islamist
militant attack on London's
transport system in 2005.
A man holds up a giant pencil
during a march for the victims of
the shootings by gunmen at the
Seventeen people, including

journalists and police, were

killed in three days of violence
that began with a shooting attack
on the weekly Charlie Hebdo
known for its satirical attacks on
Islam and other religions as well
as politicians. It ended on Friday
with a hostage-taking at a Jewish
deli in which four hostages and
the gunman were killed.
Hours before the march, a
video emerged featuring a man
resembling the gunman killed
in the kosher deli. He pledged
allegiance to the Islamic State
insurgent group and urged
French Muslims to follow his
"We're not going to let a little
gang of hoodlums run our lives,"
said Fanny Appelbaum, 75, who
said she lost two sisters and a
brother in the Nazi concentration
camp at Auschwitz. "Today, we
are all one."
Zakaria Moumni, a 34-year-old
Franco-Moroccan draped in the
French flag, agreed: "I am here
to show the terrorists they have

Abuja (AFP) igeria's military has

called for support in
tackling Boko Haram
after a major attack
on a key northeast town that is
feared could be the worst in the
bloody six-year insurgency.
There are still no independently
corroborated figures for the huge

Monday, January 12, 2015






PARIS (Reuters) .S. President Barack

Obama will invite
allies to a Feb. 18
security summit in
Washington to try and prevent
Attorney General Eric Holder
said on Sunday after meeting his
European counterparts in Paris.
The gathering of justice and
interior chiefs came as France
mourned 17 victims of Islamist
gunmen this week in the worst
assault on its homeland security
in decades.
"We will bring together all of our
allies to discuss ways in which
we can counteract this violent
extremism that exists around the
world," Holder told reporters.
French Interior Minister Bernard
Cazeneuve said after the meeting
that European interior ministers
had agreed to boost cooperation
in an effort to thwart further
jihadist attacks.

PARIS (Reuters) orld

statesmen linked arms to lead an
estimated million-plus French
citizens through Paris in an
unprecedented march under high
security to pay tribute to victims
of Islamist militant attacks.`
Paris police said the turnout
was "without precedent" but too
large to count. One organiser
said he had indications it could
be between 1.3 and 1.5 million
people. Some commentators said
the last street presence in the
capital on this scale was at the
Liberation of Paris from Nazi
Germany in 1944.
President Francois Hollande and
leaders from Germany, Italy,
Israel, Turkey, Britain and the
Palestinian territories among
others, moved off from the
central Place de la Republique
ahead of a sea of French and
other flags. Giant letters attached
to a statue in the square spelt out
the word Pourquoi?" (Why?)
and small groups sang the "La
Marseillaise" national anthem.
Some 2,200 police and soldiers
patrolled Paris streets to protect
attackers, with police snipers
on rooftops and plain-clothes
the crowd. City sewers were
searched ahead of the vigil
and underground train stations
around the march route are due
to be closed down.
The march mostly went ahead
in a respectful silence, reflecting
shock over the worst militant
Islamist assault on a European
city in nine years. For France, it
raised questions of free speech,
religion and security, and beyond
French frontiers it exposed the
vulnerability of states to urban
Two of the gunmen had declared
allegiance to al Qaeda in Yemen
and a third to the militant Islamic
State. All three were killed during
the police operations in what
local commentators have called
"France's 9/11", a reference to
the September 2001 attacks on


numbers said to have been killed

in Baga, on the shores of Lake
Chad in the far north of Borno
But defence spokesman Chris
Olukolade said in a statement
issued late Saturday that the
description of the assault as "the
deadliest" in a conflict that has
claimed more than 13,000 lives

since 2009 was "quite valid".

"The attack on the town by the
bloodhounds and their activities
since January 3rd, 2015, should
convince well-meaning people
all over the world that Boko
Haram is the evil all must
collaborate to end, rather than
vilifying those working to check
them," he said.

not won - it is bringing people

together of all religions."
German Chancellor Angela
Merkel, British Prime Minister
David Cameron and Italian
Prime Minister Matteo Renzi
were among 44 foreign leaders
marching with Hollande. U.N.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu who earlier encouraged French
Jews to emigrate to Israel - and
Palestinian President Mahmoud
Abbas were also present.
A security officer directs released
hostages after they stormed a
kosher market to end a hostage
left, walked Merkel and to
his right Malian President
Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. France
intervened to help fight Islamist
rebels there two years ago to the
In a rare public display of
emotion by two major-power
Hollande embracing Merkel, her

eyes shut and forehead resting

on his cheek, on the steps of the
Elysee before they headed off to

After world leaders left the
march, Hollande stayed to greet
survivors of the Charlie Hebdo
attack and their families.
While there has been widespread
solidarity with the victims, there
have been dissenting voices.
French social media have
carried comments from those
uneasy with the "Je suis Charlie"
slogan interpreted as freedom
of expression at all cost. Others
suggest there was hypocrisy in
world leaders whose countries
have repressive media laws
attending the march.
community, Roger Cukierman,
the largest in Europe, said
Hollande had promised that
Jewish schools and synagogues
would have extra protection, by
the army if necessary, after the

Nigeria's military -- west Africa's

largest -- has faced repeated
criticism for failing to end the
six-year Islamist insurgency,
as well as allegations of human
rights abuses.
Soldiers have complained of a
lack of adequate weapons and
even refused to deploy to take
on the better-armed rebels, who
want to create a hardline Islamic
state in northeast Nigeria.
With elections set for next month,
Nigeria's government has also
been accused of playing politics
with the insurgency, as most of
the areas worst affected by the
violence are main opposition
But Olukolade said: "The
Nigerian military has not given
up on Baga and other localities
where terrorist activities are now
and resources are presently
being mobilised to address
the situation," he said on,
military's first detailed comment
on last weekend's attack.
The military and government
often makes such statements,
without giving specific details,
yet there are reports of attacks on
an almost daily basis.
On Saturday, two explosions

including one at a crowded
market in the Borno State
capital, Maiduguri, by a girl
suicide bomber thought to be just
10. Nineteen people were killed.
The Baga attack, which local
officials said forced at least
20,000 people to flee, also
overran the headquarters of the
Multinational Joint Task Force
made up of troops from Nigeria,
Niger and Chad.
Nigerien and Chadian soldiers
were not at the base at the time.
Olukolade said 14 soldiers were
killed and more than 30 injured
as well as "several" insurgents.
There was no credible estimate
yet of the numbers of civilians
killed, after huge numbers cited
locally, he added.
"It is necessary to reassure
Nigerians that the Nigerian
Armed Forces and security
agencies are capable of flushing
out the terrorists from Baga and
all parts of the nation's territory
where their activities are
- Territorial gains Boko Haram has seized dozens
of towns and villages in northeast
Nigeria in the last six months
and now reportedly controls the
border areas of Borno state with
Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

Monday, January 12, 2015





Lukaku is showing
signs of returning
to top form for Everton after
struggling earlier in the
The striker endured a sixmatch run without a goal
before a last-minute leveller in
Tuesday's 1-1 draw with West
Ham in the FA Cup, and was
dropped to the bench in recent
defeats to Newcastle United
and Hull City.
However, after finding the net
against West Ham, Lukaku
also impressed in Saturday's
1-1 draw with Manchester
City and only a fine save from
Joe Hart prevented him from
getting on the scoresheet.
Manager Martinez believes
the striker initially struggled
to play to the best of his
ability this term due to his
commitments at the World
Cup last year but is now
starting to reach the heights of
last season.
"I think Romelu is a player
who needs to be at his best
physically, the power and
pace in his play means he can't




ony Adams
Henry that he may
not be cut out for

The World Cup-winning striker
recently called time on his
glittering playing career and
had hinted he was looking to
move in to management.
However, Gunners stalwart
Adams advised the 37-yearold to think carefully before
taking on any managerial
role, echoing Arsene Wenger's
regarding Henry's post-playing
"Just because he's one of the
best players to ever play the
game doesn't mean he's going
to be a great coach or manager,"
Adams exclusively told Goal.



contribute by being
half-fit," said Martinez.
"When he came back
from the World Cup he
wanted to contribute to

the team but he wasn't

100 per cent in his
physical abilities.
"Now we're seeing
consistently a strong

footballer who plays

for 90 minutes. When
he was in the races with

Mangala he looked
always in a strong
position, the footwork
was good.



n inspired Alexis
Sanchez took his
goal tally for the
season to 18 as
Arsenal comfortably defeated
Stoke City to move within
touching distance of the
Premier League's top four.
scored his 11th and 12th
Premier League goals of the
season either side of halftime after setting up Laurent
Koscielny's early opener at the
Emirates Stadium.
David Ospina was handed
a first top-flight start in

Page 15

Arsenal's goal as Arsene

Wenger dropped Wojciech
Szczesny, who was caught
smoking in the dressing room
after the New Year's Day loss
at Southampton.
But Stoke were rarely able to
get near the Colombian, let
alone test him, in a game that
was dominated throughout by
the hosts.
It was a completely different
story for Ospina's opposite
number Asmir Begovic, to
whom Stoke were grateful
for keeping the score down
as they slipped to defeat at

the Emirates for a seventh

successive season.
Stoke boss Mark Hughes gave
a debut to Philipp Wollscheid
in defence and was able to
call on Bojan Krkic after
the Spaniard's hamstring
injury - but it was another exBarcelona man who stole the
headlines, as Alexis lit up yet
another Premier League game.
On a day full of positives for
Wenger, Mesut Ozil made
his long-awaited return from
injury as a late replacement
for Olivier Giroud.
However, Mathieu Debuchy's

enforced early withdrawal

shoulder problem may temper
the Frenchman's joy.
Stoke were served warning of
Arsenal's attacking intent right
from the opening whistle, with
Alexis and Tomas Rosicky
both forcing Begovic into fine
And it was from the corner
subsequent to the Czech's
effort, which Begovic tipped
wide, that the hosts made their
pressure pay.
Alexis' initial effort was
cleared, but his second was an

who wants to take

responsibility for the
team and he looked
back to his very best

inch-perfect cross, which an

unmarked Koscielnyglanced
past Begovic from eight yards.
There was no let-up on the
siege on Begovic's goal after
the opener, with the BosniaHerzegovina
again called into action to
deny Giroud.
But there was nothing
Begovic could do to stop the
outstanding Alexis shortly
after the half-hour mark.
In a goal reminiscent of the
onlooking Thierry Henry, the
Chilean dipped in from the left
wing and played a slick onetwo with Rosicky before firing
past Begovic at his near post.
And Alexis picked up where
he left off in the second half,
adding his second soon after
the restart.
For once, Begovic could have
done better as he allowed the
26-year-old's low free-kick to
squirm beyond him into the
bottom corner.
Alexis was clearly in the mood
for his first Arsenal hat-trick,
and went close to completing
his treble with an audacious
40-yard lob that had Begovic
Geoff Cameron saw a scrappy
effort disallowed for offside
and Ospina got down smartly
to deny substitute Stephen
Ireland and preserve a clean
But that was as good as it got
in a limp display from Hughes'
men, as they slumped to their
almost obligatory defeat at the

ouis van Gaal insists

play any role in
Manchester Uniteds
transfer policy.
United have spent over 145
million since Van Gaals arrival
at the club, acquiring the likes
of Angel Di Maria, Radamel
Falcao and Marcos Rojo as part
of a major squad revamp, while
ex-Barcelona goalkeeper Victor
Valdes completed his move to
Old Trafford earlier this week.
And Van Gaal says that the
club will continue to spend
whatever he deems necessary
as he continues to reshape the
playing staff at Old Trafford.

eal Madrid defender

Nacho insists Gareth
Bale and Cristiano
Ronaldo have a
"fantastic" relationship despite
the latter's frustration with his
team-mate on Saturday.
Bale scored a stunning free kick
in the 3-0 win over Espanyol
but incurred the wrath of the
Santiago Bernabeu faithful and
his Portuguese attacking partner
when he opted to shoot instead
of tee up his team-mate late on.
A similar incident occurred
in the loss to Valencia earlier
this month when both Ronaldo
and Benzema were left
aggrieved that Bale ignored
them and failed to score on the
counterattack at the Mestalla.





VOL 9 NO.6


Southampton stuns Man United, rises to 3rd in Premier League


outhampton ended Manchester United's 10-match
unbeaten run in the Premier League on Sunday with
a 1-0 victory that dislodged Louis van Gaal's side
from third place.
Dusan Tadic clinched Southampton's first win at Old Trafford
in 27 years in the 69th minute to strengthen the south-coast
team's chances of qualifying for the Champions League for
the first time.
"Overall we had the better chances, played the better football
and deserved to win but we have been punished for not taking

our chances," United captain Wayne Rooney said. "I have

seen Southampton play better to be honest. We stopped a lot
of their threats."
But five minutes after coming off the bench, Tadic set up
Graziano Pelle for a shot that hit the post. Tadic was then
alert enough to send the rebound into the net with the game's
only shot on target.
The Serbia midfielder did earn a booking for his celebration,
taking off his shirt and flexing his muscles in front of the
"We showed good resilience, even if at some times it wasn't

easy," Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin said.

"We had one opportunity and scored."
Southampton is now two points ahead of fourth-place United,
having recovered from a run of four successive league losses
late in 2014.
"We went through a very hard patch in December and we
showed good character (since then)," Schneiderlin said. "We
believe in each other that we can do something great this
season. To win at Old Trafford is just a reward of the work
we have put in. At the start of the season a lot of people were
writing us off."



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