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Call and SMS termination

2N SIM Star solution


Expand your termination

business with us
Are you looking for a solution that can terminate a huge volume of traffic with
centralised management of SIM cards? We can provide you with a highly scalable
solution that has met with market approval around the World.
In contrast to other solutions, we also support SMS termination, which can boost your
business and increase revenues. We are able to customise each solution according to
your special requirements in a very short time, and our specialists will assist you with
installation. Nothing is more important to us than the smooth running of your business
with the help of our communications solutions.

Benefits of 2N termination solution:

Highly scalable architecture

SMS/Voice termination support
Quick customisation when required
Human Behaviour
Open API for 3rd party applications
Hot server back-up
IP solution
Automatic credit checking/recharging

Intended for:

Alternative Carriers
VoIP Carriers
Call/SMS Terminators
Call/SMS Originators
Direct Marketing agencies

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Key features of our solution:

Call & SMS termination - not just voice traffic can
be terminated

Easy installation and maintenance - to give

you peace of mind

Suitable for huge volume of SMSes

Sending/receiving SMS via SMTP/POP3
Immediate transmission of messages

Web based management

with easy configuration wizards
Specialist from 2N can assist during installation
SIM card statistics and history
Central storage of CDRs/SDRs
Clear homepage with actual system status
E-mail alert system

Reliability - a key part of the termination business

Stable hardware platform
Linux based server application
Server mirroring support
High ASR and ACD

Avoid detection - hide your business

Advanced control of SIM card rotation

Simulation of human behaviour of SIM cards
Automatic SIM activation, credit check/recharge
Automatic IMEI changing GSM/UMTS
Automatic SIM card block according to predefined rules
BTS lock/BTS force change features
SIM card travelling feature
Call & SMS virtual calls with automatic SIM SCID detection

Scalability - grows according to your needs

Up to 25.000 centrally managed SIM cards
GSM/UMTS gateways from 2 to 32 channels

Supported Gateways:
2N StarGate
2N BlueTower
2N VoiceBlue Next

2N External Routing Machine (ERM):

Unlimited number of routing rules

Number portability support

Outgoing call will be always forwarded to appropriate GSM/UMTS
network even if original mobile number belonged to different
provided before. You will always use the route you are expecting
to be used as a cheapest way.
Dynamic Black&White list
Allows you to block/allow to make calls to specific mobile numbers
and allow/block all other numbers. This list can be filled dynamically
according predefined settings, so you can easily and fully
automatically blocked such a numbers which cause you any trouble.

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