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Believe in the Improbable

When Duck-billed Platypus was exhibited in England in the 1700s, people thought that He was a fake.
Some prankster must have sewn a duck’s beak on a beaver’s body. For ninety years, He confounded
biologists. What was Duck-billed Platypus: Bird? Mammal? Reptile? The answer to that question was
beyond belief! He and Echidna are the only egg-laying mammals (Monotremes) to have survived from
prehistoric times. Today, this playful, aquatic Mammal is a symbol of Australia.
A fossil tooth of a platypus was found in southern Argentina, dating from 61 million years ago.
According to paleontologists, Platypuses have been living in Australia for 25 millions years. However,
the answers to their survival in modern times remain to be discovered. While people ponder these ancient
mysteries, Duck-billed Platypuses continue on as They always have for millions of years, hopeful that
They will thrive.
An avid swimmer, Duck-billed Platypus sweeps the gravelly bottom of a slow moving river with his
sensitive muzzle looking for Worms. Covered by thousands of sense organs that detect electricity, his
rubbery bill acts as an extra pair of eyes. When Duck-billed Platypus dives, He closes his eyes, ears, and
nostrils. As He swims along, Duck-billed Platypus fills his cheek pouches with food. When his pouches
are full, He surfaces to eat. Since He has no teeth, Duck-bill Platypus grinds his food with gravel.

Copyright: R. With his flexible body. and delight. Once thought to be a hoax. In about two weeks. He demonstrates that even an active imagination can pale when compared to reality. While She incubates her Eggs. in creeks and reservoirs. There She lays two eggs (the size of marbles) and snugly holds Them between her tail and belly. With her thick nails. Wonder remains. Swimming and diving quietly across time. the platypus smiles. It is still a puzzle. “The platypus continues to lead its quiet life in the rivers of eastern Australia. and her Puggles (babies) make their way through their mother’s fur to nurse. A new century for the platypus has arrived. Mother Duck-billed Platypus does not leave her nest. He uses his extraordinary rubbery beak to find Worms and Snails at the river’s bottom. near towns and cities. “The Incomplete Book of Australian Mammals”. An effective hunter.After mating. Mother Duck-billed Platypus digs her nest at the river’s edge. Rippling its way in a thousand streams on far mountain slopes. it remains private and illusive. the eggs hatch. Suahan. Duck-billed Platypus squeezes through narrow spaces to get to Snails. She makes her nesting burrow.” Copyright: Ann Proyal. Platypus’s Teachings Also Include: “We now know it’s real Though I can’t help but feel That from trail tip to muzzle. “Platypus” Platypus’s Wisdom Includes: Seeing the World with Delight and Wonder Possessing Inner Sight Balancing Energy Moving Through the World of Mystery and Dreams Move To Your Own Personal Rhythms Devoted Mother At Home in the Sea of Emotions Sensing Beyond the Known World Read adult and children's books about Australian mammals . just above the water’s surface. Mother Duck-billed Platypus lines her burrow with leaves and grass. Duck-billed Platypus proves that improbable things can be true.

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