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Old English Sheepdog


There is no one like you! Just be yourself!

If Platypus has swam across your path;

Dare to be yourself! No matter what others think of you, you must always express who you are without hesitation in any circumstance. Real frien
accept you for who you are and family will love you as you are. When we pretend to be something we are not we lose sight of our heart and our
being ourselves is the continuous self discovery of going inward and taking the time to nurture the things that
make us happy.

If Platypus is your Animal Totem;

You enjoy your solitude and have never really fit into mainstream society. You are comfortable with this because you revel in your own uniquene
of character. You lean toward career where you spend a great deal of time alone usually with some sort of sensitive electrical equipment (Progra
Analysts). You work well on your own, are not afraid to use your imagination and logic to manifest what you desire in life. You are adept at exam
experiences and know how to subtly share the lessons your glean from them without preaching.

If Platypus has come into your Dream;

To see a platypus in your dreams suggests that you are perhaps wallowing and dwelling on your emotions. It
may also indicate that your repressed thoughts and subconscious material may slowly be coming to the surface
so that you can deal with them. Alternatively the dream may symbolize your shyness and reservation especially
in social situations. It is letting you know that you must work on your ability to socialize with others more.



Additional Associations for Platypus

At peace with isolation
Devoted Mother
Connection the ancient animals
Possessing Inner Sight
Appropriate aggression
Balancing Energy
Prehistoric Paradox
Moving Through the World of Mystery and Dreams
Move To Your Own Personal Rhythms
Search for deeper meaning in situations
At Home in the Sea of Emotions

Grit of Experience
Sensing Beyond the Known World
Ancient Lessons
Ability to remain unique
Spiritual Murk
Lessons associated with completion
Leaving no stone unturned
Acquiring the ability to finish projects
Value of remaining as you are
Flexibility to move in different directions effortlessly
Ability to rear young differently
Impulse and Electricity
Access hidden chambers of subconscious according to own personal rhythms
Water Wisdom
Awaken your own uniqueness
Swimming through your emotions

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One Response to Platypus

Hagen on January 10, 2015 at 9:03 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Thank you very much for your work! Being sceptic on most spiritual contents, this one astonishingly makes definitive sense about the c
originating in my life Have a great healthy year

sylvi marriott on December 31, 2014 at 3:22 pm

Hi and thank you very much for my dream interpretation!
Happy New Year

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Old English Sheepdog


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