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The Theory of State and Law
1. Philosophy and the Law.
2. The Importance of the subject of State ands Law in East Africa.
3. Theoretical orientation of Course.

Bourgeois theory
Arusha declaration and the search of socio-Economic and
Historical Basis of the Law.
Mongozo and the Radicalization of Legal Theory.

Section one The State in the Pre-Capitalist Society

ONE: The origins of the State The Family, private property and the
Gentile Society.

The origins of man in the Dialectics of Nature

The Role of labour in the Evolution of man
Production relations in the Primitive Communist Society
Production, surplus and property the Rise of Classes
The Development of Different Family and Marriage systems and the
Relation between the Sexes Mother right and Father.

(a) Group Marriage

(b) Pairing Marriage
(c) Monogamy
6. The Gentile Constitution.
TWO: The Slave State and Constitution
1. The Basic Contradictions of the Gentile Society
2. The Dissolution of Gentile Society.
(a) Adopted People
(b) The need to expend and peoples invaded Elimination

(c) The need to expand and People invaded incorporation

(d) The need to expand and peoples invaded slavery
3. The Slave and constitution:(a) Features of Gentile Constitution
(b) The slave as a man without RIGHTS
(c) The Basic contradictions of the Slave Society.

The Slaves
Slavery and Neighboring Gentile peoples
Internal Trade and slavery
Foreign Trade and Slavery

THREE: The Feudal State and Constitution its rise and consolidation.

The rise of the Feudal State

The Feudal Countryside Agriculture and the Land question.
Trade and the Rise of the Contradiction: Town country
International Commerce.
The rise of industrial Capital.
The Contradiction of the Feudal state

1. Lord and Serf.

2. Feudal Aristocracy and the Rising Bourgeois class.
(a) Artisans
(b) Usurers and Bankers
(c) Industrial capitalists.
4. The Feudal Aristocracy and the church


The Early Feudal State and the church and the Theocratic
(Gods kingdom on Earth)
The Absolute Monarchy and its constitution
Selection Two The Bourgeois State.


1. Merchant capital and Primitive Accumulation
2. Contradictions within the Feudal State.
3. Philosophical, Theoretical and Ideological struggle against the
Feudal/state: The struggle between two lines.
(a) The ideological struggle in Theology
(b) The struggle against Religion (Materialist Line)
(c) Revolutionary content of Mechanical Materialism and of the
(d) Evolutionism of the 18th century in Europe.
(a) The ideological struggle in Theology
(b) The struggle against Religion (Materialist Line)
(c) Revolutionary content of Mechanical Materialism and of the
Evolutionism of the 18th Century in Europe.
Basic constitution Principle of the Bourgeois state
Introduction on the contradictions of Bourgeois society.
1. To impose the common will of the Bourgeois
(a) The Bourgeois Conception of the State and constitution
(b) THE unity of power of the state the concept of sovereignty
(c) Bourgeoisie rights the Issue of Private property.
2. To resolve contradiction between themselves and between the
bourgeoisie and the people (Workers, peasant and Asperitybourgeoisie)
(a) The RULE OF Law Equality before the Law and bourgeois
(b) Human Rights
(c) The Division of Tasks Separation of Powers between the
legislature, executive and Judiciary to the Reserve internal
contradictions and Impose the common will.
(d) The executive
(e) The Legislature
(f) The judiciary
Section three Imperialism the bourgeois constitution and the
Emergence socialist states.
1. Political and Economic Rights
2. Political and Economic Duties.

3. The Part and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and organs of the
4. Mass organizations
5. Democratic centralism.
6. Socialist construction and its constitutional implication.

The Economy in Hands of the State and social units of

Central planning and Economic Harmonization
Worker participation.

7. Proletarian Internationalism and Local Administration


Equality of all Nationalities

Rights of National Minorities

Contradictions of colonialism and the National Patriotic struggle

Section four constitutional systems of Neo-colonies
Attempts and Bourgeois Democracy
Introduction Basic Principles of Bourgeois Democracy.


Example of Attempts at Bourgeois Democracy

Why Bourgeois Democracy cannot work Imperialism and
super-power rivalry.
Bourgeois Legal Principles in question.

(a) The multy-Party system.

(b) Human Rights
(c) Equality before the law.
(d) Separation of Powers and effective Power of the Executive
(e) Independence of the Judiciary.
(F) The Independence of the Legislature.
The one-party Neo- Colonial Constitution
1. The character of the one-Part Neo-colonial State.

One Party
Power of the Executive
The Judiciary and National Policy
The Legislature and the one-Party system
The Bureaucracy (Civil Service)

6. Principles of the Bourgeois Democracy Retained in Form

(a) Sovereignty of the State
(b) Equality before the Law.
(c) Human rights
7. Principals Modified.
(a) Separation of Power
(i) Executive Reinforced
(iii) Legislature as a Rubber stamp.
Judiciary, and the Part and the Executive.

8. Examples:(a) Zambia
(b) Guinea
(c) Congo
The Military Dictatorships in the Neo-colonies and the constitution.
Introduction- The Causes

The History of Military Dictatorships in the Neo-colonies.

The Violation of Bourgeois Legality.

The Constitution

Dissolution of Democratic Legislative Institutions

2. The mass organizations
The Modification of the EXECUITIVE
The Judiciary.
(a) Dissolution and Replacement with Military Tribunals
(b) The questions of Martial Law
(c) The Judiciary and Military Tribunals
(d) The Solder and the Law.

5. No Equality before the Law

6. Violation of Human Rights.
Section Five State Structure and Organization.
1. Juridical Principles of Bourgeois constitutional Law
1. Constitution and the Law
2. The State

3. Citizen/Nationality
4. Sovereignty
5. Separation of Powers (Division of Labour)
6. The Executive
7. The Legislature
8. The Judiciary.
9. The Rule of law
Human (Civil Rights)
Equality before the Law
Democratic (Political) Freedoms
Bourgeois theory of civil disobedience and the
polestars concept of Revolution
2.State Structure and organization.
2. The Government (a) The Head of State
(b) The Prime Minister
Ministers and cabinet:-

Ministerial Responsibility
The Prime Minister Responsibility and Coordinator.
Organization of centre State structure
Government and opposition

3. The civil Service (Bureaucracy)

(a) Nature/character
(b) Functions
(c) Recuirtment
(d) Internal Regulations/control
(e) Trade unionism and c.s. (staff Association)
(f) Political Activities
(g) Secuirty of office
(h) Legal Rights
(i) Powers
(j) The civil service and the state.
4. Local Government i)Organs: (a) Village
(b) Country


(iii) Functions: - (a) Power


(b) Finance
(c) Relation with the Centre

6.State Enterprises (a) History of the Role of the State in Economy

(b) Organs
(c ) Powers
(d) The relation between the state and Private

7. Defence and secuitry Faorces:(i) Division

(a) Police
(b) Intelligence
Armed Forces (Defence Forces)

ii) Organization
iii) Organization
(iii) Funiction
Internal control
Relation with the state
Relations with Population
8. Judicial system (The courts)
(a) Structure
(b) Independence
(c) Judicial Immunity
(d) Contempt of court
(e) Prosecutions and Pardons
(f) Special Tribunals/Local Inquries.
9. Judicial Reviwe (a) Natural Justice
The Right to a Hearing
(b) Decisions of Fact and Law

Abuse of discretion
Error of law on the Face of Record.

(c) Discretionary Powers


Failure to exercise a discretion

Abuse of discretion

(d) Delegated Legislation

(e) Remedies

Choice of Remedies
Ouster clauses
Locus standing
Void or violable


The Legislature (a) Role and structure

(b) Government and the Legislature
(d)Party of organization
(e)Officers of the Legislature
(f) Parliamentary Institution
(g)The Legislative Process
(h) Acts of Parliament or Decrees
(i) Subordinate Legislation
(j) Subordinate Legislation
(k) Legislastive Privileges Rights
Immunities:(i) Individual
(ii) Collective
Legislature and the Judiciary.


Propaganda (The Mass Media)

(a) Television
(b) Press
(c) Secrets and Censorship
(d) Motives.

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(a) Synopsis of the course

The courts court system in the

colonial period present court systems.
Laws to be applied written Law or
statutory Law:- Customary Law:
Out of court Settlement Negotiation,
Mediation and Adjudication.

(b) Study outline

1. The Court
The court System of Tanzania
A. History of the Courts

The Colonial background. The Court Ssytem of Tanganyika

in the period of German administration; The court System of
Tanganyika during British rule the Dual.
Role of administrators during the colonial period the
system of appeals and revision.

Court System after Independence.

After independence at the apex there was a Privy Coucil
which was the final appellate court in Tanzania and East
Africa in general. The following is the hierarchy of the court
during that period.
Privy council.
Eastern Africa
Court of Appeal
The High Court of
Magistrates Court

District Court

The Primary

B. Present Court System

At present our law has undergone various changes which
necessitated the modifications in the court system. There is
introduction of various division and tribunals in the court
system. This includes the addition of various divisions of the
High Court. There was also establishment of special courts
to deal with specific matter.

Tanganyika Law Reports, Vol. I (1921-1952) Revised) pp. v.



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C.Appointment Tenure and Disciplinary Control over Judicial officers.

Judicial Service Act, 1962 cap 508, H/out
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and Disciplinary) Regulations, 1965 G.N.
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II The Laws to be Applied

Source of this Law and Previsions for its application. Written Law or
Statutory Law Principal and subsidiary Legislation. Applied Indian Acts
and applied United Kingdom Legislation.
Received English Law Common Law, Equity and Statues of General

Customary Law
Islamic Law.

A. Written Law or Statutory Law


Colonial Period

Colonial Laws Validity Act, 1865 (28 & 29 Vict. C. 68) Foreign
Jurisdiction Act, 1890 (53 & 54 Vict. C. 37)
Foreign Jurisdiction Act, 1890 (53 & 54 Vict. C. 37)
Tanganyika order in council 1920 H/Out
The Application of Laws ordinances of 1920 and 1922 Indian Acts
(Application) ordinance cap. 2 Laws of t. 1974.

Position after Independence

The constitution of Tanganyika 1961. SA. 1 No. 2274 of 1961.

The constitution of Tanganyika 1962. Cap 499
The Interim constitution of Tanzania 1965 Act No. 43 of 1965.
The Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania 1977.
The judicature an Application of Laws ordinance 1961 Cap. 453
Indian Acts (Application) ordinance, cap. 2
Principal and subsidiary Legislation.
Regulations Rules, order, Bylaws, Notice, Proclamations the role of the
B. Customary Law.

Judicature and Application of Laws ordinance cap. 455

Magistrates courts Act, 1963. cap 537.
Local Customary Law (Declaration) No. 4 order 1963,
G.N. 436 of 1963.
Customary Law (Limitation of Proceedings) Rules 1963
G.N. 311 of 1964.
Judicature Acts of Kenya and Uganda
The Interpretation and General Clauses ordinance 1928 (as amended)
Cap. 1.
Interpretation of Laws and General clauses Act, 1972.
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Delimitation, Ascertainment and Exclusion.
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Recording and codification
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A. L. J. 105.


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Longurari Makara v Sungara (1956) Dig. 76
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(PC) Civil Appeal No. 49 of 1988.
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Mwanza, Civil Appeal No 26. of 1988.
*Scolastica Benedict v. Martin Benedict, Court of Appeal of Tanzania at
mwa (PC) Appeal NO. 26 of 1988.
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Julitha Mwaisunga v Rajati Zeinia Mohamed, High Court of Tanzania at

Mbeya (PC) civil Appeal No. 38 of 1987.
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C. Islamic Law.
Judicature and Application of Laws ordinance (T) Cap. 453 Magistrates
Courts Act 1963, Cap 537 (T)
Magistrates courts Act 1963, Cap. 537 (T)
Magistrates Courts Act 1984 No. 2 of 1984.
Mohamedan Estates (Benevolent Payments) ordinance Cap. 19
Marriage, Divorce and Succession (Non-Christian Asiaties
Ordnance 1923, No. 12 of 1923, cap 112 now called the succession (NonChristian Asiatices) ordinance, cap. 112.
Restatements of Islamic Law, G.N. 22 of 1967.
Islamic Law (Restatement) Act, 1964 No. 56 of 1964
The Law (Restatement) Act, 1971 no. 5 of 1971 (t).
The constitution of Kenya s. 179


Kadhis courts Act 1967, No.14 14 of 1967 (K)

Wagf commissioner Act, caps. 109 (K)
Registaration of Mohamedan Marriages and Divorce ordinance cap. 115.
Mohammedans Divorce and Succession ordinance cap. 156 (K)
Law of succession Act, 1972, No. 14 of 19972 (K)

Mohammedans Divorce and succession ordinance cap. 156 (K)

Marriage and Divorce of Mohamedans Act Cap. 213 (U)
Abdul Wahid v Nabab Bint Hassanilim (1933) I.TL.R. 570
Enzi d/o Mohamed v Said Laursai (1946) Dig. 29
*Matei Kijuu v. omari Saleh (1946) Dig. 206
Ramadhani d/o Bakari v. Kichunda mwenda 1973 LRT n. 33
Zena Binti Renami v. Ahmed Rehani 1976 LRT n. 42.
Re Zainab Abdul Sultan Nathoo (1959) E.A. 917
Khatijabhai v Kaderdina (1953) 2 T.L. 162
Sharems (Ahmed Bin Estate. Re (1959) E.A, 766
Maktari v Maktari (1966) E.A. 35
Massod bin Sid v Ghalum (1947) 14 E.A. C.A 32.
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Alawi v Alawi (1955) 22 E.A.C.A. 105.
Maleksultan v Sherali Jemaji (1955) 22 E.A.C.A. 142
Mohamed v Bhimji (1956) 23 E.A.C.A 369
El Busaidi v el Busaidi (1962) E.A. 248


*Hussein Mbwan v Amiri Chongwe (1962) Dig. 232

Pazi v Mohamed (1968) E.A. IIII
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D. Received English Law
1. The Substance of the common Law.
Tanganyika order in council 1920.
(Land Law of Property and Convevancing) ordinance, 1923, No. 2. of
1923, Cap. 114 H/out.
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ii. Doctrines of Equity


Judicature and Application of Laws ordinace, Cap. 453.

Judicature Acts of Kenya and Uganda
Registered Land Act 1963 Cap 3000 (Kenya) s. 163
Supreme court of Jurcature Act 1873 (36 and 37 Vict. C. 66)
Supreme court of Judicature Act, 1875 58.
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Thankore (1965) E.A. 629.

Statutes of General Application

A.N. Allott, Essays in African Law.

A. N. Allot, New Essays in African
Nagji v Abdullah (1936-517 6 U.L.R. 43.
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Bachoo v Zanzibar Clove Growers Association (1957) E.A 193

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Out of court Dispute Settlement in Tanzania Negotiation,

mediation, Adjudication.

A. Informal Method of Dispute Settlement

Drumming the scandal among the Tiv. (Paul Bohannan, Justice and
Judgement among the the Tiv. OUP, London 1957 p. 142. H/out
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b. State Institutions.


1. Arbitrators Arbitration Tribunals and conciliation Boards

Arbitration Tribunal Regulations 1969, G.N. 192/69
The Law of Marriage Act. 1971 No. 5 of 1971
Abritration ordinance, cap 15.
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Arbitration cases
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2. Administrative Tribunals
Security of Employment Act 1964. Cap 574.
Customary Leaseholds (Enfranchisements) Act 1960 Act No. 47 of 1968.


Rent Restriction Act 1984, Act No. 17 of 1984.

Acquisition of Buildings Act No. 33 of 1973.
Permanent Labour Tribunal Act, 1967, Act No. 41 of 1967 by Act No. 3
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Prepared by
Prof. G. Mgongo Fimbo and Hamid Nassoro