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Mobile specification

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What is Facebook?
Facebook is the world`s biggest and most

It completely revolutionised the way we

popular social utility. 1 in every 13 people

connect with others on the web and

on Earth are on Facebook, that`s over one

changed the game for marketers.

billion monthly users. If it were a country

it would be the third largest in the world!

Now every month every user inter-

(Arbition and Edison research). Considering

acts with 900 million pages, groups,

it started as a social network available for

events and community pages making

Harvard students in 2004 and became

Facebook a great business tool for us-

public only in September 2006, it`s pretty

er-oriented content. Why is this import-


ant? Research shows that like is worth

$174.17 for the brand. (source: http://

Facebook`s first purpose was sharing con-

tent with friends, family and coworkers.


Its biggest advantage from the beginning

Since the average Facebook user shares

is its ability to predict user behaviour and

the bad as well as the good then utilizing

trends, after the Wall, Newsfeed and the

good PR isn`t for popularity purposes only

Like button, in 2013 Facebook upgraded to

- it`s also generating revenue.

Graph search making the user experience

even more personalized.

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Why use Facebook for business?

Facebooks strength is in its numbers:

Think about it... One billion users are

Analysis supports that it`s the same for

One billion users, 618 million daily logins

sharing opinions from 6 to 12 hours about

businesses as it is with people, and that

that spend from 6 hours (computer) to 12

their likes and dislikes, chances are they`re

users believe their friends recommenda-

hours (mobile) logged in.

talking about your brand too. Why not join

tions. The Empathico Consumer Insights

the conversation?

Q2 (2010) showed that 38% of consumers have followed through (at least once)

Among them are loyal customers, potential buyers, brand ambassadors and future

Being receptive, social and controlling your

with a friends recommendation they have

employees all in one place.

public reputation is a must - 6 million

received via social media. There are many

brand pages means your competition`s

great examples where brands monetized

80% of U.S. users on Facebook reported

already at it. What would happen if your

on the fact - Levis sourced 50% of their

that Facebook was their preferred net-

customers had questions, concerns or

2010 Cyber Monday traffic to Facebook

work for connecting with brands. 67% of

wishes about your brand and couldnt

and Benefit Cosmetics has received more

B2C and 41% of B2B companies that use

find you on Facebook, but could find your

than 1,700 product reviews on their

Facebook for marketing have acquired a

competitors brand? They would jump ship

Facebook Page. Click-through rates on

customer through this channel (Hubspot

and probably support the brand that`s

Buy Now buttons on Benefits Facebook

State of Inbound Marketing report 2011).

more open to their needs. Like in life, we

Page are 10 times higher than the aver-

value friends that are there for us more

age online ads. Impressive, right? If you

That makes Facebook the best online tool

than the ones that aren`t. And guess what?

haven`t made a Fan page for your brand

for engaging customers, reaching buyers

We dish the dirt to others about the selfish

by this point, now would be the time to

all around the world, recruiting profes-

friend who`s there only when he needs us,

do it - as we demonstrated, going social is

sionals and building a strong presence for

shaping their opinions of that person for

a must.


the worse. In this case - your brand.

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What is the meaning of

going social for businesses?
Going social means reinventing your

on every product page, they`ve learned in

business in a person oriented way. When

the process that customers from Facebook

using Facebook for business purposes it`s

spend an average of 57% more than oth-

best to think about that one person that

ers and that a strong community online

really loves your brand and connect with

can mean an increase in sales offline.

that representative consumer, rather than

splash out messages to the crowd hoping

So, don`t wait and be the one that`s late

someone will notice.

in the game. Stay close to customers,

give your brand a personal touch, let fans

Being genuine is utilizing social the way it

identify with your brand & business

will be the most beneficial for your brand,

culture and stir the conversation to a

short term as well as long term.

positive place. Transparency and a twoway communication are crucial. How

Short term means positive feedback

exactly can you do all that? With social

from customers which leads to growing

campaigns, for starters.

a strong community of devoted fans. A

strong community leads to positive brand
value and the profit rises accordingly in
the long term. American Eagle Outfitters
recognized that and added Like buttons

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Effective social campaigns

Now that weve got you on board that

engaging than an interesting and cool

Is the content youre posting worth your

social is the way to go, let`s talk about

content youve just stumbled upon, use

click/ like/share?

how to do social the way that will be

the latter and postpone your generic

If the answer is no, it`s time to rethink

most beneficial for your brand. These

post to some other date. Remember to

and change it up a bit.

five essential steps proved as key for a

always be on the lookout for content that

meaningful and loyal relationship with

your audience can relate to!

Tip: Do this test with yourself and your

colleagues on campaigns/ posts and com-

Choose the tone of your communication

ments. It`s honest and accurate and takes

Define your audience and have a plan

and be consistent

only 3 seconds of your time.

Define your audience - Who are they/ How

Cool or funny? Emotional or informative?

do they connect to and engage with your

Maybe a bit of everything or none of the

brands message? After you know your

above? There are no limits, just, whatever

consumer, it`s vital to define which content

you do, dont be too corporate and boring.

you`ll share and a timesheet that`ll help you

Who likes that?

oversee when to share it. Planning will keep

If you`re reading this e-book, you proba-

you on track and is crucial for pulling off a

bly work in the marketing industry and/or

successful social media campaign. Make a

are in some way interested in social me-

calendar with posts scheduled for the week

dia. That means you`re bombarded with

or a month, however dont be afraid to

online content all the time and you have

reach out of the agenda youve set if there`s

to be selective of the brands and people

an opportunity to post other great content.

you follow to avoid information overload.

If the predefined post to your Page is less

So, ask yourself a quick question:

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Give your brand a human touch that

They will unlike your page and/or hide it

from tabs and content to campaigns. We`ll

your fans can relate to

on their Newsfeed because they`ll feel bad-

introduce a step by step guide explained

gered and that`s not the path to positive

through best practises and real life cases.

fan engagement.

We`ll also keep you up to date with cool

Dont be afraid to show your customers

that behind the brand they enjoy are
people doing the job they love. Share

services, like Socialpuzzle - a set of

Dont sell

employees photos, company events,

applications created to improve your engagement with fans, reach more audience

success of your coworkers and let your

Typical sales content is not Facebook

fans identify with your brand culture.

friendly. Rather than selling, start a

That`s the point of being social being

conversation with your fans and listen to

likeable, friendly and relatable.

their feedback, find out about their needs.

Did you find this ebook helpful? Feel free

Participate and connect with their values,

to send us your feedback. We would like

be relevant, share content that matters and

to hear from you with any comments,

ask questions. Hey, its a free (or relatively

questions or just to say hi.

Dont spam

and help your business flourish.

cheap) market research!

Value and cherish your audience. Every

P.S. For more Tips & Tricks follow us on

fan is equally important (remember the

Once you know what kind of communication

one person approach mentioned earlier)

your fans are most receptive to, you will

and your number one priority should be

know how to push your brand without being

providing fans with content they`ll enjoy

perceived as too pushy. Makes sense, right?

and want to share with others. If you

extend their trust and start to spam or

That`s it! In the next part of the ebook we`ll

post too often, you`re likely to lose them.

talk about customizing your Facebook page,

Twitter and like us on Facebook.

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