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How to Sync Finale and REAPER using MTC

I'm using Finale 2011b and Reaper 4.71 on Windows 7 64-bit. The method I use takes advantage of
loopMIDI, a free virtual MIDI cable software. I realize that there are other programs out there, but
this is what I'm using. Plus, it's free, and you can create as many ports as you want! I couldn't have
put this post together without the unwavering help of Soli Deo Gloria.
First things first.
0. Download loopMIDI from

1. When the program opens, set up some ports with the "+" button (you'll be able to use 16 channels
per port).

Now let's set up Finale.

2. For simplicity, create a 1 staff document and enter some notes.

3. In Finale's MIDI Setup dialogue box (MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > MIDI Setup...), choose a
loopMIDI port as MIDI Out. Leave MIDI In alone.

4. Click "Show Advanced >>" and enable MTC for the loopMIDI port that you selected. If you are
using more than 16 instruments, set the appropriate additional MIDI outs to other loopMIDI ports
and enable MTC for those, as well.

5. Hit OK.
6. Enable "Send MTC" (MIDI/Audio > Device Setup).

7. Choose "Play Finale through MIDI" under MIDI/Audio.

Ok, it's time to go to REAPER.

8. Enable for input the same loopMIDI port(s) you are sending out on in Finale. To do that, hit the
audio device settings button in the top right (you can also just go to REAPER's preferences - ctrl+P)
and choose MIDI Devices under Audio. Right click the port you want to use and select "Enable input."

9. Create a track, load an instrument (ReaSynth or something simple will do for now), arm it for
recording and turn on record monitoring.
10. Change its input to channel 1 of whatever loopMIDI port you are using. This corresponds to the
staff you have set up in Finale, which should've automatically been set to output to channel 1. If you
have more staves, you'd need to set up more tracks with corresponding channels.

Almost there.

11. Right click on the play button in REAPER's transport bar and check "Enable synchronization to
timecode" (alt+right click on the play button).
12. Use input: "MTC: All inputs" or "MTC: [loopMIDI port]." For this small example, the loopMIDI
port is sufficient.

13. Hit play in REAPER; it will now wait for Finale to send its MIDI time code.

14. Hit play in Finale and both programs should play simultaneously, but Finale's MIDI signal should
be coming out of REAPER. You can also record Finale's MIDI signal straight into REAPER - hit record
in REAPER and then play in Finale. However, I prefer saving my Finale document as a MIDI file and
dropping that into REAPER afterwards.
If you want REAPER's audio to output through a computer interface to headphones or monitors
(rather than your computer's onboard speakers), go back to Finale and set the Audio Driver
(MIDI/Audio > Device Setup > Audio Setup...) output to something other than your interface. This
will allow you to change the setting in REAPER; click the audio device settings button in the top
right and adjust the outputs as desired.
You can also use this to have Finale make REAPER play video instead of using the built-in video
player (which as of Finale 2011 has very limited resizing options). Just make sure the frame rate for
both programs match. In REAPER, this is in Project Settings. In Finale, this is under Document >
Sync and Video Options... Adjusting the SMPTE start frame will adjust where the video will play
from at the beginning of Finale's score.
-ASCap 8.30.14