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ENVIRONICS - Radiation Management Service

The study of Environmental radiations and their impact on human health has led to the development of
a science and a service called “ENVIRONICS”. It neutralizes the impact of some of the harmful
radiations and energy flows from Geopathic Stresses and certain building materials present in our living
and working Environment – Homes, Offices, Factories, etc. Electromagnetic Radiations from mobile
phones, mobile transmission towers, computers, laptops and other Wi-Fi communication devices are
also corrected by the newly developed products –“Enviro Chip” and “Enviro Strip”.
Environics is the result of more than 20 years of research which is ongoing and has been an
established commercial practice for more than 8 years. The efficacy of this service has been evident
from the feedback received from more than 250 establishments reviewed.
Interpersonal Relationship
Growth of company/Plant
Health of people
Machinery breakdown

Better than before

in the parameters %

left blank/ can’t say

The above data analysis is of 592 signed feedback (data as on March 2013) forms received from
clients which were taken during review (3-9 months after the correction).
The effect of Environment can also be seen on people as the change in their pulse rates which
generally goes up in a stress full environment and situation. We also measure the efficacy of our work
by measuring Pulse Rate (same as heart rate) of people (before and after implementing Environics
Pulse rate is the indicator of stress level of the human body. Higher pulse rate indicates higher stress
and lower pulse rate indicates lower stress. More improvement is seen in those having pulse rate of
above 82.
Pulse Rate analysis:
Industry Segment
82 above Total

No of people whose pulse
has been taken



Improvement in pulse
rate (Percentage )









For more details, please contact us:
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Negative Radiations from Mobile . etc have experienced positive change.5500 acres of site. Email: contact@environics. Website: www. Mr. hospitals.Documentation 5. Carrying out energy corrections & enhancement 4. MD & CEO. Servers.300 Establishments. Survey & analysis Yes Bank. banks. Functionally. large and small – multinational companies. without making any structural & layout changes.Review & regular ongoing maintenance For more details. Cell Phones.Certification 6. Dehradun ENVIRONICS: HELPING IN CREATING HEALTHIER WORK ENVIRONMENT Responsible organizations have looked at implementing Environics to meet their HR initiative by making their work environment Healthier and more positive and hence reducing the risk of illness and stress levels. The subsequent effects are enhanced productivity. 2 LNG Terminals. services.Fulfils our responsibility to provide for energized and healthy working environment for our employees and customers and is part of our employee development efforts. Environics neutralizes negative radiations without demolition of any structures or layout changes. construction materials and surroundings. Corrections and Enhancement is done with the use of microchips. Rana Kapoor. etc. of built up area  Hyderabad International Airport . ICICI Bank Yes Bank Indian Express ITC GEECL SAIL Zee Network Emami HPCL BPCL IOCL GAIL Petronet Pepsi Foods Piramal Pharma GHCL SRF Larsen & Toubro Vedanta Peninsula Developers HRH Group .” Our experience finds that machines located on negative radiation zones tend to breakdown more frequently and the processes in negative zones report higher rejections and quality problems.. Terminal building & offices  PSU’s – 15 Refineries. I hope they will identify and benefit from it.. Computers. Oil terminals and Gas Bottling Plants. please contact us: Tel: +91-11-29535941 / 29535942.environics. wrote “The excellent work done by SYENERGY (Environics) finds consonance with our approach to sustainability and responsible banking . steel plants. 5 Steel Plants. lower machinery breakdowns and accidents in negative areas. Discussions with the client & Data Collection 2. Some landmark projects have been:  Mumbai new T2 (International Terminal): 40 lakh sq. refineries. Building structure. The steps involve: 1.  Many more.ft. Some of the sources of negative EMR which Environics deals with are:    Natural geological phenomena like Underground water streams and fissures as well as Magnetic grid lines of the Earth (also known as Geopathic radiations).Historic resorts Brigade Group Taj Group of Hotels GMR JSW Afcons Himatsingka Seide Bharti Realty and AXA IILM – Management Colleges BOI AXA University of Petroleum & Energy Studies.Some projects & Clients: More than

Chief Manager. Since the time ENVIRONICS has come and done lot of work here …They managed to correct the energies flowing to such an extent that we feel the stress levels have reduced. P Sur.” Mr. I felt it would benefit us…. Questionnaire covers following parameters: Personal Health Interpersonal relationships Individual and company performance Place of work Also. Gujarat For more details. Shri Arvind Singh Ji Mewar. For health and performance of people: An HR questionnaire is developed which is filled by around 20-50% of the staff during the work and then during my people have been happier and a more efficient lot. please contact us: Tel: +91-11-29535941 / 29535942. at the same time working environment and relationship between colleagues have improved” H. Maharana of Udaipur Chairman HRH group of Hotels “Environics seems to have combined the virtues of ancient knowledge and the dynamism of modern technology. Mahul. ED IOCL Refinery. Email: . having delved into both.environics. on stream factor has improved. I could not have asked for more. Express Group “In Mahul Refinery. A decrease of pulse rate is generally seen for people having higher pulse rates.Monitoring of the work: For Machines and Equipments/ productivity of plant: Comparison of breakdown and downtime records for fixed time periods for the machines which are affected by Geopathic and other negative radiations. which in turn improves health and performance. Estate BPCL Refinery. It has a direct impact of what we do & our thinking. These parameters are mutually decided and compared before and after implementation of work.H. plant which was having continuous shut downs has performed for more than 84 days with no shutdowns (a phenomenal improvement)….” Mr.My establishments worked on by Environics have reported much better performances. Comparison of analysis of the data is done and presented. Pulse rates are measured for a certain percentage of people who are working in those spaces immediately before and after the implementation of Environics. Website: www. Some Comments: “I firmly believe that the environment in which one works & one lives is extremely important. Mumbai “ Performance of refinery has improved and breakdowns have reduced. For manufacturing units and plants there are different parameters on which plant’s or unit’s productivity or performance is measured/ governed. post energy corrections.” Mr Vivek Goenka Chairman. (sample questionnaire for office/ plant is given in annexure 3. K. which indicates lower stress levels and tranquility.

Silver: Only Building and ground radiations (including Geopathic Stresses). WHO (1983 and 1986) reported that up to For more details. please contact us: Tel: +91-11-29535941 / 29535942. fatigue high absenteeism. There is enough evidence world-wide but presently there is no System of grading Buildings or monitoring health of occupants. stress. Email: contact@environics. Website: www. People’s health. etc) . causing productivity and stress levels largely depend on how healthy a Building is for its occupants. GLOBAL Research: Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) .An investigation carried out on 600 office workers in the USA showed that 20% of the employees experience symptoms of SBS.CERTIFICATION: There are two categories in the certification: Gold: Where Building and ground radiations (including Geopathic Stresses) as well as Harmful Electro Magnetic radiations (Microwave Radiations) emitted by Computers (desktops and Laptops) have been corrected / neutralized. Why ENVIRONICS? People spend 12 – 20 hours inside buildings (Homes. Factories/ plants. tension between staff. Offices. loss of concentration. depression. increase in staff turnover and lower morale of

An international study has established that “a 1% improvement in Health of employees leads to a 4% improvement in Profitability”.trafficinfratech. please contact us: Tel: +91-11-29535941 / 29535942. A recent study by two Pune university professor published in Traffic Tech magazine. Website: www. “Geo-biology” Studies in Europe have identified the presence of “Geopathic Stresses” emanating from the and www.( .in For visuals feel please see our corporate film on following links background research details.envirochip.environics. states that Geopathic radiation could also be the reason for Road accidents on Mumbai Pune and found that more than 20% of working and living spaces are affected by these. Levels of Electromagnetic Radiations (EMR) in Buildings have increased by about 100 times in the last 15 years.30% of new and refurbished buildings throughout the world may be affected by SBS can also cause a. Email: To know more about For more details. our clients and to view video please log on to our websites: www.