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Chapter I

Understanding ones personality may help the students effectively deal
with preferred learning styles to make learning more easy and enjoyable.
Richman (2004) defined personality as a dynamic and organize set of
characteristics possessed by a person that uniquely influences his cognitions,
motivation, and his behaviours in various situations. Personality includes
attitudes, modes of thoughts, feelings, impulses, strategies, and actions,
responses, to opportunities and stress and everyday modes of interaction with
Teachers play a crucial role in the learning of the students. They are the
agents of social changes, facilitators of desirable learning, counsellor of learner,
consultant and resources persons, researchers, evaluator and manager of the
teaching-learning situation. With these crucial roles teachers really need to be
competent. They occupy the centre stage not only in the imparting of knowledge
and development of skills, but also in the building of character. Teaching is the
great of all the arts because the medium is the human mind and spirit. Sinco
(2000) posited Show me the kind of teachers that you have today and I will tell
you the kind of nation that you will have tomorrow.
A person who possessed good personality acts accordingly in every
situation. It is an aspect of his life that he practices all throughout in any situation.
Leadership of all teachers must be exemplified for their students to emulate.
They must be the models of students in school. A teacher must be a purveyor of

good and ideal personality in his class so that students will respect and emulate
and obey him. The students will behave well even if the teachers are not around.
These ideas lead the researchers to conduct a study on teachers personality
traits and teaching efficiency and their relationship to the students performance
in Mathematics among the maritime transportation students at Mindanao
Polytechnic College.

Statement of the Problems

This study sought to find out on how teachers personality traits affect the
students performance in Mathematics in Mindanao Polytechnic College, General
Santos City.
Specifically, the researchers aim to answer the following questions:
1. What is the personality traits of the teachers relative to the following
parameters :

a. Patience;
b. Consideration
c. Impulsiveness

2. What is the level of teachers teaching efficiency in terms of the

following :
a. Mastery of the subject matter;
b. Instructional strategies;
c. Classroom management?

3. Is there a significant relationship between the teachers personality traits

and the students academic performance in Mathematics?
4. Is there a significant relationship between the teachers teaching
efficiency and students academic performance in Mathematics?

Significant of the Study

This study hopes to serve as baseline information and a great help to the
School Administrators will realize and value the needs to:
a. trade their direct leadership roles for one that allows shared decision-making
and various approaches to school actions, b. Act as a liaison between the school
and stakeholders. c. encourage and support their teachers to take part in the
activities of the communities, some school programs ad their implantations.
Teachers. This will give a wider and clearer picture of how the students
see them as mentor and role models they have to emulate obey and respect.
Parents. Would realize them that they are the most active agents in the
school-home partnership in enhancing the educational experience of their
children, they must appreciate the teachers effort of providing a good learning
environment to their children. Parents must remember that they also have the
responsibilities to their children by following up what they learned in school.
Students. Benefits from this study since they are the direct beneficiaries
of the teaching-learning process undertaken in the school. They are sent to

learning institutions to be guided toward the fulfilment of their plans in life, for the
achievement of objectives and dreams they have set themselves in attaining.
Researchers. The result of this study will provide them information on the
effect of emotional level to job satisfaction so that they will be prepared to cope
with these problems when time comes.

Scope and Delimitation

This study is delimited to personality traits and teachers teaching
efficiency and their relationship to the students academic performance in
The personality traits of the teachers includes patience, consideration,
and impulsiveness. The respondents of this study are the second year maritime
students who are officially enrolled at Mindanao Polytechnic College who are
taking Mathematics.






1. Patience


2. Consideration
3. Impulsiveness




1. Mastery of the subject matter
2.Instructional strategies
3. Classroom management

Figure 1. Conceptual Framework


Presented to
Prof. Elizilda Palmero
Faculty of Mindanao Polytechnic College
General Santos City


In partial Fulfilment
of the Course Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation



CJ Calbano
Rene Balinas
Janville Galvez
Jake Demasuay
Mark Lawrence Lamintao
Francis Joey Caasi
Joren Clyne Jadraque
Kent Paciente
December 2014