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0 Introduction
The topic in this research paper is What challenges does HRM contribute to organization
performance. This topic is to find out what issues that HRM affect to the organization
performance. The purpose to conduct this research is because what are the challenges
HRM contribute to organization. The reason to chosen this topic because to makes the
HRM improve in the future and company may avoid the challenges. As HRM has
becomes an important department in a company, so to find out the challenges will be
improved the effective of the department. Human resource management (HRM) is a
process of hiring and develops the employees to become the valuable human capital to
organization. HRM included 9 processes such as analysis and design of work, HR
planning, recruiting, selection, training and development, compensation, performance
management and employees relations. Recruiting is a process of finding and attracting
people come to interview. Usually we used to see the vacancies in newspaper. In the
advertisement, they will state that the qualification of the candidate and certain skills that
required for the job. Training and development is provided by the company. Both are to
improve the ability of the employees. For training, company will send their employees to
training to learn skills and knowledge related to their job. And for development, to resist
the changes of the firm, company will send their employees to learn new knowledge to
meet the changes in future.
The journal I have found is about the human resource management and firm performance.
But in this journal doesnt directly discuss about what the human resource management
contributes to organization. In the journal has discussed HRM affect to the company and

the result shown that good human resource management will makes the company reduces
the turnover and the conflict in the company.
2.0 Research question
What challenges does HRM contribute to organization performance?
3.0 Important of study
It is worth to conduct the research about this topic because in internet, it is hardly to find
out the challenges of HRM to organization. So this might be the new research paper at
online. And it has brings benefits to people such as student like me. When they
conducting the research, they will use mine as the references and to complete their
assignment. In addition, they might form a brand new research paper to others use as the
reference as well. Besides that, white collar might be using this as the references. As in
the office, there will have the conflict in the organization. And they need to find out the
issues and to avoid the conflict happens again. A research question helps the research to
knows their aim and objective of the research. Without the research question, researcher
will confused with their situation and they might not answer the research question and its
out of title. I dont think this research paper will replace the existing one because they
are more professional than I do, and some of the information I got, they also included in
their research paper as well.

4.0 Literature review

4.1 Background information
This research u discuss about challenges that HRM contributes to organization
performance. There are many HRM challenges contributes to organization but
in this research paper will be discuss about three challenges such as
productivity, recruitment and training. Online article, website and online
journal are the sources will be using in this research paper.
4.2 Productivity
The goal of the human resource department is to organize and manage the
employees to generate more productive and lead to more revenue. Usually the
challenges of the HRM is human resource department needs to manage person
in one shift, team assignment motivational offers like bonus to keeping morale
high. These are the difficulty of human resource department makes changes
without affecting others. Besides that, human resource department needs to
make a modification of the employees and it doesnt exceed the company
4.3 Recruitment
Recruitment is one of the challenges contribute to organization. Human
resource employees need to find out the method to recruit people by attending
job fair or do a vacancy in newspaper. Now, many companies are competing
with each other because of the globalization, which means company need to
attract the candidate by offer more in term of the benefit packages. Example,
the base salary of the business admin executive is RM2500, but as the
company competing with each other and company needs to rise up the salary
to RM2800 to attract the candidate to join their company. Moreover, some

companies provide insurance to their employees, it makes employees feel

secure to work in their company.
4.4 Training
Training is needed to every company, because I can improve the skills and
knowledge of the employees. When the new technology launched, they will
handle the new machinery. Human resource department need to figure out
which employees need to send to the training. Besides that, sending
employees to training cannot interrupt or strain the company`s operation.
Human resource department needs to determine how training session and into
company calendar. These training cannot affect to the company productivity.
Department personnel need to adjust with the cost of training and make sure it
cannot strain company`s budget. For example, sending employees to training,
company will lack of employees in producing product, so human resource
personnel needs to makes the productivity is remaining the same when
sending employees to training.
4.5 Summary of Literature Review
In literature review above has mentioned about productivity, recruitment and
training. For the productivity, it is challenging for human resource department
to make modification and correct arrangement. This adjustment which cannot
changes the company process. And this adjustment must be fair to every
employee. Furthermore, adjustment cannot strain the company budget.
Second is recruitment, as company has becomes globalization, company
competing, company needs to pay higher salary and benefit than the market
pay. Lastly is training, human resource management need to arrange the

session for employees to go training. And this arrangement cannot interrupt

the company process and this training cannot exceed company`s budget.
5.0 Analysis
5.1 Productivity
Human resource management is to manage and organize employees. So, every
decision they made will affect to the company process and the company
budget. Usually, human resource personnel need to adjust the arrangement
without affecting the productivity of the company. The adjustment cannot be
strain the company budget. For example, some company has two shifts, day
and night. Human resource personnel need to makes them into fair shift. Such
as one group will handle the first week and third week of the month, and
second group will be handle second week and forth week of the month.
Everyone has the same treatment and they have the same pay. Avoiding the
conflict in the company is good because employees are more able to work
together when there is a group work.
5.2 Recruitment
As the corporate world has becomes competitive, recruitment becomes a
difficult to the human resource management. Every company wanted to
employ efficient employees. Every company are paying higher salary and
giving more benefit to attract these types of employees to work in their
company. Because these employees will affect their company performance
and at the end it will makes the company profit. Some of the company
provides day-care to employees children. So, employees can concentrate on
doing his job.
5.3 Training
Training is the necessary to every company, because it helps to improve the
employees skill and knowledge. For human resource department to arrange a

training to the selected employees is very difficult because this training cannot
affect to the company calendar. Normally, employee needs to work half day at
Saturday. Many of the employees are not willing to attend the training on
Sunday. So, human resources personnel have found the difficulty on arrange
the training.
5.4 Summary of Analysis
Human resource department need to concern on the productivity. Any of the
changes cannot be affect the productivity of the company. If the human
resource personnel have good arrangement in shift, it can increase the
productivity. Recruitment becomes more expensive to company because
company needs to pay give higher benefit to employee. So, will easy to make
company over budget. Training is good to the employee but training may be
messed up company calendar. If employee attends the training with the tiring
situation, they might not be learning anything from the training.
6.0 Conclusion and Recommendation
6.1 Conclusion
Result of this research paper is the challenges does HRM contributes to
organization performance are productivity and recruitment and training. This
research has covered the objective of this research and found out productivity,
recruitment and training are the challenges of HRM faced. These three
challenges are the factor to affect the company performance indirectly.
6.2 Recommendation
This research is related to human resource personnel, because this research
has shown the challenges that HRM contributes to organization. Human
resources personnel is important role in the company because any decision
that make will affect the company performance. To avoid these problems,

company should conduct the survey to the market and employees, and based
on the result, company will know which solution to solve the challenges.
Human resource personnel will interested to this research because this
research may be happens in their company and its a common human resource
department faces in the company.