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7 May 2014

The Manager
Company Announcements Office
Australian Stock Exchange Limited

Rockwell Olivier first to open foreign legal practice branch in the Republic of Fiji
Please refer to the attached announcement regarding ILH Group Limited member firm Rockwell Olivier.

Jean-Marie Rudd
Company Secretary

Press Release
1 May 2014

Rockwell Olivier first to open foreign legal

practice branch in the Republic of Fiji
John Ridgway, Managing Principal of the Corporate and International Team at Rockwell Olivier, is delighted to
announce that Rockwell Olivier has opened its doors for business in Suva, Fiji.
Rockwell Olivier is the first foreign legal practice with a branch in the Republic of Fiji. The Fiji office, located on
Victoria Parade, will operate under the banner Pacific Legal Network by Rockwell Oliver, and will be a hub for
the Pacific, giving Rockwell Olivier greater capacity to fully service clients with interests in Fiji and the
surrounding jurisdictions as a one-stop shop.
PLN has operated in the Pacific region for 12 years, and remains the only co-ordinated legal and business
service which provides multi-jurisdictional access to lawyers and business advisers across the Pacific,
simplifying the process of being represented in multiple countries.
John Ridgway: "We have been fortunate to have an established client base in Fiji for some years now, and this
latest development is a vote of confidence in the Fiji economy and evidence of the support we receive from
those clients. It is an exciting time for us and we are grateful to the Fiji authorities for giving us this opportunity.
We enjoy the work we undertake in the Pacific and we love the Pacific community. We see our branch office in
Fiji as an opportunity to organically grow our 'on the ground' Pacific presence and to up-skill young and
enthusiastic Pacific lawyers. This office is a large step towards implementing our plans to enhance this
presence across other parts of the Pacific in the very near future, so watch this space.
The office is managed by Laura Houlihan, who is admitted to practice in both Fiji and New South Wales
(Australia) and is based in Suva. Laura is an executive board member of Women In Business (Fiji) and has
recently been appointed to the board of the Suva Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Laura reports to Nitij
Pal, Principal at Rockwell Olivier, in Sydney.
If you have any queries or would like more information on our Pacific capabilities please contact John Ridgway or Nitij Pal Employment inquiries can be directed at first instance to

Media contact
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Managing Principal (International)
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