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MSGBS 6E Update

Unless otherwise specified, use applicable Warhammer 40k 6th Edition rules. MS units are considered
walkers as per 6E designation. Although vehicles, all MS count as Denial units, and MS with Troop
Pilots count as Scoring units.
Troop pilots must make every effort to remain within 8 of an Allied Unit during the game, due to their
relative inexperience. If the closest Allied Unit is Destroyed, they must attempt to close ranks with the
new closest Allied Unit. If their closest Allied Unit is Immobilized, they may stay with the Immobilized Unit
or attempt to close ranks with the next closest Allied Unit
MS can only take 2 handheld pieces of equipment, unless otherwise specified. This includes weapons
and shields. Arm mounted shields are a special case - a unit may take 2 handheld weapons or a Two
Handed weapon in addition to the shield, but may only use one type of equipment per arm per Phase as
normal. If a Unit wishes to use both types of equipment on a given arm (i.e. shield and Two Handed
weapon in an Assault) then all attacks in the following Assault are considered Unwieldy (affecting
Walkers, unlike the normal rule).
Unless otherwise noted, weapons that are included with a given MS are body mounted and optional
weapons are handheld. Included shields are typically arm mounted. Only 1 equipment per location is
allowed - i.e. if there are 2 choices for a shoulder weapon system, only 1 is allowed.
MSGBS introduced a new statistic called Pilot Skill (PS). To simplify, PS is functionally replaced by LD. If
the suit or Pilot has both LD and PS, use LD or PS for all LD tests, whichever is higher. All PS tests are
now LD tests. If an MS has a PS and/or LD bonus, use only whichever is higher.
MS Units (like Walkers) have 4 facings. As the center to corner rule is tricky with MS, facings are 90
wedges centered on the centerlines. As a guide, it may be helpful to draw or otherwise indicate the
front/back and port/starboard centerlines on the MS Units base, if using one. Below, the Front Facing is
Blue, the Side Facings are Orange, and the Rear Facing is Red.

Some MS are equipped with sub arms. These arms can each take almost any of the hand weapons
available to the parent MS and fire them as if they were hand held. Sub arms cannot equip Heavy,
Ordinance or Unwieldy weapons. Equipped weapons in the sub arms do not count towards the HandHeld weapon limitations.
Because 1/144 Gundam Models are typically fairly well articulated, the player may reposition limbs,
wings, etc at the beginning of every movement phase (but may not move the MS from where it was!)


MS units appropriately equipped may use the Walker, Jump Pack, Jet Pack or Flyer table for
MS with a Jump Pack follow 6E Jump Pack rules.
Flying MS are considered Flyer type and follow rules for Flyers as per 6E (Zooming Type).
MS equipped with Jump Packs and/or Jet Packs do not gain the Deep Strike special rule typically
granted by these packs, unless otherwise specified.
MS may land on the tops of buildings as Battlements. This typically provides them with a cover save of
6+ to units on the ground but none to other MS on other buildings.

Shields covers the front half of the MS (90 to either side of front centerline):

Standard shields grant a 4+ Shield Save, but crack and break on a roll of 1 (that hit continues to the
defending MS unsaved). Backup shields can be used when a shield is destroyed - the hit that destroyed
the shield goes through to the MS as normal but the backup may be brought to bear to cover the next hit.
Once a shield cracks, other types of saves may be used on the remaining hits. Because it is important to
know when in the saving process the shield cracked, roll shield saves individually in descending order of
Shields may not be used against Ordnance weapons unless otherwise stated.
When a shield is used against a Lance type attack, the maximum Shield Save is a 5+, regardless of
shield type.

Combined Shields
Many shields have weaponry built in or strapped on. If the combined shield or arm it is mounted on is
destroyed, the combined objects are as well. However, if the other arm is destroyed, these weapons are
still available to use.

Beam Shield/Emitter

An energy barrier designed to provide superior protection. Beam Shields are generated at Beam Shield
Emitters. The Beam Shield generally functions as a normal shield (4+ shield save), including when a 1 is
rolled on the Shield save - the Beam Shield shorts out. However, the beam shield can be restarted at the
beginning of the pilots next movement phase (unless the limb or object containing the Beam Shield
Emitter is destroyed, of course). Mobile Suits typically only have enough power to generate one Beam
Shield at a time, although multiple beam shields can be used as backup shields.

MS use the 6E ranged to-hit table.
MS may use the look out, sir! rule for other MS in their force organizations within 6.
As MS are inherently more agile than many other types of vehicles, their handheld and arm mounted
weapons may fire into the front and both side Facings. All body-mounted and leg mounted weapons are
restricted to the front Facing. Shield mounted weapons may fire into the shield arc. Shoulder Mounted
weapons may fire into the front Facing and respective side Facing. Limb Destroyed results on the MS
Damage Table destroy whatever weapons/equipment that was located/held in that location as well.


Hand Held/Arm Mounted

Body/Leg Mounted

Shield Mounted

Shoulder Mounted

MS Line of Sight is determined the same as for Walkers, with the exception of the hand-held and shield
mounted weapons. If a LoS can be drawn from anywhere on the MSs upper half to the target (within the
weapons legitimate firing arc), then it is considered to have LoS to the target with the hand-held or shield
mounted weapon.
Unless otherwise specified, assume all MS weapons with S > 6 as AP3, S < 6 as AP4. If a beam-type
weapon, increase by 1 (AP3 AP2, AP4 AP3). Additionally, all beam-type weapons are considered
rending. Lasers, Mega Particle Cannons and Beam Weapons typically count as Beam Type, but check
the description.
Attacks may target a unit, building or unoccupied point, regardless of population. A line drawn as part of
an attack is considered a vector whose end point is a targeted point.
Flying MS have the Skyfire option as Flyer-types. Flyer-type Transforming MS weapons gain the Skyfire
option when Transformed (like Flyers), and lose it when in MS mode. If a Flyer-type MS has a Hover
option, they may use the Skyfire option. Boosting MS do not gain Skyfire (like Skimmers).

MS Penetrating Hit Chart



Crew Shaken - only Snap Shots until the end of the next turn.

Crew Stunned - Crew Shaken and cannot move until the end of the next turn. Zooming Flyers
can only move 18 and not turn.

Weapon Destroyed - Chosen at random, including built in weapons. If none left, count as
Backpack Destroyed.

Limb destroyed, any equipment attached to or held in the given limb is lost. If the selected limb
has already been destroyed, then re-roll. Roll a d6:

1-2: Leg MS cannot walk or run, and jumps require a Dangerous Terrain test.
Equipment attached to the given leg is lost. MS may pivot on one leg, but not if both legs are
destroyed. Roll a d6:
1-3: Left leg destroyed
3-6: Right leg destroyed
3-4: Arm Equipment attached to or held in the given arm is lost. Roll a d6:
1-3: Left arm destroyed
3-6: Right arm destroyed
5-6: Head movement halved; WS/BS/I are -2 (Minimum -1). Head equipment is lost.

Backpack Destroyed - Backpack thrusters and any attached Equipment are lost. MS may not
Jump, Jet, etc. Flight Packs no longer function, attached weapons no longer function. Zooming
Flyers instead gain Locked Velocity. If already Backpack Destroyed, lose an additional Hull


Nova! The reactor in the suit goes critical. Suit explodes with a 3d6 blast radius, S6 AP4 hit.
Affected models may make saves as appropriate. Replace vehicle with Crater or difficult

As per 40k, AP2 weapons add 1 to the roll, AP1 weapons add 2 to the roll.
Unless otherwise specified, MS have 3 hull points. Pilot(s) wounds add to the base hull points, including
non-elite units.

Pilot Concussion: If any weapon that hits an MS either rolls 11+ on the damage roll (regardless of
penetration) or has the Concussive Type, the pilot must make a LD check to avoid being Shaken the next
round from being bounced around in the cockpit.

Unless otherwise specified, grenades are Krak Grenades+Blast. The MS may give up one close combat
attack to use a grenade in an Assault (wherein they are Krak Grenades with no Blast).
MS units use the 6E table for assaulting.
MS melee weapons, unless otherwise specified, are AP3 for physical weapons (including heat weapons)
and AP2 for beam weapons. Additionally, all beam-type weapons are considered Rending.
All MS may punch and kick in melee at their base S, no bonus A. Use of a melee weapon supersedes
this ability.
A zooming flyer unit may only be assaulted by a unit with WS that is either a zooming flyer or declared
both boosting and flat out from within 2". The attacking unit must make a successful leadership check,
then attempt to charge. A zooming flyer is never considered 'locked in combat' and may choose to leave
close combat at the end of any assault phase. Unless otherwise specified, Flyers may not assault.

Transforming Mobile Suits

Transforming Mobile Suits can change into their vehicle equivalent mode or back to mobile suit form once

per pilots turn. The transformation must occur at the beginning of the movement phase and the mobile
suit counts as moving in their post-transformed mode at a minimum of Combat Speed for that turn (the
vehicle may boost, turbo-boost, go flat out, or cruise if able), regardless of actual distance moved. Use
the movement and shooting rules of the transformed equivalent mode after transformation (including
minimum distances, number of available weapons, etc.). The transformed Mobile Suit retains all of its
normal statistics (Armor, WS, PS, etc.) but has different movement rules.
Additionally, the pilot may elect to take an Emergency Transformation Check and transform after the
Movement Phase or Shooting Phase, allowing Shooting and Assaulting as per their new transformed
mode (if after the Shooting Phase, only Assaulting).
If a transforming Mobile suit is struck with an Immobilized or Limb Destroyed hit on the damage chart, the
pilot may (but does not have to) immediately make an Emergency Transformation Check. If the pilot
succeeds, then the mobile suit transforms and is immobilized/limb destroyed in that form. If the pilot fails
the pilot check, then the mobile suit is immobilized/limb destroyed in the mode it was struck in.
Unless otherwise specified, assume weapons available to a Mobile Suit when transformed become fixed
forward weapons while transformed (may only fire into the front arc).
The most common transformed mode is a Flyer-Type. When thusly transformed, treat the MS as a Flyer
(Zooming Type), including Ongoing Reserves rules. If the transforming mobile suit uses an Aerodynamic
Shield as part of a flight mode transformation and the Aerodynamic Shield is destroyed, the mobile suit
cannot transform into flight mode. If any limb but the head is destroyed, the mobile suit cannot transform
into flight mode. If in Flight Mode when a limb or an Aerodynamic Shield is destroyed, then the pilot must
make an Emergency Transformation Check to transform back to MS mode or count as Immobilized.
Unless otherwise specified, MS in Flight Mode may not Assault. However, MS in Flight Mode may make
an Emergency Transformation Check to change to MS Mode and Assault at the beginning of the Assault
Phase (including Assaulting Zooming Flyers).
If in flight mode and forced to move less than 18 while zooming, pilots may make an Emergency
Transformation Check and land at the end of their movement in MS mode.
Transforming MS typically start the game in MS mode, although it is not required. Flight Mode capable
transforming MS may start in Flight Mode but must start in Reserves, as per Flyer rules.

Emergency Transformation Check

Some situations force pilots to transform more often than the MS is designed for. When an Emergency
Transformation Check is called for, the Pilot must make a LD Test. Success means the pilot has
transformed to the indicated mode, while failing means the transformation did not succeed due to pilot
error. Whether succeeded or failed, the MS takes an S6 AP- hit against its rear armor, representing the
stresses on the frame.

Flight Packs
MS equipped with a Flight Pack are considered to have a Jump Pack and a Jet Pack. Additionally, their
Flight Pack allows them to move up to 12 in the Movement Phase as though Jumping, but does not
count towards that turns use of a Jump Pack.
Flight Pack equipped MS may also, at the beginning of their movement phase, declare they are Boosting.

Consider Boosting to be an MS Transformation into a Fast Skimmer mode, landing at the end of the Turn.
However, the Boosting MS may not boost again until the following Movement Phase.
Boosting MS that begin the Assault Phase within 2 of a Zooming Flyer may attempt an Emergency
Transformation to Assault said Zooming Flyer. If the Emergency Transformation succeeds, the Boosting
MS does not need to roll charge and the Flyer does not get overwatch - consider the Charge to be
successful and begin the Assault phase as normal.

MSGBS Newtype (+50)

Going by many names Newtype, Coordinator, Esper those with extraordinary psychic abilities are
better than other humans. In 40k terms, they also count as psykers with 1 psyker point to spend on a
force weapon, if available. An army may only take one for every 750 points in army size. Newtypes (N.T.)
may be taken for HQ or Elite pilots only. Armies may not field both N.T.s and Cyber Newtypes (C.N.). As
pilots, they gain the following abilities:
+1 LD N.T.s are natural pilots due to their psychic abilities enhancing spatial awareness
Active Mode All N.T.s can enter a special state of focus (called SEED Mode for Coordinators and other
names for other types) that grants them special abilities. This mode is Combat Hypnosis, but with the
following additions: Pilot gains +1 A. If an enemy N.T. or C.N. is in play, the mode activates immediately
and permanently. The pilot also gains preferred enemy against them and must advance towards the
closest enemy N.T. or C.N. if available. N.T.s also do not need to roll the Combat Hypnosis leadership
check, they automatically pass.
Synchronization Any allied N.T.s may use the highest leadership value between them for leadership
tests, regardless of distance.

Cyber Newtype (+10)

When there arent enough pure N.T.s for a factions liking, many have resorted to artificial means. Cyber
Newtype (C.N.), Enhanced Natural, and other names mask the true torture that is done to pilots to try to
keep up. While this helps level the field, the unnatural stresses these procedures place on the pilots tend
to have long lasting, mentally crippling effects. There are no restrictions on the number of C.N.s an army
can field. C.N.s may be taken for HQ, Elite, Heavy Support, or Troop units. However, armies may not
field both N.T.s and C.N.s. As pilots, they gain the following abilities:
+1 LD C.N.s are natural pilots due to their psychic abilities enhancing spatial awareness
If enemy N.T.s or C.N.s are fielded, they gain preferred enemy against them and must advance towards
the closest enemy N.T. or C.N.
C.N.s are treated as always having Combat Hypnosis active, necessitating the leadership test every turn.

Combat Hypnosis
Combat hypnosis may be activated once per game at any time and deactivated any time after that. A pilot
with combat hypnosis gains Fearless but must always advance towards the closest enemy. Additionally,
they must pass a leadership check at the beginning of each of their turns or be paralyzed by paranoia and
other side effects. Pilots that fail this check are additionally unable to differentiate friend from foe and

treat all units as closest enemy until their unit is destroyed or the end of the game. Said berserk units
are treated as enemy units by all forces.
Multishot: A N.T. or C.N. in Combat Hypnosis has the option to take no other actions (no movement, no
assaulting) and fire every attached or hand-held weapon it has at up to as many units as it has weapons.
Each targeted unit must be in range and inside the firing arc of the weapon targeting that unit, and the
pilot may break the twin-link of the attached weapons (firing each separately).

Psycommu Systems
Some MS have been specially created to use the pilots Newtype enhanced spatial awareness for control
of the suit and use of remote funnels. There are 3 main types of systems - Psycommu, Overdrive and
Lumiere. Psycommu suits allow the use of funnels. Overdrive Suits, in addition to funnel capability,
grant a pilot in Combat Hypnosis the Traits Fleet and Preferred Enemy [All]. Lumiere Suits, in addition
to funnel capability, grant a pilot in Combat Hypnosis the Traits Fleet and Stealth.

Funnels / DRAGOONs
Funnels, bits, and DRAGOON systems consist of units that can be controlled wirelessly and attack an
opponent from multiple directions. Mobile suits with a Funnel system and a Newtype or Cyber Newtype
Pilot may, instead of moving, launch the funnels. The Mobile Suit may not fire any weapons during the
following Shooting Phase, but the funnels may fire the turn they launch. Once launched, the funnels must
stay within 8 of the mobile suit, may each fire a Beam Gun (same BS as main pilot+MS), and cannot
assault. Launched funnels are considered part of the MS Unit that launched them.
After a funnel has been launched for 2 full turns, it must return to the MS to recharge for 1 turn, regardless
of what it did during those 2 turns. Returning is automatic as long as the funnels are within 8 and the MS
may move and shoot as normal that turn (unless they launch other funnels that turn). Launched funnels
are considered Fast Skimmers with armor 8/8/8, WS 1. If a funnel is dealt a glancing or better hit, do not
roll on the damage charts. Instead, the small and relatively fragile funnels are instantly destroyed.
This is a standard Funnel system; suits with these types of systems will specify the number of funnels and
any modifications to this setup.
Funnels must all be fired at the same target unless the MS has a special targeting system (i.e. does not
benefit from Combat Hypnosis Multishot), although other MS weapons fired alongside the Funnels
benefit from Multishot as normal.

Unique MS
Some MS are considered Unique. For these MS, only one may be used in a given encounter. If both
players wish to field the same Unique MS, the players are encouraged to sort this out prior to game.
Alternately, a round-robin pick could be employed, where one player chooses a limited unit, then the other
player chooses one, etc.

Instant Death
An MS hit with an unsaved Instant Death attack subtracts the Pilots W bonus from the MS remaining HP.
If this reduces the remaining HP to 0 or less, the Unit is considered destroyed. Do not roll on the
penetrating hit chart - the MS is intact, the pilot is dead.

MS List Notes and Updates

RX-75s 2x missile launchers are Arm Mounted.
Targeter: Does not add to snap shooting BS. If included in standard MS equipment, bonus already
Arm/Leg/Body Mounted Weapons: As Walkers, MS do not need to remain still to fire additional weapons.
Improved Jets: Model is considered to be equipped with Jet Packs. This does not preclude the use of an
equipped jump pack.

Mobile Suit Upgrades - includes 6E changes and new Upgrades
Over time Mobile Suit teams gradually customize their machines, most of the time this normally means a
standard weapon fit that the pilot is comfortable using - or sometimes a paint scheme or badge the team
has adopted as their emblem. Sometimes one or two suits receive some kind of upgrade, or test a new
prototype device.
The following are a series of upgrades that can be fitted to your Mobile Suits. These range from improved
systems to reinforced armor that allows the suit to function longer in heavy combat situations. These
upgrades are only available to the very best Mobile Suit pilots, so only HQ and Elite pilots can take then
within the following guidelines.
HQ units may be fitted with up to three upgrades
Elite units may be fitted with one upgrade
Remember to use these upgrades you must follow the What You See Is What You Get rule. The suit must
have its upgrades modeled onto it this stops nasty surprises like attacking a suit just to find it has
reinforced armor and a weapon arm. Stick to this rule and the upgrades presented below will cause no
trouble in your MSGBS games.
Ablative Armor/Chobham Armor +100 points
Some Suits are fitted with Ablative armor; extra plates the overlay vital systems and is designed to
distribute weapons energy. The Ablative armor is normally bolted or part of an over suit to make damaged
plates easier to replace after battle. Suits wearing ablative armor add +1 Hull Point. Treat the first
Penetrating Hit on their suit as a Glancing Hit.
Extra Armor +15 points
As per 6E Vehicle Upgrade Extra Armor.
Cracker Grenade (Zeon pilots only) +5 points
Zeon forces have developed a number of anti-Suit targeting devices. One of which is the Cracker
grenade. When used it can overload the visual sensors of a Mobile suit rendering them useless for a short
while. See Cracker Grenade description.
Searchlight +5 points
Searchlights are fitted onto suits that are about to perform night fighting missions. As per 6E Vehicle
Upgrade Searchlight.

Smoke Launcher +5 points

Smoke charges can be used to generate smoke to hide behind. As per 6E Vehicle Upgrade Smoke
Reinforced Shield (Federation pilots only) +35 points
Almost all Federation suits are fitted with shields some pilots reinforce them with additional armor plates
or are testing a new alloy. Reinforced shields give the Mobile Suit a 3+ save all other rules for shields
Shield +25 points
Not all suits come with shields as standard, some pilots request one for additional protection and it is
retrofitted to their suits. However, there are many problems with Mobile suits computers, balance because
the suit is not intended to use a shield, and the mount is improvised at best means the suit only gets 5+
save all other rules for shields apply.
Arm-mounted Weapons +variable points see below
Some Mobile Suits sacrifice a hand or limb to fit a more powerful weapon to it. These suits are normally
prototypes or field refits.
Gundam Hammer (counts as Beam Sabre) +15 points
Gatling Cannon (counts as 75mm Gatling Cannon) +30 points or twin linked Gatling Cannon for
+40 points
Arm Cannon (counts as Missile Launcher) +25 points
The Mobile suit can still carry hand held weapon systems. As Walkers, MS do not need to remain still to
fire additional weapons.
Support Missile +15 points
On occasion Mobile Suits are called upon to destroy large targets like shuttles or land ships. The
firepower of a Mobile Suit sometimes is not enough so they are fitted with a one shot missile system. This
system is normally mounted on the arm, replacing the shield mount and takes the form of a missile with a
high yield warhead. As per 6E Vehicle Upgrade Hunter Killer Missile.
Sensor Targetor +15 points
Mobile suits can be equipped with a Sensor Targetor, this allows the Suit to detect infiltrating targets and
ambushers within 18 if it stays still for one turn and does not fire. In every other way it acts like a normal
Hit and Run / Improved Jets +20 points
The Mobile suit is refitted with powerful thrusters and verniers, greatly increasing its maneuverability. The
model is considered to be equipped with Jet Packs. This does not preclude the use of an equipped jump
Improved Comms +5 points
Command Suits are sometimes fitted with improved commas, keeping the Teams command in touch with
his troops, even in a storm of Minovsky particles. Mobile Suits within 12 of a Command suit fitted with
improved comms can use their commanders leadership to take tests on.


Aiming Sensor +30 points

This is attached to any ranged weapon, but unlike a Targetor it actually increases the effective range of
that particular weapon by 6". As such, it can effectively keep a guy from being hit by staying just outside
his opponent's weapon fire. The increased range adds to the weapons max range for the purposes of
computing half range for rapid fire weapons
Parry Computer Download +25 points
The mobile suit's computers have downloaded information on how to parry HTH attacks with HTH
weapons like beam sabers and heat hawks. To represent this, the mobile suit may make a parry save roll
against a close-combat attack. On a roll of a 5+, the attack is parried, and both mobile suits are knocked
back two inches from where the action took place, to represent the recoil coming from pushing against
one another.
Upgraded AMBAC System +60 points
All mobile suits have an Active Mass Balance And Control system; this system enables them to move
without overbalancing. Some have been Upgraded with a prototype AMBAC System, which allows it to
move and fire with uncanny accuracy. All Snap Shots gain a +1 to hit.
Char Clone +10 pts
MS gains Ork ability Red Paint (regardless of movement type used) and also Fear.

New Traits/Special Rules

Crushing Claws: MS gains 1D3 additional attacks in Assaults, but the pilots I is reduced to 1.
Giant: counts as larger than MS.
Grenade Launcher: Instead of throwing, pilot may fire a grenade up to 18.
Stagger: Any successful hit by this weapon forces a Pilot Concussion test.
360 Cockpit / Quick Trigger: May re-roll the to-hit dice up to 3 times per game
Increased Maneuverability: Gains a 5+ cover save against all shooting attacks
Only Use One: May only use one of the given type of weapon at a time. Does not preclude use of other
MegaBeam X: Treat attack mechanically as a Witchfire Beam attack, X wide. May be abbreviated MBX.
Does not count as a Psyker attack, and defenders may not Deny the Witch. If rating X is 0, beam is
~1mm wide (a string will suffice). Unit must remain Stationary to fire. May not fire other weapons that
shooting phase, even as snap shots. May not be fired as a Snap Shot. Use Beam centerline to
determine armor facing. Roll for MS Armor penetration separately for each model affected. Only
Invulnerable saves allowed. If attack has multiple hits (i.e. Heavy 3), then resolve all of the saves and
damage for each of the hits sequentially (i.e. all hits from the first beam, removing casualties, then all hits
from the second beam, etc). Typically has limited shots or a use restriction (such as Every Other Turn,