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Cancer 2012
Jun 21 - July 22
Vol 2 : Issue 6

Spiritual Monthly Magazine

Editor : Master K. Parvathi Kumar
Registered No. 32061/76

Prayer for the Year
Message for the Month of Cancer
Lord Krishna - Gita Upanishad
Lord Maitreya
Master Morya - Maruvu Maharshi
Master Koot Hoomi-Devapi Maharshi

Message of Master E.K.

From the Teachers Pen
Wisdom Teachings of Vidura
Shirdi Sai Sayings
Sri Ramakrishna
Ashram Leaves
On Love
On Change


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On Silence
On Service
Hymns on Agni
Violet Flame Invocations
Occult Meditations
Childrens Section
Book Reviews
Paracelsus Health and Healing
A Good Word
Mantrams & Invocations
Vishnu Purana
Important Dates
Prayer given by Brother Klaus


The teachings given in the name of the Masters are all seed thoughts expressed by
them. They are elaborated and described by Master K Parvathi Kumar for easier
comprehension. Unless explicitly stated, all wisdom concepts presented here are
from the teachings coming through him.
Office of correspondence - My Light, Divya Kalanjali Apartments, 9-2-48/1,
Manovikas Nagar, Hashmathpet, Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad 500009, A.P,
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MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Prayer for the Year

Up the ladder creeps the serpent.
Self-opposing coils harmonised.
Ascending the vertical bore of the eternal centre.

2012 Master CVV Gurupuja and Gurupurnima

Celebrations - Bhagyanagar
Master CVV Gurupuja and Gurupurnima 2012 Celebrations
at Bhagyanagar will be celebrated from 1st July, 9.30 am till 4th
July noon, at Hariyana Bhavan, Paradise, Bhagyanagar
(Hyderabad). For further details please contact:
Sri P.V.Subba Rao Garu - 9490116989
Sri. K.S.R Gopal Garu - 9885248495

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Message for the month of Cancer

Cancer reminds of those who predominantly carry the home in the head.
The snail is symbolic of it. The snail carries the house on its head wherever
it moves. Those who carry predominantly in their head the thoughts relating
to them, their family and who frequently speak in terms of their family are
predominantly Cancer natives. Attachment to family is the main quality of
Cancer. They mistake their attachment as love. Love is the cord that emerges
from the heart, while attachment relates to the umbilical cord. Extending
the logic, aspirants need to know that whenever they circumscribe in their
mind in terms of my family, my group, my activity, my organisation,
they are put to ring pass not and are conditioned by the Cancer cord.
Cancers love is like the love of the mother. Mothers love for the child is
not only pure but also possessive. This possessiveness causes limitation, which
cannot be overcome. To break this limitation and to walk into liberation
the seers have found a key. The key is to extend the horizon of affection in
gradual degrees into the surroundings and slowly embrace a larger section
of the community. It enables the mind to embrace ultimately even the
universe. The Cancer mind needs to become cosmic mind. The Teacher
represents the cosmic mind while the aspirant represents the Cancer mind.
May the Teachers mind be invoked by the aspirant. May the aspirant
mind be magnetised to be a cosmic mind. May the teacher-student
relationship cause the growth of moon unto cosmic moon Soma.
MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Lord Krishna
- Gita Upanishad The Path of Surrender - 2
Dear Arjuna, the Path of Surrender also demands absence of malice. It
also demands focussed attention to ones own work. Thus in all, four qualities
are demanded on the Path of Surrender:

Lack of personal desire.

Lack of malice.
Focussed attention to ones own work.

Mind you! These qualities should be present at all times. Such one is
led by the Divine. Such one is under the total protection of the Divine. By
such qualities man stands at once in liberation. Only the brave ones can
relinquish the desire, the attachment and the malice and devote themselves
for the ordained work. They are rare in all ages. More so, in the age of Kali.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Lord Maitreya

There are certain cardinal principles for the voluntary service

organizations to flourish. The organizations have better longevity if
these principles are respected. We may mention them as under:
1. Reasonable flexibility. The executive committee of the organization
should have reasonable flexibility that would enable the members
to function with certain degree of freedom. If the ambience is too
rigid then the members would leave.
2. There should be total absence of authoritarianism. Authoritarian
communications should be substituted by friendly
communications. Friendliness should be the basis for all
interactions inter se by the members.
3. Criticality destroys the cordiality. Learn to communicate without
being critical. Even advanced students do not know how to speak
without being authoritarian and critical.
4. Co-operation should be implicit. Silent non-cooperation would
destroy the institution.
A member of the institution should have daily introspection. He
should analyze himself of his tangible contribution to the group. Is he
critical? Is he authoritarian? Is he non-cooperative?

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Master Morya
- Maruvu Maharshi Bridge to the Divine
When the Earth is being formed, the Devas were busy in preparing
fertile lands, minerals, water, etc. Then the Mother Earth approached
the Devas and said: It is not enough if we just prepare for the beings
of the planet, food and other things of pleasure. I am not happy if the
beings remain as the indulgent ones, all the time. The planet should
also contain avenues that can uplift the human awareness. If such avenues
are not created, the planetary beings have no scope to evolve.
Devas replied, Let the earthy beings remain earthly. Let them enjoy
the treasures and pleasures of the Earth. Let them not look elsewhere and
deny to themselves earthly treasures and pleasures. We do not like them to
be day-dreamers. Let them exploit the earthly pleasures.
Mother Earth said, I am the mother of the planetary beings. The
mother is happy only when her children grow. They should grow not only
to enjoy but also to aspire much more than earthly treasures. You must
understand the mothers agony.
Devas replied, Tell us what you desire. We shall fulfill.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Mother Earth said, Create opportunities and avenues for the humans
to evolve. The other beings evolve through time and through nature. The
humans therefore are my concern. They should have access to sky. When
they remain high above in the sky, they develop taste for the higher and
high peaks on the earth. When they are high above they can perceive the
limitlessness and the related joy.
Devas replied, Yes, we shall prepare the mountain ranges and peaks.
Let the humans ascend and enjoy the height. We shall not give them wings;
it is too early for them. As they get inclined to evolve, in due course of time
they would get the wings. In the meantime let them experience the heights
through the mountain peaks.
The Mother agreed.
As time passed by, the humans gradually were finding the shallowness
of the earthly pleasures and started aspiring for better, subtler experiences.
They started moving towards mountain ranges, practiced penances, and
experienced the beauty and subtlety of the outer and inner heights. They
experienced the Divine and thus built a bridge to the Divine from the
mundane.Thereafter the seekers started looking for the bridge and walking
on the bridge. The builders of the bridge remained to help the walkers.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Master Koot Hoomi

- Devapi Maharshi Our measure to accept the aspirants as our Disciples
We measure the aspirants. The measure we use is the speech. We see if the
aspirants frequently speak lies. It is our experience that the aspirants speak
lies even in silly and sundry occasions. Even unnecessarily they speak lies.
Unconsciously also they speak lies. This is a dangerous habit. It destroys
the possible alignment of the inner and the outer man. However virtuous
and capable an aspirant is, the habit to lie destroys all that the aspirant
builds. Truth seekers cannot be untruth speakers. The whole creation is
based on truth. Unless truth speaking is practiced, the aspirant cannot
reach the truth, the basis of creation. We wish to receive as many aspirants
as possible into our ashram. But you build an iron wall between you and
the ashram. A small mistake has a large consequence. A small bolt missing
in a huge aeroplane is disastrous. A small hole can sink a big ship. A petty
habit of lying causes irreparable damage.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Message of Master E.K.

A Key to Discipleship
Recollect the Divine in the events of daily life. Recollect the Divine in
the unfavourable events as well. If this is well practiced, the unfavourable
will get neutralised. Recollection of the Divine in the events of life
helps to lift oneself up and above the events. Then the events do not
affect. Avoiding unpleasant events is timidity. Meeting them in the
presence of the Divine neutralises karma. Many turned to be world
disciples following this key.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

From the Teachers Pen

Questions and Answers

Question: Master what is the significance of violet colour?
Answer: Violet is but blue in proximity. Blue is synthesis. Synthesis is
brought to proximity through violet. The violet world precedes the
world of matter. It precedes the visible world of form. It represents the
subtle world that exists in and around the visible world. Visualising the
subtle world enables one to unlock secrets of oneself and of the
surrounding nature. The violet world not only precedes the world of
visible matter but also carries the ability to reform the forms of matter.
It does the noble reformation work. The forms are reformed and reframed
to be of better texture, colour and shape by the power of violet. Violet
holds the key to celestial patterns and reforms the distorted mundane
forms to be in tune with the celestial forms. The Devas of the violet are
the true sculptors that eliminate formations that are undesirable. The
undesirable formations are but material sedimentations. They suppress
the beauty of the vibrant form which is essentially radiant and magnetic.
Reformation of forms help the beings to function better through the
vehicle of form. Just as vehicles are reformed progressively, the human
forms are also reformed progressively.
Manu Vaivasvata works in association with the builders of forms
who are considered as flames of violet.
(Continued in the next page...)

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Wisdom Teachings of Vidura

The disciple that lives in Yoga,

and the soldier that dies in war,
transcend the Wheel of the world.
(Continued from From the Teachers Pen...)
Flames of violet can be better realised by setting a rhythm to ones own
activity of thought, speech and action.
The very awareness of existence of violet around us awakens the
inclination to be orderly and rhythmic in action in the three worlds thought, speech and action. The violet colour gives the needed initial
training in discipleship for the disciple to comprehend better, how it is
above and how it is becoming below. A disciple of violet realises the due
and ancient form of person and of nature and accordingly reforms himself.
The seventh colour of the Sun Ray is said to be violet.
The seventh ray is called Swa Raj meaning self-rule. Self-rule
enables freedom and liberty. The person who can rule himself stands as
good model for others to emulate. The key-note of violet is, I rule myself;
I let others to rule themselves.
MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Shirdi Sai Sayings

My Advice
The ignorant indulge in the differences of the religions. The knowers
see the Truth hidden. In Truth all religions unite. Follow the Path of
Truth through any religion. You will reach Me. Do not be lost in the
routine of religion and in the variety of practices. Truth should prevail in
all thoughts, speeches and actions. Compassion to beings is primary. The
left and the right hands are seemingly different but are complementary.
Together they accomplish better, than individually. Discussion, argument
and conflict lead nowhere. Competition is unhealthy. Be just and be
unmindful of the injustice done to you. Engage in your duty towards others
and let that be the motto of the daily life.


MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Sri Ramakrishna

The great logs of sound timber float down a stream bearing the weight
of a man, a cow, or an elephant.
A steam-boat crosses a river itself and at the same time takes others with it.
Teachers are like the steamboat and the logs of sound timber.
They not only themselves cross, but they also help others to cross the
waters of life.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Ashram Leaves

To realise unity - is (Yoga) fusion.
To unite the variety - is confusion.
Realise the unity and variety and
Respond skilfully in society.


MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

On Love
Love dislocates from localisation.
Engulfed by Love, one knows not Time,
Space and Place.

On Change
Change needs to be holistic.
It cannot be piecemeal!

On Silence
Silence is Silence.
It is not definable!
It is not comparable!

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


We realise that it is futile
to run around in the world.
The world revolves
around You.
To run
around You,
to revolve
around You
helps us to overcome
the revolutions of world,
of death
and birth.
Moving around You,
we pray!

On Service
Personal life flows effortlessly
when one orients to
and engages in Service.


MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Beware of motive in service. Selfish motive awaits to jump into the
wagon of service. The most inappropriate time for service is seen as the
most appropriate time by the personality. It destroys the work. It is like
a bull amidst the cows, a vulture amidst the swans, a fox amidst the
dogs. Personality motive surreptitiously eats away the quality of service
and eventually the service falls. The personality motives are like the
termites that silently eat away the tree from within. One therefore
needs to analyse personal necessities. If there are material necessities,
they easily creep into the service. Egoistic tendencies, the will-to-power,
the will to fame, the will to ambition are frequent visitors to the server.
Personal pride and personal prestige try to engulf the service. Following
the inner voice through prayers and meditation and cleansing the
personality through prayers and meditation therefore become necessary.
A server should know that he is fulfilling his part (however small it is in
Gods plan). As long as service is kept impersonal so long it grows. It
grows even after the life of the server. The longevity of the selfless
service is much more than that of personality service. Service flowing
form the soul remains immortal, while service flowing from personality
suffers mortality.
- A disciple

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Hymns on Agni

Archan Ta Stva Havamahe

Archantah Sami Dhi Mahi
Agne Archanta Utaye!
Oh Lord Agni! We worship you. We invoke you, we invite you, we offer
sticks of fuel to you. Please arrive blazing forth and lift us up along with
your flames, along with your uprising flames.
The fire in us is at work as latent heat in the body cells, as active heat in
the respiration, and as the fire of mind. Just when the sticks of fuel are set
to fire the flame emerges vertically. So also the fire of Kundalini has to
emerge vertically, bridging the three fires. When it happens man shines
forth with brilliance. The lift-up happens to man when the latent heat in
the body-cells unites with the heat of Prana in Muladhara and rises like a
flame to meet the fire of mind which is like a mantle. When the flame of
Kundalini rises and touches the mantle, the mantle glows. That glow of
mantle is thousand times more illuminating than that of the light of mind.
Such is the purpose of fire ritual. The worshipper invokes, invites, worships,
offers sticks and fuel only to set ablaze the fire. Such fire -work as it happens
within and as the fires unite, the purpose is fulfilled. The ritualist in this
hymn reminds himself of the very objective of his worship and also
sets a goal. He tries to reach the goal with the help of Lord Agni.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

For Masters Message in Telugu - Navani

Please contact : Sri. B.R.K. Raju, 15-7-1, Angels Enclave,
Krishna Nagar, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam - 500002
Email -
Ph - 0891 - 2701531, 0891 - 2509154

For Masters Message in Kannada - Jagadguru Vani

Please contact : Sri. J.N. Murthy, 478 (Manasa), Sadguru
Tapovana, Royal Park Residency, JP Nagar, 9th Phase
Bangaluru - 560060
Ph - 09740277255

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Violet Flame Invocations

Cream of our life is melting.

Dream of our life is dissolving.
Stream of love is feebling.
Hreem and Sreem we hold on to,
to reframe in these times of defame.
Help us, hold us and enfold us
in Your Pink, Purple, Violet Chamber.
Oh Master, Count & Saint !


MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Yo Rudro Agno Yo
Apsuya Oshadhishu
Yo Rudro Viswa Bhuvan
Avivesa Tasmai Rudra
Ya Namo Astu
Yo Rudro: The one who is the Lord of Vibration;
Agno Yo: The one who is in the form of the cosmic fire, the
solar fire and the frictional fire;
Apsuya: Waters at the etheric and physical plane;
Oshadhishu: Herbs and plants;
Yo Rudro Viswa Bhuvanavivesa: The one who dwells as the
Lord of Vibration in the world, in the universe;
Tasmai Rudra Ya: To that Rudra;
Namo Astu: We offer our salutations.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


We Worship The Lord Of Vibration,

Who Is In The Form Of The
Cosmic Fire, The Solar Fire And
The Frictional Fire,
Who Also Exists In The
Waters, Clouds, Herbs, Pulses,
Vegetables, Fruits, Etc.,
Who Enters And Exists
In All The Forms
Rudras are the Lords of Vibration. They cause vibrations in space
creating the necessary friction. Through a special friction, the atoms are
formed, the sensations are formed, the pulsations are generated with
the alternative activity of expansion and contraction. The movements are
also born. The Lord Rudra is the Cosmic Intelligence that causes the
electrical, solar and frictional fires.Such Rudra, who forms all, enters into
and lives in all, is worshiped with this mantra. It is the manifestation of the
Will, Siva. The mantra is recommended to be recited in multiples of 11.
Mystically, it is said in the Veda that Rudra destroys (the space potential)
to form all that is. He also destroys all that is formed, back to its source, to
its potential form.

The number of this mantra is 11.

The colour is brilliant orange.

The symbol is a brilliant translucent double pyramid or Lingam.

The impact of the mantra can be better realised or experienced 48

hours approaching the New Moon, on Mondays, in the months of
Scorpio, Aquarius and Gemini.


MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

The mantra may be invoked in the heart centre, in the brow

centre, or in the throat centre.
This mantra is closely associated with the mantra Om Nama Sivaya.

11 are the Rudras that function from all the 10 directions and from
the centre. The 10 directions are East, South, West, North, North-East,
South-East, South-West, North-West, above and below. From the centre
into all 10 directions, the soul can be visualised. Again from all
directions to the centre the soul can be visualised. Linking up the
directions to the point above would cause the formation of an upward
pyramid. Linking up the directions to the point below would cause the
formation of a downward pyramid.
Thus, the student expands into the sphere around and contracts
into the centre. Such is the work of the Deity. When through all the channels
the vibrations are made active, the student remains exceedingly vibrant in
the electro-magnetic field. This mantra has everything to do with the Devas
of vibration in the creation. The other name for the Devas of vibration is
This is the mantra given by Master Djwhal Khul at the very
beginning of the book Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Occult Meditations

All names together utter the name of God. A prophecy

thinks from darkness to light. Prophecy is fulfilled.
Abraham, Moses, Isiah, Jacob put together form Jesus.
The original understanding of God from Vedic times is that He
exists as all names and in all forms. Matter is an offspring of Spirit.
When matter is designed and shaped by the forces of nature, the Spirit
cooperates and dwells in matter. All that is visible and invisible is God.
Through the visible God, the invisible can be realised. By denying the
visible God, one cannot reach the invisible easily.
Visvam Vishnuhu, says the Veda. The form of the world is
Vishnu, the Lord. When this truth is accepted, all names are Gods
names because the names are given to the forms which are God made.
God dwells in all.
When God is not felt in the form, darkness prevails. When God
is recollected in the form, the darkness yields light. The disciple needs
to think and recollect God in all that is visible. This is a fundamental
discipline for a disciple. Then God reveals slowly. As God (the Light)
reveals in the visible, the darkness of the world disappears.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

The path of grace, which Jesus Christ followed and which many
world disciples followed in India, suggests looking for God in all that
is. Then the reality appears and the prophecy gets fulfilled. In Jesus,
there was such fulfilment of prophecy, which was imitated by Abraham,
Moses, Isiah, Jacob, etc. The teachings of Jesus constitute the synthesis
of wisdom. It is unfortunate that only fragments of his teachings remain
today. He taught the synthesis of all that IS. He taught through
symbols, through allegories and through parables. He demonstrated
the immortality of man. He created and destroyed. He brought the
dead to life. He was an embodiment of simplicity, of love, of sharing
and of sacrifice. He did not found a religion. He followed the path of
truth, which was followed by earlier seekers who turned into Masters.
Like them, he too became part of the path.

The Doctrine of Ethics

The foolish rely on
the promises of the Prostitute.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Childrens Section

Dear Children
I spoke to you on Uranus. I now speak to you on Neptune. Neptune
offers deep experience. Such an experience that man gets absorbed
and mused into it. It is called Bliss where man forgets himself for a while
and remains as experience. Even wise men crave for such experience.
For example if you love music and when you hear good music you get
absorbed. You forget the surroundings. This absorption through loving
experience is called Neptunian experience. Neptune gives magical effects
and magical joy. It is very mystical. While Uranus is radiating energy
Neptune is magnetizing energy. One is the Divine as the male, the other is
the Divine as the female. While Uranus is ruled by number 4, Neptune is
ruled by 7. The color of Uranus is the clean sky of mid-noon (it is silver
gray). The color of Neptune is Aquamarine. One is the clean shining sky,
the other is deep still magnetic ocean. They are the two parts of the one
K.Parvathi Kumar


MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Book Review
Your Birthday Gift
The sun gives the influence of the twelve zodiacal signs
differently for those born during the twelve months of the
year. Each of the zodiacal signs bestows its characteristic
touch to all the aspects of life.
Astrology holds the key to life. It is necessary to get into
the secrets of the time relating to ones own life in particular
and relating to the humanity in general. Your Birthday
Gift is the first step towards understanding of Time and also a right
understanding of the human psyche. It is an invaluable gift to all true
seekers of truth, coming from Master E.K.
Ekkirala Krishnamacharya: The Mandra Scripture.
For Copies:
The Theosophical Movement
The Theosophical Movement is an ongoing movement.
It was inaugurated through the great initiate H. P. Blavatsky
during the last quarter of the 19th century. It continued
further through Master C.V.V., who gave an Aquarian
impulse during the beginning of the 20th century. This
book describes the qualities of a true theosophist, the
movement of Theosophy through them, as also the
principle teachings of Master CVV. This book is a talk at Misiones,
Argentina, by Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar, in 1992.
K. Parvathi Kumar: The Theosophical Movement
For Copies:

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


Paracelsus - Health and Healing

Fourfold Approach
The science of medicine and health would be considered great when
the whole man could be healed through bringing together all the available
knowledge relating to health and healing, in whatever manner it is
presently available. The mans need is holistic health. Such a health has
four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. With the
available knowledge that man carries in all the four fields, it should not
be difficult to attain this. It needs Will to join the forces from all four
The physicians and surgeons, the psychologists, neurologists and
psychiatrists, the mental healers, new thought workers, and lastly the
men of wisdom who know the spiritual dimension of man can bring
together their knowledge and practical experience to serve man.
All these four players have their strengths and their limitations.
But the limitations of one category can be offset by the strength of the
other. They are essentially like the four branches of one tree of health.
None of the branches can claim to be the complete tree, however much
they claim to be. The human ignorance and the constituent pride are
today engaged in a fight as between the four departments, i.e. the
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual workers. Each one is claiming

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

to be greater than the other forgetting their complementary nature.

The attitude to oppose, discern, disparage and discount the other
branches of health science is but ignorance. The time has come and the
intelligence of humanity is getting mature demanding openness from
all sides. Accommodating others school of thought to see how it
supplements ones own school of thought is emerging in a very small
way. It needs to be developed further. This can happen if all health
workers at all levels remember that man is more important than their
own theories of health and that all that helps to heal mans sickness
should be considered as part of the science of health.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


A Good Word - 6
That which you attain outside in the objectivity cannot establish
peace within you in the subjectivity. Peace within is possible only when
there is alignment between thought, speech and action, between higher
and lower minds. Outer accomplishments have little value for inner
fulfilment and contentment. In recent centuries man stimulated by over
activity (Rajas) is aggressive. He is excessively aggressive, restless and busy.
His accumulations are too many and varied. In his ignorance, he thinks,
he is far better and progressive than his ancestors. But his ancestors were
knowledgeable enough to accomplish inside more than outside. The
splendorous ones matched the inner and outer accomplishments and stood
out as examples. Learn to match the subjective and objective
accomplishments. Let not life be lop-sided.
(Sri K. Parvathi Kumar)


MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Mantrams & Invocations


It is the mantram for Venus.

The mantram for the elevation through the ray of Venus is
AMALA which wards off the evil effects of this planet in the
horoscope (only in the spiritual sense) and leads the disciple
through the sense of response to beauty, into the required levels.
The meaning of AMALA is purity or not mala. Mala means impurity
in Sanskrit.
The number of the mantram is number 6 or the inverted 9. When
one works with the Venus energies appropriately it is number 9,
when inappropriately worked with, it gets inverted into 6, the
number of the beast, while 9 is the number of the soul.
The symbol of this mantram is a beautiful angel seated in the Heart
Lotus resplendent with golden colours. It is the angel of Venus,

Lakshmi stands for purity in all the 3 planes. She has 4 arms. The
two upper hands hold two unfolding brilliant white lotuses. The lower
right hand is kept in the posture or mudra of blessing and protection while
the left hand is in the mudra of showering benediction. She has a diamond
crown on her head. The golden colour of Lakshmi relates to the golden
colour of the body, the diamond crown relates to the Glorious White
Robe, and the two lotuses are symbolic of the unfoldment into the
MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


subjective and objective light. (For more details see the book Venus - The
Path to Immortality by the same author.)


Through this mantram the disciple realises the meaning of the

woman in the heart of man.
The colour is the sky blue.
The mantram may be chanted in multiple of 6; and the most
propitious time is on Fridays visualising the Heart Centre.
The ancient seers have given the key of sound and form which
redeems the student from the limitations of the mundane effects
of planets.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

Vishnu Purana
The Plan of the Vishnu Purana - 2
This Purana is very famous among the scholars. It is a self-sufficient
text of all sacred formulae described in stories and expanded into various
subjects. This Purana contains six books. The first book is of 22 chapters
and deals with various phases of cosmology in the shape of so many
episodes relating to ages and devas (creative intelligences). The second
book is of 16 chapters. It mainly deals with the various continents
around the earth and the oceans. It also describes the lokas (planes) in
the order of creation. A thorough record of the Vedic Astronomy and
the story of the phenomena of the darkest depths of space can be had
from this book. Our solar system and the regions of planetary spirits
are well described. The third book describes the cycles of knowledge
and knower. A good record of the Manvantaras (periods of planetary
activity) and the full history of the vedic literature with its contents are
given here. This book also contains Yama Geeta. Besides, this gives us
the rules of behaviour for the human beings in the four different
Ashramas (stages of life). This book contains 18 chapters. The fourth
book gives us a detailed record of the rulers in the Manvantaras. The
rulers of the solar and lunar order are described. The special feature of
this book is the key to the future. The trend of things to come and how
the Kali Yuga leads the beings, can be known by reading this book,
which contains 24 chapters. The fifth book is one of 38 chapters and
it is the biggest of the six books of Vishnu Purana. This is also the most
important of all, because it contains the story of Lord Krishna which is
the Master key to all the branches of wisdom. The story, the formula,
MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


the allegory and the import of this person is the leading feature of the
puranic literature. The story of the parents of the Lord, the entering of
the Lord into the imitation to deliver the world from misery, the spite
of Kamsa (limitation of time), the birth in the prison (limited existence),
killing the devilish forces and finally deliverance of his elders from
imprisonment are all described in significant detail. In fact, the tenth
book or the Bhagavata Purana is completely after this detail. Hari Vamsa
also is written in this step of story value. The later life of Lord Krishna
is also described in the 5th book. This book, in itself, forms an
independent Purana. This is the reason why the Vishnu Purana is said
to contain all the keys of the 18 Puranas. The end of the Yadus also is
described here. The sixth and the last book is a small one in size. It
contains 8 chapters with practical instructions to be followed in our
Kali Yuga. A detailed study of time (individual time as against the
cosmic time) is also given in this book. This, in general, is the plan of
the Purana which should be in the mind of the reader before he enters
into the various phases of symbolism.
The grand and self-sufficient plan of the Vishnu Purana
gives the reader a thorough acquaintance of all the layers of the vedic
tradition. Like the other Puranas the object of this Purana is also to
expatiate the keys to wisdom and divulge the sacred symbols of eternity.
The story, as we see, is a symbol and an allegory with its historical,
cosmic and microcosmic keys. The sages and the saints in the stories of
this Purana are almost common to those in the other Puranas.
They are the eternal principles in the cosmic plan who descend into
the universes. They further descend into the planetary chains and
solar systems. In each solar system they come down into planetary
globes. On our globe (this earth), they come down as our elders

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6

who first commence the Yagna (sacrifice) of this finite creation. They
permeate the elements and sacrifice themselves in each and every
microcosmic centre to help his uplift and advancement whenever he
puts forth least effort in the name of austerity, devotion, truth, virtue
and charity. These sages and saints also come down as separate individuals
in each round of a Maha Yuga. The real place of these sages and seers
in the Yagnabhoomi (place of Sacrifice) is allegorically described in
Satapatha Brahmana.
The Purana, as the elders say, is not complete in its present
printed versions. Some parts of the book are, by some accident, scattered.
This fact is proved by some ancient commentators of Sanskrit
philosophical and religious books. In the course of their
commentaries they quoted verses from Vishnu Purana. Some of those
verses we do not see in the present printed versions of Vishnu
Purana. In our rendering we follow the accepted printed versions.
Somehow we hope some of the symbols in the Purana can be divulged
more easily and clearly in the presence of the missing sections. Research
scholars may find a complete version of the book in course of time.

MY LIGHT | Vol 2: Issue 6


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Prayer given by Brother Klaus

May Call 2012 was celebrated at Flueli Ranft, a very picturesque hill
station in Switzerland, which is famous because of Saint Nicholas.
Nicholas of Flueli, who lived between1417-1487 known as Brother
Klaus was a Hermit, Visionary, Mediator, & Patron Saint of
Brother Klaus is worshipped in Switzerland and across national
boundaries. One of his daily prayers went around the world:
My Lord and my God,
take everything from me
that keeps me from Thee.
My Lord and my God,
give everything to me
that brings me near to Thee.
My Lord and my God,
take me away from myself
and give me completely to Thee.


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August 10-12, 2012

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This year, August 11 also marks the completion of ten years of the
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The programme will commence on August10, 2012 at 05:00 PM
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