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OaklandWORKS Statement


Zoning East Oakland

January 21, 2014

To: The members of the Oakland Planning Commission
Sub-Committee on Zoning
From: The OaklandWORKS Alliance

We oppose any rezoning without the opportunity for full-community

discussion by the affected communities.
We oppose zoning changes that appear to remove East Oakland's
only business park and displace at least one of Oakland's longstanding and important businesses.
The zoning process is complex and none of us who live in Oakland
has had sufficient time to become familiar with the many dimensions
and ramifications involved in this.
Unlike the lengthy process which took place in West Oakland, few
East Oakland residents are even aware that such immense and
important policy changes are occurring.
The staff has provided no justification for proceeding without a
participatory advisory committee of Oakland residents, although the
staff and its paid consultants have been pursuing this planning for
more than two years.
The planning process for East Oakland needs a restart.
OaklandWORKS is an alliance of organizations including West
Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, Oakland Parents
Together, Black Women Organized for Political Action, PUEBLO,
Oakland Black Caucus, Concerned Black Men, John George
Democratic Club, and others.