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Girija Shankar

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Acropetal Technologies Ltd.
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30 December Onwards
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Organizational Management. Acropetal Technologies Ltd. Time Constraints. Subschema. Functions. Infotype Summary     Having 3+ years of SAP-ABAP/4 Technical experience with extensive background programming for SAP business applications in Implementation and Support. Personal Structure. Infotype Structure. SAP-HR Skills  HR Enterprise Structure. Custom Infotype Creation. PCR. SAP-ABAP/4 Skills SAP ABAP Trainee Engineer – On Job Training includes  Introduction to ABAP/4 – R/3 Architecture  ABAP Dictionary Objects – Data Types. Excellent communication and Inter personnel skills. Lock no+919438690269 | gitubehera@gmail. Retroactive Accounting. Organizational Assignment. Relationships. June 2011 to Jan 2014 ABAP-HR Consultant. Structures. Infotype Enhancement. Tables. Custom Infotype Creation.  OM Objects. Search help. Logical Database PCH  PA Infotype. SD Modules. Good Exposure in HR. Infotype Structure.Bengaluru | Ph. Wage type. -2- . Logical Database PNP and PNPCE  Payroll Schema. Infogroup Subtype. Subtype. Moston Soft Systems Pvt. Experience Feb 2014 till date ABAP-HR Consultant. Domain. Infotype. Exceptional ability to master new concepts Good Team Player and Hardworking Profile. Data element. Views.Girija Shankar Behera Current Location . Evaluation Path. Payroll Control record. Search help exit. Payroll Area.

Peripherals and Printers. Client Profile: Ingram Micro India Ltd is an ultimate subsidiary of Ingram Micro Inc. C++ : SQL : SAP GUI. Screen programming. reports using OOABAP. CA) : HR. SAP-SD Skills  SD Enterprise Structure. Sales Process. Singleton design pattern. Easy Splitter Container. Reports – Classical. Worked extensively on ABAP Object Oriented Concept (OOPS) – Persistence Class. Customer Exit etc. Vendor Master. Q-RFC). C. Pricing. BADIs. We have extensive market expertise in providing a comprehensive product line from a single source. Table Control. Application Software and Support Services. Interactive. Exception Class. Supplies and Accessories. Update Function module: T-RFC. Delegation mechanism. Abstract Class. Docking. Observer and notification design pattern. ALV Reports. Sales Document. Item Category. Established in 1989. Container. Local Class. User Exit. RFC. USA.. Networking Solutions. Global Class. Knowledge of Webdynpro. We enjoy an excellent reputation and market credibility as a leading wholesale provider of Computer Systems & Components. Field symbol . IMIL today is the No: 1 IT Distribution company with nationwide presence at nearly 40 locations. and Function Modules (Normal. Dialog Programming –Tab Strip. Objects Developed:  Developed a report in time management to provide dates on selection screen and based on the start date and end date show all employees those who had taken leaves within those dates their details of leave would be displayed in alv. Session Method. Technical Profile ERP Languages Database Front end Project #1 Client Modules : SAP R/3 : ABAP/4. Instance Constructor. Friend Class. Proficiency in Customer Enhancements. Splitter Container. : Ingram Micro (US. Customer Master. Data reference. Custom Container. Billing Document. Interface.Factory method. Knowledge of OOPS Design Pattern -. -3- . Material Master. Abap Spool and Background jobs. Proxy design pattern. Events. Batch Programs – Call Transaction. Computer Storage Systems. Partner function.        SAP Functions – Subroutines. Includes. Static constructor.

manufacturing. CA) : HR Client Profile: Chevron is one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies. north of Los Angeles.S...  Provided functionality for the Filtration of applicants resumes based on Qualification and Percentage and Sending Mail to all shortlisted Applicants in background. Developed a custom infotype for probation period performance  Created a workflow to read the status of the custom infotype and trigger the mail to the manager to take appropriate action  Developed an ALV Report to show performance and update custom infotype from report. of California and. subsequently.  Prepared a report to filter employees who were selected for club membership based on seniority and date of application. Calif. nearly doubling our worldwide proved oil and gas reserves. We are engaged in every aspect of the crude oil and natural gas industry. -4- . Our merger with Gulf was at that time the largest in U.  Developed a BDC (Using call transaction) to upload marks obtained by employees into the custom infotype. and power generation. Also triggering a mail for employees selected for membership. That company later became Standard Oil Co. geothermal energy..  Took part in table design with peers to store the employee application details and club details. we conduct business worldwide. Headquartered in San Ramon. marketing and transportation. Appropriate mail functionality for the employees Using Control framework. which led to the formation of the Pacific Coast Oil Co. We’re also investing in renewable and advanced technologies. Calif. Project #2 Client Modules : Chevron (US. in 1984. Chevron. Objects Developed:  Developed a screen to store the damages caused by the employee during relieving formalities used by various department. We trace our earliest roots to an 1879 oil discovery at Pico Canyon. including exploration and production. chemicals manufacturing and sales. history. We took on the name “Chevron” when we acquired Gulf Oil Corp.  Created an application table to store the details of damage done by the employee and then update infotype 0015 from this table.

Reddy’s has come a long way and today has a wide portfolio of APIs. Schedule line data and Condition record for a particular sales area.  Prepared an interactive alv report to display Delivery Header Data and Item data for a particular Sales Document. Dr.  Developed an ALV report to track purchase order history based on -5- . Strong Chemistry skills and our emphasis on high quality led to USFDA inspections of our manufacturing facilities. Since then. India. the first consignment of that drug. Reddy’s began API operations in 1984 and started with a single drug in a 60-tonne facility near Hyderabad. Reddy’s Labs : SD & MM Client Profile: The Pharma Services & Active Ingredients business of Dr. was shipped to West Germany. Item data. Reddy’s serves Generics and Innovator companies through the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Custom Pharmaceutical Services (CPS) businesses respectively.  Implemented a badi in infotype 0015 to restrict Sales Bonus wage type to employees who belong to SALES org unit  Developed a custom infotype to store training needs. Objects Developed:  Implemented a classic BADI to do certain validations while creating Material master  Developed a report program to list stocks in a plant and storage location during a time interval  Prepared an interactive ALV report to display Header data.  Prepared ALV report to show employees who have achieved the highest sales for the month. Methyldopa. In 1986. completion status and target completion dates  Developed a BDC program to upload training completion status  Prepared an OOPS alv report that lists the employees under a manager their training status and send notifications in case of no completion of training Project #3 Client Modules : Dr. Dr. Created a customizing table to store damage type and associated wage type  Created different wage types accordingly for damage type through OH11.

 Developed a BDC program to upload data for condition record (Sales order) VK11. -6- .Vendor/Material/Material group or PO number.