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bo@ January 6, 2010
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Timeless Money Secrets Part 4B

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Timeless Money Secret #4: you become wealthy

by giving, not by receiving. It is more blessed to give Give Your Best to Your Employer
than to receive. The rich keep giving and the poor keep
receiving. Don’t be the one always receiving. Be the one If you work, are you giving your best to your
always giving. Stop begging. Human beings were never employer? You say, “My boss is stingy. He pays
created to beg. There is a difference between begging and peanuts so I won’t waste my energy.” This is like
asking. Begging comes from a position of weakness. the chicken and egg riddle. Are you getting
Asking comes from a position of strength. The beggar peanuts because your work is peanuts or is your
has nothing to offer but the one asking has something to work peanuts because you get peanut pay? Life
give. Ask and you will receive. It does not say, “Beg and will pay you according to the quality of your
you will receive.” work. Your work is a spiritual duty and when you
do not do it well, your opportunity to progress in
life diminishes. This life will not promote you to
Why Africa is Poor In the Midst of Plenty the next level when you have not faithfully served
in your current level. Whatever work you do, you
Africa is the Receiving Continent and this is why we are are not working for your employer, you are
the poorest continent. For nearly 50 years since after working for yourself !
independence, Nigeria is still receiving aid. What do you
think of a 50-year old man that still wears napkin and How Can You Become a Good Giver?
sucks her mother’s breasts? The Western world knows
that is more blessed to give than to receive, so they keep There are 5 basic qualities of good giving:
giving us. 1. Good giving comes from the heart
2. True giving has no strings attached
Can the Poor Give? 3. Does not seek to control or manipulate the
receiver - some people give others in order to
Mark founded Facebook (FB) when he was only 20 years manipulate them. You will receive no reward
old from his student hostel. Last week, FB recorded 350 for that kind of giving.
million subscribers around the world. Each time you click 4. Is done cheerfully, not grudgingly, because
FB, 25-year old Mark Zuckerberg gets millions of dollars. God loves a cheerful giver
In 2007, when Microsoft bought less than 2% of 5. Costs you something-when you give to
Facebook, Facebook was valued at $15 billion - not too Motherless Babies’ Home,s do not give them
bad for a 25-year old, is it? Like Mark, you can begin to rags and worn out shoes your children could
create wealth the moment you start asking, “What can I not use.

Success Coach, 17B Salaudeen Akano St, Ogudu GRA, Lagos, Nigeria | (234) 803 488 0518 |
Timeless Money Secrets Part 4B - Giving Wisely
The Wor
st Giving
What is th u Give?
e worst kin h o Should Yo
is that wh d of givin W uld give
ich does g? The w n d o n e w ays you co
way. The not eleva orst givin on a ne.
ob te th g are a milli eral guideli
receiver fr jective of your giv e receiver in any There uld just provide a gen u draw spiritual
om a wea in wo ere yo
to keep k position g is to elevate the but I to places wh mething, somewhere
him dep to s elf relian 1. G iv e
Giving ca end
n kill a po ent on you for ce not Give to so
n o u rishment. ou. brings
robs him or
of the op or a jobless fellow ndouts.
e o n e th a t inspires y re ntal giving
so m n ts . P a
and solve portunity b
to exercis ecause it your pare
are great
his own
problems. e creativit 2. Give to ren.
rs. erless child
Poverty a
nd hunge
y diving favo a nd m o th g and
r 3 . G iv e to widow
p e o p le fo r tr a in in
Pover ty r jo b le s s ing them m
is Not G
ood 4. S p o n s o o f g iv . th e
se m inars inst e a d
o u b e li e v e in e.g ild
After I gr causes y ch
I had no
aduated fr
om the u 5. G iv e to nt, neighborhood e p o or in
job for ab
2 2 y e n v ironme io le n c e, d efending th should
slum, exp ut two ye ears ago, estic v heart
er ar
clothes an ienced many hun s. I squatted in a abuse, dom hatever moves your
miserable suffered insults. O
gry nights
, had no court, etc. ing. your
but on th n the outs re c e ive your giv te r. T h a t was where
Because o e inside ide, I was alma ma pidated.
poverty w
f what I
suffered, I was a
d 6 . G ive to your b u t th e p lace is dila primary,
reamer. d
as a curse I came to g re a tness starte rs that taught you in
r e ali ache me of
in poverty an
. I wante d that no one sho ze that 7 . G iv e to the te a n d u n iv ersities. So Do
greatness. d
It drove m my children to e
uld glory schools, people.
secondary a n d needy old you
dreams a
e to drea
m big dr
th e m are reti re d
s b e ca u se they made
miserable lwa
beginning ys come true, fr s. And
eam r teacher
re m ember you
Shell and , I have ris om that nity. For
with Che en to wor g re a t. in g to y o ur commu freely
world, see vron. I ha k twice in ck someth ols to
today. I h ood things and I
ve travele
d round th 8. Give ba c o n dary scho
I v is it se ive back.
av lov
dreaming e not arrived yet. e what I’m doing
e instance, n g b o y s a nd girls. G
r you
bigger an
d growing
I am still
le a mentor ou
. r n in g,

Ogbo Awoke Ogbo started his career with

Shell. Then, he moved on to Chevron. After
years with Chevron, Ogbo returned to a much
higher position of responsibility with Shell before
resigning to set up a life and business coaching
practice. He trains organizations, speaks in
events around the world and holds weekly
television and radio programs in Nigeria. He has
written a book, Financial Freedom for Every
Youth, the first in a series on financial freedom.
Ogbo is a member of the prestigious
International Coach Federation (ICF)

Success Coach, 17B Salaudeen Akano St, Ogudu GRA, Lagos, Nigeria | (234) 803 488 0518 |

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