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Issue No: 1/2013

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Silane BHN
Penetrating Silane Water Repellent

Silane BHN is a free-flowing, colourless, solvent-free liquid based on a monomeric alkylalkoxysilane. It is specifically intended for
the water-repellent impregnation of mineral construction materials in outdoor areas. Silane BHN is supplied ready to use and
meets all UK Department of Transport standards, ie BD43/03, BD43/90 and BA33/90, as well as conform to EN1504 Part 2.


Invisible in use, surface dirt pick-up reduced.

Hydrophobic - repels liquid water.

Does not effect the ability of water vapour to leave

a structure.
Protects from the effects of de-icing salts and
freeze/thaw cycle.
Stops alkali-silica reaction in concrete.
Does not affect existing anti-slip properties.
Easily applied by sprayer, brush or roller.
Rapid drying and low odour - ideal for use in public
Environmentally friendly.


Provides a water repellent surface to any concrete

or masonry.
Protects and maintains the appearance of natural
stone and decorative tiling.

Nufins, Kingston House,
3 Walton Road, Pattinson North, District 15,
Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE38 8QA
EN 1504-2
Surface protection system for concrete
Hydrophobic Impregnation
Resistance to freeze/thaw

>20 Cycles

Depth of penetration

Class 1

Drying rate coefficient

Class 1

Dangerous substances

Complies with 5.4

Technical Information

colourless liquid

Active Ingredients


Percentage Active Ingredient

0.88 @ 23oC


<250 cps @ 23oC

Refractive Index


Boiling Point


Flash Point
Application Temperature
Drying Time


5oC to 30oC
Min. 0.3 kg/m2
<30 minutes

Surface Preparation


All surfaces should be clean and visibly dry. Structural Silane BHN is available in 25, 200 and 900 litre units.
defects should be repaired although hairline cracking is
tolerable. Moss and lichen should be treated using Nufins Storage
Fungicidal Wash.
Silane BHN should be stored, unopened, at temperatures between
-10oC to 40oC. It should be kept away from foodstuffs and out of
the reach of children.
Application Instructions
When treating fresh concrete it is preferential the concrete
is allowed to cure for 28days before the Silane is applied. In Health & Safety
the case of concrete repairs only 7 days cure will be Silane BHN, like similar products is capable of irritating
unprotected sensitive skin, we therefore recommend the use of a
The areas to be treated shall be air-dried and clean in order suitable barrier cream and/or gloves.
to ensure maximum penetration of the active ingredient.
The Silane BHN should be applied by flow coating to the Limitations
saturation point. This is achieved by Spraying the material, Silane BHN is not designed to prevent leaks caused by hydrostatic
without pressure, against the surface where the liquid shall pressure. Do not apply at temperatures below 5oC.
remain for 3 to 5 seconds. The Silane must not be atomised
nor brushed on. Applied in two applications, the rates will Technical Support
be greatly affected by the substrates porosity, at least 0.3 Through our technical department and laboratories we can offer a
litres/m2 is recommended. Nufins metal spray equipment comprehensive service to specifiers and contractors. Technical
should be used at a low pressure (approximately 0.06 MPa) representatives are available to provide further information and
with a 5mm outlet.
arrange demonstrations.
Silane BHN must be protected from water/rainfall both
before use and for the first 30-60 minutes after spraying.


Kingston House, 3 Walton Road, Pattinson North, Washington, Tyne & Wear, NE38 8QA, United Kingdom
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