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To be honest I must say I have not been paid from this company still

as I started just couple weeks ago. And withdrawals are allowed after
90 days. As it is free to join and I do not loose nothing I joined it after
my own researches. For now I only know:

This site uses PayPal, and usually PayPal does not supports
scam sites.

It requires verification of your documents. It must be done

through back office - My account, or That is good sign also.

Whitepins is not blacklisted or mentioned in any of trusted

security services such as Google SafeBrowsing, Yandex
SafeBrowsing, ThreatLog and Malware Domain List.

Site's IP address is not blacklisted by trusted

security services such as Spamhaus and StopForumSpam.

The website seems to be popular in Alexa Traffic Rank - 7,481

and Google Page Rank.

The domain name of was first registered 3 years

ago, it's old enough to allow us to judge its safety and
reliability. And site use servers located in Germany.

About WhitePins company Whitepins is innovative new online

marketing agency, which specializes in generating sustainable and
long-term traffic to partners websites. Company brings defined traffic
for partners in order to raise the profile of a company or any website.
They do not use such as Google or Facebook or other popular traffic.
They use us, me and you and our opinion what is popular trend
now. In short - WhitePins introduces and compares newest products
and trends of many well-known companies.
WhitePins + is a platform that presents you the latest products and trends of
many well-known companies and compared.
The German company WhitePins + is a platform that presents the products of
many companies that want to hear your opinion about their products.
As a market researcher Your task is to rate the product image by clicking on
the image that you prefer.You will spend a few minutes a day, and the starting
salary is 2eur day.
Participation is absolutely FREE and you do not have any costs.
The site is in German and English. The payment can be through foreign
currency account, PayPal, or Skrill.
Link to register:
During registration, you must enter the email through which people can
register in the field: e-mail adress of your friend:
Earn FREE money with image comparisons
Become a global "trend-pilot" now too, and earn real good money every day,
by comparing images online. Join today, and enjoy all your benefits Please
remember: It's all for free So there are not any risks for you There is nothing
like this income opportunity out there

<<< How to fill-out the "sign-up" form properly : The following is a screenshot
of the sign-up page See here how to fill-out the sign-up form properly Don't
forget to fill in my email there This is all I ask !

IMPORTANT: Since this is a German company, you can choose from two
languages, (English, or German). You can switch the languages by clicking on
the flags. During the sign-up process you can choose which language you
want to use, to receive your admin/system mails in that language!
Please click the screenshot above To get directly to the sign-up page of
White Pins+

You start with 111 miles, and this gives you 2 Euro every day that you do your
two clicks. If you fill in the email of your friend, you will get a mail from the
system about this, and earn 25 miles immediately. Contact the person who
referred you, and show that person how to get another 25 free extra miles
immediately, with one single click. I do this with all my team. Just duplicate it :)

So please, only fill in the email of that person, which referred you to
this great income opportunity!
Congratulations And welcome in the Team Every new thing can be a
bit confusing at first There are two (2) links, you need to know now:

1.) White Pins+ : In White Pins+ (Plus) is all your account data, your income
data, stats, etc.
2.) White Pins : In White Pins you earn, and do the two (2) picture comparisons
every day :-)
Please note: Your log-in info is the same for both sites. If you scroll down a bit
further, I show
you on a screenshot how your daily work will look alike, and will explain you
how to do it right.
Screenshot This is how the 'work' looks :-) This is how the page looks, when
you are signed-in. Now you choose which of the two pictures you like the
most, and click on "like." After your click the page will automatically relaod.
And a new picture will appear. Please wait a short moment before you click
this one, don't click it right away. This is all you need to It takes you 1-2
minutes every day, not more, as I said before.
Please note: Now you can log-in into your White Pins+ and see your earnings.
The first day it will not show up, they need 24 hours to process all the data.
But you will see it the next day ...
Screenshot This is, how the 'stats' look :-) This is how the page looks, when
you are signed-in. You can see, there are 35,00 (Euros) for every day

To join WhitePins, you need a computer incl. An Internet connection or a smart

phone or tablet PC with Internet.Participation is only possible from the age of
18 and will be released as a market researcher for all participants, completely
free! There are no additional costs, the partner companies are even very
grateful for the participation in this program. Each website charging for market
research, you should skeptical face. WhitePins is the worlds English-and
German-language for all user accessible and can be operated from any
country. Another important requirement is the completion of the master data
and sending the ID card to verify the account (scammers have no
chance). Although the partner companies get the information such as name,
address, occupation and income; but the results of trend research they receive
in an anonymous form. Per household is allowed only one account, it should
be here to share a flat, you have to specify this kind of housing situation in the
verification of the account. It also has no obligations in any form, everything is
free and voluntary and can be terminated at any time with a simple email to the
WhitePins support.


Customers always start with a mileage of 111. No payment is possible

for the first 90 days.
From day 91, you can decide what percentage of your daily commission
you want to have paid out or how many miles will be credited to your
You can have your commission for the day paid out completely once a
day (e.g. if you receive 35 in payment on day 210, you can have max.
35 paid out for this day).
Whitepins+ is the exclusive partner of and is responsible
for the increase in sustainable traffic. For this, whitepins+ receives a
monthly marketing budget that is based on current trend research
The payment in % field determines how much of the daily earnings is
paid out to you. The field has a default value of 0. The amount paid out
is always rounded down to a whole number.
All miles credited to your account expire after 90 days. Miles acquired
from mile packages are excluded from this. These are also deducted
from your customer account after 90 days, but you can use them for
purchases at the mileshopper premium shop for a year.
Payments are posted to your own collective account and you can have
money in amounts over 100 paid out to you. For cost and
administrative reasons, transfer runs are carried out twice a month
(middle and end of each month).
The balance of the mileage account, along with other factors such as
consistency and honesty, reflects the quality of your customer account.
The higher your quality factor, the more image comparisons you can
click on.
Work conscientiously! If, for example, you constantly just click on the
right image to get your work done quicker, this will have a negative
effect on your quality factor.

You can make purchases in the mileshopper premium shop at any time
using the miles from your customer account. Miles cannot be converted
back into euros or be redeemed for cash.
A maximum of 12,000 miles can be purchased in the form of mile
packages per customer account.
An accounts mileage is an individual performance and cannot be
transferred to another account.
The amount of daily earnings depends not only on the number of image
comparisons, but also on the number of current market research orders
and the relevant marketing budget, the financial capital, as well as the

click volume of current trend researchers

reasons why I started this online business is that this is a German WhitePins

corporate company (limited liability), which is about 2 years old and who
(which has existed for over 18 years) by a limited liability company and the
lawyer Adolf Bauer represented (registered trademark). However, one should
also look in more detail here and the progress of UG watching (because in the
commercial register entries and past the WhitePins company simply too many
well-known names appear).
But we come first to the facts: Emotain GmbH has carried out their activities
previously under the name FRANKONIA-MASTER FUND
no. 1 Beteiligungs GmbH.
Now: Emotain GmbH / Rathausplatz 2 / D 97337 Dettelbach (Bavaria)

* Emotain GmbH: HRB 5706 / Amtsgericht Wurzburg / registered on 03.07.1996

* WhitePins UG: HRB 11513 / Amtsgericht Wurzburg / registered on 30.04.2012
* Activity Emotain GmbH: Other professional, scientific. & Tech. Activities
* Activity WhitePins UG: Internet programming, Management eig assets.
* Emotain GmbH CIS 6733 / foundations (except cultural, charitable foundations)
* WhitePins CIS 7371/79 / services computer sector, programming services
* DUNS number Emotain GmbH 344,940,713th Main responsible: Adolf Bauer
* DUNS number WhitePins UG 342,549,192th main charge: Stefan Gradl The basic idea for
WhitePins (Registration no. HRB 11513) originally comes from Stefan Gradl (Business
Informatics & current Managing Director) and two other computer scientists. He and his
brother Ralf Gradl were the first registered user and thus Trend-Setter / Trend researchers
WhitePins UG. The former Managing Director and Brand Officer Paul Morgenthaler, the
company has sold 2013 to the new CEO Stefan Gradl. According to the information provided
by the WhitePins UG (limited liability), Sander Strae 14, 97090 Wrzburg WhitePins is a
registered trademark of Emotain GmbH / CEO of the company is the lawyer Adolf
Bauer. WhitePins + and WhitePins are 2 different websites urls, on the one hand the images
comparisons are performed on the second WhitePins + page earns you money every day.


Lets say, you tell no further friend about it and clicking daily and
conscientiously on the photo comparisons. Then the bill would look like this: *
Mileage after 6 months: 619 miles + one day merit of 10 per day!
* Mileage after 1 year: 2,341 miles + one day merit of 35 per day! You tell four
friends about it, then the bill would look like this: * Mileage after 6 months:
1,226 miles + one day merit of 18 per day!
* Mileage after 1 year: 4,737 miles + one day merit of 70 per day! You tell 10
friends about it, then the bill would look like this: * Mileage after 6 months:
2,039 miles + one day merit of 31 per day!

* Mileage after 1 year: 7,633 miles + one day merit of 103 per day! You have
here no people advertise (just like the MAP, you can but if you want to Those
who do not want to advertise or have inhibitions here, but still want to earn
more money, have the opportunity in WhitePins miles shop to buy products
such as mobile phones, televisions & laptop, so as to earn additional
miles. This additional miles, your income (such as Lufthansa miles, which can
then be exchanged for free tickets, premium or similar) is also rising rapidly
forward. Due to the holiday action you can currently buy more mileage
packages (optional) currently 15% cheaper. For example, cost 100 miles
85, instead of the usual 100. The additional mileage purchase one mile
package tripled on average already within 90 days! So is up to you even if you
buy extra mile to be, or whether you prefer to visit the sites a few friends or
none of them do. Everything is optional, and you decide for yourself.