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Why do we need to learn foreign

languages? Enhance your travel

experiences- you will meet many more
people and find it much easier to get around.
People are much more receptive if you make
an effort to speak their language. This can
turn a frustrating experience into the trip of a
lifetime. Languages are the medium we use
to share our thoughts with the world.
Learning a new language is like learning a
new way to think and a new way to sing.
Gain an advantage for yourself in business
and personal relationships by being able to
communicate with people in their language.
This will set you apart and gain you
immediate respect and credibility. Knowing a
foreign tongue and applying it tastefully is
undeniably attractive. It implies education,
good taste, and refinement, and it will
certainly make you standout against the
Even in the face of disconfirming evidence,
we often cling to our obviously-wrong
beliefs. We change our stereotypes
infrequently. When we do change the
stereotypes, we do so in many ways. As we
learn new contradictory information, we
incrementally adjust the stereotype to adapt
to the new information. We usually need
quite a lot of repeated information for each
incremental change. Individual evidence is
taken as the exception that proves that we
throw away the old stereotype and start
again. This is often used when there is
significant disconfirming evidence. We
create a new stereotype that is a subclassification of the existing stereotype,
particularly when we can draw a boundary
around the sub-class. Thus if we have a
stereotype for Americans, a visit to New York
may result in us having a New Yorkers are
different sub-type.
What English University would you like to
study at? Why? Cambridge Pre-U prepares
students with the knowledge, skills and indepth understanding they need to make a
success of their studies at university. The
qualification has been designed to inspire,
challenge and reward students. It takes
individual learning seriously and enables
students to study a program tailored to suit
their own interests, enthusiasms and
expertise. Cambridge Pre-U syllabuses give
students freedom to choose some of their
own topic areas, so they can develop their
own interests and ideas. Students develop
lifelong skills such as enquiry, critical
thinking and independent research. They are
better prepared to reach their future goals.
Cambridge Pre-U has a grade scale that
represents students across the full ability
What is the European Union for you? The
European Union is a group of countries
whose governments work together. It's a bit
like a club. To join you have to agree to
follow the rules and in return you get certain
benefits. Each country has to pay money to
be a member. They mostly do this through
taxes. The EU uses the money to change the
way people live and do business in Europe.
Countries join because they think that they
will benefit from the changes the EU makes.
Today EU becomes driving force into the
international market for member countries. It
increases todays economic growth and
makes countries better off.

If you were offered to travel around the

world, where would you go and why?
Paris is one of the first cities that come to
mind of me when talking about visiting
Europe. It is full of stunning architecture, old
churches, romantic cafes, spectacular
monuments, art galleries and much, much
more. Famous sites such as the Eiffel Tower
or Notre Dame are a must visit for every
traveler. And lets not forget my personal
favorite the catacombs. Rome personalizes
thousands of years of human history. Roman
Coliseum, The Forum, the Fontana di Trevi,
and the Pantheon I could go on forever.
And lets not forget Vatican City and great
Italian wine. When it comes to East Meets
West, Hong Kong is the city. Vibrant and
cosmopolitan, Honk Kong is considered one
of the safest large cities in the world and the
city with the best public transport in the
.Bloom there were you were born. It's like
when people are worried about children in
one country, but there are homeless on the
street. You have to worry about where you
are too, not just places that are far removed
from you. Also, in people in general..
Say someone is trapped working a job they
hate because they need the money. You may
be 'planted' at your job meaning you can't
leave it but that doesn't mean you can't do it
in a happy mood or do it well. You can't
blame your unhappiness on the fact that you
can't change a certain aspect of your life, like
where you live etc. Everyone is planted
somewhere.Some people change
the country they live in every couple of
years. In our country this topic is very up to
dated. Very often Moldavians go abroad to
work because the salaries they earn here are
not enough for life. Also young people go
abroad to get an education and many of them
stay there. I think that this is the major
problem of Moldova, young, smart people do
not stay here to work and develop our
country, and they go abroad, because there,
they can have a better life. My country needs
that its young flowers would "bloom" here.
But on the same time, the globalization
allows us to explore the whole world
What is the environmental impact of
climate change and global warming?
The climate is changing. The earth is
warming up, and there is now overwhelming
scientific consensus that it is happening, and
human-induced. With global warming on the
increase and species and their habitats on the
decrease, chances for ecosystems to adapt
naturally are diminishing. Many are agreed
that climate change may be one of the
greatest threats facing the planet. Recent
years show increasing temperatures in
various regions, and/or increasing extremities
in weather patterns. This section looks at
what causes climate change, what the
impacts are and where scientific consensus
currently is.

.The glory of the past an echo of the

future On this day, God wants you to know
that you can be an echo of your past, or the
glory of your future. Past is connected to
future through the present. At this very
moment, at every moment, you are choosing
to carry on the past with all its troubles on
your shoulders, OR to let it go and see bright
future pull your forward. Sometimes, you
need a break. You need to lighten the load.
But you could try and let it go. And let the
bright future ahead of you pull you. Let it
pull you towards it, away from the weight of
the past.
At every moment in your life you make a
choice, a choice to carry on the past or to let
it go and see the bright future ahead of you,
choice to be the echo of your past, or the
amazing glory of your future.
List some wonders of the modern world.
What makes them qualify to the seven
wonders list?
There are 7 wonders of the modern world:
Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu,
Colosseum, Christ the Redeemer, Taj Mahal
and others. The Chris the Redeemer statue
stands on a mountaintop overlooking the
Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. The Christ
the Redeemer is a universal symbol for
Roman Catholics everywhere. The design
that was chosen is the Statue of Christ the
Redeemer with his arms outstretched,
designed by the French sculptor Paul
Landowski. The Christ the Redeemer
monument is set to remain as one of the most
symbolic and amazing sights that the world
of art and engineering has to offer.
Name some volunteer organizations you
know in Moldova. Describe 1-2 kind of
activities performed by one of these
The volunteer organizations in Moldova are:
Association. The goal of this association is to
motivate providing training and develop
peoples participation in non-profit activities,
as well as to grant encouragement and
support for new initiatives. The Associations
motto is: I want to be a pencil in Gods
hand, writing his love letter to the world.

While tourism can be a powerful positive

force for change in poor countries, it can
also be seriously damaging for the local
environment and culture. Use specific
reasons and examples to support your

at the same time strikingly human. To the

millions who followed her charitable work,
she was most certainly the Queen of our
hearts, and she will be terribly missed.
Follow her shining example by giving the
gift of a generous smile, an open heart, and a
helping hand.

Tourism can damage coral reefs, pollute

beaches and destroy the habitats of wildlife
as roads and hotels are built. Ironically,
damage to these natural resources is likely
to reduce future numbers of visitors. Another
negative effect is that the increasing numbers
of aero plane flights are a major cause
of global warming.

What does the expression My House My

Castle mean? Every person has his or her
own place called home. No matter how big it
is, no matter they accept it or deny it, but
everyone in every time knows, where they
can return to. In fact, this place, this castle, is
always connected with people we live
together It is a task for each of us make the
place where we stay more comfortable, cozy,
homey and appropriate for us. I think, if you
really do your best and try to adapt yourself,
you feel better. It is a kind of atmosphere that
you create around yourself. Dont you start
smiling and relax, when you get home? Each
of us does. It is just a place where you can
really feel free from all the stress you had
during the day.So are we all the royalty in
our own space because that area is ours.
Everyone should be content in their castle
Always think of your space as your very own
castle in your own courtyard. You are the
king and queen and princess of your very
own kingdom.

A second problem is that the tourist resorts

are frequently owned by large Western
companies and all too often the profits earned
from tourism go straight into the bank
accounts of these companies. Moreover, the
well-paid managerial positions are often held
by foreigners, and the wages given to
local hotel employees are usually very
low. Where this is the case very little money
enters the local economy at all. By
purchasing souvenirs, food and other goods
from local people you can help to spread the
benefits of tourism. Finally, tourism can have
an adverse effect on local culture, traditions
and the way of life. Large numbers of tourists
can undermine traditional beliefs, values and
customs and in particular risk
commercializing the very culture that they
find so interesting. And where these tourists
are insensitive to local traditions their
behavior can cause great offence.
Describe your personal values. Values
represent the things I want to experience in
this life. Love is a central theme in my life. I
need love and have a lot of love to give. Love
for life, for people, for animals, for nature,
for beautiful things, for the things I do and so
on. But the most important is the love for my
family and friends. Im here to have lots of
fun. I love laughing and I love to do fun
things, with other people or alone. Time is
too precious not to have fun, but its so easy
to let this one slip.. Im dedicated to have fun
and not let this happen anymore. Not to me,
and if I can, not to anybody. Freedom is
something I value on all plains of life, from
the physical freedom of movement to the
mental freedom of thought and decisions.
This value sets clear directions for me, both
to actively attain freedom and to prevent me
from doing things that might limit my
freedom in the future.
I value things that are real and authentic. The
things I do, think and say are in connection
with who I am. Knowing my values and
having a clear direction in my life are part of
that and helpful at the same time.
Use your knowledge to write a short
article about Prominent Figure of the
English-Speaking World. Princess Diana is
a hero because she used her position of
power and fame to give hope and comfort to
those whom society too frequently forgets -the victims of poverty, disease and social
injustice. A truer princess this world has
never known. While remaining a loving and
supportive mother to her two sons, William
and Harry, Diana championed a number of
charitable causes, including AIDS awareness
and homelessness. She focused attention on
the worldwide menace of land mines.
Princess Diana will be remembered as a
woman who was at once supremely regal and

If you were to write an article about

Moldova in a well-known English
newspaper, what would you write about? I
will name the article Moldova a small
wonder and Ill say that much of Moldova is
a steppe to the Carpathian Mountain range
possessing perfect soil for wine production.
It has world largest underground wine cellars
at Cricova. Moldovans nature is supported
by large and frequent concerts. You have to
appreciate people and city. It could be an
unspoiled village, you missing out on an
unforgettable experience. There are few
places on earth where people who dont
know you, will slaughter five animals in
honor of your arrival and invite the whole
neighborhood to drink homemade wine and
vodka with you. Moldovan villages are such
special places!
Happiness is the biggest achievement and
wealth. Happiness according to Aristotle is
an end, an end result of all the things a
person does. Everything everyone does is for
a reason, to achieve something else. Aristotle
believes that the something else is
happiness. Happy life is a life made perfectly
by the possession of all good things such as
wealth, friendship, knowledge, virtues.
Happiness is the ultimate achievement of
being completely virtuous, loved and healthy,
when your dreams come true and your life
begins to bloom as a flower in a spring.
Happiness is a state of mind. It is a position
from which we do not judge, for we cannot.
It is a satisfaction of knowing, we continue to
exist among other people, animals, things,
time and places, and that even after we may
cease to exist, we are remembered forever as
our energy and action resound and ripple
through time and space. Happiness is
to know that what you want you already
have. Often, people may find happiness in
the simplest of things. Maybe being alone in
nature or playing with a puppy will provide
happiness. For me happiness is to have near

my family, to live in a dignity and to have

true friends. Happiness is not a destination.
It's a way to live. We should to enjoy the gifts
of nature: the sunshine that wakes up us, the
beautiful singing of birds. Happiness is when
you smile at people, and the flowers make
you cry of happiness ... When Spring sings,
and hurried world stops for a few seconds
and looks at you ... in these moments we feel
that we live Happiness is the biggest
achievement .Happiness is a way to thanks
God for our short but so beautiful life!
List some American writers. Which one is
your favorite? Which of his works
impressed you most? What is the main
Ernest Hemmingway, Jack London,
Cooper are American writers. My favourite
American writer is Mark Twain. Ernest
Hemingway said that The Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn written by Twain is the
novel from which "all modern American
literature came." In it, twain tells the story of
Huck Finn and Jim, a runaway slave, using
dialect and coarse humor to satirize polite
society and the aftermath of slavery.
.Every flower means the whole field of
Every flower have its beautiful, its smell that
make it to be special. People are like a
flower. He has his qualities that make him to
be individually in this world. In each of us is
hidden a talent, a gift from the God. Our
values, memories, emotions, feelings, skills
and thoughts form our universe. One of
personalities said that we dont need to
search paradise; it is in our minds and souls.
People have something special and with this
they become exciting, charming and
enjoyable. For example, one of us is good in
drawing. He forms his paradise with different
color palettes. Another has a miraculous
voice or writes beautiful poems. Each of us is
good in some area. In this way, we discover
our skills that develop us like personality. in
conclusion I would like to say that we need
to love ourselves, because our inner and
physical beauty form the heaven of our
List some tourist attractions in the USA.
Describe one of them. There a lot of tourist
attractions in the USA: Niagara Falls, Great
Smoky Mountains National Park, SeaWorld
Florida, Grand Canyon, Waikiki Beach. The
place that impressed me most of all is Grand
Canyon. It represents an immense canyon,
cut by Colorado River in the high plateau
region of northwestern Arizona and noted for
its fantastic shapes and coloration. Its great
width is explained by rain, wind, temperature
and chemical erosion, helped by the rapid
wear of soft rocks, all of which steadily
widened the canyon. Were if not for the
semiarid climate in the surrounding area,
there would be no Grand Canyon.

Is beauty more than good-looking? Yes, the

beauty is more than a good-looking. Physical
beauty makes other people sympathize you,
but the people who appreciate your firstly for
your inner beauty, will be close to you for all
the time, as such a beauty doesnt die like
physical one. Time is going, we become
older, but the soul remains young. People
enjoy having near them a kind, decent and
amiable person than a pretty, nice and crude
person. The cruelty destroys suddenly
appearance. When people get to know you
and realize that you have a light soul even if
you are pretty or not, they will also
understand that beauty is more than a goodlooking and it is important to be happy with
ourselves inside.
Many people are inspired by William
Shakespeares famous plays. How do you
think, why? Shakespeares fame can be
attributed to many factors. He was a master
of the English language at a time when
language at a time when the language
reached new heights. His themes are
universal as applicable today as in the time
he wrote. Shakespeare is famous for having
been the greatest writer in the history of the
English language and of the European
civilization. He wrote plays such as Romeo
and Juliet, Richard III, The Tempest and
many more. He is primarily famous as a
playwright, although he also wrote sonnets
and performed on stage as an actor.
Why do we love Eminescu/Vieru?
He was a national teacher, because he
educated many generations. It was our
consciousness. Grigore Vieru preached
respect for sacrosanct values: mother,
motherland, word. Grigore Vieru's life was
the work of his genius. Poet Grigore Vieru
wrote for children, youth and grownups. His
poems are not just words but music, too. He
was an artist that chanted poetry. He wrote
about life, love, nation and country. Apart
from his poetic work, he was a resolute
fighter for freedom and truth. The things he
wrote in his poems are for the
accomplishment of the nation's ideal of unity
Write the names of some Historical
Figures of our nation. Give interesting
details about your favourite one. The 47
years of reign of Stefan cel Mare on the
throne of Moldavia represented a period of
efforts to defend the independence and the
territorial integrity of his country. He took
care of the economical organization and
prosperity of the country by sustaining the
development of craftsmanship, trade and
fairies. He reinforced the army and the
fortress, turning Moldavia into a powerful
state. He fought for the independence of his
state rejecting the attempts of the enemies to
conquer his country. He proved to have a
series of exceptional qualities which allowed
him to ensure the independence of Moldavia
in a period of great military. He was a
brilliant commander of army; He proved to
be one of the great founders of orthodox
churches and monasteries.

Write a list of tourist attractions in

London. Describe one of them. The most
famous buildings from London are the
British Museum, National Gallery, St. Pauls
Cathedral, The London Eye, and Tower of
London. One of the main tourist attractions is
Buckingham Palace. It is the Queens official
London residence and is used to receive and
entertain guests on state, ceremonial and
official occasions for the Royal Family.
Buckingham Palace contains 19 state rooms,
ballroom and gardens and artificial lake
complete with real flamingos. It is the
worlds most famous address and has been
the backdrop for some of the worlds most
famous events. Here took part the
Coronation, more recently the Jubilee and
Princess Diana's funeral. The Palace has set
the stage for national and international
events. It is the official London home of H.
M. the Queen Elizabeth II.
One is rich when he/she has friends.
Almost everyone has one. You know, the first
person you tell when you find out your crush
like you back. The person you go to advise
because you know they will give the honestto-god truth no matter how good or bad it is.
The person you run to when you feel like the
world has turned its back on you because
they never will. The person you spend all
night talking and laughing with. What I am
talking about is a person who makes you rich
and happy. It is friend. It is a person who
trust, guide and enjoy you. If someone is
talking badly about you, he or she will
defend you. You will feel rich when near you
will be a dependable, trustworthy person and
will always be there in times of distress and
laugher. Making you happy is the ability
characterized of true friend. Not everybody
gets the chance to meet a friend like that
though. So, nobody has the chance to be rich,
in this point of view.
What would you do to make your dreams
come true? First, I will learn to not be afraid
from moving forward and Ill not wait until
an opportunity comes to me-too. If you keep
waiting, you will not achieve anything, you
will be just looking at successful people who
achieve great results. Use the information
that you can get to help you succeed. Using
internet you can gain a lot of knowledge to
turn your dreams to reality by doing research.
The successful individuals dont allow
anything stand in their way of achieving their
dreams. Dont despair when you face an
obstacle. Make an effort and persevere until
you achieve your dreams and goals, so you
dont let your dreams die inside without
accomplishing them.
.Classmates are a more important
influence than parents on a childs success
in school. Classmates have a significant
influence on childs behavior and his or her
success in school. Children spend much time
at school. Classmates have many things in
common such as age, interests, homework
and classes after all. So, they discuss their
impressions about a new teacher, solve
problems together, learn their homework,
gain new knowledge and experience and
even make their own discoveries. Sharing all
these makes them closer. Some of them
become friends and they spend after-school
time together. In addition friends tend to

copy each others habits and manners. On the

other hand, parents have a great influence on
childrens success in school too. For example
if parents show an interest in their childs
progress and talk to him or her about the
importance of learning I think their child will
listen to them and do his or her best. I believe
that relationships between parents and a child
play an essential role in childs success in
school. If these relationships are close and
wholehearted I am sure that parents should
not be afraid of bad influence from the
Nowadays mankind confronts
environmental problems more often than
ever. A variety of environmental problems
now affects our entire world. In fact, many of
the environmental problems that have
received the most public attention are even
worse than we thought from destruction in
the rain forest to melting glaciers in the
Arctic. Mankind confront with climate
change, o-zone depletion and overfishing,
pollution of soil, air and water, natural
disasters, technological catastrophes. Many
natural disasters, if not caused outright by
human intervention, are worsened by human
factors. Global warming seems to be causing
an increase in hurricanes and their severity.
Deforestation promotes floods and landslides
because the natural buffers of the forests no
longer absorb the rainfall they used to. Even
the spread of human habitation increases the
likelihood of the loss of property and life in
natural disasters. So, the boundary between
natural disasters and technological
catastrophes is more blurred than before.
.Present some facts about the US
Declaration of Independence. The US
Declaration of Independence was adopted by
the Congress. Now it is considered the
birthday of the USA the Independence Day.
This Declaration announced that the thirteen
American colonies became independent of
the British Empire. Written primarily by
Thomas Jefferson, it hold the rights like
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
which became the most powerful words on
American History.
Your goals are what move you along your
personal game board of success. As usual,
young people try to find a certain model of
human that, after their opinion is or was
successful in life. By my opinion, it is
impossible to find an ideal man, but still we
always have from whom to learn such values
like respect, love, tolerance, freedom, truth,
culture, etc. Believing these values you will
become clever, careless, convincing and why
not lucky and happy, you will know to
measure the risks. They will strength your
character and help you to find trustful friends
and to succeed in life.
Use your knowledge to present some
information about The Beatles. The
Beatles are the British musical quartet. The
principal members of this group are:
McCartney, Starr, Lennon and Harrison.
Formed around the nucleus of Lennon and
McCartney, who first performed together in
Liverpool, the group grew out of a shared
enthusiasm for American rock and roll,
Lennon being a guitarist and singer,
McCartney bassist and singer.

Each generation has different ideas,

making communication between the two
extremely difficult. When communication
between two generations is difficult, we call
it generation gap. It explains that living in a
different points of view and concepts of life.
The young generations try to prove that the
future is in their hands as they have more
contemporaneous ideas and the evolution
made them be very creative and efficient; but
the old generations always will demonstrate
that they are an experienced one, as they
passed a lot of problems in life and noticed
some lessons from it.
How do you see Moldovan society in the
future? Now Moldova is poor and small
country. Many people go abroad because
here are no places for working and services,
the salaries arent sufficient for keeping an
efficient life, keeping especially big families.
If Moldovans will develop new technologies
and will show their creativity and spiritual
development in practice then I think our
country have a chance to hold a nice future.
.What do you know about the ESU?
(English Speaking Union)
The English Speaking Union is an
international organization which was found
by a journalist at the beginning of the XXth
century. Its main goal is to promote the
English language for global understanding
through a variety of activities, debates,
seminars and encouraging the effective use
of English around the global.
Critical thinking and problem solving
skills are important in life. Critical thinking
is not a matter of accumulating information.
A critical thinker is able to deduce
consequences from what he knows, and he
knows how to make use of information to
solve problems, and to seek relevant sources
of information to inform himself. Critical
thinking skills can be used in exposing
fallacies and bad reasoning. Critical thinking
can help us acquire knowledge, improve our
theories, and strengthen arguments. We can
use critical thinking to enhance work
processes and improve social institutions.

The ability to think clearly and

rationally is important whatever we
choose to do. If you work in
education, research, finance,
management or the legal profession,
then critical thinking is obviously
important. Being able to think well
and solve problems systematically
is an asset for any career.

Thinking clearly and systematically

can improve the way we express our

Critical thinking plays a crucial role in

evaluating new ideas, selecting the best ones

and modifying them if necessary.

Use your knowledge to write a short

article about People of Art that impressed
you most. Pablo Picasso was a Spanish
painter, draughtsman, and sculptor .He is
widely known for co-founding the Cubist
movement and for the wide variety of styles
that he helped develop and explore. Among
his most famous works are Les Demoiselles
d'Avignon and Guernica. Picasso
demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent in
his early years, painting in a realistic manner
through his childhood and adolescence; he
experimented with different theories,
techniques, and ideas. His revolutionary
artistic accomplishments brought him
universal renown and immense fortune,
making him one of the best-known figures in
20th century art.