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Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.0.6,12.

Inventory Organization Transfers

Inventory Organization Transfers

Inventory transfer functionality lets you transfer material from one organization to
another (within the same legal entity or between process to discrete organizations).

Process to Process Transfers

Interorganization transfers from a process organization to another process organization
within the same operating unit use the source organization cost for the transfer. For
transfers that go across operating units, a Transfer Price is required and the applicable
transfer price is used as the cost of the transfer in the receiving organization.

Transfers between Discrete and Process Organizations

use a transfer price that is set up
between the organizations and a new account, interorg profit, captures the difference
between the sending organization cost and the transfer price.

There are two types of Transfers:

1.Direct Transfer
Material is transferred immediately and is decremented or incremented in the source
or destination organization at the same time

2. Intransit Transfer
Material goes into intransit and must be explicitly received in the destination organization.

Setup Required :
1.Setup in Oracle Inventory
1. In Inventory Super User >items>Master Items
Assign the item to both source and destination organization

2.Shipping Network:

2.Setup In OPM Financial

1. SLA setup
OPM Financial=>Setup => Subledger Accounting Setups => Accounting Methods Builder
=> Methods and Definitions=>Application Accounting Definitions

Journals for event type Direct Interorg Receipt, No Transfer pricing

Journal for event type Direct Interorg Shipment,No Transfer Pricing

2. Fiscal Policy

Test Cycle
This following test case represent Direct inter org transfer between two process
organizations within same Operating unit:

1.Create Direct Org Transfer

2. View Material Transaction From source organization:

Path :Inventory Super User=>Transactions=>Material Transactions

3.How to find transaction_id and transfer transaction_id?

4.View Material Transaction From Destination organization:

Path :Inventory Super User=>Transactions=>Material Transactions


select transaction_id,inventory_item_id,organization_id,
,transaction_date from mtl_material_transactions where transaction_id=51894201 or

6.Run Actual cost process

7. View Item Cost at source organization

8. View Item Cost at Destination organization

9. View Item Cost Detail

10. Run Cost Update

11. View Data in table GL_ITEM_CST

select acctg_cost,organization_id from gl_item_cst where inventory_item_id=946033 and

12.Run OPM Accounting Pre processor

13.View Data in table GMF_XLA_EXTRACT_HEADERS

SELECT header_id,event_id,entity_code,event_class_code,event_type_code
,transaction_date,transaction_quantity from gmf_xla_extract_headers where
(transaction_id=51894201 or transaction_id=51894202)

14.View Data in table GMF_XLA_EXTRACT_LINES

Select line_number,journal_line_type,trans_amount, organization_id,subinventory_code FROM
gmf_xla_extract_lines where header_id IN( SELECT header_id from gmf_xla_extract_headers
where (transaction_id=51894201 or transaction_id=51894202));

15.Run Create Accounting

The following accounting entries are created :

1.Journals for event type Direct Interorg Shipment,No Transfer Pricing:

Transaction Qty x SendingOrg Cost + Freight


Transaction Qty x SendingOrg Cost



1. Journals for event type Direct Interorg Receipt, No Transfer Pricing:


Transaction Qty x Receiving Organization Cost


Transaction Qty x SendingOrganization Cost + Freight


(Transaction Qty x SendingOrganization Cost + Freight) (Transaction Qty x ReceivingOrganization Cost)