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Psychotria Elata ( Hookers Lips Plant )

The Psychotria Elata, commonly known as the Hookers Lips plant. This is due
to its gorgeous pair of red, luscious petals that look like lips. The plant has thin,
broad, light-weight leaves that shed during cold weather. It is a rare tropical tree
found in the rainforests of Central and South American countries such as
Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador. Affectionately, people often refer it
as the Hot Lips Plants. The red bracts are actually the leaves. Theyre covered by a
layer of wax to enhance its appearance. From time to time, the bracts gradually
separate to allow the reproductive structure, the small white star-shaped bloom to
emerge out from the center of the bracts. The bracts are only kissable for a short
while, before they spread open reveal the plants flowers. The red coloured petals
and the white flowers attract pollinators including hummingbirds and butterflies.
The plant rarely shows it presence and even it does, its from December till March,
which is only 4 months before it disappears again.
The Hookers Lips plant produces a type of chemical known as the
psychedelic chemical, dimethyltryptamine. Its a type of hallucinogenic chemical
that drives people into hallucination. The hallucination effects have been told that
itll cause people to fall in love. Some said that the flower could bring people
eternal love. Its unique appearance becomes the norm for the people in Central
America to make it as a perfect gift on Valentines Day or any other occasions as a
way to express love to their loved ones.
Despite being known as a perfect gift, it has medical usage too! The hookers
lips plant can be used as analgesic to relieve headache as well as menstrual pain.
Its capable of relieving cough and cold problems. Its leaves serve to improve our
blood circulation and to prevent blood clotting .
Due to deforestation and the tremendous increase in plant collectors, the
plant is currently facing extinction. To those nature lovers out there who want to
have a chance, perhaps in the search of true love, you can find yourself a Hookers
lips plant while you still can.

Narrator: One day, two best friends, Jack and John went for jungle trekking
in the rainforest. They saw a type of plant which they had never encounter before.
Out of curiosity, they went to check the flowers

Narrator: John plucked the flower and smelled it. His lips got swollen and he
started hallucinating. He had mistaken Jack as his crush and started confessing to
Jack. Jack had no idea what to do but to just face John helplessly.

Narrator: Jack came up with a not so brilliant idea and went to kiss the
plant, getting his lips swollen. He then kissed Jack and their swollen lips were gone
and back to normal again.

Narrator: They both continued their walk and saw a few explorers ahead of
them. Later, they went to ask about the weird flower.