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Punjab: Travel Guide

The guidebook...pieces together the
many facets of this robust land and its
people. Beautifully laid out illustrations
and selective visuals bring forth the
unique Punjabi culture...
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in madhya pradesh

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Weekend Getaways from Delhi: in

Madhya Pradesh is a unique guidebook

Goa: Travel Guide

This guidebook travels beyond the
beaches to discover the forts and the
temples. It sets Goa in a historic and
cultural context rather than merely as a
tourist hangout.

that attempts at bringing Madhya

Pradesh closer for Dilliwalas. It sets about
making over-25 select destinations in
Madhya Pradesh viable as weekend
getaways from Delhi.

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This unique guidebook includes:

* A brief introduction to the
natural, historical and cultural diversity
of Madhya Pradesh
* Over-25 weekend destinations are
clubbed under four main hubs - Bhopal,
Gwalior, Orchha and Khajuraho
* A chapter on Extended Weekend
destinations from Delhi Pachmarhi,
Jabalpur and Ujjain
* Over 140 stunning photographs

Weekend Getaways
from Delhi

Weekend Getaways

in madhya pradesh


Unfortunately, it is a common misperception

among Dilliwalas that all destinations
in Madhya Pradesh are too far, and not
viable for short trips from the capital city.
The general impression being that a trip to
Madhya Pradesh would require significant
preparation, expenditure and time. This
Guide seeks to prove otherwise.
The over-25 handpicked destinations are
clustered around four hubs Bhopal,
Gwalior, Orchha and Khajuraho each only
a few hours or, at the most, an overnight
train journey from Delhi. Another section
of this guide explores what we have called
Extended Weekends, which would require
a three- or four-day holiday, but will amply
reward the travellers time and effort.
Our primary criteria for selecting these
breaks was that they should refresh,
engage and excite travellers of different
temperaments. To ensure that travellers
are able to plan quick trips with the least
logistical hassle, we have included essential
practical information with each section.

* Essential practical information with

each section

Price: ` 210

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from Delhi

Madhya Pradesh is blessed with natural

splendour, built heritage, diversity of its
art and culture, and the unique histories
of its people. It boasts of three UNESCO
World Heritage Sites: Sanchi, Khajuraho and

Whatever your preferred way of unwinding

may be, the chapters that follow will show
you the perfect place to do so. In the very
heart of India.


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manners of information for tourists in
a format that is interesting and easy
to read.

Weekend Getaways
from Delhi

Clockwise from EXTREME right: Carved panel from

Stupa I, Sanchi; Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Khajuraho;

Elephant safari in Panna National Park; Upper Lake,
Bhopal; Prehistoric rock art in Bhimbetka

Sponsored by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India