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Friendly and knowledgeable staff

The cleanest facility in the Valley
75 group exercise classes each

week all included!

Zumba Cycle Yoga TRX
Les Mills Aqua classes and more!
personal training

Executive style locker rooms

Complimentary towels and amenities
Radiant floor heating in pool area
4 lane lap pool
10 person whirlpool
Tanning and massage
Cardiovascular training center with
personal TVs

Extensive variety of strength

training equipment

Mens and womens soothing

steam rooms
Outdoor tennis
Relaxing cafe to enjoy FREE coffee
Complimentary WiFi in our cafe
Secure playcare for your children

OVER! $15 Enrollment Fee

Some restrictions apply.

15-day VIP guest pass for you and a friend!

Schedule a tour and receive a FREE 15-DAY PASS before you join. First-time guests
enjoy LPSF with a FREE 15-Day VIP Pass in February 2015.
Must be 18 or over and a local resident. With this Natures Pathways coupon. One
coupon per person. Not valid with any other offers. Expires February 28, 2015.

730 LAKE PARK RD, MENASHA | 920-882-8900


Hormone expert Randi Mann

can help you improve the
quality of your health!
Common Symptoms of
Hormone Imbalance in Women:
Mood swings
Hot flashes/night sweats

Memory problems
Vaginal dryness
Loss of sex drive
Weight gain
Irregular periods

Natural Options - Healthy Lives

End Hormone


Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy!

Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this
educational and entertaining seminar.
Women only! Join us for a fun, informative look at how hormone changes affect us
as we age. This seminar is designed to help women make informed choices about
bioidentical hormone therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause and sexual health
treatments to feel happy, energetic and sensual no matter how old you are!

Friday, February 6 9:30 a.m.-Noon (NEW TIME!)

Wednesday, February 11 5:30-8 p.m.
Monday, February 23 5:30-8 p.m.
$25 each or $20 each with a friend.
Please call to pre-register.

Wise Woman Wellness is the areas first innovative

hormone and wellness center, specializing in holistic,
integrative and functional medicine, integrated care and
use of customized, low-dose bioidentical hormones.

Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday:

1480 Swan Road, De Pere | (920) 339-5252
New patients welcome. No referral needed.




What does your retreat look like?

My Retreat Design creates beautiful comfort

BRENDA KRAUSE, owner of My Retreat Design
Photos by Melissa Alderton Photography.


Are you settling into 2015?


Pet sensitivities demystified


Fight the winter blues with yoga!


Ready for elementary school

10 Low sex drive at midlife?

12 Painted finishes, naturally
16 Is autoimmune disease burning down your world?
18 The importance of regular massage

for long-term wellness

24 Are you toxic?


Green and irresponsible?
A short history lesson


Snacking and weight loss




Natures Pathways | February 2015


The Way You Feel



Let our Medi-Weightloss Experts give

you the support, education, and tools
you need to lose weight and keep it off.

Delicious Foods
State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Tools
Weekly Support & Motivation
Guidance for Dining Out
Lifestyle Education
Nutrition & Fitness Advice
Signature Supplements & Products

lost 30 pounds
with the one that works!


expires 03/31/2015

Dr. Herb Coussons

801 Main Avenue De Pere, WI 54115
1688 N. Casaloma Dr. Appleton, WI 54913

920.917.6314 |
On average, patients compliant with the Medi-Weightloss Program lose 6.4 pounds the first week and 14 pounds the first
month. Rapid weight loss may be associated with certain medical conditions and should only be considered
by those
February 2015 | Natures
medically appropriate. 2014 Medi IP, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

26 Vitamin D: Take daily
28 Trends to try in 2015
30 Open your heart to good health
34 Recovering wholeness through tag-team trauma healing
36 Battling cancer together
38 Confusion around yoga as a religion


43 Nighttime skin rituals

44 My journey to self-acceptance
46 Healthy in spirit: Loving what is
48 The February fizzle
50 Cabin fever
52 How to be spiritual and bring meditation to corporate life
54 Any leakage is too much leakage
58 The Metta Birth Project
61 The healing power of forgiveness
62 What are those numbers on the bottom of plastics anyway?
65 Getting the big picture about blood sugar,


weight control and a healthy diet




To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting
healthy living experts with the communities they serve.

All-New 2015 Show With Live Orchestra


March 3 - 4
Fox Cities P.A.C.
400 West College Avenue, Appleton

April 14 - 15
Marcus Center
929 North Water Street, Milwaukee

I give this production 5 stars.

Thats the top ... mind blowing.
Richard Connema, renowned Broadway critic

This is the profound, quintessential

end of entertainment,
there is nothing beyond this, nothing.

A nimble mastery!
Chicago Tribune

Jim Crill, former Bob Hope producer

or 5,000 years divine culture flourished in the land of China.

Humanitys treasure was nearly lost, but through breathtaking music and dance,
Shen Yun is bringing back this glorious culture.


Are you settling into 2015?

Its hard to believe just one short month ago marked the start of a new year.
The holidays and their aftermath can be a chaotic whirlwind, paired with festive
parties and busy schedules. Its always an anticipated part of the year, but its easy
to get wrapped up in the frenzied nature of it all. January is a great time to reflect
on all that was, and all there is to come in the new year.
And then theres February: the calm after the storm. Its an interesting month,
and can be hard to characterize especially here in Wisconsin. It doesnt have
the same fresh, new quality as January, but we havent quite made it to early
spring and all that a new season brings. The bright snow has turned to slush, and
frigid temperatures are just beginning to warm up (sometimes!).
Settling into this month can feel comfortable in a positive way, but also, unfortunately, brings a sense of relaxation that has the potential to slow momentum
and drive toward recently formed New Years resolutions and goals.
The content in the following pages of Natures Pathways is fresh and new each
month, but like February, holds easy, comforting favorites that you can always
count on. Monthly staples like Healthy Kids, Healthy Pets, Herb Blurb and
Healthy Eating are among several articles that will provide new motivation and
the tools to continue the momentum that started 2015.
If one of your missions this year is to learn to forgive and let go of resentment,
pay special attention to The healing power of forgiveness, by Phyllis Kasper.
Maybe being conscious of your health is a new goal. Weve got you covered!
Kim Neher offers several easy substitutes to unhealthy snacks in, Snacking and
weight loss. In Nighttime skin rituals, Caitlin Brotz takes a different approach
to health and focuses on how different cleansers and rituals can affect your skin.
Were looking forward to really delving into 2015, and experiencing all February has to offer.
The Natures Pathways Team

Cheryl Andersen
Vicki Maes
Rebecca Bentz
Grace Olson
Rebecca Martin
Kimberly Byrne
Rachael Wolter
Sarah Van Abel
Aaron Foster
Melissa Alderton Photography

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Natures Pathways | February 2015

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of the month prior to publication.
Natures Pathways is a medium for experts to
share relevant information on wellness-related
topics, including sometimes-controversial
issues. This magazine offers multiple
viewpoints so that readers are exposed to
all sides of such issues and able to make
informed decisions decisions that are right
for them and the lifestyles they wish to lead.
The opinions presented in this magazine are
not necessarily shared by
Natures Pathways.

(DELICIOUS) Manitowoc have a simple

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The folks at Wra
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food. Their men
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breakfast specia
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Wrap It Up!
your cravings at

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amazing businesses
and events in
your area!

Wrap It Up
830 S. Eighth St
Hours: Monday
through Saturd
7 a.m. to
and Sunday, 11
a.m. to 2 p.m.


st a $5 bill and a hu
nger for knowledge
will get you to the
Answers to Energy
Expo on Feb. 28,
where you can lea
energy efficiency, na
rn about
tural products and
green living.
Find out about loca
l options and reso
urces for recycling
to-table foods and
, farmmuch more. Win pr
s, receive free gifts,
sample food and pr
oducts at this great
family event. Over
nars and more than
20 semi50 exhibitors will
be at the expo pres
on topics like solar
energy options, lo
cal foods and goi
ng off the
2015 Answers to
Energy Expo
Saturday, Feb. 28
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Location: Players
Choice of the
Fox Cities, W3035
Edgewood Trail
(Highway JJ), Appl
Admission: $5



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ge journ
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February 2015 | Natures Pathways

Low sex drive

at midlife?
Testosterone may help to
reignite your passion!
By Randi Mann, NP

healthy sex life is absolutely possible no matter what

your age! Unfortunately, almost all women experience a
loss of sexual desire at some point in their lives. For many
women this happens in their 40s and 50s.
Vaginal dryness, low self-esteem due to weight gain and loss of
muscle mass, and a lack of emotional intimacy with their partner
can all contribute to low libido (sex drive). A womans body shape
may be changing as she nears menopause and her hormone levels
change, resulting in more belly fat and loss of muscle tone depending on her diet and exercise. At midlife, she may temporarily feel
less attractive and undesirable, and therefore less interested in sex.
A caring partner who communicates that he is still attracted to
her can make a world of difference and can help a woman to again
feel beautiful inside and out! After all, each day a woman gets
older, her partner is getting older too!
If a woman is feeling unhappy, unlovable, angry or empty, it
is difficult for her to feel loving and connected with her partner.
Counseling may be helpful for couples who are having sexual
problems as these problems may represent deeper issues in their
relationship. Satisfying sex involves sharing love, warmth and
connection. This is difficult to do if you are not feeling connected
to yourself and filled with love. You cannot share something
with someone else that you dont feel inside. Being overtired,
too stressed or not feeling well certainly can make an enormous
difference in a womans desire to be sexual.
Hormone imbalances at midlife falling progesterone, fluctuating estrogen and low testosterone levels are another cause
of low libido for women. Changes in estrogen level can influence
the vaginal lining, causing dryness, loss of elasticity and thinning
of the tissues. This can lead to painful intercourse, especially if
attempted without use of additional sensual lubricant. A small
amount of topical estrogen used vaginally two to three times per

Natures Pathways | February 2015

week can easily remedy this complaint if additional lubricant is

not enough. Women can seek an estrogen prescription from their
medical provider. Vaginal estradiol (E2) preparations (purchased
through local pharmacies) are available in several forms and may
have some systemic absorption. I often prescribe a weaker estrogen called estriol (E3) for my patients who report vaginal dryness
and pain with sex as it works wonderfully and it is not absorbed
systemically. It can be made especially for you from a compounding pharmacy in tablet, cream or suppository form, and is simple
to use one to three times weekly.
As a woman ages, her ovaries begin to produce less testosterone.
This hormone of desire for women influences her thoughts and
fantasies about sex as well as her sensations of pleasure and orgasmic response. If a woman is very stressed, no matter what her age,
she likely will not feel the urge to have sex. Perhaps this is Mother
Natures way of helping to avoid a pregnancy at a perceived bad
time to bring a child into the world. For many women (but not
all), testosterone therapy does appear to increase sex drive along
with energy, muscle tone and size, and bone strength.
According to the North American Menopause Society, there
are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved testosterone products currently available for women in the United States
and Canada. In Europe, a testosterone patch has been approved
for treating low sexual desire associated with distress in surgically menopausal women who are also on estrogen therapy. Interestingly, there are several different FDA-approved testosterone
medications for men available by prescription in traditional pharmacies and manufactured in standard doses from pharmaceutical
Fortunately, testosterone is available for women in America
through compounding pharmacies (these are pharmacies where
customized medications are prepared to meet each patients

For many women (but not

all), testosterone therapy does
appear to increase sex drive
along with energy, muscle tone
and size, and bone strength.
specific needs). These specialized pharmacies can create customized testosterone doses for women as ordered by their medical
provider. The usual oral doses I prescribe for women when
needed are between 1 to 7 milligrams daily. An oral dose may not
be appropriate for a woman with a history of elevated cholesterol
or liver disease. Other routes of administration such as transdermal dosing using patches, gels and creams are available as well.
It is best to seek help from an expert who is skilled at prescribing bioidentical (some call these natural) hormones such as
estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. The term bioidentical
hormone has come under fire in the past few years. It used to be
considered a medical term but recently the FDA has called this a
marketing term.
No matter what they are called, bioidentical hormones are simply
hormones that are made in a laboratory out of soybeans or yams
that exactly match the molecular structure of those produced in
the human body. It is my experience (and the experience of many

other practitioners who are experts at prescribing bioidentical

hormone therapy) that many women may experience fewer side
effects on these types of hormones, especially when the dosing is
guided by saliva hormone testing and severity of symptoms.
I prefer to prescribe only bioidentical hormones for my
patients, guided by hormone testing before and during treatment.
This helps me to know a womans baseline level of hormones prior
to starting and how well she is absorbing and responding to her
hormone therapy after start of treatment. It helps to ensure that
she is getting the proper amount of hormone supplementation:
not too much medication or too little.
Low libido and fatigue may improve with a small dose of testosterone (along with estrogen and progesterone when needed) and
a personalized program for better self-care and attention. Many
women feel better in general and sexually when they learn to eat
a better diet, exercise three to four times per week and manage
their stress better.
Dont settle for not feeling your best enjoy your sexuality no
matter what your age! Dont let something as simple as a hormone
imbalance rob you and your partner of a satisfying sex life!
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP, is the owner of Wise Woman
Wellness, LLC, an innovative, holistic wellness center in De Pere.
Mann is a board-certified womens health nurse practitioner,
NAMS-certified menopause practitioner and offers the best of
conventional and functional medicine to treat womens female,
thyroid and adrenal imbalances. Join her at an upcoming educational seminar
on hormones called End Hormone Havoc How to Stay Slim, Sane and Sexy.
Call 920-339-5252 to register. Visit for details.

For an
appointment, call

(920) 965-0345
Better dermatology care in every way
Kevan G. Lewis, MD

Megan Hotchkiss, PA-C

Stanford University
Medical School
UCLA Medical School
Mohs Micrographic Surgery and
Cutaneous Oncology, Mayo Clinic
Dermatopathology University of
Colorado School of Medicine
Board Certification & Membership
American Board of Dermatology
American Board of Pathology
American College of Mohs Surgery
American Academy of Dermatology

Native of Wisconsin
Board Certified Physician Assistant
Over 10 years experience
in dermatology
Member of the American Academy of
Physician Assistants and Society of
Dermatology Physician Assistants
2004 graduate of Chatham College
with a Masters of Physician Assistant

Board Certified Dermatologist

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Encircle Health
in Appleton
2500 E. Capitol Drive

3263 Eaton Rd.

1747 Shawano Ave.

(Located in Bellevue at Bellin FMC)

(Across from St. Marys Hospital)

2021 S. Webster Ave.

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February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Painted finishes,
Rediscovering the natural
beauty of wood with
sustainable, nontoxic, zeroVOC natural paint finishes

By Jonas A. Zahn

This is one of a four-part series on natural,

nontoxic, eco-friendly wood finishes. Look
for the next installment in next months
issue, at or

n the process of building a sustainable and eco-friendly casket company,

weve had to learn a lot about ecofriendly wood finishes. Weve learned how

to achieve a wide variety of beautiful wood finishes without using

Industrial nightstand painted with cobalt milk paint
harmful chemicals. Most of our wiped back when wet, followed by dark raw tung oil
learning has been a matter of redis- for an antiqued effect.
covering the historic techniques
mastered by 16th century English
craftsmen. In this article well briefly
Milk paint is a wonderful natural wood
cover the history, chemistry and useful finish for your household projects including
techniques for achieving natural painted furniture, cabinets, doors, picture frames,
childrens toys and so much more. Not to be
confused with chalk paint made famous
by Annie Sloan, milk paint is a historic
paint used for centuries prior to 1900.
While chalk paint is a conventional latex
product with additives for unique artistic
effect, the chemistry of milk paint is the
combination of milk protein and calcium
Powerful healing with
hydroxide. Dont be worried by the chemical terms. Calcium hydroxide is simply
lime, or calcium oxide, mixed with water
to form calcium hydroxide, also known
as slaked lime or hydrated lime. Lime is
Hypnosis Reiki
a common, naturally occurring mineral
Reconnective Healing
easily extracted all around the earth. When
milk protein (casein) is combined with
slaked lime, a chemical reaction occurs that
creates a very sticky substance this is a
binder. For color, we add natural mineral
pigments such as ochres, oxides, Gilsonite,
cobalt and a list of other natural pigments
to get thousands of colors.
681 Baeten St., Green Bay
Fortunately, there are a handful of companies that do the hard work for us and make

Peace & Wellness Center


Patricia M. Poole


Natures Pathways | February 2015

Milk paint is a
wonderful natural
wood finish for
your household
projects including
furniture, cabinets,
doors, picture frames,
childrens toys and
so much more.
milk paint available in powder form with the
protein, slaked lime and pigment pre-mixed.
Just add water, mix, let sit about 20 minutes
and you have a beautiful paint! The paint is
easy to work with and will keep in the refrigerator for three to six weeks.
Milk paint can only be applied to a porous
surface like wood. If you are repainting a
piece of furniture, you can either sand all of
the previous finish off (such as varnish or
latex paint) or you can pre-treat the surface

with a primer and/or add ultra bond adhesion additive to the paint. Milk paint works
by binding in the wood grain it does
not form a top coat like latex paints do.
Milk paint will never check, crack or peel
if applied to a properly prepared surface.
(Milk paint will flake off smooth surfaces
like metal, plastic or varnished wood.)
Milk paint layers nicely. You can get deep
rich colors with two to three coats. Let the
paint dry at least 24 hours between coats
or you risk rehydrating the first coat and
lifting it off the surface. Drier surfaces in
drier conditions will cure faster, of course.
For interesting antique effects, try painting a
base primer color and then a second color.
You can easily wipe back some of the second
coat with a warm wet wash cloth to get an
aged or antiqued effect on your furniture.
Milk paint must be encapsulated with a
top coat to protect the surface. A painted
wood surface can be protected with
natural oils, buffed with natural waxes or
brushed with burnishing glazes. Different techniques work better than others
depending on the intended purpose of the
surface. Kitchen cabinets, for example, are




g the


highe & supplemenledtgse
e know
combine an count on.
you c

best protected with a natural burnishing

glaze that will harden and yield a smooth,
matte finish that will stand up to water and
clean easily. A fine piece of pine furniture
might better exhibit a softness and colorful wood grain with wax over milk paint.
Hardwoods work very well with natural oil
finishes over milk paint.
For more information on eco-friendly finishes
including real milk paint, natural waxes and
nontoxic burnishing glazes, check out our blog at or ask us on Facebook at
Jonas A. Zahn is the owner of the Northwoods Casket Company and Carriage
House Works. Jonas is uncompromising in his commitment to sustainability using locally sourced woods, local
craftsmen (and women), and environmentally safe paints and finishes to build caskets and
classic Arts & Crafts furniture. The company plants
100 trees for every casket made. The Northwoods
Casket Co. offers a wide range of sustainable burial
caskets and cremation products and delivers to every
funeral home in Wisconsin. Carriage House Works
builds fine handcrafted furniture, sells reclaimed wood
flooring and distributes milk paint with environmentally safe natural oil finishes. The casket gallery and
furniture store are located in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.
Learn more by visiting
or See ad on page 53.

Our ownership has over

55 years of combined
experience to offer you:
A Huge Selection of the Highest
Quality Vitamins and Supplements
Organic, Gluten-free and
Specialty Groceries
Free-range and Organic Meats
Natural Child and Baby Products
Large Tea and Herb Selection
Organic and Fair Trade Coffee
Vast Array of Natural and Organic
Health and Beauty Products

Located in the old Steger

Nutrition Building
297 W. Northland Ave.,
Appleton 920-364-9283

February 2015 | Natures Pathways



Tackle the irritations
affecting your
animal friend

et sensitivities are on the rise, yet many pet owners may be

unaware of what is specifically impacting their four-legged
family members. With a host of potential allergens and
other irritants possibly affecting your pet, it is crucial to understand the source so you can mitigate the negative effect it may be
having on your animals health and overall well-being.
Here are three common sources of sensitivities that may be
affecting your cat or dog, along with suggested remedies to help
your pet lead a healthier (and happier) life.

Outdoor pollutants

The great outdoors is often a major source of allergens and irritants,

which can be linked to sensitivities. Just like humans, pets can be
impacted by seasonal, plant-based allergies. Pollens and grasses are
common sources during the warm spring and summer months.
Be aware of your animals usual habits and take note if a reaction
may be correlated with a particular season. If you are concerned,
you might consider a trip to the vet to help determine your best
course of action.


Food can also cause sensitivities. Michele Dixon, a specialist in

pet health and nutrition at pet food company Petcurean, agrees.
Food sensitivities are increasingly prevalent in pets such as
cats and dogs, she says. If you suspect your pet may be suffering
from a food-related intolerance, try replacing their food with one
that is geared towards their specific dietary needs.

Natures Pathways | February 2015

Perhaps less of a perceived

threat, indoor allergens
such as dust mites and mold
spores can also take their
toll. Cleaning your floors and
carpets regularly to minimize
the dust that has accumulated
is one method for decreasing
the risk of these issues.
Indoor allergens

Perhaps less of a perceived threat, indoor allergens such as dust

mites and mold spores can also take their toll. Cleaning your
floors and carpets regularly to minimize the dust that has accumulated is one method for decreasing the risk of these issues.
By closely monitoring your pets exposure to indoor and
outdoor allergens, and keeping an eye on how they react to the
food they eat, you can help ensure your pet thrives.
Source: MetroCreative Connection

Hope and Healing


Closer Than You Think.





providing counseling
and support For
children and adults.

Meridith's Focus:
Loss & Grief
with Illness
Behavioral Issues

Navigating Life Changes

Work/Life Balance
Identity Issues
Job Loss
Employee Assistance
Resources & Referrals

Valley Wellness
and Referral

Meridith N.
Starling, MSSW

124 W Wisconsin Ave., Suite 90B, Neenah

(920) 725-3505

Accouible Spen
nt Ap ding



November 1- May 30, 2015

Non-invasive No radiation Painless FDA registered

Thermal Body Imaging

Aid for diagnosis, prognosis and
therapy monitoring for:
Back Injuries
Nerve Damage

Breast Disease
Carpal Tunnel
Skin Cancer
Stroke Screening
Digestive Disorders
And many others!

Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer

9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.


Nearby parking ramps feature

meters or $2 all day
WIC & EBT Cards Accepted
Visit our website for more details

Appleton Downtown
Downtown Appleton Farm Market




1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Ste. 202, Appleton

(920) 380-1365call for appointments


February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Is autoimmune
disease burning
your world?
By Kelly Felmer

THE ALARM IS RINGING! Oh gosh, I cant wake up. Hit the

snooze button. Oh, ouch! Argh, its hard to move when I first wake
up. And oh, I hurt all over. I squeeze my hands together ugh! Are
they moving? Are they in fists? I actually have to look to be sure. My
feet and hands are super swollen. My joints are so stiff and swollen,
I actually feel like my body is on fire! I am so inflamed! It takes me
a while to get my parts to move and then I drag myself out of bed
Thats autoimmune disease: self-attacking and self-destroying.
But you dont have to live with the inflammation. The immune
system is supposed to protect you, not beat you up.
Diseases like Hashimotos thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis,
lupus, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease and many more are known
as autoimmune diseases. In fact, autoimmunity is the underlying
cause of more than 100 serious, chronic illnesses.
Do you know anyone suffering from those conditions above?
Probably a few women that you know have symptoms of disease,
and maybe a couple of men. Women far outweigh men in this
category. Autoimmune disease was named a major womens
health issue by the Office of Research on Womens Health at the
National Institutes of Health. Of the 50 million Americans living
and coping with autoimmune disease, more than 75 percent
of them are women, according to the American Autoimmune
Related Diseases Association.
Western medicine has traditionally used medications to
suppress the immune system in your body for these conditions.
Does this help with your symptoms? Yes, it usually does. However,
your body gets used to the medication and then it no longer
works. So the more important question is: Does that approach
address the real problem? Are there causes or reasons that this
issue started in the first place? And what can be done about them?
Imagine this: You sit down in a chair and ouch! I just sat on a tack!
(That would really cause a pain in your butt!) Now, to make that
pain go away, should I prescribe pain medicine for you? Should I
prescribe an immuno-suppressive drug so that your body calms the

Natures Pathways | February 2015

inflammation? Or
should I just
help you to remove
the tack? Sounds silly,
doesnt it?
Remove the cause of
the pain and the pain will
go away. Sometimes it is
just that simple. Eliminate the triggers to your inflammation.
Dr. Hyman states that doctors are not trained to find and treat
the underlying causes of inflammation in chronic disease. Hidden
allergens, infections, environmental toxins, an inflammatory diet,
and stress are the real causes of these inflammatory conditions.
Autoimmune disease is an inflammatory (think flames; think
fire for your pain or symptoms) condition. There is no need to
continue to fuel that fire; rather, start to think about how to eliminate the triggers and then begin to repair and rebuild the body.

General tips to decrease inflammation

1. Give up foods that are inflammatory to your body, such as

gluten (wheat, barley, rye), dairy, corn, and soy

2. Have your IgG food allergies tests. These are delayed food

sensitivities that trigger your immune system every time you

eat them. Common foods and even healthy foods are often
found to be part of the problem.
3. Find and treat infections. Yeast, bacteria and parasites could
be causing an issue.
4. Heal a leaky gut: 80 percent of your immune system is in your
continued on page 19

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


The importance
of regular
massage for
By Susan Cossette, NCTMB

s we groove into 2015, many of you

have made traditional New Years
resolutions. A majority of those
resolutions are setting goals for a healthier
lifestyle. Part of having a healthier lifestyle
means making more time for yourself.
Getting regular massages can help with
your overall well-being and health.
Weve all heard many of the wonderful
benefits of massage but did you ever think
about how getting a massage for ourselves
can benefit others around you?
Massage heightens our sense of wellbeing, causing our anxiety levels to drop. It
is the best natural way to activate a relaxed
response. When we can allow ourselves
to relax during a massage or other type
of therapy, our endocrine system as well
as our central and autonomic nervous
systems are affected. Endorphins regulate
mood and block the brain from feeling
pain and are released during massages.
Our muscles relax, our digestion increases,
our heart rate slows and circulation is
Adopting a long-term program of
massage or other types of therapy can really
assist us in getting in touch with our body.
Often clients have a reason for booking a

Natures Pathways | February 2015

Through energy work or massage

we can come to a relaxed state in our
body and mind to release all that is
stored not just in our mind but in our
muscles, tissues, organs and systems.
therapy, such as pain in an isolated area. As
they begin to come in for regular sessions,
they often forget the original reason as
healing takes place and then other areas of
discomfort appear.
Through energy work or massage we
can come to a relaxed state in our body and
mind to release all that is stored not just
in our mind but in our muscles, tissues,
organs and systems. Western medicine
supports this concept and has changed
the way they treat their patients, often
recommending massage, yoga, meditation or other holistic methods. Traditional Chinese medicine and other ancient
cultures have been doing this for centuries.
Learning relaxation techniques together
can bring a family closer by being able to
assist one another when they are in need

of healing. Yoga and massage classes are

easy to find in any city. Many are offered
independently or through local gyms and
fitness centers.
Susan Cossette, NCTMB, is the
owner of Health and Healing Zone
in Appleton, specializing in educational classes for massage methods,
Reiki and holistic healing. She is a
NCBTMB-approved provider for continuing education. Susan has been practicing massage since 1998
and graduated from Fox Valley School of Massage.
She also offers Rainessence aromatherapy, Karuna
Reiki, northern Thai massage, reflexology, myofascial release and craniosacral. She is a Thai massage/
energy work and hot stone instructor at Globe
University in Appleton.
To learn more about Susan or her instruction at
Globe University, visit her website, You can also email her at or call her at 920-428-2181.

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE continued from page 16

gut! Probiotics, aloe vera juice and bone broth provide great
healing to the gut.
5. Check for heavy metal toxicity. Does your job expose you to
heavy metals? Do you have metal (mercury) dental fillings or
drink from aluminum cans? You could be toxic.
6. Boost your nutrition through organic vegetables, fruits and
meats. Avoid pesticides and chemicals; eat real whole food.
7. Exercise: Activity benefits everyone. Just start moving!
8. Incorporate relaxation techniques into your day. Life is stressful;
make sure to have some downtime through meditation, yoga,
prayer, deep breathing or some other activity you find relaxing.
Find more information about autoimmune disease through this video: https://
Kelly Felmer is a nurse practitioner with 20 years of experience and a passion to
help others prevent and reverse disease. She is a Certified Functional Medicine
Provider at The Wellness Way Clinic in Green Bay, and specializes in taking care
of people with thyroid, hormone, autoimmune, gastrointestinal and allergy issues.
The Wellness Way offers a unique approach to health care, where practices are
based on the principle of biochemical individuality and centered on the concept
that we dont guess, we test. Visit

Pain with intercourse?

Increased irritability
or anxiety?
Hot flashes?
Night sweats?
Overall vaginal dryness?

How to Stop Attacking Yourself: 9 Steps to Heal Autoimmune Disease. Dr.

Mark Hyman.


Nurse Midwife

I get it, Ive been there myself. Let me

help you through your symptoms.
From holistic to high risk, our team is here for you.
Pregnancy Adolescent and teen health concerns
Incontinence Fertility solutions Well woman exams
Menopause Endometriosis Lactation Office procedures
Pelvic pain Gynecologic surgery

The Wellness Way is located at 2638 Tulip Lane, Green Bay. Call 920-429-2844 for
more information.
References: Autoimmune Disease in Women. American Autoimmune Related
Diseases Association.

Shelly Weisheipl

Want to know your options? Call 920-886-2299 or visit

Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery & Pregnancy
200 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite 133, Neenah

Dont Deal
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at Work

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dEGREE AT GloBE univERsiTy
Campuses in Appleton, Green Bay & Wausau | 877-440-1110 |
information regarding program cost, graduate outcomes, and the occupations each program prepares students to enter can be accessed via links on the individual program web pages within the
Globe university website. The program web pages can be accessed by using the following link

February 2015 | Natures Pathways



Fight the
winter blues
By Lauren Quella and Jayne Lang

he holidays have come and gone. The days are cold and
dreary. Its the heart of a Wisconsin winter. For some, this
time of year can bring on a case of the winter blues, and
in more serious cases, seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
The so-called winter blues are more common in residents of
northern states like Wisconsin, where there is a lack of sunlight
during the winter months. The winter blues can cause people to
sleep more, feel less energetic, experience mood swings and fall
prey to food cravings resulting in weight gain, according to the
Mayo Clinic.
While it would be great if we could control the weather or
migrate to sunnier locales for the entire winter, there are easier
steps you can take to fight off the winter blues. An easy, affordable
and readily accessible option is yoga. The connection of the mind,
body and spirit through the practice of yoga not only helps beat
the winter blues, but it just makes you feel better physically and
Yoga, in its many forms, can be a very beneficial approach to
counteracting the winter blues because it stimulates all systems
in the body and helps to keep the body and mind in balance. The
long list of benefits of yoga include:
Increased flexibility
Increased muscle strength
Improved balance
Improved metabolism and weight loss
Protection from injury
Improved respiration
Increased energy and vitality
Decreased stress hormones
A boosted immune system
Improved cardiovascular and circulatory health
Improved mental well-being

Natures Pathways | February 2015

A yoga practice that incorporates

deep breathing during poses
can help you feel more relaxed.
One of the best aspects of yoga is the way it helps with stress
management. According to the Mayo Clinic, both stress and
anxiety can increase symptoms of SAD, or the winter blues. A
yoga practice that incorporates deep breathing during poses can
help you feel more relaxed. For example, when you are focused on
connecting deep breathing to a yoga pose, your concentration is
on your breath and body, not on other distracting thoughts like
your to-do list. By using deep breathing during yoga, you will take
in a lot more oxygen than the shallower breathing you do on an
everyday basis. The extra oxygen helps to detoxify the body as
well as give your brain a boost to increase alertness, prevent negativity and battle the winter blues.
Within a yoga practice, there are yoga poses specifically designed
to help relieve tension and aid in relaxation. Other yoga poses help
to release endorphins, the bodys natural painkillers, to help improve
your mood and keep the winter blues at bay. Inversions, poses that
involve elevating your feet above your head, help to cleanse the
body and give the immune system a boost by reversing your blood
flow. Likewise, a twist pose aids in digestion and cleanses the organs
by flushing out the bad and flushing in the good.
Are you ready to experience the many benefits of yoga? Its simple
to get started! With the wide variety of yoga practices in the Fox
Valley, theres a class for everyone, no matter your age or fitness
level. There are modifications for every pose as well as beginner
classes. Yoga classes vary from gentle stretching and lengthening

to strenuous and challenging; they even vary in temperature from

75 degrees to over 100 degrees. The type of yoga practice you select
depends on your physical ability and personal preference.
The wonderful thing about yoga is that you can choose to attend
a class at a studio or you can practice poses at home or at work. Its
important to remember to give it more than one try. Find the class
or instructor that speaks to you and dont be afraid or intimidated
to try something new. The more you do yoga, the faster youll see
and feel the benefits. Adding even a little yoga into your weekly
routine during the winter months can help boost your mood, fight
the winter blues and make the season feel like its going by faster.
If you are dealing with depression, stress or anxiety, yoga may
provide a better way to manage your symptoms. However, you
should always consult a doctor before making any changes to your
exercise routine.
Lauren Quella teaches yoga at Advanced Movement Studio in the
new Yoga Loft. Lauren holds a 200-hour yoga instructor certification and is a NETA-certified personal trainer. Jayne Lang is the
studios marketing director.
Advanced Movement Studio is locally owned and located along
the Fox River in Appletons historic Edison Center. The studios mission is to bring
every aspect of health and fitness together for every client. The Yoga Loft is an
extension of this mission. It is an inspirational space where the benefits of yoga
can be integrated with other important aspects of health and wellness. For more
information, call 920-209-1662 or visit or
Reference: Diseases and Conditions: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
Mayo Clinic.

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February 2015 | Natures Pathways



Ready for
By Teresa Kapelle

s parents, we all want to give our

children the best possible start in
life. We angst over so many aspects
of the early childhood experience: learning
the alphabet, counting to 10, saying thank
you, etc. Whether you are a stay-at-home
mom or work outside the home as I do,
we all have a common concern: how best
to prepare our children for elementary

Ive been lucky enough to be both a

mom and an educator. While I have been
proud of the programs of which I have
been a part, I believe the best way to
prepare your child for elementary school
does not require elaborate playgroups,
expensive early childhood programs or
even extensive planning. To my mind,
the best preparation results from a simple
approach that a parent or caring adult can

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Natures Pathways | February 2015

incorporate throughout their daily lives:

being alert to and exploiting small, educative moments that, taken together, add up
to huge lessons. For example:

active observer with them. When your

child stops to look at the ant crossing the
sidewalk, stop with her. Put words to what
shes seeing. Encourage her prediction
of what the ant is doing. Easier said than
done, I know. Certainly, at 10 oclock at
night I am not waxing rhapsodic about the
moon with my kid, but to stop, say once
a day to recognize and translate the world
around us, with and for him, can be life

child see through others eyes. Start with

that annoying insect in your house. Instead
of whacking it, carry it gently outside. Or,
use words to describe the feelings a crying
baby might have. Respond to your childs
worries. Eventually your child will bring
these feelings into relationships with peers.

child to disagree respectfully, or to express

his emotions. I have heard many parents
lament that their teenage son will not talk
to them. I also saw those same parents tell

Take up the small moments to

teach your child. These moments,
and your responses to them, are
what will guide him through his
lifelong learning experiences.
their son not to talk back. You know what
I say to my son? Talk to me. Tell me your
feelings. Give me a chance to ask you what
we can do together to make you feel better.
And I hope when you are in a classroom,
without me, having a difficult time, you
will use the same tools we have practiced.

your child as many new and unique experiences as you can. Toddlers love to experience the world around them through all
their senses. Allow it. Encourage it! Set
her in the mud. Let her get dirty. Take
your son to museums. It might well be
only a 15-minute experience, but it will

be valuable nonetheless. School will be

full of new experiences; giving your child
comfort in the unknown is valuable.
5. LET THEM FAIL. Allow your child to

feel frustration. Think of the child who

attempts to get the rectangular block in
the similar hole. It has to fit just right and
sometimes it takes many tries. Resist the
urge to swoop in and turn the block for
her. The failures and, consequently, the
repeat attempts are the true gold. She is
learning to work through her frustration,
and growing in her tolerance for it.
Several years ago, I was the director of an

early childhood center where my 4-yearold son was being more than prepared
for the scary world of elementary school.
During a sweet gathering where families
come together, my son chose to express his
vehement concerns with leaving. He had
a lot to say, and he was particularly loud
saying it. I could feel all eyes on me, watching for my reaction. I knelt down, thanked
my son for letting me know how sad he
was; then we walked out together him
screaming and me nodding in understanding. The message that I sent to my son
Thanks for expressing yourself, and I see
you are sad, but we still have to leave. Life
is full of disappointments, was a true
one. And the message that I sent to families that day to listen to your child and
honor her feelings was just as valuable.
Take up the small moments to teach your
child. These moments, and your responses
to them, are what will guide him through
his lifelong learning experiences.
Teresa Kapelle teaches math and science at The
Cooperative School, a private, nonsectarian primary
school in Appleton serving grades one through six.
Visit to learn more.

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Connecting the Fox Cities

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Photo: Michael Leschisin, Image Studios

Public transit is an integral part of a healthy, thriving community.

Public transit helps to retain jobs, provide access to healthcare
and education, and support a high quality of life.

Photograph: Image Studios

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Are you
By Lisa Jermain

DO YOU SUFFER from any of the following conditions?

Low energy
Memory loss
Anxiety or depression
Mental fog
Food intolerances
Frequent headaches or colds
Cravings and caffeine addiction

Or, have you exercised like crazy and cut calories the last month,
with little to no impact on your waistline or New Years resolution?
All of the symptoms above are signs of a toxic body. Certainly
some may be symptoms of other issues, but if you said yes to even
a few items on the list, the odds are high that toxins are at least
part of your problem.
In 2005, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) studied toxicity levels in both adults and children. They found that adults in the
industrialized world carry up to 700 different toxins in their bodies.
Even more disturbing, umbilical cord blood samples from babies
contained over 200 contaminants from pesticides, industrial chemicals and mercury. Our bodies are miraculously made, but just not
equipped to deal with the avalanche of toxins we are taking in either
knowingly or unknowingly from our food supply, water supply and
environment. Toxins that cannot be metabolized are stored in fat cells
often surrounding and pressuring our vital organs.
Generally speaking, the diet industry is filled with recommendations to cut calories and increase exercise. Mathematically, if
output of calories exceeds input, then weight loss should occur.
Yet how many people have tried this formula and failed?

Natures Pathways | February 2015

Toxins that cannot be

metabolized are stored in fat
cells often surrounding and
pressuring our vital organs.
Americans are spending billions of dollars each year on an
industry with a 90 percent failure rate. Not enough is being said
about the quality of the calories we choose. I admit that for a time
I followed a popular diet program where I counted inputs. Most
days I cheated the system by saving some of my allotment for
unhealthy choices. Those choices fed my cravings and addictions,
rather than help to curb them.
We are the most overfed but undernourished society in history.
Medical challenges are on the rise and obesity is an epidemic. Is
a primary reason for this that so many of the calories in our food
supply today are nutritionally bankrupt?
Processed food and sugars give us units of energy but wreak havoc
on our organs and brain. In the book, The New American Diet,
author Stephen Perrine claims that we overeat because our bodies
are starved for real nutrition. We eat more calories because our
bodies are missing essential nutrients. On top of that, excess sugar
inhibits our natural fat-burning mechanisms. The U.S. Department
of Agriculture estimates that the average person consumed over
131 pounds of sugar in 2010, compared to just 10 pounds per year
in the late 1800s. The brain only needs about a teaspoon of glucose
every three hours. When we take in excess sugar and refined carbs
(which are one chemical step away from sugar), our bodies are put
under increased stress, and hormone imbalances occur.

We have adapted to this less-than-healthy lifestyle, to the brain

fog, the illnesses and excess pounds, thinking it has to be this
way. But what if we could give our cells an oil change and, in the
process, get better mileage out of the good calories we consume?
The good news is we can.
The solution is flooding the body with essential nutrients and
trace minerals, while cleansing the cells of stored toxins. With
dense, superfood nutrition, the signals of deprivation to the brain
simply stop. Cravings go away. Cleansing at a cellular level gets rid
of the toxins that lead to the muffin top, spare tire, or whatever
you prefer to call the fat around the waistline. The body starts to
work again the way it was intended to.
The human body is a miracle and the adage that we are what
we eat really is true. We can regenerate cells that are healthy and
vibrant not by restricting calories of empty foods, but by choosing
the right calories.
I have worked with hundreds of clients who have found that this
extensively researched and tested approach works. If you are getting
discouraged about your 2015 health resolutions, why not try a new
path? As Albert Einstein said so eloquently, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.
Lisa Jermain spent 12 years in financial services before becoming a full-time mom. After battling degenerative disc disease, Lisa
reclaimed health through spinal fusion surgery and weight loss.
Now Lisa has combined her professional background and passions
to become a Crystal Executive with Isagenix. She loves coaching
people to better health and wealth and can be reached at 920-470-6791.

The world leader in whole-body

nutritional cleansing, cellular
replenishing and youthful aging.


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Lisa Jermain, Crystal Executive
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February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Vitamin D:
By John Sowinski, R.Ph.

he traditional thought when it comes to the importance

of vitamin D is that its a critical vitamin for strengthening
the bones. This school of thought comes from the classic
deficiency of vitamin D, called rickets. Rickets is a childhood bone
disorder, in which the bones soften and become prone to fractures and deformity, and is caused most often by a deficiency in
vitamin D. However, beyond its benefits to the bones, we have
found that vitamin D has many other functions throughout the
body. Because of these multiple uses, including functions that
affect our immune system and our mood, it is even more important to ensure you are getting enough vitamin D, and that you are
taking it the correct way.
There are two different supplements that you may come across
when looking at vitamin D: vitamins D2 and D3. You know you
have vitamin D2 if the label says ergocalciferol; if you have vitamin
D3, the bottle will say cholecalciferol. When a vitamin D supplement is prescribed, it is usually for vitamin D2. However, vitamin
D3 is approximately 87 percent more potent in raising and maintaining vitamin D levels, and it produces two- to three-fold greater
storage of vitamin D than D2.
In addition to the common prescription of an inferior supplement (vitamin D2), another problem is the way in which many

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Natures Pathways | February 2015

take vitamin D doses. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so there

is a belief that the excess is stored in the body and used as needed.
Because of this, many people take vitamin D as a large dose weekly
or even monthly. The best test for vitamin D levels is a blood test,
and often, these high doses can produce a good level in the blood.
However, these tests do not tell the whole story. In order to understand why these high, infrequent doses are not good enough, it is
important to understand how vitamin D is used in the body.
When you get vitamin D, either from sunshine or supplementation, the body makes or absorbs cholecalciferol, which is vitamin
D3. Then, some of that cholecalciferol is converted to the active
form by either the liver or certain other cells in the body. The
active form is called 1,25 hydroxycholecalciferol. Now, the blood
test I mentioned earlier to determine vitamin D levels measures
this active form. However, there are places in the body (those
other cells I mentioned) that the active vitamin D cant reach. In
these cases, the original form of vitamin D needs to be available to
get to those areas, and then it is changed to the active form once
it gets there.
This is where the trouble comes in with once-a-week dosing. As
the tests will show, there is plenty of active vitamin D in the blood.
However, that active form cant get to all of the areas where it is
needed, and the excess of the original vitamin D3 gets eliminated
too quickly from the body to be used. So, if you are taking vitamin
D weekly or monthly, you are not getting enough vitamin D to all
of the places your body needs it.
The bottom line is: vitamin D3 needs to be taken daily and in
adequate amounts to get the blood test to at least 50 nanograms
per milliliter (ng/ml). This ensures there is enough active form in
the blood, while also providing enough of the original form to get
to those places that need it. For most people, the proper dose will
be at least 5,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3 daily, while
for many people, it may be more.
John Sowinski, R.Ph., is the owner/pharmacist at Custom Health Pharmacy,
1011 S. 10th St., Manitowoc, your source for quality compounded medications.
For more information, please call 920-482-3145 or visit

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February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Trends to
in 2015
By Heather LaFond

ometimes when fitness becomes too routine, not only do

our bodies adapt, making it difficult to experience progress,
but our minds get bored as well. In order to keep our bodies
and our minds interested, it is important to switch things up!
An annual survey of fitness professionals conducted by the
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), revealed the
following upcoming trends for 2015. Keep exercise fun and
refreshing by trying these impending fitness trends:

Bodyweight training

Our bodies are a very convenient means of exercise that is often

overlooked. We are capable of applying all three types of fitness
cardio, strength and flexibility with our bodies alone. Bodyweight training allows individuals to workout at any time and any
place. No more excuses!

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Workout sessions are typically completed in 30 minutes or less.

Though these sessions are short, they are intense and have a
lasting after-burn effect. High-intensity interval training allows

participants with limited free time to get the most out of their
work out and get on with their day!

Strength training

Strength training is always an important component of any fitness

routine. The increase in strength trainings popularity may be due
in part to baby boomers setting its trend. As we age muscle mass
declines. Strength training is an excellent proactive approach to
maintaining strength in an aging body.

Personal training

Receive a fitness program tailored to your level of fitness, abilities and

goals by working with a certified fitness professional. When enlisting the help of a personal trainer, please practice due diligence and
do your research. Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer. Be
sure that the trainer you are speaking with has credentials to back
them up. Any certified fitness professional will not take offense if they
are asked about their certifications and/or experience. They will be
happy to share. You pay a pretty penny for personal training services;
make sure that you are making a sound investment.


It is well-known that yoga enhances participants flexibility. Along

with an increased range of motion, yoga has several additional
health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, enhanced mindbody connection, injury prevention, removal of toxins from the
body, relaxation and stress-relief. With the fast-paced world that we
live in today, its no wonder that yoga is becoming a more popular
commodity at health clubs and fitness studios around the country.
A high energy fusion of Pilates, boxing and dance! Transform yourself into a
tough boxer, gracious ballerina and a hip street dancer all in one class.

CLASSES NOW IN SESSION! For more information email: or call (920) 973-1977


Natures Pathways | February 2015

Functional fitness

Functional training programs are related to increasing your

ability to perform either tasks of daily life or work, or to enhance
athletic performance. Functional fitness programs tend to have
a strength-based approach as well as a component of movement

through dynamic stabilization. These principles allow participants to work on increasing their core strength, which is needed
in balance and while completing tasks that they tend to perform
on a frequent basis.

Group personal training

Group personal training can offer participants a sense of community, make fitness more fun and aid with accountability. Participants of group personal training may work on current friendships
and create new ones while becoming more fit at the same time!
When workouts become routine and we fail to see results, it can
become a negative experience for individuals. Make it a goal to try
something different this year! With this transition, your workouts
will become a more positive, meaningful experience. Change your
mindset, change your routine and your body will follow!
As always, be sure to contact your physician before beginning
an exercise routine and never hesitate to enlist the help of a professional to achieve your goals.
Heather is the sole owner and operator of Prana Groove & Defiant
Fitness. She is an ACSM-certified personal trainer with a strong
track record for helping clients successfully achieve their health
and wellness goals. Heather has a B.S. in human biology with an
emphasis in exercise science, and over six years of experience in
personal and group fitness training. Her passion for health and fitness is driven
by her motivation to help others achieve what they once thought impossible.
Reference: Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015: Whats Driving
the Market. Walter R. Thompson, Ph.D. ACSMs Health and Fitness Journal.

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February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Open your
heart to
good health
Love yourself through
therapeutic methods
of wellness
By Katie Presutti

ebruary conjures up ideas of love as Valentines

Day approaches and hearts and roses are scattered all around. Often, this focuses on love
between couples; however, there are many other ways
to recognize this beautiful emotion. Love for a child, a parent,
pets, or friends are each important aspects of a well-fulfilled life.
This love creates feel-good hormones, or endorphins, in all of us
and makes our world a happier place.
Celebrating love can take us on many journeys, be expressed in
countless ways, and provide our greatest joys as well as our greatest pains. A quote by Max Muller reminds us of the importance of
love: A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot

Amy Skiver, LPC

Holistic Licensed Psychotherapist
Clinical Ayurvedic Intern
Individuals Couples Families

Bring mind, body & spirit into balance!


Riverside Psychiatric Group, S.C. 1325 Angels Path, De Pere


Natures Pathways | February 2015

live without love.

Loving yourself first is essential to love another unconditionally. How do you nurture yourself so you can wholeheartedly
be there for the loves in your life? There are numerous ways to
nurture your physical, beating, blood-pumping heart. We eat
healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and seeds. We
exercise, increasing our blood flow and oxygen levels.
There are also different ways to nurture your heart on an
emotional level. This can be more challenging at times, but its
just as important. It is said that a broken heart brings about many
physical ailments. To mend a broken heart, the focus must be
turned to emotional healing modalities.
There are many options for you to keep your heart chakra
happy and healthy, including massage therapy, yoga, meditation
and Reiki.
SESSION. Massage is an excellent way to promote self-awareness,

which allows for the release of tension and guarding patterns. The
benefits of massage are accumulative. Developing a consistent
massage program creates space to let go of day-to-day stresses and
chronic, built-up tension.

COMMIT TO A YOGA CLASS. Yoga continues to grow in our

Western culture as it provides an opportunity for the physical body

to release tension and stress so our mental and spiritual selves can
begin to dissolve emotional blocks. As we move through physical
postures we open the energy centers of the body, known as chakras.
The common phrase, open your heart center used by yoga
teachers is meant to have you focus your attention on your entire
heart area or your heart chakra. This is the entire area between the
rib cage and bottom of the throat and encompasses the front and
back body. Opening the heart center creates the space for loving
thoughts and feelings to be felt within ourselves and within our
CLASS. Reiki practitioners serve as conduits for healing Reiki

energy. This energy flows into the areas in your body, mind and
spirit where it is needed. Learning self-healing techniques in Reiki I
is a powerful tool to help release old wounds that may be in the way
of experiencing a life you yearn for: one full of love and joy.

self-awareness, increases self-confidence and builds self-trust.

Restore your attention or bring it to a new level by dramatically
slowing down whatever youre doing, says Sharon Salzberg, author
of Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation. Allowing time to
reflect and be present in the moment increases focus and clarity
into areas that are sometimes lost in the shuffle of a busy life.



According to Peter Hess, founder of Peter Hess Sound Massage,

The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and
brings it into vibration. The sound breaks tension, mobilizes selfhealing forces, and sets free creative energies.
Loving thyself with therapeutic methods of wellness are ideal opportunities to take care and be proactive with your health. As we move
through the month of February and are surrounded by signs of love,
remember the importance of self-love. As author Melodie Beattie
explains, Accept yourself. Love yourself as you are. Your finest work,
your best movements, your joy, peace, and healing comes when you
love yourself. You give a great gift to the world when you do that. You
give others permission to do the same: to love themselves. Revel in
self-love. Roll in it. Bask in it as you would sunshine.
Visit us at and discover ways to open your heart.
Katie Presutti, RYT, is the director of creative development at
Balance on Buffalo, which exists as an oasis: providing a safe and
nurturing space in which to manifest and empower your own
innate capacity to heal. Massage therapy and bodywork, sound
massage, and Reiki, coupled with our ongoing yoga classes, kirtan
and special workshops are all intended to spark an unfolding of
the beauty and human potential that each of us carry within. We are here to
guide and nurture a greater awareness and unification of mind, body, heart and
spirit by exploring the space that divides them. For more information, please visit

February 2015 | Natures Pathways



Green and
A short
By Lars M. Lewander

rom various sources, I have heard

the myth that investing green
means losing money while feeling
good about it. Perhaps youve heard that
as well.
While its true that such sun-to-energy
companies as Solar Trust of America,
Solyndra, Abound Solar, Fisker Automotive, Record Hill Wind, Solo Power and

Abengoa Solar cost tax payers and private

equity investors billions of dollars, I am
sure that each one of these enterprises had
a polished business plan with an outstanding vision, mission and objectives, plus
all the right images. However, they failed
miserably at being good stewards of investors money.
Why did this madness happen, and why

Sustainable locally-sourced food

15 Wisconsin craft beers on tap
Large beer bottle selection
Excellent wine selection
Frequent live music
Sunday Brunch
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Mon-Thu 3p-6p
Half-off glasses of wine
$1 off all beer
$1 off mixed drinks

890 Lake Park Road Menasha

Natures Pathways | February 2015

has it repeated itself throughout the years?

Well, its actually a fascinating story.
It evolved as a result of British economist
John Maynard Keynes (June 5, 1883 - April
22, 1946), who had theories that fundamentally changed the views of macroeconomics over the past century. He studied
economic cycles and argued that demand
for goods and services determined the
overall level of economic activity. A slowdown in overall demand could lead to
prolonged periods of high unemployment.
According to Keynes, the government
should intervene to smooth out the ups
and downs in the economy. As a result,
Europe and the United States came up with
the revolutionary idea of imposing income
tax to fund these activities. The United
States added the 16th Amendment to the
Constitution on February 3, 1913; this new
amendment allowed Congress to impose
a tax on the income of individuals and
corporations. Such collected taxes help the
government stimulate the economy and
take on job creating projects in bad times.
One early monument to the implementation of Keynesian economics is the
Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder
Dam, which is a huge concrete arch dam in
the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on
the border between Arizona and Nevada.
It was constructed between 1931 and 1936

during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935 by President
Franklin D. Roosevelt. Its construction
was the result of a massive effort involving
thousands of workers, and cost over one
hundred lives. The dam was a hydroelectric stimulus project (as well as what we
might deem today a green energy project),
one of many that provided jobs and put
money in peoples pockets, and ultimately
helped end the Great Depression.
Another side effect of Keynesian
economics is our consumption-driven
economy, which in fact is fueled by debt.
Today, the government helps leverage
private equity investments in sustainable
business ideas through different government programs (loans or grants), such as
the Community Development Financial
Institutions (CDFI) Fund, the Department
of Energy (DOE), or the Small Business
Administration (SBA). Sometimes these
government enterprises invest in technology that is not commercially viable
without tax breaks and/or subsidies, and
in my opinion, that is typically a bad idea.
Closer to home, an urban farming

organization that raised fish and grew

hydroponic produce for local Milwaukee
restaurants received a loan from the city in
2011 on the basis of its job creation, training and sustainable business plan. However,
the firm was unable to raise needed private
investments or bring in needed revenue,
and ceased production in 2013. Ultimately,
city taxpayers paid for any jobs the business
had created, as well as the defaulted loan.
From my perspective, it is indeed possible to be green and fiscally irresponsible;
however, that doesnt imply that investing
in alcohol, tobacco and firearms is a good
polar opposite. In my mind, investing in
such sin stocks is even more irresponsible, because it also destroys the moral
fabric that makes us human.
There are many good firms that are
worthy of our investments, such as Ford,
Google, Toyota, Microsoft, Starbucks,
IKEA, Whole Foods or Green Mountain,
which are included in Fortune magazines
list of 50 best global green brands. More
and more companies are looking at social
purpose and corporate citizenship as part
of their core offering, says Jez Frampton,

the Global CEO of Interbrand, an international brand consultancy. Why? It helps

drive purchases.
Please see Calverts Social Index for a
complete list of socially responsible investments Even skeptical investors would
agree that these firms are worthy of including in your investment portfolio.
I dont feel good about losing money. Nor
most likely do you. I believe in investing
your values in sustainable businesses (green
businesses) that make good money, help
build communities and help you reach your
investment goals. As always, ask your financial advisor to learn if sustainable investing
is a good fit for you.
Lars M. Lewander, president of Spring
Water Asset Management, originally
from Sweden, founded the firm on a
foundation of integrity, sustainable
growth and social responsibility. He is
happy to consult with people who wish to reach their
financial goals while being true to their values. Visit
References: List of Failed Obama Green Energy
and Solar Companies. http://bit.

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


through tag-team
trauma healing
Part I
By Victoria L. Huss

hen Caroline* walked into the Rolfers office, she was

desperate. When asked what was going on, her words
were, My body is a mess.
Caroline struggled with multiple issues. She suffered chronic
tension that caused her pain (which the doctors diagnosed as
fibromyalgia). She had digestive problems. She didnt sleep well at
night. And aside from work, she did not have energy to do much
of anything else. She forgot what it was like to experience joy. She
hated her body and the endless pain it seemed to cause her.
I feel like a victim trapped in my own body, she added.
Sensing Carolines need to be truly heard, the Rolfer sat patiently
and listened to her story. In between her words, the Rolfer began
to see fragments of a picture of a woman who had endured much
trauma in her life. Sure, Caroline put up a tough facade and acted
as though her past didnt bother her, but her body was screaming otherwise. Her nervous system was operating in continual
sympathetic mode which meant that her body thought it was


Natures Pathways | February 2015

in danger nearly all the time. This endless fight-flight feedback

loop that affected her ability to breathe deeply and digest her food
properly was also causing stress chemicals to course through her
body and made her once-supple and responsive connective
tissue become sticky and rigid. Not only was it affecting her physical body, it also sometimes negatively impacted how she made
choices and responded to her environment.
Caroline had sought out the Rolfer because she had read about
Rolfing Structural Integration (Rolfing SI) and how the process can
really help people with chronic pain and connective tissue issues.
The Rolfer listening to Carolines story had been in practice long
enough to understand that when someone has reached this point,
it can take time and energy to shift things. While there is always
the possibility of immediate or spontaneous healing, often there
is a journey to be traveled by the client. There can be a few adjustments one can do on his or her own to ease things. Yes, sometimes
a change in diet and a more active lifestyle can shift a painful situation but when a traumatized nervous system has affected ones
belief systems, relationships and ways of being, healing the whole
person can sometimes require a more concerted team effort.
The Rolfer determined that Caroline could be a great candidate to
receive Rolfing SI; however, the Rolfer felt that Caroline needed more
immediate support and referred her to a therapist skilled in trauma
resolution. Caroline first balked at the suggestion, but the Rolfer
explained that her intent was not pass Caroline off onto the next
health professional, but to empower her by helping her to develop
healthier coping skills and form a stronger internal sense of security.
With time, Caroline would have a sense of boundaries and where she
ended and another person began and rediscover her center.
When a person undertakes an uncluttering project in a room,
closet or even a junk drawer, it is easier and less painful if she
has the room to remove and inspect everything, and reorganize

Victoria L. Huss, certified Rolfer and owner of New Possibilities Integration, LLC (located in the historic Zuelke Building in
downtown Appleton) practices Rolfing Structural Integration and
teaches Alignment Yoga. She finds joy in helping people unfold and
find freedom from rigidity and chronic pain. For a free consultation or more information, call 920-427-7653 or check out her website at www. Rolfing and Rolfer are registered service marks of the
Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

You wont know what youve been missing

until you get it back!

Rolfing Structural Integration



ng Fitness FUN!

We offer:

8-week Pole Fitness Classes

(new session begins
March 1)

Daily Flexibility, Cardio

and Strength Classes
Drop-in Aerial Fabric
Classes (similar to
aerial yoga)

with us!

Ease chronic pain

Rebound from injuries more quickly
Restore flexibility and mobility
Improve posture and alignment
Heighten bodily awareness and perception
Process stress more efficiently
Experience deeper sleep
Deepen a meditation, martial arts
or yoga practice

Victoria L. Huss,
Certified Rolfer

103 W. College Avenue, Suite 601 Appleton, WI 54911

Located in the Zuelke Building

Aerial Dance

what is not discarded. This space is crucial because it allows for

more efficient organization. The same holds true for the human
body. Bodies are like suitcases and they can hold accidents, injuries, surgeries, traumas and repetitive stress/movement patterns
within the connective tissue.
Rolfing SI is an effective way to unclutter the body and get it to
release inefficient ways of moving, standing and being. However,
if there is no room for reorganization and change to happen, the
process may become stunted or halted within the body. The Rolfer
wanted to see if Caroline could create within herself a bit more space
to work with.
So the Rolfer handed Caroline the card of the trauma specialist
and encouraged Caroline to allow the process some time to integrate before returning for Rolfing SI. The Rolfer knew it was the
right thing to do. She didnt always hear back from clients who are
referred out like this; but something in the veracity of Carolines
eyes told her that shed be seeing Caroline walk through her door
again some day.
Stay tuned for Part II.
*Name changed.


1871 N. Silverspring Dr., Appleton

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Hooked on helping Gary
By Kathi Bloy

hari Delzer didnt hesitate when Gary, then her fiance, got
the awful news stage 4 renal cell carcinoma. Instead, she
jumped in with both feet, moving up their wedding date to
qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) so she could
take days off to care for Gary. The two were married in May 2013,
a month after his diagnosis. May also marked the beginning of
frequent trips to Milwaukee for testing and treatment.
The long-time welder lost his insurance when his short-term
disability ended and he was fired from his job. Shari was still
driving him to Milwaukee and her employer told her she was not
productive enough and let her go too.
The financial burdens started to grow. Lynn Brunner, Sharis
sister, works for an insurance company and has the expertise to
help the Delzers with insurance needs.
Garys been battling cancer for about 18 months, she said,
and they keep getting socked with bills on top of bills.
Without insurance, they turned to the Affordable Care Act
insurance exchange with Brunners guidance. They get a subsidy
for their insurance, she said, but its based on income from the
previous year, when they both worked, so its pretty small. They


Natures Pathways | February 2015

are responsible for the premium.

As the situation worsened, Sharis mother, Laverne Wiegert,
suggested they call on Community Benefit Tree, Inc. (CBT) for
help. I have a sister-in-law who helps out at CBT, Wiegert said.
Ive heard about them other ways, too.
Gaining a reputation in the Fox Valley as a support organization,
Community Benefit Tree, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established
to assist individuals and families struggling with a medical crisis.
Executive director Heidi Frederickson said, We are governed by
Christian values. Our mission is to help financially, emotionally,
spiritually and with practical resources.
One of those practical resources is a fund set up to receive taxdeductible donations toward Gary and Sharis medical and living
expenses. The family decided on a fund, rather than a one-day
benefit event, Wiegert said, because, My kids are all so busy and
I didnt feel like I would be able to go out and collect donations. A
fund was a simpler way of letting people know about Garys needs.
Shari, always a hard worker, has found a temporary job with
the Town of Howard, where she and Gary live. She installs
utility meters and removes snow. Without a permanent position,

though, she still has no insurance except what she and Gary pay
for themselves.
Gary and Shari formed a blended family when they married that
includes Sharis 21-year-old twins, Zack and Quinn, and Garys
sons, Matt, 13, and Nathan, 12. Shari noted that Garys illness affects
their children as well. The kids get just as stressed out as we do. Ive
been grateful to hear my sons say, Mom, you dont have to give us
Christmas presents. Thats hard for me to accept, but were glad they
feel that way.
Gary himself looks good, she said. He doesnt look like he has
cancer. But he sleeps a lot and hes always tired and gets worn out
fast. It takes time for him to climb a flight of stairs or get to the car.
But they say his cancer is curable. It just seems like its dragging out
a long, long time.
Readers who wish to help the Delzer family have a better year in
2015 can make a tax-deductible donation to Garys fund online at
For more information, call the organization at 920-422-1919.
The Community Benefit Tree Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed
by Christian values. Our mission is to help individuals and families struggling
with a medical crisis financially, emotionally, spiritually and with practical
resources. We celebrate peoples lives and support by helping family, friends or
co-workers plan a Celebration of Support event for their loved one. In the last 10
years, these one-day events have helped more than 500 families with funds for
living and medical expenses. Community Benefit Tree also provides education,
support, resources and financial assistance for families. For more information,
visit or contact CBT staff at 920-422-1919.
Kathi Bloy is a freelance writer from Appleton.

Celebrating your life...

celebrating your support during your

medical crisis


Cookin It Up for Katie: February 21st, 4-7pm at Waupaca Ale House.
Katie suffers from Long QT Syndrome.
SUPPORT FUNDS: (Individual funds with no support event.)
Hooked on Helping Gary: Gary is a husband and father of 4 who has
stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma and is in need of your financial support.
Helping Rob Forge a New Trail: Rob is a 30-year-old husband and
father of 2 who was in a terrible automobile accident and is injured with
a severe spinal fracture.
Please donate to TODAY by going to our website.
SOCD Fund: To provide financial assistance to qualified Northeastern
Wisconsin families battling pediatric cancer. Funds are available to help
with medical, travel or everyday living expenses.
Paws Parade of Hope Fund: To help qualified applicants battling cancer
with monetary aid during their time of need.
To support or apply, go to





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loved one going through
a medical crisis or to
donate, contact
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Confusion around
as a religion
By Crystal M. Hill


I am a mother.
I am a fitness nut.
I am a yoga teacher.
I am a Christian.
To some, the last two points would be
contradictory. This likely originates from
the widespread discrepancy about what
yoga is and how it is practiced. Each one
of us has our own interpretation of everything. This doesnt indicate that some of
us are wrong and some are right. It simply
means that we see and experience differently. This holds true in yoga as well.
Universal agreement on the exact
meaning of yoga and the relationship
between yoga and religion does not exist. To
me, yoga is not a religion. While I cannot
represent the voice of the unified population, the following is the interpretation of
yoga that holds true for me and many of my
clients and teachers in the yoga industry.
The word yoga is derived from the
Sanskrit word meaning to join. It represents the union or joining together of body,
mind and spirit, according to the website Rather than considering yoga as a religion, think of yoga as being
contained in religion. Can yoga be spiritual?
Absolutely! Can yoga help us grow more
connected with religion? Yes! Dont misinterpret this as meaning yoga is the religion.
By increasing our understanding of
ourselves, each other and how we are all
connected on some level in this big world,
we can enhance connection to God, Mother
Earth or whatever higher power that is
meaningful. Yet this doesnt mean that we

Natures Pathways | February 2015

have to make that connection either and

thats OK. If you simply want to practice
yoga for the physical benefits, then that is
perfectly acceptable. If you want to practice
yoga to learn to relax, thats fabulous. If you
practice yoga because of the spiritual experience you get out of it, thats OK too.
Yoga does not worship a deity, nor does
it have a creed or statement of belief. There
are no worship services or sacred rituals
or requirements for confession of faith in
yoga. Instead, yoga seeks to bring us to a
better understanding of self. It teaches us
to live in harmony with all that exists and
gives us the tools to overcome obstacles
that hinder that harmony (i.e., breathing
exercises to reduce stress, physical asanas
or poses to strengthen and tone our
bodies to improve our health, and an open
mind to accept and welcome diversity).
Yoga was adopted by religious groups
from Vedic India, including Buddhism
and Hinduism. Many yogis are Buddhists
or Hindus. That doesnt make yoga a
religion, nor does it require you practice Buddhism or Hinduism to practice
yoga. Many yogis follow other religions
or no religion at all. Buddhism is actually
nontheistic; it is a nonreligious philosophy that does not worship or follow Gods.
While Buddhism has no god, Hinduism
is tolerant of multiple gods and religions
as being forms of a single supreme being,
according to
What about the Buddha statues often
found in yoga studios? They do not
represent a god to worship. Buddha is
not thought of as a god; he is a respected

teacher, much like Gandhi. He represents

living and acting in a peaceful way, being
kind, and seeking out good in this world
and the best in yourself. These are similar
to the teachings of yoga and of most religions. By living in harmony with others,
you manifest a better understanding of
your better self and that can bring you
closer to your creator.
For me as a yoga studio owner and a lifelong Christian, yoga is not a religion. Its
my workout, my stress relief, my sanity and
my fun. For me, Buddha is not a symbol of
worship, but a symbol of the origins of the
yoga I practice and represents some of the
same values I hold to in my religion. Dont
get hung up on misconceptions make
yoga what you want it to be for you.
Crystal M. Hill is an E-RYT 200-hour
certified yoga teacher, nutrition coach
and owner of Pura Vida Yoga, LLC.
Crystal creates connection through
yoga, healthy living and coaching. Her
experience provides a knowledge base to educate
others to live la pura vida and enjoy lifelong health.
Crystal operates her yoga and nutrition coaching
business at Pura Vida Yoga studio, located at 2416
W. Nordale Drive, Appleton, just off of Northland
Avenue and Lynndale Drive. Group and private
nutrition coaching are available. For more information, please visit, or
contact Crystal at or
References: Traditional Yoga and Meditation in the
Tradition of the Himalayan Masters. www.swamij.
Buddhism Beliefs What Are the Basics? and
Hinduism Gods Who Do They Worship?
buddhism-beliefs-faq.htm and


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The Cooperative School a progressive, non-sectarian,

independent primary school in Appleton is grounded
on the principle that there are two conditions necessary for
a school to be great: excellent teachers and small classes.
The Cooperative Schools mixed-aged classes are capped
at 12. Core subjects math and science, reading and
writing, and social studies are emphasized, in addition
to instruction in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The
Cooperative Schools small class size allows instruction
that is developmentally sensitive and appropriate for each
childs learning style.

900 Mason St., Appleton (920) 202-3325
The Cooperative School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, color, national or ethnic origin in its educational policies or opportunities, admissions policies, employment, or any other program offered by the school.

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


What does your

retreat look like?

My Retreat Design creates beautiful comfort


here do you go to escape the stresses of

everyday life?
Is it a family room perfectly primed for relaxation with its sumptuous sectional sofa, plush-yetstylish rug and cozy fireplace? Perhaps its an airy,
sun-soaked, modern home office that ignites your
creative spark. Maybe its your living room, where
your tufted leather sofa and custom end tables
made from reclaimed wine barrels create just the
right spot to enjoy a drink and lots of conversation.
Or perhaps your refuge is your dining area, where
the mix of vintage finishes, warm paint colors and
modern conveniences offer the perfect place for
family gatherings both large and small.
Wherever your favorite spot in it is, your home
is so much more than four walls, a roof and some
furniture. Perhaps no one understands this better
than Brenda Krause. Her aptly named store, My
Retreat Design, represents exactly what Krause
provides to her clients a wonderfully designed
retreat where they can focus on whats truly
important in life: family and friends, well-being,
and living joyfully.
It takes a special mix to create such an environment, and its not a recipe that people are always
able to put together on their own. Thats where
the professionals come in. What sets My Retreat

Design apart from other designers or furniture

outlets is Krauses expertise, gained from 25 years
experience in home furnishings and interior
design, as well as her competitive pricing and vast,
diverse selection of quality furniture and decor.
Yet its her passion for meeting clients wants and
needs that endears her to both longtime and new
I absolutely love what Im doing every day; I
love making comfortable homes and rooms for
my clients, Krause says. Her favorite part of the
job? Making people happy. Thats why I do this.

Design for real people

(and real budgets)
With the glut of home and garden TV shows on
the air and social network Pinterest online, its
easy to get caught up in a fantasy of completely
redesigning an entire house with elegant, of-themoment fixtures, furniture and decor.
Then reality sets in.
The truth is, its rare for people to have the time
or budget to continuously make trendy design
changes throughout an entire home. But that
doesnt mean you have to live with paneled walls,
shag rugs and pastel-patterned 90s sofas forever.


All one needs are classic pieces and designs that
will continue to look great for years to come.
Simple, right?
Luckily, Krause does the heavy lifting without
a heavy price tag. She offers her interior design
services at no charge to clients who make qualifying purchases from My Retreat Design furniture and
home decor. Krause charges a deposit for the initial
consultation, but it is applied to the clients order
in the form of a cash deposit. Plus, the client gets
Krauses best prices on that purchase and on an
ongoing basis. Once the initial qualifying purchase
is made, she charges no design fees for the rest of
the rolling one-year period.
Krauses keen eye for design means no guessing on the clients part and no costly mistakes like
finding ones recently purchased chest of drawers
crowds out the other bedroom furniture, or
discovering that a new, absolutely gorgeous sofa
the expensive centerpiece of a freshly redesigned room wont stand up to the wear of cats,
dogs or kids. My Retreat Design offers functional

design that meets clients needs and wont look

dated before its time.
I do mix in some trendy pieces, but my upholstered furniture is built to last, and stays beautiful
and stylish for a long, long time, Krause explains.
I like to use neutrals for the larger pieces, accent
with colorful pillows, maybe an accent chair that
isnt quite so expensive, so that they can easily
change with the seasons or if they just want a
fresh look.
My Retreat Design truly does it all to create
a beautiful, comfortable home. Krause designs
custom drapery and window treatments, custom
bedcoverings and textiles. She advises on the
appropriate size, fiber and style on any area rugs a
client might need. She helps choose paint colors,
finishes and, of course, quality furniture and decor
items. The store even carries mattresses.
Krause somehow manages to offer all this
while keeping well within her clients budgets.
Most of my clients are career and working
people, with families or pets, and they just want
a good-looking, comfortable room that will last
a long time and has classic style, Krause explains.
Many clients work with Krause on one room or
a single large furniture piece at a time. This drawnout, work-in-progress type of design might frustrate other decorators, but the challenge thrills
Krause, who loves being able to make her clients
happy over and over again.

A true lifelong calling

Its little surprise that Krause became an interior

designer; decorating has long been her passion. As
a little girl, she would rearrange the furniture in her
room and pick paint colors. Teenage Krause graduated to refinishing furniture and working with her
mother to make curtains for not only Krauses room,
but other areas of the house as well.
Krause went on to study interior design in technical college and from there obtained her first job
in furniture. She has worked her design magic in
numerous outlets, including an interior designer

position with Ethan Allen, and in the role of buyer

of all upholstered and leather furniture groups with
WG&R Furniture. Theyre opportunities Krause feels
incredibly fortunate to have had.
Ive loved decorating all my life; I think it is
what I was meant to do and I feel very blessed to
be able to do it, she says.
Twelve years ago, Krause realized her dream of
opening her own business, Cottage Chic Home
Furnishings. Then, after a brief break from the world
of business, she founded My Retreat Design in 2010
and opened her store in 2013. Her husband David
has cheered her on the whole way.
Krause points out that running My Retreat
Design would be impossible without Davids help.
He helps with rearranging furniture and window
treatment installation, and once in a while the
couple will even make a delivery together.
He is always right behind me, encouraging
me, Krause explains. She jokingly makes sure to let
him know where he stands in relation to design,
however: Sofas are my first love and you are my
second, she teases.

What does the future hold?

Krause hasnt limited her services to homeowners. Shes currently at work building inventory and
contacts to launch a staging service in the near
future for model and parade homes and unoccupied
houses on the real estate market. She will design the
rooms complete with furniture, rugs, lighting, art
and accessories and will be available to rent by the
month with the option to purchase outright.
But its not just business that Krause has her eye
on. Shes also planning a local charitable organization, Design a Blessing, which will provide not
only furnishings, but funds, products and services
to those in need.
Thats what I really want to be able to do
through my business and through my talents,
she explains. I really feel like God has blessed my
husband and me. Hes been very merciful to us
and I just want to give back.

Looking to create
your own retreat?
Here are just a few of the great items and
services My Retreat Design offers:
Interior design space planning (including
small-scale commercial design)
Color and finish consultations
Selection and specification of furnishings
Artwork and accessories
recommendation and placement
Custom furniture design
Reclaimed furniture and repurposed items
Custom window treatments and bedding
Group decorating workshops
Retail showroom hours
and by appointment
Norwex products (environmentally
friendly cleaning products)
Affordable gifts
Greenleaf Gifts home fragrance products

690 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton

(Across from the Woodmans entrance and next to

the Breadsmith and Wild Bird and Backyard stores.)


Hours: Monday by chance or appointment;

Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Other hours by appointment.

Healing Through Physical & Massage Therapy

We are one of the ONLY physical therapy centers

in Wisconsin that specializes in pelvic pain &
we have the ONLY certified Nurturing the Mother
Pregnancy Massage Therapist in the Fox Valley!

the care we provide is as unique as every woman

For more information or to schedule an appointment,
call 920.729.2982 or visit us online at

LearningRx is a totally different kind of program. We dont tutor

or simply mask the symptoms of a learning problem ... we correct
it. Using a scientifically proven approach, we strengthen your childs
underlying cognitive skills (those basic skills that need to be in
place in order for learning to come easily, such as memory, attention,
auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing
speed). We actually train your childs brain to learn more easily, and
then we practice that new skill until its second nature.

Call us. (We can help.)

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Skills Assessment & Consultation

Who benefits from Cognitive Skills Training?
Kids who struggle with learning, reading and/or homework.
Kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD or ADHD.
Kids who work slowly.
Kids who work harder than their peers to achieve good grades.
Bright students who dont seem to be working to their potential.
With this coupon. Offer good through March 15, 2015. New clients only.


Natures Pathways | February 2015

By Caitlin Brotz

hh. After a long day of work its

time to take off the cares of the
day and slip into something a little
more comfortable. The same holds true for
our skin care regimen. At night its important to take off the makeup and dirt of
the day and give our skin a deep drink of
moisture to prepare it for the next day. The
more we moisturize, the more our skin is
able to keep wrinkles at bay.
The key to cleansing at night is to not
use a soap. Makeup is made of a waterproof mineral called titanium dioxide/zinc
oxide. Soap isnt able to dissolve the oilbased makeup, leading to a lot of tugging
and scrubbing to get off eye makeup. An
oil cleanser on the other hand effortlessly
dissolves the makeup and dirt from our
faces. In wintertime its even more important not to use soap, because it can dissolve
the fatty acids that make up the protective
layer of our skin. Our body is trying to keep
up with all the stripping being done by cold
winter air and dry inside air we dont
have to further tax it with soap.
If an oil cleanser is used, the added
benefit is moisturizing on the spot.

At night its important to take off the makeup

and dirt of the day and give our skin a deep
drink of moisture to prepare it for the next
day. The more we moisturize, the more
our skin is able to keep wrinkles at bay.
However, in winter it never hurts to add a
little more hydration. Using a product high
in vitamin E is a great way to moisturize
the skin overnight. It also helps to neutralize free radicals while you sleep, leaving
your skin dewy in the morning.
An allover body lotion is needed so your
legs and arms arent itchy in the morning
and all day long. If you put the lotion on
your feet before crawling into bed, the soles
of your feet will have a chance to soften.
Lastly, I like to add a little lip balm
before I hit the hay. The winter tends to dry
out my lips, and its a great way to infuse
uninterrupted moisture while I am drifting
away in dreamland.

Caitlin Brotz is owner of Oliv 426, located at 511 N. 8th St., in downtown Sheboygan or
online at Devoted to improving the well-being of customers and the world
around us every day, Oliv believes in creating all-natural personal care products that are truly
healing, nonharmful and affordable for everyday use. For more information about Oliv 426
or to learn more about the benefits of all natural personal care, contact Caitlin at Caitlin@ or 920-783-0809.

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


My journey to
By Leah White

K, Im just going to start with the

cold numbers and get that out
of the way: I used to be 50-ish
pounds heavier. I add the ish because
at my biggest, I wasnt actually weighing
myself. I just didnt want to know.
I now weigh about 130 pounds, give or
take 5 pounds depending on the season (i.e.,
bikini and outdoor activity season versus
sit by the fire and eat chocolate-covered
casserole washed down with spiked eggnog
season). By the numbers, Im a success story.
I am healthy, active, and I can do things on
a pole that can make a Samoan bodyguard
marvel at my strength. However, theres more
to a persons story than just numbers, and life
is not a weight loss ad. If only it was as simple
as Ive lost 30 pounds in four weeks and now
Im going about my life as a happy skinny
person forever! Good thing all that dieting
and exercising are over! Ask anyone who
has lost weight about how well the maintenance period can go if you drop your guard
for a week. You may have lost it, but that flab
can find your behind faster than the IRS.
The truth about permanent weight loss
is this: You have to change yourself as a
person. You need to change your thought
processes, your habits, your desires the
list goes on. You have to want to exercise
and eat healthy or it wont stick forever.
Some of these changes for me, personally, were things I didnt want. I didnt want
to be the girl who skipped dinner dates to
go running. I didnt want to be the girl at
the party sipping my one diet rum and cola
because I was out of points for that day.

Natures Pathways | February 2015

And I definitely didnt like being

the girl turning down peoples
generous offers of homemade treats
because it would wreck my diet. I know
that I dont owe anyone the pleasure of
giving me diabetes, but it did make me feel
a little bad to see the look in their eyes when
they proudly bring in their famous whatever-it-is and I wouldnt even taste it. Its not
their fault sugar made me crazy. But hey, we
all have to take charge of our own lives and
journeys, correct?
Self-improvement is a very personal task,
and it can be a daunting one. But heres the
thing about changing ourselves: Were not
always the best judges of what we should
change or how well weve done at it. Were
on the inside looking out and we may not
always see our whole picture and we
should probably take it as a blessing that
others dont feel comfortable saying, Maybe
you should put that money for that nose job
youre getting into some personality lessons.
Of course we should all be confident in
ourselves no matter what other people may
think or say, but we have a barrier within
our minds that can cloud our vision of
our largest faults and we can easily focus
on arbitrary faults so that we dont have
to acknowledge the real culprit. We can
create an end goal in our heads in which
we decide that if we reach it, we would be
perfectly happy.
When I was bigger, I thought that 135
pounds would be the perfect weight for me
because, I dont know, the number sounded
nice. I had been overweight since shortly

so I really
didnt know what
kind of body I had
waiting for me. After
I started losing the
weight, I became more
and more excited as the
number on the scale came
closer until I was within a
few pounds of my goal. I looked in
the mirror more and studied myself
harder. Still so many faults.
When I finally did hit my goal weight,
it was anti-climactic to say the least. It was
early on a Saturday. I looked at the number
on the scale and then I looked at myself
in the mirror long and hard, turning this
way and that. Eventually, I sulked upstairs
and went back to bed. A year of hard work
suddenly felt so pointless. I laid in bed
wondering how much weight I would have
to lose to actually be happy with my body.
I realized that there was most likely no
such number.
This is because Id never bothered,
during that entire year of meticulous
calorie counting, 5 a.m. exercising, foodlabel reading, points calculating and
social-life upheaval to actually address

my feelings about myself. At the time, I

probably would have thought, I dont like
myself; thats why Im changing me, duh!
Although I liked what I saw in the mirror
as I was getting smaller, I was struggling to
accept certain basic aspects of my physical
appearance that I cannot change.
No matter how hard I work, I will never
get that Victorias Secret model fembot body
I feel I deserve. To be honest, Im still kind
of mad about it. Watching the Victorias
Secret fashion show is like watching rich
teenagers go Ferrari shopping to me. It just
angers me that some people are just born
with such an advantage in life. Yes, I still, at
29 years old, struggle with the fact that life
is not fair. These are the parts of ourselves
that we dont always see, but that we truly
need to work on. I, like many people, struggle with focusing on what I dont have over
what I am blessed with.
Self-love and acceptance is a lifelong
skill. A healthy relationship with yourself
needs nurturing and upkeep like all of the
other relationships in your life. The only
difference is that we are quite stuck with
ourselves. By all means, get healthy get

skinny if you want to but be aware that

your new brain will not be waiting for you
at the finish line. Be mad at whatever quality
about yourself all you want, but its stupid
to beat yourself up over a quality you cant
change. Face it: You arent going anywhere.
There are things about myself that I still
struggle accepting, and its not hard to
start bartering with the numbers in your
head (5 more pounds off/different hair/
better clothes/more money equals a happy
me!), but I know this is a never-ending
game to play.
In short, try to train your brain to focus
on the positives. By all means strive to better
yourself every day, but look hard into your
motives. Make sure your relationship with
yourself will improve through the process.
Check in with your feelings like you would
a friend. You should nurture all the important relationships in your life; the one that
influences all of the others is the relationship with yourself.

Leah White illustrates

pole exercise and

Leah White holds multiple fitness certifications and

is an instructor at Aerial Dance Pole Exercise LLC in
Appleton. For more information, call 920-750-1441
or visit See ad on page 35.

Photos courtesy of
Debbie Daanen.

Specializing in stress reduction, performance

enhancement, personal and professional
growth, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Get Connected
Counseling LLC.

Using cutting-edge innovations

to heal mind, body & spirit

Cutting-edge approaches used:

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Brainspotting Craniosacral Ego State Therapy
HeartMath Innovative Substance Abuse Services
At Get Connected Counseling, LLC, we help people who are dissatisfied with their lives find
their way to where they want to be. We offer a different experience in therapy than clients
have had before, with a focus on transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. We
use cutting-edge approaches to re-engage, rewire, reconnect and inspire our clients to live
within their authentic selves.
We take most insurance plans.

5497 W. Waterford Lane, Ste. A

Appleton 920-750-6120

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


in spirit:
By Rev. April Kain-Breese

IT IS EASY to love some things, such as

Sweet sleeping children, puppies and kittens
Sunrises, sunsets, and ocean or mountain vistas
Promotions, raises and awards
New toys, cars and homes
New love interests

It is not so easy to love people, places and things when they are
not as we would like them to be. Picture cranky kids, grey winter
weather, and relationships with family or friends that have deteriorated to the difficult-if-not-impossible level! These situations
are great opportunities to practice loving what is!
Consider the cranky 2-year-old who will not be comforted,
who throws all of her toys in a fit of youthful angst and sits on
the floor wailing as though her world is crumbling. Loving what
is in this situation might include the wonderful loving practice

of empathy. Ask yourself if you have ever felt like throwing all of
your toys across the room and wailing? I have, so I know I can
empathize with that 2-year-old! The behavior is not what we want
to observe, but at least we might be able to empathize! Empathy is
a form of love. It helps us to soothe or redirect the child; it allows
us to love her even when she isnt behaving very well. This is an
experience of loving what is.
How about the weather? Have you been successful at controlling the weather? I have often tried, but never succeeded, so I have
learned to tolerate, if not appreciate whatever the weather may
be. In the Wisconsin winter, this means tolerating, accepting and
maybe even appreciating grey skies. I do not like grey skies! But, I
like living in Wisconsin, so I can tolerate or even accept the grey
skies of winter because I love so much of what I find here, including the four seasons.
Now, about those difficult-if-not-impossible relationships:

A community for
spiritual growth
If the old church doesnt fit anymore try Unity!
Join us for Sunday services, youth ministry, study groups and more. 920.739.4823 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton


Natures Pathways | February 2015

Loving what is takes internal

work; it is about changing
our perspectives and making
new choices. It is not about
changing someone else, and it
is an essential skill to develop.
Wouldnt it be nice if we could just wave a magic wand and have
all those troubled relationships repaired immediately? Since that
is not possible (yet), we are left with the messiness of relationships
with other human beings who are challenged by life just as we are.
There can be all sorts of difficulties: addiction; mental or
emotional illness; physical pain; abusive behavior; or long held
resentments, jealousies, hurts, or hard feelings over events that
happened long ago. Most relationships are challenging, and
strained relationships are really difficult. Every situation is different, and we need to assess what level of adjustment is ours to make.
Sometimes, we need complete detachment from another person.
Sometimes, we can work through our differences. Sometimes, we
must continue to interact with someone with whom it seems we
will never see eye-to-eye. No matter what our decisions need to
be, we can still love what is, even if it is from a long distance. For

1994 Oakridge Rd. | Neenah, WI 54956

(920) 606-9380
Friday 12-6

example, it would be bad advice to suggest that anyone continues to live in an abusive situation; it is essential to get away from
mental, emotional or physical abuse! In such a case, the best we
can do might be to love the separation that keeps us safe. That
may be what loving what is looks like.
In other cases, perhaps we can alter our perspective on what
has occurred between us and find a new way of interacting, loving
the qualities in the other person that we do appreciate. Divorced
parents need to find ways to co-exist for the sake of their children. This might be maintaining a working relationship with the
ex-partner simply because she/he is the parent of ones children. It
might be remembering the parts of the marriage that worked, and
loving those memories while disengaging from living together in
the present. It might be loving the new freedom from the daily
stress of living together.
Loving what is takes internal work; it is about changing our
perspectives and making new choices. It is not about changing
someone else, and it is an essential skill to develop. One author who
writes about loving what is is Byron Katie. You can find her online.
Meanwhile, try loving what is in your life right now and see
what happens!
Rev. April Kain-Breese is with Unity of Appleton, a community
for spiritual growth, which focuses on spiritual well-being through
affirmative prayer, positive thinking and daily application of five
basic principles. Sunday services and youth ministry occur at 10
a.m. Newcomers are welcome. Try us out! For more information,
including Sunday talks, newsletters and upcoming events, visit or call 920-739-4823.

Bar & Grill
West Ridge GC

Cty. Rd. II
Larsen Rd.

Main St.

dge R



February 2015 | Natures Pathways


The February
By Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt

lthough fitness facilities are well equipped for and relish

in a jam-packed January, in February and March it often
goes back to business as usual. This is largely in part to
what has become known as the February fizzle. After several
valiant attempts, many people will learn that their initial plan for
increasing activity was not well suited for them, causing attendance at many gyms to decrease significantly.
If this is you, first of all, way to go for having good intentions
when it comes to your well-being. Not everyone does, so you are
headed in the right direction. Secondly, kudos for trying something new in order to achieve a different outcome. For various
reasons the resolution plan wasnt quite right for you. Perhaps it
turned out not to fit into your schedule, was not very much fun
or became too costly after a promotion has ended. Whatever the
reason, youve at least learned a valuable lesson: that resolution
plan wasnt quite right for you.
If the change you are seeking remains important to you, how
you arrive there may need some tweaks. Ask yourself these

1. Why now? Why is it important to me?

If youre not making this change for yourself, perhaps youre

making it for your family, to be able to be involved with your
grandchildren, to feel better, to ensure your longevity for years to

come with your loved ones. Identify any and all of your reasons to
make a change and that change wont appear so difficult to adapt.
Often there are aspects of your life that seem of greater importance
and may be consuming much of your time and energy presently.
Is this important enough to shift some of that time and energy?

2. What might happen if I continue down this

path, continuing a less-than-healthy habit?

An unhealthy habit might not seem problematic if not causing

pain, discomfort, shortness of breath, loss of energy, depression or a decline in your health. One thing is for certain though,
over time, the effects of your actions will accumulate, causing an
ailment or the unspeakable.

3. How will my life be different when I make a

lasting change?

Perhaps your desire is for weight management, improved health

status, better endurance, more strength or energy, or improved
mood. In addition to these things, what else would you gain?
Confidence, respect, fulfillment, happiness, an achievement
award or recognition?
Lastly, imagine your life as it will be with the change in place.
Who are you with? What are you doing? How do you look and
feel? And how is this different from where you are now?
Now take a deep breath and open your eyes: Youve taken the
first step toward your best self!
Written by Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt of Foxxie Fitness & Wellness LLC.
Feeling lost or stuck in your pursuit of bodily, mind or spiritual fitness? Have you
tried all the latest health fads without avail and still find yourself searching for
balance? Want more energy, confidence, agility or vitality? With the guidance of
a certified wellness coach, all your desires and dreams are possible. Foxxie Fitness
and Wellness provides multiple coaching platforms for the individual, family, business or acquaintance group. For more information, visit


Natures Pathways | February 2015

We are pleased to offer the latest technology in back and

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February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Cabin fever
Coping with being cooped up!
By Sharon Paprocki MAC, LPC, NBCC

everal years ago, on a Wednesday in mid-February just before

leaving for a ski weekend in the Upper Peninsula, I went to
my hair stylist appointment. She asked me, So, what are
we doing today? My response was, I am open to whatever. The
stylist excitedly let me know she had this new color, cinnamon. As I
walked out of the salon, I wondered what made me think the color
cinnamon (which on me looked more like the color of my sons
basketball than the rich color of a cinnamon stick) was a good idea.
In hindsight I recognize that my response was generated from
my feeling the effects of cabin fever.
For those of us who live in northeast Wisconsin, we experience
our days being shortened and the weather being frigid for days at a
time during the months of January and February. All the time spent
inside, removed from environmental stimulation and isolated from
other people, can have an impact on our mental health.
Cabin fever, not considered an actual disorder, is the common
term used to describe the irritability, restlessness, lack of motivation
and general discomfort brought on by extended periods of time
spent in remote places with little or nothing to do. Historians think
that the expression cabin fever was first used back in the early
1900s to describe U.S. settlers who experienced long winters alone
in their log cabins where they were often snowed in until spring.
Although in 2015 we are much more connected through the
Internet, television, cell phones, etc., our need for outdoor physical activity, brain stimulation created by interacting in varying

ways with people, and sunshine to promote the production of

vitamin D are still integral parts of overall well-being. Short of
changing our address to a warmer climate, what can we do?
Here are a few simple tips for shaking off the effects of cabin

Grow indoor plants

Plants can help rid your home of stale air and they green up your
environment. Did you know that plants can also lift your mood? An
Australian study discovered that when plants were added to peoples
spaces, they experienced 37 percent less tension/anxiety, a 58 percent
reduction in depression symptoms and 38 percent less fatigue.
If you dont consider yourself a green thumb, then check with
your local greenhouse or florist for a suggestion of a hardy indoor
plant to start with. The conversation with this expert will also
provide the person-to-person interaction that is so beneficial to
our feeling less isolated.

Eat good-mood food

Lean proteins high in omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to better
moods. Lean beef and wild salmon for instance are also high in B12
and vitamin D, nutrients important for emotional regulation.
Foods that contain high levels of the amino acid tryptophan
(which our bodies convert to serotonin) also help keep our spirits
up. Foods that are good sources of tryptophan are turkey, sunflower

Embrace a life of wholeness ...

mind, spirit and body.
A tradition of hope and healing

with us.
- Exodus 3:14


Natures Pathways | February 2015

2150 Memorial Dr., Ste 213

Green Bay 920-498-3383

Our counselors specialize in Christian and

Spiritual counseling addressing:



Eating Disorders
Marriage & Family
Divorce Recovery
Financial Problems

seeds, lobster, asparagus, cottage cheese, pineapple, tofu, spinach

and bananas. Try adding one of these foods to your daily diet.

Take up an indoor hobby

Think outside the box and turn a bit of your house into an inside
fun zone. Grab a putter and some plastic cups from the kitchen and
create an indoor putting course. Clear out a space and use the area to
either practice dance moves or aerobics. Check out the local bowling
alley or use water/soda bottles and a small ball to make an in-home
bowling area. There are many home video choices for yoga, kickboxing and other exercise options you can do right at home.

Green Bay Integrative Health is

pleased to announce

Steven Bittorf, MD-PhD

Take a trip

Certified bioTE Hormone

Replacement Specialist

Make a visit to a place you would not ordinarily go to on a nice

summer day. For instance make a trip to the library, a museum or
an art gallery; do a little mall walking; or enjoy an indoor pool.


Isolation is considered a contributing factor to cabin fever. Invite

a friend over for tea or coffee. There is no need for a fancy dinner
party (although that is always an option); it is the face-to-face
interaction that lessens the feelings of cabin fever.

Get outside

As soon as the chill in the air is tolerable, get outside to enjoy

the sunshine. Outdoor winter sports such as cross-country skiing,
skating and snowshoeing meet physical needs while allowing one
to interact with nature, which is also mood elevating.
Kids are also susceptible to cabin fever as they are often confined
to indoor activities even during their school day. Here are a couple
of wonderful websites for parents to check out. The ideas range
from marshmallow shooters to yarn bombs and unleashing a
childs inner composer to playing with tape:
Parents Choice:
Finally, laughter and inspiration are great ways to minimize cabin
fever. May the message of Judy Pulitzer inspire you: Despite the
forecast. Live like its spring!
Sharon Paprocki MAC, LPC, NBCC, is the director of CCM Counseling & Wellness. Her passion is to provide people an option for
their healing that includes talk therapy along with additional
interventions that focus on mind, spirit, and body wholeness and
vitality. She truly believes that this holistic combination allows
her clients to explore and engage all their strengths while healing, changing and
growing. She has additional training in body-centered approaches to healing,
mindfulness processing and spiritual exploration therapies that clients can opt
to investigate during their sessions. As director of CCM, she has brought on staff
Reiki, reflexology and massage practitioners who can give clients the opportunity
to support themselves and embrace their emerging life of wholeness.

Are You Living Up To

Your Full Potential?
bioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy

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mental acuity
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Alternative ACNE
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BOTOX and Juvederm
Eclipse Micropen for Skin
Rejuvenation, Stretch Marks
and Acne Scars
Vitamin IV Infusions
Xymogen Supplements

I believe your hurts can be healed and new insights can light your path to the
future you desire. I look forward to meeting you.

Call now to reserve a consultation!

920-393-1321 or 480-HRT-INFO

For an appointment, call 920-498-3383 or visit

2700 Vernon Drive, Ste 112, Green Bay

References: How to Survive Cabin Fever this Winter. Brian Krans. Healthline.

(Vernon Office Building behind Not By Bread Alone)

10 Ways to Overcome Cabin Fever. Alexis Rodrigo. http://freelancefolder.


February 2015 | Natures Pathways


How to be
spiritual and
bring meditation
corporate life
By Elba Mueller

n my life coach practice I deal mostly with professionals who

are interested in learning meditation as a tool to reduce stress
and cope with the daily demands of the corporate environment and their private lives. One of the major challenges I have
observed many of my clients facing is the inability to prioritize
their well-being and find balance.
As they continue through their sessions, my clients come to
recognize themselves as spiritual beings that have spiritual needs.
However, as soon as they go back to their work environment,
the pressure of their jobs, meetings and the overload of information begin to absorb their energy, and they soon find themselves
putting their well-being last and ignoring their spiritual needs
once more.
Noticing this pattern among my clients made me consider what

tips I might be able to give professionals to help them successfully incorporate meditation as a spiritual practice into their dayto-day lives. Establishing a regular meditation schedule will not
only enhance ones quality of life, but will also allow happiness and
peace to occur both inside and outside of the work environment.

6 tips for using meditation and spirituality in

the corporate environment
Realize that you are not a machine, but instead a spiritual

being. You are a being in need of love, support, encouragement, happiness, joy and laughter, and your optimal state is a
spiritual one.
Realize that to be successful in business you need clear goals,
creativity, innovation, assertive communication, teamwork

Outagamie County Recycling

Recycle More
Landfill Less
Save energy

Conserve resources

Natures Pathways | February 2015

Prevent pollution

Create jobs

Realize that the act of

contemplation and
meditation will help you to
know yourself in a deeper
way, which in turn will help
you make wiser decisions
based on your real needs.
and leadership, and that you will not achieve any of these if
you are under stress. Meditation provides the release from
stress that will allow you to function at peak efficiency.
Realize that you need to prioritize your spiritual nature.
Choose happiness over list-making, and allow yourself to
find higher levels of creativity to accomplish your tasks
without the need to rush. The Rubiks Cube has millions of
possible combinations to get through before all its faces can
be synchronized; the majority of people become stuck and
frustrated, and as a result are not able to see all the possibilities in front of them, which in turn causes them to be unable
to solve the puzzle. It is when we naively think there is no way
to accomplish our goals without forcing the wrong combinations, rushing and stressing ourselves out, that even the
simplest answers elude us.
Realize that your need for spiritual well-being is as important
as your biological needs. Contemplation or any other form
of meditation will allow you to achieve peace of mind,
normalize your blood pressure, realize conscious breathing
and be aware of your life as it evolves in the now, instead of
reliving past events or waiting to live your life at some undefined point in the future.
Realize that meditation is a discipline that will not only
enhance your brain but also train your mind to direct your
efforts toward what really matters to you.
Realize that the act of contemplation and meditation will help
you to know yourself in a deeper way, which in turn will help
you make wiser decisions based on your real needs.
There is no magic pill or potion that will allow you to realize
what is truly important in your life. This realization comes from an
enhanced, wider perception of the world around you that cannot
be intellectually transferred to you by someone else. However,
once you get it, a new era of opportunities will open up for you
and you will realize you have the potential to accomplish anything
you set your mind to.
Elba Mueller is a life coach, meditation instructor and is certified
in primordial sound meditation. She has been teaching mindfulness on a one-on-one basis and to employees at local corporations.
Recently, she has aligned with Prevea Health and Wellness to bring
meditation to the workplace. She achieved the opening of her
meditation studio by her own name, and is active in public speaking. For more
information, visit

Plant it Forward!
Make a Northwoods casket or cremation urn
part of your end-of-life plan and we will
plant 100 trees in Wisconsin
at our next spring or fall planting.

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Valentines Day Saturday, February 14

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We are
the place for
gluten-free dining

Hand Cut Steaks

Fresh Seafood
Fried foods, entres,
Chicken & Veal Entres
desserts, beverages
Fresh Perch Served 6 Nights a Week
& beer
Friday Fish Fry
Saturday Slow-Roasted Prime Rib
Great Selection of Wine and Spirits
Specialty Beers, including Marks Dark Side Porter

Reservations welcome


1405 E. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton

2014 Best of the Valley

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Finalists for Best Cocktail,

Fine Dining, Fish Fry, Overall
Restaurant, Seafood and Supper Club
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Any leakage is
much leakage
By Jennifer Bimmel, DPT

Leakage of urine with activity, coughing

or laughing is common in women (as many
as 1 in 4 or more as we age), but it is most
certainly not something that is normal [or]
that you just have to live with. Dr. Susan
Hobson, Womens Healthcare Associates.

aging, childbirth and athletics.

But again, just because this is a common
occurrence within this group does not
mean this is something you should learn
to live with.


Shown through the 2010 systematic review

by Price, et al., pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT) boasts significant evidence in
improving SUI. What is PFMT? Its Kegels.
It is important to note that 40 percent of
women given only verbal Kegel instructions
are doing them wrong. To prevent ineffective
PFMT, it would be valuable to refer on to a
qualified physical therapist who can ensure
patients are performing pelvic floor exercises



J . TW

with proper form during a minimum of at

least one formal training session.
There are probably many thoughts
running through your head right now: I

O H I G , D . D . S.



urinary incontinence. What is it?

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is the
loss of urine upon physical exertion such as
coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise.
This form of incontinence may occur due
to weak pelvic floor muscles, contributing
to the inability to support the bladder and
urethra. Some risk factors for having weak
pelvic floor muscles include female gender,



N atu

r a l a n d Ho l i


ic D


Whole Body Dentistry Oxidative Therapy

Alternatives to Fluoride
Experience a NATURAL&HOLISTIC approach to dentistry
417 East Ann St., Weyauwega (920) 867-3101

Natures Pathways | February 2015

may be doing Kegels wrong? Or, I dont

even know what Kegels are. Or, Are you
telling me I can go to a physical therapist
to exercise my lady parts? Yes.
During a physical therapy session with
a pelvic floor specialist or womens health
specialist, you will learn all about urinary
incontinence. There are more forms than
just SUI, such as urge urinary incontinence and functional urinary incontinence. Women will be educated on the
anatomy of the pelvic floor and how the
urinary system works. You will get a holistic approach to helping you improve and
cure your urinary incontinence.
Subjects discussed can be:
Hydration (are your daily fluids irritating your bladder?)
Daily voiding (How often you go to
the bathroom every day)
Muscle function


the difference
quality makes!
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, from around
the world ... cold pressed from fresh olives.
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Italian Artisan Pastas.
We invite you to taste before you buy.

127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah 920-486-1781

277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920-574-2361
Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 10-6; Thurs. 10-7; Sat. 10-4

Crystal Pathway

Physical therapy combines education,

awareness and muscle retraining. Here are
some questions to ask yourself.
Are you able to contract your pelvic
floor muscles?
How long can you hold this contraction for?
Can you do quick contractions?
Can you perform PFMT in a variety of
These are extremely important muscles
responsible for supporting your internal
organs and having bladder/bowel movements. A pelvic floor specialist or womens
health specialist will take you through an
individual treatment approach specific to
your needs. Depending on severity of their
urinary incontinence, most individuals
take approximately six to eight treatment
sessions, just once per week.
Before you stock up on more pads,
fill up your medicine cabinet or elect for
surgery, try a conservative, more empowering approach to addressing urinary
incontinence with physical therapy!
Jennifer Bimmel, DPT, is a womens
health physical therapist at Orthopedic & Spine Therapy of Ladysmith
and part of OSTs Womens Health
team. Visit OST online at www.ostpt.
com/womens-health for Womens Health locations,
therapist information, clinic phone numbers and
more information.

Visit our

Gifts for Mind, Body & Spirit

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1106 Washington St., Manitowoc 920.682.8680 Mon.-Fri. 11-6, Sat. 10-4



Physical Therapy is a safe, discreet,

highly effective and drug-free way to
treat a variety of Womens Health
conditions such as: bowel/bladder
incontinence, pre/post partum
pregnancy care, pelvic pain, scars
and adhesion management,
and bone health.

New London

Jill Timm
Jennifer Bimmel Danielle Lecker Meagan Peeters-Gebler Linea Rochford
February 2015 | Natures Pathways



Snacking and
By Kim Neher, MS, Clinical Nutritionist

any times we are told to eat three

small meals a day and snacks in
between. It keeps your metabolism going and controls cravings until your
next meal. However, eating the wrong
foods during snack time could significantly obstruct your goal to weight loss.
Sugars, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, fats and refined carbs love to hide in
foods disguised or packaged as healthy.
Here is a list of snacks that will not help
your waistline:

Trail mix/granola bars

A serving of store-bought trail mix is a

measly cup, a serving size that roughly
no one will stick to. Granola bars sound
super healthy and from nature, but unfortunately even the health aisle products are just
not good for you. Plus, the processed milk
chocolate and random high glycemic fruits
in them arent doing you any favors, either.
Even varieties without chocolate still are
loaded with hidden sweeteners and unnecessary oils. Instead, make your own energy
mix with raw nuts and dehydrated fruits.
Sticking to a -cup serving size of this
simple mix will ensure that youre getting
nutrients your body needs instead of empty
calories that wont even fill you up.


These classic snacks are high in sodium

almost 20 percent of your daily intake is in
one serving of pretzels. Too much sodium
leads to increased water retention, which
can lead to bloating and puffiness, and too
much sodium over time can lead to heart
disease. Opt for some salted and shelled

Natures Pathways | February 2015

pistachios instead.
almost double the
protein and three times the fiber of pretzels, which means theyll keep you full
much longer than pretzels will.

Diet soda

Removing the sugar from a soda does not

turn it into a health food. Artificial sweeteners can make you feel full and keep cravings at bay, but they also have a negative
effect on your metabolism. Not to mention
the amount of chemicals that you are
consuming which the body doesnt even
recognize. This leads to cravings later in the
day for real calories and food. Eliminating
diet soda (and caffeine) can be difficult at
first, but in the end is completely worth it.
Try drinking sparkling water flavored with
a little added stevia or fruit.

Banana chips

Banana chips also may seem like a good

idea because they are primarily bananas,
right? Wrong. They are usually fried,
which means they are high in saturated fat.
And when you think about the number of
banana chips youd eat compared to a real
banana, its pretty eye-opening how much
natural sugar youre taking in. Instead, go
for the obvious substitution here: a fresh
piece of fruit! Fresh fruit is nonprocessed,
full of vitamins and phytonutrients, and
has a healthy dosage of fiber!

Rice cakes

Rice cakes are commonly perceived as

healthy foods because they are low in

calories and contain no fat, but they are

also incredibly high on the glycemic index.
Pure sugar has a rating of 100, and rice
cakes have a rating of 82. Again, these
snacks are highly processed and full of
empty calories that will not get you to your
weight loss goals. Try popped amaranth or
roasted chickpeas for a healthier crunchy

Flavored yogurts

All flavored yogurts are typically going to

be loaded with real sugar or packed with
artificial sweeteners for flavoring. Instead
of falling for the low calorie, or low
sugar marketing these products advertise,
opt for plain Greek yogurt and add your
own fruit; its low in sugar and contains
healthy proteins to fill you up.
Bottom line: Dont be fooled by clever
product marketing and advertising. You
will never fail in health when you give your
body real, whole food!
Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist and owner of Nutritional Healing, LLC. Her passion lies
in supporting peoples health through
versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly has her Master of
Science in human nutrition degree, and experience
working with clients regarding weight and fatigue
issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high
blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/
triglycerides, migraines, thyroid conditions and gut
dysfunction. To learn more, call 920-358-5764 or

Hydroponic Gardening

Grow and eat HEALTHY with FRESH

salad greens in your home.
If you dont know where to start,
we do house calls, with a faceto-face consultation. Together
we can decide your needs and
investment to start a life-long
habit of a healthy diet.

We can produce some or all of the grow

system components you will need.

FREE ESTIMATES! (Prices start under $200)

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products, including:


Water Bottles
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An earth-friendly store
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community by creating
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760 Willard Drive, Green Bay (920) 445-3374

Hours: M-W 10 to 6; Th 10 to 8; F 10 to 6; Sat. 10 to 4; Sun. 11 to 3

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


The Metta
Birth Project
A new Fox Valley
By Chelsie Towns

he Metta Birth Project was formed

by four mothers who feel strongly
that all women, regardless of
income, deserve access to evidence-based
childbirth education and birth support.
The organization serves teen and lowincome mothers in the Fox Valley area
through a wide range of services available
to educate and empower mothers-to-be.
Where the Metta Birth Project is unable to
offer support or a service, the organization
will help mothers find what they need elsewhere in the community.
The Metta Birth Project was granted
501(c)(3) nonprofit status in December of
2014 and is ready to begin taking clients!

Childbirth education

Participants will have access to childbirth

education, taught by experienced birth
professionals, covering the fundamentals
of pregnancy from prenatal wellness to
complete understanding of childbirth to
newborn and postpartum care.

Birth support

Research has shown doula support in

labor reduces health care costs by decreasing the rates of induction, cesarean birth,
instrument-assisted delivery and epidural
use, thereby decreasing risks to mom and

Natures Pathways | February 2015

baby during childbirth.

Mothers who have a
doula at their birth
report higher breastfeeding success rates,
easier bonding with
baby and higher satisfaction with their births.
Low-income women
percentage of poor
prenatal health and poor birth outcomes
for mom and baby. The Metta Birth Project
eliminates financial barriers limiting access
to experienced doulas.

Community and
parenting education

The Metta Birth Project offers an opportunity for mothers to form a community and
gather emotional support. Drop-in peer
support meetings are free to any mother
or couple in the community who would
benefit from the support and knowledge
of others. The nonprofit also offers parenting classes on topics like normal newborn
sleep and behavior, postpartum wellness,
proper car seat use, babywearing and more,
including a cloth diapering workshop and
access to complete cloth diapering systems
on loan from Jakes Diapers.

Lactation education
and support

Participants will be offered comprehensive

breastfeeding and pumping education as
well as lactation support following birth for
as long as needed in the first year. The Metta
Birth Project is always accepting donations
of breast milk storage and pumping supplies
(no used pumps are accepted).

Postpartum support

Metta Birth Project doulas will check in

with moms in their homes to offer support
with nutrition, infant sleep, parenting information and emotional support.
Doulas follow up with participants every
three months over the course of the first
year postpartum, and are available to
answer questions, address concerns and
offer support.

The Metta Birth Project received an

outpouring of support from the community as its founders worked to form this
organization. Donations and generous
support from Fox Valley professionals
really boosted the nonprofits ability to hit
the ground running. The project would
like to thank Alba Birth Center for their
financial support and use of their office
space to meet with participants, and
Nathan Olson of Olson Legal Group, LLC
for his pro bono work helping the founders navigate the legalities of starting and
running a nonprofit.
Watch the projects website and Facebook page for an exciting fundraising
event this spring! For more information
and ways to help The Metta Birth Project,
consider donating money, door prizes and
other needed items for participants and
volunteers. See the Metta Birth Project
website for more information: http://
Chelsie Towns is vice president and
senior doula of The Metta Birth
Project. As a certified birth doula, she
serves the Fox Valley and surrounding
areas. She also co-runs the Belly, Birth
and Beyond Expo and is co-organizer of the Improving Birth Rally in Appleton. Chelsie is passionate
about helping women get the information they need to
make informed choices about their care providers and
births. Find out more about Chelsies birth services at; for more info about
upcoming expos see

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iemuths Southside Market is a family-owned and operated meat and seafood market located on the south side
of Appleton. Niemuths also offers a full complement of
wine, liquor and a top-notch selection of craft beers for all your
party and entertaining needs. The staff is committed to providing its customers with quality products and services to meet and
surpass their expectations.
Richards roots run deep in the meat business. His father started
Niemuths Steak & Chop Shop in Waupaca in 1957. Richard grew
up in this full-service meat plant chasing cattle in the back door
and carrying packages out the front. His dream was to open his
own market and that dream became reality 11 years ago, when
he bought Freds Liquor and added the meat market his first
year in business. He has now earned an enviable reputation in
the Fox Valley and beyond by offering only the finest quality
of meat, poultry and fresh seafood available in the area. He has
fresh seafood delivered four days a week and has many customers
coming to the store to hear him say Fresh fish!
Changes have occurred at Niemuths this year with the addition of a smokehouse. Niemuths now offers a wide variety of
snack sticks, bacon, hams, sausages and wieners all made by
Dave, the in-house sausage maker. Dave is also doing your own
meat processing for venison sausage and custom smoking your
own fish and other wild game. Stop in and talk to either Dave or
Richard for all your game-processing needs.
Niemuths has also added a chef or an epicurean, as he refers

Natures Pathways | February 2015


to himself. Chef George is a winner of 13 Golden Fork Awards and

brings lots of experience in the culinary business. Chef George has
added many new heat-and-eat options to the meat counter. These
are fully cooked items such as tenderloin tips, parmesan chicken
over noodles, Italian beef over noodles and meatloaf cupcakes.
He is also making stuffed pork loins, mushrooms and lots of other
items that cooks can take home and put right in their ovens. The
goal is to make good cooks great cooks.
Niemuths Southside Market is located at 2121 S. Oneida St. in
Appleton across from Marys Place Restaurant. Store hours are 9
a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on
Sunday. For more information, sign up for Richards weekly blog
post online at Each week he posts the fresh
fish that will be delivered each day, meat specials, and any new beers
or spirits. You can also like them on Facebook, where they do a
weekly trivia question and one lucky follower can win a $10 gift
certificate with the correct answer. Shop at Niemuths, your one-stop
shopping source for the finest meats, sausages and seafood!

Niemuths Southside Market

2121 S. Oneida St., Appleton

The healing
power of
By Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D.

orgiveness: I think it boils down to whether you are in

charge of your life and health, or have given your power to
people, conditions and events in the past. It can be tempting
to blame problems and limitations on parents, spouses, teachers,
abusers or society at large. Undeniably we have all gone through
experiences that are far less than ideal. Some have truly suffered
great harm. But looking to the past is like driving a racecar
looking only in the rearview mirror: You will crash. Your power
is in sitting up with your hands on the wheel, looking ahead and
responding moment by moment.
For example, I visited a close neighbor I thought was a friend to
coax him out of his gloomy living room to see a gorgeous sunset.
I brought my two dogs, and the two cats and three goats followed.
Doesnt picturing that make you smile a bit? As we walked, he
didnt raise his eyes to enjoy the sunset. His eyes were glued to
the tops of his shoes as he bemoaned one thing after another.
He ended each complaint with: And that was the worst decision I ever made in my whole life and its all your fault. Yet he
had always asked me for advice and support. I wonder who is in
charge of his life now?
Holding on to resentment, bitterness, mistrust and self-pity only
hurts ourselves and doesnt create a wonderful life. To me, its like
existing as a fly in amber. Realizing the great benefit of forgiving
yourself and others is the first step toward letting go of the past.
I found good ideas on a YouTube video of a workshop by Caroline Myss called Why People Dont Heal. Even if you dont care
for her New Age approach, she has great suggestions for seeing
what resentment and self-pity do to your well-being. She suggests
first redefining healing as day-to-day life, rather than as establishing perfection in all aspects of life. It is a process of observing
your own thoughts, attitudes, physical sensations, emotions and
developing awareness of where you are stuck.
For example, when somebody asks how you are, notice what
pops into your mind and what you say. Are your thoughts and
words negative or positive? What do you need to let go of or
give up in order to experience love, joy and freedom? Are you

repeating patterns of self-defeating decisions, bad relationships,

and neglecting to love and accept yourself without judgment? Do
you blame yourself and need to forgive yourself?
One method of letting go is called Hooponopono. It can
accomplish inner stillness, bring about a sense of peace, and clear
negative memories and feelings using a simple mantra or prayer:
Im sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you. With this
approach, you arent analyzing cause and effect, shame and blame.
You are speaking to your own memories and feelings, repeating
the words and allowing the feelings and memories to come up and
then releasing them for as long as it takes.
Use whatever path to forgiveness that works for you and avoid
getting stuck in feeling that you should or have to forgive in
order to be a worthy person. Forgiveness is about inner freedom
to love and trust life, and to be your best and happiest self.
Dr. Phyllis Kasper has expertise in anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic
stress disorder, peak achievement, biofeedback, hypnosis, EMDR, cultural
diversity, pain management and pre-surgical evaluations. She can help you use
personal empowerment to unleash your best you! Call her at 920-693-2250.
Visit for a free download of a hypnosis sample. She is
available at Healthy Connections, 510 E. Wisconsin Ave. in Appleton and can be
reached there at 920-257-4601.

Break your barriers to success!

Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist, Wisconsin

Peak Performance, Psychotherapy,
EMDR, Biofeedback, Hypnosis

(920) 693-2250

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


What are those

numbers on
the bottom of
By Jennifer Semrau

ouve seen them on bottles and containers, trays and film.

A number (1 through 7) inside a chasing arrows recycling
symbol. Perhaps youve also noticed a few cryptic letters along
with the number: 2 HDPE or 5 PP. What does this all mean?
These numbers and the letters that sometimes accompany them
are called resin identification codes or RICs. RICs were developed
by the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) in 1988 as a means
to identify different polymers, or plastic resin, used in a product.
It was otherwise difficult for recyclers to identify different types
of plastics. For instance, HDPE, PVC and PP are all described as
semi-rigid and usually sinks in water, but are very different
at a polymer level. Each plastic type has different properties and
different applications.

berry containers; peanut butter jars

Plastic types and common uses

6 PS (polystyrene foam): Styrofoam cups, plates, take-out

containers, packing peanuts and rigid foam for protecting

1 PETE (polyethylene terephthalate): Soda and water bottles;

vegetable oil, salad dressing, ketchup and mouthwash bottles;


Natures Pathways | February 2015

2 HDPE (high-density polyethylene): Milk jugs; shampoo,

laundry detergent and bleach bottles
3 PVC (polyvinyl chloride): Plumbing pipes; blister packs; and
deli and meat wrap
4 LDPE (low-density polyethylene): Plastic bags; bread/newspaper bags; lids from cottage cheese and sour cream containers
5 PP (polypropylene): Yogurt, margarine and dairy containers;
white plastic take-out containers; deli containers

7 Other (mixed resins): Some citrus-juice bottles and reusable

water bottles

While never intended to be an indication of recyclability in local

programs, RICs were used by municipal programs around the United
States to aid in educating residents on recycling plastics. Residents
were commonly told to recycle Nos. 1 and 2 plastics, for instance.
Adding to the consumer confusion was the use of the universal
recycling symbol (chasing arrows) in the RICs. Residents would
incorrectly assume a plastic could be readily recycled in their local
program by the presence of the recycling symbol. While seemingly
logical, this was not the case.
To address this issue, SPI worked with the American Society for
Testing and Materials (ASTM) to develop a new standard for the RIC
system. In 2013, ASTM announced a change to the graphic symbol to
be used in the RICs. The universal recycling symbol will be replaced
by a solid equilateral triangle symbol surrounding the plastic identification number. Whether this change will have an impact remains to
be seen. Many containers/products have not transitioned to the new
ASTM standard, so the recycling symbol is still present. Existing molds
are not required to be modified. It is also unknown if consumers will
notice the subtle difference from a recycling symbol to a solid triangle.
Here in northeast Wisconsin, recycling program managers
surveyed residents, tour groups and others on plastics recycling.
Managers found that residents were abundantly confused on plastics recycling, not knowing what plastic numbers were acceptable
and not utilizing the RICs correctly or at all. As a result, when the

Tri-County (Brown, Outagamie Winnebago counties) recycling

program expanded in December 2014, a conscious decision was
made to educate consumers using easy to remember terms and
pictures rather than emphasizing using RICs. Plastics education now
encourages residents to recycle all plastic bottles and containers. The
key words bottles and containers excludes items such as toys,
hoses or plastic bags.
The Tri-County recycling program hopes this simplified
message encourages additional recycling and yields increased
plastic recovery.
Jennifer Semrau is the recycling specialist for Winnebago County Solid Waste in
Oshkosh, overseeing the countys recycling, hazardous material, container rental
and sales/marketing programs. She is also the former president of the Associated
Recyclers of Wisconsin and recipient of the 2013 Christy Dixon Recycler of the
Year award. For more information, visit www.WinnebagoCountySolidWaste.
com, call 920-232-1850 or like them on Facebook at
References: SPI Resin Identification Code Guide to Correct Use. Society of
the Plastics Industry.
Plastic Packaging Resins. American Chemistry Council. http://plastics.
Standard Practice for Coding Plastic Manufactured Articles for Resin Identification. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International.
Three Arrows FAQ Recycling Poster. Wisconsin Department of Natural
Plastics Everywhere: Educators Guide. Wisconsin Department of Natural

no longer a numbers game!

Heated Yoga & Fitness

Because sweating is
SO good for you!
Increase flexibility &
Naturally cleanse and detox

Classes offered:

We now accept all plastic bottles & containers.

Power Yoga CoreSculpt Bootcamps

Slow Flow Classes Yin Yoga Couples Yoga


2490 Lineville Rd., Green Bay

(920) 931-4299

105 West County Road Y, Oshkosh

920-232-1850 920-727-2896

Winnebago County Solid Waste

February 2015 | Natures Pathways



ineville Nutrishop is a sports nutrition and wellness center focusing

on general health and nutrition
for the entire family. The stores knowledgeable staff provides free meal plans to
meet everyones personal goals. Nutrishop
carries top name brands along with the
NOW brand, which has supplements,
sports nutrition, foods, and personal care
items that are all-natural. The store carries
gluten-free products, as well as organic
and natural herbs.
The Lineville Nutrishop motto is: If we
dont have it, we can order it! If a product
is not stocked on your local Nutrishops
shelves, you can always order and pick up
at your convenience. (Lineville Nutrishop
offers flat-rate shipping.)
Lineville Nutrishop manager Diana
Jaworski was born and raised in the Pulaski
area, and has lived in Suamico for the past
30-plus years. She is a breast cancer survivor who wants to help educate the public
on the value of being healthy and fit, and
how to battle the aftermath of cancer treatments. Radiation and chemotherapy can
drain the body and soul; finding the right
combination of supplements and energy
foods to keep your positive energy flowing

Natures Pathways | February 2015

every day of life is Dianas passion.

The owner of the store, Brandon Hintz,
grew up in Suamico. He attended Bay
Port High School and college at Milwaukee Tech and St. Norbert in De Pere. A
baseball and football athlete since the
age of 9, sports took a toll on his body,
which resulted in career-ending surgery
in college. Brandon would like to help
educate the student athletes on the importance of general health and the positive
outcome of taking the best sports nutrition
supplements available on the market today.
As an athlete, Brandon knows how
the body wears down and needs to be
replenished to be at the top of your game.
Brandon is a certified sports nutritionist and will help with meeting everyones
nutritional goals both on and off the
Diana and Brandon are extremely
excited to have their first store in their
own local, growing community. They offer
free onsite, workplace wellness clinics,
along with wellness clinics at high school
and college athletic departments. Please
stop by and explore the latest in wellness,
vitamins, weight loss, general health and
sports nutrition.

Lineville Nutrishop offers all the leading

brands and beats Internet pricing! You
can research Nutrishop products online at or through the
local Lineville store on Facebook at www.
With its grand opening on Sept. 1,
2012, Lineville Nutrishop became the first
Nutrishop in Wisconsin, with many more
to come. In addition to its over 200 stores
throughout the United States, Nutrishop
expanded to Canada, Asia and Mexico in
Lineville Nutrishop is located
at 2352 Lineville Road, Suite
110 in the Suamico Urban Edge
Center close to Festival Foods.
Hours: Monday through Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Thursday
and Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Closed on
Sundays and major holidays. Also
open by appointment after-hours
for groups or if you have a special
need for one-on-one service.

Getting the big picture

about blood sugar,
weight control and a

By Grandma Rose

have been writing about blood sugar control and weight loss
for about a year and a half. My goal is to give you information each month that will help you be healthier, feel better and
have more energy. I hope it has been helpful to you.
The length of my articles is limited. My concern is that you are
getting a whole lot of information in my short articles which is
all well and good but perhaps you arent getting the big picture
about the foods you consume.
Once you really understand the characteristics of all the foods
you eat, crafting a healthy diet for yourself and your family will be
easy. Your diet will keep your blood sugar and weight down; it will
not be difficult. You will have consistent energy levels to do the
things you want to do with your life. There will be no more energy
peaks and valleys. It also will not feel like deprivation.
Unfortunately, the entrance of more and more processed foods
into our food supply has led to confusion and a loss of understanding of natural whole foods and how to prepare them. Most
foods are a combination of many ingredients and chemicals. It is
pretty impossible for a person under 70 years old to make sense of
the foods now found in our supermarkets.
Learning about natural whole foods is worth the effort. Unfortunately, it is not in the interest of food-processing companies to
make this information easily available to you. If you really understood what they are feeding you, you would no longer buy their
products! To make things even more difficult, some information
on the Internet is not correct, and you have no way of knowing
what to believe.
You can overcome these problems! It will take effort and

dedication on your part but it is so important for you to learn

about whole foods so you can pass the lost knowledge on to
your children so they can pass it on to your grandchildren. The
answer to poor health cannot be found in a pill bottle. It is in the
food you eat.
Grandma Rose is here to help you. Stop in at Natural Expressions
and lets talk about it. We can talk about ways that Grandma Rose
can help you and your family discover the lost knowledge that is
so important to you. If you belong to a group, perhaps you need a
speaker. Would a class be better?
Natural Expressions is open Monday through Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Located on the north side of Plamann Park at 825 E. Broadway Drive, Appleton.
Check out the Natural Expressions website at
Email Grandma Rose at To make an after-hours
appointment, call 920-954-9727 or Grandma Roses cell phone at 920-850-2996.

Natural Expressions
100% Whole Grain Bakery

We sell HI-MAIZE 260 Resistant Starch Fiber!

For Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control
Find our products:
At our Appleton store, 825 E. Broadway Drive
Online at
For more information call 920-954-9727
February 2015 | Natures Pathways



A little about
Meridith Starling and
Valley Wellness &
Referral, LLC

eridith Starling is a Certified

Independent Social Worker in
Wisconsin, and holds licenses
in Ohio and Tennessee. She completed her
Bachelor of Arts degree in human development and family studies within three years
at Samford University and her Masters of
Science in Social Work (MSSW) in clinical
social work at the University of Tennessee
in 2004. Her designation of CISW means
that she has completed a masters degree
program in an approved school along with
at least two years of supervised practice (no
less than 3,000 hours), and passed a national
exam (she passed the Association of Social
Work Boards Clinical Exam in 2008).
Her passion for working with children and families led her to an internship,
followed by a full-time position working
for St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital,
one of the foremost childrens hospitals in
the country. After relocating, she worked at
a local hospital as a social worker, helping
individuals and families in times of sickness
and crisis. She has been living in the Fox
Valley for over four years with her family.
Her company, Valley Wellness & Referral, springs from her desire to help people
on a day-to-day basis. Valley Wellness
was launched in the summer of 2013 and
moved into its current location in The
Marketplace at 124 W. Wisconsin Avenue
in Neenah early in 2014.

Her focus

Meridiths passion for working with


Natures Pathways | February 2015

children has led her on a pursuit to expand

her training and techniques in an Ed.S.
program that she will complete in 2015.
She is now able to offer play therapy as
part of her counseling services in the
Valley. Her new Play Therapy Program has
integrated well with her past play-based
therapy techniques, and has provided her
with even more training and education,
which she is using to improve her therapy
sessions with the children she meets.
Play therapy is an approach to counseling that allows children to use toys, art and
other play items to express their thoughts
and feelings. In a play therapy session,
children talk through their play, showing
the counselor what they are thinking and
feeling. Most children under the age of 12
frequently have difficulty talking about
what is bothering them. This difficulty is
not because they dont want to discuss their
thoughts and feelings, but because they
havent yet developed the vocabulary or the
thinking skills that they need to be able to
do this. Through play, art, games, music and
other mediums, children are able to engage
in meaningful conversations and work
through their concerns. They can practice
problem solving, gain self-confidence, work
out their feelings and discover new skills
in a safe and accepting environment. Children who are coping with an illness, family
changes, trauma and developmental and
learning needs can benefit greatly from play
therapy. Children who are nonverbal or
have speech issues can also benefit.

Her philosophy

Asking for help is the first step to a better

life. Meridiths goal is to provide children,
adults and families the tools to move
forward with their lives, and to empower
them to make changes for the better. There
is no cookie-cutter method to her counseling and she adapts her methods to best fit
each client.
Meridith will help you find understanding, and work through stress, anger, doubt
and worry on your path to becoming a
healthier and happier person.
Her wellness focus can encompass many
issues, such as grief and loss, depression,
anxiety, attention deficit disorder (ADD)/
attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), behavioral issues, living
with medical illnesses, navigating family
changes such as a new sibling, step-family
and divorce, identity and self esteem issues,
and stress management. She will help you
find additional resources and referrals
when needed as part of her treatment plan.
Please contact us and check out our
office and new play therapy playroom

Valley Wellness
& Referral, LLC
Located in The Marketplace, 124
W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah

Wer e
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Healing Massage
Take Your Talents Anywhere

NWTC has an exciting new Therapeutic

Massage technical diploma that now features
a student run massage clinic on the
Green Bay campus!
APPLY NOW! Students may begin taking General Studies courses
in January 2015.
CLINIC INFO: Starts February 13 through May 1
Fridays only from 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Wellness Center in HS408, Green Bay Campus
For an appointment call Jaime: (920) 498-5531

Jaime Ehmer, Program Director. or (920) 498-5531

For program information visit:

or call (920) 498-7474


February 2015 | Natures Pathways



Ananas comosus L.
(pineapple plant)

romelain, or pineapple extract, is a mixture of enzymes

found in the pineapple plant. Pineapple is native to the
Americas but is now grown throughout the world in tropical and subtropical regions. Historically, natives of Central and
South America used pineapple for a variety of ailments, such as
digestive disorders.
Currently, bromelain is used as a dietary supplement for nasal
swelling and inflammation, osteoarthritis, cancer, poor digestion
and muscle soreness. Topical (applied to the skin) bromelain is
used for wounds and burns.
Bromelain is obtained from the stem or fruit of the pineapple.
It is sold in the form of a powder, cream, tablet or capsule, and it
may be used alone or in combination with other ingredients.

How much do we know?

There have been several studies on the use of bromelain for nasal
swelling and inflammation and for removing dead skin from
burns. Little research has been done on other uses of bromelain.

What have we learned?

A systematic review of the evidence indicates that bromelain is

helpful in relieving symptoms of acute nasal and sinus inflammation when used in combination with standard medications.
Research in human and animal studies has found that topical
bromelain preparations may help remove dead skin from burns.
However, not enough evidence exists to show whether topical
bromelain helps to treat burns and other wounds.
There is conflicting evidence about whether bromelain, alone
or in combination with other ingredients, is helpful for osteoarthritis and for muscle soreness after exercise.
There is not enough evidence to determine if bromelain is effective for the other conditions for which it has been used, including
cancer and gastrointestinal problems.
A National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)-funded research is examining bromelain for
inflammatory conditions and asthma.

What do we know about its safety?

There have been some reports of gastrointestinal problems,

increased heart rate and menstrual problems in people who have
taken bromelain orally.
Allergic reactions may occur in individuals who are sensitive or
allergic to pineapples or who may have other allergies.

Keep in mind

Tell all your health care providers about any complementary health
approaches you use. Give them a full picture of what you do to manage
your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe care. For tips
about talking with your health care providers about complementary
health approaches, see NCCAMs Time to Talk campaign.
Source: Bromelain. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Natures Pathways | February 2015



August 2013

Northeast Wisconsin

habits for expecting moms
one day at a time!
Healthy & happy
Check the
symptoms of

YES! I would like to get on the path to

healthy living by subscribing to Natures
Pathways magazine for just $35 per year.

Taking a closer look at

Tips for

summer skin

... and much more!



1. Mail this form with a check or credit card information to
Natures Pathways, PO Box 2735, Appleton, WI 54912.
Card type
Card number
3-digit security code
2. Call us at 877-479-7209 to provide your credit card
information by phone.


Increase your health to a level
youve only dreamed of! We
have just what youre looking for
results! We will INsPIre you to make the change in your
life to become the absolute healthiest version of yourself.

Sign up for our newsletter at
and receive a



3001 Ramada Way, Suite C Gre

en Bay
920-339-6195 bbfbootcamp


Be the best host at your next event with Self-DJ

you deliver fun to your guests or customers
with music, karaoke and PA system. This
professional machine produces quality sound
from an advanced computer and speakers
with easy to use operations.

Self-DJ can be rented and picked up at:

ASE Computer Repair

(1768 Main Street, Suite 5, Green Bay 920-319-5378)

Natures Pathways

(314 W. Wisconsin Ave., Appleton 920-209-6900 )

Learn more
and watch
our video at:
February 2015 | Natures Pathways


Monday, Feb. 2, through Friday, Feb. 13
9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Cuddly Critter Drive

Bring in a new stuffed animal to Massart Chiropractic and all new patients will receive a case history, orthopedic and neurological exam, X-rays (if
needed), and a report of findings (a $300 value),
all at NO CHARGE! All Cuddly Critters are donated locally to Bellin and St. Vincent Hospitals.
Massart Chiropractic is located at 1315 W. Mason
St., Green Bay. Call 920-884-6100 to make an appointment.
Tuesday, Feb. 3 7-9 p.m.

Reiki Share

Join us for Reiki Share at Balance on Buffalo, 924

Buffalo St., Manitowoc. Held the first Tuesday of
each month. All attunement levels welcome. Free.
For more information, call 920-684-8880 or visit
Friday, Feb. 6 9:30 a.m.-noon (new time)
Wednesday, Feb. 11 5:30-8 p.m.
Wednesday, Feb. 23 5:30-8 p.m.

End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane,

Slim and Sexy

Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this educational and entertaining seminar held at Wise
Woman Wellness, 1480 Swan Road, De Pere.
Women only! Join us for an informative look at
how hormone changes affect us at every age.
This seminar is designed to help women make
informed choices about bioidentical hormone
therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction and sexual health
treatments to feel happy, energetic and sensual
no matter how old you are! Cost: $25 each or $20
each with a friend. To register, call 920-339-5252.
Visit for details.
Saturday, Feb. 7-Sunday, Feb. 22

Valentines Packages at The Day Spa!

Plan a memorable day for you and your significant other at the Day Spa, 600 N. 10th St., De
Pere, with one of our Sweet Temptation Packages. Choose from a couples massage, facial or
pedicure. Sip on champagne while lounging in a
private suite after your spa treatment, and arrive
early to enjoy our steam and monsoon showers.
Well send you home with a long-stemmed red
rose. Packages range from $159-209 per couple
depending on service choice. Complimentary

makeup touch-up for her also available post-service (must book in advance; please mention when
scheduling). We have limited availability for our
Sweet Temptation Packages. Call to reserve your
space: 920-339-5250.
Saturday, Feb. 7 and 21 2 p.m.

Blood Sugar and Weight Loss Support

Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose) of Natural Expressions 100% Whole Grain Bakery, 825 E. Broadway Drive, Appleton, hosts a free blood sugar
and weight loss support group the first and third
Saturdays of each month. To register for the free
class or to purchase Natural Expressions products,
visit or call 920954-9727.
Saturday, Feb. 7 3-5 p.m.

Ballroom Dance Workshop at the

Appleton YMCA
If you are interested in getting an overview of basic social ballroom dance, but you are unable to
commit to a seven-week session of classes, come
to this two-hour workshop. Learn as much as you
can, enjoy some practice time, (and then take
your date to dinner?). Swing, the foxtrot and the
waltz will be introduced. Wear clean street shoes.
Please no black scuffing footwear.
Location: Appleton YMCA, 218 E. Lawrence St.,
Appleton. Single Pricing: YMCA members $5,
general public $10. Couple pricing: YMCA members $15, general public $30.
Register at or any YMCA
of the Fox Cities location. Please call 920-7396135 for more information.
Friday, Feb. 13 6-9 p.m.

2015 Father/Daughter Dance at the

Heart of the Valley YMCA
Girls, get dressed up for a night with you dad,
grandpa, uncle or special someone. Cost is $20
per couple if registered before Feb. 6, and $25 per
couple after Feb. 6. Included in cost: music, dancing, cookies and photo booth. Additionally, there
is a 50/50 raffle and chance of winning one of
many gift baskets. New this year: a dinner will be
offered prior to the dance for additional cost. Call
920-830-5700 for more information. Register at or any YMCA of the Fox
Cities location. All proceeds benefit the YMCA of
the Fox Cities Annual Campaign.

Friday, Feb. 20 7-9 p.m.

Kirtan Chanting

Come chant with us at Balance on Buffalo, 924

Buffalo St., Manitowoc. Kirtan is a simple and joyful practice to calm the mind, open the heart, and
experience the stillness and connection, and its
great fun! No experience needed. Kirtan is held
the third Friday of each month. Donations appreciated. For more information, call 920-684-8880
or visit
Saturday, Feb. 21 3-7 p.m.

Cookin It Up For Katie Celebration of

Waupaca resident Katie Gabbert, wife of Ben and
mother of two children, Maddy, age 5, and Jackson, age 2, is a living miracle. On May 19, her heart
stopped due to long QT syndrome, a rare heart condition. Her brain was without oxygen for 10 minutes
before paramedics revived her.
Katie had no signs of brain activity for two weeks
and it was decided to let her go. As friends and family gathered bedside to say goodbye, Katie started to
cry. She then opened her eyes on command.
Four months of intensive therapy has improved
this young moms strength, speech and mobility. It is
nothing short of a miracle that Katies memory and
ability to interact with others is intact.
Katie still has a lot of rehabilitation work to do, but
with support from friends, family and the community she will continue to fight until she is back to
100 percent.
A Celebration of Support for the Gabbert Family
will be held on Saturday, Feb. 21, from 3 p.m. to 7
p.m. at the Waupaca Ale House, 201 Foxfire Drive in
Waupaca. Please consider supporting lending your
support through Community Benefit Tree. Proceeds
from Katies Celebration of Support will help take
care of mounting medical and living expenses.
Any contributions you send to the Community
Benefit Tree on behalf of Katies Celebration of Support event will be tax deductible.
Please make checks payable and mail to: Community Benefit Tree, 2204 Crooks Ave., Suite C,
Kaukauna, WI 54130, Attention: Katies Fund.
To learn more about Katies Celebration of Support
event, to send her a card or to donate online, please
go to the Community Benefit Tree website at www. Click on Katies button
to be directed to her webpage.

Advertise your event in the

$20 per entry (advertisers) $50 per entry (non-advertisers)

Natures Pathways | February 2015

are your loved ones


Statistics show that 55-60% of U.S. citizens do not have an estate plan which means that
someone other than you will determine your loved ones future.
An estate plan is about more than your financial worth, its about peace of mind and taking
care of the people you love. If you already have an estate plan prepared, revisit it. Or let us help
create a plan designed with the needs of you and your family in mind.

Call one of our experienced Estate Planning attorneys today!


4211 N. Lightning Dr., Appleton, WI





N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton

Chem-Dry of Appleton & Oshkosh, Inc.

1313 Racine Road, Menasha

At LearningRx, we treat
learning challenges such
as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional
tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind
learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a students underlying ability to learn and read.
We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer
limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

For 30 years, Chem-Dry has

been at the forefront of the
carpet, upholstery and tile
cleaning industry with innovative equipment and powerful cleaning solutions.
Prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery
with routine cleaning. Chem-Dry delivers top-quality service at an excellent value. Chem-Dry uses no
soaps, detergents or other harsh chemicals. For a
deep clean thats also green!

Massart Chiropractic
1315 W. Mason St., Green Bay
As Green Bay chiropractors, the Massart Chiropractic team takes pride
in offering the most complete chiropractic resource in our area. In fact, our willingness to volunteer information and explain every chiropractic
procedure in advance, is often mentioned by our
delighted patients. Why? Those who know what
chiropractic is and what chiropractic isnt, seem
to get the best results in the shortest amount of
time. Were looking to help Green Bay-area residents who value their health and want a chiropractor who offers peace of mind. Ready to get
started? Call our Green Bay office today to schedule an appointment.
Nussbaum Chiropractic
873 N. Casaloma Drive, Appleton
Nussbaum Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for the whole family! In
addition to caring for your children
and familys active lifestyle, Nussbaum
Chiropractic also provides nutritional counseling,
functional medicine, exercise rehab and DOT


Natures Pathways | February 2015

Valley Clean, LLC

Carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning
Were more than just a carpet
cleaning company. Yes, we clean
carpets. Our job is to give your
carpets a clean, bright, like-new
appearance and provide outstanding service and
value. But were also moms and dads, pet owners
and homeowners. We live in a community and care
about the environment we share. You care about
the safety of your family, your children and your
pets. So do we. You care about the environment. So
do we. Thats why we urge you to consider our
Green Clean Package for your next carpet cleaning
service. To find out more about our green cleaning
and what it means for your family, give us a call.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
2740 West Mason St., Green Bay
NWTC serves over 40,000
students annually. With advanced technology and state-of-the art facilities,
its no wonder students are choosing an affordable
education close to home. NWTC offers more than
100 degrees, diplomas and apprenticeships, with
many transferring into the four-year system.
NWTC is finding passions and pushing potential.



Support our local

businesses in the
healthy living industry!

Natural Healing Solutions
Certified Colon Hydrotherapists
345 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite #6, Appleton
Feel healthier, remove toxic
waste from your body and relieve symptoms like chronic
fatigue, constipation and skin
problems. Carl and Carol Ann offer colon hydrotherapy through the Wood Gravitational Method.
A colonic is a gentle internal bath to cleanse the
colon and rejuvenate the body. Colon hydrotherapy also restores the bodys pH balance, stimulates
the immune system and allows free passage of nutrients into the blood.

Twohig Dental
William J. Twohig, DDS
417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega
Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural
and holistic approach to dentistry. Our practice is a
mercury-free, health-centered office. We believe in
treating patients as individuals. We are dedicated
to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. We invite you to schedule a
consultation with us.

The NEW Dermatology Group
Dr. Kevan Lewis, MD, FAAD
Offices in Green Bay and Appleton
The NEW Dermatology
Group specializes in providing dermatology care
tailored to each individual.
We utilize technology to advance the practice of
dermatology and integrate the most advanced research and innovation in the field. Dr. Lewis is the
only dermatologist in Wisconsin with triple ACGME training in dermatology, dermatopathology
and Mohs micrographic surgery. As a result, we
provide an exceptional level of care for patients
with a broad spectrum of skin conditions.

The Cooperative School
900 N. Mason St., Appleton
The Cooperative School is
a community of children,
teachers and parents who
prize learning as a lifelong process, helping children reach their full potential as unique, confident
and resourceful learners. Core competencies in
math, science, reading, writing and social studies
are complemented with instruction in both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish languages.

Massage Envy Spa
3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay
Massage therapist positions
available at Massage Envy
Spa in Green Bay and Appleton. Massage Envy:
more of a culture than a company. Like you, were
out to make a positive difference in peoples lives.
Maybe thats why Massage Envy has its own
unique culture. Youll find a friendly, giving and
supportive environment. We offer:
Orientation and follow-up in-house training
Schedules that fit your life
A great living doing what you love
Various therapeutic massage services
Advancement in a fast-growing company
Well-stocked treatment rooms with state-ofthe-art equipment
Minimum 500 hours of massage therapy
Must adhere to local and state massage therapy licensing laws and regulations
Must pass a background check
We encourage all massage therapists to be members of a national professional association. For
more information about a career at Massage Envy,
visit, and submit a resume and cover letter to a location near you.

Vander Wielen Health & Wellness
Diagnostic Center
1486 Kenwood Drive, Menasha
At Vander Wielen Health & Wellness
Diagnostic Center, we are committed
to helping YOU feel better, function
better and live better! To best serve his
patients, Dr. Vander Wielen offers
spine and extremity care, nutritional counseling,
functional medicine, advanced diagnostic testing
and in-office lab tests.

Northwoods Casket Company
109 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam
The Northwoods Casket
Company plants 100
trees for every casket
they build. Founders Jonas and Julie Zahn are committed to plant 10 million trees in their lifetimes. All
Northwoods caskets are handcrafted in Wisconsin
from locally grown and sustainably harvested
woods. Caskets are finished with environmentally
safe milk paints and natural oil finishes. The company delivers caskets to every funeral home in Wisconsin. Their casket and furniture gallery is located
at 109 N. Lincoln Ave. in Beaver Dam and displays
a wide range of burial and cremation caskets and
urns as well as art, furniture, eco-friendly milk
paints, and natural oil finishes for sale. Wisconsin
families can rest assured that, when the time
comes, a handcrafted casket provided by Northwoods Casket Co. will help in their mission to create skilled jobs in Wisconsin, bring craft back to
casket-building, enhance personalization in funeral
service, and of course, leave a natural legacy by
planting lots and lots of trees.


Better Body Fitness
3001 Ramada Way, Suite C, Green Bay
Better Body Fitness inspires people
to make changes in their lives to become the absolute healthiest version of themselves. We want to
show you that anything is possible. If you want to
increase your health to a level youve only dreamed
of let us help you achieve that dream. Our bootcamp instructors will motivate, educate and coach
you along your journey to health and fitness. Get
started today with a one-week free trial by visiting
our website.
Big Impact Fitness
W2721 Brookhaven Drive, Kimberly
We want nothing
more than to see every
client achieve their
goals. We find it extremely gratifying to watch
young athletes, as well as our personal training
clients, achieve success. Through dedication, hard
work and perseverance, our staff is committed to
every individual who trains in any of our programs. Through our thorough understanding of
performance training, health and fitness, we design programs that will decrease the risk of injury,
provide a wide variety of exercises and suit the
needs of each individual client.

Lake Park Swim & Fitness, LLC

730 Lake Park Road, Menasha
See our ad on page 2.
Lake Park Swim & Fitness is the Fox Valleys
newest and most refreshing health club. Locally owned and operated,
we have combined the latest in equipment, classes, club amenities and more to give our members
an unparalleled experience. Customer service and
building a sense of community is our main focus
be a part of the LPSF family and experience the
Prana Groove & Defiant Fitness
Heather LaFond, ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer
1402 Clark St., Suite 201, Manitowoc
Heather has a B.S. in human biology
with an emphasis in exercise science.
She has been working as an ACSMcertified personal trainer for five years.
Prior to becoming certified, Heather
lost 100 pounds. She turned her passion for health
and fitness into a career. In 2012, Defiant Fitness LLC
was formed and in September 2013 it merged with
Prana Groove to better provide clients with a wellrounded fitness experience. The personalized fitness
programs offered between the two sister studios
incorporate all the necessary elements of wellness:
cardio, flexibility, lifestyle coaching, nutrition support
and strength training.


Lisa Jermain, Crystal Executive
Isagenix is one of the fastest
growing companies in North
America because our products, solutions and culture redefine the health and
wellness industry. Science backs our products and
statistics back our success, but its our people who
make us the best. Our no-compromise approach
to health and wealth generating opportunities
help thousands achieve their dreams physically
and financially.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 920-209-6900

February 2015 | Natures Pathways



Natural Healthy Concepts
310 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton
Natural Healthy Concepts brings you the
best dietary health supplements on the market at the lowest prices possible. We also have a great selection of all-natural
beauty products to make you look as good on the
outside as you feel on the inside. And what makes
it even better, we provide free shipping on all domestic U.S. orders, no matter the size!
Waseda Farms Market
330 Reid St., De Pere
Waseda Farms Market is your
local and organic grocery store
in Northeast Wisconsin. We
will always support local farms
and producers whenever possible because we are
both of those. Our market offers fresh and frozen
meat raised on our farm, fresh and local produce,
dairy and specialty cheese, natural and organic groceries, ready-to-eat products including a deli, and
so much more.

About Better Care Audiology
Stephanie Long, Doctor of Audiology
2013 Audiologist of the Year
W3124 Van Roy Road, Appleton
Making regular
visits to a hearing
specialist is one of the most important things you
can do to ensure your overall health and happiness.
Dr. Stephanie Long has helped people with hearing
and hearing loss issues for more than 19 years. She
enjoys getting to know her patients and building
long-lasting relationships with them. She will get to
know you and your listening needs to determine a
customized solution that works best for you and
your lifestyle. Call today to set up a time to meet
with her for a complimentary hearing screening
and 30-day risk-free trial of the latest digital hearing solutions.


Vans Refrigeration & Services
W1081 Pearl St., Oneida
Vans Refrigeration & Services offers
your family or business the best
products and services combined with
a level of customer service that will
exceed your expectations. With more than 30
years of geothermal experience, quality WaterFur74

Natures Pathways | February 2015

nace brand geothermal heating and cooling

products are just where we begin. The technicians
at Vans Refrigeration & Services are trained and
equipped to handle geothermal heating services,
refrigeration repair and installation and many other residential and commercial services.

Peace & Wellness Center
681 Baeten Road, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Trish Poole has provided hypnosis and energy healing through both private sessions and classes since
1997 in the greater Green Bay Area. She recognizes that everyone makes positive changes and
heals differently, and the most effective treatment
in most cases is a unique custom blend service
that addresses precisely what a client really needs.
Trish provides a powerful kind of mind-body-spirit
medicine via a combination of hypnosis, Reiki,
Reconnective Healing, QHHT and EFT. Clients can
see her for private confidential appointments in
person, by Skype or by phone. Trish also offers
classes at her office and other locations.

A Healers Themes
Diane M. Pivonka, RN, MS, APNP

with us on your journey of exploration and healing.

We are thrilled to have as a part of our staff, reiki,
reflexology and massage practitioners who can
provide you the opportunity to nurture all of who
you are. Call or make an appointment on our website. We accept most insurance plans.
Divine Energy Light Workers
Rev. Jen Rietveld
611 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite C., Appleton
Rev. Jen Rietveld offers divinely guided
services in the form of: spiritual counseling, energy/light work, cellular release, chakra cleansing and balancing,
guided meditations, property blessings, weddings, funerals and offers Pink Himalayan
Salt Lamps. She is also Access Bars Consciousness
certified, AromaTouch Technique certified (IPC#
491733) and a Forevergreen distributor. For a full
description of her services, please visit her website
at To schedule an appointment, please email Rev. Jen at lightworkers@ or call/text 920-268-6345.
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC

Spiritual guide, angel card greetings,

Reiki master, massage therapist and
hot stone massage, reflexology, private healings and a worldwide leader
in health care. For more information, call Diane at

Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC provides a complete tool box for anyone wanting to achieve greater
fitness (fit, adj: in good condition).
Our choose-your-own-adventure approach allows
you to be in charge of your destiny. Whether it is
physical, emotional, financial, spiritual or other fitness you desire, get the job done right with all the
tools youll need.

Balance on Buffalo/Therapeutic Massage Works

924 Buffalo St., Manitowoc

Get Connected Counseling, LLC

5497 W. Waterford Lane, Suite A, Appleton

Balance on Buffalo in
Manitowoc was birthed
into being to create a
safe, nurturing space to uncover and discover
ones own innate ability to heal. We offer massage therapy, reiki, yoga, sound therapy, classes
and workshops, all meant to spark the gifts that
we each carry. We will help guide and nurture an
awareness of mind, body, heart and spirit, and the
space in between.

At Get Connected Counseling, LLC,

we help people who are dissatisfied
with their lives find their way to
where they want to be. We offer a
Get Connected
different experience in therapy than
clients have had before, with a focus on transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. We use
cutting-edge approaches to re-engage, rewire, reconnect and inspire our clients to live within their
authentic selves. We take most insurance plans.

CCM Counseling and Wellness

2150 Memorial Drive, Suite 213, Green Bay
CCM Counseling and Wellness
goes beyond traditional talk
therapy to include the whole
person mind, spirit and body.
This approach has contributed to successfully supporting our clients for over three decades. We offer
you the opportunity to discover your own path of
healing and wholeness to transform yourself, your
life and your relationships. We invite you to partner

Counseling LLC.


The Wellness Way
2638 Tulip Lane, Green Bay
We dont guess, we
test. The Wellness
Way offers a unique
approach in health care based on the principle that
everyones needs are different. Through functional
medicine, chiropractic care, nutrition and detox

grams, providers successfully exam, test, and develop a personalized plan to put each person back on
the road to wellness. Find The Wellness Way clinic
near you:
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC
Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womans Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Randi Mann, NP, helps
ages live healthy, vital, joy-filled lives
through medical and non-medical solutions, education and lifestyle guidance. Seek care from an expert
knowledgeable in the latest scientific
research, and who offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches. Mann has
achieved the prestigious NAMS Menopause Practitioner Certification and has spoken nationally on
behalf of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. She is
skilled at prescribing customized, bioidentical hormones when needed. Attend the introductory seminar End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane, Slim and
Sexy to learn the fundamentals of hormone changes, treatment options and great self-care. Call for an
appointment or register for a seminar today!
Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Green Bay Integrative Health
Steven V. Bittorf, M.D., Ph.D.
2700 Vernon Drive, Suite 112, Green Bay
Dr. Steve provides a complete suite
of integrative health services, including bio-identical hormone testing
and replacement therapy; ACLAT
food sensitivity analysis and consultation; optimization of digestive health, thyroid function and weight loss; health care navigation; and
much more.


N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton
At LearningRx we treat
learning challenges such
as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional
tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind
learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a students underlying ability to learn and read.
We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer
limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

Essential Bodywork & Massage
Janet Creapo WCMT 4433-046
2508 N. Richmond St., Suite B, Appleton
Massage therapy has many benefits, including
stress relief circulation and pain management. Essential Bodywork & Massage offers Swedish, deep
tissue and therapeutic massages. Ear candling
is also available. Janet has 20+ years experience
working with chiropractors in Wisconsin and California that has given her extensive experience with
back and neck pain management. Essential Bodywork & Massage offers affordable package deals
for regular maintenance. Why wait for pain when
you can control it? Offering new clients a 1-hour
massage for $35.00. Please mention this ad.

Rejuvenessence mediSpa
Kenneth Pechman, M.D., Ph.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist
2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104, Appleton
The mission of Rejuvenessence mediSpa is to restore,
revitalize and rejuvenate the
skins appearance, health
and function. We strive to improve our clients skin
through our professional services and high-quality
products and thus, enhance our patients self-esteem and self-image. We are proud to offer free
consultations on all of our services!

Valley Wellness and Referral
Meridith Starling, CISW, MSSW
124 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 90B
At Valley Wellness and Referral, hope
and healing are closer than you think.
Meridiths goal is to provide her clients
with the tools to move forward with
their lives and empower them to make
changes for the good. Asking for help is the first
step to a better life. She provides her counseling
and support services to children and adults. There
is no cookie cutter method to feeling and living
better, but it begins with you!

Advanced Movement Studio
101 W Edison Ave., Suite 110, Appleton
Located along the Fox River in
the historic Edison Center, our
Rehab it. Prevent it. Get Fit. We have you covered.
studio offers small-group fitness classes, exclusive training and sport-specific
training. But fitness is just one part of who we are.
We also provide nutrition counseling, movement
therapy, massage therapy and yoga. If you are recov-

ering from an injury or managing a chronic injury,

we strive to be the bridge between sports medicine,
physical therapy and fitness. Our mission is to help
our clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Rehab it. Prevent it. Get fit. We have you covered.

Twohig Dental
William J. Twohig, DDS
417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega
Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural
and holistic approach to dentistry. Our practice is a
mercury-free, health-centered office. We believe in
treating patients as individuals. We are dedicated
to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. We invite you to schedule a
consultation with us.

Nutritional Healing, LLC
Kimberly Neher, MS, Clinical Nutritionist
400 N. Richmond St., Appleton
Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist located inside The Chiropractic
Advantage. Her passion lies in supporting
peoples health through evidence-based
medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition.Kimberly has experience working with clients regarding
weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns
such as high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high
cholesterol/triglycerides, thyroid conditions and irritable bowel disorders. With her masters degree in human nutrition and Metagenics certification in First
Line Therapy, Kimberly has undergone an in-depth
study of nutrition as a complementary medicine.Transform your life through natural, clinically
proven methods of healing via nutrition, and remedy
the cause of your illness or weight concerns!

Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D.
Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with expertise in anxiety
disorders, depression, post-traumatic
stress disorder, peak achievement,
biofeedback, hypnosis, EMDR and pain management. She is available at Healthy Connections in
Appleton, 920-257-4601. She offers classes to
businesses and organizations.

February 2015 | Natures Pathways


PT Center for Women

3913 W. Prospect Ave., Suite LL2, Appleton

Sai Ram Indian Cuisine

253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton

PT Center for Women offers

women of all ages comprehensive evaluation and treatment
for their physical therapy and
massage needs. Our gentle,
heartfelt approach to healing allows women to feel
calm and comfortable, and pursue a program of
care that can change their lives. Our goal is to provide women with a successful outcome for a happier, healthier life.

The areas finest authentic Indian restaurant. Join us today to find out
why we won the Best Indian Food
Golden Fork Award from 2005-2011 and a 2013
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! We offer a
large selection of vegan and vegetarian options.
Catering is available and we have a banquet room
for parties of up to 40 people.

Custom Health Pharmacy
1011 S. 10th St., Manitowoc
Custom Health Pharmacy is your source for
quality compounded medications. Our state-ofthe-art compounding lab provides the highest
quality compounding possible. You have a choice
where you get your compounded prescriptions
you dont need your prescription sent to you from
Madison. We also offer: hormone saliva testing,
hormone consultations, adrenal fatigue consultations and testing, Take Charge weight loss program and a full line of Now vitamins. We accept
Caremark and Express Scripts.

Gather Americana Restaurant
231 S. Nicolet Road, Appleton
John Chastain, Owner
Gather features small, medium and large plates of fresh
goodness, craft beers, an
extensive wine program, hand-crafted cocktails,
retail wines and beers, and a deli. We are a true
farm-to-table restaurant and deli, sourcing directly
from local farmers and producers who use natural,
sustainable methods. Enjoy the creativity of our
chefs at breakfast (by reservation), lunch and dinner. Our deli offers grab-and-go or dining service
options. Swing by for a quick coffee and scone to
go, or select some artisan sandwiches and salads,
cheeses and charcuterie for here or to go. We have
two rooms available for events for up to 50 people,
with audio/visual capabilities. We are Wi-Fi-friendly
and welcome you to come in, plug in, and relax,
meet, or work. Wed love to serve you!




Natures Pathways | February 2015


Create Hair Loft & The Spa Loft
421 George St., De Pere
The Spa Loft is a vibrant, one-of-akind, holistic haven for all ages and
people. Our therapists have over 25
years of combined experience in massage and the wellness industry. Our focus is providing a safe, comfortable, therapeutic atmosphere for
our clients. We specialize in tailored massage therapy sessions and natural medicine consults. The products we use are therapeutic-grade, natural and as
organic as possible. We offer an aesthetic atmosphere that is like no other wellness spa to provide
the best treatments for our clients. Services include:
full service salon; massage therapy: pregnancy/pediatric/infant, Reiki, trauma touch, oncology, deep tissue, hot stone, reflexology, and craniosacral; natural
medicine: blood cell analysis, Reams pH testing, nutritional consults and more with our naturopath.


The Day Spa

600 N. 10th St., De Pere
The Day Spa is a full-service spa
and salon celebrating 22 years in
business. We offer the best in
massage and bodywork: Swedish, therapeutic, prenatal, Mlis Contour Body Wraps, acupuncture and
more. Peaceful relaxation sanctuaries, caring and
dedicated staff, couples suites, and group accommodations set us apart. Special wellness events are
hosted monthly. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook.
The Day Spa is open Monday through Thursday, 9
a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday 9
a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The Olive Cellar

277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920-574-2361
127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah 920-486-1781
Discover the difference quality
makes with small batch world-class
extra virgin olive oils and an exquisite variety of aged balsamic vinegars. Taste before you buy with all products available for you to sample prior to bottling. Also
offering pastas and spices, sea salts, truffle oils,
chocolate sauces and the worlds best peanut brittle. A unique culinary experience awaits you.


Massage Envy Spa

3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay 920-405-9200

N.E. Wisconsin Spiritual Experiences Group

For activities near you, visit:

At Massage Envy Spas, our

mission is to provide a pathway to wellness, well-being and worth through professional, convenient and affordable massage therapy and spa services. Whether it is your first massage
or massage therapy is part of your wellness plan, we
have a therapist to match your needs. We offer
many massage modalities including Swedish, deep
tissue, trigger point therapy, sports, reflexology and
more. Signature services and enhancements include
hot stone massage, aromatherapy, deep muscle
therapy and sugar foot scrub. We have four different spa facial treatments specially formulated for
Massage Envy Spa. Our professional estheticians
have the scientifically proven products to give you
noticeably healthy skin.

Are you looking for balance in this

year of spiritual healing? Discover
Eckankar and experience the light
and sound of God. Check out Eckankar ( and N.E.
Wisconsin Spiritual Experiences Group (see above)
for tools, resources and spiritual conversations
near you.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 920-209-6900

Valley Thermography
1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite 202, Appleton
Chris Haase, certified clinical
thermographer, uses digital
infrared thermal imaging
(DITI), a noninvasive clinical imaging procedure for
detecting and monitoring a number of diseases
and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Conditions and
injuries that can be diagnosed and monitored include hormonal dysfunction, inflammation,

phatic activity, disc disease, dental, vascular disease, sports injuries, allergies, cancer and more.
DITI uses no radiation, is painless and FDA registered. Call to schedule your appointment.

Wise Woman Wellness, LLC
Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womens Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Thyroid disease is a
nosed cause of many symptoms, including weight gain, depression, fatigue, constipation and hair loss. Hypothyroidism diagnosis and management
is offered by the hormone experts at
Wise Woman Wellness and can help you sometimes even if you were told your TSH blood test result
was normal. Our nurse practitioners are specially
trained in the detection of hypothyroidism and use of
natural and prescription medication treatments. Call
920-339-5252 for details.
Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Valley Transit
801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton
Valley Transit provides

Valley Transit safe and reliable public

Think outside the car.
transportation to the
many communities that comprise the Fox Cities.
Whether youre in Appleton, Buchanan, Grand
Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, city of
Menasha, town of Menasha or Neenah, you can
use Valley Transit to get where you need to go. Service hours: 5:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, 7:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

801 Main Ave., De Pere
Medi-Weightloss is a medically supervised weight loss program that
works. Located in De Pere, MediWeightloss offers patients a personalized solution to lose weight and
keep it off by eating real food and using state-ofthe-art diagnostic tools. Each patient is overseen
by medical director Dr. Herb Coussons. Call 920917-6314 for your free assessment.




Kaldas Center
200 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite 133, Neenah
Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery, & Pregnancy,
S.C is changing how patient service is delivered. Hearing the patient and
adapting to their needs is important as we look to
support patients in their quick return to living life to
the fullest. To complement our patient services, we
offer nationally recognized skill and training to
achieve the desired outcomes of our patients.


Grow yo
commun ur

Eat, Drink
& Buy Local

A Natural Moms Touch, Inc........................................... 12
About Better Care Audiology......................................... 36
Advanced Movement Studio.......................................... 21
Aerial Dance Pole Exercise.............................................. 35
Amy Skiver, LPC............................................................. 30
Appleton Downtown, Inc............................................... 15
Appleton Nutrition Center............................................. 13
Apriond, LLC.................................................................. 54
Balance on Buffalo/Therapeutic Massage Works............. 31
Better Body Fitness......................................................... 69
Big Impact Fitness.......................................................... 59
CCM Counseling........................................................... 50
Chem-Dry of Appleton & Oshkosh................................. 59
Community Benefit Tree................................................. 37
Create Hair LOFT/The Spa Loft....................................... 68
Crystal Pathway............................................................. 55
Custom Health Pharmacy............................................... 27
Deux La La Events.......................................................... 59
Divine Energy Light Workers.......................................... 26
Epiphany Law................................................................ 71
EvolveAbility.................................................................. 61
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness............................................... 49
Gather Americana Restaurant........................................ 27
Get Connected Counseling, LLC.................................... 45
Globe University............................................................. 19
Green Bay Intergrative Health........................................ 51
Hydroponic Gardening Professionals.............................. 57
Isagenix......................................................................... 25
Kaldas Center................................................................ 19
Lake Park Swim & Fitness................................................. 2
LearningRx..................................................................... 42
Marks East Side............................................................. 53
Massage Envy Spa.......................................................... 39
Massart Chiropractic...................................................... 49
Medi-Weightloss.............................................................. 5
Muncheez Pizzeria......................................................... 37
Natural Expressions Bakery............................................. 65
Natural Healing Solutions............................................... 25
Natural Healthy Concepts.............................................. 29

New Possibilities Integration........................................... 35

Niemuths Southside Market.......................................... 29
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College........................... 67
Northwoods Casket Company....................................... 53
Nussbaum Chiropractic.................................................. 27
Nutritional Healing......................................................... 57
Oliv 426....................................................................... 43
Orthopedic & Spine Therapy.......................................... 55
Outagamie County Recycling ........................................ 52
Peace and Wellness Center............................................ 12
Prana Groove and Defiant Fitness................................... 28
Recycled Denim with a Twist.......................................... 57
Rejuvenessence mediSpa................................................ 79
Relaxn Birth.................................................................. 34
Sai Ram Indian Cuisine................................................... 49
Self-DJ........................................................................... 69
Shen Yun Performing Arts................................................ 7
The Cooperative School................................................. 39
The Day Spa................................................................... 62
The NEW Dermatology Group........................................ 11
The Olive Cellar.............................................................. 55
The Source Public House................................................ 32
The Veggie Shed............................................................ 47
The Wellness Way.......................................................... 17
Trusted Earth Farms....................................................... 48
Twohig Dental......................................................... 54, 80
Unity of Appleton.......................................................... 46
Valley Clean................................................................... 21
Valley Thermography, LLC.............................................. 15
Valley Transit.................................................................. 23
Valley Wellness and Referral........................................... 15
Vans Refrigeration & Services......................................... 22
Vander Wielen Health & Wellness.................................. 33
Waseda Farms Market................................................... 78
Winnebago County Dept. of Solid Waste....................... 63
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC............................................. 3
Womens Care of Wisconsin........................................... 42
Yoga Hut....................................................................... 63

February 2015 | Natures Pathways










Waseda Farms Market

Farmers market fresh

330 Reid Street, De Pere, WI 54115 / Next to Gallagher's Pizza / 920-632-7271


even this close...
Let us help you reduce your
acne and acne scarring and
have confidence in your
beautiful skin.

Restore ... Revitalize ... Rejuvenate ... Your skin!


Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD, Medical Director

Board-Certified Dermatologist

2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104 Appleton

Call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY consultation

See our specials online at

Experience a



approach to dentistry!
Safe Mercury Removal,

417 E. Ann Street, Weyauwega, WI