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N12. ARIA. CORO IT. co ae rat. Sopra. gen Edition Peters. oan, 26 = nerBrust ge-so - = gen, droht den Pfleger Zu er - MOF ——~, - ¥ [ doa. ‘Ach, ein Kinddasda er ~ 20-gen, das an telnerBrust ge- t Pars fog NS hem Nr ag seal droht den Pfleger 2 er - mor ~ Eaition Petors. 8) v {ww w 5 Ay han (% wi au EO AS R : ey. : (An Unaccompanied Song) E+ fa—P srwitta, gle DONG. ltt Shen Waste bow v Nee tere ieee aoe UNL Taetone of sient tiitttnttaty tag felonies sancencc~ Music by => have BRONNIE TAYLOR Fenarkabiv seeg wnich ix daly latcusfiee wheg sg MICHAEL HEAD SF without accompaniment, Vet Gast ee a Poa at pt Attegro ncaa “vorce acconpt. ad fi cap was torn, His shoes were worn, And dream - i ly... he spoke... Fa la wrin- kled face, a cheer - y smile, And a nob-by stick had he; | His Te b (raythmie) 1 Soy key may lr chusen to suit the voice, when the song Is sung without plane accompaniment. OPSFIgHL 1699 by Booses & CO Lt. B.& H. 17878 < Ce S A 123 ten: fen 5 eyes were grey ‘and far ES oC 3 = jy pe = a sy sea, And changeful as... the sea. ae ee a pies epee tars o : oF ? hoped that he would stay. No word he spoke, But shook his head | And ‘Smiled ... ae Ves a iC (ete dnd went his way. 8.8 H, 17876 P2C0 meno mosso @ mp Poco oresa. Bee eee I watched the siog-er down the hill, My E teco men ba ff Poco erese, 24 Fe oe I = Pass = bee v a “ _—£000- accel. e° ores \ uit mosso i Fe at #- thought I heard a fai- ry flute And the sound of fai - y laughs fa la la Poco accel. ¢ erese, Pi mosso ais i$ sound of . fai - ry Fe la la la la Ja la,. wyla' a la ta rare Fella lalalalalalala la ta la [xs4 1, 1S B&H. 17878

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