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Willie Mitchell Let’s Stay Together AlGreen Al Jacks: Med, Rock Ballad (@—=—> Assunghy AGne aa Awe Gol Aur Gm? Aw Gui C7 be tage Sp be z = (horns) 2 | i a fi | Be A| F Dm? SE [es yee io Q Se Lim, Tm so in love with you. What ev er you Bout? SS SSS es SS want to do is al - right with me, Au! Gui" Dut ct ae prt refs) DS. al Coda (3rd verse) (no repeat) OGw? Aw Gul good or bad, hap Aur” let's stay to - geth - er, lov - ing you whet er Aw? _Gmit Ce th ~ er, good or bad, hap - py or sad, and if you mess__ with me__ you can't set me free. Fade Sth x Sample bass line at letter (A): 2 FE oe Dw — ES SSS SS aa ee Second verse: Thin Let me say since, since we've been together, Loving you forever is what I need. Let me be the one you come running to, And I'l never be untrue. Oh, You’ Just cd verse: Why, somebody, why people break up, ‘and turn around ane make up I just can't see. Yd never do that to me, would you, baby? being around you is all see.