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Well-developed oral and written communication skills

I possess well developed communication skills which I have gained throughout
my working career. In particular, in my role as Web Developer and Tester at CoT
Software & Solutions, I had to liaise on a daily basis with team lead and team
mates. Most of the communication was face-to-face while a considerate amount
was via email and by telephone, as well. I was frequently commended for the
professional manner in which I carried out these duties and have had no issues
with interacting with any of the parties involved.
For example, one of my key responsibilities was to participate in the daily
meetings within the company. We were team of six, every morning we had
meeting for one hour and everyone need to talk about 10 mins about the work
done in previous day and what is going to do in the present day. This process
required well developed communication skills to ensure I acquired a perfect
understanding of the project and clearly communicated this to the others. As a
result, we delivered the project deliverables on time as a team.
My written communication skills are also well developed and I have utilised these
skills in writing the following documents:
1. Project documentation
2. Reporting project status to team leader
As a part of team I need to document the work I have done for the project on
daily basis and also I need to report the status of the work to my team leader on
weekly basis. . On various occasions I also obtained feedback from the supervisor
regarding my project documentation and report writing skills, feedback received
in relation to this was excellent.
2. Ability to work effectively as a team member and/or team leader, and
be able to complete projects individually.
I have had training in leadership skills and extensive experience working in teams, thus I am capable of
communicating effectively with peers in a team, but also with individuals. I have worked as part of a team for
many years and understand the importance of great teamwork. As a team member, I am mindful of my role and
the roles of others to ensure successful outcomes. I have been part of teams that take a problem-solving
approach to tasks and have helped formulate action plans. In such situations, I enjoy the ability to work together
to brainstorm ideas.
In my current role as a web developer in CoT Software and Solutions, I participate in daily project meetings. I
contribute ideas that often lead to the success of various projects. In our most recent project, I suggested the title
and developed the direction while others contributed to other areas of the project, such as coding and testing.
Effective teamwork led to the project being the most successful yet. I work closely with other team members to
foster an open communication environment by regularly discussing any issues we may have. I am also involved
in coaching other members where needed.

As a Replenishment Team Leader in BigW for the past one year, I have
demonstrated my ability to promote effective work relationships and lead,

motivate and manage high performance team which consistently delivered

excellence in filling and presenting the stock.

In my recent position at BigW, I worked with team of 10-12 people to ensure all
the work done properly and meet the company filling standards. Our store
achieved store of the month for three times in last year.
3. Evidence of Critical thinking and problem solving
Problem solving has been a critical part of my roles over the past four years.
While working as Replenishment team leader at Big W, I dealt with a variety of
problems. While many could be resolved easily, two to three per week were more
complex and required a detailed process to resolve. I had to investigate what had
happened from everyones points of view, clarify the facts, and work out what
had gone wrong and why. I then had to propose suitable solutions and negotiate
a mutually satisfactory outcome. I was often commended by my manager for my
sensitive handling and speedy resolution of these problems. Less than one per
cent of complaints had to be escalated.
4. Ability to apply academic concepts and knowledge to practical
I have worked with a local Community Justice Centre as a volunteer client
assistant for the past 12 months. In this capacity, my academic training has
enabled me to help local residents articulate issues and formulate and present
coherent arguments in conflict situations. My responsibilities include helping
people prepare their cases for mediation, which require me to regularly apply
my academic knowledge and undertake additional research when necessary.
An example of this situation was when a resident in a difficult situation
approached me for information and advice. I researched recent changes to the
Tenancy Act 2007 and informed her of her rights and responsibilities as a
tenant. She was able to use the information to resolve the issue to her
The result of this situation and similar ones have been the empowerment of
clients who previously struggled to understand their circumstances. I have
received excellent feedback from my supervisors, who have told me that my
work has made a considerable difference to their clients. In addition, I have
received several letters of thanks from clients whom I have helped.
My ability to apply academic knowledge and concepts to practical situations
has been
demonstrated by:
Publicly advocating for human rights, refugees and community development
engaging in fundraising activities and promoting public awareness of

Creating informative articles available online to the general public as a

graduate research assistant, for example Human for Sale as it pertained to
research project.
Persuading others through the interpretation of specific information to suit
audiences. As a fundraiser, I initiated a dialogue which detailed how members
of the
general public could engage upon their own social justice by embarking on
sponsorships of various programs run by a range of charities.
5. Ability organise, plan, and prioritise work flow
My time at school has allowed me to develop excellent prioritisation and
organising skills and I have had experience in meeting deadlines while
submitting school assignments by their due dates. I have also been exposed to
handling a number of tasks concurrently, illustrated by my involvement in the
school hockey team which required training 3-4 times a week which became
more difficult when completing end of year grade 12 exams.
An example of my ability to meet this criterion occurred mid last year when I was
juggling hockey training, mid year exams and completion of my school work
experience. To meet the challenge of such a busy period I prioritised my time
around both hockey training and my work experience. I set out a plan for each
day itemising what study I intended to do that day and what preparation needed
to be completed for the next day. This enabled me to study effectively whilst still
completing my work experience and attending hockey training and hockey
competitions. I did extremely well in my mid year exams, our hockey team
continues to win our weekly games and I thoroughly enjoyed my work
experience without worrying about study. I believe this was a great outcome.
I am an organised person who can always meet a deadline. I have the ability to
plan and deal with a number of tasks at once. I think these attributes would be
directly transferable to this job.
6. Evidence of ongoing professional development?
Working full time in my professional area
Attending networking events to communicate with new people and to keep up to
Participating in discussion forums to understand technology trends
Everyday learning activity and learning plan
7. Evidence of being a self-starter with a positive attitude
I am working for an IT organization as a web developer and my role is to develop
and maintain websites. Web design is also important for me. During the office
hours, I spent my time to understand the website requirements and which design
suits to it. However I worked on the website around 5 to 7 hour to prepare it very

well. The task, I have to finish the home page and the key requirements in two
weeks. If I can make it and impress to customers, I may get reward to get extra
tasks for the clients. The action, I used extra time at home and keep working on
the tasks consistently. I took advice from my friends and roommates involve
them in situation to get better results. I used online forum programming codes
for some tasks and took help from my relatives who work in this field as well. As
a result, my manager impress with me. He said to fellow employee that I may
role model for them as my positive attitude and start the task without
notification. I would like to use these selection criteria in my future government
job. I have can do attitude at workplace keep busy myself to start the task.
8. Effective time management skills with ability to meet projects
Last semester I took the initiative to enhance my studies of Computer Science by
obtaining internship for two days a week at CoTe Software & Solutions. My
voluntary work was not a requirement of my course, but undertaken to build on
the knowledge gained during my studies.
As preparation for the work experience it was necessary for me to reschedule my
classes and reorganise my study timetable. In order to handle the additional
workload, I decided to get up half an hour earlier each weekday and to study for
an additional two hours each Saturday and Sunday. I listed each study period as
a diary appointment, which made it easier for me to arrange commitments
around these times. I also ensured that I continued with my work experience
even during examination time by negotiating my work schedule with my
manager at CoTe.
As a result of my effective time management skills I successfully integrated the
work experience into my timetable. The voluntary work gave me valuable
practical skills to complement the theoretical knowledge gained in my course.
This enabled me to increase my GPA from 5 to 5.5. Restructuring my study
schedule also enabled me to deal with conflicting priorities whilst ensuring I
completed all assignment deadlines to schedule. I believe my highly-developed
time management proficiency would serve me well in the role I am applying for.
9. Understanding of and commitment to risk management and
security policies.
The situation - my workplace is secure under the Occupational Health and Safety
policy. It is the petrol station and has to attend risk management procedures.
My task was complete the log book of Petrol station and attend all risk
management procedures for premise security and their clients as well.
The action, I checked the LPG pump test, emergency stop button, electricity plug
check, spill kit check, fire extinguisher refills. I did this every fortnight. Once, a
customer spill fuel on the floor and before it found dangerous, we used spill kit.
As a result, we managed risks of that fuel spill and follow the security policy very
well. I understand the importance of these duties and committed very well.
If I have to use the selection criteria for my future government job, I would follow
the risk managements procedures very well. I follow security policy very well.

Understanding of computer system capabilities and usage
with knowledge of adoptive control system software and
I was in Power Choice Company in Gold Coast and my role was to help my coworkers for the system administration related problem.
The task, I have basic understanding of Linux Operating System. I worked as
volunteer for three months in other company in similar field. I have to solve coworkers problem and give them hand to finish the task.
The action, other employees did not get success to transfer files from Ubuntu
server to windows. The job was I need to transfer files from UNIX Operating
System (Ubuntu Server) to Windows Operating System. I had used the command
line code into UNIX approximately two days. I used different library book
experience and online forum. I collected information from different sources and
concentrate for two days to get rid of the problem.
As a result, it worked perfectly for the company and company is using that code
into air force industries computers.
If I have to use the selection for future government job, I must have basic
computer knowledge. I must know the basics software such as MS office, Adobe. I
must have knowledge to understand adaptive control of software and hardware.