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One major disadvantage of this system is that it does not guarantee a time torespond toany

particular hardware event. Careful coding can easily assure that nothing disablesinterruptsfor
long. Thus interrupt code can run at very precise timings. Another major weakness ofthissystem
is that it can become complex to add new features. Algorithms that take a long time torunmust be
carefully broken down so only a little piece gets done each time through the mainloop.This
systems strength is its simplicity, and on small pieces of software the loop is usuallyso fastthat
nobody cares that it is not predictable. Another advantage is that this systemguarantees thatthe
software will run. There is no mysterious operating system to blame for badbehavior

One disadvantage of most conventional vehicle detection methods in a traffic control

system is that they can only detect the vehicle in a fixed position. This paper proposed a
new vehicle detection method using the wireless sensor network (WSN) technology. The
striking feature of the proposed WSN-based method is that it can monitor the vehicles
dynamically. This paper also developed a new signal control algorithm to control the
state of the signal light in a road intersection. Simulations of the real-life intersection
traffic control system are conducted in the paper. The simulation results show that the
proposed method is effective for the traffic control in a real road intersection

The various disadvantages of an area traffic

control system are
Very costly- Area traffic control is a very
advanced traffic control strategy it involve
very advanced technology and highly skilled
persons to operate the system to control the
traffic which makes it very costly.
Very complex- Area traffic control system is
a very big system which includes many
(Regional) Control System. These unit is use

to perform different-different task for the

system. These unit and task make it very
traffic- In area traffic control system we use
vehicle detector to collect the data to find the
actual flow and to get signal timing according
to the present condition of traffic. These
vehicle detectors detect the vehicle on the
basis of lane. For example we are collecting
data for tow lane road then the detectors will
able to detect the vehicle which will come
from their respective lane and the vehicle
which is using space other than these two
lanes cannot be detected. So data will not be
accurate. So we can say that it will give best
result only for lane following traffic.