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Notes on Hair Flip Poetics

1. Awareness of current modes of varying technologies as filters for shaping content and form of poem.

2. Certain communication technologies as central nervous system where poetic language passes through.

3. References to websites become physical spaces and objects in poem.

4. A desire for the virtual to be physically tangible (through language) in poem. The poem is self-
referential in that it addresses certain blockages, frustrations and emotional or lack of emotional responses
provided by varying technological modes of communications--simply referring to cell-phones, text-
messaging, email, instant messaging, as well as social/search frameworks, i.e. Myspace, Facebook, Blogs,

5. Flat surface effect of Internet as a phenomenal approach to language itself as an empty substance. (Is
the Internet empty and would this be the impulse to create physical objects in response to it? This also
done in a poem.)

6. The poem attempts to "ground" concept of "cut & pasting" by reverting to its original physical gesture
with a pair of scissors as done by Dada.

7. The poem is a physical object married to a concept married to intangible spaces given a piggyback ride
on technology. (or feel free to switch them around in however order, it doesn’t matter)

8. It would like to throw “conceptual poetics” a slumber party.

9. It doesn't care about being published and doesn't give "editorial poetics" the time of day.

10. The poem can repeat the same concepts over and over but not in the same poem.

11. It chews on text-messages like doggy bone.

12. Technology adores the poem.

13. The poem adores technology.

14. Anything besides that is just jealous.

15. The poem likes to play with digital toys. As a result of this, some say is electronic writing, but the
poem likes to also turn the form into a concept for its own content material and laughter.

16. The poem tries hard not to think about its future in an archive for that can become very distracting.

17. It’s never embarrassed about being nostalgic.

18. Sure, it thinks being labeled as avant-garde is cute an accepts existing in multiple times though its
never attached
to one time whatsoever so neither is it interested in having any sort of label unless it comes with white-
19. The poet assumes machine-like tendencies in the body and seldom talks about it.

20. Its hard to say that a poet is singular but in constant collaboration with people, machines, people-
machines, and social structures so this can also be content for the poem.

21. The poem is delete-able and therefore not attached to being read by very many people.

22. It praises content over form just a little bit.

23. Life of a poet is the heart of poem.

24. Poems are somewhat autobiographical and therefore, life of a poet interesting to use for content in the

25. Poet should stick with current time of whatever's going on in the world or media without having to
use it as content material in a poem just to sound political or pretend to give a shit.

26. Its true, the poet is a "post-production" of basically whatever until the circus shuts down.

Feliz Molina
Wednesday, June 11. 2008
Barnet, Vermont