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Welcome to Darton College

Our Vision
Darton College will be a fully inclusive, outstanding school in all
aspects. We will equip our students, regardless of gender, ethnic
origin, ability, or social circumstances, with a wide range of skills, the
ability and agility to be successful in all areas of their lives.

Thank you for considering Darton College.

As both a parent and a Principal I recognise what an important decision you are making.
Darton College is entering the next phase in its journey and I am excited about
building on and consolidating the fantastic work and progress already made.

We aim:
to bring out the best in everyone: to discover the best in everyone,
to expect the best from everyone, and to support everyone to
achieve their personal best.

Darton College is a special place to learn with exceptional learners and staff committed
to developing highly effective and innovative teaching and learning practices.
We are passionate about ensuring all children achieve their potential and have a
positive experience of secondary school.
Here at Darton we strive for excellence and always
endeavour to ensure that your child achieves to the
best of their ability, feels safe and secure, develops
a love of learning and is equipped to deal with our
rapidly changing world.
I hope that you will embrace working in partnership
with us and feel confident to tell us if we get things
wrong and when we get things right! By working in
partnership we can collectively ensure your child
achieves their potential and effectively contribute to
the local and wider community.
I hope that by reading this prospectus you are
encouraged to join us and I look forward to
meeting you when you get the opportunity to visit.
If you have any questions or require support or
further information - just ask.
Kate Davies
Principal of Darton College

for all students to enjoy making exceptional progress in a caring,

safe and inclusive environment where success for all is celebrated.

to ensure students come first; strong links with external and

internal wellbeing agencies ensure that every child fulfils their full
potential, no-one is left behind, no-one is forgotten.

that everyone, including students, parents, staff and the

community, regularly contribute to the continued development of
the College and are valued and listened to by the College.

for everyone to be proud to be associated with Darton College and

carry on sharing their lifelong love of learning from generation to

School Background
Darton College feels different because it is different.
We are a fully inclusive mixed 11-16 school in a building designed
especially for us and our community.
There are approximately 900 students and 120 staff. Every single
person matters to us at Darton College and we aim to ensure that the
experience each student has is defined by high expectations, high
achievement, strong discipline, an enjoyment of learning and of being a
part of what the College has to offer.
The setting is stunning with far reaching views across Barnsley, South
and West Yorkshire. The learning environment is excellent and this
combined with extremely hard working staff, who are focussed on the
achievement and enjoyment of your child in their education, will support
your child over the next five years and beyond.

Joining us in Year 7
We have strong links with our partner Primary Schools which help to ensure that the move from
Primary to Secondary is as smooth as possible. Our Transition Coordinator, Jayne Kaye and
Claire Ellis, our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, frequently visit the Primaries to make
sure they have a thorough understanding of each child before they move to Darton College. In
addition we run a very successful Transition course for Year 6 students and their parents to help
prepare for the move to Darton College. This runs over a four week period and has supported not
only those students who come from schools which send a lot of students to Darton College but
also those who only send one or two ensuring they start with a strong friendship group already
formed. There are also many opportunities for Primary students to visit to learn and to be a part
of our College. Our Buddies, a volunteer group of Years 7 and 9, support the new students
from midway through Year 6 until the end of Year 7. Relationships are developed and built up
and these students provide a student point of contact offering help, advice and friendship at a
potentially difficult time. Year 6 students start Darton College two weeks before the end of the
summer term ensuring that the summer holiday is not a period of worry for students or parents.

It is really easy to make new friends.

All the teachers are really supportive.
I was scared and nervous but I walked
in and I knew it would be OK.
The children were friendly and I just
cant wait for Darton College
Welcoming in so many ways.
Year 6 students on their
transition weeks and summer school

Standards & Expectations

there are many extra-curricular
clubs and activities Year 7 learner

What your child can expect of us

- Every member of staff will do their best to ensure you receive
the best possible education.
- Your lessons will be planned and thought out to make sure you
make progress.
- You can expect us to work with you, and your parents to make
sure you achieve.
- Your books will be marked regularly.
- You will be given opportunities to take part in activities outside
the classroom too: local, national and international trips,
sporting opportunities and many others.
- You will be cared for to make sure that you are happy, safe and
What do we expect of your child
- We expect that your child will work hard to make good progress
in all their subjects in lessons and through homework.
- We expect your child to attend regularly, 100% should be their
- We expect your child to behave well in their lessons and around
College so that everyone can learn.
- We expect your child to look after others.
- We expect your child to ask if they need support to do better.
- We expect your child to achieve highly and to always do their

Our innovative curriculum provides students with an opportunity to
flourish. We recognise and celebrate the talents of our students
and encourage the development of these talents through a wide
programme of learning experiences and opportunities. Through high
expectations, high standards and the desire to develop the whole
person, our principal aim is to successfully equip our students for all
the challenges of life.

Each student at Darton experiences a variety of carefully tailored

pathways throughout their five years which helps them to achieve,
regardless of age or ability. We believe that a personalised
curriculum brings out the best in our students and are proud of the
range of subjects and experiences that we deliver.

Guidance & Support

Members of the Inclusion Team at Darton College are committed,
highly trained professionals dedicated to ensuring children with
educational needs and disabilities have the best opportunity to learn
and make good progress.
The College Inclusion Coordinator leads a team of 11 Learning
Support Assistants who assist teachers and students in the learning
environment. The team has a wealth of experience and skills
designed to meet a range of need.
We run a series of literacy intervention programmes to help students
catch up and consolidate their reading and writing skills.
Students of all abilities are also helped by the Learning Support
Team working closely with other staff to help build students skills and
confidence across the curriculum.
Students with learning needs can follow a tailor-made curriculum in
Years 10 & 11. In Year 7 identified students access a curriculum
appropriate to their age or level of achievement to ease the transition
from primary and help them adapt successfully to life at the College.
The Inclusion Team work to make sure students are happy, have
equal access to the curriculum and to make sure that they can thrive
in a caring and supportive learning environment.

Darton College is working hard to continue enhancing the learning

experience it gives to all students and those students who achieve
highly or demonstrate a talent are no exception. The Deputy Principal
for curriculum takes responsibility for helping staff develop exciting
and innovative learning opportunities both inside and outside of the
A growing group of students have also taken responsibility for
their learning; gauging the thoughts of other students and those of
staff to ensure that our students are active learners and have high
expectations for their own achievement and progress.
Curriculum Areas across the College provide extra learning
opportunities for the more able; these include special learning days
and visits out of school, learning days organised by local universities
as well as opportunities to become involved in the day to day running
of the College.
Darton College works to make sure those students with academic gifts
or those who have a talent in music, art, dance, drama and PE have
the opportunity to shine.

Darton College offers a wealth of extra-curricular activities. These
are increasing all the time. We offer a wide range of sports
provision, including rugby, football, cricket, tennis and trampolining.
As our new facilities are developed we will continue to extend
the offer. Additional GCSEs and qualifications are also available
beyond the school day. Clubs are listed on our website.
Performing Arts is a strength of our College and this year shows are
calendared in Dance, Drama and Music. We like to showcase the
talent of our students regularly and believe this supports student
confidence which extends beyond the performances in sport or the
We firmly believe in the importance of educational trips and how this
can broaden our students views, not only of the world around them
but also of their role in making a difference at home and elsewhere.
We run rewards trips to support student achievement, local trips to
explore the Geography, History or English curriculum and we also
run trips to London and further afield such as a visit to support those
less fortunate than ourselves in South Africa, a skiing trip to Austria
and visits to Auschwitz and Naples.
The opportunities for the students at Darton College are developing
constantly as we actively seek our students views.

Student Voice
I think I made a difference to the College as a Form Rep. Knowing that I can
change simple, specific things around the College made me feel better and
happier as a student. The feedback I got in form was positive; people liked the
ideas we worked on for them.
Students now have a lot more opportunities to get their voice heard at Darton
College. Being a senior prefect has helped me understand the commitment
needed to become successful in adult life and work. Meetings are social
occasions but with a point - enjoyable but with the chance to express your ideas,
make an impact on learning, facilities and activities all around College.
Working as a Year Rep I feel that senior staff actually made time for us to talk
in meetings, took in and wrote down our ideas. I feel proud to have had part
in getting more rewards such as certificates and prizes for students. Darton
College listens to students.

I enjoy being part of the student voice and representing my

Year 8 Learner
We get valuable experience of being part of meetings
Year 10 Learner
Being part of student voice has helped my confidence
Year 11 Learner

We believe it is important to celebrate our own communities and background, and also to ensure that we have a good understanding of how we fit
into the national and international community. We want our students to understand they have a voice and how to use this to ensure development
and improvement, both locally and indeed globally.
We wish to involve our community so that Darton College becomes the local hub. We are constantly developing links to offer opportunities for
learning, leisure, business and enterprise, opening far beyond Monday to Friday and school times to achieve this.
We raise money for charities chosen by our students and we regularly work with and have very close links with our local primary schools, sharing
curriculum, sport and arts events.

Darton College
Ballfield Lane
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Unlocking Potential...
...Changing Lives

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