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Unstoppable Marriage

"Why the f*** is there a naked girl in bed with me!?" Taeyeon let out a terrified
yell and leapt off the bed.
Taeyeon's life takes an interesting turn when she woke up with no recollection of
the previous night. At first things seem simple, get back home and forget about that
drunken tryst. Of course life is never that easy. Five minute wedding chapels,
seagulls, murderous gangs, ex-girlfriends, insane best friends and heroin labs.
Taeyeon can never complain about a boring life again, and just who is Tiffany

Main Characters
Both of you are driving me insane! I'm not a toy that can be split between the two
of you!"
(Jung Jessica)
Is she the devil sent to torment me, or the angel that I never knew I needed?
(Kim Taeyeon)
"I love you and I know you love me too. So why does this feel so wrong?"
(Kwon Yuri)
I don't have to say it, because you already know it.
(Choi Sooyoung)
Id tell you, but then Id have to kill you.
(Hwang Tiffany)

"I had never read anything like it before!"

"...the plot and the character conflicts... I found pulled me into the story even

Chapter One

Viva Las Vegas

Whoo! Las Vegas here we come! Sooyoung let out an enthusiastic shout as she
pumped her fist in the air.
Several passerbies gave her a momentary glance before continuing with their own
business. The airport terminal was a constant hustle of footsteps and trolley wheels
thudding along the white tile floors.
Whoa calm down. Dont get too excited, you dont even know the language,
Jessica stepped back a little as she watched her friend jump up and down
ecstatically like a 5 year old. The weird-ed out stares seemed to increase as the tall
girl continued to dance around in her own world.

Hey, I know how to speak English, Sooyoung defended, her eyes sparked with a
mischievous glint when she spotted a short blonde girl approaching them, Better
than Shorty at least.
Hey! The affronted shorty exclaimed indignantly, Ill have you know Im just
2 cm below average Korean height!
Sure, sure, whatever you say Taeng, Sooyoung said patronizingly as the three of
them made proceeded to check in their luggage.
It was only as they started to move that Jessica noticed Taeyeons bags.
What the--? Did you pack your whole house? Jessica asked, staring at the load
on the trolley.
Not really, just a few things I need to stay sane, Taeyeon shrugged nonchalantly.
Uh-huh...A few. Were going on a one week vacation, not moving houses,
Jessica eyed the bags.
The break would be a welcoming change; the three of them had not been on
vacation since the end of high school. Despite the fact that their families could
easily support a one, the girls (translation: Taeyeon), had wanted to work and save
up money by themselves instead of relying on their family. So after 4 years,
Taeyeon finally managed to save up for a trip to the US.

When they boarded the plane, Jessica and Sooyoung promptly found their seats
and settled down while Taeyeon was busy hauling her carryon baggage down the
Seriously, what did you bring? Sooyoung asked the struggling blonde.
Nothing much, Taeyeons reply was slightly muffled as she hoisted the bags into
the overhead compartment.
I still dont know how you managed to get past customs, Jessica said eyeing the
bags, That has got to weigh over the 10kg rule.
Screw the rules, I have money
What happened to using my own hard-earned money and not relying on my
parents? Jessica asked quoting Taeyeon word for word.
Taeyeon shrugged, Technically it is my money. Its my Uni fund; most normal
kids get uni funds from their parents too.
Um...Im not sure if anyone has told you, but Uni funds are for university,
Sooyoung said slowly as if speaking to a two year old.
Hey look whose talking. You two refused to move out, you guys are still living in
mansions with maids to cater after your every need. I moved out, Taeyeon pointed
out, giving the pair a triumphant aha! Now what do you say? look.
Yeah, into an apartment, Jessica said, spitting out the word apartment in the
same tone as one would say rubbish dump.

Hey, I have my own plans set out, and it doesnt involve bumming around the
house for the rest of my life...How did we get on this topic again? Taeyeon
wondered, it wasnt the first time that her friends had criticised her for her choices.
We were talking about your gi-normous bags, Sooyoung supplied helpfully.
Ah right, this is for me to stay sane. Knowing you two, wed probably have the
cops after us within 2 hours of landing, Taeyeon said, remembering all the weird
and whacky situations she found herself in because of the duo in front of her. She
had no idea how they managed it, but whenever they go anywhere Sooyoung and
Jessica always seem to find trouble. No matter what they do. The only reason why
they havent been arrested sentenced to jail yet is because of their family fortunes.
The wonders money could buy.
In my defence, I dont do anythingI just get dragged along by your evil
cousin, Jessica said raising her hands in the typical surrender gesture.
Uh-huh. Taeyeon resisted the urge to laugh at the bewildered/betrayed look on
her cousins face, I cant show my face in some parts of California because you
decided to start a rumour that I was an axe-wielding-murderer
Hey, I swear they that was an accident, Jessica said in a not-so-apologetic tone.
--People in London are convinced Im the long-lost granddaughter of the Queen
even though Im 100% Korean
Yeah, that was wasnt an accident, Jessica smirked as she high fived Sooyoung.
They had spent a long time coming up with ways to do that.

--We got banned from visiting the Great Barrier Reef because Sooyoung decided
that it was a smart idea to slip a Stone Fish into the tour guides pants
Hey! How was I supposed to know that the stupid fish was poisonous? I didnt
even know it was fish, it looked like rock for crying out loud! Sooyoung
We cant go to the Eiffel Tower anymore because somebody thought that it was
great idea to parachute off of it with a full bladder! We cant go to Egypt because
Sooyoung decided to have sex with the tour guide in a 5000 year old pyramid! We
cant go skiing at the Jisan Forest anymore because Jessica...lets not even mention
that. What is with you guys and tour guides? Every single one that we met have
been traumatized or fired...or both. Taeyeon continued listing the idiotic things
that the duo had done.
I have no idea what you are talking about. How could you accuse us of such
atrocities? Sooyoung denied, clutching her chest in mock-offence, You wound
me cousin. Sica, do you have any idea what shes talking about?
Jessica shook her head, looking at Taeyeon innocently, Nope, not a clue.
Taeyeon glared at them.
Lighten up Tae; its all in great fun, Sooyoung said cheerfully waving all of
Taeyeons complaints away.
Taeyeon smirked, So thats the way you want to play it eh? The benefit of knowing
those two was that she had ammunition to attack them with, Great fun eh? Two
words: Seagull Beach.

The effect was instantaneous; Sooyoung seemed to cower away while Jessica
So... many... seagulls... Sooyoung muttered in a traumatised voice, her face paled
as she began curling up into a ball.
You promised to never speak of that incident again!! Jessica hissed as she gently
rubbed Sooyoungs back, Its ok, theres none here.
Taeyeon smirked evilly, Yup, no seagulls here.

Twelve and a half hours later

Welcome to Las Vegas, thank you for flying with Korea Airlines, we hope to see
you again.
They had booked a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas, which included the bus
ride, a helicopter ride and a boat tour. It was supposed to be a great outdoor day-too bad the weather didnt agree. Instead of clear sunny skies and nice warm air, it
was pouring with rain and the thunder roared in the distance.
Oh wonderful... Jessica grumbled as they prepared to board the bus.
Lighten up, were still gonna have fun! Just imagine, kayaking in the middle of a
thunder storm! Sooyoungs eyes literally lit up at the thought.

Taeyeon looked panic-stricken while Jessica did seem to cheer up slightly.

Uh... Taeyeon stuttered while her mind went into panic mode. She could
practically picture the chaos that was about to ensue. But she did pay almost $300
dollars for the tour...It was her own hard earned money too. However the image of
her huddled in a small boat with a cackling Sooyoung on one side, and an equally
evil-looking Jessica on her other side, while lightning flashed ominously in the
background was enough to make up Taeyeons mind.
Imjustgonnagoandcheckinatthehotel. Youtwohavefun! Taeyeon said quickly as
she dashed away from the mad duo.
Sooyoung and Jessica watched her rush away at break-neck speed.
Whats up with her?

With little difficulty, Taeyeon made her way to the hotel and crashed on one of the
beds. She had no idea how the other two had so much energy left, the jetlag was
going to kill her.

Meanwhile in the Grand Canyon...

MWHAHAHAHAHAHA! Im the king of the pirates! Bow down before me you
bloody rascals! Sooyoung demanded while standing on the boat, brandishing an
oar at her opponent.

Never thief! I will destroy you and rescue those hostages! Jessica declared,
amazingly keeping her balance on the boat that was floating backwards. She
brandished her own oar at Sooyoung. The said hostages that Sooyoung had were
in fact paper people that the two had made on the bus.
Um...Excuse me, you two need to sit down. Its not safe to... The meek tour
guide trailed off, staring open mouthed at the two Koreans who proceeded to
engage in a sword fight while balancing on the dangerously rapid water.
Lightning flashed warningly over the sky as the thunder rumbled. The rest of the
tourists had decided to cancel the trip, but those two insisted on stayinggoing so
far as to bribe the tour guide...Now he was seriously regretting taking these two
nutcases out here. Itd be a miracle if he was alive by sunset.
Aha die! Jessica yelled as she lunged forward, thrusting the oar out in a stabbing
Sooyoung had her oar held horizontally with both hands and readily intercepted the
blow by striking down, directing Jessicas oar away from her body. Unfortunately,
she hadnt calculated what that would do to Jessicas balance.
AAAAHHHHH!! Jessica shrieked as she plunged into the icy cold water.
Jessica! Ill save you! Sooyoung cried as she dived into the water. Leaving the
wide-eyed tour guide staring at the spot where the two had disappeared.
That did not just happen...That did not just happen...That did not just happen... I
think I need to lie down...

Several hours later...

Taeyeon had had a nice nap, she felt refreshed and ready to spend a memorable
night in Vegas. However, she couldnt get rid of the feeling that impending doom
was coming.
Meh, Ive been spending too much time with Sooyoung and Jessica, Taeyeon
muttered as she grabbed the hotel key card and prepared to head out.
The moment Taeyeon touched the door handle she was immediately flung back as
the door smashed into her face.
Hey Taeyeon were bawhat happened to you? Sooyoung stopped short as she
noticed Taeyeon laying flat on the floor.
Doormat does not suit you, Jessica commented as she stepped inside, dripping
all over the carpet.
The two of them were soaked head to toe and seemed to be missing a few bags.
Through blurry eyes Taeyeon noticed that neither of them seemed to be carrying
any of their hiking gear. If she wasnt flat on the floor with a throbbing bump on
her forehead, she might actually care.
Taeyeon groaned as she pulled herself up, You are so dead Choi Sooyoung!
Sooyoung shot a panicked look at Jessica, What did I do?
Die! Taeyeon growled as she grabbed the nearest lamp and lobbed it at the
cowering Shikshin.
Eeep, Sooyoung squeaked as she ducked behind Jessica.

Why are you two back so early? And why are you soakingyou know what,
never mind. I dont think I want to know. Im going out, Taeyeon announced as
she headed towards the door, only for the Sooyoung to block her way.
Where are you going? She asked curiously.
To a club, Taeyeon replied.
Ooh! I wanna come too, wait for me! Sooyoung said disappearing to get ready.
Taeyeon stared at her in disbelief, Arent you the least bit tired?
Nope! Sooyoung called cheerfully.
Taeyeon sighed and turned to Jessica with a resigned look, I suppose you want to
come too?
Jessica shook her head, Nah, Im going to sleep for 24 hours. Bloody mountain
Taeyeon blinked, not sure if she heard Jessica properly, Did you just say
mountain lion?
Well, after the pirate fight we fell into the water. The current was pretty strong
and we ended up washed onto the rocks..."
Jessica groaned as she cracked an eye open. She was met with the sight of
Sooyoungs puckered lips.

YAH! Jessica screeched as she threw the taller woman off of her, What the hell
do you think youre doing?!
Oh thank god youre alive! Sooyoung exclaimed hugging her bewildered friend.
Huh? Jessica said blankly.
I thought you died, Sooyoung said tightening her hug, which was beginning to
choke poor Jessica.
So you decided to kiss me?! Jessica demanded.
What? I wasnt going to kiss you, I was going to try CPR, Sooyoung explained.
Uh-huh, CPR...Sooyoung thats the oldest trick in the book. Jessica rolled her
eyes as she untangled herself from the taller girl.
Im serious! Sooyoung insisted.
Jessica huffed and stalked away, Oh great...My phone has no reception.
We also lost the rest of our gear. And were soaking wet, which probably means
wed get hypothermia in this weather, Sooyoung added helpfully.
Jessica marched around holding her phone into the air, hoping it would
miraculously get signal, Im going to try and get to higher ground, tell me if you
find something.
Like that cute kitty over there? Sooyoung asked pointing at the spot behind

What kitholy shit thats a mountain lion! In her panic, Jessica had switched
over to English.
Uh... What? Sooyoung asked completely clueless as Jessica hastily scrambled
away from the creature.
RUN! Jessica yelled as she tore off, dragging a stunned Sooyoung behind her.
Unfortunately nobody told Jessica that lions have a tendency to chase people when
they run.
AAAAHHHH!! Jessica screamed as she ran.
AAAAHHHH!! Sooyoung agreed, trying to avoid looking at the sharp jaws of
the beast.
Jessica scooped up a rock a hurled it at the lion, it bounced off the lions head. The
lion shook its head and growled viciously at them.
You made it angry! Sooyoung cried hysterically.
As they approached the ledge, Jessica noticed that there was a small drop into the
water below.
Lets jump, Jessica suggested, frustration and fear overcoming her rational
What!? Are you nuts!? Thats got to be a 10m drop! Sooyoung demanded.
Its the only way! Besides, professional divers dive at 10m all the time! Jessica
insisted as she eyed the approaching lion warily.

No way!
Yes way!
I said no!
Goddamnit Sooyoung! Jessica growled as she pulled Sooyoung by the back of
her collar and jumped into the waters below.
AAAAAHHHHHH Sooyoung screamed.
End Flashback
Sooyoung tried to kiss you? Taeyeon asked.
Jessica stared at her, ...We got washed onto the rocks, got chased by a mountain
lion and jumped into the water from a cliff-face, and thats all you can comment
Taeyeon shrugged, apparently not noticing Sooyoung who had finished getting
ready and was standing behind her, After witnessing the Seagull Beach Incident
nothing surprises me anymore.
So...many...seagulls... Sooyoung whispered curling up into the foetal position.

Taeyeon! Its going to take me an hour to get her out of that state! Jessica
Oh well. Ill be back later, Taeyeon said gleefully as she skipped out the door.

Taeyeon hummed cheerfully as she wandered down the streets. It was true what
they say, you couldnt go two paces without spotting a club, casino or hotel of
some sort. The place was perfect for a night out; the problem was she had no idea
where to go. Usually, people would say that going to a club with friends would be
more fun, but every time she went with Sooyoung and Jessica, Sooyoung would
latch onto the nearest piece of meat (literally and figuratively) and Jessica would
ditch them on the dance floor.
Well this place seems interesting, Taeyeon muttered as she looked up at the
glowing neon signs. As she pushed through the doors, she was hit by the blaring
music. She could feel the heavy bass vibrate through her feet, and her heart felt like
it was going to leap out of her chest. One glance inside, and she knew it was
extremely different to the clubs she was used to back in Korea. For one, the club
seemed to be so tightly packed that you literally could not see where one person
began and another ended on the dance floor.
Without hesitation Taeyeon headed straight to the bar and sat herself on a stool.
Only to realize that her English was rather lacking.
Oh great, head out without Jessica, smart thinking, Taeyeon sighed as she looked
at the menu, wondering how much of an idiot she would look like if she just
pointed at the pictures.

@#$%$^$^^%^ @#$$#^$$%^^$#@#$%^&? The bartender asked.

She knew he had asked her a question, but to her it just sounded like a blur of
jumbled words. She literally could not tell when one word started and the other
Uhh... She said stupidly, wondering if she should call Jessica down here. Pros vs.
Pro: She would have a translator so she could understand what people are saying
Con: Jessica would most likely bring Sooyoung with her, and together theyd cause
chaos that she did not need at the moment.
Either way, Jessica was most likely sleeping, so it was a moot point.
A black haired woman saved her from looking anymore stupid by ordering a drink
and distracting the bartender. Taeyeon eyed the newcomer; she was dressed in a
white cocktail dress with a black bow wrapped around her waist. Despite the
simple dress, she looked amazing and Taeyeon had to keep her jaw from hanging
open when the woman turned to face her. She was gorgeous with her high
cheekbones and soft childlike face. Her body wasnt the curviest... but she had a
nice butt, Taeyeon noticed as her byun mind leered appreciatively.
Oh god Taeyeon, say something! Taeyeon mentally screamed at herself.
Hi, #$%^&^%$##$%^%$#$%^%$, The rest of the words made no sense to
Taeyeon, yet she couldnt help but melt into a puddle of goo at the sound of the
strangers husky voice.

Uh...I...Um...Hi, Taeyeon stuttered, cursing herself for sounding like a complete

The woman chuckled and Taeyeon had to pretend to brush something off her lips
to literally keep her mouth from dropping open.
Oh god, how is it possible for someones laugh to sound like music??
Are you Korean? She asked slowly, as the bartender set her drinks down. For
some odd reason, she had ordered two tequila sunrises.
Taeyeon nodded, not trusting her voice.
Im Tiffany, whats your name? She said in Korean as she raised her drink,
offering it to the mesmerised blonde. Her eyes turned into crescent moons,
matching her smile.
Taeyeon melted into a pathetic puddle, her hearted thudded so heavily in her chest
that she was afraid the other would hear it.
I...Im K-Kim Tae-T-Taey-yeon, Taeyeon managed to stutter out as she accepted
the drink.
Nice to meet you Taeyeon-shi, Tiffany smiled, watching almost predatorily as
Taeyeon took a small sip of her cocktail.
You too, Taeyeon said.
Wanna dance? Tiffany asked standing up.
Taeyeon grinned grasped the offered hand, Sure.

After a dance and several more drinks, Taeyeon started to feel dizzy and the rest of
the night passed in a drunken blur until eventually, all faded to black.

Chapter Two

Taeyeons head was throbbing like mad. The blinding rays of sun that streamed
through the curtains, made her groan as she slowly cracked open her dry, tired
Oh god, what did I do!? Taeyeon thought frantically, she looked around. Ow!
Taeyeon mentally winced as she turned her head to the right, deciding to test her
level of hungover-ness, she turned her head to the left, ow! Definitely not good, she
was going to be sick. Taeyeon tried flipping through her mind for any memories of
the previous night. She had walked into a club, met a gorgeous girl, had a few

drinks, danced for a bit...and then...but before she could think on it any longer, she
was realised that her head wasnt the only thing throbbingher right arm was
aching too.
Mustve scraped it or something. Taeyeon thought dismissively, she was far more
concerned about the strange room she was in, lord knows how many bruises she
had suffered while intoxicated. Still, she decided to check anyway, without looking
at it she touched the skin on the outside of her upper arm. Fuck! The blonde bolted
upright and turned her arm so she could see it. She gaped at it in disbelief; the
sudden movement sent a spasm of pain to her already aching head.
Taeyeon stared open-mouthed at her arm. No, no, this cant be! This couldnt have
happened! There on her arm were red letters spelling NY, encased in half of a love
heart. What the hell does NY mean!? She thought hysterically. Taeyeon noticed
that the naked girl beside her had the other half of the love heart tattooed on her
arm, with the letters TAE encased inside.

Wait a minute...


Taeyeon let out a terrified yell and leapt off the bed.


at the bed.
She had awoken and stared at Taeyeon in horror.
What are you doing here!? Taeyeon shrieked, realizing that she too was naked.
What are you doing here!? This is my hotel room! The girl bellowed back.
Taeyeon blinked and looked around, really taking in her surroundings. This was
definitely a hotel roombut not hers. How the hell did I get into this situation!?
Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! @#@$^%^*$%#^%$#%%$#! The girl muttered
in a panicked voice.
Taeyeon stopped her own panicking for a moment and looked over at the
distressed girl. To her immense surprise she actually knew this woman...sort of.
Tippani-shi? Taeyeon asked gently.
Taeyeon-shi!? Oh my god... Tiffany didnt bother finishing the rest of her
sentence, instead she began collecting her scattered garments.
Taeyeon glanced around on the floor and began to do the same. Both of them
avoided eye contact as they quickly got dressed in the awkward atmosphere.
Taeyeon didnt know whether she should bring the topic up or not, but her
curiosity was going to kill her.
Um...Tippani-shi... Taeyeon said softly.

Hm? Tiffany turned around, still avoiding eye contact with the shorter woman.
How...I mean, why did we get these tattoos? Taeyeon asked pointing to the NY
on her arm.
Huh? Tiffany frowned, she checked her own arm. What she found was enough to
make her jump, $@^%%^$@#$%!?
In her shock, Tiffany had switched over to English, although it didnt take a genius
to figure out the gist of what she was saying.
I guess you dont know either. Taeyeon sighed, staring at the letters that were
beginning to scab over.
It looks like... Tiffany moved over so that she was standing next to Taeyeon, the
two halves of the heart met to form one, with the letters spelling TAENY in the
What does T-A-E-N-Y mean? Taeyeon wondered, resisting the urge to scratch
the red scabs that were forming over the tattoo.
You know what, I give up, I dont even want to think about it, Tiffany said
walking towards the door of the bedroom, Coffee?
Taeyeon thought about it for a moment, she wasnt a coffee drinker but her head
was still pounding and she really needed to forget about this mess, Sure, She said
as she followed Tiffany out the door.

Hey Soo, Jessica called.

Hm what? Sooyoung replied. Two of them were enjoying their morning at the
Encore Beach Club, relaxing in their own private cabanas with people waiting on
their hand and foot.
Wheres Taeyeon? She ditched us yesterday and never came back, Jessica
Probably means she got lucky. Never mind her, lets go into the pool! Sooyoung
got up excitedly.
Jessica shrugged, Ok, and we can finish off that pirate fight!
Ok, then into the sea and die! Sooyoung grinned like a Cheshire cat as she
shoved Jessica into the pool.
AAAHHH! Jessica shrieked as she toppled head first into the sparkling blue
Sooyoung laughed and armed herself with a noodle before jumping in. Jessica
emerged from the water glaring daggers at Sooyoung.
Youre going to regret that! Face the wrath of the king of pirates! Jessica
declared as she armed herself with a noodle.
Hey! Im the king of pirates! Sooyoung said indignantly as she whacked
Jessicas head with the noodle.

Taeyeon wondered how in the seven hells she managed to find herself in these
situations. Here she was, eating breakfast with the girl whom she had met
yesterday. She hadnt even known Tiffany for a total of 24 hours, yet she shared a
tattoo with her and they had drunken sex for god knows how long.
So youre here on vacation then? Taeyeon asked. They were sitting in the cafe of
Tiffanys hotel.
Tiffany shook her head, Nope, business trip actually. My boss is so going to kill
Business trip? Taeyeon asked, wondering what kind of business required Tiffany
to hang around a night club. The ideas that popped into her mind was definitely not
something she wanted to think about.
Tiffany leaned in and Taeyeon literally had to refrain herself from flinching back.
Close contact with Tiffany was extremely awkward, knowing that she had touched
that seemingly silky smooth skin.
Tiffany whispered conspiratorially to Taeyeon, Id tell you, but then Id have to
kill you.
Taeyeon chuckled in amusement, Ok, ok. You dont want to tell me, fine. I wont
Tiffany grinned at her, Im being serious. So what are you doing here? Vacation?
Taeyeon nodded, Yeah, Im actually here with my two friends...That reminds me,
I probably should get back to them.

Tiffany smiled and waved to her, Well, I guess this is goodbye then. See you
around Taeyeon-shi.
Bye TipTiffany-shi, Taeyeon said catching herself mid way. The f was a
little difficult for her to pronounce but she could if she put a little effort into it.
Taeyeons mind was a complete mess. She had slept with a girl. Well, that wasnt
the highlight, she had girlfriends in the pastshe slept with a total stranger. What
sucks the most is that she couldnt even remember any of it. The one drunken tryst
with a gorgeous Korean/American and she couldnt remember a single thing.
Great going Taeyeon...One thing that she was certain of, Sooyoung and Jessica
couldnt possibly top this in the weirdness department.

Hey look its a squirrel! Quick Slave, catch it! Jessica said pointing to the cute
little brown squirrel hanging from the ceiling.
She had won their little fight and claimed Sooyoung as her slave. The pair had
been wondering around the resort, and according to some other tourists, there have
been sightings of squirrels around the place, and they had wanted to catch
one...Well, Jessica had wanted to catch one.
Im not catching that, Sooyoung said flatly as she stared up the little fur ball.
Hey, you lost, so you do what I say. Catch it! Jessica demanded as she pointed at
the squirrel with her noodle.

Im not catching that, Sooyoung repeated, staring down at Jessica.

Jessica glared at Sooyoung, both of them involved in an intense staring contest.
Youre going to catch that squirrel or face Hellsica! Jessica threatened, using the
name that many gave her supposed alter ego.
Wow, Im terrified, Sooyoung deadpanned. Unlike many of her peers, Sooyoung
could honestly say that Hellsica did not scare her. The wonder of growing up
with the so-called Ice Princess is that she knew Jessica really isnt that cold or
At that moment, the little squirrel decided to hop down from the ceiling and sit
happily on top of Sooyoungs head.
GAH! SQUIRREL! Sooyoung screamed frantically shaking her head in order to
get rid of it.
The squirrel shrieked in surprise at the sudden movement and tightened its grip on
Sooyoungs head.
Get it off me! Get it off me! Sooyoung wailed as she tried to pull the squirrel off
her face.
Yah! Hold still, Jessica said as she tried to pry the creature off, however,
Sooyoung kept moving.
Oh no... Jessica muttered as she saw the construction workers arrive. They were
repainting the other side of the building and were carrying a vat of pink paint
through the corridor.

Sooyoung watch...out, Jessica trailed off as Sooyoung inevitably tripped and fell
into the vat of pink paint.

Heechul was not having a good weekend. The week had started off well enough,
he gave the usual tours to tourists on Monday through to Thursday, but when
Friday hit, it all went downhill. It was storming on Friday and all the tourists
cancelled their Grand Canyon tour, except for two. He thought they were crazy but
they were paying him double, so who was he to complain? It was only a little rain
after all. In retrospect, he shouldve backed out that moment he saw the gleeful
glint in their eyes.
The bus ride had gone smoothly enough, if a bit weirdafter all, how many selfrespecting 22 year olds make paper people on the bus? Although he shouldve
gotten a hint during the helicopter ride when he had to physically restrain the duo
from putting on the emergency parachutes and jumping out. Then came the boat
tour. Dear god that is going to haunt him for the rest of his life.
He sent an angry letter to his employer demanding compensation; the stuffy jerk
had laughed it off and sent him to the Encore Beach Club to relax. One look at
the pool and he had immediately back-pedalled out. The same two whackjobs were
in the water, both of them sitting on those inflatable pool toys (a turtle and a yellow
duck) while smacking each other with pink and blue noodles.
Now here he was, settled in the club cafe, enjoying his coffee when dozens of
people ran past him and in the direction of the pool.

He probably shouldnt ask...The feeling of impending doom seemed to

increase...But his curiosity took the better of him and Heechul stopped one of the
hurrying people.
Hey, whats going on? He asked.
Apparently theres two Korean weirdos washing a pink squirrel in the pool!
The guy said quickly as he ran off.
Heechul stared at the spot where the man disappeared to for a second. Then he
began to slowly back away and then ran like hell out of there.

Taeyeon made it back to her hotel without any further problems, avoiding all of the
brightly coloured street signs. She did not want to get distracted, the one mantra
playing over and over in her head made it extremely easy.
No more alcohol. No more alcohol. No more alcohol, ever!
Taeyeon found Jessica and Sooyoung standing in front of the hotel with all of their
bags on the foot path. With the latter covered in pink paint, holding a half-pink
Taeyeon blinked, stared at the duo, stared at the squirrel, and back at the duo. Then
Taeyeon asked slowly, Why do you guys have a squirrel?
Jessica and Sooyoung gave little jolts of surprise and looked at her innocently,
What squirrel? Sooyoung asked, trying unsuccessfully to detach the squirrel

from her shoulder and shove it behind her back. The squirrel let out an annoyed
squeak and swatted Sooyoungs hand with its little paws.
That squirrel, Taeyeon said pointing to the pink squirrel that had begun chewing
on Sooyoungs hair.
Um...Hey where were you last night anyway? Jessica asked re-directing the
Taeyeon turned beet red as the image of Tiffany in all her naked glory flashed
before her eyes, Uh...Nothing much, just enjoying the streets... Taeyeon said
unconvincingly trying to look nonchalant.
A likely story! Jessica said, What were you really doing?
N-Never mind m-me, Taeyeon said trying to shift the topic away from her
activities the previous night, I asked first, what are you doing with a squirrel? And
why is it and Sooyoung pink? And why the hell are all our bags on the
Um...Well, Jessica found the bloody squirrel and made me catch him
I did no such thing, Jessica denied.
--Then Ryeowook latched onto my face-Wait...You named the squirrel Ryeowook? Taeyeon clarified, As in after our
cousin Ryeowook?

Sooyoung shrugged, Seemed to suit it at the time. The furry thing refused to take
a bathjust like Ryeowook did when he was 5. Anyway, and then the little rodent
fell into a vat of pink paint...
Sooyoung was determinedly scrubbing Ryeowook while the hotel clerks screamed
incoherently at her and occasionally threw whatever item happened to be closest
to their clenched fists. Jessica was standing firm, gesturing to the sign that listed
the rules for the pool area. Clearly, there was no rule against scrubbing a squirrel
in the pool. A mob of security clerks bunched up together on one side, arguing
amongst themselves while a cluster of bellhops, staff members and other tourists
grouped opposite of the mad duo, pointing and laughing. Several clerks who
appeared to be close to tears were trying to calm a couple of angry customers.
Naturally it got worse. A police cruiser appeared near one of the cabanas, as close
to the pool it could get without damaging the building, its sirens blaring as the
doors opened.
Officer Kangin and Officer Yesung stepped out of the cruiser and scanned the
area. The poolside cabana was nothing short of chaos. There was a massive
crowd, but they could clearly see two people standing in the shallow end of the
pool, determinedly washing a half-pink-paint covered rodent-like creature. Flecks
of paint flew into the pools once shimmering blue water. All swimmers had
abandoned the pool, the only breathing creatures in it were a tall Asian woman
with short cropped brown hair, a shorter woman with mid length brown hair and
the rodent, who did not look happy at all.
Oh god, what did we get into this time? Yesung groaned.

Beats me, remember the call we got yesterday? Kangin asked.

You mean the one about the crazy tourists at the Grand Canyon?
Yeah, I think this is worse.
As they approached the women in the pool, the shorter of the two greeted them.
Hi, She said calmly, Can I ask what youre doing here?
Kangin frowned at her, startled, Well, Im here about the ferret
First of all, that isnt a ferret. Its a squirrel. Can I ask why the police were
called? We havent broken any laws.
Yesung cleared his throat, Actually
This should be a job for the hotel security.
Right, but
I must say, Im very disappointed in the level of service at this hotel. I think you
should leave.
The officers stared at her indignantly, Now wait just a minute
Calling the police simply because the hotel doesnt want this poor squirrel to get
clean! After all, it was the hotels paint pot that the poor squirrel fell into. The
poor creature nearly drowned in that paint! The RSPCA will be notified! I
demand compensation for this!

Kangin swallowed, looking over to Yesung for help. He was not expecting this
reception from the two delinquent nutcases scrubbing a pink squirrel in the pool
If Jessica had left it at that, they wouldve faced a small fine at worst, but of
course, she didnt.
Sooyoung, RUN!!!
The three of them scrambled out of the pool and dashed off as fast as they could.
HEY! Kangin yelled as they gave chase to the mad trio.
End flashback
...And then we got caught, spent a few hours in a holding cell and got kicked out
of the hotel, Sooyoung finished,
Yeah, they booked us the next flight back to Korea. Apparently were a menace to
society and we arent welcomed back in Las Vegas anymore...They heard about
the Grand Canyon incident, Jessica said sheepishly.
Taeyeon stared at Jessica, then at Sooyoung, and then at Ryeowook the squirrel,
and then back to Jessica again.
I take back what I said earlier, you two definitely had a weirder morning than I
did. You washed a pink squirrel in the pool!? What on earth possessed you to do
that? And now youre banned from Las Vegas...That makes it what, three US

Well... What happened to you? You reek of alcohol andis that lipstick on your
shirt? Did you sleep with someone? Jessica asked suspiciously.
What? No! Taeyeon denied trying to stop her cheeks from heating up.
Then why do you have a hickey? Sooyoung asked pointing at Taeyeons neck.
What! She left a hickey? Taeyeon demanded trying to crane her neck so she can
No, but ha! My my, Taeyeon, havent you been busy? Was she hot? Sooyoung
Taeyeon glared at her, Seagulls.

Chapter Three

This Is Kidnap!
Taeyeon was not amused. She had spent 4 years saving up for that trip and those
two idiots had gotten sent out of the country within 48 hours. She had found out
exactly what the Grand Canyon incident entailed and got a detailed police report
on what was now dubbed the Pink Pool Squirrel or PPS in short. Not only that,
but she still had no idea how or why she got the NY tattoo. It could not get any
On the plane ride back, she refused to talk to either of them despite their best
efforts to convince her otherwise.

Hey I dont see what youre complaining about, you got some last night,
Sooyoung pointed out, looking a little envious of that fact.
Taeyeons scowl deepened when she remembered something. She took that back, it
definitely got worse-- she never asked for Tiffanys number.

Three Days Later...

Aw come on, are you still ignoring us? Sooyoung asked as she tried getting
Taeyeons attention by waving her hand up and down in front of the older girls
Now, three full days after they had arrived back in Korea, Taeyeon was still
ignoring Sooyoung and Jessica.
Go away, Taeyeon growled as Sooyoung began poking her repeatedly in another
attempt to gain her attention.
Leave her alone Soo. Shes gonna snap soon if you dont, Jessica warned.
The comical anime tick began pulsing on Taeyeons forehead as Sooyoung
continued poking Taeyeons shoulder while saying, Poke, pokepoke, poke, After
every poke.
So are you going back to work any time soon? Jessica asked trying to strike up a
conversation with her grumpy friend.

Poke, pokepoke, poke...

Have to, the bills dont pay themselves you know, Taeyeon said, mentally
refraining herself from causing bodily harm to the youngest of the trio.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
... Jessica gave no reply and stared at Taeyeon pointedly.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
There was a pregnant pause as Taeyeon struggled to not attack Sooyoung while
remembering who she was talking to. Jung Jessicas bills came as close to paying
themselves as possible. She didnt have to lift and finger to do anything, and
Taeyeon doubted that the other even knew how much she was paying every month.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
The lab opens again in a few days. Apparently some gang trashed the entire left
wing, Taeyeon explained. Her lips thinned into a line as a new mantra stuck in her
head. Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
Who would want to trash Seo Pharmaceuticals? They make medicine, Jessica
said, wondering why on earth someone would get rid of something that was
beneficial to everyone.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...

Taeyeon shrugged as the comical tick increased to the size of her head, Dont kill
Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung. I dont know. I didnt
actually see it, Seohyun told me.
Seo Joohyun was the daughter of the CEO of Seo Pharmaceuticals. She was a quiet
girl two years their junior, but was intelligent enough to take her SAT early and
attended the same university as them.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung.
Do you think thats a bit scary? Theres an active gang around here that likes to
smash stuff up, Jessica pointed out, apparently oblivious to Taeyeons murderous
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung.
I suppose so... Taeyeon muttered as her arm started to ache.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont kill Sooyoung.
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
Dont kill Sooyoung, Dont killOh screw it, just kill her already. Her more
violent side spoke up.

Hit her!
Dont kill Sooyoung!
Just kill her already!
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
Jessica choked on her laughter as she watched Taeyeons facial expressions
change. She seemed to be switching from barely contained anger to outright
Poke, pokepoke, poke...
Dont kill Sooyoung, Kill Sooyoung! Dont kill Sooyoung!
Kill her!
Dont kill Sooyoung!!
Stop it! Taeyeon snapped as her fist slammed into Sooyoungs stunned face.

Im sorry, Im so so sorry! Taeyeon apologised profusely as she gingerly handed

the wet cloth to Sooyoung while Jessica cackled gleefully in the background.
Sooyoung glared at them with her good eye while a cloth and an icepack covered
her injured one.
Im really really really sorry, Taeyeon continued guiltily as Sooyoungs eye
began to swell up.
And I planned your birthday surprise too...Lets see if you get anything next
year, Sooyoung grumbled.
You have to admit, you deserved it, Jessica pointed out, though it did nothing to
appease Taeyeons guilt or improve Sooyoungs mood.
Im so sorry. Ill make it up to you, Taeyeon offered, not liking the shade that
Sooyoungs eye was turning.
Really? How? Sooyoung asked.
Um...What do you want? Taeyeon asked.
...How sorry are you? Sooyoung asked.
Taeyeon had a bad bad feeling where this was headed, Im really sorry, really
really really really-Treat me to dinner at the Samwon Garden, Sooyoung said naming one of the
most expensive and renowned restaurants in all of Seoul.
--Im not that sorry.

Sooyoung gave her a scowl while Jessica once again, cackled happily.

Soon things had settled into mundane routine. Taeyeon went to her uni lectures for
several hours each week day, worked 6 hour shifts at Seo Pharmaceuticals and
spent the rest of her time revising and hanging out with her two best friends Jessica
and Sooyoung. The latter was still demanding compensation for her black eye.
It was during her shifts at work when she first saw them. Despite working at the
most successful pharmaceutical company in Korea, Taeyeon was only a university
undergraduate, so she was stuck with inventorying and shelf-stacking.
Taeyeon, were shipping out a load today. Theyre contained in glass vials, so be
careful, Kangta, her supervisor warned before he headed off for his break.
Taeyeon rolled her eyes, What am I five? I dont need to be told to be careful with
She grabbed a box from the dozens lined up on the floor and stacked it onto the
shelf, before grabbing another one and stacking that on the shelf, and another, and
another, and another, and another one after that. When she picked up what felt like
her hundredth box, she heard a cracking sound.
Taeyeon froze, That doesnt sound good...
She set the box on the ground and opened it.
Oh shit.

The glass vials had cracked and the white powdery contents inside spilt all over the
place. Kangta is going to kill her. Unless...Well, what he doesnt know wont hurt
him, Taeyeon mused. Coming to a decision, she quickly closed the box and carried
it outside.
Bin, bin, wheres the rubbish bin? Taeyeon wandered around the compound, trying
to stay discreet. Here we are, Taeyeon thought in relief as she spotted the large
company bins. She heaved the entire box into the large bin and headed back into
the building to finish stacking the rest. Whistling innocently as she went.
Thats when she saw them. A group of thuggish-looking men hanging out the back.
There were around a dozen of them, just loitering about along the back fence of
company property. They looked like the sort that would vandalise property; in
fact...Taeyeon wouldnt have put it passed these guys to be the ones that destroyed
the left wing. Speeding up her pace, she almost ran back into the building. Those
guys screamed bad news.

Two Weeks Later...

Where are you taking me? Taeyeon demanded, struggling furtively against her
bonds. She was blindfolded and her arms were tied behind her back.
This is kidnap! She growled as she kicked out at one of her assailants.
Stop it! one of her kidnappers warned.
Taeyeon did not stop, if anything, she fought harder. Struggling against her bonds

If you dont stop it Ill chloroform you! Her kidnapper threatened.

Taeyeon paused her struggling, Jessica...Where did you get chloroform from?
Seohyun, who else? Jessica said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
Seo Joohyun gave you chloroform? Taeyeon asked sceptically, not able to
imagine the rule-abiding girl to do something like that.
Oh no, she didnt give us anything, Sooyoung said from the drivers seat.
We just...liberated some of the stuff from her lab, Jessica shrugged as if it was
no big deal.
Taeyeon sighed resignedly as she lay on the backseat of a car. The evil duo had
turned up at her apartment at 6 am in the morning, let themselves in (for some
reason Sooyoung knew how to pick locks) and blindfolded her, before
manhandling her into their car and driving off to god knows where.
This is still kidnap, Taeyeon muttered in mutiny.

Hours later...
Were here! Sooyoung announced cheerfully when she pulled over.
Oof! Taeyeon groaned as she went rolling off the seat from the sudden stop.
Oops, you ok Tae? Jessica asked.

The string of curses and insults that flew out of Taeyeons mouth gave her the
Maybe we shouldve gagged her, Sooyoung suggested as Taeyeon told them
where they could shove their fucking gag.
Yeah, Jessica nodded in agreement before hauling Taeyeon outside.
Instead of being carried over Sooyoungs shoulder (again) like she expected to be,
the pair lead her down a path, one on either side of her to make sure that she didnt
run away or bump into anything, or both since she was still blindfolded.
Ok, here we are, Sooyoung announced as they suddenly stopped.
Wheres here? Taeyeon grumbled as Jessica steered her so she faced her left.
Jessica pulled off her blindfold.
Ow! Taeyeon gasped as the blinding light shone through her eyes, unused to the
bright rays of sun, she clenched her eyes shut.
Once Taeyeons eyes managed to adjust, she stared at the scenery with her mouth
hanging open. In front of her was practically a scene from a desktop screensaver. A
shimmering river weaved to the east with a traditional wooden bridge built over it.
Trees, shrubs and bushes of all kinds surrounded the entire area, providing a
beautiful blend of greens, reds, pinks and purple. It wasnt merely the scenery that
was nice, the entire atmosphere seemed to exude private haven. The clean fresh air

and the sounds of chirping birds and crickets were drastically different from the
urban city traffic that she was used to. Sometimes she really loved spring.
Close your mouth Tae, youre gonna catch flies, Sooyoung teased, Happy 23rd
You kept going on about how you hated the stuffy and crowded city, so we
decided to take you out here. Theres a traditional Korean restaurant just further up
there, Jessica said.
...I love you guys.

At 9pm that night...

I take that back, I hate you guys, Taeyeon sulked.
The day had started off pretty shit (she did get kidnapped, good intentions or not),
it got much better at around noon when they had lunch in the restaurant surrounded
by the beautiful view, at around 4pm some of her other friends started appearing.
She was fine with that, expecting Sooyoung and Jessica to have set up some sort of
small get-together with friends. By the time it was 7, half the university populous
had arrivedshe was not exaggerating. Apparently the pair wanted a massive
party like the ones in the American movies where the entire school turns up and
everybody gets wasted. Taeyeon was not happy.
Oh come one, lighten up and enjoy life, Sooyoung grinned as she took a drink
from her glass.

How can you guys do this on my birthday and not tell me!? Taeyeon demanded,
ignoring Jonghyun who had passed out on the floor next to her.
Come on Taeyeon, have some fun! Youre 23, not 43. Enjoy yourself, dance,
have a few drinks and pick up another chick while youre at it. You seemed to be
having a great time in Vegas before we were kicked out, Sooyoung said, walking
merrily off.
Sooyoung get back here! Im not done with you yet! Taeyeon yelled waving her
fist at the taller girl who had melted into the crowd.
Well if she wont have you, I will, A giggling and clearly-drunk girl sidled up
next to Taeyeon so that she was practically rubbing against her.
...I need a drink...Scratch that, I need a lot of drinks, preferably enough to stay
drunk for the rest of the week. Taeyeon grumbled when she realized that the
drunken girl was Krystal, Jessicas younger sister. Jessicas younger sister who
was still in her senior year of high school. I wonder how much Jessica would still
like this party idea if I screwed her sister...

A few hours later...

Dish issh sooo unfair, Taeyeon slurred drunkenly. She was sitting in the back
seat of Sooyoungs car while Jessica drove.
Fortunately Taeyeon never found out how much Jessica would mutilate her for
corrupting her sister, because Amber appeared in time to pry the younger girl from

Taeyeons waist. Once the two disappeared, Taeyeon went back to her idea of
drinking until her brain melts.
I wanna shee Ti-Tip...Tip- *hic* -Tippani. I didden even g-get h-her *hic*
number, Taeyeon pouted, staring at the back of Sooyoungs head sadly.
Whos Tippani? Sooyoung wondered.
Jessica shrugged, I dunno, humour her. Shes completely smashed.
Not Tippani! Taeyeon said vehemently, slapping the back of Sooyoungs head
rest, Its Ti...Tip-Ti *hic* Tif-fany...Haha! Fany Fany Tif- *hic* -fany!
Um...Tiffany? Jessica clarified.
Uh-huh. Thas what I jus shed. Tippani, Taeyeon said crossing her arms in an I
told you so motion.
Whos Tiffany? Jessica wondered, she didnt remember inviting anyone with the
name Tiffany to the party.
You dun know whosh Tippani!? Taeyeon demanded in outrage, Panis an*hic* - angel! Shes gor...gor...*hic*, whatsh tha word again?
Gorgeous? Sooyoung supplied, turning around to look at her friend who was
completely gone. This was the first time that she ever saw Taeyeon get this drunk.
Taeyeon nodded, Uh-huh, Tippanis gorgshous. Like an *hic*
angel...My pwetty angel... I wanna shee Tippani! Taeyeon wailed, bursting out
into tears.

Oh god, why does she have to be an emotional drunk? Jessica wondered, trying
to keep her attention on the road.
Um, Its ok Taeyeon, dont cry. Uh...Well take you to see Tippani, Sooyoung
said quickly, trying to stop her friend from crying.
...Really? You *sniffle* take me to Tippani? Taeyeon asked hopefully.
Yeah, where does she live? Sooyoung asked, trying to keep Taeyeon distracted.
Um... Taeyeons eyebrows scrunched up as she tried to think, I dun know.
If you dont know, then how are we supposed to know? Jessica grumbled,
ignoring the warning looks that Sooyoung was shooting her.
Taeyeon promptly burst out into tears again, I want my Tippani!
Ok, ok. First youve got to tell me where you met Tiffany, Sooyoung said trying
to calm Taeyeon down.
Lash...Lass...Las *hic* Vegash, Taeyeon sniffled, staring out the car window
Las Vegas! You mean the chick you had a one-night-stand with? Jessica asked
No! Not a one- *hic* -one-nigh-schtand! I...I *hic* love her. Shee dish!?
Taeyeon declared, pulling up her jacket sleeve and showing them her half-a-heart
tattoo with the letters NY inside.
Both Sooyoung and Jessica turned around in shock.


Yah! Sica drive! Sooyoung said, grabbing Jessicas head and twisted it back to
the front.
When and why did you get that? Sooyoung asked, staring at the tattoo in shock.
How did she not notice that before? Now that realized it, Taeyeon had been
wearing sleeved shirts and jackets ever since they came back. Reasonable since it
was still a little chilly, but...
Vegash o course. Me an *hic* Tippani got it. She got TAE on hers. Geddit?
TAENY! Taeyeon *hic* an Tippani, Taeyeon drunkenly explained as though it
was obvious.
...What else did you do that night? Jessica asked warily, wondering if her friend
had also accidently sold her soul to somebody.
We fornicated. Haha *hic*, fornicate- thas an uptight way o shaying we fu
Ok, we dont need to know the rest of that, Jessica cut her off abruptly.
..., Taeyeon pouted, I wish *hic* Shanta deliveersh Tippani down my

It was 3am by the time they arrived back in Seoul and Taeyeon was almost sober.
Why are you staring at me like that? Taeyeon asked. It was unnerving;
Sooyoung had been staring at her with an unreadable expression for the last half

...Do you remember anything from the last couple of hours? Sooyoung asked.
Um... Taeyeon racked her brain for the memory of the last few hours.
You better remember, after all you put us through, Jessica muttered.
What did I do? Taeyeon asked in apprehension. She remembered the gist of it,
drinking, dancing, flirting. Getting in the car, crying over Tiffany...Crying over
Does I love Tippani ring any bells? Jessica asked.
Shut up, Taeyeon pouted, refusing to look at either of them.
Sooyoung laughed as they approached Taeyeons apartment.
There was a police cruiser parked directly in front of the apartment.
Why are the cops here? Taeyeon wondered idly.
Haha! Taeyeons got a crush on her one-night-stand. You even have that cute
Seagulls, Taeyeon growled vindictively.
So...many...seagulls... Sooyoung whimpered.
Taeyeon! Jessica groaned in frustration as Taeyeon got out and slammed the car
door shut.
Taeyeon barely managed to walk in a straight line, and when she got to the
elevator, she accidently pressed several buttons before finally hitting the correct

floor number 9. Once the elevator door opened, Taeyeon came face to face with
two police officers.
Oh no... She muttered, wondering what the hell had happened now.
Kim Tae-yeon? One of the police officers asked.
Taeyeon blinked and shook her head several times, surely she had to still be
drunk...The person she was looking at was someone that she hadnt seen for nearly
a decade. Eight years ago, there was a massive scandal surrounded the main
household of the Kim family. The heir of the company, Kim Hyoyeon had been
disowned for reasons that her parents refused to speak of. She hadnt seen
Hyoyeon since the younger girl (by 6 months) got kicked out.
But here she was, in front of Taeyeons apartment, dressed in a police officers
Hyoyeon? Taeyeon asked in shock.
...When they said Kim Tae-yeon, I wasnt expecting to see you, cousin, Hyoyeon
commented. She paused and scrutinized Taeyeon closely, Are you drunk?
Nope, Taeyeon said unconvincingly as she swayed on the spot that she standing,
Whatcha doing here?
Ah yes, Miss Kim, we believe we have something that belongs to you, The
other police officer said gesturing behind her.
Taeyeon squinted, realizing that there was a third person behind the officers. One
look at the third persons face and she decided that she was definitely still drunk.

Um...Hi Taeyeon, Tiffany said sheepishly as she greeted the bewildered and
almost-sober girl.

Chapter Four

Peas In A Pod
Ah yes, Miss Kim, we believe we have something that belongs to you, The other
police officer said gesturing behind her.
Taeyeon squinted, realizing that there was a third person behind the officers. One
look at the third persons face and she decided that she was definitely still drunk.

Um...Hi Taeyeon, Tiffany said sheepishly as she greeted the bewildered and
almost-sober girl.
... Taeyeon said nothing and continued to gape at Tiffany. The girl looked
nothing like the refined sophisticated woman that Taeyeon had met in Vegas. In
fact she gave off a wholly different vibe, one that screamed street thug, danger!.
Tiffany was dressed in a pair of ripped denim jeans, a tight-fitting black skull and
crossbones shirt, a leather jacket, and donned several dangerous-looking metal
accessories, including a spiked, metal-studded armband and a leather choker.
Clothes were one thing, but the thing that really alarmed Taeyeon was the fact that
Tiffany was covered practically head to toe in soot.
I think you might want to sit down for this Taeyeon-shi, The unnamed Officer
suggested, This might be a little shocking to you.
Um...Ok... Taeyeon said, still looking at Tiffany incredulously as she unlocked
the door to her apartment.
She led the other three inside and switched the lights on before seating herself onto
her leather couch.
So...? Taeyeon stared at the police officers and Tiffany questioningly. After all,
it wasnt every day that she came home to find police officers with a girl
completely covered in ashes.
Im Kim Isak, and it seems you know Hyoyeon and Miss Hwang. Now we should
get to the crux of this matter, Miss Hwang here is a repeated offender for arson and

What!? Taeyeon interrupted in disbelief. Sure, the arson bit would explain
why she was covered in soot, but there was no way Tiffany could...You dont know
her, remember what she said to you when you asked her what her job was?
Subconsciously her mind shifted back several weeks to when she had that chat
with Tiffany.
So youre here on vacation then?
Nope, business trip actually, I work in Korea. My boss is so going to kill me.
Business trip?
Id tell you, but then Id have to kill you.
Somehow that last sentence didnt seem amusing to her anymore.
Hyoyeon and Tiffany made noises of disapproval.
Great going Isak, now youve gone and traumatised Taeyeon for life, Hyoyeon
grumbled before turning to Taeyeon.
Tiffany here is unfortunately a pyromaniac and kleptomaniac. The psychologists
have a more complete and detailed file, but basically she has uncontrollable desires
to set things on fire and steal things. Because of the psychological nature of these
disorders, Tiffany is usually put in the rehabilitation programs instead of prison.
However, this time she decided to burn down her house and her two neighbours
This time was an accident! I swear, why would I burn my own house down??
Tiffany insisted.

Before Taeyeon could say something, Hyoyeon rolled her eyes and spoke up,
Right, anyway, if she should burn or steal something during her parole period,
then shed be put under house arrestbut of course; this is problematic because
she burnt her house down.
Taeyeon nodded, unable to figure out why they were here. So apparently Tiffany
wasnt the innocent angel she imagined her to be, but what did this have to do with
Now because she doesnt have a house, this means we have to send her to prison
for a few months. But if we do that, her psychologists would raise hell, because
prison isn't the best environment for a recovering kleptomaniac. As you can see,
we were stuck with a dilemma, fortunately Isak found something in the remains of
Tiffanys housethank god that it survived, Hyoyeon said as she reached into her
vest and pulled out a sheet of paper that was covered in soot and was a bit burnt on
the edges but otherwise intact.
Congratulations cousin, why didnt you tell me that you got married? Hyoyeon
asked as she cheerfully shoved the paper into Taeyeons face.

Do you think Taeyeon made it to her apartment? Sooyoung asked when Jessica
arrived at her house.
Jessica shrugged, Probably...She seemed sober enough to take the elevator.

Sooyoung nodded absently, You wanna stop for the night? Its late...Well,
technically its very early, get some sleep and go tomorrow.
Sooyoung watched Jessicas reaction carefully. The shorter girl had a habit of
being extremely stubborn, to the point of being stupid sometimes. Especially when
it came to her health.
Nah, I dont want to be a bother
Dont be stupid. Weve known each other since we were 7. Cmon Sica, you
live about half an hour away. I dont want anything to happen because youre too
tired to keep your eyes open. Just stay to keep my mind at ease, please? Sooyoung
asked, laying it on a little thick, Jessica had a bit of a soft spot for well-meaning
idiots, as she put it.
Alright, just for the night, Jessica caved in reluctantly, not to noticing the way
Sooyoungs eyes seemed to lit up.

That was it. Taeyeon decided that she had to still be very very drunk.
Unfortunately the Marriage Certificate in her hand was very very real. Her
conversational English was abysmal, but she had went to a prestigious high school
and her ability to read in English given several seconds to process each word was
perfectly fine.
She stared at the printed words, willing it to somehow change. Regardless of how
hard she willed it, the paper remained the same. The top still read State of Nevada
Marriage Certificate, and the names on the dotted lines still read Tae-yeon Kim

and Tiffany Hwang. She wouldve ripped up the damn thing if two police officers
hadnt been sitting in her living room. They probably had copies anyway.
She got married and she didnt even remember it, and to a repeated offender of
arson and theft no less. Of course Fate hated her, so naturally it got worse. Since
Tiffany was technically married to her, that gave her the obligation to shelter the
other girl...Who had burned her own house down...Who was also under house
arrest... Meaning shed be spending the next three months in Taeyeons apartment
unable to leave. Joy.
Sooyoung had clearly been delusional when she told Taeyeon that she was
drunkenly crying for Tiffany.
Excuse me for a minute, Taeyeon said as she placed the certificate on the coffee
table and stood up. She calmly walked out of the room and into the next, mindful
of the curious eyes that followed her.

How do you think shes taking it? Tiffany asked, watching as Taeyeon
disappeared from the room.
Rather well actually, Hyoyeon said in surprise, she was expecting a bit of a
tantrum from her cousin, but then again, she was also expecting her cousin to be
living at her elaborate mansion and not in a city apartment.
Suddenly they heard a loud smashing sound, it sounded like someone had picked
up something heavy and threw it on the ground.


Another loud smashing sound followed.
First I had sex with a freakin stranger, Taeyeons voice had lowered, but could
still be clearly heard throughout the empty apartment.
CRASH!! Something that sounded like an expensive vase crashed smashed against
the wall.
Got a fucking tattoo.
BASH!! That sounded oddly like a guitar being swung against a wall.
Got suckered into getting rid of Sooyoungs pink squirrel named after cousin
SMASH!! Hyoyeon winced, that sounded like her aunts precious jade frog.
Got kicked out of Las Vegas!
CRACK!! That sounded suspiciously like Taeyeon had made a dent in the wall.
Got my birthday turned into a drink up party, got hit on by 17 year old and now
BANG!! Was that a cap gun?
Im not the one weird shit happens to, thats Sooyoung and Jessica. Im the
innocent bystander for gods sake! Why!?

Thump! A little green peas-in-a-pod toy smacked Isak on the head.

Oh no... Hyoyeon stared at the innocently smiling peas in horror. Taeyeon threw
the peas. Taeyeon threw the peas. Her most treasured possession in the world.
Were all gonna die.

Jessica stifled a groan when she woke up later that morning...or was it afternoon?
Sooyoungs arm and leg was draped over her...again. She shouldve gone to one of
the guest rooms but shed fallen asleep practically the moment Sooyoung shoved
her onto the bed. The taller girl had an annoying habit of invading other peoples
sleeping space with her overly long arms and legs. Jessica resisted the urge to
simply push Sooyoung off the bed; after all, it was Sooyoungs bed. Now she had
to somehow get herself untangled from the Shikshin without waking the younger
girl up. And she really needed to pee...
Sooyoung shifted slightly and her hold around Jessica tightened,
Mmhhmm...Pizza... She murmured unconsciously as Jessica mentally screamed
bloody murder while calling Sooyoung every name under the sun.

Urgghh... Taeyeon moaned pitifully as she bashed her head against the kitchen
counter, hoping that it would somehow make her headache stop.
...You probably shouldnt do that, Tiffany said, clearly trying to hold in her

The moment Hyoyeon and Isak left, Taeyeon had promptly pulled out a bottle of a
wine from her cabinet and proceeded to drink herself stupid while muttering about
the unfairness of life. However, once she had gotten drunk, it was a completely
different story. It seemed that the blonde turned into an entirely different person
while drunk. She immediately latched herself onto Tiffany yelling something about
Santa delivering her beloved Tippani.
10 hours later saw Taeyeon with a massive hangover, laying her head on the
kitchen counter miserably as Tiffany struggled not to the laugh in the background.
Kill me now, Taeyeon groaned as she shoved her index fingers in her ears, the
midday traffic seemed a million times louder than it usually did.
Tiffany giggled slightly and gave her an eye smile. Taeyeon groaned pathetically,
normally she wouldve melted into a puddle of goo at that sight, but this was not a
normal situation and Taeyeon was still very hung over, so Tiffanys would-be-cute
giggle sounded extremely loud and painful to her sensitive ears.
Cheer up Tae-Tae, besides, you should probably get ready. Dont you have a
lecture at 2? Tiffany asked.

Luna had graduated high school last year and was in the middle of her first year of
uni. She had moved into her apartment a couple of months ago and knew her
neighbours somewhat, the guy to her left, Taemin was in her dance class and the
girl to the right, Taeyeon was her sunbae whom she had seen in the hallways once
in a while.

Neither of them were the type to cause trouble or make loud rackets, so it came as
quite a surprise when at 1:30 pm that day she heard a rather loud and distressed
wail of, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, coming from her right.

Sooyoung stared at her friend who had been glaring at her since they woke up. She
didnt do anything to antagonise Jessica, anything that she could remember
anyway. Before Sooyoung could ask what had gotten into her, Taeyeon came
stumbling towards them.
What happened to you? Jessica asked as Taeyeon seemed to be trying to hold her
head in place.
...I dont want to talk about it, Taeyeon grumbled, barely audible as she made her
way to her lecture theatre.
Must be a hangover, Sooyoung suggested as a smirk slowly made its way onto
her face. This was a perfect time for her revenge. Taeyeon had been going around
saying that forbidden 8 letter s word every chance she could, oh now theres
going to be hell to pay.
I recognise that look, what are you going to do? Jessica asked. She wasnt eager
like usual, meaning she was probably still pissed at Sooyoung, but she wasnt
disapproving either.
I bet Taeyeon has a mad headache right now, watch this. YAH! TAEYEON-AH!
Sooyoung yelled at the top of her lungs.

Taeyeon winced and clamped her hands over her ears, while simultaneously
plotting Sooyoungs slow and painful death.
DO YOU WANNA HANG OUT LATER!? Sooyoung continued to scream even
though Taeyeon was barely 5 metres from her.
Shut. Up. Taeyeon growled through her teeth as she sped up her pace to her
lecture room.
Unfortunately, Sooyoung had decided to jog directly next to her.
Im right here! Please dont yell, Taeyeon begged as she covered her ears.
Sooyoung stared at her friend who was whimpering pathetically and decided to
show some mercy.
You better remember this the next time you decide to say that cursed word,
Sooyoung muttered.
Taeyeon looked at her, You know, you should probably get therapy for that. I
mean you seriously cant keep doing that every time someone says
seagulls, Taeyeon finished, only realising her slip up when Sooyoung had
stopped walking and curled up into a ball.
Oh no...

For craps sake, not again! KIM TAEYEON! Jessica screamed at the blonde, who
had intelligently decided to run like hell.

Taeyeon knew that someone in the heavens must hate her. The bombshell that
Hyoyeon dropped on her last night, together with her morning wake-up call was
enough to shock her for the next decade.
Although she had two bedrooms in her apartment, one of them was turned into a
study room so Tiffany slept with her on the double bed. For the second time that
month, Taeyeon woke up with a hangover, and her poor heart nearly stopped the
moment she caught sight of Tiffany, naked in her bed. Five minutes of
hyperventilating later, Taeyeon realized that she still had her clothes on
apparently Tiffany preferred sleeping in the nude. If that wasnt awkward enough,
Taeyeon still had reservations about leaving a known thief and arsonist alone in her
house. Not that she had a choice anyway...
On top of all that, her morning lecture seemed to drag on and on...and on. It
wouldnt have been so bad, if only the lecturer didnt have a louder voice than
Sooyoung with a microphone. Why the hell did she choose pharmacy of all things?
Not only did it require an incredible amount of brain-power to understand, it was
also dead boring when they werent handling dangerous chemicals in the lab. Not
even 15 minutes into the lecture and Taeyeon was wishing she was dead.

Sooyoung cackled evilly as she stalked down the corridors of Taeyeons

apartment. She tried being nice, but the blonde was seriously asking for it, Taeyeon
was going to pay for saying the blasted word.
Have you got everything? Sooyoung asked her partner-in-crime.
Everythings here, Jessica replied, You got the lock-picking kit?
Sooyoung nodded, Oh, this is going to be fun.
They had prepared the prank-of-a-lifetime just for Taeyeon. As Sooyoung fiddled
with the lock, Jessica had a little epiphany. Whoever said with friends like these,
who needs enemies? had a pretty accurate description on the trios unique
friendship dynamic.
Aha! Got it, Sooyoung exclaimed as the door swung open.
However, before they could go in, they were greeted with a knife-wielding
stranger. The black-haired girl glared at them and brandished the weapon
What the fuck do you think youre doing? Tiffany demanded as she took a step
towards them menacingly. The hunting knife poised dangerously with the sun
reflecting off the blade.

Chapter Five

Bloody Soap Opera

What the fuck do you think youre doing? Tiffany demanded as she took a step
towards them menacingly. The hunting knife poised dangerously with the sun
reflecting off the blade.
Sooyoung gulped and stared at Jessica worriedly, one thought running through
both of their minds.
What sort of crazy bitch has Taeyeon been harbouring?

Umm... Sooyoung said unintelligibly as she stared at the hunting knife in the
other womans hand.
You picked the wrong house to rob, Tiffany said with a disturbingly malicious
Sooyoung and Jessica backed out slowly, exactly what kind of psychopath did
Taeyeon have in her house? Not a murderer of course...Well, at least they hoped
so. It was then that the duo realized there were two of them and only one knifewielding maniac. Jessica glanced at Sooyoung who nodded discreetly, never taking
her eyes of the black-haired woman. 3...2...1. They sprung into action.
AARRGH!! Came Jessicas battle cry as she whipped out her BB gun and began
firing at Tiffany. Unlike the cheap kind that you can get from the market, Jessicas
BB pistol fired steel pellets instead of plastic ones. Needless to say, they hurt.
What the f--!? Tiffany covered her face with her arms to avoid being shot in the
Sooyoung took advantage of the crazy ladys momentary confusion and grabbed
the knife from her hands before tackling her to the ground.
Sica get the ropes! Sooyoung said as she struggled with the flailing woman.
Without hesitation, Jessica unzipped the sports bag that Sooyoung had dropped and
pulled out a long coil of rope and began to wrap it around the struggling madwoman.

The police are monitoring this apartment! You two are going to get arrested for
breaking and entering at the very least! Let me go! Tiffany shouted as she
struggled against the ropes.
Did you bring the gag? Jessica asked as she shut the front door behind her, it
would not do for any of Taeyeons neighbours to see this.
Sooyoung nodded, Definitely, after the ear bashing that Taeyeon gave us last
time. Its a shame were going to have to modify the prank a bit since weve used
the rope. Do you still have any BB bullets left?
Still got plenty of ammo. I brought the net, so we could use that instead, Jessica
suggested, watching as Sooyoung duct-taped the bounded girl.
Mmmmphh!! Mmmmmhhhhnnnn!!! They couldnt make any sense of the
muffled screams of rage, but the murderous look in Tiffanys eyes said it all. If she
got free, they were going to die.
Oh be quiet, Jessica said dismissively as she and Sooyoung continued with their

FREEEEEEDOM! Taeyeon yelled, pumping both of her fists in the air and
ignoring the weird-ed-out looks her classmates were giving her.
Her hangover seemed to have mostly disappeared, so Taeyeon was in a rather good
mood when she arrived at work. Of course that mood soured immediately when
she saw the stack of boxes lined up on the warehouse floor.

Right on time Taeyeon. A new shipment came in and I need you to check it off,
Kangta said as he handed her a clipboard.
Taeyeon stared at the paper; there was a list of items and a small box next to each
item. She flipped through the pages on the clipboard, there had to be at least a
dozen sheets, double sided.
Taeyeon sighed, this was definitely going to be a long day, Wheres Minho?
He called in sick, Kangta replied before heading out.
Taeyeon grumbled, Minho worked on the same shifts as she did, but he had a habit
of calling in sick on the days that new shipments arrive. Of course that meant
Taeyeon got stuck with all the inventorying, how Minho wasnt fired yet, she had
no idea.
She looked at the pile of boxes and the clipboard on her hand.
Better get started...

4 hours later...
Kangta had let her off early, so by the time Taeyeon arrived at her apartment it was
8pm. The sun had set long ago and the full moon was shining in all its glory. The
peaceful atmosphere seemed odd in contrast with the chaos that turned her life
upside down last night.
Stepping out of the elevator and into the 9th floor corridor, Taeyeon wondered what
she should cook for dinner. I wonder if Tiffany likes Pajeon--

Whoa! Taeyeon exclaimed, grabbing onto her door for support, she had nearly
slipped on a little metal ball. Frowning, she picked up the small object. It looked
like a BB bullet, why would there be BB pellets outside her apartment?
She looked around, there no one was in sight, and it didnt seem like any of her
neighbours to start a BB gun skirmish in the apartment complex. Well, not anyone
on her floor anyway, she wouldnt put it past those fresh high school graduates that
moved in on the 10th floor. Kai, Sehun and D.O had already caused her a headache
when they decided to rig the elevator with water balloons...
Shrugging carelessly, Taeyeon pulled out her keys and unlocked her door. The
moment the door swung open Taeyeons eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets.

Sooyoung and Jessica froze as the door opened, revealing a shocked Taeyeon
standing on the other side.
Mmhhnn!! came Tiffanys muffled cries as she struggled against the ropes that
tied her to a wooden chair.
You said she didnt come home till 9! Jessica hissed, staring warily at Taeyeon
who had yet to fully process the scene in front of her.
I swear her shift doesnt finish till 8:30, I dont know why shes home now,
Sooyoung panicked as she frantically tried to pack away all the equipment.
What the hell have you two done with my wife!? Taeyeon demanded, when she
finally found her voice.

Sooyoung and Jessica were in her kitchen (nothing new there), however the
buckets of paint and ropes hanging everywhere were a clear indication that
something was up. Of course, there was also Tiffany tied up to a chair and ducttaped...
Um...Did you say wife? Jessica blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.
Taeyeon looked like she wanted to smack herself, Never mind, what in the world
are you two doing?
Um, preparing dinner? Sooyoung suggested weakly.
Right, and you would need buckets of paint, rope, nets, pulleys, and levers for
that? Taeyeon asked sardonically as her eyes wandered to the littered objects
along her floor. Without waiting for an answer, she marched up to Tiffany and
began undoing the knots on the rope. After a short while the ropes came and
undone and Tiffany ripped the duct tape from her mouth.
What kind of friends do you have? Tiffany demanded.
The exact same time as Jessica and Sooyoung asked,
What kind of psycho are you living with?
Taeyeon sighed, she knew she had to tell her two best friends some time, but she
had really hoped that some time translated into never.
Alright, It started in Vegas...
Half an hour later...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Sooyoung clutched her sides

as she quite literally rolled around on the floor laughing.
While Jessica stared at her with something akin to shock and humour. And you
call us insane. At least we never got married,
HAHAHAHAHA! Oh god...W-wait... till I tell-hahahaah- y-your m-mother about
this, Sooyoung spluttered, trying to hold in her laughter.
At this, all the colour drained from Taeyeons face and she grabbed Sooyoungs
No! You cant tell my mother about this! Taeyeon said stiffly, Promise me you
wont. Promise me!
Whoa, whoa, back off for a sec, Sooyoung said holding both her hands out in an
I-surrender motion, Whats got you so worked up? Besides, its only for three
months isnt it?
Cmere, we need to talk, Taeyeon said as she dragged Sooyoung out of the
kitchen, down the corridor and into her bedroom. She made sure the door was
locked before turning to face the younger girl.
Whats this all about? Sooyoung frowned at her cousins strange behaviour.
Do you know why Hyoyeon got disowned? Taeyeon asked in a low voice.
Sooyoung frowned, Nobody knows. Well, nobody under the age of 40 anyway...
The Kim family tried to keep a low-profile, yet no matter how hard they tried,
everyone was going to notice that the heir of the prestige Kim family was missing.

Despite the fact that the scandal was common knowledge, no one aside from their
parents really knew why Hyoyeon was disowned. There were rumours flying
around for a while, but nothing was confirmed.
She told me last night...
When Isak got Tiffany to fill out all of the paper work, Hyoyeon took Taeyeon
There really isnt any way to say this politely so Im just going to go ahead and
say it. Are you still the family heir? Hyoyeon asked.
Taeyeon blinked in surprise, Uh...Yes, last time I checked anyway. Why?
I was wondering why you were living in an apartment instead of at...never mind.
Ok, this just got complicated. Whatever you do, do NOT tell anyone in the family
about this. ANYONE at all, do you understand me? If anyone asks, Tiffany is your
room mate. Nothing more, Hyoyeon said intently.
Um...Ok, I guess...Why, whats the problem? Its not like its permanent right?
Taeyeon asked, wondering what got her cousin so worked up.
They dont care. You do know the history of the Kim family right? Hyoyeon
Who doesnt? Taeyeon rolled her eyes, her father had drilled her familys
honourable history into her head since she could talk.

Apparently we had some pretty uptight homophobic arseholes in our family, and
we still do actually...The Kim Family Code of Conduct was written up by our
Jeezus Hyo, I dont need a history lesson, Taeyeon interrupted, she had heard
the story a million times already. Their ancestors created the Kim Family Code of
Conduct, or as the younger generations like to call it (and snicker while they do),
the KFC Rules. All family members must obey the code, or else be blasted off the
family tree. However, there have been minor changes made in order to keep up
with the changing times. After all, it wont do to follow rules that were made in the
14th century in the 21st century, it just isnt practical.
Theres one rule thats never been changed, and probably never will be changed
in our lifetime. Rule #134, relationships between members of the same sex is not
tolerated. Trust me, it isnt worth arguing about it. Youd get shouted at about how
much of a disgrace you are, and its a bloody headache. Hyoyeon stated in a
matter-of-fact tone.
Taeyeon frowned, she never heard of this. Is it possible that she had somehow
missed this? While she never told her parents of her own sexual preferences, she
just assumed that they were old fashioned and wouldnt approve of her playing
around, but she didnt think that they would kick her out for it.
The wheels in her head started turning, and she began to piece together the events
that happened years ago. She didnt know exactly when it started, but the
relationship between Hyoyeon and the rest of the family grew cold. First came the
disappointed looks, the frowns that appeared on her uncles and aunts faces
whenever Hyoyeon was present or even just mentioned. Then came the cryptic

comments during dinner, the hidden jabs and slanders that Taeyeon couldnt make
heads or tails of. It got much worse when the arguments started. Screaming
matches that shook the house to its foundations. The thundering sounds of doors
slamming and various objects being thrown against the walls. The red-puffed eyes
of her teary relatives still stained her memories. Thats when Hyoyeon started
staying out late, often coming home in the early hours of the morning or else
disappearing for days at a time.
So...Grandfather kicked you out for that? Taeyeon asked in disbelief. With all
the drama that surrounded the event, she expected something more shocking. The
only shocking thing here was that her family was so narrow minded.
Hyoyeon chuckled mirthlessly, Nah, they were really close to doing it, but they
didnt. I got sick of all the yelling and screaming so I left. Im pretty sure anyone
would leave if theyre being called a disgrace to the family name and a mistake
that should never have been born every hour of the dayand those were the mild
ones, you do not want to hear how creative my father could get when it comes to
insults. Of course, I was 15 at the time, so I did some really stupid things like
antagonise them on purpose. I think my father nearly snapped when I brought
Sunny home.
Wait, Sunny as in Lee Soonkyu!? Taeyeon demanded, she did not remember
seeing Sunny at their house...Then again, she didnt actually know Sunny back
Yeah...Why? Hyoyeon asked.
You...I...I dated your ex-girlfriend? Although that came out as more of a
question than a statement.

Excuse me, what? Hyoyeon said, looking a little angry.

...Um...In my last year of high school, I dated Sunny. We dated on and off for
about 2 yearslongest and most serious relationship I ever had, Taeyeon
explained. After her relationship with Sunny went to hell, Taeyeon started her fuck
n forget attitude, she never had another serious relationship since.
Really? Thats interesting, explains why she knew you so well... Hyoyeon trailed
off, looking like she wanted nothing more than to pull her gun from its hoister and
shoot something, Anyway, the point is, dont tell anyone about your marriage to
Tiffany if you value your spot in the family. While I commend you for becoming a
little independenttrust me, being on your own for real is much worse.
Ok...But still, you brought your girlfriend home? Taeyeon asked in disbelief.
After what she just heard, that seemed like a dumbass move.
Like I said, 15 and stupid. In my defence, at that age the only thing that goes
through anyones mind was raging hormones and the classic teenage rebellion
streak, Hyoyeon said, Anyway, Ive rambled on enough.
End Flashback
I didnt know Hyoyeon swung that way, Sooyoung said thoughtfully.
Taeyeon glared at her, Thats what you pick out from all that? Really?
Sooyoung shrugged, I dunno, Hyoyeon never pinged for me. Then again, I dont
have a habit of checking out my cousins, so...

Alright, alright. I get it, I wont tell anyone. Besides, that wouldnt do me any
goodif you get disowned then that means Im heir, and frankly that would suck.
While inheriting the title is cool and all, its too much work, Sooyoung explained.
Actually...Cousin Ryeowook is next in line, and...No offence, but are you even in
the line of succession since youre a Choi? Taeyeon pointed out.
Sooyoung raised her eyebrow, And? My mother is still a legitimate child of
Grandfather, and do you seriously think theyd trust Ryeowook as the CEO of Kim
Taeyeon paused for a moment; her 25 year old cousin was pretty much the
definition of irresponsible. Sooyoung naming that squirrel Ryeowook was
rather accurate. He had the attention span of a squirrel and loved to travel, flinging
money around like its sea water and never remaining in one place for more than a
Yeah, youre right. If something happens to me, then yourewait no. Wouldnt
your elder brother Siwon be next? Taeyeon frowned, she really hated Clan
Sooyoung shook her head, Nah, hes taking over my father as CEO of Choi
Corporations. Anyway, the point is I get it. I wont say a thing, sides, that would
make me a hypocrite.
Taeyeon chuckled, Still trying to go after Jessica?
Hey Im working on it, Sooyoung defended, although she didnt look very happy
at that moment. Sooyoung had been trying to get Jessicas attention since middle
school, but to no avail. It seemed that the Ice Princess was extremely oblivious.

Yah! Kim Taeyeon! Jessicas super-high pitched voice reached their ears.
Taeyeon cringed slightly, Well, we better go and see what she wants.
The two of them returned to the kitchen to find Jessica looking absolutely livid and
Tiffany looking a little shocked.
Yah Taeyeon! Why didnt you tell me you married my ex-girlfriend!?
WHAT!? Taeyeon yelled, since when did her life turn into a bloody soap

Chapter Six

20 Questions
It was times like these that Taeyeon wondered how small the world seemed to be.
What were the chances of her first girlfriend being the same girl that her cousin fell
madly in love with? What were the chances that that same cousin was also the
parole officer for her newly wedded wife? What were the chances that her wife
was the same girl that hung out with Sooyoung and Jessica in high school? The
same Tiffany that dated Jessica for two years? Apparently, Tiffany was born and
grew up in America, spent four years in Korea as part of a foreign exchange
program, went back to America and then permanently moved to Korea a few years

These were the thoughts that plagued Taeyeons mind as she drove to work that
Tuesday morning. As she pulled up along the side walk, a frown immediately
appeared on her face when she spotted the police cruisers.
What is it now? Taeyeon sighed, not another problem with the law enforcement.
Her reunion with Hyoyeon already brought her enough troubles, now she had a
wife to deal with (and hide from her family) on top of everything else. She opened
the door and got out, mindful of the officers that surrounded the entire place.
Maybe there was another vandal...Taeyeon mused, it seemed so long ago that
Seohyun had told her that the company was vandalised. However, that thought
disappeared when the ambulance pulled up.
A distraught girl came running out from the building, Taeyeon recognised her
almost immediately.
Seohyun? Seohyun whats going on? Taeyeon asked. Seeing the normally
composed girl in tears made her extremely nervous.
K-Kangta... Seohyun managed to stutter out before dissolving into tears.
Taeyeon frowned, Kangta was her supervisor. He was sometimes a bit of an ass,
but he was fair and got along with a lot of people.
What happened to Kangta? Taeyeon asked, not sure if she wanted to know the
...Hes...oh god... Seohyun shook her head; she was completely pale and looked
like she wanted to throw up.

Seohyun are you ok? Taeyeon asked as she pulled the distraught girl into a hug.
From there, she could feel Seohyun shaking.
What in the blazes happened here? Taeyeon wondered.
...Blood, there was so much blood... Seohyun whispered, barely audible.
What? Taeyeon said, not sure if she heard the younger girl properly.
Her confusion cleared up when the paramedics returned from the building with a
stretcher between them. Taeyeon resisted the urge to gag when the smell hit her;
the revolting odour of rotting flesh invaded her senses. Despite the oxygen mask
that was strapped to Kangtas face, Taeyeon highly doubted that he was going to
make it, if he wasnt already dead.
Oh god... Taeyeon murmured as the paramedics walked passed her.
Kangtas entire left torso looked like it was hacked to bits by some sharp and some
not-so-sharp weapons. The worst part is that he wouldve most likely been
conscious when it happened.
Taeyeon looked up apprehensively as Seo Jiseok, CEO of Seo Pharmaceuticals and
the father of the sobbing girl in her arms approached her. Taeyeon expected
Seohyun to seek comfort from her dad; instead, the younger girl immediately
untangled herself from Taeyeon and stalked off angrily.
Taeyeon blinked, Well that was odd...

Im sorry about that; my daughter is a little sensitive these days. This hasnt
helped her at all. Unfortunately she was the one that discovered Kangta in the
warehouse... Jiseok trailed off apologetically.
Taeyeon nodded out of obligation, rather than agreement. She thought that
Seohyun had every right to be upset. After all, it isnt everyday that you discover
one of your workers half-dead in a warehouse.
Wait, you seem familiar...Do you work here? Jiseok asked, frowning slightly.
Yes sir, Im Kim Taeyeon. I worked under Kangta-shis department, Taeyeon
Kangtas department? You wouldnt happen to have had the afternoon Monday
shifts do you? Jiseok asked.
Um...Yes I did, Taeyeon replied, not liking the calculating look in her boss eyes
when he looked at her.
Well, Im sorry Taeyeon-shi, but after this Im afraid Id have to close this
warehouse down until the police finishes their investigation, Jiseok said.
Oh... Taeyeon murmured, realizing that shed lose her job when that happened.
Then again, it was to be expected after what happened to Kangta.
Well, have a good day Taeyeon-shi, Jiseok said as he left.
You too Seo-sajangnim, Taeyeon said absentminded, her attention was caught
by the thuggish-looking group being interrogated by the police.

It was the same group of guys that Taeyeon had seen a few days ago. The ones that
were hanging out in the back when she dumped that box of broken glass vials and
white powder in the bin. Not wanting to linger, Taeyeon quickly got back into her
car and drove off.

Jessicas hand shook slightly as she stared at the old photo, the small Polaroid that
captured their smiling teen faces. Sweet memories, together with guilty bitterness
clouded her mind. Just how the hell did Taeyeon end up getting drunk with Tiffany
of all people? Jessica shook her head; she really needed to stop thinking about her.
Tiffany... The name sounded odd coming from her own lips. It had been a long
time since she had even thought about the younger girl. How long has it been now?
5 years? 6 years? The eye-smiling face refused to leave her mind as the emotions
flooded through. Pain, guilt and bitterness stood out the most, yet behind all that,
there was still a sense of yearning and affection.
Just stop! Thats just useless thinking...Shes Taeyeons wife now, Jessica scolded
herself mentally. Thinking about what they once had was not going to do her any
Saranghae neol i neukkim idaero geuryeowattteon hemae-imui kkeut
I sesang sogeseo banbokttoeneun seulpeum ijen annyeong
At the sound of her ringtone Jessica picked up her phone and answered without
glancing at the caller ID.

Yah Sica! Are you still moping around the house?

Jessica frowned as Sooyoungs obnoxiously loud voice filtered through the
What do you want?
Still being Emo-Sica then...Come shopping with me.
Nah...Dont feel like it.
Cmon Sica, I know you and Tippani had a thing in high school but now shes
Taeyeons wife.
Jessica was tempted to hang the phone up right then and there. Didnt Sooyoung
know that she already knew that?
Its my cousin Sullis birthday next week. Help me pick out a present for her?
Cmon Jess...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee--Ok, ok. Ill go, Jessica sighed, knowing that Sooyoung would just keep
annoying her until she agreed.
Great! Get ready, Ill be there in 10, Sooyoung said cheerfully before hanging
Wait, what!? 10 minutes! Yah Sooyoung!!

Taeyeon sat on the living room couch and stared out at nothing. Inside, her mind
was a complete mess. Kangta...Her boss, her friend...Theyd hung out a few times

with some mutual friends. He always had an arrogant smirk on his face, something
which Taeyeon had found annoying but now the image of his bloody body refused
to leave her mind. What she wouldnt give to see that arrogant smirk over the
pained grimace on his face.
Taeyeon did not turn around, but she could feel a pair of eyes on her. She knew
that Tiffany was a little concerned about her behaviour but what could she say?
Even though they were technically married, they knew nothing about each other.
They were strangers. One mistake, that was all it took. One mistake and now they
were bound for at least three months.
Are you ok? Tiffany asked softly.
Im fine, Taeyeon replied with a slight smile. She couldve done worse, she
decided. Tiffany was gorgeous and from what little she knew, had a charming
personality. Besides, there really was no point in basking in angst over it, what was
done was done.
You sure? How about we go out for lunch? Tiffany suggested.
That was when Taeyeon turned around. That was also when Taeyeons jaw
dropped open and her eyes flew out of their sockets. Apparently Tiffany liked to
wander around the house in launderay. Sexy, black, lacy, and revealing launderay.
Uh...I...Um...I... Taeyeon said intelligently. All respectable thoughts flew out the
window. She gulped, struggling to tear her eyes away from the extremely amused

What do you say Taeyeon-shiiii? Tiffany asked, the mischievous glint lingered
in her eyes as she stretched out the last syllable. Her hand rested on Taeyeons
shoulder, I know some pretty decent cafs around here.
Uhh...A-Arent y-you on house a-arrest? Taeyeon stammered as she tore her
eyes away from the provocatively dressed woman. Although that did nothing to
stop her from turning completely red. Nor did it the stop the embarrassing and
uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of her stomach as Tiffany sat on the couch,
her body hovering close to the tomato red blonde.
Well...Yes. But its just out to eat, right Taeyeon? Im going crazy in this
apartment... Pwetty please? Tiffany said, pouting slightly as she flashed Taeyeon
a hopelessly adorable eye-smile.
Taeyeon bit her lower lip, hyperly aware of Tiffanys fingers trailing down her
shoulder, sending shivers throughout her body. They stopped at her upper arm and
began tracing the slightly swollen tattoo.
Um... Taeyeon swallowed hard, willing herself to move away or at the very least
refuse, but her mind couldnt process beyond OMG! Tiffany in sexy black lingerie
is touching me!
Its a little American style caf, just around the corner. Tiffany coaxed, her hand
trailing down Taeyeons back.
Ok, ok, Taeyeon said quickly, desperately trying to ignore the feather-light
touches on her lower back.
Great! Thanks Tae-Tae, Tiffany beamed, her eyes changed into crescent moons
as she skipped out of the living room.

Taeyeon let out the breath that she didnt even realise she was holding. Married to
an extremely sexy woman was turning out to be a lot harder than she
thoughtNow what was she worried about again?

HmMaybe I should get her a terabyte hard drive, shes been complaining about
losing her USB, Sooyoung wondered out loud.
Jessica sighed and blew on a strand of stray hair over her eyes, Uh-huh.
The two of them were walking through Co-Ex Mall, looking for a suitable present
for Sooyoung cousin Sulli. Jessica was bored out of her skull. While Sooyoung
liked electronics and gadgets, Jessica didnt know the difference between internet
data and storage capacity. She knew that Sooyoung was trying to distract her, the
gesture was nice but it wasnt working.
Suddenly Sooyoung stopped, Lets go to Lotte World." She suggested.
Lotte World? Now? Jessica frowned at the random thought,
Sooyoung nodded enthusiastically, Yeah, its been a while since weve been
there. I wouldnt mind a bit of entertainment right now.
Its peak hour traffic, its going to take forever to get there now, Jessica pointed
So what? Its not the first time weve ran around Seoul at peak hour traffic,
Sooyoung pointed out, Ill race you, loser buys the winner the entry ticket.

Sooyoung knew that Jessica had an extremely competitive streak; all it took was
issuing a challenge for the elder girl to respond. She could almost see the wheels in
Jessicas head turning, on one hand, she was definitely still in Emo-Sica mode
and would be reluctant to do anything, on the other hand, Sooyoung had issued a
challenge and Jung Jessica does not back out from a challenge.
Well? Sooyoung asked, staring directly into Jessicas eyes.
Jessicas left eyebrow twitched. Then without warning she took off running
towards the exit. Sooyoung frowned, that was unexpected. Within seconds she felt
her phone vibrate, pulling it out she saw one new message from Jessica.
Jessica: Youre on :P

Sooyoung grinned, now there was the Jessica she knew and loved. She quickly
typed a reply and ran off to catch up to Jessica.
Sooyoung: CHEATER!!!
Jessica: :P
Sooyoung: 5 min penalty for you!
Jessica: psht, as if!
Sooyoung knew that catching a taxi would be a useless, the road was barely
crawling. Racing down the street, Sooyoung kept her eyes peeled for the nearest
train station. There should be one around...Aha! There! Sooyoung grinned as she
spotted the stairway leading to the underground subway. Rushing down the stairs,

she bowled through several people before reaching the gate. Thank heavens for one
month passes, Sooyoung thought appreciatively, standing in the line would
definitely cost her time.
As she waited impatiently for the train to arrive, Sooyoung decided to text Jessica.
Sooyoung: Youre so dead
Within moments Jessica replied. Sooyoung scowled as she read the message.
Jessica: As if :D Guess where I am right now? Jamsil Station, haha!
How the hell did Jessica make it so Jamsil so fast? She only ran out the door a few
minutes before Sooyoung did...No, she must be lying, Sooyoung concluded, there
was no way Jessica got from Samseong to Jamsil in less than 10 minutes.
Sooyoung: Yeah right, theres no way
Jessica: Yes way!

Taeyeon forced herself to start breathing correctly again. They were seated at the
back of a small and cosy caf. Tiffany was dressed casually in a pair of black jeans
and a simple sleeveless top. Shes wearing perfectly respectable clothing, stop
imagining her in black lingerie!
Taeyeon can I be frank? Tiffany asked, taking a small sip of her coffee.
Taeyeon nodded, trying to balance being polite and looking at Tiffany when the
black-haired girl was talking, while forcing her mind to get out of the gutter.

Were going to be living together, but we don't know each other. Sometimes I
might do things thatthat you might find odd. Ill ask you no questions if you ask
me no questions, deal? Tiffany said.
Taeyeon hesitated, trying to read Tiffanys expression which had turned so neutral
that it unnerved her. She really did know nothing about the other woman, and she
wasnt sure she could deal with questionable behaviour
Im not sure about the second, but we can remedy the first. Twenty Questions?
Taeyeon suggested, she really wanted to get to know Tiffany better.
Tiffany grinned, I like you. Want to start off?
Sure, how old are you? Taeyeon asked, she had been wondering that since she
Hyoyeon shoved that certificate in her face. Tiffany looked around her age, but one
can never be sure...
22. Whats your favourite colour? Tiffany asked.
Taeyeon internally sighed in relief; at least she was over 21. Now that was
odd...Tiffany was already jumping to a semi-personal question...
Light blue, or purple-blue. Whats yours? Taeyeon replied.
Purple-blue? What kind of colour is that? Tiffany asked.
Ah-ah, one question at a time Fany-ahyou still havent answered mine,
Taeyeon pointed out.
My favourite colours pink. Had any boyfriends in the past? Tiffany asked.

Taeyeon frowned slightly, Tiffany really was jumping to the personal ones, well
she wasnt going to make it easier for her, No.
Technically she hadnt had any boyfriends in the past.
Really? Tiffany said sceptically.
No more than one question Tiffany. How many relationships have you had in the
past? Taeyeon asked, she was infinitely curious about that one. Especially since
shed discovered that Tiffany used to date Jessica of all people.
...Three. Oh I see what you did now, sneaky. How many relationships have you
been in the past? Tiffany asked, noticing that Taeyeon took a loophole.
One, Taeyeon replied, Had any one-night-stands in the past?
That was when Tiffany caught on, Damn, either Im out of my game or youre
really good. Ive had a couple of flings, not sure exactly how many, but less than
five. How about you?
Several, dont remember how many. What did you work as? Taeyeon asked,
remembering her conversation with Tiffany at the hotel.
She noticed that Tiffany hesitated; the younger woman bit her lip and avoided eye
contact as she stalled the answer.
I...Lets just say I worked with people, Tiffany replied, phrasing it extremely
Taeyeon frowned, You didnt answer the question.

I wasnt joking when I said Id have to kill you if I tell you, and that would be
rather unfortunate because I like you. Anyway, what got you so down this
morning? Tiffany asked, redirecting the subject.
Taeyeon blinked, she had completely forgotten about Kangta and the fiasco at Seo
Pharmaceuticals. Distracted by Tiffany and caught up in trying to find more about
her new wife.
...A friend of mine was badly injured this morning, Taeyeon said slowly, The
Company has shut down temporarily until everything is sorted out.
To Taeyeons immense surprise, Tiffany instantly looked alarmed, Who!? Who
got injured?
Um...Kangta, my supervisor, Taeyeon said uncertainly as a complete look of
panic passed over Tiffanys face.
%$^&! ^&%&^*&^#$%^%... Tiffany muttered something in English as she
stood up, I need to go to the bathroom. She said before immediately rushing out
of the building.
Taeyeon stared at the spot that Tiffany had been standing in, wondering what the
hell had that been about. Well that was helpful, Taeyeon thought sarcastically, she
now had more questions than ever. Just who was Tiffany Hwang?

Sooyoung arrived at Jamsil Station and rushed to the Lotte World Mall as fast as
she could. Speeding through the walkway and down the escalators, she finally

made it to their meeting place, the large fountain that stood in the centre of the
complex, diving the shopping malls and the entertainment centre.
Yes! She exclaimed in triumph, she had beaten Jessica, which means a free pass
There you are! Ive been waiting forever, A voice snapped Sooyoung back into
reality. Jessica was sitting on one of the many benches, snacking on fries from the
nearby fast-food restaurant Lotteria.
Whahuh? No...How!? Sooyoung spluttered incoherently as Jessica calmly
finished her coke.
You owe me a ticket, Jessica grinned smugly as she tossed her rubbish in the bin.
But...Thats not possible! Sooyoung insisted.
Thats what you think, but here we are. So are we going to go in or what? Jessica
said, not waiting for a reply she grabbed Sooyoungs hand and began leading her to
the entrance of Magic Island, the indoor amusement park.
How about we go ice-skating? Sooyoung suggested, indicating to the escalator
leading down to the ice-rink and the arcade.
Are you trying to back out on me? You owe me a ticket, Jessica frowned.
Ill still pay for you to ice-skate. I just dont feel like lining up for hours,
Sooyoung said. While she truthfully didnt want to wait in line for the rides, she
also had another motive. Ice skating means an excuse to touch JessicaShe was
going to win the elder girl over whether she knew it or not.

...Fine, Jessica relented, although Sooyoung knew she wasnt really as opposed
to the idea as she actedJessica loved to ice skate, her nickname Ice-Princess
did fit her, just not the way most people thought. While not being as cold as she
seemed, Jessica was amazing on the ice. She held an incredible amount of grace
and dignity as she danced circles around everyone else.
Once they had properly fitted on the blue skates, they awkwardly hobbled out of
the locker room, up the stairs and into the rink. While Jessica glided gracefully
onto the ice, Sooyoung stumbled, slipped, and nearly crashed into the person in
front of her.
Jeezus, I didnt know you were still this clumsy, Jessica sighed as she grabbed
hold of the taller girl and steadied her.
Sooyoung chuckled sheepishly as she tried to keep her balance while clinging onto
Jessica, savouring how close she was to the other girl.
Whoa! Sorry! A teenage boy had accidently bumped into Sooyoung, causing her
to put all her weight on Jessica, who toppled backwards.
Sooyoung wondered why the ice was so warm, she had fallen over, so why was her
landing so...squishy? Looking up, she came face to face with Hellsica.

Chapter Seven

Murdered by Police
Sooyoung wondered why the ice was so warm, she had fallen over, so why was her
landing so...squishy? Looking up, she came face to face with Hellsica.
Taeyeon stared at Sooyoung; the taller girl was scowling and nursing a rather
angry-looking handprint shaped bruise on her cheek.
...What happened to you? Taeyeon asked.

I dont want to talk about it, Sooyoung grumbled, sitting down next to Taeyeon
on the park bench. The pair of them were sitting on a park bench, staring at the
afternoon joggers and people walking their dogs.
Ill tell if you tell, Taeyeon suggested, wondering what the cause of her friends
bad mood was.
...Stupid high school brat and Sica being emo over Tippani, Sooyoung said. She
had tried to cheer Jessica up, got the other girl out of the house, paid for her to iceskate, one of her favoured hobbies, and got a slap in the face for her
troubles...Seriously, it was not her fault that that idiot bumped into her and caused
her to land in Jessicas boobs...Honest.
I lost Tiffany, Taeyeon said.
Both of them stared at each other in surprise.
...About that, Ive been wondering what the hell happened between Tiffany and
Jessica. I know they dated but...details? Taeyeon asked. She had met Jessica
through Sooyoung during middle school, but they never really talked or hung
outnot until senior year of high school, but by then Tiffany had already left.
Ill tell you if you tell me what you meant by I lost Tippani, Sooyoung said.
She went to the bathroom and then ditched me...Took me 20 minutes to figure
out that she legged it, Taeyeon said scowling. That had sent Taeyeon running
around panicking. Eventually she just gave up and sat on the park bench, not long
later, Sooyoung showed up looking extremely pissed, while sporting a purple

Isnt she under house arrest? How did she disappear when she went to the toilet?
You live on the 9th floor, Sooyoung pointed out.
Um... Taeyeon said turning beet red as the image of Tiffany in sexy black
lingerie flashed in her mind, She...Shesortofconvincedmetogoout.
Say that again, because I thought you just said that she convinced you to go out,
but obviously, that cant be right because shes under house arrest, Sooyoung
said emphasising the last three words.
Aha ha ha? Taeyeon chuckled nervously while rubbing the back of her head
Hyoyeon is going to murder you, Sooyoung said unsympathetically. Judging by
Taeyeons tomato-red face, Sooyoung figured that Tiffany probably used
Taeyeons byuntae side to convince her.
Tell me something I dont know...So, are you going to tell me what happened
with Sica and Tiffany before Hyoyeon finds out and kills me? Taeyeon asked.
Sooyoung laughed, Dont joke about that, because its going to happen. Alright
Ill tell you, so heres the story: Tippanis the new girl, met Sica, they bonded over
being Americans, next thing I know theyre giving each other googly-eyes and
then Tippani asked Sica to the formal dance that the seniors were hosting.
Something happened, they start dating, and two years later Tippani moves back to
America, the end.
Taeyeon stared at Sooyoung, ...Seriously?

What? You never said I had to be detailedplus Im sure you were missing
details from your Tiffany convinced me tale, Sooyoung accused.
Taeyeon glared at her, Seagulls.
So...many...seagulls... Sooyoung whimpered as she curled up into a ball on the
I suppose I should just leave you here, Taeyeon mused staring at Sooyoung in
...feathers... Sooyoung whined.
Ok, seriously, I get that this is very traumatising for you, but we need to go
now, Taeyeon said nudging Sooyoung with her arm.
However, the taller girl didnt budge from her foetal position. Taeyeon stared at
her friend in confusion, wondering if this was normal behaviour. She never thought
much of it before, but Sooyoung seemed to show extremely exaggerated posttraumatic-stress-disorder symptoms when the word seagulls was mentioned. In
fact, it was so exaggerated that Taeyeon thought she was acting half the time.
Um...Sooyoung? Taeyeon asked waving her hand up and down Sooyoungs face.
The younger girl did not respond in any way that showed she understood, instead
she tucked her knees under her chin and continued rocking back and forth.
Ok, youve proven your point, Ill never say seagulls again. We need to go
now, Taeyeon said starting to get a little worried.

When Sooyoung did not respond, Taeyeon pulled out her phone and dialled the
one person who would know how to deal with thisJessica.
Hello? Jessica answered her phone.
Um...I have a problem, is it normal for Sooyoung to be rocking back and forth,
muttering about feathers? Taeyeon asked.
...You did not...For fucks sake Taeyeon! You shouldnt say that blasted word! Oh
my...Where are you now? Jessica hissed angrily.
Seokchon Lake Park, Taeyeon replied, feeling a bit apprehensive when she heard
Jessicas angry tone.
Be there in 10and Taeyeon, you are so dead when I see you, Ive had enough of
this, Jessica said before hanging up.
She didnt expect to have this reaction, generally teasing Sooyoung about that
incident was fun, she usually didnt stick around long enough to see this. Taeyeon
had thought that Sooyoung either put on the act or got over it rather fast, not...Is
she shaking?
Um...Sooyoung, are you ok? Taeyeon asked, awkwardly patting the younger girl
on the shoulder. Sooyoung stiffened at the contact and shuffled away from her
while whimpering softly.
Taeyeon sighed, Well, I guess this is karma for all those times...

Jessica was fuming by the time she arrived at the park. How many times must
Taeyeon say that blasted word!? She spotted the pair of them sitting on the bench,
well Taeyeon was sitting on the bench, Sooyoung was still rocking back and forth
with her knees tucked underneath her chin. She pulled up next to the curb and
opened the passenger door.
Get in, She growled at Taeyeon. She got out and carefully approached
Sooyoung. Her face was pale, hidden beneath the shaking, clammy hands. Jessica
placed her hand on Sooyoungs back, the younger girl stiffened.
Its just me, Jessica reassured her, Youre at the park, they cant hurt you now.
The younger girl shuddered slightly but leaned into the familiar voice.
Cmon, its time to go, Jessica said softly, rubbing Sooyoungs back
Wanna sleep Sooyoung mumbled but she cooperated and stood up.
Are you ok now? Jessica asked, sometimes she couldnt tell what mind-frame
Sooyoung was in.
Im fine, just want to sleepI hate those memories Sooyoung muttered,
before whispering in a barely audible voice, You reckon Taeyeon fell for it?
Jessica stopped in her tracks, You were faking it!? She hissed, she had dropped
everything she was doing to get there.

Oh believe me, not all of itbut some of it yeah. You know the most I get is a
little jittery when Taeyeon says seagullsbut getting jittery isnt fun, so I wanted
to teach her a lesson, Sooyoung explained as they made their way back to
Jessicas car.
You get more than a little jittery, Jessica pointed out.
Sooyoung shrugged, Meh, I laid it on a little thick.
Jessica sighed, Just go to sleep when you get in the car.
When they reached her parked car, Jessica shoved Sooyoung in the back seat and
went around to the drivers side.
Is Sooyoung ok? Taeyeon asked worriedly.
Shes fine, just sleeping, Jessica said, her eyes narrowed when she hissed out the
word sleeping. Making sure that Sooyoung closing her eyes and pretending to
sleep in the back.
Why does she only respond to you? Taeyeon wondered.
Oh I dont know, maybe because I wasnt the one that set the seagulls on her,
Jessica said sarcastically.
Hey, its not like I control seagulls. Her fault she wore that stupid bird-seed
costume and Yuri-- Taeyeon abruptly stopped and looked panicked. Shit, talking
about Yuri in front of Jessica was taboo. She looked over at her friend cautiously.
Im not gonna burst out into tears you know, Jessica told her flatly as she
continued to drive.

Taeyeon said nothing, she still didnt know the entire story behind that, but she
knew enough to know that you dont ever mention Yuris name in front of Jessica.
Not knowing what else to say, Taeyeon decided to change the topic, hoping that
her cousin would forgive her for this because it was seriously painful to watch
Jessica act oblivious.
...You know Sooyoung likes you right? Taeyeon asked.
Of course she likes me; otherwise she wouldnt hang around me would she?
Jessica said, refusing to acknowledge what Taeyeon meant.
Stupid doesnt suit you Sica, you know what I mean. She flirts, you ignore, she
flirts, you ignore, she flirts, you ignore...Sound familiar? Taeyeon asked.
Jessica looked into the review mirror, Sooyoung looked like she was asleep, either
that or she was a hell of a good actor.
...Ive known Sooyoung since I was seven, were really close. I just...I dont want
to lose that, Jessica said finally.
What do you mean? Taeyeon said, to her, ignoring Sooyoung would probably
result in losing her.
Have you ever dated a friend before? Jessica asked her. When Taeyeon didnt
reply Jessica continued, When things are good, theyre great, but when things are
bad, they go to hell. Tiffany and I were friends first, you know that? It was great
for a while...but...When things went bad, we stopped talking. That was the first
time Ive seen her in seven years. I dont want that to happen with me and

Taeyeon didnt say anything, although she still wanted more information on
Jessicas relationship with Tiffany. Just to suit her curiosity thats all, she wasnt
jealous or anything, honest.
You should think carefully about what youre doing Sica, after all, theres only so
much rejection one can take, Taeyeon said.
Jessica said nothing, and kept her eyes on the road. Neither of them noticed
Sooyoung crack an eye open.

Half an Hour Later...

TIFFANY!? Taeyeon held the phone as far away from her ears as possible as her
cousins deafening voice screamed out of it.
Um...She ran off? Taeyeon said, though it came out more like a question.
Hyoyeon had called because no one answered the door when she went to check on
Tiffany, only to find that Taeyeon had lost Tiffany in less than 48 hours.
Shes supposed to be locked in your apartment!
We were just going out to eat, and then she got a bit upset when I told her about
what happened at work this morning and she ran off, Taeyeon defended herself.
...What happened at work this morning? This better be good, Hyoyeon warned.
My supervisor Kangta got injured, and the companys closing temporarily,
Taeyeon said, she was sure Hyoyeon would know, considering she was a cop.

Shit...Talk to you later Taeyeon, I need to make a few calls, And with that
Hyoyeon hung up sounding even more pissed off than when she first called.
Taeyeon frowned, wondering what the hell that had been about. Why was
everyone getting worked up over Kangta getting hurt? Not that she didnt care, she
did, but she didnt think Tiffany or Hyoyeon personally knew Kangta, no there had
to be something else going on, and Taeyeon had a nagging feeling it had something
to do with those thuggish guys she saw hanging around Seo Pharmaceuticals.
When Taeyeon arrived back at her apartment, the feeling of unease grew. Parked
on the curb was her fathers blue SUV. Her parents had never bothered to visit her
before, not that they didnt care, it was just they were too busy. The first time they
decided to visit her, was also the first time that she did not want them here. This
can not be good. Well, it could be worse, Taeyeon reasoned, Tiffany could be
When the elevator opened at floor 9, Taeyeon was greeted with the scene of her
father yelling at Tiffany.
Fuck my life...Taeyeon sighed miserably.

Tae-yeon what is the meaning of this? Kim Raewon asked in a deadly low tone.
They were seated in the living room of Taeyeons apartment, Tiffany had quietly
retreated to the bedroom without making a sound.
Um...Im sorry my apartment is a mess? Taeyeon said faking cluelessness,
maybe she could worm her way out of this.

Do not try my patience Tae-yeon. What is that woman doing in your apartment?
Raewon could not believe what he had heard. Earlier that morning he and his wife
had received a call from their old friend and business partner Seo Jiseok.
Apparently, he was under the impression that their only daughter was married, and
to a woman no less.
Shes my roommate, Taeyeon said trying to sound nonchalant, hoping that
Hyoyeons excuse would work.
Your roommate? And why do you need a roommate? Raewon asked sceptically.
Taeyeon shrugged, I dont need one, I want one. Its nice to have company.
Yes, thats exactly what I mean Tae-yeon, company, Her father spat out the
words, I will not be having another disgrace in the family.
Taeyeons eyebrow twitched, she still couldnt believe how narrow-minded her
family was.
Disgrace? Last time I checked I havent done anything to be called a disgrace,
Taeyeon frowned.
...So youre telling me youre not MARRIED to that woman!? Raewon finally
snapped. Subtle was never his forte, he preferred having everything out in the
Taeyeons eyes widened in alarm, she knew that her father suspected, but how the
hell did he find that out!? Her reaction told Raewon everything that he needed to

What in the world were you thinking!? You are smarter than this Taeyeon, how
could you do this? Raewon exploded, slamming his fists against the wooden
coffee table.
I didnt have a choice in this, Taeyeon said forcing herself to keep calm,
exploding at her father would not do any good, Number one I was too inebriated
to know what was going on and two, this was done by the police. I dont have a
choice, but its only temporary. Even if its not, I dont see what the issue is.
You dont see the issue? Raewon asked in disbelief, What will the others think?
You are the heir of a prestigious family Tae-yeon, everything you do reflects all of
us. Do you have any idea what sort of rumours are being made about you right
now? About me for raising you incorrectly? Do you?
Im sorry, I didnt realise we were still living in the middle-ages, Taeyeon
deadpanned, Rumours are rumours, you should know that they gossip about
everything now, regardless of the truth.
Tae-yeon I am warning you. Do you think I want to do this? Your grandfather
already disowned one heir, I dont want him to disown another, Raewon glared at
Taeyeon finally realized what was going on, she supposed she shouldve seen it
earlier, So thats what this is all about? Your dignity. Uncle Jaewon was shamed
when Hyoyeon left...You just want to save your own face.
Taeyeon stared at her father in stunned silence. Never, never in her life had her
father ever raised a hand against her.

You will not talk to me like that, I definitely raised you better. Now I see that you
will not listen to reason, perhaps you will after this. I am blocking access to your
trust fund, you will not be receiving any money from any member of the family,
including Sooyoung, until you get rid of that slut
Taeyeon had no idea what came over her. The moment that disgusting word came
out of her fathers mouth, her hand raised on its own accord.
Get out, Taeyeon growled.
Her father stared at her in momentary shock before his face transformed into one
of fury.
See what you have become? My Tae-yeon would never behave like this,
that...That vile whore has corrupted you
I said GET OUT! Taeyeon yelled pointing to the door, I dont want to hear any
of this!
I see you wont be listening to reason. But mark my words Tae-yeon, youre on
your own until you get rid of her, and give me an apology for your appalling
behaviour, and dont even think about asking Sooyoung for assistance, Raewon
hissed before exiting her apartment.
Fucking hell... Taeyeon sighed as she slumped down on the couch. It probably
wasnt even 8Clock yet but she felt exhausted. This wasnt exactly how she
expected to spend her time. In the morning she found out that Kangta got hurt and
her jobs gone, then she spent a couple of hours running around looking for

Tiffany, then theres that fiasco with Sooyoung, and now her father cut off her
access to her money...
A warm hand touched her shoulder. Taeyeon said nothing, there was nothing to be
said. After all, neither of them had any choice in the situation, and Taeyeon wasnt
going to blame Tiffany for it. How the hell did all this happen from just one night?
Taeyeon closed her eyes just as she felt Tiffany apply a light pressure against her
shoulder, and leant backwards. Forcing the harrowing thoughts from her mind and
concentrating on the soothing feathery-light touches of Tiffanys fingers drawing
circles about her neck and around her collarbone.
Im sorry... Tiffanys soft voice finally broke the silence.
Nothing to be sorry for, Taeyeon said. She still didnt know why she reacted the
way she did. Why in the world was she so...protective of the other girl? It almost
seemed like instinct, second nature to her. Once again she found herself asking the
same question, just who is Tiffany Hwang?

Chapter Eight

Chap 8

Kwon Seobang
Ugghh. Taeyeon groaned as she groggily woke up. She froze the moment her
eyes opened, somehow during the course of the night Tiffany had rolled over so
that Taeyeons back was against her chest, and her arm draped over her body.
Taeyeon suddenly became extremely hyperaware of her surroundings, the steady
beating of Tiffanys heart thumping against her back, the petite fingers that lay

pressed against her stomach, the soft breathing that tickled lightly behind her ears,
and the sweet peach scented shampoo that flooded her senses with every breath.
Mhmmnn, Tiffany muttered unintelligibly as she shifted her weight, pulling
Taeyeon closer as her leg wrapped around the shorter girls body.
Oh god... Taeyeon murmured faintly as Tiffany subconsciously rested her head
on Taeyeons shoulder and nuzzled against her neck. Part of her wanted to push
Tiffany off her and start her day, but a larger part of her was completely enthralled.
Enjoying the moment and refusing to face the consequences of her actions the
previous night. So she hid, captivated by the goddess that held her.

Sooyoung twitched. Her fingers and feet were numb as the chilling wind washed
over her. She was sitting in her rather large backyard, it was isolated and she
doubted there was anyone around. She stared up at the blue sky, absently gazing at
the fluffy shapeless clouds. Some say they can make out pictures, objects or
animals out of the clouds. Jessica did. They used to cloud watch all the time as
children, laughing at the ridiculous things that Sooyoung apparently saw. The thing
was, she never saw, not like the other children. She never saw fluffy dogs, or
princes or dragons in the sky. To her, they were just massive white or grey
shapeless fluff. Not like Jessica...Or Yuri, huh, funny how her mind tends to forget
the latter these days, the third member to their childhood trio.
In that sense, Sooyoung always wondered if she was normal. Was it normal to
prefer playing dodge-the-cars-on-the-street instead of hide-and-seek? Was it
normal to enjoy running away from neighbourhood dogs that shed annoyed?
Sooyoung loved the thrills, the completely chaotic things that wouldve driven

anybody else insane. Her life as full of them and she embraced it, so was it any
wonder that she did the weird/stupid thing and fell in love with her best friend?
Jessica. Jessica who pulled pranks with her. Jessica who put up and even joined in
with her weirdness. Jessica who made mud pies with her. Jessica who threw a book
at their 3rd grade class president for making fun of Sooyoung. It was painful to
watch, painful to see her Jessica with another. First with a random guy from P.E,
then with another girlTiffany, and she wasnt the only one. Then came the
excruciating task of lending a shoulder to cry on like a good friend, while every
one of those bastards left her, and left her a sobbing wreck. She was there, always
there, since the beginning she was always there.
So why? Why wont Jessica see? Why? Why wont she acknowledge the one who
had always loved her? It wasnt because she was a girl, Jessica couldnt care less
about that. The conversation between Taeyeon and Jessica flashed before her eyes,
Jessicas words echoed in her mind. Because she was a friend. Sooyoung clenched
her fists in anger, because she was a friend. The chilling wind barely even
registered as she began shaking, because she was a friend. Why Goddamnit!
Why!? Because she was a friend. Did the fates have some kind of sick game that
theyre playing? Because she was a friend! It never mattered to Jessica before.
Because she was a friend!?
Well then, I suppose I shouldnt be a friend, Sooyoung thought aloud, a
dangerous glint lit in her eyes.

Of course every good thing must come to an end, Taeyeon thought morosely. The
letters in her hands forced her to finally face the consequences of her actions.

Bills, bills, and more bills...Ah fuck. Taeyeon sighed. The digits on the paper
glared at her while her sub-conscience reminded her about not having a job.
Whether she liked it or not, money made the world go round, and right now, she
wouldnt have much money left after paying these bills...Without her job and her
parents support, she would be in trouble.
Whats wrong? Tiffany asked, glancing over casually. She was sitting on the
kitchen bench sipping her coffee and reading the newspaper. The scene was
strangely normal for their situation. One would never think that Taeyeon had just
been disowned by her multi-millionaire father and Tiffany was a convict...
Need to get a job before I go skint broke, Taeyeon said gathering up her resume,
Ill be back by sunset, dont go anywhere, Hyoyeon nearly skinned me alive last
The moment Taeyeon left, Tiffany sighed in relief.
Oh thank god shes gone. You can come out now! Tiffany called.
From inside Taeyeons (and Tiffanys) bedroom, a figure crawled out from
underneath the bed.
About time Stephanie! The person complained, rubbing their sore muscles from
being cramped underneath the bed for a while.
Dont call me that! Tiffany grumbled.

Most people would call Jessica an oblivious girl, too distracted to notice what was
going on around her. The truth was as far from that as possible, Jessica noticed
alright, she noticed too much. She saw everything clearer than anybody around her
ever did. Sometimes she wondered if she was under the same fate as Cassandra
from Greek mythology. The seer who could see the future and foresee disastrous
eventsonly, no one would ever believe her. So she saw, but she could not stop it,
a much worse fate than not knowing at all.
At times, Jessica felt like that. She noticed the signs of Hyoyeons falling out long
before the arguments started, she noticed Taeyeon getting closer to Tiffany, and
she definitely noticed Sooyoungs affection for her. But what to do about it? What
should she do? Dating a friend ended up disastrous, the tell-tale signs were there
but she ignored them, and well...It didnt turn out well the first time, and it didnt
turn out well the second time either, No! Dont think about Yuri! Jessica mentally
scolded herself, there was no way she would try a third. But...Taeyeons words
echoed in her head.
You should think carefully about what youre doing Sica, after all, theres only so
much rejection one can take,
There really was no way to win was there? Accepting Sooyoung would be a recipe
for disaster, and refusing her would effectively end their natural friendship.
Ah hell. Jessica muttered. Life was so much simpler when she was ten. Back
then, all she had to worry about was to avoid her mother when she and Sooyoung
were throwing mud-pies at Krystal...Aish...

Sooyoung stared at the object in her hand and then at the one on the shelf, eyeing
both of them calculatingly.
Hm...What should I get? Sooyoung muttered to herself. Glue would be good, but
all those tricks were too old, she needed something new. Something that Jessica
would never see coming. Then again, Jessica wasnt likely to see even the oldest
trick in the book coming, since Sooyoung hadnt pranked the elder girl in years.
Glitter and glue?...Nah...Too boring... Glitter and glue in her washing powder?
Nah...Maybe dye perhaps? Aish Ive gone lame, dye in the shampoo? God thats
old, what am I thinking? Sooyoung continued to think aloud, ignoring the weirded out looks people were giving her.
Sooyoung had stopped playing pranks on Jessica about the same time that she
realized her feelings for her best friend were something more than friendship. So
that was phase one of her newly devised planStart a prank war with Jessica. That
was easy in theory, but now she was completely stumped about what pranks to
pull. She wanted something to catch Jessicas attention, make her a little mad, and
maybe laughdefinitely not something nasty.
Idly Sooyoungs mind wandered back to the rather interesting prank-wars she had
been involved in. Senior year of high school and her brother Siwon somehow got a
hold of a bag of laxatives and spiked her morning coffeeneedless to say, he
needed to pay. So she got a hold of a hypodermic needle and injected all of his
snacks with Habanero hot saucehe spent the next month being extremely
paranoid about any food that was left lying around and sliced open his food
thoroughly before eating any of it.

Now...what to! Sooyoung cried out in surprise as she collided with

something warm.
There you are! Ive been looking all over for you.
Oh no...Sooyoung groaned, shed recognise that voice anywhere, this is not good.
Oh...Um...Hey, Sooyoung said awkwardly, while cursing whatever god was in
the heavens. Why the hell did she have to run into her of all people?
Have you heard Sooyoung? Apparently Tiffanys back in town, She said,
although she didnt look to happy about it.
Sooyoung couldnt blame her; after all, she was the reason why Tiffany and Jessica
broke up. Sooyoung decided that fate must really really really hate her, after all,
why else would it decide to dump her on top of this mess? Seems like its time to
roll out the welcome back mat again, her other best friend and the third member of
her childhood friendship group stood in front of her.
Kwon Yuri was back.

Taeyeon sighed as she excited yet another building. It was the same reply she got
every time thank you for your time and we will contact you later. Somehow she
doubted that any of them would call her back. So far she had applied for several
jobs, mostly for positions in convenient stores since her credentials didnt really
get her much else. Although, judging from the way those interviews went, she was
starting to get desperate enough to apply for fast-food restaurants. She was not a

people person, interviews didnt suit her, after all how could she answer the bloody
questions when she didnt really want the job...
My Love saranghaeyo saranghaeyo keudae deutgo ittnyayo
My Love ijimarayo jiuji marayo... uriui sarangeul..
At the sound of her ringtone, Taeyeon pulled out her phone. The caller ID said
Seohyun. Thats odd, the younger girl never called her.
Taeyeon-unnie what are you doing? We have our practical assessment today,
where are you!?
Taeyeons eyes widened at that, oh fuck! She cursed, she had totally forgotten
about university after the entire fiasco that was her life in the past week. Shit, shit!
It was the 24th, how the hell did she forget!? The darn assignment was worth a lot
more than she could afford to lose. She glanced at her watch, 12pm. She had less
than half an hour till it starts.
Um...Ill be there as fast as I can! Taeyeon said, already starting to break into a
run, Oh and Seohyun?
Yes unnie?
If Im not there on time, partner up with someone else.
Im not worth losing your grade over Joohyun-ah. Besides, if things dont
improve, I think I might have to forget about uni for the time being, Taeyeon said,

without her parents support, she would need to take more jobs in order to support
Bye Seohyun, Taeyeon said as she quickly hung up. Bus...Bus, wheres the bus
stop!? Ah hell, Im never complaining about taxis again. Taeyeon thought as she
spotted her bus leaving. When she had money to toss around, taxi fares were the
least of her concerns, she was always complaining about how hard it was to get
onenow that she couldnt afford to through money around, the row of taxis lined
up against the curb waiting to be hailed were just teasing her.

Is this everything? Tiffany asked, looking at the contents of the suitcase on the
table. She eyed the door warily every 10 minutes, she had no idea when Taeyeon
would get back, and it would not do for the elder girl to find her in the middle of
The other person nodded, Thats everything. Oh and Tiffany? Be careful.
Always am, Tiffany replied with a grin.

So its true then, Yuri stated, sounding a little uneasy.

Sooyoung nodded, Wouldnt have believed it if I didnt see her with my own
eyes. But uh...Theres something you should know...Well...
Yuri looked at her expectantly.

Tiffanys married to Taeyeon, Sooyoung blurted out, not sure how to say it any
other way.
It took a total of two seconds for that information to register in Yuris brain.
WHAT!? She exploded, How? When? Why? WHAT?
They got married. At one of those 5 minute wedding chapel things in Las Vegas.
About 2 or 3 weeks ago. Because they were both completely drunk. And again,
they got married, Sooyoung said promptly answering all of Yuris questions.
...Im...I dont know what to say...I mean Ive only met Taeyeon once but...I
didnt think she or Tiffany would be the type... Yuri trailed off.
Close your mouth Kwon, youll catch flies, Sooyoung smirked, Anyway, what
brings you back in Seoul? I thought you moved out to the countryside to breathe
fresh air?
Yuri shrugged, The scenery change was great and all but...I dunno, guess it just
didnt feel right. So I decided to come back up and see you guys again.
Holy crap Yuri!? A voice shouted.
Both Sooyoung and Yuri turned to see Jessica staring at them.
Oh hey Sica, Sooyoung greeted the shocked girl.
Jessica! Yuri exclaimed, as that one word passed her lips, her entire expression
seemed to light up and an ear-splitting grin appeared on her face.

Yuri... Jessica repeated, as if wondering if the woman in front of her was real
and not a figment of her imagination. Without another word she launched herself at
the taller girl, Yuri!
Sooyoung visibly flinched as Jessica latched onto Yuri, it was as if someone had
gone eat this! and shoved a knife into her chest. The ecstatic smile on Jessicas
face only served to twist the knife deeper.
Oh my god I missed you so much! Jessica said as she continued to squeeze the
life out of poor Yuri. Sooyoung bit her lower lip and looked away, fists clenched
Uhhh...Sica...I...oxygen! Yuri choked out.
Oh, sorry Yuri-ah, Jessica apologised and loosened her grip.
Its alright, I missed you too jagiya, Yuri said, smiling softly at the shorter girl.
She reached out, cupped her hand around Jessicas chin and pulled her in for a kiss.
And that was the main reason that Sooyoung couldnt bring herself to ask Jessica
out directly. Despite everything, Yuri was still one of the best friends, and
Sooyoung couldnt betray her because technically, Jessica and Yuri never broke

Lock and load, Leetuk commanded, staring at the house-soon-to-be-turned-todust.

Leetuk, are you sure? I mean...What you did to Kang

Dont question me Tiffany! Youre on thin ice as it is, with your stupid housearrest and all that. So shut up and shoot, Leetuk ordered.
Alright, I was just being the voice of reason. Lock and load it is, what are we
settin on fire today boss? Tiffany had a shit-eating grin on her face as she cocked
her flame thrower.

Chapter Nine

Chap 9
Fifteen Tonnes of Sand

WHOOO!! Hahahaha! Burn baby, burn!

The entire house was in flames. The smoke rose over 20 metres high in black
plumes. A spark dropped onto a tree branch, igniting the entire tree. Specks flew
over the wooden fence, across to the neighbours plants. People scrambled around
in panic, throwing futile buckets of water onto the roaring flames before hastily
running away.
Within this chaotic mess, six people grouped in front of the burning house
laughing uproariously. One of them wielding a rather illegal-looking flamethrower.
Whoa thats nice! Where the hell did you get that from Hwang!? Yoochun yelled
over the chaos that sounded around them.
Oh this? I saw it in the police station when they hauled me in theresneaked out
a 2am liberated it from the armoury, Tiffany said nonchalantly as she swept the
nozzle around in a circular motion.
Leetuk frowned, That was almost a month ago, whyd you only bring it out
The napalm tank was empty. You have no idea how hard it is to get napalm
around here, Tiffany explained as she let go of the trigger, That should do it, Im
not wasting any more fuel.
Do ya reckon I can get one of those from the black market? Thats totally sweet,
Sungmin asked.
Doubt it, if you could, I wouldve gotten one loooong ago, Shindong pointed out.
Aish...I dont see what the big deal is...This is boring, Sunday said.

Oh lighten up Sunday, just cause you dont understand the art of fire
Oh shut it Hwang. Everybody knows youre the fire nut, Sunday interrupted
Someones in a pissy mood. *cough*PMS*cough*, Yoochun grinned as Sunday
thumped him.
The sound of the blaring sirens sobered all six of them up rather quickly.
Oh shit, cops are here. Everybody scram! Leetuk shouted as all six of them
broke off in separate directions.

Taeyeon felt like screaming.

In fact she did scream, several times, and rather loudly as well. Too bad it didnt
actually do anything except make her voice hoarse. Now she had a sore throat to
deal with on top of everything else. Predictably she had arrived too late to do her
practical examination and received a big fat zero for her assessment. This meant
that she failed the semester. Redoing it would cost her four and a half million won- four and a half million that she could not afford at the moment.
Within hours she had lost her job, her familys support and her spot at Seoul
National University. Not to mention she had also lost Tiffany...again. Hyoyeon
was going to kill her. If her father and her lack of money didnt first.
AAAAARRRRHHHH!! Taeyeon screamed in frustration as she slammed her
fists down on the kitchen counter. Reaching over, she opened the cabinet door and

pulled out a bottle of soju. She was never much of a heavy drinker, but right now
all Taeyeon wanted to do with drown herself with the bottle of rice wine. She
unscrewed the green bottle and gulped down the bitter-sweet liquid, not bothering
with the tradition of using a shot glass.
Tiffany...She supposed everything did start with the enigmatic woman. Drinking
another mouthful, Taeyeon thought back to the first time she saw her. Tiffany, the
breathtakingly gorgeous angel from Las Vegas, dressed in a white cocktail dress
with her hair and make-up done up so elegantly. That Tiffany just didnt match
with the Tiffany that showed up at her doorstep two weeks later. The Tiffany that
Hyoyeon brought with her was definitely unrefined. She was wild, almost rugged,
but her personality was identical to the one that she met in Vegas. Sweet Tiffany,
mischievous Tiffany, clumsy Tiffany, funny Tiffany, with that mesmerising eyesmile that seemed to hypnotise everybody. Just what was it about the woman that
she barely knew? Something about her kept Taeyeon captivated. She raised the
bottle to her lips and gulped in down as if it was water.
Suddenly, the door of her ninth storey apartment balcony opened and in walked
Tiffanycovered head to toe in ash and dirt.
Well speak o the devil an the devil shall a-appear, Taeyeon slurred as Tiffany
entered the kitchen.
Taeyeon!? What are you doing here? Tiffany jumped around in alarm.
I live here, Taeyeon said as she poured more soju down her throat.
Are you...Oh god youre drunk, Tiffany shook her head as she tried to pry the
bottle from Taeyeons fingers, only to have the shorter woman snap at her.

Mine! Taeyeon growled pulling away from Tiffany. Already too intoxicated to
realise that Tiffany had climbed through the ninth storey balcony.
Taeyeon youre supposed to be in class, Tiffany reminded her, trying to direct
her attention from the wine bottle.
Uni? Haha! Fail my asseshment, too busy lookin fora job, Taeyeon laughed
drunkenly, Daddy cut my bank account...Sooo not cool.
...Well that sucks, Tiffany said, trying to sound sympathetic while concentrating
on leaving as little soot on the ground as possible.
Tippani! Taeyeon whined as she latched herself onto the taller girl.
Taeyeon Im covered inmmhn, Tiffanys mind went blank as Taeyeons lips
crashed onto hers. After a few seconds Tiffany pushed Taeyeon away, this was not
the first time the elder girl had done that while drunk.
Pani-ah, Taeyeon pouted.
Tiffany sighed, Come on, lets get you nice and sober-- oh great...Youve got ash
all over your shirt.
Taeyeon giggled, Yerr like my mommy. Always so worried. Gimme a kiss!
Tiffany stared at her. Taeyeons cheeks were flushed and she had that completelynot-at-home look on her face, You have no idea how close I am to accepting your
request. But as usual, you wont remember it...Aish, ask me again when youre
...Pani no kiss me? Taeyeon asked, her eyes growing wide as her lips quivered.

Oh no, god no...Please dont start crying, Tiffany pleaded apprehensively.

Taeyeon showed a rather emotional and extremely sensitive side when she had too
much to drink.
Taeyeons grip around Tiffanys waist tightened, Stay...Stay wit me.
Im not going anywhere, just to our- your room to get you cleaned up. Tiffany
coaxed, as she removed Taeyeons hands from her waist.
No! Dun leave! Always...They always leaving...Always leaving me, Taeyeons
arms refused to budge from her waist, Jiwoong left...Hayeon left...
Your brother and sister? Tiffany frowned, she was sure she heard someone
mention them before, but everything came up blank.
Uh-huh...Mom left...Hyoyeon left...Sunny left...Everyone leaves me. Dont leave,
please, Taeyeon was definitely crying by then.
Tiffany stared at the distressed woman with uncertainty. It seemed that Taeyeon
had some serious abandonment issues buried under her usual dorky, happy-golucky persona. As it if it were acting on its own accord, Tiffanys arm wrapped
itself protectively around Taeyeon and squeezed her shoulder comfortingly.
Im not going anywhere. Im right here, Tiffany said softly, while gently rubbing
Taeyeons back.
I promise.

nah hohn jah suh sarang eul mahl hah goh

sarang eul boh nae goh
hohn jah ssah eun choo uhk eh
At the sound of her ringtone Tiffany frowned, this probably wasnt going to be
good. She pulled out her phone and groaned when she saw the caller ID, Isak.
Ah hell, Tiffany groaned.

This was hell, Sooyoung decided. There was no other way to describe it. To have
someone you want so close, but yet so far from you. Yuri and Jessica had hit off
immediately. It was as if Yuri never hightailed it to Yangsan, and left Jessica an
emotional wreck for Sooyoung to clean up. It wasnt fair, Yuri left and yet...And
yet Jessica welcomed her back happily.
So what do you think? Sooyoung? Sooooyoung? Earth to Sooyoung! Jessica
waved her hand up and down her face.
Sooyoung blinked, Huh what?
Honestly, youre spacing out more than this one, Yuri said pointing to Jessica,
who had a renowned habit of day dreaming.
Yah! Jessica exclaimed, slapping Yuri on the arm.
Yuri merely laughed and placed her arm around Jessicas shoulder, You know
you love me yeobo.

Tsch...Why do I even put up with you seobang? Jessica sighed dramatically,

shoving Yuri away. But the massive smile on her face took all the bite from her
Sooyoung bit her bottom lip, Im gonna go and check on Taeyeon. The midget
hasnt shown her face in a while.
She had forgotten how hard it was to be around Yulsic (as they had dubbed
themselves) when they were in lovey-dovey mode. It hurt a lot more than she
You sure? I thought we were going out to dinner for old times sake? Jessica
asked. Although Sooyoung noticed that she didnt sound or look too sincereher
eyes remained glued to Yuris innocent smile the entire time.
Sooyoung shook her head, Nah, maybe another time. You two enjoy yourselves.
It was nice seeing you again Sooyoung. We should catch up another time, I miss
your pranks, Yuri waved as Sooyoung walked away.
Yuris farewell line sparked her thoughts...You miss my pranks eh? Well lets see
how much miss them after this...
It wasnt hard for Sooyoung to find out where Yuri was living. Now, what was the
number for the local garden centre again? For the first time in her life, Sooyoung
loved the fact that they delivered tonnes of soil straight to your front door.
Punching the numbers into her phone she waited for a bit before the operator
picked up.

Hello? Ah yes, Id like a delivery of sand to this address. Just dump it all over the
front lawn...

This is nice and everything, Jessica commented as the two of them sat in a cosy
Korean restaurant.
I sense a but in your sentence, Yuri said. It had been a while, and she knew she
had to face the consequences of her actions.
...But you really cant expect us to pick off where we left off, Jessica finished,
looking at Yuri with a frown, You left Yuri...You left me.
Yuri looked away, You know why I had to do it.
Jessica said nothing, and started to push the food around her plate.
I know... I know but it doesnt make it any easier. You didnt have to leave,
Jessica pointed out.
Sica look at me, Yuri said as Jessica turned to face her, Tell me honestly that
we couldve continued the way we were. It wasnt going to work, and we both
knew that.
And you think its just magically going to work after you disappeared for years!?
Jessica exclaimed.
Sica, I honestly thought that you found someone else already. When I kissed you
I was expecting you to slap me. I was expecting you to scream at me, to say you
hate me. I knew I screwed up...So why did you wait for me? Yuri asked.

Jessica looked at her with a sombre smile, Dont ask questions if you already
know the answers Yul.
I want to hear it, Yuri said, yearning laced in her tone.
We threw away too much to be together. It would be a shame and a waste if we
just fell apart after all of that drama, Jessica responded. She immediately felt
guilty as Yuri flinched from the cold response. It wasnt the answer Yuri was
looking for and Jessica knew it.
I see, Yuri replied crestfallen. Well what did you expect Kwon? You upped and
left her, of course she doesnt loYuri squashed the thoughts from her mind and
prepared to leave. What the heck had she been expecting anyway? A welcoming
red carpet? A loving girlfriend that was just gonna fall into her arms? Yeah right, I
fucked up royally.
No dont leave, Jessica grabbed her arm. Yuri inhaled sharply, as cheesy as it
sounded, she felt sparks shooting up her arm as Jessicas soft hand touched her
bare skin.
I didnt really mean it like that. Sorry, I guess Im just mad. Whyd you go for so
long Yul? Jessica asked.
I needed to clear my head. The guilt was eating us up Sica. You knew how that
felt. Every time I kissed you, every time I touched you, everywhere that I looked
Im reminded that we betrayed our friend. I kept hearing Tiffanys voice in my
head: calling me a traitor, calling me a back-stabbing bitch, calling me a whore
and we both know that she was right. No matter how much we colour it, no matter

how much we try to reasonit still doesnt change the fact that I was seeing
Tiffany my friends- girlfriend behind her back, Yuri said.
...Heh...If youre the whore, then what does that make me? I was the one that
cheated, not you. Its a wonder that she doesnt hate me. Its a wonder that she
doesnt hate either of us, Jessica said.
She doesnt? Then whyd she go back to America so suddenly? Yuri frowned.
Tiffany told me that she had family problems...God Im a horrible person. While
my girlfriend was worrying about her father and siblings in the States, I was
cheating on her with a mutual friend... Jessica muttered.
Youre not a horrible person Jessica. If anything that would be me. I
Stop it...Look at us, were still playing the its my fault game after all these
years. Were still messed up arent we? Jessica laughed humourlessly.
Cant argue with you there. Have you spoken to her? Tiffany I mean, Yuri asked.
Jessica nodded, We smoothed it out. It was...odd. She didnt seem angry at all. I
mean...not to sound narcissistic or anything, but I expected her to hate meor at
least be a little upset even after all these years. But she was fine, after the shock of
seeing each other again she had her trade-mark eye-smile on and asked me how we
were going.
What did you tell her? Yuri asked.
That we werent together anymore and that you left to Yangsan. She seemed
upset when I said that though... Jessica replied.

Yuri tried to process all of that. She really did, but it didnt seem to make any
sense. How could anyone not hold a grudge over that? How could Tiffany be upset
that they werent together? Either she was a brilliant actress or God had sent them
an angel.
I didnt deserve her... Jessica said, staring into nothing.
Do you regret it? Yuri asked softly, I know we both felt guilty to the point that
we couldnt even look at each other, but... Do you regret seeing me?
Sometimes, Jessica replied truthfully, Do you regret it? Regret the first time you
kissed me?
Sometimes, Yuri mirrored her reply, It was killing me you know. I knew I lo
liked you, but at the same time I knew it was wrong to. Do you still like her? Yuri
asked bluntly.
No. I miss her, but thats purely platonic. So I guess thats everything out in the
open now, Jessica said. It did feel better, to be able to get everything out, she
felt...lighter. Now if only Yuri wouldnt open that other can of worms.
Not everything yetyoure still forgetting the crucial question. What happens to
us now? I know we cant continue where we left off, but could we start over? Build
up from a fresh beginning? Yuri asked hesitantly.
Jessica didnt answer her. She didnt know how to. The lingering guilt about
cheating on Tiffany was gone, everything was in the past, so why not? The answer
wasnt simple. It was freakishly tall and started with an S.
...Its Sooyoung isnt it? Yuri asked.

Jessicas eyes widened, How

I am neither blind nor stupid Jessica, I saw the way she looked at you... Do
you...Do you feel the same? Yuri asked.
Jessica hesitated, unsure of how to answer her, after all, she didnt even know
Ill understand if you do. She was around and I was the jerk that left. I just want
to know if I even stand a chance.
Jessica looked at her food, If you didnt stand a chance then I wouldnt even be
here now. But...I dont know what I feel about Sooyoung. I dont want this turn out
like last time.
Yuri nodded, Once was enough for me. Ill tell you what, lets break up officially
right now.
What? Jessica asked in alarm. After all that, was Yuri just going to up and leave
Break off cleanly. That way, Sooyoung knows she has a fighting chance. That
way it will be fairand I will fight for you Jung Sooyeon, I will, Yuri vowed.

3 hours later...
Taeyeon woke up to the blaring noise of her alarm clock. Who the hell set her
alarm to ring at 9 pm!?

Ow... She groaned as she shut her eyes and pulled her blanket over her head.
Wait a minute...I dont remember going to bed. Slowly, the fragmented memories
started coming back to her. She remembered drinking, Tiffany arriving, they
talked...About what? Taeyeon drew a blank.
Thats it...Never again, I am sick of these gaps in my memory! Taeyeon swore
off all any alcohol for the next 10 years. She was going to throw away every bottle
of wine, vodka, beer and champagne in her house.
Thats when a strange thought occurred to her, I live on the ninth floor...Then
how the hell did Tiffany get in? Taeyeon wondered aloud. Speaking of Tiffany,
where was the girl? Taeyeon hoped that she didnt decide to disappear again.
Ding Dong! Ding Dong! Ding Dong!
I really need to change that doorbell... Taeyeon muttered to herself as she rolled
out of bed, wondering who was ringing her doorbell at 9.
As the door swung open, Taeyeons jaw dropped. Tiffany staggered into the
apartmentcovered in blood.
What the hell!? Taeyeon exclaimed.
Tiffany didnt reply, she merely slammed the door shut, locked it and headed over
to Taeyeon.
Need a bandage, She rasped in a hoarse voice.
Why? Taeyeon asked stupidly. Her mind couldnt process the fact that Tiffany
was covered in blood.

...Got shot, Was all Tiffany said before collapsing onto the living room sofa.
That was all the incentive Taeyeon needed to rush to the kitchen and pull out her
first aid kit.
We should call an ambulance, Taeyeon said, watching as Tiffany wrapped her
arm in the white bandage.
No! Tiffany protested fervently, No ambulance.
You got shot! Taeyeon exclaimed gesturing to the bloody mess that was
Tiffanys arm.
I already got the bullet out, Tiffany shrugged as if it was no big deal.
You got shot! Taeyeon repeated, What the hell were you doing to get shot!?
Wait...What the hell were you doing out of the apartment anyway?
Had a meeting with the cops...and then I ran into some trouble. No big, Tiffany
I still think you should go to the hospitalor at least tell the police, Taeyeon
said firmly.
No, Tiffany replied. She looked Taeyeon directly in the eyes, Trust me,
Taeyeon stared at her, unsure of what to do.
Please Taeyeon, dont call anyone, Tiffanys chocolate brown eyes were wide as
she pleaded with the shorter girl.

Taeyeon sighed, Alright, but if youre feeling dizzy or the wound gets infected,
Im telling Hyoyeon.
Sounds fair, Tiffany agreed, leaning back onto the couch, Taeyeon sat not too far
away from her, Taeyeon...
Hm? Taeyeon looked at Tiffany questioningly.
Do you...Do you think Im a bad person? Tiffany asked in a small voice.
Taeyeon could barely hear her and she was sitting less than an arms length away.
I would say no, Taeyeon replied immediately.
Really? Tiffany looked troubled.
Would a bad person calm me down last night? Would a bad person take care of
the crying wreck that was me a couple of hours ago? Would a bad person promise
to help a complete stranger? Taeyeon asked rhetorically, Youre not a bad person
Tiffany, youre one of the most selfless people Ive ever met.
Thanks Taetae. You really do know how to make a girl feel special, Tiffany said
with a small smile.
Taeyeon knew that something was still bothering the usually cheerful woman.
You know that extends both ways right? If you need help, Id be there to lend a
Thank you, Her hand slipped around Taeyeons. Somehow she felt slightly better
when they touched.

Yuri had no idea how anyone could do this. She had no idea when anyone managed
to do it. She had no idea why anyone would do this. She had no proof on who did
it. But she knew, she just knew who did it. Yuri clenched her fists in anger, glaring
at the $208 dollar bill taped to her front door...That and the fifteen tonnes of sand
dumped on her front lawn.

Chapter Ten

Chap 10
Game On
Tiffany staggered into the apartmentcovered in blood.
...Got shot, Was all she said before collapsing onto the living room sofa.
Two hours earlier...

Are you insane!? What the fuck were you thinking Tiffany!? Hyoyeon
exclaimed as Isak shoved Tiffany into the back of the police cruiser. She struggled
to sit up and realised that Leetuk was also in the back of the cruiser.
Darn, so they busted you too, Leetuk said as Tiffany massaged her sore hand.
Yeah...Did you really have to do that? Tiffany complained to Isak who had slid
into the passenger seat.
Did you really have to burn that house down? Isak retorted with a glare.
Tiffany shot a glance at Leetuk who was giving her a panicked look, I
--If I had half a brain, Id pull you out of the car right now and shoot your fucking
arse! I risked my career to keep you out of jail and now look what you did! Isak
interrupted furiously. She pulled open the glovebox and took out a file.
Look at this! Youve caused about a million US dollars worth of damage and it
doesnt even begin to cover collateral! Isak shouted, tossing the file back to
Collateral? I made sure the house was empty, we didnt kill anyone! Leetuk
protested as Tiffany scanned through the report.
$1 034 000 USD worth of damage, blah, blah, blah...Wait what!? Tiffany re-read
the report again.
The entire house fucking collapsed onto the treewhich caused the tree to
collapse and kill several bystanders! Isak growled.
Alright, you two get outside. Now, Hyoyeon said as she pulled over.

Tiffany glanced outside, Hyoyeon had driven to the outer ring of the city. A
warehouse stood behind themthe warehouse that Leetuk used as headquarters to
be exact.
Damn it, how did they find it? Leetuk swore.
What are we doing here? Tiffany asked.
Youre going to tell me where the rest of your fire-crazy gang is, Isak said as she
opened the car door and hauled Tiffany out. Hyoyeon had gotten Leetuk out and
shoved against the car door.
Like hell, Leetuk said, he elbowed Hyoyeon in the gut, turned around and
shoved her away from him before pulling out his gun, Alright officers, just back
away and Tiffany and I will be on our merry way.
But Isak wasnt having any of that, she grabbed Tiffany and pulled out her gun
pressing it against Tiffanys back.
Isak put the gun away, youre over reacting, Hyoyeon said reasonably.
Im not saying it twice pretty boy, throw your gun on the ground or you and your
friend get free caps in the butt, Isak threatened.
Youre outnumbered kid. Put the gun down before you or your friend gets hurt,
Hyoyeon said softly.
Leetuk looked at Hyoyeon and then at Isak who was holding Tiffany hostage.
You wouldnt do it, youre cops! He sounded almost hysterical.

You wanna bet? This bitch has been a pain in my arse for ages, Isak said taking
the safety latch off her gun.
Tiffany froze, not sure how this would turn outbut either way it was looking bad
for her. She had a gun pointed at her from front and back, although Leetuk didnt
want to shoot her, there was no telling what accidents might happen when he
Alright this has gone on far too long already. Hyoyeon just blow off his kneecaps
so we can search this place and arrest the rest of the loony crowd, Isak said
gesturing to the warehouse.
As Isak was distracted, Tiffany launched into action, she grabbed Isaks hand and
pushed her thumb into the pressure point between Isaks thumb and index finger
causing her to relax her grip on the gun. That was all Tiffany neededshe threw a
round kick at her head and bolted.
Goddamnit! NO! Tiffany heard Isak shout before two deafening bangs echoed in
the empty street.

Present time:
I know, I know! I heard you the first time... No, she doesnt know anything...Im
sure...Seriously?...Oh for craps sake I just got shot!...Aish fine...The things I do for
you...Bye, Tiffany grumbled into the phone. It was four in the morning, but fate
refused to leave her alone.
Mnnmmm...Come back to bed Fany-ah, Taeyeon murmured half-asleep.

Tiffany laughed, knowing how many different ways that statement could be taken.
Only Taeyeon was too sleepy to notice. The two of them had fallen asleep on the
couch after hours of just sitting there in each others arms. It was...strangely
comforting, to say the least.
Go back to sleep Taeyeon, Ill be back before you know it, Tiffany said, placing
a light kiss on Taeyeons forehead. Taeyeon shifted a little but fell asleep within
Tiffany got off the couch and went to Taeyeons walk-in closet. She pulled a small
briefcase down from one of the top shelves and opened it. Inside lay two glock
pistols and a few extra magazines. Tiffany pocketed the magazines, she slipped
one gun into her inner blazer-pocket and placed the other onto the holster strapped
around her thigh.
Beepbeep beepbeep beepbeep beepbeep
The small alarm strapped to her wrist sounded, Tiffany shut it off with a grim
Show time

When Yuri got home at 10:30 last night she was furious. Sooyoung had somehow
dumped 15 tonnes of sand on her front lawn and even sent the fucking bill to her.
By 4am that morning she was fuming. That freakishly tall woman had rewired her
electric alarm clock to go off every few hours and she couldnt turn it off. She

ended up throwing the blasted thing into the wall and it smashed into itty bitty
By 7am Yuri was practically foaming at the mouth, The Shikshin had either eaten
or taken (or done both) all of the food stocked in her cupboard and fridge, which
arguably wasnt much since she just moved in, but it was the principle of the thing.
By 8am Yuri was ready to drown her childhood friend in the toilet bowl. After her
usual morning workout, she liked to have a warm shower. That conniving son of a
bitch had literally cut her hot water pipes.
By the time Yuri got into her car to get breakfast, she snapped. That blasted
woman had emptied her petrol tankonto her new bed of flowers.
Pulling out her phone, Yuri viciously punched the numbers in. Sooyoung picked
up on the 10th ring.
Dude its 8:30 on a Saturday morning. Im still slee

Thats odd...I dont remember putting that there, Taeyeon frowned as she studied
the yellow 50 000 won note. Shrugging, she pocketed the note. She probably
dropped it when she was still had a job and her huge bank accountback then, she
thought she understood money, but in reality she really was just a spoilt princess,
not as bad as some of the others, but far from independent.

It was almost nine and Taeyeon had woken up to find Tiffany missing. Somehow it
didnt surprise her anymore...At the sound of her ringtone, Taeyeon fumbled
around and answered her phone.
Please tell me youre home right now, Sooyoungs voice sounded rather
Yes, why? Taeyeon asked.
Let me in! Sooyoung said, followed by pounding on her door.
Why? Taeyeon walked to the front door, wondering what the hell was going on
with the younger girl.
You wanna know why!? Yuri is going to dissect me! Let me in!
Didnt Yuri move to Yangsan?"
Taeyeon unlocked the door, it immediately swung open and a rather panicked
Sooyoung barged inside. She slammed the door shut and locked it.
Whew... Sooyoung exhaled in relief as she slumped down in one of Taeyeons
leather couches.
Taeyeon stared at her cousin quizzically, What did you do?
A downright evil grin appeared on Sooyoungs face, Wouldnt you want to

Actually, I probably dont. Less chance of me getting implemented if I remain

clueless," Taeyeon changed her mind. She did not want to be caught in the
crossfire of Sooyoung's prank wars.
"You're no fun," Sooyoung said, "So where have you been lately? Stuck in the
house with your new wife?"
Taeyeon stared at her cousin incredulously, "Um...Have you been home in the last
48 hours?"
"Um...No, I've been staying at Sica's. We had a project to do, and it was just easier.
Why?" Sooyoung asked. The look on Taeyeon's face did not look good.
Taeyeon sighed, "I suppose you're gonna find out anyway...My dad kicked me
"He found out about Tiffany. Apparently I'm a 'disgrace to the family'. So I've been
running around Seoul looking for jobs...I never realised how much living costs,"
Taeyeon scowled.
"WHAT? First Hyoyeon, now you?? It's official, our family has gone insane,"
Sooyoung shook her head, "There's not a single responsible person left. Kim
Industries is going to die."
Taeyeon chuckled, "Maybe that's what I should do-- go home and make dad realise
that Ryeowook is going to be heir. He'll change his mind so fast... "

"You never know, it might work if your brother still refuses to come back to
Korea. I'll poke around at home and see what the others think. Aish...I hate clan
politics," Sooyoung shook her head. Some people would kill to be part of their
family-- but with the benefits, comes the burdens. Strict rules, proper etiquette,
paper work, family rivalries-- a lot of people from their generation got sick of it.
When Hyoyeon got disowned, her younger brother legged it to Australia under the
pretext of studying. After that, Taeyeon's elder brother disappeared to Japan when
he realized that he was going to be heir. Taeyeon herself hadn't wanted the
position, but she was mature enough to realise that Ryeowook and Sooyoung aren't
exactly good options.
"Anyway, enough about that. Sica left me a message, she couldnt reach your
phone and wanted me to tell you to meet her at the mall," Taeyeon changed the
subject, not wanting to get into detail about their family history. Eversince the title
got shoved onto her, she regretted not going to Japan with her brother.
"Really? Sooyoung asked in surprise, "What's this about?"
Taeyeon shrugged and gestured to the coffee pot on her kitcher counter, "Want
Sooyoung shook her head, "Nah, knowing Jessica, she'd probably want to have

Not long later...

Jessica looked from Sooyoungs innocently smiling face, to Yuris homicidal look,
and then back to Sooyoung again.

What did you do? The three of them were sitting in the food court of the local
shopping centre, as per tradition of having breakfast together. However Yuri
seemed to be trying to kill Sooyoung with her eyes.
Why do you always assume I did something? Sooyoung asked.
What did you do? Jessica repeated, not even bothering to acknowledge
Sooyoungs mock offence.
Nothing, Sooyoung said innocently.
What did she do? Jessica turned to Yuri, who was burning holes into Sooyoung.
Nothing, Yuri said through gritted teeth, though her tone and expression clearly
said otherwise.
Alright then, Im going to get some breakfast. You two behave, Jessica said as
she got up and walked off.
This is war, Yuri glared at the younger girl.
To her surprise, instead of responding with an equally challenging remark,
Sooyoung merely snorted bitterly. War? Youve already wonyouve won a long
time ago. I was just being petty.
Are you just going to give up? Yuri smirked.
Do I even have a chance? Sooyoung rose her eyebrows, Why are you goading
me? Shouldnt you be off with your girlfriend?
We broke up.

Say that again.

We broke up, Yuri repeated.
Say that again.
We. Broke. Up. Yuri stared at Sooyoung exasperatedly.
...Im not sure if I heard you correctly
Im not saying it again, Yuri interrupted, she had forgotten how annoying the
other girl could be.
Why? Sooyoung asked, her hands clenched tightly underneath the table.
Because Ive already told you three
No, I mean why did you break up!? Sooyoung demanded, Dont you remember
what you told me before you left?
I remember, Yuri said softly. She was so messed up at that time, she
remembered the sheer desperation that was overwhelming her.
Then why!? Youre fine now, you can stop worrying about--you are fine right?
Sooyoung checked suspiciously, her eyes glancing over to Yuris arms, which
were covered by her long sleeved sweater.
Sooyoung remembered the last time she saw Yuri. They were at the train station,
the usually playful girl was shaking, breaking to be more accurate the fresh red
marks on her arms being the cause of her troubles.

I am trusting you to take care of her Soo, Yuri said, preparing to board the
incoming train.
Why dont you take care of her yourself? She needs you! Sooyoung protested.
Jessica was getting more and more depressed as each day progressed, and Yuri
was making it worse by pulling away. Sooyoung did not want to think about what
would happen if Yuri left altogether.
I cant! You know I cant go on like this! Yuri said, shoving her arm in
Sooyoungs face. A row of tiny red dots lined up on her skin, Jessica deserves
better than this! I need to clean myself up and I cant get her involvedIll kill
myself before that happens.
I thought you were getting better. You told me you were quitting, Sooyoung
accused, glaring at the marks on Yuris veins.
You think I havent tried? Its not that easy! Yuri retorted angrily, You dont
just say Im going to quit and then magically do it within a month.
Isnt your father helping you? Please Yul, stay. Shell fall to pieces without you,
Sooyoung pleaded. She always wanted what was best for Jessica, Yuri made
Jessica happy, and so she was fine with Yuri being there even if it was torture to
see them together.
My father? Ok, cmere, Yuri said pulling Sooyoung away from the crowded
platform and into a more secluded corner.
Whats this about? Sooyoung asked apprehensively. In the past months she had
found out more information about the heroin trade then she ever wanted to know.

My father made a deal with an illicit drug company in order to supply me with
pure heroin so I can quit safely. But once the money started rolling in from all the
illegal dealingshe started getting greedy. Two weeks ago he told me to get Jung
Incorporated involvedin other words, get Jessica hooked on herointhere is no
way in hell that Im ever doing that, and I told him straight to his face. He cut off
my supply and Ive been doing the disgusting street shit ever since. Im going into
withdrawal, my body is sweating twenty-four-seven, I cant sleep at night, my
muscles cramp up and Im getting panic attacks every couple of hours. I want it, I
want it so bad Soo. Im scared. Scared that I might give in and get Sica involved in
this. I have to goI need help. Please Sooyoung. Take care of her, protect her,
because Im not in any shape to take care of a fish, let alone someone as precious
as Jessica, Yuri pleaded.
Sooyoung could see it in her posture, she could see how truly messed up her friend
was. Yuri was desperate, guilty and definitely not in control. Sooyoung knew it
took a lot for her to admit that she needed help, and at that point Sooyoung
understood. If she was in Yuris position, she would leave as well. Staying
wouldnt be safe for Sica, and Sica came firstalways.
Fine, Ill do it, Sooyoung relented.
Promise me Sooyoung. Promise me youll take care of her, Yuri gripped
Sooyoungs shoulders and forced the younger girl to look straight into her eyes.
I promise.
Promise me youll keep her safe!

Sooyoung could hear the hysteria in Yuris voice and the tears that were brimming
in her eyes. It was obvious that simply leaving was going to emotionally tear Yuri
apartbut she was going to do it anyway, because Jessica came first.
I will, Sooyoung promised, But only if you promise me youll stay safe and
come back.
Yuri turned away as the train arrived at the platform, Ill be safe.
It wasnt until after she disappeared onto the train that Sooyoung realised Yuri
never said anything about returning. She hadnt expected to recover.
End Flashback
Yuri rolled up the sleeves on both of her arms. There were faint marks on the skin
above her veins, but Sooyoung could tell that they were old.
It took a while, but I managed itIm clean, Yuri said with a genuinely pleased
So why? Sooyoung asked. She didnt really know why she was so upset. She
liked Jessica, she had been trying (consciously and subconsciously) to get Jessicas
attention for yearsall that stood in her way was Yuri. Even when she wasnt
physically present, Yuri was still a block that stood between her and Jessica-- but
now that the elder girl had stepped down, all Sooyoung felt was anger.
I screwed up royally and I know it. You were there for her when I was busy trying
to sort my shit out. It wouldnt be fair if I just hitch a free ride because I was too
scared to break it off, Yuri explained. She never said goodbye, not to Jessica

anywayit was already too painful, she was afraid that she would stay if she tried
to say goodbyeand that would have ended up disastrous.
What are you saying Yul? Sooyoung asked, Stop skipping around and tell it to
me straight.
Three years ago I literally dumped all of my problems onto you. Its not fair if I
just come back and reap all of the rewards. So I levelled out the field Sooyoung.
The question is, are you even going to play? Yuri challenged.
Sooyoung looked at her straight in the eyes, Game on.

Tiffany saw the warning signs mere seconds before it happened.

Fucking hell! Abort! Tiffany yelled into her microphone as the entire building
blew up into smithereens.
What the hell was that!? Sunnys panicked voice sounded from her ear piece.
Some idiot blew up Seo Pharmaceuticals. There goes plan A, Tiffany said as she
watched the mushroom smoke cloud rise in the distance.
What!? What the hell are the Beta Squad doing then? Theyre supposed to be
monitoring the building! Sunny screeched into her ear.
Ow! I know that! Youre going to kill my ears if you keep yelling. Whats the
plan now? Tiffany asked.

Just great. Fucking great. That was nearly 10 years worth of evidence gone. All
gone! Not a trace of the largest heroin lab in all of South Korea left...fucking hell,
Sunny swore, grumbling a string of cusses and curses that would put pirates to
Dont remind me...This is the third mission Ive been on thats gone to shit, at this
rate Im going to be stuck with security check-ups for the next decade, Tiffany
Alright, this isnt finished yet. I need you to find out what the hells being going
on with Isak and Hyoyeon. Continue with project Parasite and Ill call back up for
you, Sunny said.
Who? Tiffany asked.
The Alpha Squad.
Well about time. Ive been requesting their assistance since Kangta got killed.
Be more careful ok? You already got shot when that good-cop bad-cop routine
you played with Isak and Hyoyeon got out of control. Dont make me bury two
agents after this.
Dont worry, Ill be fine. I still cant believe Hyoyeon shot me... Tiffany
muttered. Even though it was an accident, her arm still hurt like hell. Hyoyeon had
been aiming at Leetuk, but the sneaky bastard had kicked her hand right when she
pressed the trigger, so she ended up shooting Tiffany instead. Isak was furious, but
at least they managed to lock Leetuk up for good.
I might actually come down later when everything gets settled. Over and out.

Over and out, Tiffany said, watching as police sirens echoed in the streets.
Why the hell did I even agree to go on this mission?

Chapter Eleven

Chap 11

Project Parasite
Why the hell did I even agree to go on this mission?
Flashback One Month Earlier...
Tiffany! Oh Tiffany!
Tiffany shuddered as she heard the aegyo-filled voice, she would recognise that
tone anywhere. Turning around, she spotted the little blonde-haired menace
approaching her.
So youre back. I heard you went to Japan, Tiffany said.
Yeah, that was actually a lot of fun...until things went stabby and shooty with the
Yakuza. How about your little vacation? Sunny shrugged as she slowed down to a
walking pace next to Tiffany.
The two of them wandered down the corporate building hall. It was hard to believe
that they were strolling down one of the most important buildings in the US.
Tiffany shook her head, Urgh...That was not a vacation, it was a nightmare. She
still couldnt believe how she managed to do that.
Werent you in Australia? Sandy white beaches and all that? Sunny asked,
wondering why Tiffany looked so tired.
Ha! Thats how they lure people into their death trap. Theres a reason why
Australia is separated far far away from everywhere elseits to protect us,
Tiffany declared.

She frowned when she noticed Sunny looking a little more serious than usualby
now the cheerful girl should be jumping up and down, filled with aegyo and
demanding details, Whats up with you?
I got back yesterday and then my uncle shoved another mission on me
sometimes I swear hes trying to kill me, Sunny complained.
Well this is SooMans Entertainment Unit, Tiffany said as both of them laughed
at the old joke. They worked under the SME Unit, which stood for Special Military
Espionage Unit. Sooman Lee was the founder of the agency, but Sunny had told
them her uncle had originally wanted to make an entertainment company but ended
up living in America instead. So the agents often joked that he liked to torture the
workers of the secret agency for his own entertainment.
Anyway, youre on the roster. Were supposed to head over for a mission
briefing, Sunny explained.
Me? Really? After all those screw ups? Tiffany asked in surprise. The last
successful mission she had been on was over a year ago. After Jamaica, every
other mission she went on went to hell.
What exactly did you do? Sunny asked.
I refuse to answer that question. So whats this mission about? Tiffany changed
the subject.
Im not sure. All I got was something about a heroin drug cartel in Korea and
some rich family names thrown around. Choi, Kim, Jung and Seo came up a lot,
Sunny said as they entered the mission briefing room.

Pharmaceutical Companies In The Drug Trade
DAKAR, 20 February 2009 - Criminal networks are setting up fake
pharmaceutical companies in Korea to transit substances used to make street
Heroin, according to the International Narcotics Control Boards 2008 Annual
Report. The companies forge import permits to illegally import morphine, which is
usually used in the medical industry to treat severe pain.
What is Heroin?
Heroin is an illicit drug made by synthesising two acetyl groups to the molecule
morphine found in the plant opium poppy. It is used as a recreational drug for the
transcendent relaxation and intense euphoria it induces. Tolerance quickly
develops, and users need more of the drug to achieve the same effects. Its
popularity with recreational drug users, compared to morphine, reportedly stems
from its perceived different effects. In particular, users report an intense rush, an
acute transcendent state of euphoria that occurs while diacetylmorphine is being
metabolized into 6-monoacetylmorphine (6-MAM) and morphine in the brain.

Jiseok Seo and Seo Pharmaceuticals: Biography

1969: Seo Pharmaceuticals opened by Youngsun Seo in Seoul, South Korea. It is
believed to be a legitimate Pharmaceutical company that produced morphine and
1983: Jiseok Seo, 16 year old son of Youngsun was caught selling his fathers
morphine on the streets for recreational use and was thrown in a correction facility.
1989: Youngsun dies of a heart attack and Jiseok takes over his fathers company.
Jiseok stopped selling Penicillin and used all of the profits to buy morphine. A
large proportion of this morphine was manufactured into Heroin and sold to the
street gangs and the black market.
1991: Jiseoks daughter, Joohyun Seo was born. Around this time, Jiseok stopped
manufacturing and selling Heroin and the company started trading penicillin again.
1993: Jiseoks daughter Joohyun was kidnapped by the drug cartels in order to
force Jiseok to continue creating heroin.
1994: Police declare Joohyun dead after finding an unidentifiable body of a 2 year
old girl in the Yeongsan River.
1996: Jiseok restarted manufacturing and trading Heroin.
1997-2002: The heroin trade was estimated to bring Jiseok over $10 million USD
profit each year. Jiseok forms a partnership with Kim Industries, Choi
Corporations, and Jung Incorporated.

2003: Police gathered sufficient evidence to raid Seo Pharmaceuticals. However,

raids at the company proved nothing and subsequent raids on Kim, Choi and Jung
yielded no success. Jiseok sued the Korean National Police Agency for defamation.
2004: Several high ranking officers were found to have taken bribes from Jiseok,
including the Chief Superintendent who was in command of the whole operation.
One national newspaper reports, If all the corruption allegations are true, it would
appear that Seo Jiseok has more police offers protecting him than the President of
2006-2008: The U.S Branch of CHERUB (an intelligence agency that employs
orphaned children from age 10-18) began Project Parasite and sent Tiffany Hwang,
Sunny Lee and Yoona Lee to investigate the three partnered companies. The agents
uncovered several drug cartels in the area and provided evidence to apprehend
2008-2010: Jiseoks daughter Joohyun was found working as a part of CHERUB
under the name Seohyun Jeon. Using this advantage, CHERUB collaborated with
SME Unit and sent Seohyun over to live with her father and to gather information.
Seohyun bugged Jiseoks house and vehicles but was unable to find solid evidence
that Jiseok was manufacturing Heroin in his company. Agents Isak Simmons,
Hyoyeon Han, Kangta Ahn, and Shindong Hee were sent to infiltrate Seo
Pharmaceuticals and the local drug cartels.
2010: Agent Hwang was sent to Yeongsan for a security mission, but discovers a
lead that Kwon Corp (who was previously thought to be uninvolved) was involved
in the manufacture of heroinhowever no evidence that was obtained was
sufficient enough to hold in court.

Mission Request
In early 2012, Seohyun and Kangta found more evidence that Kim Industries and
Kwon Corp may have a connection to the illegal aspects of Seo Pharmaceuticals.
The Korean Intelligence Agency requests that Agent Tiffany Hwang reprise her
role and infiltrate the family orientated Kim Industries and through her previous
alias, investigate Kwon Corp.
Mission Plan
Agent Hwang will return to Korea and infiltrate three parties: Kim Industries,
Kwon Corp and Leeteuks Drug Cartel. Agent Hwang will be staying at Kim
Taeyeons apartment under the guise of house arrest in order to get closer to the
target and determine whether Kim Industries is involved. In order for this to occur,
the agent will socialise and intoxicate the target so that a fake marriage certificate
can be easily arranged. Agent Hwang is also to use her fabricated pyromaniac
history to join one of the local gangs that has destroyed half of Seo
Pharmaceuticals. Through the agents previous relationship with Yuri Kwon, she
will attempt to find whether Kwon Corp is involved with the Heroin trade.
Primary Objectives
Agent Hwang has been selected to befriend the heir of Kim Industries, Kim
Taeyeon and the heir of Kwon Corp, Kwon Yuri. Since the agent has already met
the targets friendship circle in a previous mission, they are expected to reprise
their previous role and act accordingly. The primary objective is to find concrete
evidence on whether Kim Industries and Kwon Corp are involved in the heroin
trade. Kim Taeyeon works for Seo Pharmaceuticals; the objective is also to find
out whether the heir herself is the liaison between Kim Industries and Seo

Pharmaceuticals. If the agent is successful in joining the local drug cartel, she is to
assist Agent Kangta Ahn in gathering information.
Secondary Objective
Due to the agents previous mission, they have already befriended Kim Taeyeons
social circle. The agent is asked to find any evidence of Choi Corporations and
Jung Incorporated being involved.
This mission has been classified as MID to HIGH RISK. All agents are
reminded of their right to refuse to undertake this mission and to withdraw from
it at any time. Agents will be at risk of violence and illegal drugs. Agents are
reminded that they will be expulsed from SME immediately if they willingly use
Heroin or any other Class A drug.
So when does the plane leave? Tiffany grinned as she put the mission briefing
down. Finally, something interesting.
Youre definitely going then? Sunny asked.
Of course, this is the one mission that I cant put down, Tiffany said
remembering back to when she was fourteen. Project Parasite was one of the most
important missions she had ever been onit was also one of the most successful
ones. Are you?
Yeah, brings back memories doesnt it? Only this time Im going as your mission
controller, Sunny said showing Tiffany her mission briefing.

Aw, you get stuck on the tech side of things. Bad luck, Tiffany said
Mission controlling involved working behind the scenes and monitoring bugs and
cameras. Basically doing all of the research. It was extremely important, one
mistake could blow the entire operation upbut it was also dead boring.
Actually, I wouldnt mind a break from the front lines. Especially after the
insanity in Japan, Sunny reasoned.
She headed to one of the many filing cabinets in the room and rifled through the
manila folders.
Ah! Here we are, Sunny said as she pulled out the correct folder, Now it says
here that Seohyun, Hyoyeon, Kangta and Isak are already in Korea. Wow, theyve
been there for almost four years now. We are going to be infiltrating a street gang
led by Park Leeteuk. Yoona and her mission controller Tony An are going to be
infiltrating the rival gang, led by Kim Kibum. For the most part we wont be
interacting with Yoona or Seohyun, but the plan involves you working with
Kangta, Hyoyeon and Isakare you ok with that?
Tiffany nodded. Shes known Isak and Hyoyeon for a long time and she had
worked with Kangta in the past.
Heres your targets file, Sunny said passing Tiffany a folder.
Tiffany stared at the picture on the page disbelief, How old is she again? Because
I dont think its legal for me to marry a 15 year old...
Sunny laughed, Shell be 23 in a monththats older than you.

Seriously? Youre kidding right? Tiffany asked as she looked at the picture. The
girl had wavy brown hair with distinctly large eyes and an innocently childish face.
Sunny shook her head, Read it. Shes older than you.
Oh this is going to be awkward...So when we do we leave for Korea?
Not Korea, Las Vegas, Sunny corrected her.
Vegas? Why am I going to Vegas? Tiffany frowned in confusion.
Because thats where your targets are heading. Viva Las Vegas!

Two Days Later...

Tiffany was ready to pull her hair out. Several hours into her mission and she was
already failing. Taeyeon was supposed to be on a tour in the Grand Canyon now,
but she only found Sooyoung and JessicaTaeyeon was nowhere in sight. The trio
did not make reservations beforehand so Tiffany had no idea where she went.
God I suck at this Tiffany grumbled.
Although seeing Jessica had been an odd experience. If it werent for the photos on
the files she read, Tiffany wouldve sworn that perky brunette was not the iceprincess that she knew. I guess long time exposure to Sooyoung without Yuri to
balance out is influencing her, Tiffany thought in amusement. Although Jessica
seemed happy enough, fate had a funny way of working.

As Tiffany walked down the streets of Vegas, she started to get more and more
restless. There are over a hundred hotels and casinos in Vegas. There was no way
she would find Taeyeon here.
Tiffany walked into the nearest club, intending to just let loose and enjoy herself
before her superiors find out that she lost the target. As she approached the bar, her
eyes met with a gorgeous blonde woman with mesmerising brown eyes. Screw the
mission, she was going to get laid tonight. The tired agent turned to the bartender
and ordered two cocktails before bringing her attention to the innocent-looking
Hey beautiful, do you believe in love at first sight or should I come back a second
time? Tiffany flirted openly, internally cringing at how cheesy the words
soundedat least she could finally tell Yoona that she did her stupid dare and used
a pick-up line they found on the internet.
Uh...I...Um...Hi, the blonde stuttered in a familiar accent. She sounded like
Hyoyeon when Korean-born agent first moved to America.
Tiffany chuckled at how alarmed the woman looked, Are you Korean? She
asked slowly.
The other nodded as the bartender set her drinks down. Internally, Tiffany sighed
in relief, the chances of the woman understanding her stupid first line just went
Im Tiffany, whats your name? The Korean words sounded a little strange
coming from her lips, it had been a while since she had used her ethnic language.
I...Im K-Kim Tae-T-Taey-yeon, She stuttered.

Tiffany froze. It took all of her training to stop her from dropping her jaw like an
idiot. Hours of searching and her target was sitting right in front of her. How
ironic. Maybe the Fates are on her side this time. Taeyeon looked a little different
than the picture on the mission briefingperhaps it was the make-up and hair dye,
but the subtle child-like features were still noticeable if she bothered to look.
Nice to meet you Taeyeon-shi, Tiffany grinned as Taeyeon took a drink from
her glass. Well, she might as well have some fun with phase one because the rest
of the mission was going to be rough.
Conversation between them flowed easily. Surprisingly they shared many of the
same hobbies and interests. So after a half hour of talking, it was simple enough to
pull Taeyeon up for a dance. The problem laid in Tiffanys concentration. After
several drinks, her mind was starting to get a little fuzzy. She tried to focus on the
mission; truly she did, but the moment Taeyeons hands brushed against her
backside, all logical thought went out the window.
Despite being half a head shorter than Tiffany, the Korean woman is pressed up
against her back. Arms sliding over her toned stomach, with her hips swaying to
the beat of the music. Well this is an interesting development, Tiffany thought in
amusement, it seems that Taeyeon grew confident when drinking and took
initiativeshe liked that.
Tippani-shi, Taeyeon murmured into her ear, her hands wandering down
Tiffanys back.
Tiffany took a sharp breath, Yes?

You have a sexy butt, Taeyeon giggled, and just like that, the atmosphere
completely dissipated.
Yah! Tiffany turned around and playfully slapped Taeyeons arm before pulling
the elder girl towards the bar. Another round of drinks was in order.

Tiffanys eyes flew open as a deafening scream assaulted her ears.
the sight of a naked woman greeted her. Oh no, oh god no. Im supposed to be on a
mission! Fuck! Tiffany thought as her mind went into panic mode.
What are you doing here!? The woman shrieked.
What are you doing here!? This is my hotel room! Tiffany protested
automatically. She looked around, oh good. It really was her hotel room.
Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! Fucking god...Chairman Lee is going to kill me,
Tiffany muttered, her hands refused to stop fidgeting as she worried over what this
would do to her spot at SME. It was the third mission in a row that she had messed
up in.
It didnt take long for Tiffany to realise that she had slept with Taeyeon-- that
calmed her down a little. It meant that the mission wasnt in jeopardyin fact, it
actually made things easier to sort out...The problem was the tattoo. All agents had
to follow a protocol, and tattoos were a definite no no. Tattoos stood out too much

and could be used to identify an agent. A red TAE tattoo encased in a heart on her
left arm would definitely stand out.
As Tiffany stood in the bathroom of the hotel with the tap running, the events of
the previous night flashed through her mind. Discarded clothes, entwined limbs,
gentle caresses and lustful moans. Her hands griped the edge of the sink tightly,
her reflection staring straight back at her. She remembered the last night clearly, a
little too clearlysometimes she envied the ones who cant remember. The ones
that forget all the stupid things theyve done.
They stumbled around the dark, eventually reaching the bedroom. As Taeyeon
pushed her onto the bed, Tiffany stopped her wandering hands.
Are you sure? The question was completely unnecessary but it had been drilled
into Tiffanys head to askafter that little fiasco a couple of years ago when an
eighteen year old decided to blame Tiffany for date rape in order to get out of a
sticky situation with her boyfriend. Needless to say, Tiffany was not amused.
Taeyeon swatted Tiffanys hands away and laughed, What else are we supposed
to do on our honeymoon?
Tiffany Saranghaeyo, Taeyeon murmured, nuzzling against Tiffanys chest as
she basked in the afterglow.
I love you too Taeyeon, Tiffany whispered in her native tongue, her arms
wrapped around the petite woman as she came down from her high.

No...Its not possible, Tiffany denied as she splashed water onto her face. It
wasnt possible for two people to fall in love within a few hours of meeting each
other. They were both drunk and out of their minds, there was nothing more to it.
There cant be.
When Taeyeon left the hotel cafe, Tiffany pulled out her cell phone, twenty miss
calls and fifteen messages, she was in for it...Her mission controller picked up after
the third ring.
Where the hell are you!? Sunnys voice screamed into her ear, I lost contact
with you after midnight, my uncles going to have my head on a platter if you
You want the good news, or the bad news? Tiffany asked apprehensively. Sunny
was already pissed, that was not good.
Just tell me whats going on. And hope that I dont kill you, Sunny said flatly.
Well... Good news is I found Taeyeon, and there would be no need for those fake
marriage certificates. Bad news is...well...I kinda got stuck with some real
marriage certificates.
...I think my signal is jumbled. WHAT did you just say!? married with Taeyeon for real? Tiffany said, although it came out as
more of a question.

...Sometimes I wonder how you managed to be called one of the best agents of all
Hey! I take offence to that, Tiffany said jokingly, she really had no idea how she
got that title either, At least I reduced our costs by not needing those fake
certificates anymore.
Yeah, but were gonna have to work on a divorce when youre done...Actually,
the Kims are a RICH family...This might not turn out bad after all.
What? Im just being practical. Anyway, Kangin says that Taeyeons going to be
flying back to Korea soon. Get back to HQ and well modify the plans a little.
Alright then. Over and out.

One Week Later...

Isak, Hyoyeon, Tiffany greeted her old friends. It had been a while since she had
seen either of them.
Hey kid, I heard youve been causing trouble back home, Isak grinned as she
pulled Tiffany into a hug.
And I thought I wanted to marry earlyyou beat me to it, Hyoyeon said
playfully waving the authentic certificate in her face.
Yah! Tiffany slapped Hyoyeons arm, I was not in my right mind.

No kidding, Isak snickered, Married to your targetreally married. Now thats

a first.
Oh ha ha, are you guys done yet? Tiffany deadpanned.
Ok, ok. Now first order of business, you need to scout out the area that Taeyeon
lives in. Her birthday is coming up soon, and thats when were going to be
dropping in. Hyoyeon and I are going to be acting as your parole officers. Youre
going to be living with her, and I know that youre twenty two, but stay safe and
use protection
Go to hell, Tiffany interrupted with a glare as Isak and Hyoyeon burst into
S-sorry... i-its j-just...My c-cous-sin... Hyoyeon could go no further as she
dissolved into hysterics.
Oh fine, laugh at the poor idiot that got married while drunk. Ha bloody- ha.
Why are you so upset? Its not like its permanent, Isak pointed out, Youll just
end up leaving after were finished here, and judging by the way youre acting, we
dont have to worry about getting too attached.
Right... Tiffany agreed, though the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach refused
to disappear. Taeyeons voice echoed in her head, Tiffany Saranghaeyo...Shaking
her head, Tiffany squashed those thoughts from her mind. The mission came
firstit wasnt the first time she had to be in a relationship for a mission. That
stray thought reminded her that she would have to see Jessica and Yuri again. Well
that would be awkward. Ah hell.

Surprisingly, Taeyeon had taken the news rather violently. As Isak braved the
chaos in the next room in order to calm Taeyeon down, Tiffany was left with
Hyoyeon who was looking rather angry.
Sunnys your mission controller right? Hyoyeon asked.
Yeah, Tiffany said, wondering why Hyoyeon wanted to know.
Can you ring her? I want to talk to her.
Tiffany frowned but pulled out her phone anyway. Hyoyeon and Sunny were just
friends nowbut the look on Hyoyeons face was exactly like the one she used to
have when they got into lovers spats.
Sunny? Yeah, its me Hyoyeon. I found out something interesting recently,
Hyoyeon said. There was a pause as Sunny answered Hyoyeons cryptic message.
I know it doesnt matter anymore, but it would bother me if I dont know the
truth. Were you dating my cousin at the exact same time you were supposed to be
dating me?
Tiffanys eyes widened in shock, Sunny cheated on Hyoyeon? Or perhaps Sunny
cheated on Taeyeon? This was interesting development. Tiffany heard no more
because Hyoyeon had walked outside, taking her conversation somewhere more

She still remembered the mission where Sunny and Hyoyeon had met, the
beginning of Project Parasite. It was the longest mission that any of them had been
on, lasting almost two years.
They were in Korea, trying to gather information on the same illegal drug
company. Only she was gathering info specifically on Jung Incorporated, and so
her relationship with Jessica was forged. She liked the other American-born girl
well enough, and in time, she grew to love her as well. But she never felt the same
passion that Jessica for her. It made her feel extremely guilty when Jessica would
look at her with those emotion-filled eyes, so she had not-so-subtly nudged Yuri
towards Jessica. Turned out that was a bad idea when she ran into the younger girl
in Yeongsan. Yuri was a Broken Ace stuck in a permanent Corner of Woe.

Tiffany hated it. She hated having to use her body like that. Taeyeon was
physically attracted to her, that much was obviousbut she hated exploiting that,
even if it was for a greater good. She was disgusted with herself for doing that
little act in the living room, and the subtle ones before it.

Dress in nothing but sexy black lingerie and prance around the apartment in order
to get Taeyeon to agree with hersounded simple enough. Tiffany knew she
wouldnt like it, but she underestimate how repulsive she would find it. She was
intelligent enough, she shouldnt have to resort to using her body like thisit
wasnt fair to Taeyeon and it made her feel like a cheap slut.
There was a part of her, in the recess of her mind that enjoyed teasing Taeyeon.
That enjoyed touching her. Tiffany immediately shoved that part away. She needed

to focus. Kangtas last report was worrying. An entire box of pure heroin had gone
missing and the drug cartels were getting angry.

Oh hell, this is bad, Tiffany muttered as she stood up and excused herself.
Leaving Taeyeon confused at the caf table.
Finding a secluded alley next to a busy road to drown out any noise. Tiffany pulled
out her phone, she wasnt supposed to contact Yoona but this was serious,
somebody had nearly gotten Kangta killed.
Yoona picked up after the 4th ring.
Its Tiffany, is it safe to talk?
Yeah, its safe. Whats going on? Yoonas tone was serious, she knew that they
werent supposed to be contacting each other.
Was it Kibums gang that got Kangta last night?
Kangta what!? I havent heard anything about that, but from what Im hearing at
this end of Seoul, Leeteuk was really angry when over a kilo of heroin went
missing, Yoona said.
Shit...That might mean that Leeteuks on to us. I gotta talk to Hyoyeon, keep safe
You too. I have a feeling things are going to blow up, Yoona said grimly.

It wasnt long before Hyoyeon contacted her. Kangta died in the intensive care
unit. Leeteuk had only questioned him because he was working at the company;
their operation was still a secret. But the problem remained, Tiffany was the only
mole left in Leeteuks gang. The mission priorities got switched around, and she
found herself hanging out with the fire-crazy group instead of with Taeyeon.

AH! Tiffany screamed as she collapsed onto the concrete floor. Her arm was
burning, her hand instinctively covered the wound as blood seeped through her
Goddamnit! NO! Isak shouted.
Another bang and Leeteuk collapsed into a heap.
Oh my god! Tiffany Im so sorry! Hyoyeon said worriedly as she rushed to
Tiffanys side.
Oh good, the bullet only grazed the flesha few degrees to the left and you
couldve been Scott free. Of all the rotten luck, Isak shook her head. She tore the
bottom hem of her cotton shirt and wrapped the material around Tiffanys wound.
We should drop you off at the hospital, Hyoyeon said.
And say what? Owning guns is illegal in Korea, and we cant get the rest of the
police department involved or else our targets are going to disappear faster than we
can blink, Tiffany pointed out.
So what do you suggest? Youre the one with the hole in your arm, Isak asked.

Just drop me back at Taeyeons. The bullet just grazed me, didnt get lodged in
the bone or anythingIll be fine in a week or so, Tiffany said.

Platonic, purely platonic. Theyre just friends, thats allTiffany tried to convince
herself as Taeyeon lay curled in her arms. Sweet Taeyeon, she truly knew how to
use words. There was no such thing as love at first sight. Physical attraction
definitelybut love took time, took effort to nurture and care for.
Taeyeon sighed in content as she cuddled closer to Tiffany, Fany-ah She
murmured in her sleep.
Purely platonic! The voice of reason in her mind shouted. Purely platonicThe
words sounded hollowShould it hurt this much to hear them?

Chapter Twelve

Something was very very wrong.
That was the feeling that Jessica woke up to that morning. It was like a voice was
chanting in her ear, telling her to just stay in bed that day. Getting out of bed would
be a bad bad idea. Yesterday had been bad enoughSooyoung and Yuri seemed to
have developed an extreme level of competitiveness. To Jessica, they were acting
like five year olds screaming look at me! Pay attention to me! all day longbut
she had a feeling that today was going to be worse. Before she could make a
decision, something pounded on her door.
Eonnie! Get up! Krystals voice sounded through the thin walls as the younger
girl continued to beat the poor door down.
Jessica groaned and pulled her blanket over her head.
Hey Jessica! Get your ass out of bed! Krystal had switched to English as her
fists her continued to pound on the door. That was not good, Krystal started
speaking in their first languagethat meant she was seconds away from barging
Go away! Jessica yelled back, hoping that her sister would listen to her for once
in her life.
Your girlfriends are here! Krystal shouted.
Jessica frowned, Girlfriends?

They said if you arent down in ten, theyre gonna go up and get you,
Krystal told her before the footsteps echoed down the hall.
Jessica snuggled into her warm blankets and refused to leave. Today was going to
be a bad day. Just as she was about drift off, her door barged open and something
large jumped onto her bed.
Come on Sica! Rise and shine! A loud voice assaulted her brain.
Jessica grabbed her pillow and slammed it over her head, Go away Sooyoung!
An arm snaked around her waist and forcibly dragged her out of the comfort of her
Soo Jessica cut off when she realised that Sooyoung was standing right in
front of her, so who was trying to pull her out of bed?
Morning Sica, Yuris husky voice whispered into her ear.
YAH! Jessica turned around and started slapping Yuris arm rather violently, I
was sleeping!
Ow Ow Ow! Sica! Yuri complained as she rubbed her arm.
II mean we brought breakfast, Sooyoung said gesturing to the steaming platter
she had in her hands, Guess what? Its April 18th, you know what that means
Yes, and my wish is to sleep all day. So come back when the sun sets, Jessica
said as she pulled her blanket over her head.

Aw come on, dont be such a kill-joy. We cooked breakfast and prepared an

entire outing for you, Sooyoung pouted.
Yeah, in bed is no way to spend your birthday. Weve got special things planned
for you today, Yuri said dragging the covers off of Jessica. Something which was
a lot harder than it sounds because Jessica had sunk her nails in and refused to let
Go away. You guys are evil! Let me sleep in peace, Jessicas voice was muffled
by the sheets.
Cmon Sica, you know usthis is generous. Its 10, and we even have a steaming
hot American breakfast with your favourite latte. If you rewind a month ago, we
rolled Taeyeon out of bed at 6 am, blind-folded her, and took her on a four hour
joy-ride, Sooyoung pointed out.
Where is Taeyeon anyway? Jessica asked, wondering why the midget wasnt in
on the plan to torture her.
She said something about tending to sick Tiffany, Sooyoung said.
Cmon! Time to get up, Yuri wrapped her arms around Jessicas waist and
hauled her out of the bed.
YAH! Jessica complained, struggling furtively in Yuris arms.
Now eat, Sooyoung said setting the tray onto Jessicas study table.
You guys are sadistic, Jessica grumbled as she stabbed her fork into the bacon.
Oh but you love us, Yuri said cheerfully.

Jessica couldnt help but think that was too true.

This is what you get for going off to god-knows-where when you just got shot,
Taeyeon scolded as she flicked the bed ridden girl on the forehead.
Ow. Im sick, youre not supposed to be hurting sick people...Meanie, Tiffany
pouted as she complained. She was lying on the bed, literally so exhausted that she
could barely move. Taeyeon was hovering over her, monitoring her temperature
and generally making sure that she was ok.
After Tiffany had witnessed the explosion of Seo Pharmaceuticals, Sunny had her
running around all over the place looking for possible places that they mightve
retreated to. Things were already bleak, it got more worrying when Sunny reported
that Seohyun stopped answering any calls. By the time she had gotten back to the
apartment, she all but collapsed in exhaustion.
Looks like the fever is getting a bit better, Taeyeon said as she laid a cold cloth
on Tiffanys forehead.
Youre still a meanie, Tiffany stuck her tongue out at the elder girl.
Real mature, Taeyeon said as she pulled an equally immature face at Tiffany.
Dork, Tiffany said affectionately.
...You were friends with Sooyoung, Yuri and Jessica in high school right?
Taeyeon asked.

Tiffany frowned, wondering why Taeyeon had abruptly switched to that subject.
Yeah, why?
Its odd I guess...Old friends turning up all of the sudden. You came back, Yuris
back, I saw Hyoyeon for the first time in 8 years, and then suddenly my high
school friend Yoona is back and invited me to a party. I feel like theres something
big going on, Taeyeon said.
Maybe its time for a reunion? Tiffany suggested weakly while cursing whoever
was in charge of covering their footsteps. This was not subtle at all. While
reassigning agents that were once apart of Project Parasite was beneficial because
they already had established relationships with the locals involvedits also
extremely suspicious if people from the past kept turning up randomly in a short
period of time.
Hmm...I wouldnt put it past some of my senior class to plan a reunion and tell
everyone else at the latest possible time, Taeyeon thought aloud.
Did you say Yoona? Tiffany back-tracked.
Taeyeon nodded, Friend of yours too?
Yeah...You can say that, Tiffany replied. This was news to her; she had no idea
why Yoona would host a party.
Ok, I have to go to work now. You be good, no sneaking out again, Taeyeon said
as she kissed Tiffanys forehead.

I make no promises, Tiffany said only half-jokingly. The only reason why she
wasnt actively trying to find Seohyun and her father was because she was literally
couldnt move after that hectic 48 hours.
Seriously, youre going to kill yourself at this rate. Just what the heck do you get
up to? Taeyeon asked.
Tiffany grinned at the disapproving frown Taeyeon gave her, Id tell you, but then
Id have to kill you.
I swear the devil sent you to torment me, Taeyeon shook her head in
exasperation as she left.
Tiffany frowned, in a way, Taeyeon was correct. Her presence completely
shattered Taeyeons cosy little set up. Not only was the elder girl forced to take
Tiffany into her home, this arrangement caused her to become somewhat estranged
with her family.
Seo Jiseok was not a stupid man. When Taeyeon told him that she worked
afternoon Monday shifts, he quickly connected the dots and figured out that
Taeyeon was the one that lost the box of pure heroin. After that it was a matter of
what he was going to do about it. As Tiffany discovered, he decided to do a bit of
digging in Taeyeons background and exposed their marriage to her father.
Which meant Taeyeon needed more jobs in order to support herself...which lead to
her dropping out of uni. So essentially, she ruined Taeyeons life. It got worse
when it became very clear that Taeyeon had no idea what she had thrown out.
Tiffany sighed, sometimes doing things for the greater good sucked.

The birds chirped overhead, resting in the canopy of the local woodland. One lone
figure, covered head to toe in armour crouched below the bushes, rifle cocked and
ready to fire.
A small crackle of static was heard before a voice sounded from the radio, Target
heading your way from the west, over.
Roger that, over, The armoured person replied before shifting to get a clear view
of the west.
The sound of thudding footsteps echoed in the otherwise empty forest, the hidden
soldier waited in anticipation.
3...An outline of the target appeared in the distance...2...The running figure
appeared closer...1...A finger pressed down on the trigger, letting rip a volley of
AAAHHH!! The bullets smashed into the running target, sending her sprawled
to the ground.
Aha! Die! The armoured figure stood up and continued to fire relentlessly.
OW! OW! YAH! Jessica! Sooyoung screamed as Jessica continued to shoot
rainbow paintballs at her.
Mwahahahaha!! Jessica cackled gleefully, fully enjoying her revenge against her
best friend.
Covering her head with one hand, Sooyoung reached into her pocket with her other
hand and pulled out a small round object.

Jessica immediately stopped firing and backed away, Yuri get your ass here right
now! Sooyoungs got a grenade! She yelled into her radio.
Im darn it!- a little ow!- busy ah gotcha!- So what were you saying? ...AH
SHIT! Yuris voice sounded through the radio along with the sounds of paintballs
flying in the background.
Sorry eonnie, Yuri cant talk right now. Shes a little...preoccupied, Krystals
triumphant voice sounded through Jessicas radio.
Jessica slammed her hand to her forehead, how the heck did Yuri let Krystal
overpower her?
Whos laughing now? Sooyoung smirked as she pulled the pin off the paintgrenade and lobed it at Jessica.
The last thing Jessica thought was Oh fuck before the entire area exploded in blue.

Tiffany was bored.

It was amazing how she would rather be chased down the street with a gang of
gun-wielding thugs than be stuck in bed all day.
Urgh...Nothing to do... She muttered staring up at the white ceiling. If she had
known that she would get this stupid fever then she wouldve told Sunny to let
someone else scout all over Seoul.
Oh (Hey oh)
nan tteollineun georeumeul (Hey Hey)

josimhi dagaga bwa; (josimhi dagaga bwa)

For once, Tiffany was glad that her phone rang. She picked up without hesitation.
Hey, did you find Seohyun? Tiffany asked.
No, my uncle sent a team for that. For now we have more pressing matters to
deal with, Sunny replied.
Whats going on?
The Alpha Team will be arriving in three days. Youll be using Yoonas party as a
rendezvous point. With the Seo Pharmaceuticals blowing up, the drug cartels are
starting to fight over the remaining heroin supply. We need to find the other
suppliers, and Im betting that Kwon Corp is one of them.
Speaking of which, when and where is Yoonas party? Tiffany asked.
Its going to be in three days, Ill give you the address later.
Alright, so what do I do until then?
Nothing, stay low and rest. Keep safe Tiffany.

Oh hey, Yoonas throwing a reunion party, Sooyoung commented off-handed as

she scrolled through the notices on her facebook.

The three of them were in Sooyoungs bedroom, freshly cleaned of paint. Yuri in
particular, was lounging on the queen sized bed and playing with Jessicas hair
while Sooyoung glared daggers at her over Jessicas head.
Hm? Who? Jessica asked, she didnt remember anyone by that name.
The other exchange student. Came the same time Tiffany did, Yuri pointed out.
Um... Jessica drew a blank.
Honestly... Sooyoung said in amusement, So what do you guys think? Worth
going to?
Yuri shrugged, Got nothing else on, Im up for a party.
Yeah, what she said, Jessica replied disinterestedly.
Sooyoung shook her head and sighed in an exaggerated manner, Yuri look at this:
youre a bad bad influence, Ice-Sica is back.
Then she ducked as Jessica threw the nearest random object (which was a shoe) at
her. Sooyoung grabbed one of her pillows and threw it at the shorter girlwho
swatted the object out of her wayand into Yuris face.
Yah! Yuri picked up another fluffy pillow and whacked Jessica over the top of
the head.
Within seconds the three of them were smacking each other with pillows and
giggling like mad.
Hey Soo, Yuri said.

Why does your family give us suspicious looks? Yuri asked. She had noticed
that a lot of the older generation were staring at her and Jess. It was rather
disconcerting to say the least.
Sooyoung rolled her eyes, After that fiasco with Taeyeon, Grandfather gave the
entire family a speech on proper conduct and went through those stupid KFC
rules about a million times. He probably told all the old farts to keep an eye on us
delinquents. So that means every female friend is in suspicionmy dads been
trying to set me up on a blind date.
Yours is like that? Um...I mean
I know what you mean. Bigoted homophobic dicks, the lot of them, Sooyoung
interrupted Jessica with a dismissive wave, Well the older ones anyway, my
cousins are cool. What about you guys?
Wouldnt know, havent spoken to anyone in my family for years, Yuri
shrugged. She wasnt quite ready to forgive her family yet. Her father was still
profiting from his partnership with Seo Pharmaceuticals, and especially not after
she found out that her cousin purposely got her hooked for some extra pocket
Eh, mine are so casual about it, I kinda wish they did have some problem with it,
Jessica said.
What? Two pairs of eyes turned to her incredulously.

Jessica opened her mouth to explain, Put it this way: I spent months angst-ing
about possibly being gay or bi, worrying about what my parents would say,
worrying about what my sister would say. Then when I finally told them, my dad
goes really? Oh ok and my mom says thats nice honey. Turns out my parents
met when they were in a 1970s hippie commune, go figure...
And youre complaining about it? Id love for my family to react like that,
Sooyoung said.
I dunno, after all that tension and build upI expected something
less...anticlimactic I suppose,
Whoever said you want what you cannot have is completely correct, Yuri
shook her head.

Taeyeon was acting extremely weird.

Well, weirder than usual. The elder girl had been avoiding Tiffany wherever
possiblewhich was quite hard to do when they lived in the same apartment. At
first Tiffany put it down to her own paranoia, Taeyeon was probably busy running
around working several jobs, but she put her foot down when Taeyeon came home
extremely late (or early, depending on how you view one in the morning) and
decided to sleep on the couch.
Taeyeon are you ok?
Taeyeon shifted a little and shrugged, Im fine.

No really, whats going on? Tiffany asked.

Nothing, Taeyeon replied flippantly as she sat down on the couch.
Tiffany stared at her, Then why are you here and not in bed?
...Its complicated... Taeyeon sighed, turning away from the confused girl.
Im sure I can keep up, Tiffany wasnt about to let this go easily.
I...I remember, Taeyeon said, refusing to make eye-contact with Tiffany.
The American-born frowned, what in the world did that mean?
Remember what?
Its kinda weird, and I dont know why it happens. Hell, even the doctors dont
know why it happens, Taeyeon began, making absolutely no sense to Tiffany
whatsoever. Tiffany nodded, gesturing the troubled woman to continue.
If I have enough to drink, then I generally dont remember anything specific that
happens within those couple of hours...but sometimes things come back to me
randomly almost. I might be thinking or looking at something and the memory just
comes back. Sometimes it takes a few hours, or days, other times it could be as
long as months...I remember Tiffany, everything.
Tiffany froze as the implications of that statement sunk in. She had said some
rather... personal and classified things when Taeyeon was completely drunk
things that should not have been said within Taeyeons hearing range at all.
Oh shit.

Chapter Thirteen

Yoona was having a bad week.
Seohyun stopped answering calls almost 72 hours ago. A little investigation around
the company revealed that someone had planted explosives all over the place. The
higher-ups believed that Jiseok wouldnt have completely destroyed his multimillion dollar operation and merely moved elsewhere when he sniffed a mole. As
the days passed, the chances of Seohyun being alive were getting slimmer and
slimmer. The only question is: would Jiseok be willing to kill his own daughter?
The full moon hung outside her window, Yoona stared at it, hoping that her
childhood friend was ok. They had known each other since they were five, going
through thick and thin, surviving against all odds. She had no idea what she would
tell Yonghwa if they didnt find Seohyun. All that time berating the elder boy
about not looking after Seohyun properly, and she goes missing when Yoona was
the closest to her. Yonghwa is going to go insane.

Everything rode on the meeting in two days time, disguised as a party so no one
would get suspicious. The Alpha Squad was supposed to arrive a few hours ago,
but Yoona hadnt heard anything from them at all.
The rapping on her front door snapped Yoonas game-face into place. It was
1am, only trouble knocked on her door at this time. Stuffing all of her worries
away, she opened the first drawer of her bedside cupboard and pocketed the silver
colt pistol. Walking to the front with one hand on the gun, Yoona cautiously
opened the door.
Ten familiar-looking thugs greeted her.
Ah, what can I do for you Kibum? Yoona addressed the man standing directly in
front of her.
The gang-leader grinned at her, I thought youd be interested to know, we found
the little hidy-hole that Jiseoks crawled into.

Yoona smirked, her day just got a hundred times better.

I remember Tiffany, everything.

Tiffanys mind went into autopilot mode as her training kicked in. She steeled her
expression and watched for signs of danger from the petite woman.

What do you know? Her tone was neutral, void of any emotionit scared
I...You were ranting about a troublesome mission. Youre an undercover cop
arent you? You p-planned everything, Taeyeon accused, her voice quivering
slightly at the last part.
What was real? What was set up? Was all of this just part of an elaborate coverstory? What the hell did Tiffany get out of staying with her? Question after
question flashed through Taeyeons mind.
Close, but not quite. Is this going to be a problem?
Are you going to be a problem? Was the real question that she asked, and the threat
of Am I going to have to take care of you? Hung clear in the air.
Taeyeon bit her lower lip, her fingers fidgeting slightly as she made eye-contact
with Tiffany, I just want to know if any of it was real.
Outwardly, Tiffany was picture-perfect for emotionless bastard, but internally
was a completely different story. Her training was drilled into her head, she knew
the protocols for these situations, but she couldnt decide what to do.
Follow the protocols! Tiffany wondered if she was going mad when a mini-angel
version of her, complete with wings and a halo poofed into existence on her right
shoulder. Dont listen to that emotionless bitch! You know what your heart wants!
Another poof and a mini-devil version of her, complete with red horns and a tail
appeared. Tiffany decided that she must be mad if the evil version of herself was
telling her to follow her heart.

When Tiffany finally did speak, her voice was barely above a whisper, Its all set
up. Its not real.
Taeyeon stood up, drawing herself to full height and glared at Tiffany, Liar.
Tiffanys expression was still blank, her eyes seemingly unfeeling as she glanced
over Taeyeons fierce countenance.
Why would I lie? If you truly remember then youd know the truth. I was sent to
befriend you, our meeting was stagedeverything was staged.
Taeyeon faltered, her eyebrows knitted together slightly as a frown made its way to
her face.
This is just part of my job, Tiffany continued.
Taeyeon looked down, shoulders hunched, and fists shaking.
The trembling girl almost cracked Tiffanys charadealmost, Im sorry, but
thats all this is.
Taeyeon said nothing, her eyes still glued to the floor, ...If thats the truth, then
you wouldnt care if I do this.
Before the agent could react, Taeyeon reached out, cupped the side of Tiffanys
face and kissed her. She blanked out, she couldnt move, couldnt think. All she
could do was feel Taeyeons soft lips brushing against her own. Her senses were
overloaded with the elder girls desperation. Her scent...Her taste...Her touch.
Unconsciously, Tiffany began to respond. She wrapped one arm around Taeyeons
waist and slide the other down her lower back. Taeyeon moaned as Tiffany began

nibbling lightly on her lower lip, hands buried in her blonde hair. The original
purpose of the kiss completely forgotten as both became completely absorbed in
the other.
Eventually they broke apart, gasping for air, Tiffany leaning heavily against the
couch. They stared at each other, breathing heavily, eyes slightly glazed and lips
Taeyeon smirked, Liar. She repeated, this time with absolute conviction.
Before Tiffany could reply, her ringtone interrupted them. She internally cursed
whoever was calling her at this hour of the night (morning).
What? She hissed into the phone. In English of course, because she was sure
that Taeyeon could not understand English whether drunk or sober.
Jeez, what crawled up your ass and died? Yoonas voice came from the other
Whats going on? Tiffany asked, the and it better be good was added silently
in her head.
I have a lead on where Jiseok and possibly Seohyun is. We have to move now,
Yoona said.
Youre supposed to wait for the Alpha Squad, dont do anything stupid
Tiffany this might be our only chanceJiseok is planning is leave the country.
Weve worked on this case for far too long to let him get away.

And what exactly are you planning? Tiffany asked, afraid of the answer.
Get your gear, Ive arranged a private jetJiseoks hiding in the mountain
ranges of Cheongju.
Tiffany sighed, I dont have a choice do I?
Nope, Yoona replied cheerfully, Wear Kevlar and bring your night-vision
goggles. Im coming to pick you up in 10.
Sorry Taeyeon, were going to have to postpone this discussion. I have a job to

3 am in the morning.
A kidnapped agent.
Five irritated rescuers.
A secluded base surrounded by vegetation and mountain ranges.
Sounded like a recipe for ass kicking.
Tiffany was strapped to her seat in a small jet with Yoona, Shindong, Hyoyeon and
How did you find out where the base was? Hyoyeon asked Yoona as they flew
passed the patch of green.

Tonys been bribing Kibum and his gang. Theyre under the impression that
were undercover cops and theyd get money and a get-out-of-jail-free card if
they supply information, Yoona explained.
Huh...Shouldve thought of that, wouldve made life much easier with
Leeteuk, Tiffany mused.
Ok, were in the area. Everybody understand the plan? Isak asked.
They all nodded.
Alright, Team One deploy.
And without further prompting, Tiffany pulled open the door and jumped out,
followed closely by Yoona. They landed on the rock path, just several hundred
metres away from where the base supposedly was. Tiffany stuffed her parachute
away and pulled down her goggles. Infrared scans showed a team of four people in
the distance. Perfect, it was just as they predicted. Jiseok had just moved in, and
hadnt had time to set up cameras in the outer regions yet.
The pitch darkness provided considerable cover, but the full moon presented a
problem. Tiffany put a mental note to be careful when venturing closer. They took
to the trees for more shelter, carefully scurrying towards the base under the cover
of the canopy.
Tiffany stopped and motioned for Yoona to do the same, up ahead was a band of
guards. Each man cradled a submachine gun, the Daewoo K7 if Tiffany wasnt

Mercenaries, Yoona spat. She always had contempt for them and Tiffany
understood why. Mercenaries, the honourless soldiers of fortune. Theyd do
anything to get the job done, anything to line their pockets. They held no
allegiances and had no moralsso long as their wallets were full by the end of the
day, they asked no questions. It made killing them so much easier.
They jumped from their hiding place and sprung into action. Tiffany had her palm
against the rear guards chin, her other reached to the back of his head and twisted.
Her hand grabbed another by the collar and rammed his head into a tree trunk. She
heard the sounds of gargling blood behind her, and turned to see Yoona slitting the
throat of the remaining guard.
Tiffany ripped one of the radios off a corpse and shoved it into her pocket. Yoona
looked at her questioningly.
Pretending to be the enemy does wonders, Tiffany explained.
Four down, twelve to go. She just hoped that Shindong had his part done. The next
group didnt take long to findthey were already sprawled out on the floor dead.
Yoona examined the bodies, Shindongs work.
How can you tell? Tiffany asked, she couldnt see anything that traced back to
Their weapons are all goneShindong has a habit of discarding the
weapons, hes paranoid that they might survive and come after him, Yoona
The radio that Tiffany stole beeped.

Delta team, come in Delta team.

Yoona sent a panicked look at Tiffany, they hadnt expected to be discovered that
Tiffany cleared her throat and held the radio close to her mouth to distort the
sound, Delta team here, She said in her best male imitation, All clear.
Copy that. Checking back in fifteen. HQ out.
Fifteen huh? Tiffany mused, she dumped her current radio and picked up the
one that Shindong hadnt bothered to take.
We have to move fast, Yoona said.
Fifteen minutes, fourteen minutes, and counting. No time to be stealthy or subtle.
They came across the next band within moments.
Catch, Yoona said.
The mercs turned at the word and Yoonas knife rocketed from the bushes, thrown
with so much force that it embedded itself into a skull. Tiffany charged, tackling
the only woman of the group to the ground. She pulled out her glock and fired into
the womans chest. Scrambling to her feet, she noticed that Yoona already had the
other three on the ground.
At this rate, you wont even need me, Tiffany mused.
The radio she had lifted off the previous squad squawked.
Bravo team, this is HQ, come in Bravo team.

Bravo team reporting. Possible disturbance sighted, investigating. Advise other

All other teams reporting to Bravo teams position. HQ out.
Tiffany swapped radios with the one she took from the woman and looped a K7
onto her shoulder.
Twelve and a half minutes now, and the last team was quite a bit ahead. Tiffany
and Yoona moved quickly on the rock path, forgetting the trees, they would slow
them down too much. Ten minutes and they spotted Shindong up ahead, having a
bit of trouble with the final group.
A lone camera was perched atop the steel door entrance. Strange for a door to be
built into the side of mountainnot to mention costlybut it sure was secretive
and easily tenable. Shindong had already disabled the camera.
Steady, aim, fire.
Several rounds and the guards around Shindong dropped like flies.
Shindong looked around warily, but broke into a grin when he spotted them,
About time.
Nova team! Do you copy!? Shots fired in your vicinity!
Tiffany snatched a radio from a body and tossed it to Shindong, motioning for him
to talk.
Nova team here. Spotted the enemy, Shindong said in a slightly deeper voice
than usual.

Grinning, Tiffany pulled out the other radio from her pocket, Bravo team
responding. Moving out.
Stay alert out there. HQ going to radio silence.
Perfect. They waited two minutes, firing randomly into the forest before making
their way to the metal door and hiding behind the trees a few metres away. Five
minutes left.
HQ, this is Nova team. Intruder captured and returning to base. Open up.
Open up it did. Two men walked out and looked about, confused at not seeing their
returning comrades. Confusion turned into terror when a cold chill seized their
throats. They fell to the wet ground, and as much as they wanted to yell for help,
no sound escaped their lips. Last thing they saw were three pairs of feet slipping
into the base and the door closing.
Thats odd, youd think that they would post more guards inside, Tiffany
frowned as they wandered down the halls.
Yoona groaned, Now youve jinxed us...
Several minutes later, they came across a corridor that leads to a large metal door.
Id bet you anything that Jiseoks hiding in there, Shindong said.
Later, we need to find Seohyun first, Yoona pointed out, but before they could
move the metal door flew open.
Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in, Jiseok drawled.

Jessica groaned as sunlight filtered through the window and shone in her eyes. She
had somebodys arm slung across her stomach and a leg (or two) wrapped around
her own. She gritted her teeth in annoyance, this was getting too far, it was as if
both of them were trying to tear her apart. At this rate, Jessica wondered if she was
better off ditching both of them.
Just what the hell am I going to do with you two? Jessica sighed.
The bed creaked as Yuri shifted, her grip around Jessicas waist tightened,
Jesshika... She mumbled softly.
Jessica turned a rather bright shade of red, but before she could whack the living
daylights out of Yuri, Sooyoung had moved so that she somehow got her thigh
resting against Jessicas backside.
Yah! Thats it! Ive had enough of this, stop molesting me in your sleep!
A few minutes later saw both Sooyoung and Yuri on the floor covered in red slapmarks while Jessica stormed into the bathroom.
Yuri looked at Sooyoung. Sooyoung looked at Yuri. Both of them looked at the
bathroom door in confusion.
What did we do? Yuri asked.
Sooyoung shrugged, I dunno, must be her time of the month.

Here doggy doggy, nice doggy...Cmere boy, niiice doggy, Shindong coaxed, but
the said dog merely turned its head away and trotted off somewhere else.
Damn it, there goes our key, Tiffany sighed as the jiggling of the metal keys
echoed down the hallway.
They were outnumbered and thrown into what looked like a holding cell a couple
of levels underground. Seohyun was still nowhere in sight.
Do you reckon Hyoyeon and Isak are looking for us right now? Shindong
Yoona shook her head, Nah, were not due back until sunrise. What time is it
now anyway?
The other two shrugged; there was no windows, no clocks, no way to tell time.
Im going to go crazy in here, Tiffany groaned, staring at the dirt ground and
walls. The only light came from the dim lamp, hanging from the wall.
Were not staying here long enough to go crazyTiffany do you have a
bobby pin? Yoona asked.
Tiffany pulled one out of her hair, Yeah, why?
A large grin broke out on Yoonas face, Excellent, lets see if I can pick-lock
this thing.
Tiffany blinked in surprise as she handed over the small black pin, Well why
didnt you do this earlier?

I had to make sure there isnt any cameras around, or if the things an
electrical lock. Everything seems clear, Yoona said as she started bending the
wire back into a straight line.
But before she could pick the lock, someone came running into the corridor outside
their cell.
Oh thank god you guys are ok.

Chapter Fourteen

Chap 14
Tiffany knew something was very wrong when she heard the click of a gun safetylatch being removed. But she couldnt, in a million years predict the scenario going
on behind her.
Seohyun what the hell!?
5 minutes earlier...
They crept down the hallway, so far so good, Jiseok hadnt noticed that three
prisoners had gone missing. Yoona walked towards the rear, glancing around to
ensure that no guards had spotted them. Apparently Jiseok hadnt figured out that
Seohyun was the mole yet, that was one bit of good news in this mess at least.

Yoona, Seohyun said softly.

Weve known each other for 16 years now, Seohyun looked up at the ceiling, her
expression rather solemn.
Yeah...Why? Yoona looked at her quizzically, wondering why the younger girl
was bringing that up. Seohyun had a rather troubled expression on her face, like
she was having trouble making a decision.
You know I love you, right? She asked.
Yoona frowned, now this was starting to get worrying, What are planning?
A small semblance of a smile appeared on her face for a fleeting second, We
really do know each other too well.
Yeah, and youre starting to freak me out, Yoona said. Seohyun usually steered
clear of any topics involving emotions, not that she didnt feel them- - she was
human, of course she didbut because they made her feel uncomfortable.
Emotions are unpredictable, uncontrollable, and the one thing Seohyun hates is not
being in control.
Remember when we were ten and doing basic training? Mr Large took us to
Disney World just so he could tell us that we wouldnt be going on the rides,
instead wed be doing a five-day hiking trip. And then we saw all those kids, our
age that were with their parents. Remember what I asked you that day?

Yoonas eyebrows knitted together, still puzzled about why Seohyun would bring
this up now of all times, but she decided to humour the younger girl, You asked
me if Mr Large was a psycho that enjoyed torturing kids.
Seohyun did grin at that, After that.
Yoonas expression grew sombre, You asked me if my parents came looking for
me, would I go back to them.
They never knew who Yoonas parents were. Only that they had found the three
year old in a small box dumped outside an orphanage.
You told me you would tell them to stuff it. When you asked me the same
question back, do you remember what I said that day? They had all believed that
Seohyuns family had abandoned her too, when they found her in that ship about to
be sold into a human trafficking ring.
Yoona stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes widened in horror, and when she spoke
her voice was barely a whisper, You said you didnt believe your family
abandoned you...Youd go back.
You guys are like my family...but I finally found my father.
The click of a gun safety-latch being flicked off echoed in the empty corridor.
Seohyun...What? Yoona whispered in disbelief as the barrel of Seohyuns gun
stared her straight in the face.
Seohyun what the hell!? Tiffany exclaimed.

The exit is at the end of this corridor, last door to the left. The pass code is
20970, Seohyun said, seeing their confused expressions, she added, One last
favour, for old times sake. I hope we never cross paths again.
Tiffany and Shindong didnt need any more prompting after that, they immediately
rushed down the hallway while Yoona lingered back.
Seohyun no, dont do this... Why would you throw everything away for a man
that left you when you were two years old!?
Seohyun shook her head vehemently, No, he didnt leave me. His enemies
kidnapped methe KCIA kidnapped me in order to coerce my father, but
something went wrong and I ended up on the wrong boat. He didnt leave meand
then ironically I end up with the same group that took me from my home. Poetic
isnt it? Or maybe a cruel twist of fate, either way Im out. I cant be on the same
side with the organization that tore my family apart, no matter how much I love
you guys. Just go Yoona...go.
Seohyun listen to the smart side of your brain
Just go!
Yoona stared at her in shock, Seohyun never raised her voice, ever.
I can only stall for so long, the guards are gonna return from their spiked-lunchinduced-naps soon. Now get moving before I shoot you, Seohyun threatened.
Yoona wouldve laughed if the situation wasnt so serious. Seohyun, her best
friend, the sweetest girl she knew had just threatened to shoot her. You wouldnt.

Whys that?
You hate violence.
Id do it if it prevents more violence. So if putting one bullet in your butt would
make you move and prevent you from becoming full-of-holes by my fathers
trigger-happy mercs, then Id do it happily, Seohyun pointed out.
Yoona sighed, Always the technical-pacifist, isnt that right Seohyun? One thing
before I go though... She closed the small space between them swiftly and kissed
the stunned girl.
Ill love you always. Without another word, Yoona sprinted towards the exit.
Tears rolled down her face, Goodbye Yoona.

Sometimes Jessica wondered why she chose Theatre and Arts as her major and not
just Music. Sure, musicals amused her at first, but it had been the singing that got
her interested in the first place. So now here she was, in the computer lab,
watching Yuri and Sooyoung squabble over who got to write the script for their
play. It was a fairy tale themed production and judging by the rough outlines that
the duo had sketched up, Jessica was really starting to regret choosing Theatre and
You two sort this out, Im going to take a nap, Jessica said before walking out of
the room. Neither of the duo even noticed, too preoccupied with their thoughts.
Alright I got it! Yuri said snapping her fingers with a huge grin on her face.

Oh yeah? I got a better idea! Sooyoung challenged.

You havent even heard mine yet, Yuri pointed out.
I dont need to. Mines still better.
Well see about that, Yuri said as she opened up the website.
It was one of those communal pages where you could write something and another
person could go on the same page and continue it. Their high school drama class
used to use the page as a writing exercise, one person would write a sentence, and
then another would write the next sentence, and so oneventually what came out
was a completely whacky story that made no sense whatsoever.
Ready? No? Ok, three, two, one, start, Without further ado, Yuri started typing.
Today, Yuri was spending another painful day cleaning the house. She occupied
herself with the hope of meeting Prince Jung
Yah, wait a sec. Whys Sica in the male role? Sooyoung interrupted.
Yuri shrugged, Its easier that way, unless you want to be the male lead?
Meh whatever, Sooyoung dismissed before turning her attention back the
rubbish that Yuri had written.
But something irritated her...and it was the ugly, dumb and irritating Sooyoung.
Hey you! Sooyoung stormed down the living room, What have you done with
my laundry?

Keeping her long blue dress from touching the ground, Sooyoung marched over to
where Yuri was scrubbing, Yah! Why didnt you do my laundry? Do you want to
die? You think your pretty face is going to save you? Just because you have boys
chasing after you, its not going to help! She demanded, taking a very unladylike
bite from her humongous loaf of bread.
Yuri shied away from Sooyoung, her eyes turning watery, Please, just dont hit
Sooyoung placed a hand on Yuris shoulder, Then dont be an idiot! She said
whacking Yuri over the head with the giant bread loaf.
My laundry better be done, She said as she threw the loaf of bread at Yuri
before marching away.
Yuri whimpered and sniffled. Our poor Yuri...She is so kind, beautiful, perfect, has
a nice body and just perfect. When will she be able to get away from that mean,
ugly, dumb, and even smelly Sooyoung and stay happy with Prince Jung?
What the hell? Sooyoung stared blankly at the screen, she knew that Yuri could
write much, much better than that atrocious piece. What the hell was the other girl
playing at?
Are you trying to make yourself sound like a ten year old Cinderella or
something? Aish... Sooyoung still couldnt wrap her head around what Yuri had
written, Well then, two can play at that game. Operation Write Like A 5 th Grader
Prince Jung stepped into the living room, Yuri turned to him and sighed. He
approached Yuri and then

Honey your back! Sooyoung said as she embraced the prince.

The moment Sooyoung arrived, the Princes demeanour changed, he picked
up a pillow and threw it at Yuri. Scrub harder! He yelled.
Prince Jung and Sooyoung were actually lovers.
Sooyeon-ah, why did you come back so late? Sooyoung asked, Ive been
waiting for so long.
Sorry, but who is that dirty girl? Prince Jung asked motioning to Yuri (who
was still on the ground).
Oh, nobody. I took her in as my own little sister because I felt sorry for her
living on the streets, Sooyoung said dismissively.
Prince Jung scrunched up his nose in distaste, Gosh, she smells.
She doesnt wash too often, Sooyoung explained.
Anyhow, lets get married. I want us to be together as soon as possible,
Prince Jung grasped Sooyoung by her shoulders.
Sooyeon, you love me that much? Sooyoung asked, her hand in Prince
Yes, Im crazy about you, Prince Jung declared as he hugged Sooyoung.
What the heck is this? Yuri said as she stared the words that begun typing
themselves up on the screen, So youre setting yourself up at Jessicas lover?

Hey, you started it, Sooyoung batted her eyelashes innocently as she stuck her
tongue out at Yuri.
Yuri brought up a tray of tea to the living room where Sooyoung and Prince Jung
sat. She picked up one of the cups of tea to give to Sooyoung, but tripped and spilt
the hot tea all over Sooyoungs blue dress.
Ah! Oh my god, you sloppy little girl! Sooyoung screeched, Wait a minute
darling. She said to Prince Jung before getting up.
Clean up, She snapped at Yuri before marching off.
Eonnie, Yuri called softly as Sooyoung slammed the door shut.
The moment she was out of sight, Prince Jung stood up and held Yuris hand,
Yuri, Im in love with you.
Yuri turned away, Prince, we cant be like this.
Due to the pressure placed on him by his father, Prince Jung was forced to marry
the dumb princess but his true love was actually Yuri.
Sooyoung brushed her dress in irritation and walked back into the living room. She
froze as she spotted Yuri wrapped in the arms of Prince Jung, You two! What on
earth do you think you guys are doing?
Sooyoung clutched the back of her neck as a strange pain appeared and then
collapsed onto the ground, convulsing a few times.
Prince Jung and Yuri held hands and jumped up and down in celebration. Stupid
Sooyoung died from the shock.

Did you just...Did you just kill me off!? Sooyoung demanded.

Yuri responded by sticking her tongue out at Sooyoung.
Oh you are so dead...
But miraculously, the dead princess came back to life after Prince Jung gave
her a drink of Vitamin-400.
Sooyoung! Youre alive! I must have been out of my mind. Please forgive
me, Prince Jung said.
Sooyoung coughed a few times before pointing at Yuri accusingly, Its all
Yuris fault! Show your true self!
In a poof, the innocent maid reverted back to her true form. A wicked witch,
with a basket of red apples! Yuri was actually a witch with a poison apple and
she had put a spell on the prince.
Wait what? How can the witch from Snow White be in Cinderella? Yuri
She dropped by on her way home from delivering an apple to Snow White. Got a
problem with that?
Hold on Prince Jung. This is all a dream, Yuri said with a smirk.
What? Sooyoung asked.

Everything up to now was just a dream. Yuri was Sleeping Beauty so she had lots
of weird dreams. Having Sooyoung in her dreams was just silly. In reality it was
much different.
Prince Jung entered the room and came upon the sleeping Yuri.
Its Sleeping Beauty. Im going to kiss her, Prince Jung declared as he leant
down to place a kiss on the sleeping beauty. The moment has finally arrived.
Says who?
As Yuri opened her mouth to yawn, Prince Jung discovered that Yuris
breath smelled so much that he couldnt kiss her.
You suck, the Prince grumbled as he got up to leave.
As he was leaving, Prince Jung remembered that he had brought mouth spray with
him. So the prince gave Yuri the mouth spray and prepared to kiss her.
As it turns out, the mouth spray was actually poison! So Yuri began to choke.
But the invincible Yuri princess was actually a princess from the fairy kingdom and
she turned out to be perfectly fine.
Princess, Prince Jung turned his attention to the recovering princess.
But Princess Yuri was actually a spy from the fairy kingdom sent to kill the
prince. She pulled the sword from Prince Jungs belt and moved to stab him
with it.

No! She was actually a secret spy sent to give the prince his sword. Yuri presented
the prince with the newly crafted fairy sword.
Prince Jung took the sword and proposed to Sooyoung.
Please be my wife, Sooyeon presented her with the fairy-made sword.
However Sooyoung refused and pushed the Prince away. The furious prince
slashed Sooyoung with his sword!
However, Sooyoungs head was so hard that the sword broke.
So Sooyoung was sent to jail for breaking the sword.
But the sword turned out to be a fake so she was released.
By then, Prince Jung and Yuri had run away together.
In a surprise twist, the Prince that ran away was actually a bum who looked
exactly like the real prince!
So Princess Yuri came back on a magic carpet!
Jessica was in a cheerful mood after she woke up from her nap. She was walking
down the street when she heard a few of her classmates in a computer cafe
Oh my god, these girls are so retarded! They laughed.

Sooyeon-ah? Prince Jung? The group of six or seven surrounded one of the
computers and were giggling like mad.
Jessica stopped at the mention of her name, Sooyeon? Prince Jung?
She headed over the crowd and started pushing her way to the front, Hey move!
The lot of them were laughing and pointing at the screen.
Jessica cringed when she read the contents on the computer monitor.
Aish, those idiots!
You better watch out, Jesshika is going to have a sword that can crush your head,
Yuri said threateningly as the ideas streamed through her head.
Ha! Same for you. Today is the last day on earth for you. When you wake up,
youre gonna be an alien from Mars, Sooyoung retorted.
Fine, lets do this, Yuri said, but before they could start typing, Yuris phone
Oh crap...
What? Sooyoung asked.
Its Jesshika, Yuri said in panic.
Sooyoung yanked the phone from her hand and answered it, Hello?

You guys better delete that stuff right now! Jessicas pissed off voice sounded
from the speaker.
You heard me. You idiots are so dead when I get there!

Taeyeon laid on her bed, staring at the empty ceiling. It was around noon and she
still couldnt get Tiffany out of her mind. That face refused to get out of her mind...
Those eyes that seemed to smile... That mischievous laugh...Those crescent moon
smiles...That soft and silky smooth skin...Those kissable lips that seemed to tease
her endlessly...
Oh god, Im starting to sound obsessed, Taeyeon thought in horror, she was not
going to pine, absolutely not. Just why in the world did Tiffany make her act like
this? ... Of course she already knew the answer to that, but what did Tiffany think?
There was always chemistry between them, but something had always been in the
wayand it still is. Why the hell would an undercover cop be living with me?
Taeyeon wondered, surely she hadnt done anything that warrants being
Hey Taeyeon-ah, A soft husky voice sounded from the door.
Taeyeon bolted upright, she hadnt heard the other woman come in. Tiffany...
She said uncertainly. The younger girl had left in a hurry, and Taeyeon wasnt sure
where they stood with one another.

I think Im going to faint, Tiffany said before taking three quick strides to the
bed and slumped down, Gnight Tae-tae. Came Tiffanys muffled voice as she
closed her eyes.
What-? Yah, were not done talking yet! Taeyeon protested, but the light snores
coming from Tiffany gave her the answer to that.
Taeyeon sighed, guess shed have to wait till whenever Tiffany woke up. At least
that gave her more time to sort out her thoughts.

Chapter Fifteen

We Need To Talk
Jessica glanced around warily, making sure that no one was around. Yuri had
somehow managed to break into her property and climb onto the tree next to her
What the heck? How did you get past the gates and the guards? She hissed as
Yuri pulled herself over the balcony
Gates tipped with sharp spikes and about a dozen guards stationed around the
perimeteryour father is a paranoid man isnt he? Yuri smirked, But why the
surprised tone? None of this ever stopped me before, has it?
If the guards see you, theyll murder you, Jessica warned.

Yuri laughed, Perhaps, but one angry look from you is worse than twenty of them
She closed the distance between them with one stride, one armed wrapped around
Jessicas waist, the other brushed the stray strands of hair from her face.
Sweet talker, Jessica grinned, as Yuri leant down to kiss her.
The look on Yuris face when a sandbag swung down from backstage and smacked
her in the back, had Jessica rolling on the floor laughing.
AH! Yuri went flying off the balcony set and onto the row of spectators below.
What the hell!? Mr Park yelled, Who was that!?
The director of the Theatre and Arts Productions looked absolutely livid.
Oops, Sorry Mr Park, Sooyoung shrugged, trying to look sheepish, but she
couldnt remove the massive grin on her face, Sandbag slipped, good thing this
isnt actually the performance night.
Kwon Yuri! I dont care if you have a concussion or a broken bone, get back up!
Rehearsals have not ended yet, Mr Park snapped. Yuri groaned from the floor and
stuck her middle finger up when Mr Park turned his attention to the other lead,
who was still in rolling on the floor in hysterics.
And Jessica stop laughing! You two are supposed to be in love! God, why arent
there any males in this class? Youd probably take this more seriously if there
were... He muttered. Even though it was unorthodox, they had to have two
females in the lead because there werent any boys in the class.

Sooyoung watched in amusement as Mr Park proceeded to shout at anyone and

everyone. The annual Theatre and Arts production had been rushed because the old
department head transferred and hadnt been bothered to organize it. The whole
thing ended up on Mr Parks lap; he had to get the script finalised, the actors
chosen, the set and props created, and the costumes designed, within three weeks.
Needless to say, he was more than a little edgy.
Initially Sooyoung had one of the lead rolesunfortunately her assignments were
piling on and she had to focus on them. So in the end, she got allocated backstage
while Yuri landed with a lead rolealong with Jessica. It was just a play, the
scenes meant nothingbut she couldnt help it. Truthfully, she hadnt even
realised that she had let go of the sandbag until Yuri went flying off the metre high
Sooyoung winced guiltily as Yuri limped back onto the set, not before sending a
glare over to her.

Yoona didnt feel like doing anything. She knew she had to organise the party and
make preparations for the Alpha Squad, but she couldnt let go of Seohyuns
She was so stupid. Yoona told herself that she would never fall for straight girls, so
what did she do? Fall for her best friend, her straight best friend that had just gone
She sighed as her phone rang, it was probably Tony telling her to get her act

Hello? She answered in a monotone.

Hey Yoona, looking after Seohyun I hope? Its been too long since she left for this
mission, I hope you guys come home soon.
Yoona nearly dropped the phone, Yonghwa...hey.
Yonghwa didnt seem to pick up on her hesitance and continued, Ive been trying
to let them assign me on that mission but they wont let me because I have no
connections...Aish, you guys better be back soon.
Yeah, things should be wrapping up soon. You shouldnt be calling me, Yoona
reminded him.
She could almost see him rubbing the back of his head with a sheepish expression
on his face.
Alright then, Id leave you to it. See you guys soon. Look after Seo-baby for me.
With that final parting, Yonghwa hung up.
This is so screwed up... Yoona stared at her phone tiredly. The only thing she
wanted more than having Seohyun back, is for this damn mission to be over

It had been a great plan in theory: disable guards, get in, find Seohyun, and get out,
simple. Of course nothing ever goes according to plan, but Tiffany never imagined
such a gross miscalculation. Seohyun of all people switched sides. It had been from

out of nowhere, but Tiffany supposed she wouldve done the exact same thing in
the younger girls position. If her father had been around...Shaking those thoughts
out of her head, Tiffany mentally prepared herself for the inevitable conversation
with Taeyeon. She had long ago come to terms with the fact that she would never
see her family again.
Now Taeyeon on the other hand...What the hell was she supposed to do about that?
I love her, Tiffany realised. She wasnt supposed to, it was just going to cause hurt
for the both of them, but...
Tippani, we really need to talk, Taeyeons voice snapped her back to reality.
She was sitting on one of the lounge couches, with Taeyeon was standing not too
far away. Sunlight streamed through the open windows, and the clear blue sky
seemed to mock her.
Yeah...I guess so, She sighed. No matter where she was, or in what contextwe
need to talk is a bad sign.
Just talk to me, Taeyeon said, looking a little annoyed.
Tiffanys eyebrows rose, Oh? What brought this on? If I remember correctly, you
were avoiding me not too long ago.
Taeyeon shrugged, Yeah, well I used that time when you went off to god-knowswhere to sort my thoughts out. What about you?
Tiffany did not answer, and merely stared at the wall beyond Taeyeons head.
Wondering how she should answer. Taeyeon followed her line of sight to the small
wooden clock sitting on the shelf.

Our time is limited, Tiffany finally answered, It doesnt matter what I say...We
have a few weeks, maybe a month at most.
Was that a confession?
Tiffany snorted, Does it really matter?
Of course it matters. Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all,
right? Taeyeon asked rhetorically.
Tiffany didnt answer, her mind was a warzone as logic, common sense and
responsibility battled it out against recklessness, impulse and passion.
Tippani? Taeyeon asked cautiously. Her chest constricted and her arms felt
numb as she waited anxiously for the other to respond.
Tiffanys feet moved automatically, she wasnt even aware that she was walking
until she stood directly in front of Taeyeon.
Are you ok? Maybe I
Her words were cut off when Tiffany pushed her against the wall and roughly
kissed her. It wasnt like any other they had shared before, filled with passion and
all the lust that had built up over the last month. Tiffany buried her hands in
Taeyeons hair and pulled her closer, deeper, hungrier, there was an underlying
need in their kiss. Tiffany inhaled deeply, taking in Taeyeons scent, it was almost
as if Taeyeon had turned a dozen roses into shampoo, she smelt sweet...and it
drove Tiffany wild.
W-wait, Taeyeon pulled away slightly, her breathing laboured.

Not having second thoughts are you?

No, just making sure youre doing this in your right mind. You arent going to say
that this is a mistake afterwards, right? Taeyeon asked.
Definitely not, Tiffany promised.
They stumbled down the corridor, eventually stopping in front of the bedroom
door. Tiffany fumbled with the doorknob, but couldnt really concentrate while
Taeyeon was nibbling on her neck.
Tae-tae, Tiffany whined half-heartedly as she giggled at the tickling sensation,
W-wait till w-were inside.
Taeyeon pouted but stopped what she was doing, But I already waited. Ive
waited forever for you to wake up.
You woke up fifteen minutes before I did, Tiffany pointed out before
successfully opening the door.
Still too long, I wanna see your butt, Taeyeon grinned lecherously as her hands
roamed around Tiffanys backside.
Whats with you and my sexy butt? Tiffany asked, but she couldnt hide her
Taeyeon didnt answer, but pushed Tiffany onto the bed. Her back hit the soft
mattress as Taeyeon crawled on top of her. Tiffany relaxed, closing her eyes as
Taeyeons hands began to roam, caressing her shoulder, her chest, her hips,

pressing their bodies tightly together in a tender embrace. She gasped as Taeyeon
planted soft kisses on her ear, T-Taeyeon... She breathed heavily.
Taeyeon bit down on her shoulder and began lightly sucking on her skin while her
fingers rolled over Tiffanys nipples. She positively grinned in delight when
Tiffanys moans filled the air.
Mine, She growled almost possessively as a reddish purple mark appeared on
Tiffanys shoulder.
Tiffany chuckled, Possessive are we? Its cute at first, but I dont do possessive.
Without warning, Tiffany reached up and turned the tables, pushing Taeyeons
back against the bed as she saddled on the elder girl.
Heeeyyy, Taeyeon protested, but she changed her mind rather quickly when
Tiffany began trailing her hand down her stomach, tracing light circles around her
belly button.
Taeyeons shoulders slackened, her arm reached up and pulled Tiffany in for a
kiss, their mouths brushed slowly together as she relished in the softness of her
new wifes lips and moaned under the light teasing of her tongue.
Taeyeon paused as Tiffany pulled off her own shirt, and pants within seconds. Her
eyes glazed over as she took in the sight of Tiffany in nothing but her bra and
Like what you see? Tiffany teased, stretching up and flexing in an exaggerated

Taeyeon had to admit, she definitely liked what she saw. Tiffanys well-toned
torso was probably the result of her vigorous lifestyle, but her milky skin was what
caught her attention, Oh yes, definitely.
Well now its your turn, Tiffany said as she began undoing the buttons on
Taeyeons shirt, Why did you wear a button down shirt today? Tiffany groaned
impatiently as Taeyeon laughed. After quickly discarding the shirt and pants,
Tiffany wasted no time in unclasping Taeyeons braunfortunately in her haste,
she didnt quite undo the hooks correctly, so as she pulled her hand back, the bra
strap went with it.
Taeyeon winced as the material constricted around her breasts, and the elastic strap
snapped against her skin, Ow! You snapped my bra strap!
Oops, Tiffany chuckled awkwardly.
This is the first time a girl did that, Taeyeon said in disbelief.
Um...I got distracted by your sexy body? Tiffany tried.
...That wouldve been smooth if it didnt sound like a question, Taeyeon pointed
Then Ill just make it up to you, Tiffany said with a glint in her eyes. She
carefully unhooked Taeyeons bra, and began trailing kisses down her lovers
body, down her collarbone, to the small valley between her breasts, grinning as she
felt Taeyeon groan under her ministrations.
Tippani... Taeyeon moaned softly.

Her name never sounded so sweet; maybe the endorphins were already getting to
her brain. But Tiffany didnt ponder for long, leading the trail of kisses lower,
pausing as she smelled the aroma of Taeyeons sweet centre. Ripping Taeyeons
blue panties off, she didnt hesitate as her tongue traced the folds of her partners
A loud gasp sounded through the otherwise silent room as Taeyeon clenched her
eyes shut, Oh god...Tippani...
Tiffanys hand roamed around Taeyeons inner thigh as she slid her tongue in
deep, her thumb rubbing against Taeyeons clit. The guttural moans that erupted
from her lover made her feel weak as wetness began pooling between her legs.
P-Pani-ah, Taeyeon panted, her fists clenched around the sheets tightly.
Tiffany never considered herself a tease, but even so, she could not deny the fact
that the sound of Taeyeons moans sent a whirlwind of euphoria into her being.
"Easy," She murmured huskily, "Here, let me"
The first gentle stroke between Taeyeon's legs had her moaning.
"StunningMagnificentYou're so beautiful," Tiffany breathed, stroking her
lover's pulsing sex. Taeyeon shuddered, moaning as she arched closer to her.
Tiffanys fingers traced her entrance lightly as the other whimpered, "EEnough...oh god, Tippani please. Do you want me to beg? Because heavens I
willgodplease Tippaniplease" She begged as her lower body throbbed,
desperately trying to find friction that would ease her vehement yearning.

"Sorry," Tiffany murmured an apology, before pushing her fingers inside.

Taeyeon bit her lower lip as Tiffany began moving her fingers, picking up a gently
rhythm. Moans were met with every thrust, she picked up her pace, pumping her
fingers faster as the musical sounds of her lover's heavy breathing filled her ears.
Taeyeon gripped the sheets tighter, her nails almost tearing the thin material as
Tiffany stroked her clit between the index and middle finger of the left hand.
Pani, She hissed as she raised her hips.
Tiffany lowered her head, her tongue rolled around Taeyeons clit, before she
began to lightly suck on it. With every movement, Taeyeon gasps and rolls her
hips against her hand. When Tiffany pushes her deeper, she curls her fingers,
stroking against that one spot that has Taeyeon almost screaming.
Well arent you loud, Tiffany smirked as she continued her ministrations.
Taeyeons hips were moving frantically, her breathing becoming much more
laboured and her rhythm was slightly off. Tiffany moved up, her fingers still
pumping rhythmically as she leant close to Taeyeons ears and blew lightly onto
You gonna cum Taetae? She asked huskily, her lips just barely touching the tip
of Taeyeons ears.
Fuck, Taeyeon gasps, the other girl was going to drive her insane.
Tiffany could almost feel the temperature inside of Taeyeon getting hotter as her
orgasm approaches. She spreads her legs a little wider as Tiffany thrusts harder

into her. Tiffany laid her head against Taeyeons chest as she moved her fingers in
a circular motion against Taeyeons g-spot.
Tiffany could feel the blondes walls clenching and unclenching around her
fingers, her hips bucked wildly before she cries out as her orgasm tears through
her. Taeyeon whimpered as her hips continued to move against the fingers inside
her. She could feel the erratic beats of Taeyeons heart directly beneath her ear, as
she held the shaking girl close to her. Cum started to pool around her fingers and
ran down the palm of her hand. Tiffanys fingers were still inside of Taeyeon, but
she wasnt willing to let up just yet, so she moved them around a little.
Pani... Taeyeon says in a whimper, her voice slightly higher pitched that usual.
Tiffany glanced at her, Taeyeon was still quivering slightly. She decided to take
mercy on the elder girl and pull her fingers out. Grinning as it elicited another
moan from her.
So, was that good enough to make up for the little mishap earlier? Tiffany
teased, her hand stroking Taeyeons arms absentmindedly.
What mishap? Taeyeon asked as she snuggled into Tiffanys arms.
Oh yeah, Im awesome, Tiffany bragged with a Cheshire grin.
Dont get cocky now.
Or what? Tiffany grinned as she patted Taeyeons head.

Sshhh...Im trying to bask in the afterglow, stop ruining the atmosphere,

Taeyeon complained with a pout as Tiffany chuckled.
Alright, alright.

Chapter Sixteen

For Want or For Need

As Taeyeon drifted in and out of consciousness, she was aware of the birds
chirping outside her window, but at the same time her brain was busy feeding her
images of Dukong taking over the world. Slowly, she became more attuned to the
real world, the dream slowly slipped away as she noticed a dull ache had spread
throughout her body. It wasnt unpleasant; it was the kind that came from
indulging in certain...activities. Her eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the brightness
of the sun. So it was still day, idly Taeyeon wondered how long they had spent in

bed. She stretched her tired limbs, spreading out across the full bed. She scowled
as her fingers brushed against the sheets, finding no sign of Tiffany.
She sat up, and found that the other was gone.
Shit, Taeyeon closed her eyes, she had a bad feeling about this. Pushing the
covers back, she ignored the pile of discarded clothes on the floor, and the fact that
none of them were Tiffanys. Heading over to her wardrobe, she pulled out a
bathrobe and hastily put it on. Not regret it my ass...
Tippani? Taeyeon called out as she stepped into the empty hallway, hoping that
the raven had not left while she was sleeping.
Relief flooded through her like waves when the distinctly husky voice came from
the kitchen.
You like chrysanthemum tea right? Tiffany asked, indicating to the steaming cup
on the table.
Taeyeon nodded, Yeah.
What are you waiting for? Come here, Tiffany smirked slightly as she beckoned
for Taeyeon to join her.
Taeyeon chuckled, and practically skipped over to the kitchen counter. Feeling
giddy as she sat down on one of the counter chairs. Tiffany hadnt disappeared, she
wasnt protesting that it was a mistake.

Youre unusually quiet. Whats wrong? Tiffany looked concerned as Taeyeon bit
her lower lip, looking self-conscious.
I thought you left, she said in a quiet voice.
Tiffany fiddled with the cup of coffee in her hands, unable to look at the elder girl
in the eyes.
I did, she admitted with a sigh, After you fell asleep, I panicked. I know I
promised I wouldnt, but I did. What we did...It broke every single rule in the
bookand this isnt like some silly school codethis is more important than the
Taeyeon wanted to scream, she thought they had finished with this. She wanted to
shake the other girl and demand to know just what it was that was so important.
Why couldnt Tiffany just tell her!?
I started walking, and then I stopped at the small cafe around the street corner.
Ive been sitting there for the last few hours. I kept going over everything in my
head and I thought about what it would be like when you woke up and I had just
left...So I came back, Tiffany explained, her eyes never leaving the cup in her
...I dont want detailed answers, or even an explanation. I just want to know one
thing. What do you work as? Taeyeon asked. A job, a simple jobbut it wasnt
simple. Not in this case, and she was sick and tired of Tiffanys job getting in the
way of everything.
Would you believe it if I said I worked in the police force?

No, Taeyeon replied immediately, Youre definitely not an undercover cop.

Ive been thinking over it, that doesnt make any sense. If you really dont want to
tell me, then dont say anything at all, because I wont have you lying to me.
Its a little late for that. Its not supposed to be like this. Im not supposed to
care, Tiffany finally looked up and into Taeyeons eyes, But I do care. I-I
think...I think I love you.
Yesterday I wouldve said I loved you...But now that I think about it, do I even
know you? Is Tiffany even your real name? My brain keeps going over everything
and questioning whether they were truths or lies.
Tiffany chuckled bitterly, The best facades are always filled with truthsor at
least half-truths. I spent nearly ten years in this business...Im finished after this
one is done. Maybe settle down somewhere permanently. My name is Tiffany
Miyoung Hwang, and I work for the U.S Intelligence Agency.
Taeyeon nearly choked, What!?...Then...What are you doing with me?
Tell me Taeyeon, what do you know about Kim Industries?
Taeyeon frowned at the mention of her family business, Were a sea-express
company. We ship goods into and out of Korea from all over the world. What does
the United States want with us?
Do you know what your company ships in and out of the country? Tiffany
pressed. This is definitely screwed up, she internally sighed. A few hours after sex
and Im interrogating her about the suspicions on her family. Smooth Hwang, real

Taeyeon opened her mouth to answer, but hesitated, ...All kinds of stuff I guess.
Uncle signs contracts with a lot of the major companies.
Has he signed with any Pharmaceutical companies? Well, now that she had told,
she might as well get all the info she could before the Epsilon Unit arrives.
Taeyeon narrowed her eyes, Pharmaceutical companies? Seo Pharmaceuticals got
blown up the other day...Kangta...oh god, what the hell are you people doing?
Tiffany glanced at her in surprise, Guess youre piecing it together. This is
important Taeyeon, has your uncle signed with Seo Pharmaceuticals?
I dont know. My uncle signs with a lot of companies, how am I supposed to
know? Taeyeon asked.
Youre the heir arent you?
Not at first. I moved out when I finished High School, and Ive been studying at
uni ever since. The heir by birthright is Hyoyeon, but she got disowned. So the title
went to her younger brother, who left the country, and then to my brother, who
also left the country, and then me. So as you can see, I havent exactly been
studying the family business for very long. And Im thinking me being heir is just
temporary, Im sure that uncle is holding out until Mingu comes home. Plus...with
that little fiasco with my father a week ago...I dont think Im welcome home.
Sooyoung, she should know something right? Tiffany tried. Subtle wasnt
working, so she was going directly for the source of the info.
Taeyeon resisted the urge to laugh, Sooyoung? She couldnt even manage a street
lemonade stand...

Tiffany groaned in frustration, This is useless...

So thats it huh? You got assigned here because my uncles been doing something
illegal with Seo Pharmaceuticals right? Our meeting...the whole thing, it was a set
up from the start. Did...Did you drug me? Taeyeon demanded.
What? Tiffany gaped in shock. Drug? Where the hell did Taeyeon get that idea?
Its a reasonable assumption Tiffany, I cant remember a single detail from that
Um...Does the words black-out drunk ring any bells with you? I didnt drug
your drink, I swear. I didnt even know it was you, Tiffany pointed out.
Taeyeon frowned, ok...Now you just stopped making sense again.
You were supposed to be at the Grand Canyonbut I didnt find you there with
Jessica and Sooyoung. I lost you, and decided to go clubbing before I get into
major trouble. Next thing I know, I found you. Then somehow I lost focus and got
drunk on a mission. Now thats extremely unlike me
See, thats what Im talking about, Taeyeon interrupted, I dont even know
that that behaviour is unlike you. The you that Ive known in the last month is a
reckless, impulsive party goer that has a kind and understanding heart underneath
the rough surface. How much of that was real? From the glimpses that Ive seen so
Tiffany didnt have anything to say to that. After all, what could you say to that? It
was the complete truth, Taeyeon knew the fake identity. Taeyeon knew Tiffany
Hwang, the exchange student that went to school with Jessica and Sooyoung. The

reckless pyromaniac that disappeared at random hours and came back covered in
soot through the window. That wasnt the real Tiffanynot at all.
Youre right...I suppose you dont know me. But I know you, Tiffany said.
Somehow that doesnt sound fair at all, Taeyeon said dryly.
What now then? Tiffany asked.
Taeyeon stared at the cooled tea in front of her, Shouldnt I be asking you that?
I care for you, but this mission is far too important. Between now and the end of
the mission, get to know the real Tiffany and then decide what you want. I said it
before, Ive had enough of this lifeif you decide that youd choose meId stay
for you.
I need time to think, Taeyeon said finally.
There was a phrase that her grandfather used to always say. Just when you think
you have someone figured out, theyd turn around and surprise you. Tiffany made
her feel so many different things that it was going to make her head explode.
Confusion, bliss, anger, happiness, hurt, joy, fear, comfort, worry, content...
Are you the devil sent to torment me? Or the angel I never knew I needed?

Hey Sica.
Hi Sica.
Wanna get kimbap for lunch?

Forget that cheapskate, how about hot pot?

We could watch Paranormal Activity.
Sica doesnt like scary movies. How about Resident Evil?
That is a scary movie dumbass.
No, its not. Its just gory, theres a difference.
How about we go ice skating?
Already did that, lets go boxing, we havent done that in while.
Actually we have. Lets go swimming.
You have, when!?
When you were busy at that all-you-can-eat-buffet. So how about it, swimming?
No, lets go surfing.
Or we could go to the -Thats it! What the hell is wrong with you two!? Jessica yelled clutching her
head in frustration, All week, youve been like this all week! You guys are going
to drive me insane!
They had been bothering her continuously. Every waking minute of the day, every
waking minute of the night. Always competing against each other. How about we
do this? How about we do that? Lets go here. Lets go there. She wasnt
exaggerating, they really were going to drive her insane.

Sorry... Both of them looked like school children who had been reprimanded for
doing something they werent supposed to.
Sort it out between the two of you... Jessica said before walking off, And dont
follow me, or call me, or text me, or contact me in any way today.
Jessica wasnt blind and they were being as subtle as a raging dinosaur in a glass
house. She knew exactly what they were doing, and she wanted to slam her head
against the wall, repeatedly. Jessica knew how to end it. Just choose, choose one
and itll be over. But that was the problemshe couldnt choose. Not between
those two...It was like choosing between your left eye or your right eye. You dont
really need two, people can survive with one, but it would be nice have them both.
You know, I dont think this is working, Yuri said wryly.
Sooyoung snorted, You think? Annoy her until she cracks and chooses. Whose
brilliant idea was that?
That was your idea genius, Yuri pointed out.
...Why didnt you talk me out of it?
Because Im an idiot.
No truer words have ever been spoken, Sooyoung said sagely, snickering as Yuri
glared at her.
What are we going to do Sooyoung? Yuri asked tiredly, You know she isnt
going to choose.

Im out of brilliant ideas. Shes going to eventually, you and I both know that. Its
a matter of patience, Sooyoung said.
...Or she could just not choose and ditch both of us out of some sort of moral
obligation to her two best friends, Sooyoung said reluctantly.
Exactly, thats what Im afraid of.
Or maybe theres another way, Sooyoung looked thoughtful.
Yuri frowned and looked at her friend quizzically, What do you mean?
Well, weve all known each other since we were five right?
We all know each other really well, right?
I guess, Yuri agreed, wondering where Sooyoung was going with this.
Youre my friend, I like you. Even if you disappeared for years, I didnt like
thatbut I understand why you had to. And truthfully, I missed you.
Um... Thanks, I think...Youre my friend too... Are we getting somewhere with
What if...What if Jessica doesnt have to choose? Sooyoung asked rhetorically.
How does that worOh, Yuris eyes widened as she realised what Sooyoung
was suggesting.

It could work, were comfortable with each other right?

Yuri bit her lower lip, Sooyoung...We...How do I put this? Were already part of a
minority that some of Korea even refuses to admit exists. The majority of people
here dont like us simply because were gay. What youre
suggesting...thats...thats something that even our minority group wouldnt
Sooyoung chuckled, Well, what can I say? I guess were special like that. I dont
give a damn about what other people think, I never have, and I doubt Ill start
anytime soon. What about you Yuri? Tell me what you want.

Have you contacted our people in the Golden Triangle? Jiseok asked, referring to
the major producers of heroin in South East Asia.
Seohyun nodded, Everything is set up. We are ready to leave at any time, but I
suggest the sooner the better.
Im heading to Colombia to check on operations there. Can I trust you to take care
of the situation here?
Of course, father.
Arent you the least bit worried about the C.I.A? I am not losing my daughter
twice to those damned government organisations, Jiseok said.
You do not need to worry about me father. I know what I am doing, Seohyun
reassured him.

Ive heard stories Joohyun, horrible tales of what their special units are capable
of, Jiseok was not placated in the least.
Seohyun smirked, The Epsilon Unit is capable of doing a great many things.
But...who do you think designed their technology?

Chapter Seventeen

Good Luck
As she finished the final touches on the decorations, Yoona stepped back and
gazed around at the room. Dance floorcheck. Table for snacks and
refreshmentscheck. Dinner tablecheck. Sound systemcheck. Everything
looked decent enough; it should provide a believable cover story. At least, she
hoped it would. Now there was something else she needed to worry about first.
Pulling out her cell phone, Yoona dialled Tiffany.
Have you got everything prepared? Yoona asked. The entire thing had to run
smoothly, there was no telling what could happen if something leaked.
...Oh fuck, the meetings tonight isnt it? Tiffany cursed.
Of course its tonight! What the hell have you been doing!? Yoona demanded.
I got side-tracked...Urgh, this is the reason why relationships dont work during
missions...Hang on, Ive got to get in touch with my contact. Ill have the reports
done by tonight, promise.
...Relationships? Never mind, I dont even want to know. Just have those reports
done Tiffany, we cant afford to forget anything. This meeting is crucial, Yoona
reminded her, furtively trying to keep the headache at bay.
Yeah ok, see you tonight then.
Yoona sighed as she hung up. She had a bad feeling about this.

She tensed and waited for it. Everything was quiet, too quiet.
Whatever it was she had no idea but something was going to happen, she was sure
of that much.
Wait for it...
...Was that a car door slamming?
Somethings coming...
...Wait for it.
Anytime now...
Huh...Maybe she was just being paranoid after all. Hanging out with her pseudoinsane friends was starting to rub off
Hey Sica!
Whatcha doing?

Jessica winced as her bedroom door was once again flung open and Tweedle Dee
and Tweedle Dumb marched in with far more enthusiasm than should be legal. So
she wasnt being paranoid at all.
I thought I told you two to not contact me for the rest of the day, Jessica scowled
at the duo while packing away her assignments before any damage could be done
to them.
Yeah, but were gonna see you at Yoonas party tonight anyway, Yuri pointed
So we figured, might as well get ready now, Sooyoung added cheerfully as she
headed over to Jessicas closet, Lets see...
Jessicas eyebrow twitched as Sooyoung started browsing through her closet, but
she held back what she wanted to say when she noticed that the duo seemed to be
behaving oddly. She glanced at them suspiciously, they werent trying to get her
attention, they werent really arguingit looked like the old bickering sessions
that they used to have seemingly a life time ago...Something feels off.
Are you ok Sica? Yuri asked, looking over to her in concern. Jessica was being
oddly quiet.
Either Im dreaming or I had too much wine, Jessica said, trying to wrap her
around the fact that her two best friends were being civil with one another when
they had been at each others throats for the past week.
Yuri glanced at the empty glass on the study table, You drink when youre writing

It was a creative piece. Alcohol helps the ideas flow, Jessica explained. At
Yuris sceptical look, she continued, Really, famous authors and poets were all a Most of them were insane, depressed, alcoholics or on drugs. You dont
see famous literature based on happy things.
...Remind me why you want to be an author again, Yuri deadpanned.
Aha! Found it! Sooyoung exclaimed in triumph as she pulled out a sleeveless
blue dress.
Youre going to wear that? Jessica asked in disbelief.
No, you are going to wear it, Sooyoung corrected.
Before Jessica could answer, Yuri stood up, Hey uh, Ill see you guys later, I have
to go now.
Hm? I thought we were gonna get ready here, Sooyoung pointed out.
Something urgent popped up, I really have to go, sorry, Yuri apologized as she
quickly left.
That was odd, Jessica commented, staring at the spot where Yuri stood not
two seconds ago, Has she been acting weird lately?
Im not sure

Seohyun scanned through the documents on the hard drive. It was all there,
everything they needed; the resources, the money, the people, the connections,

so...Why had they not done it? Perhaps the idea had not occurred to anyone yet.
But that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, surely someone had to have
thought of it. Then again, not many people thought like she did...
What are you doing? Changmin wandered over and peered over her shoulder.
Look at this, Seohyun said pointing to all data on the screen, That is what we
have at our disposal. Tell me, what could we do with all of that?
Changmins eyes flickered to the screen and began reading. It wasnt long before
he was whistling appreciatively, Wow, I knew your dad was rich, butWhat the
hell does he do with all that?
She nodded, Exactly my point. He does nothing with it.
What a shame to let that go to waste. All the possibilities Changmin mused
The corners of Seohyuns lips curved up to form a small smirk, Yes, it would be a
shame to let it go to waste.
I know that look on your face. What are you planning? He grinned in
Look at this Changmin, what do you think I can do with all of this at my
disposal? Seohyun asked rhetorically.
Your dads going to let you use all of this? He asked sceptically.
WellTechnically he left me in charge, Seohyun said.

Changmins eyebrows rose, So that means no.

He has funds with six zeroes attached to them. I am sure he will not miss several
thousand U.S dollars, Seohyun pointed out.
More like several hundred thousand if youre doing what I think youre planning
to do, Changmin muttered.
Seohyun shrugged nonchalantly, Same difference. Are you with me?
Changmin frowned thoughtfully. He was born into this life, but his father had
placed loyalty to the wrong people and ended up killed. Would this be any
different? The girl was twenty, just barely out of her teens, was she capable of
entering the lions den? Her father had stayed away from it on purpose, That
depends, are you sure you can handle this?
I have more than enough strings to pull to make this work, Seohyun assured him.
I guess well see then. But first, we need a name for you, Changmin said eyeing
Seohyun speculatively.
A name? I already have two completely different identities, Seohyun pointed
out. Seohyun Jeon, the name that she grew up with, the name that she had assumed
was given to her by her parents when it was in fact given to her by the agents that
had her. Then there was Seo Joohyun, the name her parents really gave her. Some
say a name is what makes a person, other say a name is what a person makes of it.
She was inclined to believe that latter.

You need a third one for what youre planning, Changmin nodded to himself as
he flicked through all the possibilities in his head, Something intimidating that
screams run away! to everyone else.
A name is what you make of it. It would not matter if I called myself Sergeant
Keroro, it is the actions that define the name, Seohyun replied dismissively. They
had more important things to do than think of impressive names.
You are not calling yourself Sergeant Keroro, Changmin said flatly, Youll
be the laughing stock of the underworld.
If Hitler called himself Fluffy Bunnies would you still laugh in his face when he
could sentence you and the rest of your family to death in the gas chambers?
Seohyun asked, Besides, who says I want people to fear me? This is after all, just
UmAre we talking about the same thing? Changmin looked confused.
Seohyun glanced at him, mischief gleaming in her eyes, I was talking about
opening a restaurant chain, what are you talking about?
Perfect, you are absolutely perfect for this, Changmin grinned. All his worries
about getting caught disappeared. Seohyun was smart, cunning and deceivingthe
ideal type.

Tiffany tapped her finger against the table top impatiently. She was sitting in a
private booth of a small caf. She could not believe that she had completely

forgotten about the meeting, and about her contact. Taeyeon was seriously
messing with her headSpeaking of contact, where is she anyway?
Sorry, did you wait long? A voice snapped Tiffany out of her thoughts.
Not that long. Have you written things down or am I going to have to record?
Tiffany asked.
I have files, but youre going to have to record recent information, I havent had
time to file everything that happened in the last month, the other said
Alright, so what do you have? Tiffany asked as she pulled out a pen and her
Theyre moving out of the country. In fact, Jiseoks already gone, She said.
What!? Already? Shit! Tiffany cussed, her mind running through all the
contingency plans that they had in place. If Jiseok was already gone, then that blew
a hole in practically every single back-up plan.
The rest of the company has scattered, but his daughter is still in hiding
somewhere, Her informant said.
That doesnt make any senseWhy would Seohyun switch teams and then stay
behind? Tiffany muttered, trying to piece together everything that she knew, Do
you know where Jiseok moved to?
Our best bet is Mexico or Colombia, those are the major heroin spots that are on
the other side of the worldfar enough for a man on the run, She said.

Damn it! Then what is the point of the meeting tonight if Jiseoks already gone,
Tiffany slammed her fists on the table. Taking several deep breaths, she calmed
herself down, there was no need to panic yet. What about the other companies?
You said that Seo Pharmaceuticals scattered everywhere, but what about their
Ive been in Seoul for nearly two weeks now, so this isnt first hand info. But
from what I know, Kwon Corp is probably still in Jiseoks good books, Yuri
mused as she pulled out a manila folder.
Whats this? Tiffany asked.
Years of research. After I got rid of the addiction, I started gathering info on
people that were involved with Seo Pharmaceuticals. You want names, numbers,
transactions, contracts, addresses, hell, even the places that they like to visit?all
there, Yuri explained.
Tiffany stared at the manila folder, the information in there had to be priceless,
What do you want for it?
Im getting disowned for giving this away, so I need something to fall back on.
You understand right? Yuri pointed out.
Yeah I know, what do you want for it? Tiffany repeated. Information always
came at a price, especially accurate data.
One million US dollars and you keep me, Sooyoung and Jessica out of this, Yuri

Tiffanys eyebrows rose, One million? Youre kidding right? And why would you
want me to cover for Jessica and Sooare their families involved?
Its all in the file, Yuri indicated to the manila folder on the table, Kim
Industries signed on with Seo Pharmaceuticals five years ago. Jung Incorporated
was considering the offer until somebody blew up the warehouse. Jessica and
Sooyoung dont know anything about this.
Tiffany considered this for a moment, she knew that it was likely to be true, but
there was one thing that was bothering her. How can you be sure? After all, you
know. You were even distributing heroin on the streets at one point
Thats different, Yuri practically growled.
My uncles been operating in the black market since before I was born. My
cousins got me hooked in order to get my dad to cooperatenow hes gone money
crazy too. Sooyoung and Jessica dont have a clue, and Id prefer it to stay that
way, there was a threatening undertone in her words.
Tiffany studied her skeptically, What about Choi Corporations?
Theyre definitely not involved. Kim Jaewon took a lot of precautions to prevent
his sister and his brother-in-law from finding out about his illegal activities. Its
clever because it blends in perfectly with his legal business, Yuri said.
Alright then, I can do thatbut there is no way my superiors are going to agree
with one million dollars. Try half a million, at the mostand thats after you beg,

Tiffany told her. They didnt have a big budget to start off with, and most of it had
been spent in the last decade.
Tiffany I spent the last five years in the Korean underworld gathering Intel for
SME, and when you guys storm down the door of Kwon Corp, I want to be on the
other side of the world. Seven hundred and fifty thousand or Id take my info to the
KNIS instead, Yuri stated her final price.
...Id have to get back to you, Tiffany sighed. Why are things never simple? She
didnt have the authority to do anything about this.
Then Id have to get back to you with the information, Yuri didnt miss a beat as
she swept the folder from the table and moved to get up.
Wait. Yul come on, make my life a little easier would you? Im just a field agent,
I dont have any authority, Tiffany pointed out.
I need that paycheque or else Id be knocking on Lotterias door for the rest of my
life. I didnt go to uni, I didnt even get my High School diploma.
...Why is everything complicated? Hang on a sec, I need to make a few calls,
Tiffany said as she stepped out of the booth.
On the fourth ring, Sunny picked up.
How much of the budget can we spare? Tiffany asked.
Not much, Sunny replied, Isak and Hyoyeon ran into some problems after
they swept through the remains of Seo Pharmaceuticals.
How much is information worth?

What kind of information?

The kind that weve been looking for since this operation started. Five years
of Intel. I had a quick looktonnes of notes, profiles, CCTV tapes, pictures,
scanned documents. Cold, hard evidence, exactly we need to finish
How much do they want? Sunny asked apprehensively. After all, nothing came
free, and she wasnt optimistic enough to hope that all of that would into their laps
without some sort of catch.
$750 000.
Already did. Haggled down from one million.
How reliable is this source?
Extremely, all the info given so far has been a hundred percent accurate.
There was silence from the other line for a moment before Sunny finally spoke up,
I need to talk to my uncle.
Better make it quick before my informant walks right out, Tiffany warned.
Who else is this info going to go to?
The Korean National Intelligence Service.
...Be right back. There is no way in hell my uncle would let them reap the
benefits of our decade long operation.

Tiffany waited, her eyes automatically scanning the room for easy escape routes
and hostile people. It was a habit ingrained in her since she was twelve. This was
definitely a sign that she had been in the business for far too long. Maybe a long
vacation after this is over, somewhere nice, tropical and preferably danger-free.
I dont have all day Tiffany, Yuri stepped out of the booth with a scowl.
Hang on, I promise Ill make this worth your while, Tiffany said quickly while
willing Sunny to hurry up.
Yeah? So what did he say?
Give the phone to your informant.
Tiffany held out her phone to Yuri who shook her head, Im not letting you have
any more things to track me with.
My informant refuses.
Smart, I can see how they gathered all that info. My uncle says anyone who
could do what they did deserves a spot in our agency. Tell your informant that
were offering them a job.
Tiffany relayed this to Yuri, who shook her head adamantly, No, Im through
with this.
They said no, Tiffany said.

Sunny sighed, Guess that was expected, the easy route never works. Fine, $750
000 it is, how are we transferring the money?
Several transactions to these accountsIll give you the details later,
Tiffany hung up.
Yuri handed her the folder, Nice doing business with you.
You should think about doing freelance work if you dont want to join officially.
Youre good at what you do, Tiffany suggested.
Maybe, if nothing else works out, Yuri shrugged, who knew what she would do
anymore. She sure as hell didnt.
Anyway, on a more personal note, how are you doing? Especially with Jessica
and all... Tiffany asked.
Youre one headache after another arent you? Id say were fine now, but I feel
guilty about what we did to her, Yuri confessed, her eyes shifting slightly.
Tiffany looked surprised, I thought that worked out ok. I had to leave, so you
stepped inboth of you had the chemistry and it wouldve happened after I left
anyway. That way she wouldnt be too hurt when I leave.
Yuri shook her head, Yeah, great plan in theory...Both of us kinda forgot about
the fact that she doesnt know we planned the whole thing. She thinks that we
betrayed you you have no idea how guilty she felt about that. And then of
course, about two years later I went to Yeongsanthink about it. She had two
girlfriends. She cheated on Girlfriend One with Girlfriend Two, then Girlfriend
One leaves not long later, and in the end Girlfriend Two leaves as well.

...Oh man, Tiffany hand slapped her forehead. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And this is
the reason why Sunny violently speaks up against any attempt of putting Tiffany
on mission controlshe never thinks past the immediate consequences.
Yeah, understatement of the decade. Are we ever going to tell her? Yuri asked.
Tell her what? That Im an undercover agent who used to work for an agency that
employed orphans and only dated her in order to get close enough to investigate
her family because they may-or-may-not be involved with a heroin manufacturer;
then I decided to set her up with one of her best friends to ease the pain of my
leavingtotally forgetting the fact that she would feel guilty about hurting me,
when in fact I orchestrated the whole darn thing and couldnt wait to leave because
I was worried of becoming more attached? Yeah, that would go over well, Tiffany
said sarcastically.
...Good point, Yuri conceded, Well, Im working on getting back with Jessica.
This time, without all the Gambit Pileups.
Are you forgetting about something? Sooyoung and Jessica seem happy together,
you shouldnt break them up, Tiffany said.
Theyre not together, and even if they were, I dont plan to, Yuri replied, it
wasnt something she would ever do.
Tiffany raised an eyebrow.
Jessica loves Sooyoung, even if she wont admit it, and taking Sooyoung away
would hurt her. I guess Ive realised that I cant do that, it was the first time that
Yuri had spoken those words aloud. She had spent a while mulling over
Sooyoungs idea, and it really was the only solution she could come up with.

Winning over Jessica was fun in theory, but when it came down to it, she didnt
think she had the heart to tear the other two away from each other.
Thats very noble of you, walking away. I dont think Id be able to do that,
Tiffany admitted. If Taeyeon was with (or about to be with) someone else, Tiffany
knew she wouldnt be able to resist. After all, she couldnt even resist when they
might be on opposing sides, perhaps it was the allure of the forbidden.
Walk away? Yuri asked in amusement, I plan to do no such thing. Im human
too you know, Im not that selfless.
But-? Tiffany looked confused.
Sooyoungs been in my life practically since it started, so she might as well stay
for the rest of it. I love that idiot too, Yuri laughed.
Tiffany chuckled, imagining Jessicas face when the two spring that idea on her,
because there was no way Sooyoung did not come up with it, Good luck with

Chapter Eighteen

Brain Bleach
The afternoon traffic practically crawled as the sun began to tilt to the west.
Sooyoung wandered around in circles on the pavement, humming softly to herself
as she went. She stopped abruptly when she noticed a familiar-looking face
heading her way.
There you are! Ive been looking all over for you! Sooyoung hissed as she
dragged Yuri over by the ear.
Ow, ow, ow, hey! What gives? Yuri complained as she rubbed her ear in
Mind telling me why you ran off? We were supposed to tell Sica together,
Sooyoung pointed out.
Where is Jesshika anyway? Yuri asked. They were standing on the busy street,
surrounded by stores of all kinds.
In there, Sooyoung said pointing the building behind her, Shes getting her hair
done, and Ive been looking for you.
So...You havent told her yet? Yuri asked apprehensively. She kinda hoped that
Sooyoung had already let Jessica know while she was out.
Oh you wish, Sooyoung said, Now how exactly are we going to tell her?
Yuri stared at her, Um...Just tell her? Do we need a plan?
Sooyoung looked at her with the most annoyed are you stupid? face she could

Oh right fine, Yuri conceded. Telling Jessica straight up would result in one of
two things: one- she laughs and smacks them for messing with her, or two- she
freaks out and whacks them for messing with her. Either way, it didnt sound
very appealing to Yuri.
So any ideas? Sooyoung asked.
Yuri stared at the tinted glass window of the hairdressers shop, Not a clue.
Hm...How long do we have until the party starts? Sooyoung asked.
Yuri glanced at her watch, 2:30, About five hours.
Thats plenty of time, lets go see my cousin, Sooyoung suggested. Taeyeon
always gave her a different perspective to look at.
That might not be such a good idea... Yuri said hesitantly. Tiffany was living
with Taeyeon, and Yuri wanted to stay as far away from the secret-service agent as
Why? Sooyoung asked, I havent spoken to her in a while. Im overdue for a
visit anyway.
Um...Didnt you say Taeyeon was busy working these days? Yuri said a little
desperately. She really did not want to see Tiffany. The moment Tiffany came to
Korea, everything in her life started going to hell. Not that she blamed Tiffany
personally-- just that disaster seems to befall on everyone in her vicinity.
Sooyoung nodded, Yeah, thats still a massive messno one would talk about at
home, its like...even speaking Taeyeons name is a taboo. But Ive been slipping

money into her bank accountwithout her knowing of courseso she really
doesnt need to overwork herself.
Ok, how can you slip money into her account for starters, and how can she
possibly not know? Yuri asked in disbelief. Or rather, stalling for time until
Jessica comes out.
I found out her account and pin number ages ago, Sooyoung dismissed
nonchalantly, And well, you dont know Taeyeon, but trust me when I say that
girl can be a real ditz. I mean, shes a genius and all in terms of book smarts, and
her street smarts are fine toobut shes just really, really oblivious sometimes.
Yuri stared at her skeptically, Right...Without getting into your illegal activities,
even the most ditziest person would still realise that there is more money in her
bank account than there should be.
You dont know Taeyeon. Anyway, lets go instead of wasting our time talking in
the middle of the street, Sooyoung said as she dragged Yuri to the nearest taxi.
B-buthey! Yuris protest fell on deaf ears as she found herself in the backseat
of a taxi with a seatbelt strapped across her.

The room was dark, and the only light seemed to be coming from the computer
monitor in the corner. One person sat typing diligently while another lounged on
the couch.

Hm...That place looks nice. What do you think? the person typing asked his
companion, pointing to the picture of what looks to be a traditional Chinese
restaurant on the screen.
Yeah, looks nice, the other agreed disinterestedly, Why do we have to do this in
the dark again?
The typer rolled his eyebrows, Because it gives off the right vibe. What better
atmosphere to plan a nefariously evil plan than in a dark mysterious lair?
...Were in the basement of your parents house, the second pointed out
exasperatedly as he flicked on the light, And were not planning nefarious
deeds, were trying to find new jobs.
Hey! Ow! That bright light is not good for my eyes, the first complained.
Seriously Key, sometimes you are so gay.
Haha, rich, coming from the gay guyI have a girlfriend, Key reminded him.
Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with you-- at the same time, I wonder why I
ever had a crush on you, Minho deadpanned.
Because you cant resist my sexiness? Key suggested, winking at Minho while
simultaneously blowing him an exaggerated kiss.
...This is why I dont believe you when you say youre straight. Even with a
girlfriend. Stop flirting with me goddamnit!
Suddenly the door barged open, Key dove under the table as Minho grabbed his
gun and aimed it at the intruders.

Easy there Mr Choi, we dont want any accidents now, do we? Changmin said in
a placating tone.
Manager Shim? Miss Seo? Minho lowered his gun when he recognised his old
Key peaked his head from underneath the table, Hi!
As you probably know, Seo Pharmaceuticals has met with an unfortunate
accident. This of course, meant that many of our employees, such as yourselves,
have lost their jobs. What do you say to a new job? A much more higher-paying
new job? Seohyun proposed.
Whats the catch? Minho asked warily. Things never fell on his lap for freehis
last job with them proved that. He was already making far more than average
Korean wage, but for his income to increase there had to be a massive sacrifice
Its illegal again isnt it? Key muttered darkly from beneath the table. He didnt
like what they were doing, but what could he do about it? He needed money to
look after his elderly parents, and if illegal jobs payed better than legal ones, then
what else would a good son do?
Seohyun shrugged, I suppose you can say we...bend the rules a bit, but it is not as
if your previous job with us was any different. After all, what is organised crime if
it is legal?
Organised crime? Are we talking drugs, extortion, blackmail, black-market trade,
human trafficking or hired muscle? Minho asked, getting straight to the point. He
wasnt naive, he knew what he was getting into the first time he signed on with Seo

Pharmaceuticals, and he didnt careso long as they paid him enough for his
brothers treatment, then he wouldnt ask questions.
I refuse to do human trafficking, or extortion, Key supplied, still underneath the
table. There were still boundaries that he refused to cross, good cause or not.
Nothing of that sort, Changmin reassured him, Were going for a more...cleancut sort of businessone that cannot implement us directly without some serious
proof. Kibum, I heard you had special culinary training?
Yeah, I wanted to be a chef before...well you know. What about it? He asked.
The corners of Seohyuns lips curved up in a smirk, Well, you finally get that

Taeyeon? Taaaaeeeyeon! Taeyeon! Sooyoung knocked on her cousins

apartment door repeatedly, but no one answered.
See, shes not home. Lets go, Yuri said walking off, only to be dragged back by
Sooyoung, who pulled out a key.
I have a spareand shes definitely home, her cars parked in the basement,
Sooyoung pointed out as she unlocked the door.
Stepping inside the apartment, Sooyoung looked around. Nothing looked out of
placethere was no sign of anybody in the apartment.
Hello? Taeyeon? Its your favourite cousin, Sooyoung called, but no one

...Shes not home, Yuri said for the millionth time that day, Lets go before Sica
finishes with her hair and hunts us down for ditching her.
Shh, Sooyoung shushed her, cocking her head to one side as if to improve her
hearing, Do you hear that?
Yuri frowned, and listened for whatever it was that Sooyoung apparently heard.
Her hearing was more acute than normalcourtesy of long-term field experience
in espionageand sometimes that became more of a curse than a gift, like at this
very moment. Yuris face paled when she heard it, Um...Sooyoung, I think we
should go now.
Huh why? I think thats Taeyeon with one of her video games again, Sooyoung
said as she walked down the corridor towards the bedroom.
I really dont think thats a good idea, Yuri tried to warn her, but the taller girl
paid her no attention and wrenched open the door knob.
AAAAAHHH! MY EYES! Sooyoung screamed at the same time as a cry of:
WHAT THE FUCK!? GET OUT! sounded from the room, with a flying pillow
to accompany it.
Yuris palm smacked her forehead, how did she know this was going to happen?
Oh. My. God. The images, they burn, Sooyoung cried in horror, shaking her
head as if to get rid of the memory, My own cousin...Oh god...
I tried to warn you, Yuri shrugged not feeling very sympathetic, Now can we

Before Sooyoung could reply, Taeyeon emerged from the room dressed in a fluffy
blue bathrobe with her blonde hair dishevelled, and face flushed bright pink.
How did you get in here? Taeyeon demanded.
But Sooyoung was still sitting on the floor, curled in a foetal position muttering
over and over, Images...burn...oh god...images...
Seeing as how her partner seemed incapable of coherent speech anytime soon, Yuri
spoke up, She had a key, and insisted that we go find you...Sorry...
Taeyeon placed her head in her hands, ignoring the upcoming headache. She
probably didnt want to know, but she had to ask, ...What did you want?
Images...bad cousin...oh my god...
Shes not going to snap out of it anytime soon, is she? Taeyeon asked
Probably not, Yuri agreed.
Taeyeon turned to look at herreally look at her, Kwon Yuri, right?
Yuri nodded, Long time no see. This isnt the most ideal situation I would like
this meeting to go but hey, it seems like every time we meet, we traumatise
Sooyoung somehow.
Taeyeon chuckled, Ah yes, first the Seagull incident, now this. Maybe its a sign.
Eh, I dont believe in fate and whatnot, Yuri shrugged, I guess youre busy,
sorry for interrupting, we should probably go now.

Taeyeon turned darker shade of pink at Yuris words. It didnt help when a call of:
Taetae come back to bed... sounded from the master bedroom.
Taeyeon was practically tomato red, Yuri decided to take mercy on the other
woman and hauled Sooyoung onto her feet.
Time to go, Yuri said marching Sooyoung out the door.
By that time, Sooyoung seemed to have recovered because she smirked at Taeyeon
and said: My my, youre into some real kinky shit Taetae.
Sooyoung grinned as the door slammed in her face.
Well that went well.

...I cannot believe that happened, Taeyeon groaned, completely mortified that
her cousin had caught her having sex with her...Partner? Wife? Lover? She wasnt
quite sure anymore, and she didnt know if she even cared either.
Tiffany patted her shoulder comfortingly, Look on the bright side, at least it
wasnt as bad as it could have been.
How could that have been any worse? Taeyeon asked.
Well...She couldve walked in fifteen minutes earlier, Tiffany pointed out.
Taeyeon gaped at her in speechless horror. That wouldve been bad, I never
wouldve lived that down.

Uh-huh, see? Now...Where were we? Tiffanys tone changed abruptly as she
stared at Taeyeon lustfully.
But Taeyeon shook her head, Sooyoung barging in totally killed my mood.
Oh come on, Tiffany pouted, You cant leave me hanging like this, thats just
Taeyeon shrugged helplessly, Sorry, I cant help it.
Youre a cruel cruel woman Taeyeon, Tiffany whined dramatically, I was just
about to come to you know. Lets see how you like it if I leave you hanging on the
verge of that.
Alright, Taeyeon relented, Ill finish you off.
Tiffanys eyes seemed to grin on their own as her tone lowered huskily, So where
were we?

Well that was no help at all, Sooyoung sighed. They were back on the street,
waiting for Jessica, who still hadnt finished with her hair.
Any other bright ideas? Yuri asked.
Nope. Why dont we just tell Jesshika straight up? Sooyoung suggested.
Thats what I said earlier. But well...its probably not a good idea to tell her like
that, Yuri said.

Why not? Cant be too hard right? Hey Sica, weve decided to stop going at each
others throats for you because weve decided that a threesome might be the best
idea. That way everyones happy and no one has to be heartbroken, what do you
think? Sooyoung mused aloud, not noticing the warning signals that Yuri was
flashing her.
What? Sooyoung asked, Yuris face looked absolutely hilarious.
...What? a small voice asked from behind her.
Sooyoung froze, mouthing shes right behind me, isnt she? to Yuri, who nodded.

Chapter Nineteen

Did you...did you just say what I thought you just said? Jessica asked, staring at
them with an unreadable expression.
Um...ah... Sooyoung stuttered as she threw panicked S.O.S signals to Yuri.
Ha ha ha, what an idiot. Sooyoungs idea of a bad joke, Yuri laughed it off,
playfully smacking Sooyoung across the back of the head.

Yeah...a joke, Sooyoung said unconvincingly, her eyes looking downwards at

her feet.
Jessicas gaze flicked from Sooyoung to Yuri, and back to Sooyoung again. Her
expression remained nearly blank as she scrutinised the two of them shifting about
uncomfortably, looking at seemingly everything except at her.
...Jesshika? Yuri asked hesitantly, unsure how the shorter woman would react.
Were you being serious? Jessica asked Sooyoung, her tone revealed nothing of
her mood.
Sooyoung shuffled her feet, while Yuri bit her lower lip. Their eyes darted back
and forth at each other in attempt at some form of silent communication.
...You two do realise that Ive known you for as long as youve known each other
right? Jessica pointed out, this time, her voice laced with irritation.
After several infuriating seconds, Jessica began tapping her foot on the pavement
impatiently. There was an audible gulp in the air as the two of them tried to avoid
staring at Jessicas icy glare. Almost a minute passed before Jessica sighed, threw
her hands up in the air in defeat and turned to walk away.
Finally Sooyoung spoke up, I dont have to say it, because you already know it.
That stopped Jessica in her tracks. Slowly, she turned around, Are you two
Did it sound like I was joking? Sooyoung asked rhetorically as she met Jessicas

Jessicas eyes widened, as if the implications had just sunk in. She looked back and
forth between them speechlessly.
Are you...Say something, Yuri said, trying to get rid of the unbearably tense
atmosphere. Anything would be better than the nerve-wracking silence.
Why? Why would you...? Jessica trailed off uncertainly.
Why not? Yuri countered, and then paused as if a thought had just occurred to
her, Well...unless you dont want to.
You...Sooyoung...Youre both okay with this? Jessica asked incredulously, her
eyes continually flicking back and forth between Sooyoung and Yuri, her mind still
unable to fully comprehend the situation that she found herself in.
It was my idea, Sooyoung admitted.
I dont mind this idiot, Yuri grinned, looping her arm around Sooyoungs
Gee, I love you too, Sooyoung said sarcastically before dissolving in giggles.
The disbelieving expression on Jessicas face sobered them up rather quickly, In
all seriousness though, were fine. Its just...what about you?
I... It was only then that the duo realised how nervous Jessica seemed. She
looked really... scared.
Hey, come here, Yuri pulled Jessica in between her and Sooyoung, and rubbed
her arm reassuringly.

Why are you so worried? Sooyoung asked, You dont have to give an answer
right away.
Is this a dream? Jessica was torn between shock and outright laughter.
It better not be, then wed have to tell you all over again, Yuri pointed out, her
fingers reached out to Jessica and brushed the stray brown strands out of her face.
Cmon, lets get out of here. Were standing in the middle of the street,
Sooyoung said guiding Jessica, and by default Yuri, towards the parking lot.
...Im not dreaming right?

Seohyuns hands were practically a blur as they moved about on the keyboard,
typing codes faster than Changmins eyes could detect.
What are you doing? He asked, setting a steaming cup of coffee down on the
Buying us more time, Seohyun replied, her eyes never leaving the computer
screen as one hand reached out and grabbed the cup, What is this?
Espresso, no sugar, just the way you like it, Changmin said. The computer
monitor made absolutely no sense to him. It was just a black screen with seemingly
random numbers and letters on it, What do you mean, buying us more time?
Whats going on?

Seohyun barely glanced at him before shaking her head and continuing with
whatever it was she was doing, Did you think the agencies have given up? Yeah
right. With things escalating this fast, they are going to send reinforcements in
soon, and I am making sure they get...delayed.
How? With your mad hacking skillz? Changmin asked sarcastically.
Not exactly, I know a few people here and there, Seohyun shrugged
Then whats with the whole Double-O-Seven type gear?
I am not risking the chance of getting intercepted. I thought you had some
business to take care off? Seohyun asked.
Ok, ok, Ill leave you be, Changmin said walking out of the room, that was as
close to a get-the-fuck-out as possible from Seohyun.

So youre into literature? Taeyeon asked. She laid on her side, completely naked
with Tiffany pressed against her back in a tender embrace.
Yeah, Tiffany nodded, her fingers trailing up and down Taeyeons arm absently,
I love reading, havent had much time to do it recently though...Shame.
Taeyeon ran her fingertips along the thigh that was draped over her, Im more of a
visual person. Art, theatre, movies, that kind of thing. What kind of stuff do you

Fantasy, mystery...romance, She replied, resting her chin on Taeyeons

shoulders, I like writing too, I used to keep a journal actually...
Oh? Taeyeon smiled softly, Any chance of me reading that?
Tiffany chuckled, Doubt it, I lost it. Even if I didnt, it probably contains
classified information.
Now youve got me curious, Taeyeon pouted and Tiffany outright laughed at the
expression on her face.
They stared at the wall absently for a while before Taeyeon sighed, We should
probably get ready.
Yeah...we should, Tiffany agreed, but she didnt move a muscle. Her head still
resting on Taeyeons shoulder, as her hand moved to draw circles on her lovers
bare stomach.
We really should get ready, Taeyeon insisted, though she didnt make a move to
do anything about it.
Uh-huh, Tiffany nodded absentmindedly, kissing the nape of Taeyeons neck.
Taeyeon closed her eyes and furtively tried to stop a gasp from escaping her throat,
Yes Taetae? Tiffany grinned mischievously.
We... Taeyeon sucked in a sharp breath, her teeth clenching together as Tiffany
began kissing the tip of her ear. She shivered eagerly as Tiffanys soft breathing
grew into heavier sensual breaths.

Yeeaah? Taeyeon could almost hear the Cheshire grin in Tiffanys tone as the
younger pressed her thigh against Taeyeons ass. Her knee ran along Taeyeons
slit, as her voice lowered to barely above a whisper, God Tae... youre so wet.
...Are you trying to kill me? Taeyeon hissed, her mouth felt dry as Tiffanys
thigh began rocking against her.
Tiffanys grin threatened to split her face as she leant forward, lips brushing
against Taeyeons cheek, You like that, dont you?
A low moan answered her, and she chuckled in amusement. What were you
saying before? Oh right, time to get ready for Yoonas party.
Taeyeon let out a strangled cry of protest as Tiffany pulled away and got out of
bed, Fucking tease, she grumbled.
Tiffany turned back, I thought we were supposed to be on a talking phase, you
know, get to know each other better?
Taeyeon shrugged, Well...Aside from the obviousyou werent really acting,
were you?
I dont enjoy burning things down if thats what you mean, Tiffany said,
hesitating a little before adding the last part, I...I guess it never was an act around
you...Except that one time...
What one time?
Weellll...There was the prancing around in black lingerie, and the sleeping naked

I knew it! You were trying to kill me!

Yoona cursed into her phone, What the hells going on Tony?
We have problems, Tony replied, the sound of keys typing frantically sounded
in the background.
You dont say? Yoona said sarcastically, What problems?
She had been running around all day trying to get everything ready, and the
security measures were driving her insaneand now this. From the short phone
call she received from Hyoyeon, it sounded like something happened to the Alpha
Plane problems. Something happened to the airline, but Im not entirely sure of
whats going on. Let me make a few calls, but from what I gather, I doubt theyre
going to show up for another few days.
What am I supposed to do about the party? I thought we were supposed to use it
as a cover, Yoona asked.
Postpone it, Tony suggested, And ramp up the security too, someones onto
Yoona sighed, Why cant everything just be simple for once??

Huh...Thats odd, Sooyoung commented, scrolling through something on her

What? Yuri asked, not taking her eyes off the road.
They were sitting in Jessicas silver Hyundai Genesis with Jessica herself asleep in
the backseat. It had taken them a while to convince the stubborn girl that
everything was not a dream, and then a while longer to calm her down from an
emotional outburst. For all the bravado that she put on, Sooyoung knew that it was
just confused and afraid. After all, society dictates that you should fall in love with
one personnamely a man. So what happens if you fall in love with not one, but
two women?
Reunion Partys been postponed, Sooyoung replied, reading through her
facebook page.
Thats odd, Yuri thought, the last time she checked, the big mission briefing was
supposed to happen during the party. Did it say why?
Looks like there was a storm last night and some people got stranded...Freak
accident I guess, Sooyoung shrugged disinterestedly, Guess that means we have
the afternoon off.
Yeah... Yuri frowned, something felt off. Aish, forget it, its none of my business
now. Yuri reminded herself, she had finished her contract and received her pay,
now all she had to do was get back to normal life. Yup, normal. Well, as normal
has having two girlfriends could possibly be.
Lets go somewhere, Sooyoung suggested out of nowhere.

Huh? Yuri glanced over at her, she remembered that Sooyoung used to be
spontaneous but she didnt think the habit still stuck.
How about shopping? Sooyoung said brightly.
Wait no...lets go eat, maybe a nice diner or something, Sooyoung muttered,
thinking aloud.
Screw that, lets go all out with something fancy, Sooyoung changed her mind
before Yuri could say a word.
Nah, fancy is overrated. How about a small cosy place? Sooyoung mused.
But that just screams cheap!...We should do something special on our first night
Then again, I dont want
Jeezus! Youre pickier than Hyoyeon! Yuri interrupted before Sooyoung could
go on another tangent, I dont think Jessica could take a big fancy restaurant after
her little meltdown today. Lets just go somewhere nice and private.

Sooyoung nodded, Ok, sounds like a plan. Sides, Jessicas calmed down a bit
recently, she was more impulsive a while ago.
Really? Yuri asked sceptically, Thats new. Impulsive is your thing, I think Ive
left her alone with you for too long.
Probably, Sooyoung laughed, but then her expression turned sober, Do you...I
mean, I know its my idea and all you think we can do this?
What do you mean? Yuri frowned, Sooyoung better not be having second
She...I dont know if...If Im good enough, Sooyoung admitted, I mean...She
sees you and her eyes light up, she gets less...less cold around you. Its like you
thaw her fire.
Yuri pulled over and glared at Sooyoung, Ok, first of all, dont you dare think
about backing out nowits far too late for that, youll hurt her so badly.
Secondlysince when did you get an inferiority complex? You called me fire?
Alright, then that makes you water.
Water? Sooyoungs eyebrows rose, she didnt really see the connection.
Keeping to the fire-ice analogy, water melts ice tooits just not as obvious.
Jesshikas extremely happy around you, and you dont even know it. Do you have
any idea what it would do to her if you change your mind? Youre Sooyoung, the
reliable one, the trustworthy onethe one thats always been around. Youre the
indispensible one, not me, Yuri said firmly.
Sooyoung stared at her for a few seconds, Youre wrong.

What? Are you still feeling sorry for yours

Dont belittle yourself, youre not dispensable. And since when did you get so
poetic anyway? Sooyoung asked in surprise.
...I guess Ive learned a few things, Yuri shrugged nonchalantly.
Aish...The things we do for that Ice Princess, Sooyoung said looking at Jessica
Jessica stirred, ...Did you just call me ice?

Cancelled? Cancelled? Taeyeon repeated staring at her phone in disbelief,

Then why the hell did we get out of bed?
Tiffany burst out into laughter, You know, now I see why Jessica calls you
She still calls me that? Taeyeon pouted.
Aww, youre so cute, Tiffany said squeezing Taeyeons cheeks.
So what are we doing now? Tiffany asked.
Eh, I think I should cook dinner then, Taeyeon said, Theres nothing at home to

Ooh! I want spaghetti, Tiffany said brightly.

...You know I can only make Korean food, Taeyeon pointed out.
Oh no, dont give me those eyes, Taeyeon backed off as Tiffanys eyes started
turning watery, Thats cheating!
Pwetty pleeease?
But before Taeyeon could respond, Tiffanys phone rang and she was saved from
further exposure to the puppy-dog eyes.
We have a big big problem, Hyoyeons voice greeted her.
Tiffany sighed, she knew a few moments in peace was too good to be true,
Whats happening now?
Alpha Teams flight got sabotaged, Hyoyeon replied, Were investigating
now, from the sounds of things, it seems like someone planted a bomb on board.
WHAT!? How the hell did that even get past security!? Tiffany shrieked,
startling Taeyeon, who jumped back from the sudden rise in her pitch.
No idea, but it cant be a coincidence. Someone doesnt want reinforcements to
get here. Thats proof right thereSeo Jiseoks definitely still alive.
Um...I couldve told you that. Didnt you guys read the files I sent you?
Tiffany asked.

Yes I did, but you know how it isinformation, no matter how good the sources
are, is subjected to human error. We cant be a hundred percent sure of
everything we learn from secondary sources.
Ok, but are they alright? I mean, there was BOMB, Tiffany asked worriedly.
She had known her sunbaes for a long time and they always seemed so...invincible,
it was inconceivable to think that something had taken them down.
Dunno, we lost contact with them when the plane crashed somewhere in SouthEast Asia. Our local headquarters have sent people over to check it out, but no
info so far.
South-East Asia? Tiffany frowned, Its a straight flight from the US to
Korea, why would they be in South-East Asia?
The Alpha Squad were in East Timor forthats another storybut they
caught a plane from there. Anyway, we need you over here right now.
Now? Really? Tiffany sighed, Alright, be over in ten.
Keep alert. Were nowhere near finished yet, Hyoyeon warned.
Ok, Tiffany said before hanging up.
Whats going on? Taeyeon asked, slightly worried about the look on Tiffanys
I have to go, Im sorry, Tiffany said apologetically, Im really really sorry.
After this, Ill treat you ok?
Its your job, go if you need to, Taeyeon said.

Again, Im really sorry, Tiffany repeated as she grabbed her coat and headed out
the door.
As the door clicked shut, Taeyeon let out a disappointed sigh, Why does the
world hate me?

Chapter Twenty

Chap 20
...T-Minus 5 Hours and Counting...
T-minus 5 hours, 30 minutes, 20 seconds and counting...
Taeyeon knocked on the front door, wondering why on earth Krystal had called her
to come over this morning. Apparently it had something to do with her sister, but it
was eleven thirty and Taeyeon doubted Jessica was even awake at this time.
Krystal opened the door, and Taeyeon noted the strange expression on her face.

Whats wrong? She asked as she left her shoes at the doorstep.
Nothing, eonnies in her room, Krystal indicated to the stairs.
Shrugging her confusion away, Taeyeon headed up the stairs, it was definitely too
Hey, are your parents home? Taeyeon called.
Krystal shook her head, No, theyre out at some business function in Yeongsan.
They probably wont be back till tomorrow.
Yeongsan? Taeyeon thought in surprise. Last time she checked, Yeongsan was just
a country town. But then again its been getting a lot busier industrially since
Kwon Corp moved out there. Twisting the doorknob, Taeyeon let herself in
Jessicas room.
As expected, Jessica was still sleeping. Her brown hair splayed across the pillow
with the covers pulled over her. Over to the right, Taeyeon spotted what could only
be Sooyoungs leg sprawled across...was that Yuri?
Sooyoung let out a big yawn and sat up, rubbing her eyes wearily. To Taeyeons
credit, she didnt even blink. Even though Sooyoung was clearly not wearing
Stop hogging the covers, Yuri grumbled, rolling overonly to roll directly off
the bed, and landing on the floor with a dull thud.

Taeyeons eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets and her jaw dropped to the
ground when she realised that Yuri was parading around in nothing but her
Aish...too early... Jessica mumbled, pulling the blanket over her head.
W-what... the hell!? Taeyeon managed to choke out. Trying to wrap her head
around the fact that her two best friends and their mutual friend were in bed
practically naked.
Huh? Taeyeon? Sooyoung looked up, as if only just noticing that Taeyeon was
standing there.
Oh god...My eyes.
The hell? Get out! Sooyoung threw at pillow at Taeyeon.
As the pillow bounced off her head, she snapped out of her stupor and bolted out
the room.
Out in the corridor, she spotted Krystal loitering around nonchalantly.
Huh...So they were really banging each other? I thought I was imagining it,
Krystal said casually, And just when I thought my sister couldnt get any
Taeyeon mouth hung agape, You...You sent me in there to see if they were
sleeping with each other!?
Well I wasnt going to see if my sister was sleeping with her friends, Krystal
pointed out.

Taeyeons hands twitched into claws, as she wondered if Jessica would mind if she
dismembered Krystal.
Tippani...Wheres my Tippani? I need my Tippani...Fany-ah... Taeyeon
Meanwhile upstairs, Sooyoung had thrown off Jessicas covers in attempt to wake
her up. Revealing that Jessica was in fact, fully clothed.
You know...I think Taeyeon got the wrong idea... Sooyoung realised.
Hm? Wrong idea about what? Yuri asked from the bathroom.
Think about it, she walks inIm not wearing anything, youre in your
underwearwhats she going to think?
...Oh god...
Yeah. Think we should tell her that we fell asleep after playing strip poker?

Tiffany sat on the wooden chair, going through the many files given to her by Yuri.
Papers and notebooks lie scattered all over the old dining table. The curtains were
pulled shut, and the only light came from the old and dusty lamps. The yellowy
glow of the light bulbs gave the room a dark and ominous feel, which really wasnt
helped by the agonising screams sounding from the basement. Her eyebrows
twitched for what seemed to be the thousandth time.
Why havent we soundproofed the basement? They could probably hear us from
ten blocks away, Tiffany asked, her head starting to hurt.

The entire house is soundproofed, you cant hear a thing even if you stand on the
doorstep, Hyoyeon explained absently as she continued reading over one of
Yuris many notebooks. Not mindful of the shrieks going on downstairs.
Ah...So why havent we soundproofed the basement? Tiffany repeated, trying to
block the noise with her hands.
Budget cuts, Hyoyeon shrugged, What can you do?
Tiffany sighed and shut the notebook, Ive got a migraine...I wish theyll hurry up
and finish already.
Well if you want to help then be my guest, Hyoyeon gestured to the rug that
covered the trap door, which led to the basement.
Nah I just ate. Put the tape in again, Tiffany indicated to the CCTV tape on the
Why? Weve watched that like fifty times, and in about 30 different speeds,
Hyoyeon pointed out.
I just want to drown out the noise, Tiffany groaned. Shindong had been out
buying cigarettes last night when he noticed something odd. Two men in their late
twenties were huddled in a back alley, swapping weapons of various kinds. When
he moved to investigate, one of them had run off but he did manage to catch the
other. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that the guy worked at Seo
Pharmaceuticals, and Shindong discovered several kilos of heroin on his body.
They were gathering weapons and planning somethingexactly what they were
planning was not quite clear yet.

Oh hey, it stopped, Hyoyeon noted pleasantly.

The rug lifted up with the opened trapdoor. Shindong walked out, grimacing as he
inspected his bloody knife, an expression of disgust appeared on his face, Damn I
bent the blade...
So? Anything new? Tiffany asked.
Yeah...We were right, they are planning something big. Apparently most of them
think that Jiseok has ran away for good, and theyre banding together under
another leader in order to attack us. Theyre going to strike in two days, Shindong
Shit...Now we really have to get the Alpha Squad here by tonight, tomorrow at
the latest, Tiffany grumbled, they managed to contact Woohyuk earlier that day,
but he lost the rest of his team.
Wait a minute...How do they know who we are? How the hell do they even know
were involved!? Hyoyeon demanded, they had covered their tracks. Made sure
that nothing was linked back to any of them.
Seohyun, Tiffany muttered darkly, she still couldnt believe the seemingly
innocent girl had done that.
...I forgot about that, Hyoyeon cursed, Man, Seohyun going rogue? Whats the
world coming to?
Did you kill him? Tiffany turned her attention back to Shindong.

Shindong nodded, It would be cruel to let him live after that...Plus you know the
protocols for these things.
Ah hell...So the Epsilon Squad would definitely be involved, Tiffany rubbed her
head, everything was giving her a migraine.
What do you mean definitely? They werent supposed to be involved, but after
this of course they would be. There was no maybe stage...unless...What did you
do? Hyoyeon asked flatly.
Nothing, Tiffany replied defensively. Her eyes shifting back to the notes on the
Seriously, I didnt do anything, Tiffany said as both Hyoyeon and Shindong
eyed her skeptically.
Tiffany was saved from further questioning when the front door opened and Isak
walked in with arms full of bags.
I got lunch, She announced.
Tiffany couldve kissed her.
Shindong poked and prodded at the food on his plate. It stared back at him,
seemingly annoyed and seemed to swat his chopstick away.
Having fun playing with your food? Tiffany asked in amusement.

Shindong stabbed it with the end of his chopstick, but the jelly-ish body didnt
seem to mind, ...I dont think Im up for live food after that. Why did you have to
get Sannakji for?
Isak shrugged, I felt like seafood?
Well if youre not going to eat it, then I will, Hyoyeon said as she reached over,
grabbed the octopus with her chopsticks, dipped it in the sauce and plopped the
whole thing in her mouth, chewing happily.
How about Balut? I bought a dozen, Isak suggested.
Shindong stared at her, I mean food that wont look at me while I eat it.
Hey its cookedeven cooked fish stares at you, and I dont see you complaining
about eating fish, Isak pointed out.
...Right now I dont think I can eat fish either. Im going out to get a nice
processed burger, Shindong declared.
Yes, because minced dead cow cooked in a tonne of oil with chemically-enriched
processed cheese, artificially flavoured tomato paste, and bits of preservativedrenched pickles, squished together between slabs of incorrectly fermented whiteflour dwarf wheat is so much better for you, Isak rolled her eyes, Its a recipe for
health disorders all nice and packaged for you.
Ok, so Tiffany. What were you saying about the Eps
--Wait for me, I want one too, Tiffany chimed in nervously as she headed out
with Shindong.

T-minus 3 hours, 20 minutes, 30 seconds and counting...

In a dank tavern that looked like it hadnt been dusted in over a century, sat two
bickering women. One of who looked extremely annoyed while the other seemed
to be on the verge of bashing her head against the table.
Can we go home now? Its hot outside, and if we run into the Jungs--Oh great,
speak of the devil and theyre here, Luna groaned as the door of the bar opened as
two familiar-looking faces entered with a mob behind them. She tried to hide
herself behind the wooden pillar next to their table as Eunji and Nicole marched
over with their band of mindless followers behind them.
None of that, Amber swatted her over the head, I dont really care, they can do
whatever they want.
Good afternoon Amber, Id like to have a word with you, Eunji said, strangely
You want to have a word with me? You can have a word, but my fist comes with
the deal too, Amber smirked.
Oh believe me Im more than happy to give you a black eye, just give me one
reason, Eunji warned.
Cant you find a reason without me giving you one? Amber asked skeptically.
They usually did not need much reasoning to fight.
Amber, you hang with Yuri dont you? Eunji asked.

Yeah... Amber replied a little confused, the leer on Eunjis face was starting to
make her edgy.
I hear you guys spend a lot of down time together, she continued.
Are you implying something? Amber growled, her hand in her pocket, touching
the hilt of her knife.
What if I am? Eunji asked challengingly, hand ready to draw her own blade.
Hey, hey, hey! Luna interrupted, Were in a public place, either go somewhere
private or just talk it over rationallyout here, everyone is watching us.
Amber snorted, Eyes were meant to see things, if they want to watchthen let
them watch.
At that moment, Yuri entered the tavern.
Never mind, here comes the one Im looking for, Eunji turned her attention to
Yuri who had approached the table with a sour expression on her face, Yuri, Ive
been looking all over for you, you little whore.
Yuri didnt even bat an eyelid, What do you want? I didnt do anything to you.
Stop bullshitting! You defiled my cousin, bitch! Come here so I carve your
eyeball out! Eunji demanded, unsheathing her knife.
Seriously? Youre her family, which kind of makes you my family now, and you
dont own her, so leave me alone, Yuri sighed, repeating the same thing for what
seemed to be the millionth time. Eunji could never get anything into that thick head
of hers.

What the hecks wrong with you Yuri? Are you just gonna take this lying down?
This bitch is going around talking shit about you, all it takes is a stab of my knife
and itll shut her up for good, Amber leapt off her seat and pulled out her knife.
Amber put that away, Yuri ordered, but the other paid her no attention.
Eunji saw the weapon as a threat and lunged at Amber, who quickly leapt back,
eyeing her opponent warily.
Oi! Are you two insane!? Stop it! Yuri yelled furtively as Amber and Eunji
continued to fight.
Yuri tried to break up the fight, she pushed Eunji away and held Amber at bay,
Dude, calm down!
Before any of them realised what happened, Eunji reached under Yuris arm and
stabbed Amber in the gut.
Shit! You freakin stabbed her! Lets go, now! Nicole said dragging Eunji out of
the tavern.
Amber, Amber stay with me. Its just a flesh wound, not many people die of knife
wounds, Yuri implored shaking Amber slightly.
...I think me in the bowel...Damn it!...Why get in between us?
Amber rasped, with all the adrenaline pumping through her veins she could hardly
feel a thing.
I...I thought it was the right thing to do. Amber don't you dare die on me. Amber!
Yuri cried, shaking the other girl.

Hey Yuri, get up! Eunjis back and she looks kind of angry, Luna warned.
Yuri seethed, an expression of pure rage appeared on her face, Shes angry? Shes
alive, and Ambers dead, and shes angry? Oh Ill show her angry.
Well if youre that angry about it, then Ill be so kind as to let you join her, Eunji
mocked. Seconds later Yuri lunged at her.
Through teary red eyes, Jessica glared at Yuri.
You killed my cousin? Jessica repeated in disbelief for the third time.
SLAP! The sound echoed through the building as Jessicas hand connected with
Yuris face.
Yuri gingerly touched her cheek in shock, Ow! What the hell man!?
Jessica looked at her strangely for a few seconds before bursting out into
uncontrollable laughter, Bwhahahahaha.
CUT! CUT! What the hell was that!? Yuri stick to the script! And Jessica stop
laughing! Youre supposed to be angry and shocked, your lover just killed your
cousin! Mr Park shouted furiously.
Hahah...S- hahaha-sor-hahahaha-ry... Jessica manage to wheeze out in between
bouts of laughter. Mr Park looked like he wanted to throttle her.

She slapped me, like for real. Did you hear that? Yuri rubbed her cheek, wincing
...Production Night is tonight, tonight, Mr Park cried mournfully. This years
production seemed like it would be a total disaster. Actors forgot their lines and
burst into laughter at inappropriate moments, props fell apart, and certain
backstage helpers cant keep a hold of the sandbags properly.
Can we call it a day? Weve been at this for hours, Sooyoung whined from
behind the set.
Yeah, my throat is dying, Amber chimed in from the ground, still playing dead
Before anyone else could voice complaints, Mr Park let out a big: NO!
T-minus 2 hours, 30 minutes, 25 seconds and counting...

How are the preparations doing? Seohyun asked.

Were on schedule, Changmin replied handing her a folder.
Seohyun flipped through the files and smiled in satisfaction, Excellent. Have you
gathered everybody yet?
Changmin nodded, Plans are all set and ready to go. When are we moving out?
Have you got the distraction in place too? Seohyun asked, skimming over the
notes on her table.

Changmin nodded, Theyre pitifully easy to manipulate. So we head out soon

right? Im getting antsy staying here.
Be patient Changmin, rushing things will only make it better for them in the long
run. Ive set up the decoy, they have no idea of who theyre dealing with.
T-minus 1 hour, 45 minutes, 15 seconds and counting...

Taeyeon rolled over with an extremely satisfied expression. She stared up at the
ceiling, her mind was still swimming in the clouds, and the stupid grin refused to
leave her face. Ah yes, glorious heaven...No more images of SooNo! Think
happy thoughts, happy thoughts! She looked over at Tiffany who was already up
and heading towards the shower.
Whats the rush?
Id love to stay and cuddle, but Im going to be late, Tiffany said.
Late for what? Taeyeon asked, and then it dawned on her.
Taeyeon groaned, why did she have to promise Sooyoung that she would come and
watch their show? Taeyeon sat up and started flicking through her phone,
grumbling about annoying cousins as she checked her notices.
Huh? Tonight!? Taeyeon exclaimed, staring at the screen in disbelief.
Yoona had moved the reunion party to 7:30 that night. Not only was it a short
notice, but it also clashed with the Theatre departments annual production. What
the hell was she supposed to do?

Fifteen minutes later, Tiffany stepped out of the shower and Taeyeon was still
wondering what she should do.
Go and watch Jessicas theatre production, Tiffany suggested, browsing through
her clothes.
What? Taeyeon turned back to her in surprise.
Im serious, you dont want to be at Yoonas tonight. Go to the theatre, and then
stay as far away as possible. I cant say anything elsejust trust me ok? Tiffany
implored her.
Something in her voice made Taeyeon stop, she sounded like she was pleading
with her. Alright, Ill go and see Jessica and Yuri put on a tragic love story,
Taeyeon grinned wryly, Where are you going?
To Yoonas party of course, Tiffany replied as she pulled out a non-descript
black dress.
So let me get this straight...Youre allowed to go to Yoonas party, but Im not?
Taeyeon asked as Tiffany began changing right in front of her.
Tiffany looked up and locked eyes with her, Just trust me ok?
...Ok, Taeyeon agreed. Tiffany knew something, and it was likely dangerous.
She noted that Tiffany had stuffed several other, more combat-suited articles of
clothing and a gun into her massive handbag.
Good, was all Tiffany said before pulling Taeyeon into a kiss.

Almost a full minute later they broke apart, gasping for air, I just want you to
know that I love you, and Ill find you when this is all over.
Taeyeon frowned, Ok, now Im worried. Whats going on Tippani?
Tiffany shook her head, I cant tell you, Ive already said too much, you shouldnt
even knowthat reminds me. Never ever let anyone know that you know what I
do for a living. Dont tell a soul, not a soul. No matter what happens, Ill find you
Taeyeon bit her lower lip, Now Im really worried...Dont get yourself hurt.
Ill try not to. Oh and, dont expect me to be back tonight, I probably wont show
up for a few days, Tiffany said as she grabbed her bag and left.
Taeyeon sighed, she had a bad feeling about this.
T-minus 1 hour, 44 seconds and counting...

I cant believe you accidently dropped a sandbag on me. Again, Yuri growled.
It was an accident, Sooyoung insisted, You didnt have to throw the damn thing
back at me. How the heck did you even manage to pick it up?
The two of them were sitting on opposite beds in the infirmary after being hit by
flying sandbags, nursing rather angry looking bruises on their heads.
I work out, Yuri shrugged.

Before either of them could say anything else, Jessica walked into the room.
Immediately, both Sooyoung and Yuri laid down on the bed, placed icepacks on
their head and made the most pained-looking face they could muster.
...You two look pathetic, Jessica said glancing at the apparently ailing duo.
Thats just cruel Sica, Sooyoung said dramatically.
Yeah, dont you have any sympathy for the poor, and suffering? Yuri pouted.
I would but...Why do I have a sense of dj vu? Jessica asked rhetorically,
looking back and forth between Sooyoung and Yuri. She wasnt sure if she was
feeling amused or annoyed.
I have no idea what shes talking about. Do you? Sooyoung asked innocently.
Nope, not a clue.
Uh-huh...Soccer incident when we were eight,
You kicked my shin on purpose! Yuri accused, from one side of the school
Did not! I was trying to kick the ball, Sooyoung insisted, sitting on the other
bed, And you threw the ball at me!
You did too! And you deserved it!
I did not! And you deserved being kicked in the shin!

Ha! You just admitted it. I win! Yuri stuck her tongue out at Sooyoung.
I did not!
You did too!
Did not!
Did too!
Did not!
Did too!
Yes you did!
No I didnt!
Yes you did!
No I didnt!
Didnt times thousand! Sooyoung stuck her tongue out at Yuri.
Did times infinity! Ha! Yuri mimicked the movement.

Hey guys, are you ok? Jessicas voice sounded close to the door and
immediately the two of them jumped back into bed.
My leg really hurts, Yuri said.
My head hurts more, Sooyoung said.
Do you guys want food? Mommy always said that food makes you feel better,
Jessica asked.
Yes please, they said in unison.
End flashback.
You guys had me catering to you for four hours before I figured it out, Jessica
glared at them.
Yeah, and then you sent us back to the infirmary for real, Sooyoung said
Ah, fun times, Yuri nodded wistfully.
So, is it the same this time? Jessica asked, a dangerous glint in her eyes.
What are you three doing!? Yuri! Jessica! I need my two lead roles back on set
now! Were performing in half an hour! Half an hour! Mr Parks frantic yells
saved the two of them from suffering further and possibly mortal injuries.

T-minus 30 minutes, 17 seconds and counting...

Tiffany glanced around; there were several men in suits toting hand guns. She
assumed that they were the extra security guards that Yoona had hired. As the
living room started getting crowded with guests that she didnt even recognise,
Tiffany slipped into one of the mansions many corridors unnoticedexcept by
one man in a suit.
She walked down the corridor at a brisk pace, stopping in front of the 6th door, she
Whos there? A voice sounded from the inside.
The night has a thousand eyes, Tiffany relayed her password.
The door clicked open and a familiar-looking face greeted her, And the day only
has one.
Hey Yunho, how was being stuck on an island? Tiffany grinned, it had been a
while since she saw her old friend.
Ill tell if you tell me what happened in Australia, Yunho offered with a wry
...Lets not talk about that, Tiffany replied hastily, So, is everyone here?
Yoonas still out there greeting guests, but were going to start without her,
Yunho explained before clapping his hands, getting the attention of the entire
room, Alright, take a seat and were starting.

There was a long rectangular table in the middle of the room, with a dozen chairs
around it. As everyone took their seats, Tiffany pulled out the folder the she had
been given.
Alright, first of all, I need to a quick summary of events that took place in the past
month, Heejoon, the leader of the Alpha Squad spoke up.
It started when five kilograms of pure heroin went missing about a month ago,
Tiffany began, And then Kangta was taken and killed because he worked for Seo
Pharmaceuticals. Hyoyeon and Isak managed to arrest Leeteuk and the rest of his
gang, but then someone blew up the company.
What!? Boa interjected in surprise, Blew up?
Tiffany nodded grimly, I saw it with my own eyes. The entire factory went up in
flames. Yoona, Shindong, Hyoyeon, Isak and myself went on a rescue mission in
order to find Seohyun, who had stopped communicating with us. We found her,
but...unfortunately it appears that she has defected.
...Youre joking right? Were talking about Seohyun Jeon? The one they called
the perfect agent? Yunho asked in disbelief. Tiffany understood his shock, he
had known Seohyun for even longer than she had, and Seohyun was definitely the
last person anyone wouldve expected to go AWOL.
Now you see why things are bad? Hyoyeon asked.
...Do you know how long ago she switched sides? For all we know, all the
information she ever fed us was false, Junsu questioned worriedly.

For the past four years, Seohyun had been sending back monthly reports. Forty
Eight detailed reports on everything, from the workers, to the hours that they open,
to the business contracts, to Jiseoks personal life. How much of this was true, and
how much was false?
Thats the part that were unsure of. It makes almost everything that we know so
far dubious. Late last night, Shindong caught one of the remnants of the Seo
Pharmaceutical workers trading weapons. Theyre gathering and planning to attack
usapparently under a new leader. Thats why this urgent meeting has been
called, theyre planning to attack tomorrow, Tiffany finished.
Immediately low mutterings swept through the table as everyone began talking,
and trying to hash out a reasonable plan. Before anyone could speak up properly,
there was a quick succession of raps at the door.
Who is it? Heejoon called.
Whats in a name? That which we call a rose, Yoona answered.
Heejoon opened the door to let her in, By any other name would smell as sweet.
Ooh, I love that saying, Tiffany grinned, her eyes curving up into smiles.
Hey Tony, how much did you pay for security? Those guys were toting some
serious weaponry, Yoona asked.
Tony frowned, Just the usual...They only have hand guns.
Yoona stopped cold, What? Then why I did I see guys with rifles?
The entire room froze.

T-minus 1 minute, 19 seconds and counting...

Chapter Twenty One

Human Nature
Yoona stopped cold, What? Then why I did I see guys with rifles?
The entire room froze.
Everyone glanced at each other in panic, they werent planning to attackthey
were already here.
Yoona, do you have a surveillance system that we could use? Heejoon asked.

Yoona nodded, heading over the computer monitors set up in the back of the room,
Ive only got a few rooms wired, but that should be enough.
Sunny pulled out a book to being planning, How many are there?
A dozen at least, and Im sure they have more disguised, Yoona said.
Heejoon looked grim, Everybody suit up, its about to get ugly.
Tiffany cursed, maybe she shouldve stayed a little longer with Taeyeon. The
chances of her making it out alive were getting smaller and smaller. Pulling out her
phone, Tiffany sent a quick text message to Taeyeon before pulling her combat
clothes out of her bag.
Thats odd, Yoona frowned as she studied her computer monitor.
Whats going on? Yunho leant over to get a better look.
See the way theyre positioned? Theyre positioned to prevent anyone from
coming out, or in, Yoona explained, Usually I would expect them to wait for
reinforcements, but from the way theyre rotating, it seems that their only goal is to
keep us inside.
Yunho stared at the screen, he could see the rifle-toting guys walking around the
perimeter, they looked like ordinary guards, Theyre stalling us.
What do you mean?
Theyre keeping us here, away from something else... Yunho narrowed his eyes.

Away from what?

Thats what Im worried about.
T-minus 20 seconds and counting...

Taeyeon watched in amusement as her friends acted out a bastardised version of

Shakespeares beloved Romeo and Juliet. She had to admit it was amusingand
probably not on purpose, as the actors laughed, tripped over, stumbled over their
lines, the props broke unexpectedly, and there was that huge sandbag that swung
out of nowhere and whacked Yuri off the balcony before she could kiss Jessica.
But their quick wit was enough to make the entire audience laugh.
Looking around, Taeyeon noted that it was a lot more crowded than usual, people
generally dont attend remakes of Shakespearean plays. Mr Park seemed to despair
rather than be happy at the large turn-out, but judging from the way the play was
going, Taeyeon couldnt see why he was worriedsure they butchered the
production, but it was hilarious. Her phone screen lit up, and Taeyeon looked down
to see that Tiffany had sent a text to her: I love you Tae <3. She smiled, internally
chuckling at how cute Tiffany could be sometimes.
As Taeyeon started to text back, the stage exploded.
Taeyeon stared in shock as bits of wooden planks flew into the crowd, a large
cloud of dust prevented them from seeing anything. The audience muttered
amongst themselves, wondering if this was part of the show.

Then a blood curling scream sounded from the stage as dozens of men from the
audience stood up, brandishing knives and guns.

Shit! Everybody down now! Boa yelled as several gun shots were fired in the
Through the walls, they could hear the sound of people panicking and screaming in
the hall. The shattered glass and debris lay scattered over the floor as people ran
screaming for the exits. The door of the room burst open, with several armed men
charging in just as the last of the agents climbed out of the window and began
climbing to the 2nd floor.
As she swung into the 2nd storey window, Tiffany immediately dove behind the
kitchen counter for cover. Several round of bullets flew past her head. Whats the
plan? Mobile Defence?
Heejoon grimaced, Oh no, this is it. No more tip toeing around, Frontal Assault,
get into position people!
The others gaped at him.
Are you insane!? Frontal assault after all that careful networking and information
gathering? That blows all the work weve done in the past ten years down the
drain! Isak protested.
We dont have a choice. Jiseok has moved operations, this is the last chance we
have to seize any results for all those years wasted. One agent is dead and another

has gone AWOL. There are civilians inside that are in danger. I refuse to let this
mission fail after all of that, Heejoon explained.
You are insane! Youre going to get us all killed! Shindong hissed, the bullet that
flew just mere centimetres past his ear seemed to nail the point home.
Heejoon pulled out his hand gun and with five concise rounds, shot the
mercenaries that were firing at them.
As your senior officer, I say were going in, Heejoon commanded.
The order was met with silence from the group. The sounds of glass shattering,
thundering footsteps in the hallways, and bullet flying echoed in downstairs.
Looks like theyve centred on the ground floor, Yoona commented as she
tapped into the surveillance system on her laptop.
Youve got visual? Yunho asked.
About three seconds ago, theyve shut off my cameras. But from what I saw, there
are a dozen civilians in there along with many armed thugs, Yoona said, Whos
idea was it to have civilians here?
Cover story, Tony reminded her.
Armed? How well armed? Yunho asked.
There are six guys with magnum rifles, but most of them have revolvers and
knives, some steel baseball bats even.

Theyre just the small branch of a larger gang, so thats to be expected. How well
armed are we? Heejoon asked.
Yoona pointed to the stairs, You guys have handguns dont you? I got a couple of
Colt SMGs, and a few of those K7s I took from the mercenaries. But I only have
three pairs of Kevlar armour.
Good enough, lets move people.

The saying life flashing before your very eyes was a clich, but Taeyeon couldnt
find another one that suited her situation so perfectly. She crawled beneath the
rows of chairs, trying to stay hidden away from the violence. Her heart pounded,
eyes opened wide, fearfully glancing in every direction, trying to keep track of the
gun-toting thugs.
She nearly jumped as glass rained all over the theatre, the roof panels had been
shattered and armoured men descended from the top. Relief washed through her,
the police force were here, and everything would be alright.
But that relief was short-lived as those men began firing upon the innocent.
Screams rang through the air, accompanied by the sickening thuds and crunches as
bodies hit the floor. She shut her eyes, trying to ignore the pools of red that stained
the carpet floor, and wondering why anyone would do this.
The last thing she saw were Mr Parks empty eyes staring blankly at her, before
something cold pressed against her neck.

Fuck! Jessica swore in panic as her leg got caught underneath the flying wooden
beams. The adrenaline pumping in her veins didnt even allow her to feel any pain,
but the sirens were going off in her head as blood seeped through her pants.
Sica! Yuri called in alarm as she scrambled over to where Jessica had fallen,
Shit, can you move?
I dont know, Jessica replied, pushing the planks of wood off her leg, I cant
feel a thing, and Im thinking thats a bad sign...
Yuri pulled Jessicas arm around her shoulder and dragged the injured girl onto her
feet, I gotcha, we need to get out of here. Where the hell is Sooyoung?
Jessica shook her head, She got caught in the explosion. Do you think...? Jessica
trailed off, unwilling to voice what she was thinking.
No, Yuri said firmly as they began moving towards the back exit, Shes too
stubborn to die. If she dies, Ill kill her.
Ah hell! Jessica hissed, gritting her teeth as pain shot up her leg, Well...Guess
its not paralysed.
Cmon, were nearly there, just a few metres to the door. You can do it, Yuri
coaxed, supporting almost all of Jessicas weight as they lumbered to their chance
of escape.
Maybe you should just

Shut up, Yuri advised her, If that next words out of your mouth are leave me
behind, then Ill hit you. Dont say such stupid things.
The large exit sign above the door seemed to laugh at them as they made their way
towards it one agonising step at a time. Yuris fingers reached out and grasped the
door handle, she pushed the door open, the smile on its way to her face stopped
midway as they came face to face with two masked and heavily armed men.
Well well, look who we have? The traitor herself, just where do you think youre
going Kwon Yuri?

Her eyes flickered to each of the seven monitors positioned around her. There was
chaos and destruction everywhere as people threw themselves on top of one
another in order to scramble out of the way.
Humans were so predictable, throw something dangerous and theyd run,
sacrificing each other for their own survival in an instant. Dangle something
valuable and theyd throw themselves at it, stepping on one another without a
Youre enjoying this, arent you? Changmin asked, noticing the small smile on
Seohyuns face. For her, that was an equivalent to smirking triumphantly.
Perhaps, is it narcissistic of me to admire my own handiwork? Seohyun asked
I was here the whole time, and I still dont know how you did it, Changmin
shook his head.

A few calls, a few well placed words, and bam, it was like she owned them.
Seohyun was dangerous. This girl barely out of her teens was more dangerous than
any other person Changmin had encountered, and he had faced many feared
leaders of the underground.
Its simply human nature Changmin. All humans want something, and if you
point them in the direction of what they want, theyll stop at nothing to get it,
Seohyun explained.
And to think...All you planned to do was gain the Kwons alliance. I was right,
this is getting interesting.
Seohyun glanced up at him, Oh you havent seen interesting yet, just wait.

Bullets ricocheted around the room, smashing into chairs and glass. Tiffany,
Hyoyeon and Isak took cover behind an over turned couch.
Is it just me, or is their aim extremely bad? Tiffany yelled over the top of the
Isak peeked around the couch and fired, hitting nothing but the wood as the men
ducked behind the walls, Dont complain about it. They outnumber us, and were
lucky that theyre probably ordered to distract us, not to kill us.
Tiffany re-loaded her K7, pausing slightly for breath, Are you sure?
Hyoyeon shook her head, Not really. But thats the best we came up with, why
else arent they killing us yet?

Tiffany grabbed the fallen lamp on the ground and lobed it over the couch and
rolled over, keep close to the ground as she fired. Several yells and thuds later,
Hyoyeon peeked over the couch.
Are they dea
GET DOWN! Tiffany roared.
Hyoyeon felt something trickle down her face, with a shaky hand she touched the
wet spot on her cheek. Blood...Huh...And then she thought no more.
A small metal ball rolled into the room. Isak took one glance and grabbed Tiffany,
dragging the struggling woman towards the window.
LET ME GO! ISAK LET ME GO!... Im gonna kill them!...Im...Im gonna
Youre gonna jump out of the window now!" Isak interrupted, shoving Tiffany
out of the 2nd storey window as the grenade exploded.

Its been a while, hasnt it? Yuri-ah, one of the masked men chuckled.
You know these guys? Jessica asked in disbelief. girl you have there, care to share cousin? he laughed.
Yuris face paled as her mind pulled together all the pieces of the puzzle, Jiyong?
But that means... No...You guys accepted her leadership!?

Her cousin laughed, I see youre still playing spy, you should know that I go by
G-Dragon these days. I have to applaud you though, no one suspected a thing...But
you slipped up, you slipped up big time by coming back here.
Whats going on? Jessica asked, staring back and forth between Yuri and the
armed man.
Uncles gone insane...What the hell is this!? Yuri exclaimed gesturing to the
chaos around them.
His laugh was truly chilling as he stared down at her, This? This is your fault.
Were here because of you. This is all staged, for you. Youre about to become an
example for the rest of the clan. This is what we do to traitors.
Well, Ill take this as my cue to leave. This sounds like family business, so Ill
just grab this pretty face and be on my way, the other masked man said as he
gripped Jessicas upper arm.
Dont you dare touch her! Yuri growled as she moved to kick him, but G-Dragon
intercepted her.
Oh no traitor, dont go anywhere, we arent finished yet, He said as he pulled out
a dagger from his boot.

Tiffany groaned as she pulled herself up. She was covered in soot and blood, and
she probably broke something, but at that moment, she just didnt care. The entire
2nd floor exploded in spectacular fire, with glass and wood raining down to the

floor. She looked around, where were the others? They cant ALL have been
caught in the blast.
The sound of a car engine caught Tiffanys attention, she turned to see a black
Sedan speeding towards her. It stopped right in front of the curb, the door opened
to reveal Agent Xiah.
Junsu? What are you doing here? She asked, wondering if she was hallucinating.
Last time she checked, he was supposed to be in Russia.
No time for explanations. I have urgent orders, get in the car, Junsu said as he
pulled Tiffany inside. Stepping out, he swept through the rubble for the others.

Taeyeon couldnt move, couldnt breathe, it was as if her body had just frozen
itself. Her heart thudded wildly against her chest, mind overtaken by fear.
Dont move, a raspy voice commanded, the blade pressed dangerously against
her neck.
She felt her hair be brushed aside, and a calloused hand turned her chin to the right.
He had a black balaclava on, so she couldnt see anything but his cold eyes.
My my, arent you a pretty?

Jessica struggled against the mans iron grip as he dragged her backstage. Tears
flowing down her cheeks, her face scrunched up in pain as her leg dragged against
the floor.

Hey! Get your hands off whats mine! A flying kick sent the man sprawled out
on the floor.
Jessica barely had time to register what was going on before the man pulled out his
gun. The world seemed to slow down, gunfire and smoke seemingly just
background noise.
SOOYOUNG! Jessica yelled in alarm.
The cocky grin on Sooyoungs face disappeared as two bullets imbedded
themselves in her abdomen.

Chapter Twenty Two

Where are we going? Tiffany asked, wrapping a fresh bandage around her leg as
Junsu sped down the street.
Sunny, Yunho and Yoona sat in the backseat nursing their own wounds. They
havent been able to find the others before Junsu started panicking about them
running late.

Kwon Corp, what do you guys know about it? Junsu replied as he took a sharp
turn around a corner, causing the others to grimace as they squished up against
each other.
...Theyre a weapons manufacturer, Tiffany said, trying to remember everything
on her mission briefing. They specialised in making knives and daggers, but
recently theyve been making hand guns as well.
Yeah on the surface. Have you ever wondered what happened to the Ssang Yong
Double Dragon? The organised crime gang? Yunho frowned, they were one of
the oldest and most brutal crime gangs in South Korea based in Gwanju, but
nothing had been heard from them in over a decade.
They havent been active since the late 1990s, except for that one off in 05
whyOh...You have got to be joking. Kwon Corp originated from Gwanju,
Sunny eyes widened in realisation, What the hells going on Junsu!?
Word in the underground says that someone finally claimed the position as leader
and gathered everyone back together again. Ssang Yong Pa is active againand
theyre at Seoul National University.
WHAT!? Tiffany screeched.

Meanwhile in the SNUs theatre auditorium screams echoed all over the hall as the
members of the newly resurrected gang wreaked havoc on the student body. Unlike
in a usual armed attack where the civilians are quickly subdued and taken hostage,

the gang spread themselves around the perimeter, preventing anyone from leaving,
but keeping them scattered and running around for no particular reason other than
seemingly for fun.
Despite this chaos, Jessica Jung couldnt hear or see anything else rather than the
horror of her best friend hitting the floor as she took two bullets to the stomach.
Sooyoung! Jessica cried out in horror as her best friend hit the floor.
Before she could move, someone kicked the back of legs and forced her on her
Now let this be an example. Korea will soon know that the Ssang Yong Pa is
back, The man leered, Jiyong! Bring the traitor over here!
Stop with the stupid cover-story, as if this is all for me, Yuri yelled as G-Dragon
dragged her backstage.
Yuri stopped struggling the moment she spotted Sooyoung, No, no no no no!
G-Dragon chuckled darkly, Well what do I know? Youre not as self-absorbed as
you used to be.
Since when did you become such a heartless bastard Jiyong? These people did
nothing to you, these students are barely out of their teens! Why would you...?
You already know the answer to that. Now back to business, He said simply, as
he handed Jessica his knife.

Jessica looked confused as to why he was giving her a weapon, while Yuris eyes
widened in terror, and she started up her struggling, No...You wouldnt...
The grin on G-Dragons face was downright chilling, Hesaeng.
All the colour drained from Yuris face as those words passed G-Dragons lips.
Sacrifice. A masked man pressed a knife against her throat, another doing the same
to Sooyoung, who was still conscious.
Now now Princess, lets play my favourite game. Its called Hesaeng. Yuri, how
about you explain the rules to your friend? G-Dragon asked gleefully.
Youre sick, this shouldve died along with grandfather, Yuris eyes flickered
back and forth between her friends and her cousin fearfully. She could not believe
that someone managed to drag back everybodythe family had been scattered, her
father turned to being a businessman for gods sake, just how much behind-thescenes politics took place without her noticing?
G-Dragon laughed, If I recall correctly, you were singing a much different tune a
few years ago. Anyway, stop stalling me and tell this princess here the rules to our
little family game.
Yuri glared at him defiantly.
Aw cmon, not telling her rules isnt going to make this much fun. Well if you
wont then I will, G-Dragon continued cheerfully.
Jessica glanced back and forth between Yuri and that man, she had no idea what
the hell was going on and the upbeat attitude that the man had was disturbing.

Heres how it works: you, he said pointing to Jessica, Have to kill one of them,
he pointed to Yuri and Sooyoung, and then well let the surviving one go free. If
you kill none, then well slaughter them bothwhile you watch. Simple and fun,
isnt it?
Jessica nearly dropped the knife that she was given, What?
You heard me, He replied, So which one will it be?
Jessica backed up, shaking her head profusely as she looked back and forth
between her friends.
I...I-Im as good as gone anyway... Sooyoung rasped, just forming words took a
toll on her. She clearly expected to be dead, but the human body was a lot more
resilient than what most people think.
Sooyoung dont be stupid! Yuri snapped, but closed her mouth as the edge of the
knife dug against her skin.
Shut up! the man behind her warned.
...Just get it over with already, Sooyoung pleaded. It was as if something had
stabbed and clawed at her insides, the agonising pain in her stomach was unlike
anything she had ever felt before. She wanted it to be over, to stop.
Tick, tick, tick. Hurry up Princess, which one will it be? G-Dragon demanded.
Jessicas hands trembled, eyes flickering from Sooyoung to Yuri, to G-Dragon,
and back at Sooyoung again. What the hell was she supposed to do? Just what was
the right thing to do in this situation. She didnt want to kill anyone, but if she

doesnt then both of them would be killed anyway. Sooyoung got shot twice...She
was dying...No! Dont think like that! Jessica shook her head, trying to get rid of
the confusion and frustration.
G-Dragon grinned, Oh I see...This is a little unfair, after all one of them is
mortally wounded anyway. So lets make it even.
He grabbed the knife that was being held against Yuris throat and plunged it into
her stomach.
Yuri screamed, the knife was ripped out of her body and stabbed in a second time.
She collapsed onto the floor, hand instinctively going to the hilt of the knife that
was sticking out of her body.
Now theyre both dying. So kill one, and hopefully save the other one. Or you
could just save yourself the trouble and wait it out until they both slowly and
painfully bleed to death, G-Dragon shrugged.

Taeyeon clenched her eyes shut, tears trickled down her cheeks as her fists shook
uncontrollably. The cold knife still pressed against her neck served as a warning,
and the only reason why she didnt move when a calloused hand trailed up her
Please... Taeyeon whimpered as the flat of the blade dragged along her neck. His
body was pressed against her back, so she could feel the vibrations in his chest as
he chuckled lowly.

Dont you worry, youre far too pretty to kill. I know just the thing for you, He
leered, eyeing her lecherously as he reached for the zipper on her jeans.
Taeyeon was paralysed with fear, breathing became difficult when her heart started
pounding heavily. The feeling of helplessness washed over her, as she broke out
into cold sweat. Her mouth became dry, disgust bubbling through her as she felt
his member grow hard against her back.
Suddenly the man jerked backwards, and something warm splattered on Taeyeons
Get the fuck away from my wife.
She looked up in shock to see Tiffany with a murderous expression on her face. As
the man slumped down on the ground, Taeyeon realised that it was blood on her
armhis blood. She stared at the gun in Tiffanys hand, and then to the body on
the floor.
Tiffany reached out to Taeyeon, who scrambled back away from her extended arm.
Its alright Taeyeon, youre going to be ok. I wont hurt you.
Taeyeon pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, curling
into a ball. Tiffany crouched down so she was at eye-level with the shaking girl;
the sight of her lover shuddering as she placed hand on her shoulder, broke
something inside of her.
Its alright, I promise youll be ok, Tiffany pulled Taeyeon into an embrace,
stroking her hair gently as sobs wracked through her body.

Shit! Cops are here! G-Dragon cursed when the doors barged open and dozens of
armed men spilled in.
The masked men began scrambling for the exits, before G-Dragon could join them,
Yuri snatched the knife out of Jessicas hands and lunged at him.
He let out a startled yelp, stumbling backwards as he narrowly avoided the sharp
blade plunging into his side. He turned around, and with one swift motion, grabbed
the hilt of the knife that was still imbedded in Yuri and pulled it out.
AAAH! Yuri collapsed to the ground, clutching her bleeding side.
Nice try, but not enough. See you around cousin, with one final goodbye, he
pulled out a revolver from his pocket and fired once...
...into Jessicas shoulder. As she crumpled to the ground, eyes scrunched up in
pain, the paramedics rushed over.
What happened? the head medic turned his attention to Yuri.
Those two got shot, Yuri said, trying to ignore the pain in her stomach as much
as possible. The adrenaline pumping in her veins helped reduce the pain, but the
increased blood flow only meant that she would bleed out fasterluckily the
medics hadnt noticed as they set out to examine Sooyoung and Jessica
Load them into the ambulance quickly. We need to get this one to the hospital
now, one of the medics said as they loaded Sooyoung onto a stretcher.

Yuri... Jessica wanted to yell, but talking was hard enough. Why wasnt Yuri
seeking any medical attention!? The idiot got stabbed twice, those werent flesh
wounds. Damn it! Jessica screamed in her head, why the hell havent these people
noticed that someone was bleeding to death just a few feet away from them?
Hurry up, we have to go now! The medics immediately rushed out.

In the midst of the chaos and rubble, one masked man lie dying on the floor. He
grimaced as he lay sprawled out helplessly while his kinsmen fled or were shot
down like flies by the S.W.A.T team.
He spotted a handgun on the floor, the very colt pistol that shot him. In the corner
of his eyes, he could see the one that pulled the trigger. Reaching out, his fingers
curled around the handle of the gun. He shakily dragged the pistol into place,
aiming it at the targets back.
He shut his eyes, a grin on his face as the bullet shot forward.

Amber rushed wandered around, trying to see if anyone else needed help. When
the police arrived, they had managed to apprehend and fend off all of the attackers,
now they had the daunting task of rounding up the wounded, the dying, and the

Amber had managed to take cover and was almost unscathed, and had decided to
remain behind to help. A sharp scream of Tiffany almost had her turning back,
but she continued moving, there were plenty of helping hands available back there.
Backstage, she spotted Yuri leaning heavily against a wooden table while writing
something on a ripped sheet of paper.
Are you ok? She asked.
Yuri nodded, Im fine, just a sprained ankle, you should go and help some of the
Are you sure? Whats wrong with your stomach? Amber frowned, noticing how
Yuri was clutching her middle.
Nothing, just a flesh wound. Go help the others.
Amber shrugged and moved to help one of her underclassmen.
Yuri finished writing the last of the letters, trying to hold herself upright while
blood drenched the hand that was covering her wound. The hospital was half an
hour away, and that didnt include the late night Seoul trafficthere were others
that needed help more urgently than she did, others who were innocent victims in
all of this, so she opted to stay back while they went first. The adrenaline was
starting to wear off, and the pain intensified. She could almost feel the ghostly
presence of the knife running into her.
Her legs buckled under her as she collapsed to the ground. That alerted the others
around her.

Yuri! Maybe you should get off that ankle, Amber advised, heading over to help
her uponly to notice that Yuris clothes were drenched in blood.
What the--? Thats not a flesh wound! Amber exclaimed as she examined the
Well its a my flesh...So its a flesh wound.
Youre going to bleed to death you idiot! Medic! I need a medic here right now!
Amber yelled.

In the Emergency Operating Room of Seoul hospital, one doctor carefully inserted
a pair of tweezers in to remove a bullet from his patient. The heart monitor on the
side showed the heart beating dangerously slowly.

Taeyeon clutched onto Tiffanys hand tightly as the ambulance moved as fast as it
could to the hospital. Her mind was a whirlwind of emotions, too many things
happened at onceshe couldnt process it all, the only thing she could think about
was the deathly pale face of her wife.
Its ok...Were...going to be ok, Tiffany managed to say, as she breathed in.
Getting shot in the arm was definitely much different to being shot in the chest.
Taeyeon said nothing, but her grip on Tiffanys hand tightened.
Tiffany squeezed Taeyeons hand, I... l-love... you.

Taeyeons eyes flickered to Tiffanys, wondering how on earth the other managed
to wear that eye-smile while in so much pain, I love you too.

In another Emergency Operating Room, the nurses and doctors were talking in
hurried and panicked voices as the heart monitor began to flat line.

Damn it! Yuri dont you dare die on me! Amber growled.
...Phone, gimme a phone, Yuri said.
Give me a phone! Yuri demanded.
Amber tossed Yuri her phone as she got up to get help.
Yuri dialled Jessicas number, knowing full well that she would not pick up.
Predictably the call got redirected to Jessicas voicemail.
Hi, youve just called Jessica Jung and Im currently not available
Bullshit, youve probably lost your phone, Sooyoungs voice interrupted
Jessicas cheerfully.
Hey! Anyway, leave a message and Ill get back to you as soon as I can.
Translation: as soon as she figures out where she left her phone.
Yah! Choi Sooyoung do you want to die!?

A small smile graced Yuris face, those two idiots...She was definitely going to
miss them. As the message ended, her hands hit the floor limp.



It should be a rainy day.

The sky should be weeping, with dark clouds and deafening thunder. The
environment should be reflecting their emotions. Taeyeons arm rose to shield her
eyes from the glaring sun as she was staring bitterly at the clear blue sky. All
around her, people continue on with their business, gossiping in loud boisterous

tones about the violent gang-attack at Seoul University. The new headlines seem
to be the latest scandal, an exciting tale to those who were not involved. How could
anyone possibly continue on with their lives so blas? Taeyeon felt like her entire
world had just crashed and burned.
Sooyoung is in critical condition.
Jessica is awake and out of the danger zone, but is almost completely
unresponsive. The doctors said something about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Taeyeon herself had to attend therapy sessions with a psychiatrist.
Yuri is dead.
That statement was painfully blunt, but its the first time that Taeyeon voiced the
fact, even in her head. It never really hit her...Death...The concept was so
foreign...She knew that it was a part of life of coursebut it never really hit her. It
never truly sunk in that someone could just disappear. She had just talked to Yuri
less than 24 hours before the incident, now Taeyeon could no longer see her. Yuri
would no longer talk, no longer smile, no longer live.
Here she is, back at the airport again. Yet instead of her two best friends next to
her, there was only one. A hand grasps her own, thumb rubbing the back of her
hand softly. Taeyeon holds onto that hand as if its her lifeline, it had been so
close. Taeyeon doesnt know what she would do if Tiffany hadnt made it. It was a
miracle, the doctors had straight up told her that Tiffany didnt have very good
chances, and yet she somehow managed to pull through, while Sooyoung landed in
a coma.

I have to go back to the States, Tiffany said, her body presses against Taeyeons
back in an embrace.
Taeyeon turns around and buries her face in Tiffanys shirt, arms wrapped around
her waist, ...Youre not coming back are you?
Tiffany caresses Taeyeons cheek, and squeezes her shoulder reassuringly, Dont
say things like that. Ill be back in a week, three weeks tops. I just have some
paperwork to sort out.
Seriously? Youd quit your job for me? Taeyeon asks skeptically.
Tiffany chuckles, Id do anything for you.
Taeyeon punches her arm playfully, Youre so corny.
But you love me. Ill be back soon ok? Stay safe and Ill be back before you know
it, I promise, Tiffany kisses her before heading towards her gate.
Taeyeon watches sombrely as Tiffany disappeared into the airport terminal. So the
story comes to a full circle, back to the way it startedwith just Taeyeon, Jessica
and Sooyoung...Just Taeyeon.
That was the last time Taeyeon ever saw Tiffany Hwang.
As she stared at the gravestone, Sooyoung couldnt help but curse Yuri to high

She woke up not three days ago, wondering why on Earth everyone was acting like
she was dead. Her memory of that night extremely distorted, and she couldve
sworn that she never got shotbut the lovely scars on her chest from the operation
proved otherwise. The first words out of her mouth were:
Why are you so depressed? said to Jessica.
The latter responded with Yuris gone.
Sooyoung had lost her grin and demanded to know what Jessica was talking about,
only for the brunette to burst into tears. She hadnt known at the time, but those
were the first words that anyone had managed to get from Jessica in months.
Yuri was gone again. But this time, she wasnt ever coming back. As Jessica lay
sobbing in her arms, Sooyoung swore bitterly at her childhood friend.
Once again Kwon Yuri, youve left me with a broken girl.

...Six Months Later...

Taeyeon sipped on her champagne, watching the others mingle distastefully. Fancy
business parties were never her thing, but there wasnt much she could do about it.
After Hyoyeon died, her grandfather followed as well. Uncle Jaewon reinstated
Taeyeon as heir and went berserk at anyone who objected. So here she was, once
again the heir of Kim Industries, attending useless dinner parties where the wealthy

either flaunted their money in other peoples faces or attempt to seduce one another
to further their own means.
None of this mattered to her. Taeyeon had to learn the same lesson over and over
againthe saying goes fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on
me. Yet Taeyeon had lost count of how many times she had been fooled by the
same lineIll be back. They never came back. She shouldve learned after the
first time, or the second, she really shouldve learned by the third, and yet
somehow the fourth didnt really nail it in either, fifth one and she was feeling
extremely stupid, and then Tiffany...Why the hell had she believed the Americanborn girl?
Shaking the thoughts aside, Taeyeon walked to the corner of the room, as far away
from anyone she knew as possible. Thats when she dropped her drink. The glass
shattered, and champagne spilled onto the floor. The people around her started
murmuring, one drama-queen even screamed, but Taeyeon paid them no mind. In
front of her was a familiar set of crescent-moon eyes.
Tiffany? Taeyeon asked in complete shock.
Those very same smiling eyes looked up at her in confusion, Im sorry, do I know
you? My name is Hwang Miyoung.

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