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Robert Ten Bosch

Sr. PM, SAP Application techno/functional designer FI, CO R2R- and EPMscenarios: Financial Planning, Management Accounting, RecordToReporting,
Budgeting, Cost Planning, Consolidation, EPM Enterprise Performance
Management: SAP BW [16 yrs.], BPC v.7.5, v.10, v10.1 Unified [7 yrs. and 10
BPC projects], SAP R/3 ECC [13 yrs.], SAP ABAP-, BPC ScriptLogic- and MDXProgrammer, Data Migrations specialist.
Experience and training in BPC daily Business Process Operations and
System Management, called Run & Operate BPC. SAP Network SDN
Member since 2003. SAP HANA Modeling, HANA BW and HANA BPC [9
HANA projects]. Offer BPC10- and BPC HANA- on-line service for SAAS.
Roles: FI EPM-BPC Designer/ Business Analyst/ Auditor/ Trouble shooter
BPC/ Performance Monitoring/ Tuning Improvement / Tester/ Administrator /
Roberts focus is on providing practical Business Solutions via Best Practices for
Financial-, Statutory-Tax-Consolidation and Business Planning & Management
Reporting: Blueprinting (8 BPC full scale), Implementations, Basis daily administration
and Operations [SAP Solution and BPC BPF Manager].
Apply TOGAF Architecture Management Best Practices with Archimate Architecture
In-house trainer for BW, SEM-BPS/ BI-IP, SAP BPC, BFC, SAP GRC.
Multilingual: fluent English, Deutsch, French and Dutch [fully spoken and written].
Certified: IMBA Nijenrode University, SAP application consultant, BW, BPC, ITIL
Service Manager, TOGAF, Prince2 Practitioner level2, Oracle OCA.

Functional Areas: FSI Financial Services Institutes, Finance Performance

Management, Business Planning & Budgeting, Management Reporting &
Consolidation; Tax, Treasury, Utilities E&G Finance, Tuning & Performance
Management of SAP installations.

SAP Qualifications summary card:

R. Ten Bosch. tel +31.6532.75710

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Technical Consultant Netweaver BW SAP ECC.6 & R/3 template customizing of

binding with under-mentioned functions:
under-mentioned functions:
BPC v.7.5, v.10, v10.1 Unified Business
Planning & Consolidation, incl.
ScriptLogic, ABAP-BADI,
VBA- and MDX- programming
BPC Daily Business Process Operations:
Run & Operate, System Monitoring
SAP BO BODI Data Integrator
SAP BO BODS Data Services
SAP GRC Control of complete ECC, HANA
SAP HANA Analytic Appliance v1 SP6
Solution Manager v.3, v.4, v.7 for:
HANA BW7.4 Ramp up tester
SAP BPC BW HANA and BIA Accelerator
- SAP QA/Testing with TMAP4, CATT
- Solution Monitoring and KPI/EWA
ABAP, ABAP.Objects
- SAP BASIS dba operations
SAP BO BI4 OLAP and Xcelsius
- SAP Change, Transport, Correction
DBMS: HANA, Oracle 10,11g OCA
- Migrations: SAP LSMW, Informatica
Oracle OCA
Project Management:
Further details: Projects pag. 3, Followed
- Project Management Certificates Logica
/ CMG Advanced.
Trainings & Certificates pag. 7
- Programme Management Lucent Alcatel
Complex Systems Integration

Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .



Robert has a Business Administration degree [Nijenrode University] and ICT

experience in: wholesale multi-nationals, energy utilities [E and G], banking, financial
services, marketing and government..
Having business and ICT experience on senior level, combined with good commercial
skills, he has a clear view of the possibilities, aspects, risks and project management
resources required
to successful apply ICT to realize business objectives. In an early stage Robert can
assess project risks and mitigate/manage them. Combining business and technical
knowledge and experience, he operates on the level of Functional & Technical SAP
Architect, Sr. Designer/Implementer. He is a certified by DWh guru Ralph Kimball and
qualified to apply the KIMBALL- and ASAP Best Practice methodologies for generating
Management Information via ETL processes and analytic data warehouses. He has
implemented four cycles in SAP Solution Manager for daily operations. His
qualifications and expertise become apparent in environments that involve:
Design/integration/implementation/testing of complex Financial & Commercial
Reporting and BI database applications, workflow processes, and applications
Complex Financial Performance management KPI and Dashboard Cockpits

Information Management Methods [main]:

IFRS Financial Reporting Standards, incl. IFRS3 BusinessCombinations, IFRS9

IFRS10 Consolidated Financial Statement, IFRS13 FVA Fair Value Measurements
Accounting methods and COI Consolidation of Interest for JV Joint Venture,
German GKR, GrenzKostenRechnung Method for determination of SAP CO Marginal
Cost Accounting
Consolidation Legal Frameworks: German HGB, Netherlands NRJ, Belgian GAAP
IAS International Accounting Standards incl. IAS38, IAS39 Derivatives
Compliance: GRC and SOX standards
KIMBALL Data Warehouse methodology certified
SAP ASAP v.7 BEST PRACTICES and SAP AQUA Methods for QA Review
UML for information & process analysis, object modeling and schema generation,
COBIT - Audit & Control Technique On IT function.
BPR Business Process Design, Re-engineering Mercer Group/McKinsey
Microsoft BI Design [MDX Analysis Services]. Basis for SAP BPC.

Recent Projects & Selected Customers. All from BSP &

Associates [Business Solution Provisioning] and SAPIENS
Consulting UK Ltd. Last project first.
Audits, Feasibility Pre-Studies, Upgrade Planning studies

Management Consulting Studies and Feasibility papers for several clients, among
other :
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .


. CWW Cable and Wireless International (UK) Design verification Audit and
migration plan SAP HANA BPC10
. Genzyme International (Switzerland) for SAP HANA BW FI PEC simulation
. ASML Lithography : extensive upgrade planning feasibility study to BW7.3 HANA
[2013], including
BW Application upgrade/refurbish [areas: FI, CO, SD, MM, APO, PP, CRM, EHS],
migration, BW database copy plan, BEx upgrades. Designer migration and upgrade
planning BW3.5 to BW7.3 and BPC7.5 to BPC10.
- Including BW applications, BEx, Authorizations, new SAP HANA platform
- Technical Installation of BPC10 server - Project management planning.
. SHELL International Migration BW7-Oracle FI-newGL to BW7.3 on HANA.
Performance testing.

Full life cycle PM and Architecture Design projects [ BPC projects in

ADIDAS Headquarters Germany IBP Project

[End May 2014

Lead application consultant for Integrated Business Planning project for medium term
Demand Planning. The specials requirements involve Apparel and Footwear product
Seasons and special Drumbeat planning mark dates. Global application, 100 Markets.
Requirements Analysis, followed by Technical Design in SAP BPC10.1 Unified IP
custom application. Interfacing with OpenToPlan supply chain planning [APO DP/SNP].
Deliverables include custom Planning Workbooks in SAP AFO, Analysis For Office
[excel]. and BW-IP Studio [web] and Market Demand Enterprise KPI indicators,
including SCOR KPI Library.
Technical definition of EXIT VARIABLES for seasons, drumbeats in ABAP.
Method: ADIDAS FI Management Pack, Line Of Sight Dimension method for KPI
Technology: BW7.4, BPC10.1 IP, HANA PAK, HANA Enterprise, AnalysisForOffice, IP
Studio, SAP ECC6, SAP APO, BPC10.

Rabobank Headquarters NL - BPC architect [feb. 2014 part time current ]

1] Business Analysis of Cost Driver-based Allocation processes in HR CO costs of
FTEs between local banks. Compiled the Requirements-Analysis with Controller
staff, followed by Functional Design Blueprint.
2] Developer/Configurator of Custom BPC Data- and Process Model using Statistical
Accounts. Deployment in BPC BPF. Authorizations for 150 users. Drill throughs to
BW. Configuration of BPC Rules in MDX Logic. Succesfully tested.
3] Applied BPC Best Practices for BPC HANA and BPC Authorization templates.
Environment: SAP BPC10.0 , 10.1 on HANA BW7.3, FI-NewGL, under SAP GRC

EANDIS Belgium National Grid Transport Gas, Electric Budgeting & Planning

[sept. 2013 feb. 2014].

1] Business Analysis of Driver-based cost Allocation processes
Compiled the Requirements-Analysis with Controller staff, followed by Functional
Design Blueprint.
2] Developer/Configurator of PoC
Configuration of Budgeting Planning and Tariff calculation PoC Prototype in BPC10
Netweaver .
Environment: SAP HANA BW7.3, FI-NewGL, SAP BPC10.0
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .


Volkswagen Group AG HeadQuarters Wolfsburg [Feb. 2013 part time

present 2014]
1] Functional Design Blueprint of IFRS3, 9, 10 Financial Consolidation Scenarios. COI,
Consolidation of Interest, incl. JV Joint Ventures accounting. Sales Budgeting,
Driver based CO, Cost
allocations for final PCA Budget plan. Programme is named: VoKUS (VW Konzern
Technical Design Blueprint for BPC10 extensions, now in PoC [currently].
2] Daily Application support for ICM International Cash-flow-Management, -Reporting
and -Forecasting.
Group Corporate IHB InHouseBanking: Internal Financing; Financial Services to
BusinessPartners and
End-clients: Financing, Loans Management;
Business Planning and International Reporting (in BW7, BPC10 and support of
legacy BPS, BCS
3] Daily AMS, Application Management Support of SAP BPC10 Netweaver, SEM-BCS ,
ABAP Objects installation: VoKUS (VW Konzern Steuerung) , ZEUS (Concern Group
worldwide weekly
Budgeting and Planning). 2200 users worldwide. SP SBO BI4 end user data marts.
SBO DASHBOARD. Associate FI EPM consultant to IBM Deutschland
Environment: SAP everything! Incl. BPC10, BW7 on HANA SP6
Full Deutsch spoken and written project.

RWE Deutschland Vertrieb [Jun. 2012 Feb.2013]

Role: Financial Techno-/Functional Consultant - Consolidation and Integrated Financial

Planning specialist with tasks:
- Audit of R2R and IFRS Reporting processes resulted in considerable savings and
- Implementation of IFRS 9 and IAS39 Risk Management [OwnUse and FVA Fair Value
in Financial Balance Sheet reporting via SAP BW-IP
- RWE Vertrieb CO-PA analysis in SAP HANA
- FI Postings of RWE-Vertrieb in RWE Group Consolidation BCS6 and extraction via SAP
to SAP BO to BPC , Planning and Consolidation.
- Organization Change, COI Consolidation Of Investment reporting, Goodwill
- Enhanced Working Capital calculations via BCS BEx Queries for EV, Economic Valueadded
reporting of ROCE; SBO WEBI analysis reports on SAP BEx queries for end user
- P&T, Performance and Tuning of complete HANA-BW, BCS, BEx and BW-IP
- Customizing of BW-IP via ABAP Objects Transformation Routines and SAP BRFplus:
calls to
Period.End, Contract Risk determination [OwnUse / FVA], Special Posting of IFRS9
and IAS39 Risk
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .


Types for B/S Risk Reserves.

Full Deutsch spoken and written project.

DELTA Group Finance Headquarters [ Jul. 2011 Jun. 2012 ]

DELTA Group is a so called multi-utility concern: from nuclear energy generation

thru waste removal.
Auditor and Functional/Technical Consolidation and Reporting BPC and BCS specialist
with tasks:
1] Audit of R2R and IFRS 3,9,10,13 Reporting processes resulted in considerable
savings and
2] IHB In-house Bank : Cash Flow Reporting via SAP BPC on SAP Netweaver BW data
3] Audit of technical BPC and BCS Customizing, audit of BCS RFD,
ReportedFinancialData and COI
Consolidation of Investments trail.
4] Migration study BCS6 to BPC10; data migration incl. Microsoft Source NAVISON
GeneralLedger data.
5] Technical customizing ScriptLogic for new COI, Consolidation Of Investment
reporting (Equity,
Purchase and Joint Ventures) , Goodwill calculations, Organization Change and P&L
Management, Driver based planning
6] Set up and Technical customizing of BPC Menu`s in Internet Explorer and VBA .NET
7] P&T Performance and Tuning Improvement of BPC and BW installation and Reports
8] Enhanced Working Capital BPC Reports for EV, Economic Value-added reporting of
9] Regional and Sub-consolidation customizing: Data Validation functions in SAP BW
and BPC
of RFD Reported Financial Data from Microsoft SQL-Server to BPC
Method: BPC Design Method for R2R Consolidation Processes; ProjectAccelerator
forms and templates for FI Document Flow and Project Estimation.
Environment: SAP ECC6, SAP IS-U v6, FI-NewGL, Netweaver BW7.3 Ramp Up, BCS v.6,

Beiersdorf Headquarters Hamburg [Mar.2011 - part-time present]

Component- and Techno-Functional Design Lead) for SCM-CO cost scenarios and
detailed bespoke BW implementations for 9 Production Center Supply Chain Planning.
Via CapGemini Germany. Developed [within budget and time] Business Blueprints
and 9 bespoke BPC implementations for Planning Template. Using new Event-based
SAP BO SCM template. This creates SCOR-compliant KPI Reports. Responsible for
implementation/maintenance of BW LSA [Layered Scalable EDWh Architecture].
Environment: SAP BW, BPC, ABAP Objects, APO, PP/DS, SD, BW7.3 Ramp Up, BW

BAT [British American Tobacco] Headquarters London [Jul.2010

present, part time ]

1] IFRS 3,9,10 Specialist and Component- and Techno-Functional Design Stream Lead
for Global R2R RecordToReporting , IHB Bank EPM processes: Group Budgeting, S&OP,
IHB, InHouseBank, Forecasting and Consolidation. 152 Markets, Global SAP Template
Project. Responsible for design of Budgeting, Reporting, Planning, Forecasting and
Consolidation developments in SAP BPC, BFC and BW7 from BAT-IT.
Implementation of IFRS and IAS rules and methods in both BPC Consolidation and
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .


BFC template. Developed [within budget and time] Business Blueprints and BPC
implementations for Financial KPI & Reporting Global Template. Using self-developed
BPC Design Method for Finance Processes, based on earlier BPS and BW-IP projects.
Including structured BW and BPC Design Blocks, ProjectAccelerator forms and
templates for FI Document Flow and Project Estimation. Financial Data Extraction and
Integration via SAP FIM. Also the BPC IFRS toolkit was implemented for IFRS
compliant FS Financial Statement and KPI generation.
2] IHB, In House Bank , Global Template designer: Process and Information
Analysis, Design of Data
Modeling Template, Introduction new Trading Instruments, Asset &
Liability Management,
Group Risk Management;
3] Stream lead, Responsible for design and daily AMS, Application Management
Services of BPC in the
BW LSA [Layered Scalable E-DWh Architecture]. Customization via BPC Scripts,
Driver based CO cost
allocation Budgeting; BPC BADI, ABAP Objects and BAPIs to SAP Application Server.
4] Coordination of Ramp-Up for BW 7.3 and HANA accelerator.
5] Test Coordination of RICEFW development with Asian Development site.
Environment: SAP ECC6 / BS7, FI NewGL, Netweaver, BW7.3 Ramp Up, BW
Accelerator, BPC7.5,
BPC10 [RKT, ramp-up], BFC7.5, BFC10 [RKT, ramp-up], SAP BO DS DataServices
[FIM], SAP BO Dashboard Design [formerly Xcelsius].

YELLOW Pages Group United Kingdom [Dec.2009 Jul. 2010]

Component and Functional / Technical Design Lead :
FINANCIAL DataServices
Design & Component responsible manager on a SAP and Oracle site, responsible
for all developments in SAP BW and BPC7.0 Budgeting and Profitability Planning.
Objective: development of DataServices layer to Merchants of Monthly FI
statements via BPC7 Web .
In the DataServices layer, I design and manage services using:
- SAP BW-7 ETTL data staging and BPC7 Monthly Profitability Planning & Margin
One BPC server, 8 BPC clients for Control. Integration with MS Office XL.
Customizing of Script
Logic, some VBA report procedure. Extensive MDX lgf customizing. KPIs in
Xcelsius Dashboards.
- Oracle OWB10 based Reporting Web Services
Environment: SAP Netweaver BW-7, BPC7.0, SAP BWA, 150x Oracle 10gR2,
Method: SAP SEM BPC ASAP, DWh BestPractices for EPM

Electrolux Corporation and Accenture ACN [Jun. 2009 Dec.2009]

Migration from JDEdwards ERP to Initial Data Load SAP ECC
6.0 and Go Live

Migration, extraction and loading a FI Business Planning & Management

Reporting data, incl. legacy data for Financial and Sales Performance. In
Global FICO Consolidation template: new GL, AR/AP, CCA, PCA, Co-Pa and
Management Consolidation.
Main Tools: Informatica, SAP BI7, BPC7.0 [reporting]
Environment: SAP ECC6 , BW7, BPC7, LSMW, TOAD, ERWIN, Informatica
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .


PowerCentre 8.6.1, Solution Manager v.6, Oracle10g, PowerConnect.

Method: 6 data cleansing, integration and idoc staging phases. SAP SEM BPC

RWE-NL [Oct.2008 Jun.2009]

Technical Architect at Netherlands based German utilities company. Total

programme budget: Eur 15 mln. Budget: savings were accounted to be
Eur 2,5 mln. Personally responsible for following three main tasks:
a. Technical Audit of complete BW/ IS-U / FI-CA, Sales CRM
Implementation. Task budget Eur
b. Demand, Nomination and Profitability analysis [IS-U CRM postings to
FI, SD and Co-Pa.
FI analysis via BPC7.0 on BW-7 FI, CO and BPC Infocubes.
Top/down allocation budgets. Custom queries in BPC MDX for CFO.
c. Education - Provide in-house training
Prepared and perform knowledge transfer in-house training: SAP BPC330 and
Environment: IS-U SAP ECC6 and NW BI-7 , SSM SAP Solution Manager6 and 7
[diverse modules]. Development request tickets, QA testing, Solution Monitoring
and HelpDesk/Service Support via Solution Manager.
DataSources: Sales Statistics , Billing and Accounting [FI-CA A/R] for Recovery of
Grid Costs, EDM [Profile definition, Pricing, Remote Metering [SAP RFC and BW
real-time data acquisition of smart meters], Managing Installed base Devices and
Settlement Management]. ECC6: CO-PA, FI-GL.
E.ON-NL [mid Jan. 2008 dec. 2008]
Technical Architect at German based utilities company. Responsible for:
a. Information Planning management KPI info.needs in area of Utilities
b. Architect functional & technical design complete BW ISU CRM NW
BPC installation.
Environment: SAP ECC6, IS-U 4.7.1, BW3.5 and NW BI-7 , BPC5.1 [ex OutlookSoft],
BusinessObjects XI 3.0, SSM SAP Solution Manager v. 6 [KPI, SLA and EWA,
EarlyWatchAnalysis], BPC7 [Netweaver based ramp up].
DataSources: Sales Statistics [Actual, Unbilled Revenue], Billing [FiCa A/R], EDM
[Profile, Pricing, Metering , Installed base Devices, Settlement Management],
Authorizations: standard Netweaver and BusinessObjects AccessControl.
Methods: BSP & Ass. Performance & Tuning methodology; Information
Architecture planning; BI-7 upgrade planning, SAP SEM BPC ASAP.

GASUNIE GTS [mid Jun.2007 Jan. 2008]

Technical Architect at very large Gas Distributor company:
a. Technical Auditor Functional Completeness and P&T, Performance
improvement & tuning
project of complete, very large BW3.5 and IS-U installation.
b. Architect for technical & functional upgrade plan to BW-7.
Functions concerned: Contracting, Nominations, Allocations and
Billing and Planning of
energy usage Reporting and Control. Audit Implementation incl
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .


ContractUsage and Revenue Planning via BW Integrated Planning and

APD applications.
c. Presentation of BW queries in EP [Enterprise Portal] , eSOA processes
and BSP pages.
d. Review of Revenue cycle [Rates, full FI-CA to CO-PA postings] to
dermine monthly profitability
Environment: SAP ECC6, IS-U 4.7.1, Netweaver 7, BW3.5, BI-7, BI-APD, BW-IP
Methods: BSP & Ass. Performance & Tuning methodology; Architecture planning;
BI-7 upgrade
DataSources: custom metering datasources for EDM, Contracts and Allocations.

HEINEKEN International [mid Oct. 2006 2007].

Lead designer and implementer of new R2R Management Accounting &

Reporting: FI Cost Accounting, Co-Pa, Stock and Consolidated P&L
Reporting functions for subsidiaries in Global template. Implementation
incl. Authorizations & InfoSecurity.
Designed/implemented/monitored operation of Multi-fiscal 5 year FI-GL
SAP BW data-warehouse of SAP FI LineItems. Reporting and
Consolidation in SAP BW-BCS v.4 - BPS
Tools: BW7 & SAP FI, BPS/IP, MM, EC-CS to BCS4 conversion, SAP BCS
v.6, test BPC v5. test of Artemis Consolidation.
SAP datasources: ERP ECC 6.0 :FI-SL, Co-Pa, PS Project System Accounting.
Methods: SAP ASAP Systems Development Method.

University of Amsterdam [mid Dec.2005 Oct. 2006].

Lead designer and implementer Project Contribution Control function for

all Faculties.
Tools: BW, SAP HCM, SAP CO PA PS, Project System for Project Control,
Role: lead designer of Technical Design, Implementation, Unit Testing. Design/
implementation of all BW reports and authorizations [HR, FI/GL, CO, PA, PS].
Environment: Netweaver 4, SAP R/3 4.7 , BW3.5 ,
SAP datasources: ERP ECC 5: Fi/Co, CO-PA HCM [TEM, PA, TM Time Management,
Talent Management, PD] and FI-GL, PS, custom data sources.

C/TAC [Nov.2004 Dec.2005] Interim Manager SAP BW Projects

Lead Support Manager of multiple clients: Blueprint Definition,

Configuration, Go Live implementation. Of BW-Co/Pa, SEM BCS and BWSEM-BPS implementations in Banks, Government and diverse Consumer
Goods industries for large SAP Software house Partner C/TAC in Europe.
Projects at a.o. ABN AMRO, KLM Airlines, Tommy Hilfiger, Min. OCW.
and NL Ministry WaterState V&WS.
Lead Technical Application Consultant for Dutch Government project
[phases Blueprint, Configuration and QA/pre-Production] for fully Web
based Budgeting, Budget Planning and Scoreboard function with decentral input.
Tools: BW-Co/Pa, BW-SEM-BPS, SEM-STS and Web Interface Builder
[Business Server Pages customizing]. Implementation incl
.Authorizations & InfoSecurity.
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 , BW3.5 , SEM BPS and BW-BPS 3.5.
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .


SAP datasources: Fi/Co PCA, Fi-GL, Co/Pa,

WOLTERS KLUWER [May 1st 2004 Nov 2004].

Blueprint Assessment, Configuration, Go Live implementation and Daily

Operations of Business Planning functions in BEx, BPS and BW and SAP
Solution Manager.
SAP datasources: Fi/Co PCA, CCA, GL, Co/Pa, MM, IS-MEDIA, CRM4, XI2.2

ETAM 123 Groupe [oct. 2003 apr.2004] French speaking project

Design and Implementation of Balanced Scorecard and Business

Planning for CDG, Committee Directeur General with SEM-BSC and BPS
3.2 of IS-RETAIL for Paris Apparel and Luxury Goods
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 , BW3.1C , BW3.3 [controlled ramp up release], SEM 3.2
BSC and BPS customizing. Design of Planning Layouts, Planning Sequences, FOX
SAP module/datasources: IS-RETAIL 4.6 ,BW-RETAIL, Fi/Co PCA.

HORNBACH [jun. - end 2003]

Requirements Analysis for Design of Business Performance Control &

Fiscal Consolidation with BW SEM BCS for German-European Building
Material Wholesale Chain.
Role: Lead consultant, as contractor with SAP-SI Germany.
Objective: Requirements Analysis for Blueprint of Commercial, Fiscal and Legal
Consolidation model Replace R/3 based EC-CS consolidation system with SEMBCS.

INNOVAM [dec.2002 june 2003].

Lead Design & Implementation of complete BW DWh

General and Detailed Technical Design of Staging & Reporting platform for BW
based DWh.

KRUPP - ODS [apr.2003 mid 2006] Architect of Fincial Reporting

Objectives: Improve BPMR Fin. Business Planning & Mgt. Reporting
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 [AS400] & BW3.1C, SEM BCS / BPS [HP UNIX & Oracle].

DANONE [oct.1st dec. 2002] French speaking project

Design, Load & Implementation of complete BW-SD and APO MasterData

Design and implementation of complete extraction, transformation, loading and
staging solution for DSS, Decision Support. Distribution and loading of national
Data Marts. In SAP BW and R/3. Initial data load with PowerCentre. Tools:
PowerCentre 5.1 , TOAD, ERWIN and SAP BW 3.0B from core R/3 MasterData.
Testing and stress loading with scripts of ETL interfaces using TMAP methodology.
SAP module/datasources: SD, APO [this phase: SNP] , PP, MM, IS-RETAIL 4.6

CMG - VanderWerf Banking Specialist Consult [1997- 2002]

ING Bank:
MARGIN BIS-98 Risk Management DataWarehouse
- SNS Securities:
Designer of Data Warehouse of Market-Risk
- ABN AMRO Bank:
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .



* ARMIS Global Risk DWh. RAROC, Basle2 project. Pillar2/3, worldwide CAD
* Bank Accounting Balance Sheet planning .
- Rabo bank CCS Central Systems: DP Service Interim-Manager at Rabobank
- Rabo bank Private Banking: Project leader Service Management, OLYMPIC
Service Management
- Rabobank Securities: architect of Risk Management DWh: Analysis, Design ,

Unisys Univac 1979 - 1997

- Staff member Project- and Risk- Management

- Systems integration of dealing room for ABN-AMRO bank.

Formal Education and Certificates

Master class & certification for Data warehouse Dimensional Design

Ralph Kimball University [nov. 2001]
SAP FI Application Consultant
Programme Management and Senior Project Management Phase 2 [Certified by LOGIC
Prince 2 Practioner [Certified by LOGICA CMG]
ITIL Service Manager Certified [certified by LOGICA CMG]
BPR / BPI [Mercer Group USA]
NOVI S2 and S3 System Development [ The Netherlands]
Diverse general management trainings

General Higher Education:

* International Business Administration , Nijenrode University

* IFRS Advanced [DeLoitte]: 3,9,10, 13
* Netherlands Banking Institute NIBE trainings: General Banking,Security Capital
Markets,Commercial Credit
* HEC School of Banking [Paris] Banking Risk Management & Banking Accounting
* Member of GARP, Global Association of Risk Professionals
* NIMA-C Marketing Strategy
* HTS High Technical School; Energy technology, graduate ing.

SAP trainings

SAP Den Bosch / Bangkok/ On line:

Financial Planning Consolidation SAP

TZBPC2 Technical Delta BPC7
BPC7N BPC Netweaver RampUp training
OBPC7M BPC Microsoft version
BPC-CPM030 Intro to SAP BPC
BPC410/310 Application General
BPC320 , 420 BPC10 Administration
BPC430/330 Application ConfigurationBPC340
, 440 BPC10 Full-, Proportional
Reporting, Budgeting,
CPM320 Reporting
BPC Administrator Training - 2007
BPC7.5 BWAccellerator
Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .



TZHANA SAP In-Memory Appliance
(HANA) 1.0 for Technical
TZH300 - implementation and

TZH200 SAP HANA 1.0 - Installation &

Administration - SPS03
HANA Database SQL and SQL Script

HA900 BusinessSuite LIVE on

SAP BW BI DataWarehousing:
DNWBE Delta Netweaver BI-7 Staging

SAP FI CO PA AC series:
Full AC Series: AC 010 / AC 040 Controllin
Cost Accounting; AC605 Co-Pa R/3 thru
DNWBR Delta Netweaver BI-7 Enterprise AC805 Cash Management
Reporting & Analysis
BW3.0 Server Side TBW10 certification
TBW20 Query Bex - certification
SAP Networking & eSOA:
NET200 BSP Server Pages programming
BW310 DWh design & Data Modeling
BW330 BW BI-7 Design, Modeling &
BW350 SAP Components Extraction
EPM - Enterprise Performance
BW360 Performance Tuning & Administration
DBW70P BW IP Delta Integrated Planning
BW365 BW InfoSecurity & Authorizations SEM200 SEM BW Integration
BW370 BW-IP Integrated Planning
SEM210 SEM BPS & FOX programming
SEM230 / 240 SEM BCS4: Management
SEM220 SEM-CPM, Corp.Performance
Management & BSC Balanced ScoreCard

Profile of. Drs. Ing. Robert Ten Bosch .

tel +31 653275710 .