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Multiple Choice
1. Which is an advantage of networking?
a. Increased hardware costs
b. Increased autonomy
c. Centralized data management
d. Increased privacy of network members
2. What is the acronym for a computer network within a single residence?
a. WAN
b. PAN
c. HAN
d. CAN
3. Which is a type of network topology?
a. client/server
b. star
c. P2P
d. WAN
4. A ___________ is necessary to make the connection between a local area network
and the Internet?
a. hub
b. switch
c. router
d. POP
5. Which of the following statements about peer-to-peer networks is true?
a. They require at least one router.
b. They require at least one server.
c. They require a network operating sytem.
d. They perform best when connecting 10 or fewer computers.
6. Encryption on a wireless network is activated by enabling _____________.
b. NOS
c. WEP
d. NIC
7. Which is not a hardware device used to attach a device to a wireless network?
a. PC card
b. NIC
c. USB adapter
d. PCI card

8. Which of the following is a common contention-management technique?

a. abandoning data corrupted by a collision
b. retransmitting unreceived packets
c. generating a new token
d. adding terminators to minimize signal loss
9. Which is a feature of packet switching?
a. There is a direct connection between the communicating devices.
b. All packets of a message are sent and received in order.
c. Packets of a message are split up and reassembled at the destination device.
Circuit and Packet Switching
d. All packets travel on the same path to the destination.
10. A(n) _____________ is a network device with software that manages network
resources like files, e-mails, printers, and databases.
a. client
b. server
c. firewall

Multiple Choice
1. What is the technology that facilitates meetings that provide voice
and video of individuals in different geographical locations?
a. Videoconferencing
b. Piconet
c. PAN
d. Piggybacking

2. What communication medium musts have a direct line of sight?

a. WiMax
b. Bluetooth
c. WiFi
d. Infrared

3. Which wireless technology makes use of short-range radio

transmission to connect devices within 30 feet of each other?
a. WiMAX
b. Bluetooth
c. DSL
d. WiFi

4. GPS systems track locations by using which of the following

b. Infrared
c. Satellite
d. PAN

5. Which is not a wired method of communication?

a. WiFi
b. Fiber Optics
c. Twisted Pair
d. Cable

6. Which is an example of convergence?

a. A smartphone
b. The installation of fiber optics for last-mile connectivity
c. Global Positioning System (GPS)
d. Converting a document to PDF format in order to be read by

7. Which communication uses light to transmit media?

a. Twisted pair
b. Fiber optics
c. Cable
d. Microwave

8. Which of the following is true of VoIP (Internet telephony)?

a. It is not quite perfected and provides poor quality.
b. It is often cheaper than conventional home service.
c. It is too expensive to install for home use and is used primarily for
d. It requires a cable modem.

9. Which is not an example of a wireless transmission media?

a. Infrared
b. Microwave
c. Staellite
d. Cable

When someone makes a cellular phone call to another cellular
phone, which of the following eventually handles the call?
a. Public switched telephone network (PTSN)
b. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS)
c. Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
d. Personal communication service (PCS)