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Sep 26, 2010
Aum Shri Gurave NamaH!
1. By multiplying the years etc. of the Antar Dasha (Intermediate periods) of the Grahas (Planets) separately by the Dasha years of each
Grah and by dividing the product by the total span of the Vimshottari Dasha, namely 120 years, we will arrive at the Pratyantar Dasha of
each Grah.
2. Srya-Srya (Pratyantar Dasha of Srya in the Antar Dasha of Srya). Argument with other persons, loss of wealth, distress to wife,
headache etc. The above are general effects. Such inauspicious effects will not be produced, if Srya is in a Trikon etc., if Srya is the Lord
of an auspicious Bhava, or is in a auspicious Bhava and in a benefic Varg. All other Pratyanta effects should be judged in this manner.
3. -Candr (Moon). Excitement, quarrels, loss of wealth, mental agony etc.
4. -Mangal (Mars). Danger from the king and from weapons, imprisonment and distress from enemies and fire.
5. -Rahu. Disorder of phlegm, danger from weapons, loss of wealth, destruction of a kingdom and mental agony.
6. -Guru (Jupiter). Victory, increase in wealth, gains of gold, garments, conveyances etc.
(7) -ani (Saturn). Loss of wealth, distress to cattle, excitement, diseases etc.
8. -Budh (Mercury). Affectionate relations with kinsmen, availability of good food, gains of wealth, religious-mindedness, reverence from
the king.
9. -Ketu. Danger to life, loss of wealth, danger from the king, trouble with enemies.
10. -ukr (Venus). Moderate effects, or some gains of wealth may be expected.
11. Candr-Candr. Acquisition of land, wealth and property, reverence from the king and availability of sweetish preparations.
12. -Mangal. Wisdom and discretion, reverence from the people, increase in wealth, enjoyments to kinsmen, but there will be danger
from an enemy.
13. -Rahu. Well-being, gain of wealth from the king and danger of death, if Rahu is yuti with a malefic.
14. -Guru. Enjoyments, increase in dignity and glory, gain of knowledge through the preceptor, acquisition of a kingdom and acquisition
of gems etc.
15. -ani. Bilious troubles, loss of wealth and name and fame.
16. -Budh. Birth of a son, acquisition of a horse and other conveyances, success in education, progress, gain of white garments and
17. -Ketu. Quarrels with Brahmins, fear of premature death, loss of happiness and distress all-round.
18. -ukr. Gain of wealth, enjoyments, birth of a daughter, availability of sweet preparations and cordial relations with all.
19. -Srya. Gain of happiness, grains and garments, victories everywhere.
20. Mangal-Mangal. Danger from enemies, quarrels and fear of premature death on account of blood diseases.
21. -Rahu. Destruction of wealth and kingdom (fall of government), unpalatable food and quarrels with the enemy.
22. -Guru. Loss of intelligence, distress, sorrows to children, fear of premature death, negligence, quarrels and no fulfillment of any
23. -ani. Destruction of the employer, distress, loss of wealth, danger from enemies, anxiety, quarrels and sorrows.
24. -Budh. Loss of intelligence, loss of wealth, fevers and loss of grains, garments and friends.
25. -Ketu. Distress from diseases, lethargy, premature death, danger from the king and weapons.
26. -ukr. Distress from Chandal, sorrows, danger from the king and from weapons, dysentery and vomiting.
27. -Srya. Increase in landed property and wealth, satisfaction, visits of friends, happiness all-round.
28. -Candr. Gains of white garments etc. from the southern direction, success in all ventures.
29. Rahu-Rahu. Imprisonment, disease, danger of injuries from weapons.
30. -Guru. Reverence everywhere, acquisition of conveyances, like elephants etc., gain of wealth.
31. -ani. Rigorous imprisonment, loss of enjoyments, danger from enemies, affliction with rheumatism.
32. -Budh. Gain in all ventures, abnormal gain through wife.
33. -Ketu. Loss of intelligence, danger from enemies, obstacles, loss of wealth, quarrels, excitement.
34. -ukr. Danger from a Yogini, danger from the king, loss of conveyances, availability of unpalatable food, loss of a wife, sorrow in the
35. -Srya. Danger from enemies, fevers, distress to children, fear of premature death, negligence.

36. -Candr. Excitement, quarrels, worries, loss of reputation, fear, distress to father.
37. -Mangal. Septic boil in the anus (Bhagandhar), distress, due to a bite and pollution of blood, loss of wealth, excitement.
38. Guru-Guru. Acquisition of gold, increase in wealth etc.
39. -ani. Increase in lands, conveyances and grains.
40. -Budh. Success in the educational sphere, acquisition of clothes and gems, like pearls etc., visits of friends.
41. -Ketu. Danger from water and thieves.
42. -ukr. Several kinds of learning, gain of gold, clothes, ornaments, well-being and satisfaction.
43. -Srya. Gain from the king, friends and parents, reverence everywhere.
44. -Candr. No distress, gain of wealth and conveyances, success in ventures.
45. -Mangal. Danger from weapons, pain in anus, burning in the stomach, indigestion, distress from enemies.
46. -Rahu. Antagonism with menials (Chandaldhi) and loss of wealth and distress through them.
47. ani-ani. Physical distress, quarrels, danger from menials.
48. -Budh. Loss of intelligence, quarrels, dangers, anxiety about availability of food, loss of wealth, danger from enemy.
49. -Ketu. Imprisonment in the camp of the enemy, loss of luster, hunger, anxiety and agony.
50. -ukr. Fulfillment of ambitions, well-being in the family, success in ventures and gains therefrom.
51. -Srya. Conferment of authority by the king, quarrels in the family, fevers.
52. -Candr. Development of intelligence, inauguration of big a venture, loss of luster, extravagant expenditure, association with many
53. -Mangal. Loss of valour, distress to son, danger from fire and enemy, distress from bile and wind.
54. -Rahu. Loss of wealth, clothes, land, going away to foreign lands, fear of death.
55. -Guru. Inability to prevent losses, caused by women, quarrels, excitement.
56. Budh-Budh. Gain of intelligence, education, wealth, clothes etc.
57. -Ketu. Coarse food, stomach troubles, eye troubles, distress from bilious and blood disorders.
58. -ukr. Gains from a northern direction, loss of cattle, acquisition of authority from government.
59. -Srya. Loss of splendour and distress through diseases, distress in the heart.
60. -Candr. Marriage, gain of wealth and property, birth of a daughter, enjoyments all-round.
61. -Mangal. Religious-mindedness, increase in wealth, danger from fire and enemies, gain of red clothes, injury from a weapon.
62. -Rahu. Quarrels, danger from wife, or some other woman, danger from the king.
63. -Guru. Acquisition of a kingdom, conferment of authority by the king, reverence from the king, education, intelligence.
64. -ani. Bilious and windy troubles, injuries to the body, loss of wealth.
65. Ketu-Ketu. Sudden disaster, going away to foreign lands, loss of wealth.
66. -ukr. Loss of wealth through a non-Hindu king, eye troubles, headache, loss of cattle.
67. -Srya. Antagonism with friends, premature death, defeat, exchange of arguments.
68. -Candr. Loss of grains, physical distress, misunderstanding, dysentery.
69. -Mangal. Injury from weapons, distress from fire, danger from menials and enemies.
70. -Rahu. Danger from women and enemies, distress, caused by menials.
71. -Guru. Loss of friends, wealth and garments, opprobrium in the house, troubles from everywhere.
72. -ani. Death of cattle and friends, physical distress, very meagre gain of wealth.
73. -Budh. Loss of understanding, excitement, failure in education, dangers, failure in all ventures.
74. ukr-ukr. Gains of white clothes, conveyances, gems, like pearls etc., association with beautiful damsel.
75. -Srya. Rheumatic fever, headache, danger from the king and enemies and meagre gain of wealth.
76. -Candr. Birth of a daughter, gain of clothes etc. from the king, acquisition of authority.
77. -Mangal. Blood and bile troubles, quarrels, many kinds of distresses.
78. -Rahu. Quarrels with wife, danger, distress from the king and enemies.
79. -Guru. Acquisition of kingdom, wealth, garments, gems, ornaments and conveyance, like elephants etc.
80. -ani. Acquisition of donkey, camel, goat, iron, grains, sesame seeds, physical pains.

81. -Budh. Gains of wealth, knowledge, authority from the king, gain of money, distributed by others.
82. -Ketu. Premature death, going away from homeland, gains of wealth at times.
Aum NamaH Shivaya!
Sianala, Montreal, Sep 2010

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