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Max Plank: dumbest physicist on Nobel record

Greetings: My name is Joe Nahhas founder of real time physics and astronomy. Abstract: Nobel Prize science is based on time travel and time travel is not science. Plank founded Quantum mechanics and Einstein founded relativity theory and Richard Feynman and others combined quantum and relativity. Plank won a Nobel Prize for black body radiation that predicted Plank's constant h = 6.62606957 x 10-34 kg m2/ sec. Einstein won a Nobel Prize for photo electric effect E = h f = mc2; f = frequency. E = h f = mc2 is not science.

The incontestable proof Nobel Prize winner science is all wrong because scientists measure wrong. Measuring distance r on spherical Earth will produce an error of 2. Measuring force in an inverse square distance force will produce (2) error. Newton's law is an inverse square law measured vertically. Measuring an inverse square distance force law will vertically produce sine -1 (2). Using Lab 24 hours time Ts = 86400 second and not Earth's spin time Te = 86164 will change the error to (Te/ Ts) sine -1 (2). Measuring in air with index of refraction n a = 1.000293 will bring another error and the total error is (1/ n a) (Te/ Ts) sine -1 (2) = 23.44 degrees Earth's axial tilt visual illusion. This means the maps of the skies or the celestial sphere is all wrong. The celestial sphere used by NASA and all space agencies is an illusion of wrong measurements because of Earth's spherical shape. Furthermore, 500 years of Modern and Nobel science in its entirety is all wrong! The visual 23.44 degrees axial tilt is found in all mathematics physics astronomy chemistry and biology fundamental constants. Earth's visual Illusions produce a solar system and inverted data produces light visual effects called "atomic structure". There is no "Solar system" and there is no "Atomic structure". Page 2

Space Maps given by the celestial sphere and Atomic structure are visual Illusions and E = h f = mc2; Photo electric effect with h = 6.62606957 x 10-34 is measured illusions.

1- Earth's radius = re = 6,371,000 meters 2- Earth's density = de = 5515 kg/meter3 3- Earth's mass = m e = (4/3) (de) re3
4- Moment of inertia of a sphere or mass is (2/5) m

5- Earth's inertial mass is (2/5) (4/3) (d a) re3 Te = Earth's spin period = 86164 seconds Ts = Earth's spin lab period = 24 hours = 86400 seconds Earth's disc areal velocity = re2 Earth's Areal velocity = re2/ 2 Te Plank's constant unit dimension is mass x Earth's disc areal velocity
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Earth's constant: he = [(2/5) me] [ re2/ 2 Te]

Using Newton's inverse square law equation in calculation of Earth's mass and Earth's density introduces an inverse square error in Earth's period. Newton's law is

G = 6.673 84(80) x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2 CODATA 2010; G = 1/ (8/15) de Te2

Measuring distance and not distance square introduces air index of refraction n a and not n a 2 and G = 1/ (8/15) n a de Te2; n a = 1.000293 In plank's measurement an error is hot air index of refraction 1.000202 Measuring distance introduces (Ts/Te) per distance
And he = [(2/5) me] [ re2/ 2 Te]; (4/3) (de) re3

Or, he = [(2/5) (4/3) (de) re3] [ re2/ 2 Te] And he = (4 2/15) (de re5/Te); (Te/Ts) per distance means (Ts/Te) 5 Or, he = (4 2/15) (de re5/Te) (Ts/Te) 5; hot air n h = 1.000202 And he = (4 2/15) (de re5/Te) (Ts/Te) 5 n h Measuring in inverse square distance along the line of sight will introduce an error of cosine2 23.44; he = [(4 2/15) (de re5/Te) (Ts/Te) 5 n h cosine2 23.44 Plank's constant h = 1/ h e = 1/ (4 2/15) (de re5/Te) (Ts/Te) 5 n h cosine2 23.44 Or h = 1/ (4 2/15) (5515) [(6,371,000)5[(86400)5/86164)6] (1.000202) cosine2 23.44 And Plank's constant error is h (calculated) = 6.626072092 x 10-34 Page 3 All rights reserved