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tted by: Lenin Raj
Batch: PGP/FW/09-11/IIPM
no: 19
How to become political party member in
Political party can be formed by group of people. The party must frame
some rules and regulations. There must be a president, vice president and
secretary. The newly formed political party must submit an application for
registration to the Secretary, Election Commission of India, Nirvachan Sadan,
Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001 in the Performa prescribed by the
Commission. The Performa is available on request by post or across the
counter from the office of the Commission. The application should be neatly
typed on the party's letter head, if any, and it should be sent by registered
post or presented personally to the Secretary to the Election Commission
within thirty days following the date of formation of the party.

Party should have its logo, agenda and one goal. It should work for the
people, by the people and of the people. It should work for welfare of others.

To Forming a New Political party first they have to see how much
People with them. Because in India Government have Many
Parties. And they catch their Places:

1. He should be educated at least graduation.

2. He should be known what does the democracy mean?
3. He should always be touch with the people twice a weak.
4. He should retire after 10 from the ruling party.
5. If His work is satisfied for people the next ruling party should continue his
orders (Read once before cancellation if interested continue).

Certified extracts from the latest electoral rolls in respect of at least 100
members of the party (including all office-bearers/members of main decision-
making organs like Executive Committee/Executive Council) to show that they
are registered electors
I would say things that your party should place as a priority is the following:
 Economic Growth

 Social Welfare

 Education

 Infrastructure

 Security

India is democratic country and everyone has the right to select his own
party but today we have 1500 plus different parties.

India has a multi-party system. Elections are fought on party lines

with differing policies. From a single party majority the Indian
political scenario is now a game of one goal. From the last few
terms India has had a hug parliament and therefore no single
party has had the numbers to form the government on their own
and have been forced to make alliances with other parties to get
to the single majority mark. By the look of things the goal form of
government is here to stay as more and more regional parties are
sending elected members to the Lok Sabha.

Conclusion :
1. The certification is not given to the political party until .He/ she as the
ability to manage.

2. Certification should be cancelled if the votes are lesser than limit. Party
should be disqualified for the rest of his life.

3. The political party should have proper education like PhD in politics as
well as some experience than he /she can join.
4. The evaluation of party should be done. (Bank balance & assets.)

5. The politics of religion/caste/region/language etc. Countries welfare

should be the top priority, not of the party.

6. Interests want to serve & fulfill of the public.

7. Always touch with problem.

8. If the party selected more twice than might be done some illegal
activity.(proper check govt.)

9. The political party should don’t have any criminal record or any contact
with underworld.

If they have than legal punishment should be given.