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ISU Inquiry Proposal- Due Monday, December 8, 2014

What possible connections do you see between your two novels Anything stick out to you right from the get-go?
What do you find interesting in the texts? What do you find confusing or surprising? What do you love/hate? Why did
you pick these books in the first place? Do they remind you of anything else youve read? What do you notice about
the writers style/word choice?

- Possible connections:

the theme of love and relationships


- Anything stick out? :


The shadow boxers use of words

- anything interesting?:

the shadowboxer has many different examples of love shown in different ways (family and intimate)

Water for Elephants and the Shadowboxers settings go back and forth in time

Water for Elephants has very emotional parts engaging to the reader > I cried

- What did I hate or love?


The shadowboxers plot is too run on, not to the point causing boredom :

- Why did I choose these books?

I chose the shadowboxer thinking it will relate to me which it did, however it made me lose interest after the
first couple of chapters

Water for Elephants was recommended by a friend, movie is out too which is said to have good ratings

- Do they remind me of a book I read?

Water for Elephants is more like the Fault in Our Stars with the love and alcohol aspect

The Shadowboxer remind me of the book Looking for Alaska for the love and alcoholism

- Authors style?
- The author for the shadowboxer uses very dense language throughout the book describing setting
- Water for Elephants talks in first person

What topic/theme are you planning to explore?

Love, questioning loves longevity

What is your inquiry question? (Remember to make it an analysis question)

How does the loss of parents affect the child later on in life?
- independence, relationships, self-discovery

What elements/aspects of your novels connect to your exploration of this question?

plot, language, character development

What resources do you plan to examine to help you answer your question in addition to your novels?
An article on love (family and intimate affects), a song (Nothing lasts forever by JCole) and 500 Days of Summer
What steps have you already taken towards the completion of your project?
- I have roughly chosen what the other pieces of mediums I will be incorporating in the essay

What steps are you planning to take towards the completion of your project? Include timelines.

- finish bibliography by next Thursday December 18th

- rough copy of essay due December 19th
- finish essay by January 5th

ISU Thesis Development- Due Monday, December 15, 2014





The what is the simplest part

of your thesis statementwhat
specific textual element(s) are
you going to discuss?

The how relates to the

authors particular technique in
working with the element(s)
from the what. What does
he/she do with the elements?
How does he/she do it? (e.g.
through diction, imagery,
symbolism, rhyme scheme,
repetitionthe list is endless).

This is the point where you

bring in the heavy guns. Why
does the author bother doing
this thing (the how) with the
textual elements (the what)?
What is the larger
issue/theme/point at work here?

This is the step where you relate

the theme/big idea in the text to
the world outside the text. Why
even bother writing this book to
illustrate this point? Whats the
wider comment on society or
universal themes?

aLL ToGeTHer now!

Highlight (using different colours) the various components of your thesis- these will form the body paragraphs of
your essay

List the topics/ideas that you will need to introduce to your reader to prepare them for your argument

Group the ideas/topics that you have listed and label them- these will form the introductory paragraphs of your

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