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------------------------------------------ APPLICATION FORM -----------------------------------------------Please fill out this application if you would like to apply for funding from GGAPSS
Community Donations Fund. This fund is money that GGAPSS has set aside to support
grassroots student and community groups and projects. The purpose of this fund is to build
relationships between the university and communities outside the university, share
resources and support student engagement with community-based initiatives.
We are especially excited about groups and/or projects that:

Support equity-building and anti-oppression

Are run by volunteers
Have clear connections to GGAPSS members and/or the Geography and Planning
Department as well as GGAPSS anti-oppression mandate
Have a specific use lined up for GGAPSS funds

Here is a link to some organizations that have received support from GGAPSS Community
Donations Fund:
Name and Email Address of Individual Submitting Application


Name and Contact Information of Group/Project that is seeking funding

Name and Mailing Address for Cheque (please write the name that the cheque should be
addressed to if you are awarded funding AND the address to which it should be mailed to;
if there is no mailing address, please write a phone number so other arrangements can
be made for you to receive your cheque):

1) Please describe (in 100 words or less) what this group/project does.

2) Tell us (in 150 words or less) about how this group/project is connected to
GGAPSS and/or the Geography and Planning Department, as well as
GGAPSS anti-oppression mandate

3) Please tell us what kind of support you are requesting (eg. promotion,
space, financial etc.). If you are requesting financial support, please tell us
how much you are requesting and for what purpose. **GGAPSS only has
$570 to allocate towards proposals, but can book rooms, help promote
events and recruit volunteers through its networks. Also, GGAPSS members
have many different skills that may benefit your organization or project.
Please keep this in mind when structuring your proposal.**

4) Would you be available to meet with the committee and provide a short
presentation (no longer than 5min) on your proposal and answer any
questions? If so, please let us know what times work best for you (eg. after
5pm weekdays). This would be a great opportunity for members of the
committee and other applicants to get a better understanding of your

The deadline for applications will be Friday, January 30th, 2015.

Please send all applications and questions to Madelaine Cahuas (GGAPSS VP
External and Equity) @