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Strength for Peace

Peace is more than just the absence of war. It is the precondition

for a nation and its people to pursue unhindered their goals of
progress and prosperity.
Preserving peace across time and across geographies calls for
a combination of military strengths the ability to sense, the
agility to respond, the power to impact. Most of all, it calls for
an integral strength of purpose.
Larsen & Toubro understands the many and varied demands
of modern warfare. We are committed to developing and
continuously enhancing capabilities to meet these requirements.
Across the decades, we have worked closely with defence
forces, empowering them with a vital strength the strength
for peace.

About L&T
Larsen & Toubro is a USD 14 billion technology, engineering,

air defence and artillery systems and upgrades, naval weapon

construction, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate,

launch systems with fire control solutions, bridging systems,

with global operations. Its products and systems are marketed in

communication, avionics, C4I and missile systems.

over 30 countries worldwide. L&T is one of the largest and most

respected companies in India's private sector.

L&T has been granted industrial licenses for a wide range

of defence products. These licenses cover design, development

A strong, customerfocused approach and the constant quest

and construction / manufacture of warships & submarines;

for top-class quality have enabled L&T to attain and sustain

weapon platforms & launchers for missiles, rockets & torpedoes;

leadership in its major lines of businesses over seven decades.

field & air defence guns and anti- tank weapon systems;
associated systems & subsystems for Radar & Sonar; for

Larsen & Toubro is one of India's leading companies for supply

armoured and combat vehicles; airborne assemblies, systems

of Defence Equipment and Systems (in the private sector). L&T

and equipment for aircraft, helicopters and UAV, etc.

has been involved with the development of Defence equipment

and systems for over 20 years.

A strong technological foundation and a focused approach

to the needs of the defence sector along with top-class

L&T's current product range, built largely through in-house

quality have enabled L&T to be a key player in the Indian

R&D, includes a range of land-based weapon launch systems,

defence sector.

For over two decades, L&T has been associated with a number

Warship Repairs, Refits and Conversions

of programs for indigenous development and installation of

State-of-the-art Ship Design Capabilities

multiple weapon delivery & control systems, engineering

systems, on-board Naval and Coast Guard Platforms. L&T has

Underwater Platforms

successfully conceptualised and developed state-of-the-art

L&T has been closely involved in the design and construction

technologies that form the building blocks of multiple systems

of India's first nuclear powered Submarine INS Arihant.

for defence applications, with modular integration capabilities.

Some of L&T's key contributions have been in the areas of:

Design Engineering

Larsen & Toubro has a history of long associations with major

3D Modelling

national missions. L&T's capabilities in Shipbuilding are aligned

Pressure Hull, Outer Hull & Structures

with Indian Navy's plan to induct warships and submarines and

Special Equipment & sub-assemblies

consolidation of security infrastructure.

Outfitting Equipment, Piping & Cabling

System Integration & Trials

In addition to design, engineering and construction of warships

and auxiliary vessels, L&T also offers lifecycle management and

Weapon Systems

mid-life upgrades for warships, submarines and auxiliary vessels.

L&T's major contribution in the Naval domain has been in the

L&T's shipbuilding and repair facilities are located at two state-

areas of multi disciplinary weapon systems for Naval Platforms.

of-the-art shipyards one on India's west coast (at Hazira,

L&T has successfully designed and delivered Weapon Launch

Gujarat), and the other on the east (at Kattupalli, Tamil Nadu).

Systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare; Medium to Long Range

Missile Launch Systems; and Multi Barrel Rocket Launching

The Shipbuilding Group of L&T focuses on:

Warship Construction

The photograph is for representational purpose only, and does not purport
to be a photograph of the actual nuclear-powered submarine built by L&T


Anti Submarine Warfare Systems (ASW)



Triple Tube Launcher (TTL) is a torpedo launch system designed

The Indigenous ASW Rocket Launcher (IRL) is a ship based anti-

for firing lightweight anti-submarine torpedoes. The torpedo is

submarine rocket launcher system, capable of firing 12 radially

ejected by means of high pressure - air and is electrically or

arranged, depth-charge rockets at submerged targets, in a

manually controlled. The barrels are manufactured from

single and salvo mode. It is supported by a 'Rocket Feed

special grade corrosion resistant material and have integral

Complex' that is capable of storage and automatic loading

GRP liners for weight reduction and superior wear resistance.

of rockets into the launcher.

The TTL Fire Control System includes Ship-borne Pre-setters,
The rocket is an unguided solid propellant projectile with an

Portable Pre-setters and Launch Tubes for programming and

impact time fuse that can be switched to impact or impact-time

launching of A244/s torpedoes. These are programmed as per


the target data using the Pre-setter unit. Simulators are used
for training the crew and testing the Pre-setter units.

Indigenous Twin Tube Torpedo Launcher (ITTL) is a Heavy Weight

Missile Launcher Systems

Torpedo (HWT) Launching system with a provision to accept


firing commands to launch Anti-Ship and Anti-Submarine

The Dhanush Stabilised Launch and Fire Control System has

torpedoes. Designed for single shot as well as salvo firing of

been designed, developed and realised by L&T, jointly with

torpedoes through Anti-Submarine Fire Control System, the ITTL

DRDO. The system comprises an electro-hydraulic

is made up of Aluminium Magnesium alloys and is supported by

stabilised weapon platform for launch of Dhanush Missile

a hydraulically adjustable Torpedo Loading Trolley.

from the deck of Naval Platforms; and an Object Handling

System for the transfer of missiles from storage hangar to
the stabilised weapon.

The Dhanush Fire Control System, used for preparing and

The Universal Vertical Launch Module (UVLM) system is a modular

launching the Dhanush Missile, accepts target positions over a

launch system for canisterised BrahMos missiles on board ships

radio link from the Central Command. Redundant processors

and controlled by a Fire Control System (FCS) which has been

compute the missile trajectory and also give corrections for the

developed in-house.

positions and roll-pitch angle of the ship.

L&T has also manufactured and installed the Inclined Launchers
The firing solution comprises sequential preparation of missile,

for the BrahMos Missile.

by checking sub-systems and sensors, loading firing solution,

transfer alignment of missile INS, command and authority

The BrahMos Fire Control System is capable of simultaneously

checks and finally the launch cycle. FCS also provides

controlling 2 to 32 missiles in single or salvo mode. It accepts

mechanisms for auto-detection of launch failure/ hang-fire and

target data from a Radar or CMS and calculates the missile

secures the missile for safe handling thereafter. The Fire Control

trajectory. Major functions of this FCS include Missile Preparation,

System is based on Vx Works RTOS and Hardware based on

Missile Health Check, Hit Probability Calculation and Cartographic

VME architecture.

Display. This is also interfaced with MINS for information on

platform position and dynamics.

L&T in collabortaion with DRDO has successfully developed,

Other Weapon Systems

manufactured and delivered Vertical and Inclined Launcher

RL WM-18

Modules for the Brahmos Missile System for the Naval Platforms.

Rocket Launcher WM-18 is used for beach clearing operations by

The Fire Control System for the Naval platform is completely

the LST class of ships, before executing amphibious operations.

designed, developed and manufactured by L&T.

The weapon system comprises two launcher mounts, one each

for port and starboard. This launcher is a complete electrohydraulic system, stabilised against ship's roll and pitch.

The Rocket Launcher WM-18 can be slaved to a Director Sight

the command structure. All the components may be configured

and is equipped with a weapon reloading system.

to work within a very small deployment or may be configured to

work as a distributed system by exploiting the open architecture

Combat Management Systems (CMS)

communication middleware.

The ITacS-CMS (Integrated Tactical System) brings together L&T's

experience of designing, integrating and deploying various

Engineering Systems

Naval weapon systems, Radar systems and C4I solutions. The

Steering Gear & Stabiliser

ITacS-CMS provides an integrated solution to facilitate net-

The Steering Gear & Stabiliser Systems have been designed and

centric warfare and seamless integration between operator, real-

developed in-house, caters to a range of naval vessels, e.g.

world tactical scenario and available resources. With this, ITacS -

Destroyers, Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvettes, Naval Offshore

CMS achieves successful planning and execution of different

Patrol Vessels, Aircraft Carriers, etc. The Steering Gear System

types of tactical and surveillance missions. The ITacS - CMS

provides precision control for manoeuvring while the Stabilisers

provides an assimilated situation awareness display and acts as a

counter the roll by imparting the much-needed stability in the

decision support system for different command-levels.

high seas.

The situation awareness display enables to analyse current

Sonar Winch & Handling Systems

threats and field situation to formulate appropriate strategies

The Winch & Handling system is a Sonar handling system

in order to reduce the response time and to improve the

designed, developed and manufactured by L&T in collaboration

effectiveness of co-ordination. It provides information to ensure

with DRDO / NPOL. The system comprises a winch with spooler

seamless sharing of Mission parameters and Intelligence data.

assembly having multiple redundant drives for deployment /

The ITacS-CMS solution is modular and contains multiple

retrieval of array and cables of different diameters and a robotic

components. The components interact through defined

arm for handling towed transmitting body.

interfaces with various sensors, weapons and other classes of

The system operations are controlled by Winch Master Controller

Ship Lift & Transfer Systems

(WMC) programmed with interlocks for operator and equipment

L&T has designed, manufactured, constructed and

safety, through a single joystick interface. WMC also carries out

commissioned India's largest Ship Lift (as classified by Lloyd's

real time health monitoring of system consoles.

Register) for L&T's Ship yard at Kattupalli. The Ship Lift can lift a
ship of 200m length and width up to 43m. The Ship Lift is a

Helo Handling Systems

huge elevator which raises the ship out of the water for dry-

Helicopter Landing Grids

docking ashore and lowers them back into the water on

The Helicopter Landing Grids are provided on ships for assisting

completion of work. The Ship Lift platform is lowered and raised

helicopter landings in the high seas. The landing grids, designed

by a number of hoists, driven by high precision variable-

and manufactured by L&T, are compatible with most of the

frequency drives (VVFD) with elaborate encoder based feedback

helicopters, e.g. Sea-king, ALH, etc. The design has been verified

system, operating in a synchronized manner.

and approved by DNV and widely accepted by leading shipyards

all over the world. The Grids are manufactured in conformance

The system monitors load and position on real time basis and

to STANAG 1276 HOS standard.

fail-safe double brake system ensures safety of Ship Lift system

and ship. The Ship Transfer System has electro-hydraulic trolleys

Helicopter Traversing & Securing System

along with trestles which are designed to transport ships from

The Helicopter Traversing & Securing systems are installed

the Ship Lift to any of the various dry berths on land, which

on the quarterdeck of the ship to provide secure and safe

multiplies the berthing capacity of shipyards. This reduces the

movement of a helicopter from the landing area to the

constraint of waterfront availability.

hangar and vice versa. The systems can be provided in various

configurations, e.g. Single rail systems, dual rail system (both
straight & curve type), over the deck rail, sunken type rail &
Rail-less systems. The design caters to multiple helicopters,
e.g. Seaking & ALH, as per requirement of the vessel.

Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS)

IPMS uses hot stand-by, gigabit and Fibre-Optic network as

Modern day naval ships have comprehensive platform

the primary backbone with independent FO networks for

automation capabilities that allow them to achieve

training and video streaming function. The entire hardware is

unprecedented levels of ship survivability and operational

primarily on the open-architecture VME modules to ensure

effectiveness. Integrating these capabilities at the platform level

life-cycle support.

can optimize operational effectiveness and contribute to

optimising the capabilities of the crew. IPMS uses world-class

Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

distributed architecture control with Dual Redundant Gigabit

The IBS provides navigational capability by the integration of all

Network. Major subsystems include Integrated Machinery

navigation sensors, providing a comprehensive ship data

Control System (IMCS), Automated Power Management System

information package which is distributed on redundant

(APMS) and Auxiliary Control System (ACS).

networks. They include Radars, ECDIS and central navigation

data display, providing maximum flexibility for navigation data

In addition to the automation of these platform subsystems,

access at any location on the integrated bridge. Customised

the following features can be integrated in the IPMS:

solutions assist the crew in collision avoidance, route planning,

Battle Damage Control System (BDCS)

track control and therefore enhancing navigational safety.

Digital Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)

The main features of an IBS are -

Personnel Location Monitoring System (PLMS)

Simultaneous updates on all IBS Multi-Function

Equipment Health Monitoring (EHM)

On-Board Training Simulator (OBTS)
Propulsion Machinery Control & Monitoring
Auxiliary Machinery Control & Monitoring
Addressable Fire & Flood Detection System
Performance Prediction
Dynamic Analysis

consoles (MFC)
Active monitored route is displayed on all IBS Multi-Function
consoles, when selection is made on any MFC
Chart maintenance from MFC and simultaneously updated
on other MFC
Track information on conning display no external interface

Radar/ARPA target information & radar video available on

Radar/ARPA radar video recorded by VDR over LAN

The entire range of L&T's marine products has successfully

undergone environmental testing at Naval laboratories as per
JSS 55555 norms and EMI/ EMC tests as per MIL-STD 461 C/E.

Integrated GMDSS and Communication Equipment

Redundancy of multifunctional workstations

Product Range

Expandability along with Dual Redundant Network

L&T's switchgear spectrum stretches from Push Buttons to Air

Interface with IPMS machinery Data

Circuit Breakers. Various product offering are categorized as:

- L&T is currently executing the IBS & IPMS for Naval Survey
Vessels, Naval OPVs, Cadet Training ships and LCUs for

LV Switchgear

Indian Navy.

Air Circuit Breaker

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Electrical Systems

Miniature Circuit Breaker

L&T offers Electrical & Automation solutions onboard Naval

Power and Auxiliary Contactors

vessels for new builds as well as in retrofits. The solutions

Protection Relays

includes Marinised Switchgear, Switchboards, Energy

Power and Control Fuses

Distribution Centers, DC Switchboards Change Over Switches,

Switch Fuse Units

Distribution Boards, Helo-Starting Rectifiers, APMS, IPMS, IBS

Changeover Switches

and Degaussing system, special application starters for steering

Energy Meters

gear, compressors, mooring capstan, winches, davits and all

other equipment of the Electricals and Automation systems.

MV Switchgear

L&T has ushered-in 'Turnkey Electrical & Automation Solution'

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

for the ships of Indian Navy and Coast Guard.

The products are approved by Director General of Quality

Helo-Starting Rectifier

Assurance (DGQA) Indian Navy & Marine Classification

Navigation Light Control Panel (NLCP)

Societies viz:
American Bureau of Shipping

LV Switchboards

Germanischer Lloyds

Switchboards are designed and supplied for voltage ranging

Det Norske Veritas

from 380V to 690V

Lloyds Register of Shipping

50 Hz, 60 Hz & 400 Hz

Bureau Veritas

Busbars rating from 100A to 6300A


Short circuit withstand up to 100 kA

Indian Register of Shipping

Enclosures in Sheet Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel


Integrated with APMS

Electrical panels

MV Switchboards

Main & Emergency Switchboard (AC & DC)

Type approved MV Panel up to 36 kV system voltage

Energy Distribution Centers

Complete range from 630A to 4000A

C&C Switchboards

Short time withstand up to 40 kA for 3 seconds

Distribution boards (Power as well as Lighting)

Integrated with Hybrid as well as Electric propulsion system

Auto and Hand Changeover Switches

Static Changeover Switches


DOL starters

Designed as per EED-Q-071

Star-Delta Starters

Microprocessor-based Motor Protection Unit

Soft Starters (AC & DC)

IPMS compliant

Converted supplies system like transformers, rectifiers &

Relay based/PLC based controls available

battery chargers

Starters are designed for all applications on-board like

Turnkey Electrification

steering gear, Stabilizers, Davit, ventilation, Sewage

L&T undertakes Total Electrical System Design, Supply,

treatment plant, fuel pumps, fresh water pumps, etc.

Installation and Commissioning onboard on turnkey basis. L&T

Composite offering of starters along with Naval Duty Motors

to Naval and Commercial vessels.

Magnetic Stealth

Major solutions provided by L&T are as follows:

On-board Degaussing System for surface ships as well as

Electrical System Design

has proven track record in providing turnkey electrical solutions


Electrical Power Distribution Equipment

Degaussing as well as Deperming range

Procurement and supply of electrical utilities

Land based Deperming system

Cabling and connecterisation

Acoustic range

Installation and Commissioning

Multi influence range

Ship Lighting design and installation

Deep water noise range


Retro fitment for Degaussing systems onboard

Trials to Owners & Class authority

L&T has offered Degaussing solutions to the Indian Navy, in

collaboration with Thales Underwater Systems (TUS) France,
Systemteknik Ludwig (STL) Germany and Ultra PMES UK.

L&T has been at the forefront in providing high-end technology

on an 8 x 8 chassis with high cross-country mobility. It is fitted

solutions for Land-based forces. L&T's weapon systems such as

with electro-mechanical outriggers with an auto-levelling

Multi-Barrel Rocket Launchers, 155mm// 52 Cal artillery guns

feature, which stabilises the launcher.

both towed and self-propelled and missile launchers enable the

land-based forces to deliver the right kind of ammunition at the

Pinaka, currently in serial production, has been designed and

right time with precision. In the realm of engineering systems,

developed by L&T in association with DRDO.

L&T offers a wide range of bridging systems and drop platforms.

Upgrades of air defence guns and rocket launchers offered by

Missile Launchers

L&T extend the life of equipment by several decades thereby

Short Range

providing costeffective solutions to Land-based forces.

Akash Air Force Launcher (AAFL) is an Air Defence System,

designed and developed by L&T jointly with DRDO/ R&DE (E).

Weapon Systems
In the domain of Land Systems, L&T provides complete systems

It is an all-electric system with low voltage DC Servo Drives for

and solutions for Air Defence, Artillery and Mechanized forces.

quick response and accurate positioning. The Launcher is

In-house technology and product development has enabled L&T

equipped with three Surface-to-Air Akash missiles. AAFL is

to build strong foundations for multiple technologies that

designed for tracking and launching missiles in single or salvo

manifest into a wide range of weapon systems, designed,

mode, based on commands received from the launch centre.

developed and manufactured for land-based systems.

It is fitted with electro-mechanical outriggers with an autoRocket Launcher Systems
Pinaka MBRL
The Pinaka Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL) System is a
high-tech, all-weather, long-range, area fire artillery system built

levelling feature, which stabilises the launcher.

Medium Range & Long Range

The electronics of the launcher have been designed using VME

Medium Range Surface to Air Missile Launcher

based MIL grade electronics and provide multiple power sources

Eight Missile Configuration

with battery back-up of 15 minutes.

This is a trailer based, platform independent, all-electric mobile

launcher configured for launching 8 canisterised missiles in

Universal Launcher

vertical mode. The system is a self-sustaining unit, equipped

The Universal Launcher is a multi-role, modern launcher

with wireless communication to facilitate remote firing in single/

designed and developed by L&T jointly with DRDO/ R&DE (E).

ripple mode. It is fitted with electro-mechanical outriggers with

The all-electric system designed for a payload of over 2000 kilos

auto-leveling feature with an additional option to level with or

is configured on a TATRA vehicle.

without trailer.
The system is designed for vertical launch as well as for tracking
The electronics of the system is based on VME 64 bit

and launching of missile in inclined mode. It is fitted with

architecture with MIL grade electronics. The system is provided

electro-mechanical outriggers with an auto-levelling feature,

with multiple power sources, with battery back-up of 7 minutes.

which stabilizes the launcher.

Mobile Autonomous Launcher - Four Missile Configuration

This Universal Launcher can be configured for a range of

This an all-electric mobile launcher designed for launching four

containerized/ canisterised missiles.

containerized / canisterised missiles in vertical mode. It is fitted

with electro-mechanical outriggers with an auto-levelling

Strategic Systems

feature, which stabilizes the launcher. The launcher is equipped

Mobile Launchers

with a unique sliding feature to adjust the position of missiles

L&T has associated itself with Indian defence for development

and provide ground contact for Jet deflectors during launch.

of various land based systems of various missile launchers.

L&T has been an active participant in DRDO's IGMDP programs.

L&T's track record in integrated weapon systems includes

including the Korean Army. K9 Thunder has established its

development and production of land-based platforms on both

superiority through demonstrations and evaluation tests at

road-based and rail-based systems. Based on this association,

various proving grounds in extreme weather conditions, jungles,

L&T has successfully contributed to the development of multiple

barren deserts and severely cold areas. By demonstrating its

Strategic Missile Launcher Systems in collaboration with DRDO.

ability to handle Indian as well as all NATO standard

Some of the successfully developed systems are:

ammunitions, K9 VAJRA-T has proven its excellent

Prithvi-II Launcher

conformability to any field artillery unit.

Rail and Road Mobile Launchers for Strategic Missiles

155mm/ 52 Cal Towed Gun System TRAJAN
Artillery Systems

The 155 mm / 52 calibre Towed Gun System jointly developed

155mm/ 52 Cal Tracked Self Propelled (SP) Gun

by L&T and Nexter Systems, France for the Indian MoD is

K9 VAJRA-T 155mm/ 52 Cal. Tracked Self-Propelled Howitzer


under User Evaluation by Indian Army. L&T is responsible for

meets the requirements of 21 Century warfare which is based

development of the mobility system of the Gun, whereas

on the following missions: Deep fire support with its longer

Nexter provides the Ordnance System.

firing range; Qualitative superiority to overcome a numerical

inferiority with its higher rate of fire and accuracy and effective

Our Partnership is based on delivering value and effective

and reliable fire support in all kinds of circumstances with its

solutions to the Indian Army. Apart from providing a proven

higher mobility and protection.

Artillery Gun System, this consortium will open up new avenues

in Indian and Global defence markets for both partners.

K9 VAJRA-T is a variant of K9 Thunder which is inarguably the

world's best 155mm/52 Cal. SPH in terms of number of systems
in active service. Currently, K9 Thunder is serving as one of the
main conventional deterrent forces for a number of armies

Following sub-systems fitted on the Gun, currently undergoing

(tracked) military load class. The bridges can be launched in a

user evaluation, have been designed and developed by L&T:

short period of time with a minimum manpower and thereby

Auxiliary Power Unit with Driver Control Panel

increasing operational capability of the force.

Tandem Drive Panel

L&T has successfully developed following bridging systems

Signalization System

for Indian Army:

Rolling Gear Assembly consisting of Suspension and

B L T T72 Bridging System

Retraction System

Sarvatra Bridging System

Caster Wheel Assembly

Short Span Bridging System 5m and 10m

Travel Lock

Modular Bridging System

Ammunition Handling Assistance

External Hydraulic and Electrical Generator

Salient Features:

Communication Set

Material of construction: High Strength steel & High

strength aluminium

Engineering Systems

Built on High Mobility launching Platforms

Bridging Systems

Suitable for heavy tracked & wheeled military traffic

L&T has developed various kinds of military mobile bridging

Single span and multi span capability

systems for the Indian Army in partnership with DRDO. L&T has

Advanced hydraulic systems ensure jerk-free

the capability to indigenously design, develop and manufacture

smooth operations

mobile bridging systems in a variety of steel and aluminium

Can be constructed with minimum crew

materials. These bridges have a dry-gap crossing capability for

Minimum track-way width of 4m

today's highly mobile combat forces. These bridges have been

Traffic speed of 30 35km/hr.

designed to carry heavy combat vehicles and trucks up to 70 ton

Air Drop Platforms and Mooring Systems

pedestal along with an auto-tracker, fire control computer,

L&T has associated itself with Indian defence for development

rugged and reliable power supply and ergonomic man-machine

of various air drop and surveillance systems. L&T has developed

interface. Designed to work in extreme environmental

Drop platforms, Winch & Mooring system for Aerostats and

conditions, L&T's field proven sub-systems are used in the

UAV Launchers. L&T has successfully developed number of

upgrade for higher reliability and performance required to

military systems and has the capability to indigenously design,

fulfil the missions of our air defence forces.

develop and manufacture multiple Engineering and logistics

systems for ground applications.

Zu-23 Anti-Aircraft Gun Upgrade

The Zu-23 Upgrade converts the existing manually laid gun into

Successfully developed systems are:

an all-electric system with autonomous functionality. L&T's gun

P7 Heavy Drop (For military logistics) - 7 tons pay load

upgrade solution enables effective engagement of aerial and

P7 Duck Drop (For marine logistics) - 7 tons pay load

ground targets. The complete system is based on design

Winch & Mooring system for Akashdeep Aerostat

methodologies currently used on military products to comply

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Launcher

with the operating and storage temperatures, humidity, dust

and rain protection requirements for reliable and fault-free


operation. The modular construction of the system is

L-70 Anti-Aircraft Gun Upgrade

conceptualized and designed keeping the maintainability

L-70 Upgrade is an advanced, all-weather, anti-aircraft gun

aspect in view.

system built onto the existing L-70 chassis with the original 40
mm armament. The system architecture is modular, configured
in form of an 'upgrade kit', which can be used to quickly
upgrade existing gun systems. The kit is comprised of an
electromechanical gun laying system, optical payload with

Missiles & Aerospace

L&T occupies a position of pre-eminence in India for supply of

L&T has successfully demonstrated its capability to manufacture

critical equipment to strategic sectors. L&T has made significant

and realise systems & subsystems of Missiles like Motor Casings,

progress in developing tools and processes for manufacturing of

Containers, Canisters, Air Frames, etc., using varied metals

composites with high pressure RTM process. L&T is the first

including exotic metals and Advanced Composites. Using

Indian company to have used the polyimide grade of resins for

indigenously developed processes and technology, L&T

impregnation of 2m long shells.

manufactured the airframes (equipment bay and ram air

compression duct) and transport launch canisters.

L&T has an excellent track record in handling of exotic materials

& alloys, ranging from Aluminium Alloys, Nickel alloys, Titanium


and Advance Composites. L&T has offerings in the following

L&T is associated with India's Space program since 1975,

business areas:

from SLV-3, till the current GSLV. Our offerings include rocket
motor casings, convergent and divergent nozzles, titanium


gas bottles for liquid stages, titanium tanks for liquid upper

L&T has had significant involvement in the design and

stages for launch vehicles; solar array deployment mechanisms

manufacture of the motor casings for the Indian Space

for satellites. L&T is gearing up for larger participation in

Program and key missile sections for Defence Applications

space programs.

and global OEMs.

L&T has also taken-up several special Aerospace projects like

Manufacturing, Technology Absorption and Innovation, L&T is

development and manufacturing of the Hypersonic Wind

participating in new programs of Indian & Global Military

Tunnel systems, Variable Mach Frequency Nozzle, Plate

Aviation majors, having made investments in the form of

Stretcher, 32M Deep Space Network Antenna, etc. These

dedicated facilities for Advanced Composites and Precision

projects required a high level of innovation, multi-domain

Manufacturing required for the Aerospace Industry.

capability, handling complex system architecture, Project

Management, Risk management and ability to develop

UAVs & Targets

cost-effective indigenous solutions.

L&T is catering to the needs of MoD and Indian Armed forces for
the UAVs and Targets by technological alliances with OEMs and

Some of these projects have been realized for the first time in

in-house development. L&T has successfully demonstrated its

India and are amongst few such facilities in the world.

capability to manufacture UAV Airframes and other subsystems

Military Aviation

and Indian Armed forces.

and is actively pursuing similar programs for MoD, Research Labs

L&T is involved in supply of various systems and subsystems for
military aviation platforms to Indian and foreign OEMs.
With its strengths in Design, Engineering, Project Management,

Systems for Radars

L&T has been involved in design, manufacture and integration

Precision Monopulse Tracking Radar (PMTR)

of multiple Engineering Systems for Radar Applications. L&T's

PMTR is a state-of-the-art Auto tracking System for tracking

offerings in Radar Engineering Systems segment include:

satellites during launch. PMTR is designed for fast acquisition

Radar Antenna Platform (Transportable & Mobile)

and tracking of target and can share the track data with cluster

Precision Monopulse Tracking Radar

of other Radars over digital data network.

Stabilized Platform for Ship-borne Radar Antenna System

Radar Power System

PMTR is available in C-band (5.4 to 5.9 GHz) &

Radar Antenna Frames

S-band (2.7 to 2.9 Ghz) versions.

Radar Antenna Platform (Transportable & Mobile)

Stabilized Platform for Ship-borne Radar Antenna System

The Platform positions and deploys a Radar Antenna (~ 3.5 - 7

The stabilized aluminium platform, for compensating ship

tons mass) on ground having a slope of up to 3 deg., and levels

motions on the high seas, has been designed and realized by

it within 6 arc minutes using hydraulic actuators. The Drive

L&T. The correction in both roll and pitch is achieved by using

system elevates the Antenna from transport position to

two servo-controlled hydraulic actuators that are connected to

deployment position and caters for rotation and staring.

the structure in such a way that pitch correction takes place by

the motion of the actuators in the same direction and roll

There are two types of Radar Antenna Platforms:

correction happens by differential motion of the actuators. The

Trailer based system- that gets mounted on 20 feet semi-low

design is highly optimized for both weight and accuracy criteria.

bed trailer for road transportation

Vehicle based system- that gets mounted on high mobility allterrain vehicle, suitable for off-road transportation, as well as
for air-transportability

The Stabilized Platform is mounted on ship mast for Radar

Antenna deployment.

Some of its features are mentioned below:

Radar Antenna Frames

It compensates for ship motions of roll (20 degrees) and

Antenna Frame is a very critical part of the Radar as it houses

pitch (5 deg.) while keeping the Antenna levelled within

0.5 degrees
Stabilization is achieved through 2-axis gimbal using two
servo-controlled hydraulic actuators

the entire Radar electronics, Transmission & Reception modules

and heat exchangers. Due to these requirements, the Antenna
has to be manufactured within stringent dimensional and
geometric tolerances.

Drive Systems caters for positioning and azimuth rotation

Platform is designed for ~ 2.5 ton of payload

The structure is made up of AL 5083, AL 5052 grade sheet

To meet stringent weight requirements, stabilization platform

metal components integrated with AL 6061 grade machined

has been constructed in Aluminium

A ship motion simulator has been developed for real-time
testing of the stabilization platforms along with its payload

components to give stability and stiffness to the structure.

The fasteners used are of Aerospace Grade manufactured as per
US Military & Aerospace specifications. The integration is carried
out by highly skilled manpower, which consists of extensive

Radar Power Systems

solid riveting and blind riveting.

Radar Power System has been designed to reliably and safely

feed all the local and remote AC and DC electrical consumers of

The corrosion prevention coating & special purpose Chemical

the Radar system having linear and non-linear dynamic

Agent Resistant Coating paint are extremely sensitive in nature

characteristics and changing demands with built-in redundancy

and are carried out under strict process and environmental

and ample reserve in all modes of operation.


Military Communications & C4I Systems

Tactical Military Network

UHF Link Network

IP based secure communication network

On-shore point-to-point digital access radio communication

Integrated voice, video and data communication

Failsafe design for Tactical Battle Area

Equipment operating in UHF frequency band

PAN India UHF Linking network that forges a secure wireless
link between control centers to strategic locations

Network Simulation and Emulation Capability

Infrastructure and Capability for Tactical Simulation &
Emulation of Large-Scale Real-Time & Near Real-Time Network
Scalable up to 1000+ Service provider Nodes & 10000+
Enterprise Nodes

High Data Rate Modems

Indigenously designed spectrally efficient Modems
for communication with ships, aircraft and shore stations
FEC Implementation for channel coding support for

Integrated Security Testing, Triple play Services, Traffic

Generation, Network Impairment, Mobility, Link Capacity

Autobaud feature and TDMA/CDMA Channel access


Planning, etc.
Supports heterogeneous Network Technologies with support

for hybrid emulation / simulation (3 party Emulation tools)

Bulk Encryption Unit (BEU)

Sends confidential data securely
Jointly developed by L&T and DRDO
Enables completely secure data transfer of sensitive

High Power Communication and C4I Network


Long range secure communication

Advanced modulation techniques
Unique, robust and tallest antenna

UHF Communication System (Radio)

EMP hardened infrastructure

It is an up-to-date technological communication framework to

provide integrated voice, data and video communication service
to the field force.

Integrated Tactical Solutions

Military Cellular Systems

Tactical Networks

Soldier Systems

Military SDRs
Microwave Systems

C4I - Systems & Software

Tactical MANETs

Maintains communication on the move

Satcom for Defence Applications

Extremely rugged

Ku-band SATCOM system for Defence applications

Secure communication with vehicles on the field

High speed remote voice, video and data communications

Efficient bandwidth and Traffic management system

IP Nano Radio
High performance wireless Ethernet radio

Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM)

UHF band Operation

Provides protection from Chemical Warfare

Frequency hopping spread spectrum technology

Integral part of the NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare)

detection system can detect nerve and blister agents

Radio over IP (RoIP)

Seamless integration of radio with IP network

Collaborated with DRDO to develop Ion Mobility Spectrometry

(IMS) based CAM

Radio Communication with VoIP telephones/ATA

Compact, handheld and Vehicle-mountable models

Tactical Services Router

Software defined Radio (SDR)

Toughened-tactical router for remote battlefield deployment,

Enhances security, with indigenous waveforms

ships, vehicles, etc.

Single-board computer-based compact design for robust

Indigenous waveform that offers greater flexibility

and data security

unified tactical services, secure communication and

deterministic routing on single platform

MANET (Mobile Ad-hoc Network) router with transparent
range extension to support extended manoeuvre
Can also function as IP-PBX providing V-VOIP
(Video Voice over IP) services

Spectrum InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL), a wholly owned subsidiary

and fuel monitoring based on information gathered from

of Larsen and Toubro Ltd., located in Bangalore and operating

pressure, temperature and fuel sensors. ECFM-C is a 3/8 ATR

under L&T Heavy Engineering IC as its avionics arm. SIPL is

unit combining the two functions of environment control and

involved in the design, development and Manufacture of

fuel monitoring with dual redundant hot standby architecture.

Military Avionics for the Indian Defence Aircraft and

Each lane hardware consists of an independent IO and

Helicopter programs.

application processors to support parallel operations. Lane

changeover occurs due to watchdog timeout in the active lane.

The key service offerings include the following:

ECFM-C is currently under series production for Light Combat

Design, Development and Manufacture of avionics


subsystems/Line Replaceable Units

Design, Development and Manufacture of Automated Test
Equipment & Ground Checkout systems

Ground Refuel Panel (GRP) is used to support the functions of

Upgrades to existing systems

refuelling, calibration and display of fuel quantity. It has been

Obsolescence Management

built around a microcontroller. The GRP communicates with

System Integration, Testing and Validation

ECFM-C through a serial data link. It provides excitation to fuel

Build to Print of avionics subsystems

sensors and controls fuel valves during refuelling operations.

GRP is currently under series production for Light Combat

SIPL's contribution for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)

The following products have been designed, developed and



Environment Control System Control Panel (ECS-CP) is used to

Environment Control and Fuel Monitoring System Controller

exercise manual override on automatic control of bleed air shut off

(ECFM C) provides the twin function of environment control

valve, cabin temperature control valve and Cabin shut off valve.




LRUs for Light Combat

Aircraft (LCA)





The pilot can set the desired cabin temperature. A spring loaded

Up/Down Converter

switch on ECS-CP enables pilot to make changes in cabin

Down Converter: Converts RF Signal from 2-18GHz to IF

temperature in manual override mode. The control panel is

compliant to NVG MILL85762A standard. ECS-CP is currently
under series production for Light Combat Aircraft-Tejas.

Frequency of 1GHz +/- 250MHz

Up Converter: Converts IF Signal of 1GHz +/- 250MHz to

Video Cards


Video cards support Open Architecture Computer (OAC) of

Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) is a key module for

LCA to select image sensors and display synthetic information

superimposed on the image sensor data in both raster (MFD)
and cursive (HUD) mode of display. The video cards suite
comprises Raster-Raster (RR), Raster-Cursive (RC), Video Switcher

jammer applications
It digitizes the IF signal to apply jamming techniques and then
reconverts it to IF
It demodulates IF signal (1GHz250MHz) of the Down

(VS) and Carrier Card (CC). RR, RC & VS are designed for dual

Converter to I-Q signals (0-250MHz), digitizes for further

PMC form factor. CC is designed to VME standard. RR, RC & VS

FPGA processing and application of jamming techniques

are compliant to IEEE P1386.1. Video Cards are currently under

and provides the modulated signals (1GHz250MHz) to the

series production for Light Combat Aircraft-Tejas.

Up converter

Electronic Warfare
L&T's Electronic Warfare Solutions include in-house
development projects like Digital Radio Frequency Memory
(DRFM) and Up/Down Converter, among others. These products
use electromagnetic energy to determine, exploit, reduce or
prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum.










Facilities & Infrastructure

Powai, Mumbai
L&T's Powai Campus, in suburban Mumbai, is spread over a
total area of 385,000 sq. m, with 37,500 sq. m. dedicated to
the fabrication shops. The shops can handle equipment of 6m
dia x 55m long weighing over 400 MT. The Defence Prototype
shop is also located at Powai to cater to firstoff systems.

Prototyping Facility

Ranoli, Vadodara
L&T's Ranoli workshop - spread over 32000 sq.m, including
a production area of 15400 sq.m - specialises in manufacture
of equipment of special grade SS, aluminium, other exotic
materials and composites.The workshops are designed to
manufacture components for aerospace applications as well
as missile components. This complex is also certified with the
AS9100 Quality Management Systems.

Advanced Composites

L&T's Coimbatore Complex is spread over 79941 sq. m., and
has manufacturing facilities for multiple systems. The Precision
Manufacturing Facility (PMF), spread over 10371 sq. m built-up
area specialises in precision engineered systems & components
for the Aerospace & Defence segments. PMF is equipped with
state-of-the-art precision machining systems and surface
treatment plants. This complex is also certified with the
AS9100 Quality Management Systems.
Precision Manufacturing

Talegaon, Pune
L&T's Talegaon facility is the Assembly, Integration and Testing
Complex for Defence Systems and Equipment. This world-class
facility is spread over 120000 sq m. Talegaon has a covered
shop area of about 12,000 sq. m which caters to the strategic
requirements of the Defence sector. The facility also houses an
advanced electronics production and integration centre.

Strategic Systems Complex & Electronics Production

L&T HE Bengaluru Operations is comprised of Strategic
Electronics Center (SEC) and Spectrum InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL),
a wholly owned subsidiary of L&T. It has a 2800 sq.m. state-ofthe-art office in Bangalore. The areas of focus include Military
Communication and C4I Systems, Avionics, Electronic Warfare
and Special DRDO Projects. The facility is AS 9100 and ISO
9001:2008 certified. The facility also has a modern assembly
and integration centre spread over 1500 sq.m. This facility also
houses testing facility for PCB level testing, module/sub system
level testing, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) and

Military Communications, Avionics and EW

Integrated system-level testing.

Kattupalli, Chennai
L&T has constructed an ultra-modern Greenfield Mega Shipyard
at Kattupalli near Chennai. Spread over an area of 1200 acres
and with a ship-lift of capacity of 21,050 Tonnes, the shipyard is
capable of building two submarines, frigates and corvettes each
per year. The shipyard has dedicated lines for new-build and
refits/repairs. It has 6 dry berths and 4 wet berths, each of 200m
length. The shipyard also has got dedicated design centers for
Defence and Commercial shipbuilding.

Hazira, Surat
L&T's Hazira Manufacturing Complex, sprawled over 900,000
sq.m, is comprised of fabrication workshops measuring 70,000
sq.m, a large-equipment manufacturing facility of 90,000 sq.m,
and assembly and loadout area of 100,000 sq.m. Large-size
over-dimensional equipment can be directly loaded onto oceangoing barges / vessels, as the facility has direct access to the
Arabian Sea.
L&T Shipbuilding Yard at Hazira is equipped with the
infrastructure and facilities to build vessels up to length of 150m
and draught of 4m. Capable of modular construction by means
of well-planned pre-manufacturing activities and efficient
outfitting & system integration, the yard is equipped to build the
most demanding projects of the day.

Hazira Complex


Larsen & Toubro Limited, Defence & Aerospace

G1, Gr Floor, Gate 1, Powai Campus, Mumbai 400 072

Registered Office:

M. Marg
Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400 001, INDIA