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Herbert Kuhner

The Rituals of Hermann Nitsch
Hermann Nitsch: “I could well envision that murder could be a component of a work of art;
the artist’s accountability would be on another level.…Thus, art can consist of a crime.”1
Killing was and is beyond all moral judgments.”2
And in comparison Hermann Nitsch: “I have been everything. I was Napoleon, I was Christ, I
was Nietzsche, I was Schopenhauer, and I will be everything that is to come.”3
Otto Mühl about his colleague: “Nitsch is a sadist with a mania for approbation, an autistic
alcoholic who’s completely narcissistic and a mother’s boy who didn’t get enough attention.
Rainer is genuinely violent and a sadist. Nitsch torments the participants in his actions;
they’re constantly freezing. He arranges that intentionally. I’d like to know how many
became ill, how many caught pneumonia, how many died.”4
Nitsch about his colleague: “Mühl’s specialty is minors and sex and my specialty is the
agonizing torture of animals.”5
Here is a quote from Profil: “Nitsch, who never slaughtered an animal in his life is constantly
referred to as a slaughterer.”6
And a quote from the Arbeiter-Zeitung: “During a Black Mass the Viennese actionist Günter
Brus, 36, his wife Anni, 31, Hermann Nitsch, 36, add Karl Heinz Cibulka slaughtered an
Easter lamb in Naples, crucified the animal and smeared themselves with its blood.”7
Nitsch: “I wouldn’t do anything that would harm a hair on an animal’s head.”8 “I wouldn't
kill an animal as a work of art, but I wouldn't say that it isn't art.”9
Dieter Schrage, former museum director: “The statements by artists quoted by Frau Wladyka
are by no means authentic and can only stem from a deranged brain.”10
Gabriele Wladyka: “The quotation by Nitsch is from Falter 24-30, 7 No. 30, 1998, p. 18. The
quotation by Mühl is from Andreas Schlothauer: “Die Diktatur der freien Sexualität,“ p.

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I’d like to know how many became ill. Die Zeit. 1998 at the Austrian Museum of Applied Art in Vienna. Hamburg. März Verlag. 122.. Nitsch to Peter Huemer: “I wanted to write a drama that could indeed be performed. Christian Ludwig Attersee and Einar Schleef.”12 Indeed. 10. an autistic alcoholic who’s completely narcissistic and a mother’s boy who didn’t get enough attention. 18 Berliner Begegnungen. Nr. 26. 2005. a travesty of the legal system that had found Mühl guilty of the abuse and rape of minors. Nitsch torments the participants in his actions.. 1977. Darmstadt. Zur Sache. 1998.. Dec. Vienna. and this will be my first attempt to come close the ideal partitur for the ‘6-Day Feast. 13 2 .Kunst oder Provokation. Otto Mühl was rewarded after his release from prison by having a “dramolette” performed at Claus Peymann's Burgtheater on February 12. 297. Berlin.”15 Otto Mühl’s assessment: “I have no enemies.”16 Claus and Klaus: Klaus Bachler invited Hermann Nitsch to perform “the Temple of language”17 on November 19. Feb. 8. 2001. p. 2004. An exhibit of Mühl's prison paintings opened on February 18.” 15 Arte Metropolis. 1998 with support from Peter Turrini. among other things. Nitsch describes the laceration and desecration of women's and children's bodies. how many died. Die Diktatur der freien Sexualität p. 1969. Darmtadt. February 15.. He arranges that intentionally. Mühl’s remorse for his actions: “I have no feelings of guilt for what I have done. 3 SAT-ZDF July. 30. 24. Die Drossel. Claus Peymann emphatically stated that he was justified to place the Burgtheater at Mühl’s disposal since “Mühl had served his sentence. how many caught pneumonia.19 Here is a quotation from the Partitur: “A 7-year old boy is nailed to the wall as if crucified. 19 Hermann Nitsch: Orgien Mysterien Theater/Orgies Mystery Theater. 20 Herman Nitsch: Orgien Mysterien Theater/Orgies Mystery Theater. Rainer is genuinely violent and a sadist.’”18 In the ”Partitur” to his 6-Day Feast and The Conquest of Jerusalem. but definitely not concerning sexuality.1-9. Hermann Nitsch interviewed by Peter Huemer..1998. Anyone who doesn’t love me is a psychopath.. ORF interview. März Verlag.I do not regret a single word that I wrote in this drama. His head is beaten and shattered with rectangular stones. they’re constantly freezing. The bloody brain is rinsed and washed with lukewarm sugar-water. Aug.Otto Mühl about his colleague: “Nitsch is a sadist with a mania for approbation.1998. “Otto Mühl an der Burg . Edition Freibord. 17 Herner Feuilleton. 1969.There is an ideal partitur and I would like to come close to the ideal partitur.”20 More from the Partitur: 12 Andreas Schlothauer.”14 And three years later: “I made mistakes in the commune. Vols. his bloody brains come out. 14 Quoted in the ORF-Discussion. Das Orgien-Mysterien-Theaters in Schloß Prinzendorf. 2005. Feb. Die Eroberung von Jerusalem. 16 Otto Mühl Interview.”13 Mühl’s play Muchl is.

”22 Hermann Nitsch: “I could well envision that murder could be a component of a work of Political Discussion Platform for Austria.Art of Killing. 1999. Freibord. Letter to the editor in Neues Forum. 1974. Styrian Autumn. 1992.” (This makes lampshades come to mind.28 21 www.”21 According to a reliable Political Discussion Platform for Austria.) If violence under the guise of art has become an integral part of anti-fascism. p. Austrian State Secretary for Culture. the chests of the small corpses are opened. p. 27 “Kultur-Alarm. No. 1988. to Herbert Kuhner in 2000. the artist’s accountability would be on another level.” Dr.Das Orgien Mysterien Theater . Oct. And since then there has been no letup. one year old children and newborn children are brought into the room. 27 “Only those with no knowledge of the significance of ritual and corporeality in art and who have no desire for even a partial understanding can construe the use of religious objects as desecration and the willful violation of religious feelings. 16. 25 Fritz Billeter. 1974. Graz. 26 Helmut Butterweck of Die Furche.” News. The lips and the sexual organs are torn apart. p.”26 (Back in '72 when Dada Caca Gaga: Duck! The future's upon us was published. Hair is torn from the heads of the cadavers. the moist-bloody innards are torn out. a Catholic weekly in Vienna.”25 Helmut Butterweck to Herbert Kuhner concerning Nistch & Co. t. Hermann Nitsch: Das rote Tuch . hands and feet are ripped out of their sockets. 28 Dr.We guarantee Nitsch the protection of the state for practicing his profession freely. Vienna. 1998.„cadavers of two year old children. former Austrian Minister of Art. www. Zurich.…Thus.”24 A key quotation by Nitsch: “I no longer intend to place a humane corset on my work. Tages-Anzeiger.Im Spiegel der Presse 1960-1988. Modern art is part and parcel of the anti-fascistic movement. 22 3 . Peter Wittmann. 30. He was right./Oct. 2. Vienna. July 12. p.politik-forum. No. Butterweck said that I had just committed literary suicide. / who needs the genuine article?” “Whether it be Nitsch’s “6-Day Feast.” Caellian. He only wants work with material that is already dead. 18. 106.” whether it be the work of the Viennese Group in the Biannual Catalogue that been defamed as child pornography….politik-forum. I’ll pass. An Anti-Fascist: “…with such foes of fascism. Rudolf Scholten. pieces of flesh are torn from the dead children. 140.” Dr.: “I would never do what you are doing. 23 Falter 24-30. he stated his intention of peeling the skin from children's corpses as an “action. 4.”23 Killing was and is beyond all moral judgments. Sept. 9. body parts of the dead children are hurled around the room. 24 Paula Devarney: “Nitsch . 7. To quote from my poem. Rudolf Scholten: Opening Speech. art can consist of a crime.) An exculpation: “Nitsch remarked that his intent was not to kill the children. Oct. 1970. u.

neoNazis set fire to a building filled with refugees to the applause of bystanders). Feb.” Dr. Rudolf Scholton. I admire his spirit and acuteness. Municipal Cultural Coordinator.”29 (In Rostock in 1992. 14. has made them sacrosanct. Municipal Cultural Coordinator. I could converse with him at hour’s length. 36 Sigrid Löffler: “Banausie am Balhausplatz. whose work deals with the basic questions of mankind.” Bishop Kurt Krenn of St. I think his artistic productions are great.” Andreas Mailath-Pokorny.. after the reunification of Germany. 10.34 “We have learned from Hermann Nitsch. 11. Sept. Pölten. which is paving the way for a pogrom atmosphere.” Alfred Worm. 33 Dr. October 5th at the ceremony for the award of the Grand Austrian State Prize of 2005.) An analysis by Kerstin Braun during the time that Nitsch enjoyed Otto Mauer’s support: “Nitsch describes the dissolution of the self as early as 1959 in his ‘rutting game. by attacking the actionists. 1995. 1992.” Profil.33 (Haider. 1989.’ in which he uses the elementary substances like blood. 2005. Minister für Culture. p. 2005. 18/95. Vienna. 34 “Salut für den Meister. 35 (Am I included in that category? I reject Nitsch because I understand him. Only the adherents of National Socialism do not understand him. and I hope the (Claus) Peymann debate. State Secretary for Culture. 32/95.Now we think more profoundly.”30 “Nitsch. 31 Austrian Federal Chancellery Internet. October. 32 Spektrum. Franz Vranitzky.) “The Hermann Nitsch debate has been truncated long ago like the Thomas Bernhard debate. 21. March 2. Jörg Haider.. Neue Kronen Zeitung. which is consistent as a continuation taschistic intentions as a central 29 Dr. 7. p. editor-in-chief of News.” Franz Morak. the (Peter) Turrini debate.31 “Nitsch is an interesting and fascinating human being. “This award is “a signal the city supports what you do. Vienna. a central figure of Austrian contemporary art.” News.More by Scholten: “What is now happening is a linguistic Rostock. Sept.1989. former Austrian Chancellor.. 39. February 2. 24. Today anyone who opposes actionism simply disqualifies himself.32 “Nitsch has gone through process a development and has returned to a normal pattern of behavior. ORF. Viennese actionism can no longer be the basis for dispute in a civilized state. We have begun to understand him. Die Presse. 30 4 . News. tearing dead animals and entrails apart in literary manner. Apparently everything changes when one works for a reputed house. 1992. No. the Valie Export debate. presenting the Golden Honorary Medal of the City of Vienna to Hermann Nitsch. Andreas Mailath-Pokorny. Vienna. ORF. implacable condemnation has turned into reverence.36 (I guess she means me. it has been canonized for quite some time and has found its place in museums. Jörg Haider: “Ich finde Nitsch großartig”. I was irritated by his anti-religious effects and his actionism. star literary critic. Now that he had directed for the (State) Opera. City Hall Correspondence. Was this an about face?) “I admired Nitsch before it was incontestable for a politician. chief of the right-wing Freedom Party.” Sigrid Löffler. raw meat.” Dr. March 5. 35 Club 2.

p. Berlin. 1999. 5 . p. he lies down on the back of the skinned animal which is still twitching. 19. Böhlau.”43 Hermann Nitzsch: “What a wonderful cock Rudi (Schwarzkogler) had.Hermann Nitsch: zur theorie des o. 19.45 After Rudolf Schwarzkogkler’s suicide. 40 KATH. Vienna. Die Drossel.” Der Standard. 2005. 118. 1977. Then Koeck placed it in Nitsch's mouth. in: OMT. 1999. 1974. Sept. 249/250. 38 Kerstin Braun: Der Wiener Aktionismus: Positionen und Prinzipien. 1989. Quoted from Armin Zweite: „Eigentlich habe ich alles nur von oben bis unten beschüttet und besudelt. (Hanel) Koeck.m. April. urine. among other things. 39 Salzburger Nachrichten. Wien./Oct. Nov.” Neues Forum. 0 sucks out and licks up the sugared blood that pours out of the sexual organ. a 37 Kerstin Braun: Der Wiener Aktionismus: Positionen und Prinzipien. no. At that occasion I pointed out to him that his representation of Jesus Christ in the libretto of ”The Conquest of Jerusalem” was totally unacceptable “40 However.theaters.and bites the bull’s sexual organ…. A lacerated sheep. 23. 181.”42 Peter Weibel in Der Standard: “Nitsch appeared wearing the vestments that that a priest uses for the Mass. and excrement.“ in: Hermann Nitsch. licks the sexual organ of the cow and sticks his tongue deep into it…. 44 Josef Dvorak: “Amoklauf der Aktionisten. Then Nitsch copulated symbolically with Koeck with the aid of the dildo. June 1. 11. the bloodsoaked innards of a hare and an ox were brought into analogy with the woman's body. “Spiritual Resistance” Bishop Egon Kapellari interviewed by Martin Behr. Lower Austria.theme37…. and cover himself in secretions. 42 Die Eroberung Jerusalems. 181.After christ slaughtered a bull.christ lies down on the warm belly of the freshly slaughtered bull and sucks blood from the wound where the testicales have been severed. he lies down on the back of the skinned animal which is still twitching.”38 Bishop Kapellari: “Monsignor Otto Mauer. he constantly wants to chop up the cadavers of slaughtered animals and cut them up and roll himself in blood. The sexual organ is torn to pieces. 2007. p. Wien. p. sucks urine out of the sexual organ of the bull…. Vol. Dr. 41 Der Standard. was bound to a cross and a dildo was placed in her vagina. Böhlau. Disregarding of all norms of behavior and every rational control. …christ slips and falls and no. Why didn't he bequeath his body to me? It was wasted when Brother Rudi was buried by Monsignor Mauer.” “The nude body of a nine-year-old girl is placed on a church bench.” It is alleged that he cut off his penis before defenestrating himself. the unforgotten sponsor of contemporary art of his time…“39 Bishop Egon Kapellari: “I had a public discussion with Herr Nitsch at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna last year. Kapellari’s objections did not dissuade three priests from blessing the new Nitsch Museum in Mistelbach. Das bildnerische Werk. sugared water is poured on the bloody wound.”44 Rudolf Schwarzkogler committed suicide in 1969 as the final “action. the sexual organ of the girl is opened and a silver tube is forced in several times. p.1983. p.NET Catholic News Service.41 Here are excerpts from The Conquest of Jerusalem: “after christ has slaughtered a cow. p. 38 jumps on him and sticks his tumescent penis in christ’s anus and copulates with him. Salzburg und Vienna. 2. 14. 1988. slime and innards. Vienna. 43 Peter Weibel: “Ein deutscher Krimi.

No. p. p. July 28.Long before actionism. 20. p. 1981. 190. No.. p... with corpses to be specific. with dead human beings. Thus.” Profil.”46 “If possible I would prefer to work with human beings.’”51 (I would like to insert here that I have published numerous polemics critical of the right-wing editorial policy of this tabloid. Frankenstein while condemning the Frankenstein monster(s). and is. but they caught Mühl at it.” interview with Adrian Searle. 17. 48 Falter 24-30. On August 4th the following letter to the editor was published in the Kronen Zeitung. 31. 1998.” Caellian. Sept. 80-82 50 Oswald Wiener interviewed by Friedrich Geyerhofer. 1997. It is illogical to venerate Dr. 28 1998... I would like to know whether you would still speak about ’the freedom of art. 1998. 40/96. biographer of Hans Dichand. Stephan’s Gallery under the aegis of Otto Mauer. the artist’s accountability would have another status. p. 2001. Ljubljana. Gerhard Jaschke: Das rote Tuch. Adrian Searle: “The Devil in a Grey Beard.commemorative exhibit for him was presented at St.) Furthermore.”47 “I could well envision that murder could be a component of a work of art. 46 6 .’”50 On July 30. Austria’s largest-selling tabloid. p. Manchester. 51 Letter to the editor by Lore Jarosch. p. p. “Sechs Tage blutiges Welttheater. 1997. 30/95. 1992. Nov. Wiener Sonderdruck. 15. August 4. 58. 30. if your daughter were to be placed on a stage with shaven head and have her sex organ penetrated under the direction of Herr Nitsch.Killing was. 40. The Guardian. Wiener Aktionismus. 9. 1998 a TV interview with Hermann Nitsch was broadcast. 7. p. Oct. 1997. Vienna. Schwarzkogler’s death was presented as a “Showbiz” event. 120. 27. and now he has to atone for all of us..”49 Oswald Wiener: “It was not easy to drink my urine and eat my feces. Oct. No. (Gerhard) Rühm and (Konrad) Bayer wrote: ‘Defecation and urination are art. The exhibit poster showed a man. No. 3. Nov. 18. Profil. Nitsch illuminates: “The intoxication created by the blood and the ripping apart of raw flesh should be satisfying and enjoyable since it relieves man of his suppressed desires. No. Nr.”52 45 Kate Connoly.” The Guardian. beyond all moral judgments. The author is Lore Jarosch. Manchester. naked from the waist up. it was stated that the girl was to be penetrated by a wooden dildo at a private action. art can consist of a crime.” News. 190. 52 Günter Brus. “Dear Herr Chancellor. Neue Kronen-Zeitung. 49 Horst Christoph: “Schlachten und Schütten. 15. from Paula Devarney: “Nitsch: Art of Killing. the paper’s publisher. News. “The Devil In a Grey Beard.” News.…Thus.. 1970. with his eyes covered by a bloodstained white blindfold. Günther Brus: “Hermann Nitsch stated in an interview on a German channel that we were all guilty of having committed transgressions.” Delo. 47 Mojca Kumerdej: “Hermann Nitsch o smrti in Zivljenu.”48 Nitsch’s crony Christian Ludwig Attersee concerning his slaughterhouse spectacles in Prinzersdorf: “A combination of Gypsy Baron and Auschwitz. “Im Blutrausch. July. 7. This was to occur with the consent of her parents and that she had previously taken part in such events.

Der leib des knaben wurde mit heißem und lauem wasser gebadet und mit öl gesalbt. Nr 0 schüttet (stark dunstendes) wasser in den aufgebrochenen leib des gekreuzigten und über die am bett liegenden blutigen gedärme. Zuletzt reißt Nr 0 die gedärme aus der leib des knaben und läßt sie auf das darunterliegende bett fallen. Nr 0 hackt und schneidet (mit chirurgischen werkzeugen) den leib den gekreuzigten knaben auf.Art of Killing. Nr0 nagelt den knaben oberhalb des bettes wie gekreuzigt an die wand (die füße des knaben befinden sich 50cm oberhalb des bettes). Durch die beiden hände. Freibord. 97-114. Nr0 fügt mit einem skalpell dem gekreuzigten knaben etwas unter der linken brustwarze eine tiefe. sowie die beiden füße wird je ein nagel getrieben. p. Vienna. Nr0 klafft mit 2 fingern die seiten der wunde auf.” 54 AKTIONSDRAMA DER KNABE Ein sechsjähriger nackter toter knabe liegt auf einem mit einem weißen frischgewaschenen leintuch überzogenen bett.Im Spiegel der Presse 1960-1988. Here we have the ideological basis for “snuffing” as a component of art. das an den beiden nieren ist das fett. “Killing was and is beyond all moral judgments. 1970. weiters spült und wäscht er mithilfe von watte und heißem wasser das blut aus der innenseite des aufgebrochenen leibes und spült und wäscht zusätzlich die eingeweide vom blut rein. Aus den wundmalen sickert etwas blut und wasser und fließt über die wand abwärts.One of the most revolting aspects of Peter Weibel’s Wien-book the book is the juxtapositioning of documentary photos of murdered children with photos of Hermann Nitsch actions with innards. Das bett berührt mit seiner querseite eine wand. etwa vier cm lange schnittwunde bei. die mit weißem molino behängt ist. 1988. p. 53 Ibid. 106.” Caellian. bespühlt sie mit hilfe von watte mit lauem und heißem wasser. Unter dem kopf des knaben liegt ein frisch übergezogner weißer polster. 54 7 . innereien mit heißem wasser legt sie in eine silberschüssel. das an den eingeweiden ist das fett. Paula Devarney: “Nitsch . schüttet eine zweite person frisches blut in den aufgebrochenen leib. infanticide too is part of Show Biz. das die eingeweide bedeckt die leber und das netz der leber aus dem offenen leib des knaben. Oct. Das blut füllt den leib fließt über und überspült die herabfallenden gedärme. spühlt und wäscht die angeführter. wäscht sie aus. schneidet die beiden nieren das fett. 9. Während Nr 0 die gedärme herausreißt. indem er weiterhin aus einer schale heißes wasser darüberleert. Hermann Nitsch: Das rote Tuch .Das Orgien Mysterien Theater . die neben dem bett steht. ES FLIESST BLUT UND WASSER HERAUS..53 Thus.

Weiters spült und wäscht er mithilfe von watte. 27. 249/250.“ Der Spiegel.55 If possible I would prefer to work with human beings. “Sechs Tage blutiges Welttheater. Nov. Manchester. No. his prices would not drop – they would fly sky high. Slaughtering humans must not continue to be a monopoly of the state. p. p. House pets have to serve as surrogates. p. charlatanism. their commodities would be devaluated.Killing was. Sept.“ Neues Forum. orgies.Murder is an integral part of sex.” interview with Adrian Searle. Nos. p. The Guardian. 62the prices of his paintings continued their upward swing. 254 61 Josef Dvorak: “Amoklauf der Aktionisten. p. Ljubljana. Supervisuel 6. 18.Hermann Nitsch Blasphemy. obscenity. Vienna 1992.” News.” Caellian. 1968 (exact date illegible). July 5. Oct. the sexual abuse of minors and forcing women to undergo abortions. 56 8 . 30/95.57 . News. To prove the point. 1997. 7.Nr l schüttet lauen rotwein in den aufgebrochenen leib des gekreuzigten knaben und die am bett liegenden gedärme. Friedrichshof. 9.58 Everything is worthy of presentation. No.61 .” Delo. Oct. Kohlkunst Verlag.. torture and the annihilation of man and beast is the only drama worth viewing. sadistic excesses. No. 1998.60 In my next films humans will be slaughtered. 1996. cover blurb. No. “The Devil In a Grey Beard. Frankfurt. ZOCK.. 2. the artist’s accountability would have a another status. Otto Mühl. 15. 1992.. from Paula Devarney: “Nitsch: Art of Killing. 3.59 Coitus. 190. 1971.Otto Mühl Art dealers and consumers fear that if violence in the arts should include the most violent act. 1970. Vienna. Verlag für Gesellschaftskritik. 1974. 2001. 62 Andreas Schlothauer: Die Diktatur der freien Sexualität: AOO: Mühl Kommune. Aspekte einer Totalrevolution 66/71 Munich. 40/96. Herbert Kuhner Consoling Art Dealers and Consumers The intoxication created by the blood and the ripping apart of raw flesh should be satisfying and enjoyable as it relieves man of his suppressed desires. and is.. with corpses to be specific. „Otto Mühl will Menschen schlachten. p. 57 Falter 24-30. Peter Weibel. 7. 30. beyond all moral judgments. Valie Export: Wien: Bildkompendium Wiener Aktionismus und Film. It will soon become an ethical necessity to rob banks and to shoot a random cripple down. 246.That includes rape and murder.. 58 Transparent Spezial. the aesthetics of the cesspool are our moral means. after one of Austria’s foremost artists was convicted of rape. art can consist of a crime. 60 Fritz Rumler:” Ein Problem der Umweltverschmutzung?. I intend to commit the perfect murder on a goat that will serve as a substitute for a woman. Let me assuage their fears! If an artist had committed the most extreme crime as an integral part of his art.. p.…Thus. with dead human beings.. 59 Josef Dvorak: “Die Faschisten von heute: Antwort an Hermann Nitsch.. 1970..“ Neues Forum. p. 55 Gerhard Jaschke: Das rote Tuch. ORF (Austrian Radio). Frankfurt. No.“ Zurich.. die er in lauen rotwein taucht. 190. 44.” News. June 1974.56 I could well envision that murder could be a component of a work of art./Oct. May 8.. 1970 Mojca Kumerdej: “Hermann Nitsch o smrti in Zivljenu. “Im Blutrausch. 17. das restliche blut aus der innenseite des aufgebrochenen leibes.

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