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For other uses, see Tom tom (disambiguation).

TomTom NV (Euronext: TOM2) is a Dutch company
that produces navigation and mapping products. TomTom also makes GPS sport watches, eet management
systems, and location-based products. As of 2015 TomToms business had Consumer, Automotive, Licensing
and Telematics units. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, currently has 4,000 employees
worldwide and sells products in over 37 countries. TomTom was a follow-up of Palmtop Software, founded by
Peter-Frans Pauwels, Pieter Geelen, Harold Goddijn and
Corinne Vigreux.[4]
In 2008, TomTom acquired Tele Atlas, a digital map
maker, for 2.9 billion and Matt Maps for US$480 million.
On 11 June 2012, at an event for Apple's iOS 6 preview, TomTom was announced as the main mapping data
provider for Apples revamped iOS 6 Maps app, replacing Google Maps.


TomTom Navigator 6 on Treo 650

TomTom Go 500
TomTom ONE

The company released its rst navigator product, TomTom Navigator, in 2002, for Windows CE-powered
PDAs, bundled with car cradle and GPS receiver.[5] Version 2 of Navigator was released in 2003, followed in
March 2004 by TomTom Navigator 3 for Windows CE,
with live trac data available on subscription, downloaded over the phone/PDAs data connection.

The company was founded in 1991 and, until 1996, developed business-to-business applications such as meter
reading and bar-code reading. Subsequently, the company moved its focus to PDA software for the consumer market. Early mapping software included EnRoute, Citymaps and Routeplanner.


NavCore 6 was made available as an update to v5 all-inone devices in summer 2006, and to Navigator users in
August 2006. Text-to-speech was supported only on the
In September 2006 the revised NavCore v6-powered
ONE was released.[11] An updated RIDER was released
in May 2007, and a 4.3 in widescreen ONE XL. Aside
from the larger screen, this added support for an RDSTMC receiver to the existing ONE. Compared with the
510 and 710, the ONE XL, with slightly larger screen, did
not have hands-free calling capability, and had a slower
CPU, fewer bundled accessories and a lower price.
TomTom Go 710

The GO x20 range released in Q3 2007 had NavCore v7,

the 4.3 in screen of the ONE XL, built-in ash storage and
an SD card slot. V7 had Map Share, allowing drivers to
notify TomTom of closed roads, and for other drivers to
share those updates and speech recognition. All x20s included FM transmitter and an MP3 player. Launch models were the 520 and 720, while the 920, released Q4
2007, added Enhanced Positioning Technology, which
estimated vehicle position when out of GPS range such
as when travelling through tunnels. Text-to-speech was
supported across the range.

In January 2004 TomTom Navigator for Palm OS was

released, using NavCore, a cross-platform navigation engine still used as of 2015. Their rst all-in-one device, the TomTom GO, based on NavCore version 4.1,
was released in March 2004. It had a 3.5 in 320x240
screen, 200 MHz CPU, 32MB of RAM and integrated
SD reader,[6] and was substantially cheaper than other allin-one solutions, at 499 in the UK,[7] and by year-end
generated 60% of the companys revenue. Some features The v7-powered ONE third edition removed Bluetooth,
from Navigator 3 were omitted from NavCore.
and hence TomTom PLUS, from the v2 ONE, relying
TomTom Mobile (for non-touch-screen Windows CE de- on FM-TMC for trac. It included Map Share but had
neither text-to-speech nor speech recognition. The ONE
vices) was released in Q3 2004, based on NavCore.
XL HD Trac, featuring integrated Vodafone GSM SIM
Several NavCore 5 products were released in 2005, with card for internet-linked 'HD Trac' data, and the ONE
a unied feature and codebase: Navigator 5 for Windows XL-S, which included text-to-speech, were released at the
CE and Palm OS, TomTom Mobile 5, and the updated end of 2007. NavCore 7 was released for all older TomGO models, the 300, 500 and 700.
Tom all-in-one devices with the purchase of a new, comFor the version 5 release, the Trac subscription service patible map.
was rebranded 'TomTom Plus. Weather information and Some versions of the HTC Touch Diamond phone came
the ability to download new voices and other content were with TomTom Navigator 7, from May 2008. TomTom
said that they would not make a standalone release of the
All the new GO models supported Bluetooth, in order to
connect to a mobile phone for TomTomPlus. The 500
and 700 added hands-free calling, a faster CPU and expanded mapping and storage.[8]

software, but in 2009 reversed this policy, and Navigator

7 was made available for general sale, without text-tospeech or speech recognition; as of 2015 TomTom had
not produced a further version.

TomTom released the GO x30 range in April 2008

based on NavCore 8. New features included IQ Routes,
which estimated journey times based on average recorded
speeds, rather than speed limits, and Advanced Lane
Guidance, an on-screen representation of the correct lane
to take. The 930, like the x20, had Enhanced Positioning
Technology. GSM HD Trac receivers, plugging into
the cars cigarette lighter, added HD Trac to the GO
The GO 510, 710 and 910, using NavCore 6, were
released in April 2006. The 910 added MP3 player
and text-to-speech for road names; all models supported Refreshed ONE and XL models were released in May
hands-free calling via Bluetooth, new RDS-TMC traf- 2008, still based on NavCore 7, with an improved
c support and 4 wide screens. The 510 and 710 speaker.
stored maps on SD card, while the 910 had a 20GB NavCore 8 updates for NavCore 7 devices, including the
hard drive.[10] TomTom HOME, software for managing a ONE v3 and v4, were released in June 2008, giving x20
TomTom from a PC was rst released to accompany the users (only) IQ Routes and Advanced Lane Guidance,
x10 series.
TomTom expanded their range of NavCore 5 devices
with the ruggedized Rider (for motorcycle users), and the
budget ONE, in late 2005. Both devices used the SirfStar III GPS chipset, for much better GPS reception than
previous devices. The ONE was also signicantly slimmer than the earlier GO devices, at the expense of shorter
battery endurance.[9]


TomTom GO

with the purchase of new maps.

The GO x40 series, with NavCore 8.2, was released in
Autumn 2008.[12] The x40 series was branded LIVE
with built-in GSM SIM card, for connected features including HD Trac, Google Local search, real-time speed
camera updates, and the facility to search for the cheapest fuel on route. In addition, IQ Routes 24/7 used
the average speed for the time of day, instead of a time- TomTom Navigator 7 on HTC TyTN II
independent average. x20 and x30 users were given an
update with support for IQ Routes 24/7 on buying an upTom Business Solutions products oer telematics serto-date map.
vices for eet management, aimed at the business marThe GO range was updated again in September 2009 with ket. The latest of these is the GO 9000 which provides
the 550, 750 and 950 LIVE, with NavCore 9. Compared telematics services in a portable unit the same size as the
with the x40, changes were relatively minor. The MP3 TomTom sat navs.
player and FM transmitter were removed from the 940 to
TomTom units provide a ying interface with an oblique
the 950.
birds-eye view of the road, as well as a direct-overhead
TomTom released a variety of lower-cost models, includ- map view. They use a GPS receiver to show the precise
ing a 5 in XXL, with many of the features from the GO location and provide visual and spoken directions on how
x40 and x50, including LIVE, IQ Routes and Advanced to drive to the specied destination. Some TomTom sysLane Guidance. They do not have a micro-SD slot, and tems also integrate with mobile phones using Bluetooth,
are restricted to a maximum of 2GB of internal storage, trac congestion maps or to actually take calls and read
Bluetooth hands-free, and voice control.
aloud SMS messages.
TomTom Business Solutions is the business-to-business Models are largely hardware-compatible, with dierent
division of TomTom and has been operating since 2005. software; it has been reported that some users have been
This arm of TomTom specialises in telematics, providing able to upgrade low-cost hardware with the software of
vehicle tracking, navigation, two-way communications, more advanced models, for example providing a ONE XL
job scheduling and report-logging capabilities to organi- or GO 510 with most of the functionality of a GO 940.
zations. In 2010, TomTom said that it was providing its
service to over 125,000 vehicles operating in Europe.[13] As of 2015 the global slogan for TomTom is the smart
choice in personal navigation. In the United States and
Canada, they use Go condently"; in the UK Find your
way the easy way.
2 Products

2.1 TomTom GO
The TomTom GO is an all-in-one GPS navigation device.
It has a touch screen, speaker, USB port, internal Lithium
ion battery, and comes with TomTom HOME software. It
charges, synchronizes, and updates its data by connecting
to a Windows or Mac PC running the TomTom HOME
software via USB cable. Most models (and all new models) have Bluetooth transceivers that allow connection to
a smartphone. This allows it to make and receive calls.
Bluetooth equipped models are able to receive trac (using TMC, as the TomTom Go Live 1000)[15] and weather
updates using the TomTom Plus service on phones with
DUN data service.
A common message shown on a TomTom device when there is
no GPS signal in range

2.2 TomTom ONE and ONE XL

TomTom oers three types of products: navigation devices, in-dashboard navigation and car control services
and navigation software for installation on mobile devices. In-dashboard systems are released for the automotive market. The navigation devices and portable devices
with installed software are referred to as units.[14] Tom-

The TomTom One is the base model for automobile navigation. The dierence between the TomTom One XL
and the TomTom One is the size of the touch screen (4.3
vs 3.5 in or 110 vs 89 mm). Neither model of the One
contains the added functions included in the Go models,


such as Bluetooth hands-free calling and MP3 Jukebox. This section is increasingly dicult to manage due to
However, the One is able to receive trac and weather product/model dierentiation released for the various
updates using the TomTom Plus service when paired via countries/markets.
Bluetooth with a mobile phone with a DUN data service.
The reduced software capability means less demand on
the hardware, which allows the One to be sold at a signif- 4 TomTom HOME
icantly lower price than the Go. The XL is also available
as a Live version with integrated LIVE services.
TomTom HOME is a 32-bit PC application that allows
synchronization/updates to be sent to the mobile device.
The container states that it is compatible with Mac OS
2.3 TomTom RIDER
v10.3 or greater and Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 (see
above reference). After installation it performs an autoPortable water resistant models for motorcycle and
matic software update. It then has options to choose a
motorscooter users. They dier from other devices
device to be associated to and activate the software. A
in that the RIDER is partly shielded and has a 'glovecaution is given that the software only allows one device
friendly' screen and GUI.
to be associated to an email address and the associated device can be changed only after six months since the previous association. TomTom HOME version 2.0 and above
is implemented on the XULRunner platform. With version 2.2, TomTom HOME added a content-sharing platTomTom Navigator is a GPS navigation software prodform where users can download and upload content to
uct for personal digital assistants (PDAs), Palm devices,
personalize their device such as voices, start-up images,
Pocket PCs, and some smartphones. TomTom NavigaPOI sets, etc.
tor 6 replaced the earlier TomTom Mobile 5.2. It can
use GPS receivers built into the device or external (e.g., Despite it being based on the cross-platform XULRunner, TomTom Home currently lacks support for Linux.[21]
Bluetooth-connected) receivers.
However the devices can still be read in a Linux OS as a
As of 2015 Navigator 7 was the latest release of this softdisk drive. There is even software made by the commuware, released as a part of the software that came with the
nity to manage some functions of the TomTom.[22]
June 2008 HTC Touch Diamond. Frequently used functions can be added to the main screen of the program, The GO range from TomTom GO-1000 uses a web
and users can report map corrections and share them with based mechanism in TomTom HOME (called MyTomTom) with a tiny Support Application, as the internal
other users.
ash memory of the device cannot be accessed anymore
Navigator supports touch screens; devices without touch
through USB for security reasons (modied applications
screens use a cursor to input data. The software is availwould easily accept a map that wasn't sold by TomTom).
able on SD card and DVD. It runs on a number of deThe device can update itself by getting les through the
vices listed on the TomTom website, but will run successHTTP protocol over USB. The Support App is nothing
fully on many unlisted devices using the Windows Mobile
more than a proxy on the PC buering the download. So
operating system, discontinued in 2010.
far the security achieved using this mechanism has not
The DVD version includes a DVD, printed 15-character been broken yet.
product code, Quick Start Guide, Licensing Agreement,
a poster with a picture diagram for setup procedure of
DVD version and SD card version, and an advertisement 5 TomTom Mobile
for associated TomTom PLUS services. The DVD contains installation software for TomTom Home, software
Navigation software for several mobile phones. Disconfor mobile devices, licenses, manuals, maps, and voices.
tinued after release 5.2; Navigator, which does not supThe software for mobile devices includes CAB les for
port all the phones that Mobile did, is the nearest equiv[16]
Palm, PPC, Symbian, and UIQ3.
alent. Mobile 5.2 cannot use maps later than v6.60 build
1223; this and earlier program versions are not compatible with all map versions, particularly other builds of ver3 List of TomTom navigational de- sion 6.

5.1 TomTom for iOS devices & Android
SD Secure Digital (max. 2 GB)
A version for the iPhone was announced at the Apple
SDHC Secure Digital High Capacity (4-32 GB)
MicroSD Micro Secure Digital High Capacity (max. WWDC Keynote speech in early June 2009, and released
internationally on 15 August 2009 in the Apple App
32 GB)[20]


Partnership with Apple (iOS 6 Maps)

Store, with various map packs for dierent regions.[23]

TomTom Vice President of Marketing Development gave
information in an interview by Macworld in July 2009.[24]

Eastern Europe: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria (54%), Latvia (63%) and Croatia (42%).[38]

Currently the app works with both the iPhone (models 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S), and the iPod Touch (all models), and there are two separate TomTom car kits for
each device.[25][26][27] The current maps available in each
countries app stores varies according to language availability of the app itself, the country of the app store, and
thus diering region group map packs are available. The
current sets available in English (via the UK & US app
stores) are as follows:

Alps: Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, major

roads of Western Europe, Northern Italy, Southern
Germany and Eastern France.[39]


Iberia: Spain and Portugal.[44]

Mauritius: Mauritius.[28]
Morocco: Morocco[29]

Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg.[40]

D-A-CH: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.[41]
France: France.[42]
Greece: Greece.[43]
Italy: Italy.[45]




Southern Africa (formally Zuid-Afrika): (full

Turkey: Turkey.[47]
coverage at street level) South Africa, Swaziland,
UK & Ireland: UK and Ireland.[48]
Lesotho. (other countries covered in major towns
and cities) Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe Basic AtMiddle East
tributed, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.[30]
Australia: Australia.[31]
New Zealand: New Zealand.[32]
Malaysia & Singapore: Malaysia, Singapore and

Middle East: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi

Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.[49]
North & South America
Argentina & Uruguay: Argentina and Uruguay.[50]
Brazil: Brazil.[51]
Canada & Alaska: Canada and Alaska.[52]
Chile: Chile.[53]

Thailand: Thailand.[34]

Mexico: Mexico.[54]

Hong Kong: Hong Kong and Macau.[35]

USA: USA.[55]

Europe: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,
Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Monaco, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, the Canary Islands, the Vatican City, Russia up to the Ural mountains (33%),
Bulgaria (54%), Latvia (63%) and Croatia (42%, including major cities and coastal areas).[36]
Western Europe: Great Britain, the Republic of
Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, San Marino,
the Vatican City, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Canary Islands.[37]

US & Canada: USA and Canada.[56]

US & Mexico: USA and Mexico.[57]
Turkey and Greece are not included in the larger Europe
map pack; this may be related to the AppStores App size
limitation of 2 GB. These maps are available separately.
Iceland is not available in any map package sold by TomTom.
There is an app for Android with similar features to the
iOS app[58]

5.2 Partnership with Apple (iOS 6 Maps)

In September 2012, Apple collaborated with TomTom to
provide the mapping data for its revamped iOS 6 updated
Maps app. The partnership was in part due to Apples
decision to wean itself o the products of its competitor,




The company oers fee-based services under the name

TomTom PLUS, which include services to warn drivers
about speed cameras, provide weather updates, change
voices and provide trac alerts. Currently the fees are
only for European countries.
Trac data is also available to subscribers in many parts
of Europe and the US via a bluetooth-enabled cell phone
with Internet service or an add-on aerial, which picks
up RDS data (broadcast on FM radio frequencies) oering trac information without the requirement for a data
connection. The TomTom Plus service is not compatible
with Apples iPhone.


TomTom LIVE Services


The information is merged by TomTom and algorithms

are used to improve the data and lter out anomalous
readings. The system sends updates to all HD Trac
users every three minutes. Users can receive the service through a connected navigation device, or through
a specially designed antenna. Most current devices receive the updated road congestion conditions automatically. Rerouting can be set to be transparent to the user
with the only sign that the route has been changed due
to a trac jam being a sound indication from the device
and a changed ETA.
The system was rst launched in the Netherlands in 2007,
and expanded to the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Switzerland in 2008. In mid-2011 TomTom
live services, including HD Trac are available in the
United States, South Africa, New Zealand and the following 17 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark,
Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg,
Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In October 2008 the company released LIVE Services on

the GO 940 LIVE. These allow users to receive updates
over the mobile telephone network using the SIM card 6.5 IQ Routes
in the device. These services include HD Trac, Safety
IQ Routes, developed by TomTom and available since
Alerts, Local Search with Google and Fuel Prices.
spring 2008 on the TomTom GO 730 & 930, uses anonyOn 12 May 2011, TomTom announced that it was oer- mous travel time data accumulated by users of TomTom
ing up its real-time trac products to industry partners satnav devices. Newer TomTom devices use this data to
in the United States.[59]
take into account the time and day when determining the
fastest route.[61]


Map Share

Map Share is a proprietary map technology launched by

TomTom in June 2007. Map Share allows users to make
changes to the maps on their navigation devices and share
them with others. It allows drivers to make changes to
their maps directly on their navigation devices. Drivers
can block or unblock streets, change the direction of trafc, edit street names and add, edit or remove points of
interest (POIs). Improvements can be shared with other
users through TomTom HOME, TomToms content management software.
An online version called Map Share Reporter is on the
TomTom website.

Travel time data is stored in Historical Speed Proles, one

for each road segment, covering large motorways, main
roads and also small local roads. Historic Speed Proles
are part of the digital map and are updated with every
new map release. They give insight into real-world trac
patterns. This is a fact-based routing system based on
measured travel times, compared to most other methods
which use speed limits or assumed speeds.
In September 2008, map upgrade v8.10 was released for
x20 series models, extending the IQ Routes feature to
those devices[62] with a free software update using TomTom Home.[63]

6.6 Enhanced Positioning Technology

Oers continuous navigation, even when a navigation device cant receive GPS satellite signals (e.g. in tunnels or
A trac monitoring service that uses multiple sources amongst high buildings).
to provide trac information. The service does this by
combining data from:


HD Trac

6.7 Mapping

traditional sources: Governmental/third party data

such as induction loops in the roads, cameras and TomTom products use Tele Atlas based maps. Map errors are reported using the Tele Atlas Map Insight map
trac surveillance
feedback page[64] and through TomToms Map Share ser new sources: trac ow of 16.7 million anonymous vice, which allows TomTom device owners to report map
mobile phone users[60]
errors either by correcting the errors on the navigation


Updating the TomTom GPS Device

system and uploading the corrections to TomTom when

the navigation system is synchronized with TomTom software that is installed to a Windows or Mac OS X based
computer,[65] or by reporting errors to the Map Share Reporter website.[66] Maps are not universally compatible
across TomTom devices; while most maps are available
for most modern devices, a compatible version must be
used. Version numbers have a 3-digit number identifying the major version, a dot, and a 4-digit build number.
Major version 940, for example, is available for most regions and most devices, but dierent builds are available
for dierent regions and devices, and supporting dierent features.
TomTom oers mapping for:
Australia - 99.9% coverage
East Africa - street-level coverage for major cities,
plus connecting roads, for Kenya, Tanzania and

North America - 99.9% coverage for Canada and
USA including Alaska and Puerto Rico
South America - Argentina (57% street-level coverage) but in 2010, an agreement with a communitybased mapping project called MapEAR (Mapas
electronicos de Argentina) allow new customers
to download - free of charge- these maps in TomTom format, and allow the commercial distributor to
preload these maps in devices that were introduced
legally in the country. Brazil (413 of 1379 municipalities have street-level coverage), Chile (95%
street-level coverage), Uruguay (42% street-level
coverage). Plus connecting roads. Colombia was
added in 2014.[67]
Southern Africa - 99% coverage for South Africa,
Swaziland and Lesotho. Connecting roads and major cities in Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Turkey - 82% coverage.

Europe 99.9% coverage (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Eire,
Thailand - 99% coverage
Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
West Africa - 23% of Nigerian streets, major cities
Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland,
in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana and Togo, plus connectPortugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain
ing roads.
(inc. Canaries), Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Vatican City), 53% for Russia, 59% for Bulgaria, 52%
of Cyprus, 63% of Latvia and 44% of Ukraine;
Algeria (North Africa) and Yemen (Southwest Asia)
connecting roads but no detailed mapping for other
were added in 2014.[67]
Central and Eastern European countries including
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Serbia and Belarus. No map- Maps are not necessarily for the entire regions listed; and
ping at all for Iceland (Europe coverage is based on there are many maps for individual countries or parts of
countries, and groups of countries.
v9.10 maps released in May 2013).
French Antilles - 99% coverage for Guadelope, St
Barts, St. Martin

Updating the TomTom GPS Device

Hong Kong - 99.9% coverage for Hong Kong and 6.8.1 Updating the TomTom XXL GPS Device usMacau
ing Apple OS X
Malaysia and Singapore - 77% of Malaysia, 84% of
2014-08-03 Success with OS X 10.9.4 while using the
Brunei, 99.9% of Singapore; all connecting roads
user name with Administrator privileges and running Sa Mauritius, Mayotte and Reunion - full street-level fari (64-bit browser application). That was after failing when running non-Administrator privileges and a
coverage in major cities, plus connecting roads.
Chrome (32-bit browser application).
Mexico - 40% of population has street-level coverage, plus all connecting roads.
Middle East - 99.9% coverage for Bahrain, Kuwait,
Qatar and UAE. 80% for Oman, and 82% for Saudi
Arabia. Israel was added in 2014.[67]

7 Sponsorship
7.1 IndyCar

Morocco - 36% of coverage, including all connectTomTom sponsored Dario Franchitti in the 2009 IndyCar
ing roads.
Series season in some races. He won at the 2009 Iowa
New Zealand - 99.9% coverage
Corn Indy 250 with TomTom as the main sponsor.




TomTom also sponsored the #1 AllMovie title of Martin

Truex, Jr. for some 2009 Sprint Cup races.



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Roads and Trac Authority, which could also potentially [15] Rebe used for targeted speed enforcement.[70]
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See also
Magellan Navigation



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