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Piping inspectors exam


1-mark the correct construction sketch for drain line

2- What are the acceptance criteria of dead leg?

3-Dead leg is always acceptable if the line is self drainingtrue or false?

4-How to rectify the dead leg if it was found not acceptable?

5-pressure testing of fire water system should be limited to:

a-minimum 4 hours duration
b-maximum 4 hours duration
c-maximum 2 hours duration
d-minimum 2 hours duration

6-the best way to control the gaskets at work is the marking using:
a-name plate
b-low stress stencil
c-color coding
d-manufacturer recommendations

7-spiral wound gasket is one time usetrue or false?

8-torque value during gasket/flange assembly is not depending on:

a-bolt material
b-lubricant type
c-bolt size
d-flange type

9-what are the items to be verified in flange face inspection?

10-connecting UNS C-70600 flange with to ASTM A105N one requires:

a-asbestose gasket
b-non-metallic gasket
c-spiral wound gasket
d-insulating gasket

11-Hudraulic/pneumatic bolt tightening is preferred rather than manual torque


12-inspection of 36 WN flanges should be done per:

a-ASME B16.36
b-ASME B16.11
c-ASME B16.5
d-ASME B16.47

13-inspection of RJ gaskets should be done per:

a-ASME B16.20
b-API 6A
c- API 601
d-ASME B16.1

14-ASTM A105 4X1500 WNRF


15-socket weld flanges is normally limited to:


3 maximum
1 maximum
1 minimum
1 maximum

16-flange ratings are always limited to:

a-150,300,400,450,600,900,1500,2500 lb
b-150,300,400,450,900,1500,2500 lb
c-150,300,400,600,900,1500,2500 lb
d-150,300,600,900,1500,2500 lb
17-RTJ gaskets are normally used for design pressure:
a-600 lb and above
b-900 lb and above
c-1500 lb and lower
d-2500 lb only

18-B7 bolt is always compatible with:

a-2H nut
b-8M nut
c-L4 nut
D-2HM nut
19-what is the difference between machine bolt and stud bolt?

20-machine bolt is used for high pressure/temperature services while stud bolts are
used for utility services.true or false?

21- the standard of hexagonal nut specification is

a-ASTM A193
b- ASTM A194
c-ASTM A196
d-ASTM C236
22-normally bolts to be lubricated before tightening are:
a-CS and low alloy steel bolts
b-alloy stell bolts only
c-SS bolts
d-Cupper-nickel bolts

23-the following surfaces to be lubricated before tightening:

a-bolt threads,nuts threads,and nuts friction face
b-full length bolt,nuts threads,and nuts friction face
c-bolt threads,nuts threads,and all nuts faces

24-all orifice flanges should have :

a-instrument tap
b-spare tap
c-jack screw hole
d-all of the above

25-flushing of orifice flange weld root is required:

a-for all orifice flanges flanges
b-for process lines only
c-for utility lines only
d-based on project specifications

26-to stop the back flow ,we should use

a-regulating valve
b-control valve
c-safety valve
d-check valve

27-what is the difference between safety valve ,relief valve and safety relief valve?

28- what is the reference API standards for valve testing?

29- What the word valve trim is referring to?

30- Valve stroking


31-it is possible to test the carbon steel valve with stainless steel trim using:
a-potable water
b-Demineralized water
c-Either potable or demin water can be used

32- The manifold material that to be used for hydro testing of S.S. valves:
a-Shall be S.S. material only
b-C.S. material only
c-May be S.S. material or internally coated manifold

33- If valve body was found visually rejected:

a-You can proceeds to test the body/seat
b-You cannot proceed to test the body/seat
34-all the following should be included in the hydrotest circuit except:
a-test manifold
b-blind flanges
c-gate valves

35-small bore piping are normally field runtrue or false?

36-the following could be exempted from the piping work before hydrotesting the
a-shoe support welding
b- reinforcing pad installation
c-guide support welding
d-inline flange joint assembly
37-the best practice before lie filling for hydrotest is to keep the inline valves in:
a-fully closed position
b-partially open position
c-fully open position
d-any position will not make a difference because line will be filled anyway.

38-the indication for successful water flushing prior to line hydrotesting is:
a-the quantity of water circulated
b-the duarion of water circulation
c-the purity of water at line exit
d-number of water runs

39-sketch the difference between stub-in and stub-on branches.

40-for horizontally welded trunion support, the vent hole should be:
a-in 12 Oclock position
b-in 3 Oclock position
c-in 6 Oclock position
d-in 9 Oclock position
41-to avoid cavitations in pump suction:
a-eccentric reducer shall be used
b-concentric reducer shall be used
d-strainer shall be used
e-pump draing shall be used

42-ASTM A335 P11 material is:

a-CS material
b-CU-Ni material
c-SS material
d-Low alloy steel material

43-list the piping items to be removed from the line prior to hydrotesting

44-classify the flanges based on their faces

45-branch connections should be made in the topside of the pipe when the service

46-one high point vent is always enough for line hydrotestingtrue or false?
47- one low point drain is always enough for line hydrotestingtrue or false?

48-piping pressure test should be limited to:

a-1.25 of design pressure
b-1.5 of operating pressure
c-1.5 of design pressure
d-1.5 of maximum allowable pressure
49-pneumatic test is to be performed at:
a-1.1 of design pressure
b-1.25 of the design pressure
c-1.2 of the design pressure
d-1.1 of the maximum allowable pressure

50-water quality for hydrotesting of ASTM A316L line should be verified for the
following parameters:
a-Clarity,PH,SRB,CL content

b-PH,SRB,CL content
d-Clarity,PH,SRB,magnesium salts

51-Biocide treatment is a part of:

a- Water treatment for lay-up
b- Water treatment for line flushing prior to hydrotest
c- Water treatment for chemical cleaning

52-Brief one ITP for valve testing

53-Brief one ITP for piping pressure testing

54-how to control the air quality for pneumatic testing

55-list the valve types that are to be tested:

-Upstreamm only:

-Downstream only:

-Upstream and downstream:

56-sketch the pressure test circuit for PRV.

57-Sketch the pressure test circuit for piping showing all test components in the
correct and respective positions