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Paying Vendors with multiple Bank Accounts

Business requirement
Business procures material and services from Vendors. Business requires to make payment to
the Vendors for material and services procured. Vendors may require different methods of
payment for example Check, by Wire, ACH etc. They may have multiple banking relations. They
may require to make a payment to a specific bank account depending on the invoice is being paid.

SAP ERP approach

SAP maintains the Vendor master record in the system for each business partners. The
complete details of the Vendor along with the bank details are also maintained. System will
require selecting the bank account at the time of processing the vendor invoice.
Since the Vendor might be having the multiple bank relations. In view of this, business will
require to maintain the multiple bank accounts in their master data records. SAP provides the
flexibility of bank partner type to distinguish between multiple bank accounts in the vendor
master records.
By assigning partner bank types to each Vendor Bank Account, you can easily pay
vendors who have multiple bank accounts.
You need to maintain the Partner bank type in the Vendor master records so that you can select
the bank accounts to which the payment is to be made. Partner bank types are upto the four
digits alphanumeric key, but can be made of any combination of letters and numbers the
business wants to use.

SAP procedural steps Set up

You need to follow the following steps to maintain the business partner types:

Maintain/Change Vendor Master records

SAP Easy access Menu:

Accounting Financial Accounting Accounts Payable Master records Maintain
centrally Create
Transaction Code: XK01
Accounting Financial Accounting Accounts Payable Master records Maintain
centrally Change
Transaction Code: XK02

Go to the payment transactions Tab in the GENERAL DATA Tab.

Enter the various bank accounts of the Vendor, Ref. Fig 1.

Fig 1: Multiple Bank account in the Vendor Master records

Enter unique keys for each bank account in the BANK PARTNER TYPE column, which is
denoted BNKT.

SAP procedural steps Business process

Vendor invoices can be processed in logistics or finance. The following are the business process
transaction code depending on the application:
MIRO - Invoice processing in Logistics.
FB60 - Invoice processing in Finance.
Once you have entered all the details for invoice, go to the PAYMENT tab and there in the part
BANK field enter the partner bank type maintained in the vendor master record which you want
to use for the payment.
There might be the possibility that you have forgot to enter the bank partner type at the time
of processing the invoice or the relevant information was not available. In such business
scenario, you can use the transaction code FB02 Change the Invoice. When you have entered
the Invoice number and year to display the invoice, click on the Vendor line items and then click
on the ADDITIONAL DATA tab. This takes you to the screen as shown in Fig. 2.

Fig 2: Additional data screen

Use the drop down menu on PART. BANK TYPE field to select the option that relates to the
bank you want to use. This may also be required when you are creating the invoices through the
automated settlement process such as consignment (using transaction code MRKO) or Evaluated
receipt settlement (using transaction code MRRL). With these processes partner bank type
field is not available, so you need to update the partner bank type.